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MARCH 24, