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Diva details,’70s inspire fall trend


f “plaid” makes you think of school uniforms and lumberjacks, take another look this fall. From the couture runways to the shopping mall, plaids in patterns from tiny to tremendous are showing up on everything from bags, scarves and footwear to sportswear, wear-to-work dresses and beaded evening gowns. BY This is the season to invest JACKIE in a snuggly wrap in a thick, blanket fabric, often in brushed LUPO wool with plaids from subtle to bright. Max Mara’s wonderful bathrobe coat comes in muted tones of cream, beige and taupe with a cozy shawl collar. St. Laurent’s menswear-style topcoat is double-breasted, precisely tailored and presented in a classic grey-on-grey Prince of Wales plaid. Joie updates the fur-trimmed parka in fuzzy black and white oversized lumberjack check for casual wear; Akris uses satin jacquard appliquéed in a plaid pattern in vivid fall paintbox colors on a sheer, open coat. Michael Kors’s collection showed a masculine gun-check trench coat worn with pajama pants in silk tie fabric. Plaid skirts look newest in longer lengths to show off the pattern, such as Carmen Marc Valvo’s diagonal plaid silk ball skirt. Midcalf skirts return in plaids, such as Kate Spade’s red woodland tartan swingy skirt, and Ralph Lauren’s long plaid wool skirt worn with an English country-style wool jacket. Shorter Aline skirts in diagonal plaid have a ’60s vibe and look great with some of the season’s new Donegal tweed flecked sweaters. Plaid miniskirts should be worn with caution, as they tend to project a “naughty schoolgirl” look for anyone over 25 (unless, of course, that’s the look you’re after). If the sweater-and-plaid skirt combination doesn’t have the edginess you’re trying for, mix it up a bit for a look that can only be described as “nerdy hipster.” Wear a diagonal plaid knee-length skirt with a plaid sweater whose design is knit in a horizontal/vertical plaid pattern. Plaid intarsia sweaters appear in many sportswear collections and are great for updating a pair of jeans. Pants designers are also showing more tartans, checks and windowpane tweeds. Plaid slacks look newest in updated cuts, such as wide-legged menswear trousers in glen plaid, or Prada’s slightly flared slim plaid slacks chopped off above the ankle. Not ready for head to toe plaid? Add just a touch at ground level, where you’ll see fabulous plaid shoes and boots. Standouts include Manolo Blahnik’s glen plaid booties, Proenza Schouler’s tartan espadrilles, Stubbs & Wootton’s plaid court slippers with snaffle bits and embroidered crests, and Kate Spade’s stiletto heel pumps in black, cream and taupe plaid on lizard-embossed patent. continued on page


elcome, fall! After summer’s lazy days of languid heat and casual clothes, we’re ready for a change. We’ve played well, but now it’s time to get serious again — or at least play at being serious, darlings. Fall brings gorgeous transformation with sharper looks, structured silhouettes and dazzling details. This season especially is all about the details. Can a hemline express your attitude? Can a cuff purr with personality? Of course they can. We’ll give you the season’s best choices, but the rest is up to you. Whether you follow these trends or defy them, wear your looks with confidence — it’s the secret to sexy.


Feminine skirts Carwash pleats and micro minis are this season’s favorites styles. Carwash pleats modernize last year’s obsession with fringe for wearable, everyday looks. Fitted through the hips, carwash skirts appear as traditional silhouettes with box pleats until they move. Then comes the surprise. With a walk, skip or swagger, the pleated sections swing out as broad, flat panels before returning in place again. A little flip, a little leg… What could be more fun? On the other side of this season’s obsession with skirts is structured shape by way of the fitted mini. Rendered in hip-hugging stretchy fabrics and hemmed to several inches above the knee, these skirts are bold. But they need not be as daring as they may appear on the hanger. To dampen the overt sexiness of a micro mini, cover bare skin with a monochrome leg. Continue the palette of a black micro mini with textured charcoal tights and chunky booties. Or pair an ultra short skirt with über-elongated boots that stretch over the knee and read like leggings.

Diverse dresses Look down! Creative hemlines bring individual style to this season’s diverse collection of dresses. Asymmetrical silhouettes and handkerchief hems capture a disco-era vibe. Feminine details such as ruffles, zippers and fringe bring a flirtatious flair. Slim cuts with flounced bottoms are a contemporary nod to the mermaid silhouette, but they are much more wearable for every day and every body. To balance the attention directed down under, designers are playing up with necklines to everyone’s advantage. Fall collections are abundant with shoulders and décolletages. Look for sensual styles such as soft, loose cowl necks, one bare shoulder paired with one slim long sleeve and deep V-necks paired with bandeau style bras.

Long legs Be cool, baby. Designers must have been spinning the vinyl of Fleetwood Mac and Sonny and Cher, because we’re feeling the energy of that iconic era of style. Pants have gone full circle and are reaching to the signature looks of the 1970s for inspiration. High-waisted jeans, flared legs and textured fabrics are beautiful replacements for the low-waisted skinnies that have dominated collections of the past few years. High-waisted trousers look deliciously feminine when the waistline is emphasized to create a sleek hourglass shape. Push the look by tucking in your blouse, wearing a sleek turtleneck and belt or pairing the trousers with cropped sweaters or cinched jackets. Flares are feminine because they elongate the leg and add sweeping movement. Choose a sexy heel to peek out from the base of the trousers to finish the look with a sweet kiss.

Androgyny Menswear for women is a perennial favorite of fall. This year’s interpretation is showing a lot of gray textiles and boxy silhouettes. From rich charcoals to stormy heathers to subtle dove grays, the palette is mysterious and moody. It combines well with black, white, cream, navy and red for neutral looks. Or be bold and choose orange, coral or pink combinations for something decidedly more dynamic. Nubby wools, textured knits and sharp details like buttons, zippers and chain-stitched pockets feminize the


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Look and feel good: the power of massage Dermatologist Q&A – Fall skin care





Must-have minis make max impact this season

Fall forward: changing with the seasons Celebrating the details with fall’s best accessories

This ensemble from Neiman Marcus in White Plains has a little bit of everything from style to texture to tone — the perfect touch for fall’s varied weather conditions





N A M E S YO U LOV E N O W A P P E A R I N G D A I LY The Row Alexander McQueen Lanvin Paris Valentino Dries Van Noten Roland Mouret Brunello Cucinelli Céline



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Dermatologist Q&A

Fall skin care


Look and feel good: the power of massage


eally, who doesn’t love a massage? You’re warm. You’re relaxed. You get to take off your bra. You’re lying on a comfortably upholstered table in a lightly perfumed, darkened room. Soft music is playing, something New Age-y, something you might joke to your friends as “musically vegan.” A trained, professional, licensed massage therapist gently knocks on the door. “Are you ready?” he or she says. You close your eyes and let your BY head drop into the cushioned headrest. And then the magic EVE begins. MARX In the midst of this wonderful pampering, have you ever wondered about massage’s other benefits? Lise Barbanti, owner and manager of Massage Envy on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale, said she opened Massage Envy three and a half years ago because massage was the one thing — in fact the only thing — that really helped her after a serious car accident when she was younger. “I had whiplash from an accident that happened 25 years ago,” Barbanti said. “The doctors told me soft tissue takes a long time to mend, but this just never healed.” Barbanti said the pain was so intense and so persistent she couldn’t even stand to wear a headband. “I couldn’t rake leaves. I could barely turn my head,” she said. Barbanti ended up going for a medical massage twice a week. “That was the only thing that helped me heal,” she said. Massage Envy’s massage therapists are highly trained professionals with the skill and knowledge to work with any number of medical conditions and situations. “New York State has set the bar very high for licensing,” Barbanti said. “We work with people on dialysis, people with chronic pain. We had someone come in right after brain surgery for cancer with the radiation seeds still implanted. That person had to have a doctor’s note to get the service, but we were able to provide it. It gives me joy that people can tap into this.” Massage is even part of a well person’s ongoing health regime: “People learn to accommodate chronic situations and accept

them as normal. Driving, standing on your feet all day — these things take a toll on the body.” She said many people don’t grasp the concept that one massage can’t fix everything. “We tell people, it took you years to get in this shape, it could take awhile to get you out of it.” What she loves about Massage Envy is that the services are affordable to all walks of life. “People get a good value here and they are seeing a licensed therapist,” she said. Since the company, which is a chain, opened about a decade ago in the Southwest, it’s been very successful. “We get every kind of situation here,” Barbanti said. “From a medical point of view, the therapists love the many different kinds of experiences they get.” At Oasis Day Spa on Livingstone Avenue in Dobbs Ferry, owner Bruce Schoenberg said it’s an established medical fact that the AMA has openly endorsed the value of massage therapy. “The overwhelming majority of the population benefits from massage,” Schoenberg said. “Even if you have no issues, massage will relax you. Relaxation is the number 1 consideration. It lowers blood pressure, it helps with stress. “People with tension might not understand that their tension impacts them and those around them across the board. Then you have people who have a specific medical reason why they are seeking help through massage. Any good, reputable massage clinic offers a wide variety of treatments. People come to us for help and solutions. They might have edema, require lymphatic drainage, they may have a muscular condition or muscle strain. They may be pregnant and be suffering from the extra weight they’re carrying from the pregnancy. We have experts in prenatal massage and experts in spinal issues, C2 through C6.” He said that when a person calls for an appointment, there is an intake form so that the staff knows what is going on with that person. “Is there anything we should know, is there a medical history?” he said. “Basically the form is not much different from a medical chart. Our staff is terrific. We hire not just excellent massage thera-

pists but good people who are genuinely empathetic and dedicated and passionate about what we do and who have people skills. Massage shouldn’t be viewed as something you do on vacation, but as an integral part of your wellness regimen. We have a really diverse workforce of therapists that have so many different modalities that we offer. We’re an award-winning spa.” Sandy Lussi, co-owner with Gary Sapolin of Satori Acupuncture and Health: Holistic Health Care on Katonah Avenue in Katonah said, “We’re a therapeutic spa; we treat people with chronic health conditions such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, stress and anxiety relief, headaches, chronic Lyme, issues related to menopause. We take insurance. We do medical massage. Along with our highly trained massage therapists and an acupuncturist, we also have a facialist.” Like other therapeutic spas in Westchester, Satori offers a signature massage; deep tissue; Swedish; hot stone therapy; Shiatsu, Thai Massage; neck and back massage; foot reflexology; and pre and post natal massage. “We also do dermaplaning and peels,” Lussi said. “We’ve been in business here 15 years. We’re open 7 days a week. This is a place where people who need therapeutic massage come and feel very comfortable and get the most professional treatment. We’re nurturing. Our massage therapists listen to the person and know their health history. It’s not a cookie cutter massage studio; when people come in, they talk to either me or Gary and we decide which therapist will be the best fit. Every service is catered to the client’s individual needs.” For more detailed clinical information about the health and medical benefits of massage, read up on the subject on the website of the esteemed Mayo Clinic at Massage may not be appropriate if you have bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication; have burns or open or healing wounds; deep vein thrombosis; fractures; severe osteoporosis; or severe thrombocytopenia. Always discuss the pros and cons of massage with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or have cancer or unexplained pain.

From creams and gels to serums and oils, moisturizers are often at the forefront of a woman’s beauty routine. However, moisture can also be regarded for the negative effects it can have on skin, as in the case of sweat and surface wetness that can lead to a range of various conditions. These quintessential examples of “good moisture” and “bad moisture” demonstrate that we should consider both when it comes to a comprehensive skin care routine. Dove Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur shares the difference between the good and the bad, while offering her tips for achieving softer, smoother skin from head to toe. Q: First, how does our skin differ from place to place on our bodies? A: Fundamentally, all skin is made up of the same building blocks, but different characteristics such as thickness, pigmentation, hair follicles and sweat glands all factor into how we care for different parts of the body. For example, the skin on our neck and face is very fine, while the skin on our arms and legs have more sweat glands and hair follicles. There are also unique hybrid areas such as our underarms, where the skin is fine like on our neck, but also has more sweat glands and hair follicles. Q: With so many characteristics, does all skin need moisture? A: Absolutely. The skin is an intricate protective layer of cells that requires adequate hydration to stay healthy and looking its best. A lack of moisture can weaken the stratum corneum (our outermost epidermal layer), which helps protect underlying tissue from bacteria and enzymes. In addition, moisture contributes to the overall softness and smoothness of skin and can help reduce itchy dryness, uncomfortable irritation and visible redness. Throughout the day, our skin loses moisture due to a range of factors — from fabrics we wear to various climate conditions — and that moisture needs to be replenished in order to maintain the skin’s overall balance. Q: What is the difference between good and bad moisture? A: Good moisture is an important element of proper skin care. It refers to applying topical moisturizers that are formulated to draw moisture into the outer layer of our skin to replenish hydration lost throughout the day. Bad moisture refers to surface moisture that can disrupt the skin’s healthy barrier. It can come in the form of sweat that leaves behind salt, enzymes and odor-causing bacteria or it can come from prolonged exposure to water that can actually cause the skin to crack. Q: How do we address these concerns? A: Be sure to drink plenty of water every day. It’s a golden rule for a reason. Have your fun in the pool and enjoy your luxurious showers, but try to keep water exposure to around 15 minutes at a time. Lastly, we often think of places like our face, neck, hands and legs when it comes to moisturizing, but don’t forget those hybrid parts of the body like your underarms where you need to apply good moisture and ward off bad moisture. Q: What products can you recommend to help? A: I always try to recommend multitasking products to streamline and simplify my patients’ daily routine. Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is a great option for underarms because it provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection and is formulated with moisturizing humectants to provide the added benefit of softer, smoother skin. I also recommend finding a multitasking daily facial moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 or higher with built-in UVA/UVB protection. Another great tip is to wear moisture-wicking technical fabrics that will not only keep you cool, but also prevent sweat and bacteria from remaining on your skin. — Brandpoint

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FALL FASHION continued from page


look, while traditional suit fabrics such as pinstripes and herringbones emphasize menswear associations. In suits, this season’s styles look to the boys’ closets with doubled breasted jackets, wide legged trousers, pleated pants, long boxy blazers and collared trench coats.

Arm candy With a focus on arms, this season’s collections draw creative attention to sleeves and cuffs. Exaggerated sleeve lengths covered models’ hands and even hid fingertips on fall runways. The fashion shows presented sleeves extending into pockets or trailing into pools of fabric at garments’ sides. While this is not a practical look for anyone who needs to use her hands (all of us!), we can be inspired by the silhouette. Look for sleeves that skim the wrist or flare across the forearms for a modified interpretation of the trend. Designers’ current affair with cuffs, however, is easy to love. Wide, thick cuffs in contrasting colors, amplified textures and fur — especially fur — is an easy formula for style. As a construction detail, playful cuffs also eliminate the need for bracelets.

PLAID IS RAD! continued from page

Prada’s black, white and red tartan platform pumps have towering heels; they’d make a great finishing touch for an allblack business look. Accessories are a great way to add the punch of plaid. Prada has a whole group of tartan print handbags, shoulder bags and clutches in etched saffiano leather. Kate Spade offers handbags and totes in rugged woodland plaids. Proenza Schouler’s black and white, wool plaid messenger bag is trimmed with touches of leather. You’ll also find plaid tote bags in big, buffalo checks and fuzzy fabrics. Of course, the fastest way to add a dash of plaid is with a plaid shirt or two. The all-time classic in this genre is the LL Bean flannel plaid, but their boxy perennial classic has been joined this year by a similar shirt in a more fitted version at the famed online retailer. Plaid flannel shirts can be layered in a retro-grunge style, worn open over a Tshirt and leggings as a lightweight jacket, dressed up when tucked into a little skater skirt, or peeking out from under a fitted blazer or a furry vest. The last word: If you dare to wear plaid, own the look. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to mix your plaid shirt with a printed item such as leopard-pattern pumps or with a pair of velvet jeans. Once you get the hang of it, you, too, may go mad for plaid.

Bagpipe music As the weather chills, you might be dreaming of the green hills of Scotland. Tartan plaid is the pattern of the moment. In addition to traditional kilts, look for interesting interpretations in jackets and trousers. Combinations with leather and constructions that piece together various patterns and colors make this look anything but old fashioned. Red is a favorite base note — striking when woven with blue and timeless when paired with black. But, if you’re looking for a more daring palette, go for tartans in yellow or green. Because plaid is so loud, it wears best with a quieter companion, A plaid skirt and simple black turtleneck is a classic match — sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

Velvet and lace We’re seeing a lot of lace, corsets, ruffles and velvet — worn with a bit of abandon and a touch of bondage thrown in for kicks. Is it Victorian or Boho, Steam Punk or “50 Shades of Grey”? We’re not quite sure, but whatever the source, the look is individual and very 21st century. Feminine and modernized, the trend leans toward high necks, lacy sleeves and tights, bowtied necklines, poets’ tops, cinched waists, corsets, velvet vests, peplum jackets, leather skirts and harness belts. It’s more street style than couture, which means this trend continued on page


Over the years, your wardrobe grows. What’s next?


No matter what your style from hip to elegant or somewhere in-between, the fall’s hottest looks are available, clockwise from top left, at stores like Lester’s in Rye Brook, Catherine H. in Katonah, Neiman Marcus in White Plains, Lester’s, Enchantments in Katonah, Catherine H. and Neiman Marcus.

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Must-have minis make max impact this season



ith summer now just a sweet memory behind us, a woman’s thoughts naturally turn to fall — fashion that is. And one of the hottest trends in stores this season as the leaves change hues is the miniskirt. Yes, they’re back. And even if you thought a mini wasn’t for you, there’s quite possibly one that’s perfect for you with the perfect fit. Miniskirts can be edgy, classic or demure, so don’t count them out before you give them a whirl at your favorite store or boutique, where expert fashion mavens can put you into the most flattering miniBY skirt and help you accessorize your overall LAURIE look. A mini can be a staple in your wardSULLIVAN robe that can take you from day to night, designed to fit and flatter most figures. Keep in mind that not all minis are created equal. According to an article online on wikiHow, “Anyone can rock a miniskirt … it’s easy to show off your legs and look stellar in the right miniskirt … just remember to have the attitude that goes with it!” As with anything you wear, confidence and attitude go a long way in saying “I like the way I look.” In other words, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin to pull off the look. We’re not talking micro minis here — leave those to the younger set! But skirts that range from an inch or two above your knee, or maybe higher for fabulous, slim legs — whatever your comfort level, age and figure dictates.

Minis: a classic look

Jill Oralevich, the divisional merchandise manager of Lester’s in Rye Brook, and for the store’s other three locations, said the mini is the “go-to look” for fall.

She likes to accessorize a mini with a turtleneck, a knit sweater, a cardi and a pair of booties. “It’s really timeless and ageless,” said Oralevich. “That’s what it’s really about this season.” For her, any sweater works tucked in or out, and agrees with the no belts look. She described the look as very retro, “a ’70s remix look.” When asked how short the mini should be, she said it depended on the actual skirt — a few inches above the knee for an A-line mini. For Oralevich, she only recommends booties paired with minis, which can be pull-on, lace-ups, whatever your personal preference may be. Lester’s sells boots and, according to Oralevich, they’re a very big trend this year. She, too, doesn’t recommend hose for fall and said you can “throw on tights as it goes later into fall” and of course for winter.

Pencil minis flatter and fit Owner Sarah Milano of Pop Shop Style, a boutique in Dobbs Ferry that caters to women in a variety of ages, feels that the pencil skirt is the most flattering, noting that a mini should be a few inches above the knee and not too tight. “Too tight and you look like you’re wearing your daughter’s clothes,” Milano said. Milano likes to pair a top that’s conservative. She recommends a blazer or a button down or cashmere sweater with a mini. “Something that doesn’t show too much, isn’t too low cut,” she added. Since it’s a miniskirt, she recommends wearing a classic top and choosing darker colors, not bright ones which will draw attention to the skirt. “Black is always our number 1 color,” said Milano. “We’re seeing a lot of maroon and deep, rich fall colors, jade and royal blue, too.” When asked what’s hot for fall, Milano said she has a lot of minis, some with textured solid color or a little color and


some with fringe off the side. Milano goes with straight styles, “but it has to be fitting right and depends on body type. Not all styles work for every shape and size.” In her opinion, skirt length ranges from a few inches above the knee: “You don’t want to do more than that — if you bend over and there’s a problem you know it’s too short.” (When you bend over and you can see what people can see, then it’s way too short.) For hose, Milano said to wear something neutral, depending on the occasion. For going out at night she suggests a nude or sheer look. She likes booties with a skirt and for heels she advises heels that aren’t too high, chunky heels and styles that are not too strappy to make the right impression. She noted that a full-length boot “chops off proportion.” Milano recommends a bootie or heel, which depends on shape: “Everyone is different.” Jewelry, which Milano sells in Top Shop Style, completes the look. She said they’re doing a lot of long necklaces and bangles. She always suggests jewelry, “a statement piece,” either a chunky, short necklace or a longer necklace “that is unique and catches the eye.” Milano added that fringe is really big this season, with big necklaces that hit the “middle of your chest” and longer. For earrings she likes long earrings with a longer necklace, but “I really like stud,” which you’ll find in her store. Whichever way you go — A-line, straight, pencil, a few inches above the knee or shorter in one of fall’s deep, rich colors with a button down or silk blouse, cashmere sweater or chunky, booties or riding boots — you’ll be right in step with fall’s hottest new look. Sophisticated yet fun, you can’t go wrong with a mini to spruce up your wardrobe. Go to any length and it’s yours! And if a mini isn’t for you? Midis are back, too. This season is all about choice… enough to inspire all of us to head to stores and shop.

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Over at Ruby Sue in Katonah, owner Suzanne Martin likes to create a classic look for her customers, pairing a mini with a cashmere sweater, either a crew neck, oversized boyfriend sweater or a really fitted cashmere sweater with a pair of riding boots — boots without too much hardware. “You don’t want to be looking like you’re trying too hard — [but] sophisticated and chic,” Martin said. She finds it “great fun putting it together in a classic day to night [look]… You can throw on a jacket or a trench coat,” which she sells and prefers sans belt, likening the look to Audrey Hepburn, whom she “loves.” For a change, “You can actually put on a beautiful silk shirt with a cardigan over it,” said Ruby Sue’s owner, who has some “beautiful” ones by Waverley Grey. A lot of people are accessorizing with scarves, some little silk triangle scarves or bigger ones. Martin said she has some customers who say they can’t wear miniskirts. “A lot of people think miniskirts are too short,” Martin explained. “Once I style them they see they can wear one.” She likened the look she likes to create to model Kate Moss, who she said is “so understated.” Martin’s advice is not to go overboard with your other pieces. If you’re wearing a fringe jacket, a big look for fall, she noted, it’s not too much if you’re pairing it with a cashmere sweater. Pair an oversized trench coat, either knee length or a little longer, or even a chunky oversized sweater with a mini with opaque or even textured tights, not stockings for winter, advises this fashionista. For fall, “You don’t need anything because you’re still tan” and it’s “more modern and on trend,” she said. Martin said she’s dressing women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and older, women “who want to have fun with their clothes.” As far as style goes, Martin said she puts women in straight minis, a little above the knee (not a micro mini like Pucci), which fit sitting on the hip and sweaters out, not tucked in or belted. When asked about over the knee or slouchy boots or knee socks with minis, she said she “didn’t like that — it feels out” and likened the look as “cheesy” and said they’re not big for fall. Nor is she doing leggings with a mini. “We’re talking about $300 silk shirts, $400 boots,” which she said can be mid calf as well as knee high. Martin noted that rich, earth tones are big this fall, including “beautiful” spruce, moss, greens, camel, tans, as well as faux fur and ultra suede. “There are a lot of cool jackets with minis,” said the owner of Ruby Sue, where you’ll find jewelry, shoes, boots, clothing, denim, handbags and underpinnings. Martin recently opened a separate section in the store “for her yogis.” She has “something for everyone.”

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Styling pros offer creative advice to fight frizz


Flowers and fashion, together forever We’ve all heard of the 1960s “flower power” trend in fashion and we shop floral prints and patterns season after season. But the importance of flowers in fashion stems way beyond that, influencing everything from original designs to runway décor and signature scents. Flowers show emotion, beauty and set the mood for a variety of occasions, so it’s no wonder they’ve become an influence for designers everywhere. Here are four ways that flowers and fashion go hand in hand:

Runway décor High-end fashion brands are often inspired by the bright colors of flowers for fashion presentations and runway shows. These flowers set the tone and create the perfect background to showcase the designer’s creations. Kate Spade New York partnered with the iconic floral and gifting company FTD to recreate the beautiful New York City flower bodegas full of fresh blooms. FTD provided over 30,000 flowers for the event, including bright pink gerbera daisies and roses in a variety of bright and coral hues to match the new Kate Spade New York spring line. The bright display of flowers created a fun, fresh, vibrant atmosphere for attendees.

Design From the little black dress to the skinny jean, there are some trends that never seem to go out of style. But one of the biggest fashion statements that remains timeless on runways is the floral print. Throughout the seasons, floral prints small and large fade in and out of style and represent various decades of fashion.

Additionally, fashion designers look to gardening for inspiration in their designs. Not only do flower shapes inspire styles such as the tulip skirt, but some designers actually take refuge in their gardens to recharge their creative juices. Gardening brings them peace and serenity when they are feeling uninspired.

Scent The fashion industry doesn’t stop at apparel. Many famous designers have created their own perfume or line of perfumes to complement their apparel and accessories. In 1919, Coco Chanel launched Chanel No. 5, a perfume created to elicit the essence of a single garden flower. It remains a top-selling scent today and Chanel has since released a variety of other scents for men and women.

Accessories Floral hues and patterns find their way into the latest fashion accessory designs season after season, especially in the spring. Spring fashion is often characterized by bright floral colors to signal the end of winter and the anticipated warmer weather. Bold, floral-inspired accessories like handbags, jewelry and shoes are used in looks across fashion runways to add pops of unexpected color for a brilliantly eyecatching look. Without flowers, the fashion industry would be an entirely different world. Designers may have talent dripping from their fingertips, but the ways they become inspired is often as simple as stepping out into nature. — Brandpoint

rizz happens — a lot — to women of all hair types. Whether their hair is straight, wavy or naturally curly, American women almost universally agree that frizzy hair is frustrating. While it’s probably no surprise that women hate frizz, the number who suffer from it is eye-opening: 80 percent, according to a recent survey by iconic hair care brand Alberto VO5. In fact, 62 percent of surveyed women said frizz was their most dreaded hair malfunction. Also surprising: half of women who suffer from frizz aren’t sure what causes it, even though the same percentage battle unruly, fly-away hair the most between the hot, humid months of June and August. However, frizz can occur at any time of year in any climate. “Women may know that humid weather equals frizzy hair, but they don’t know what causes it,” said Nina Riley, a vice president at High Ridge Brands, owner of VO5. “Frizz occurs when water, found in humid air, modifies the hair’s structural protein, causing hair cuticles to ‘let loose,’ creating frizzy hair.” Women fight frizz in creative ways/ More than a third (39 percent) hide it with creative up-dos, while 43 percent use heat to straighten their hair, the survey found. Fortunately, Riley said, effectively fighting frizz doesn’t require you to compromise your hair style or risk stripping moisture from your hair by straightening it.

The hair pros offer this advice for fighting frizz: 1) Pre-treat before shampooing: Fighting frizz should begin before you shampoo. Pre-treat hair with VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, a process that takes one minute, once a week and infuses hair with

a five-essential vitamin formula to condition and moisturize from roots to ends. Since dry hair picks up more moisture from humid air, moisturizing proactively helps control the amount of moisture that enters the hair follicle. 2) Lather, rinse, be gentle: Wash and

condition hair three to seven times a week using the frizz-control shampoo and conditioner. Rinse the conditioner out with cold water, which helps the hair shaft close and prevents excess moisture from making follicles swell. Towel-dry your hair with gentle squeezing motions to remove excess water. Never towel-dry by tousling hair, which can contribute to frizz by stretching hair strands while they’re wet and fragile. Use a wet comb or paddle brush to remove tangles. Never apply a round brush to wet hair; the damage it causes can create more frizz. If you have time, allow your hair to air dry; heat from dryers and irons can dehydrate hair. If you must blow dry, apply a heat protecting spray first. 3) Engage in frizz-fighting maintenance: Fighting frizz successfully takes daily care, so incorporate a product like VO5 Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil to your daily beauty regimen. The dual-purpose natural oil blend helps prolong your hot oil treatment. Moisturize your body post-shower, and dab the remaining oil on your hair to tame flyaways. You’ll want to touch your sleek, shiny hair throughout the day, but resist. The oils in your skin are moisture, and they can make hair follicles open up and frizz out. “While VO5 has declared August National Anti-frizz Month, women need to fight frizz year-round,” Riley said. “Daily care can help every woman achieve the sleek, shiny hair she craves.” — Brandpoint

5 beauty tips to create a look that’s uniquely you • Make the unnatural natural: Use a light sweet pink blush and apply it before you apply concealer for a look that’s very natural. Once you’re finished, line your inner lower lids with white eye liner and use a black eyeliner to complement your upper lash line. Finally, apply mascara but remember to go light. • Don’t be afraid to coordinate your look: Going matchy-matchy with your eye shadow and outfits isn’t always a bad thing. If you are going for a more causal warm weekend look consider going with a very light dusting of eye shadow. Choose a shade that matches your outfit. This will give you a put together look without a lot of effort. Applying any of these tips will give you a fresh new look for the year’s crispest season so don’t delay. Get creative because redefining yourself is something you can do and enjoy every single day. — Brandpoint

To help you find that perfect look, author and singer/songwriter Tanille Edwards offers her top five beauty tips inspired by her latest romance novel “Broken,” the tale of Milan, a high school senior who is hearing impaired as well as being a burgeoning supermodel. Like Milan, Tanille's tips aim to help you conquer your insecurities and find a look that's uniquely your own. • Pack your tool kit: Never leave home without moisturizer, eyeliner inside the lower lash line and lip gloss. You never know when any of these items will be called into action. • Create eye-catching eyes: Pump up your eye color by coordinating a complementary smokey eye for a look everyone will notice and no one will forget. • Go for the gold: Looking for an angelic look? Try gold bronzer on the surfaces that the sun kisses like your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your cheeks. This will keep your skin looking radiant and protected as well.

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Fall forward: changing with the seasons


ot that we’re rushing things here, but now that autumn has officially arrived — if maybe only on the calendar — it might be the perfect time to pick up some wardrobe items to ensure you stay cozy and warm when temperatures begin to plunge. Local merchants are more than happy to help customers make those kinds of purchases. BY Adam and Jessica Soifer of Idra Alta Moda MARY in White Plains carries LEGRAND luxury evening wear, with custom pieces available and especially useful to clients requiring special sizes or with any other unique circumstances. Fur is a big portion of the shop’s offerings, including pieces that can be worn inside as fashion accent pieces or outdoors for extra warmth. “We help educate a client so she can wear her fur item with a dress or on its own with a leather jacket or blouse and the rest of one’s outfit,” Adam Soifer said. “We also do a lot of restyling of what clients already own. They may have inherited a fur piece and want to keep it in the family, but the jacket or coat needs to be remade so it’s more up to date.” A fur bolero jacket, used as a topper for an outfit or dress, gives a different look no matter the piece or pieces with which it’s paired, Soifer said. “Most customers aren’t looking for a long mink coat, but they’re definitely interested in strollers, boleros and shawls, what we called outerwear, as well as shearling and other items. We also offer fur-trimmed cashmere. Women can easily feel a little bit warmer, but with a lot more style.” Sara Anne Grossman’s Green with Envy, a boutique in Scarsdale, focuses on accessories, particularly jewelry. Its online and in-shop inventory includes a wide variety of scarves perfect to wrap around one’s neck to ward off late fall and winter chills. Indigo, a shop owned by Carole Weart, has been in Hastings-on-Hudson since 1979. According to Weart, this is a “practical store, not a fashion store. I think women can become victims of fashion stores and I really think women need help keeping their closets tight and not overspending.” Indigo has a wide variety of clothing — “from soup to nuts,” Weart said — including light overcoats and toppers, which are tunic-length coats without closure and anoraks practical for colder temperatures.

The key to adapting to temperature changes “has a lot to do with layering,” Weart said. “We offer a lot of different weights of scarves. Later in the fall and into winter you get into heavier infinity scarves, ones that get closer to the face and neck, and maybe a hat band to keep the head warm. People don’t seem to like hats very much, so the headband, with its thicker fabric, is made of either wool or fake fur and is very popular.” Weart said suburban women, with lifestyles that mostly take them from house to car to office or other activity, can easily wear relatively light layers rather than wearing heavy jackets or coats. “Here it’s not like New York City, where there’s a walking culture,” she said. “This is a car culture. People dress less warmly now than 20 years ago and have become much more practical. The weather is still cold, but people don’t bundle up as much.” Again, layering is the way to go, with turtlenecks or tees worn under cardigan sweaters and light jackets, Weart said. “Most people wear pants now instead of dresses or skirts, but if they do, leggings are popular underneath. A top worn alone with leggings is another way to go, with the top tunic-length and sort of loose.” Weart touts Indigo for “giving a little newness to your closet, updating your wardrobe, adding something that’s a little trendy in terms of color and shape. I have a buyer who determines if something new is just a passing trend or something that’s going to have more staying power.” Marsha Miranda of Catherine Hiriart’s Katonah shop Catherine H said the business’s philosophy of “less is more” pertains perfectly when transitioning from season to season. “With Catherine there’s a great play on proportion, on layering items so you can add more in the colder months and remove some in the warmer seasons,” Miranda said. “We have really great pants that are gorgeous and sleek. They’re fine flannel and can pair with a fashion-forward bootie now and later a taller boot.” And to keep the feet snug and comfortable, Catherine H carries “truly waterproof” merino-lined boots, perfect for cold rain, slush and snow and pairable with long parkas and shorter jackets and coats. Color choices for transitioning from fall into winter are best kept understated, Miranda said, with muted grays and taupes going to be popular in the coming months.


Sophia’s Things

New fashion boutique in Scarsdale Sophia’s Things, a hot new fashion boutique on Depot Place at the Scarsdale Train Station, will host a fall celebration and grand opening Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 1-3. “We want tell our friends and neighbors in Scarsdale come on over and help us celebrate the new season,” said Sophia Cousins, fashionista and store owner. “We have some amazing new clothes that are spirited, sexy and just unconventional enough to be fresh and memorable.” The three-day event will feature 10 percent off everything in the store. New fall fashions will be modeled by customers and there will be a raffle for cool, eye-catching jewelry. Enjoy happy hour from 4 p.m. until closing. Due to space and catering considerations, Cousins encourages attendees to RSVP for specific dates to “We’re also excited to be introducing some new services and events this fall.” They include:

Ask Sophia It can be daunting to re-enter the dating world, especially for women who haven’t dated in a while. Cousins can provide expert advice on flattering fashions, projecting a confident, glamorous image and ins and outs of online dating. Bonus: Cousins will snap photos for online profiles — stylish, sexy, smile!

Sophia’s socials Cousins will host monthly gatherings with the goal of making Sophia’s Things into a social hub in Scarsdale. Enjoy lively

conversation, make new friends and scope out the latest fashions. Men and women welcome. Dates to be announced.

Friends of Sophia This offering is by invitation only, for her best customers. Bring a friend to the shop and both the customer and friend can get 10 percent off purchases on that day.

Social media Facebook: Sophia’s Things Clothing Twitter: @sophiasthings1 Instagram: Sophia’s Thing (note: “Thing” is singular, not plural).

Celebrating the details with fall’s best accessories


Building layers like the Autumn Cashmere cable knot poncho and the J Brand Another Love Story Flare help as the temperatures change. From Lester’s in Rye Brook.

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his fall, the devil is in the details. Accessories — especially shoes — are much more than simple add-ons. They can make or break a look, change an outfit’s mood and provide opportunities to show your spirit. Designers are giving lots of attention to feet and legs this season, even designing whole collections around today’s favorite boot lengths. Whether you make a favorite accessory part of your signaBY ture style or play TRACI DUTTON the field of various LUDWIG trends, you should consider adding accessories to every outfit. They’re not just finishing touches. They are the soul of any great look. How about one of this season’s favorites…

Statement earrings Hear this! Size matters. This fall is all about earrings that are meant to be noticed — so the bigger, the better! Get creative with a variety of shapes and materials, including hoops, triangles, dangling chains, lightweight drops and feathers. Go for eye-catching bling with sparkly crystals and colorful bead and wire compositions. Many of today’s earrings are inspired by the 1970s and 1980s, so now is the time to revive your vintage collection. While last year’s trend of wearing one single earring still has some brave followers, it’s probably best to wear a traditional set of two matching earrings — unless you want to count how many times in one day you’ll hear whispers behind your back: “I think she lost an earring.”

Gloves A companion to this season’s creative sleeves, gloves are the darling of fall wardrobes. Gloves complete many looks with linear definition of the arms, while adding dynamic color and interesting texture. Different styles complement different looks, from long and sleek to badass leather to short and fingerless to chameleonlike lace, which can be either demure or punk. You can match colors and textiles for sophistication or amp up the contrast to make a statement. Imagine a boxy and asymmetrical black dress. Nice, but slightly boring, right? Now pair it with shiny, elbow-length black gloves — or hot pink, bowtrimmed gems with the perfect amount of stretch. Suddenly one dress can capture three distinctly different attitudes: classic sophistication, individual sass and flirty fun. What could be easier?


Since 1901

Whether real or faux, we’re not here to judge. Fur is a hot commodity this fall and a practical choice for winter. Look for fur stoles and fur boots to satisfy the obsession, but don’t wear both together — unless you’re going for a Sasquatch look. Fur stoles wrapped around the shoulders can be ladylike and retro. Draped over one shoulder with one end (or both) tucked behind a belt, they become modern and edgy. Fur-trimmed boots are beautiful this

season. On high boots — to the knee or thigh — fur cuffs soften the look and provide a textural transition between boots’ leather or suede and legs’ cotton, lace, knit or nylon tights. Ankle or mid-calf boots in fur look adorably elfish. To temper the fluff and puff, choose a style wrapped in leather bands, tied with cords or accented with something fun like pom-poms. For subtle sexiness, look for pumps embellished with a whisper of fur at the heels or teasing around the ankle strap. Me-ow…

Bling As the sun sets earlier and the air grows crisper, everyone needs a little glamour to brighten the mood. Crystal brooches, sparkly hair accessories and rings with bling are experiencing an intense revival this season. Be ladylike and playful with exaggerated shapes and sizes. These aren’t your grandmothers’ Sunday brooches. Colorful costume jewelry is an easy way to make a statement and feminize fall’s boxier menswear-inspired looks. To nail the look, pin a brooch on a jacket’s lapel, cluster gems on a sash tied at the waist, or draw dazzling glances to the bejeweled dip of the low back on your favorite little black dress.

Skinny scarves Trim and tailored, slinky and stylish or slim and textured, skinny scarves are the continued on next page

Gloves and fur are two stylish accessories for fall. At Neiman Marcus in White Plains.



FALL FASHION continued from page


is very animated and individual. It’s territory in which you can express yourself and make your mark.

Psychedelic The electric Cyndi Lauper colors of the 1980s have returned, but in a more refined and sophisticated manner. Warm brights such as orange, yellow and raspberry are especially popular, but you’ll also find cooler hues such as teal, turquoise and lime. Rather than screaming in discord, today’s neon shades zip in as dynamic accents of highkey color. Paired with neutral tones such as camel, navy or gray — and used as borders, edging, contrast stitching or linings — the overall look remains restrained. Well done, designers! You’ve managed to utter booming excitement through the hush of a whisper.

Cable knits Find a friend. Light up the fire pit. It’s time to settle in and get cozy. The classic cable knit sweater has returned with prevalence this season. It showed up in many casual collections during the fall runway presentations and is predicted to be just as ubiquitous on the streets. To nail this look, go all out. Look for thick, nubby cottons and wools and traditional textured patterns. Seek modern details such as cowl necks, cuffed sleeves, cropped lengths or wide bottom bands to give a chunky sweater shape as it sits on your hips. With such soft, stylish and warm knitwear, you’ll be happy for the season’s changing temperatures.

Powder puff Five designers — Generation Love, Lauren Moshi, Bella Dahl, Frye and Echo Designs — make this outfit from Lester’s in Rye Brook a work of beauty.

ACCESSORIES continued from previous page

season’s most versatile accessory. They can be worn like ties or bound in floppy bows. They can accentuate the neck, create definition for the waist or be worn as headscarves. They drape in loopy circles to suggest volume and thus deny their long length. Or, for something else, tie them in loose knots with their tails left long and trailing. Call attention as your scarf plays with the architecture of your body — descending from your neckline, gracing your back or dividing equally over each shoulder. Scarves beautifully add color, pattern and movement. Wear them well.

Motorcycle boots Ladies, rev your engines. Motorcycle boots are a powerful entity. Let your feet take command in short, buckled styles with flat square heels and lots of metal hardware. With jeans or fall’s ubiquitous leather jackets, motorcycle footwear completes a classic look. But combined with short skirts, tights or scrunchy boot socks, motorcycle boots add a little edge to an otherwise good girl look. With boots like these, you can take on the world and let everyone know it… Harley Davidson not included.

Ladylike loafers Your mother would be proud. Sensible footwear can finally be called beautiful. In opposition to the defiant vibe of the motorcycle boot, ladylike loafers are an equally popular shoe this fall — and one your boyfriend would be proud to bring home

Pump up the volume! Puffer jackets are the rage in outerwear — and the more marshmallowy the better! Although these jackets offer ultimate warmth, their vibe embraces

cool, space-age sleek, rather than ski-slope practical. Eschew cloudlike blah and define the moment through bold colors, burnished metallics, geometric cuts and intricate hardware. Lengths extend, with variety, to the waist or to the knee. These are logical end points for the exaggerated puffer shape, allowing for a slim leg line. Keep your boots or trousers simple, sleek and trim. Add additional linear interest with long, eye-catching gloves to accentuate the wrists and hands. And top it all off with a hat — pom-poms or tousle optional.

Winter garden Maybe it’s global warming? In an unexpected twist, a garden of florals is decorating the landscape of fall fashion. Spring’s quintessential print, however, is holding up to the challenge. The trick is to choose a red- or teal-based palette, rather than one based in typical pastels or citrus tones. Better yet, add in some black to further remove the sunny associations and make the look absolutely seasonless. Fabricated in traditional cold-weather textiles like suede or wool, this look may be a keeper for many seasons to come. Who said roses don’t bloom in November?

Shearling and leather Last fall’s love of shearling continues with new and improved silhouettes. Oversized coats, cropped jackets, nubby vests and capes allow for the interpretation of a variety of styles. Find one to suit your personality. Shearling is textural and sensual. It’s a classic combination with fall’s other darling, leather. Leather details abound, as well as full-on leather constructions. Groovy mini skirts, cool biker jackets and diva-inspired long and lean leather coats are some of this fall’s favorites. Look for rich shades of brown such as caramel, maroon and copper, as well as basic black. Get ready to hustle!

Fall in love

around the dinner table. Play it safe with a classic shape — that means a flat sole with a slightly squared-off toe — or experiment with a modified construction such as a loafer with a smoothly rounded silhouette, patchwork leather, cut-out vents or contrasting toe cap. Because of their low profile, loafers are transitional shoes for fall as well as spring. Only the deep snows of winter may prevent them from being a year-round favorite.

Kinky boots Knee length boots were last year’s sexy. Now, designers are pushing the envelope with thigh high versions that draw up legs for miles. The silhouette is long and lean and oozing with sex appeal. New synthetic materials provide the right amount of stretch so these boots hug the calves and thighs. Elongated zippers and substantial metal hardware decorate the legs like jewelry. These boots are designed to complement the season’s love of short skirts, tartan kilts and dresses with flirty hemlines. Since ultra tall boots are an uncommon trend, be sure to grab a pair this season before lengths descend to more typical heights.

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Patterned tights With so much attention given to boots and shoes this season, tights and stockings are anything but ordinary. Look for nubby cottons and cable knit wool blends, gossamer lace and nylon stripes, animal print patterns and fishnets. Kick up your legs for creative fun and personal attention. Be imaginative; be unique; walk your way to your own style.

From Catherine H. in Katonah, a great fitted leather jacket, U.S. made by Illia, and hand-made statement scarf by Suzi Roher complete any fall look.

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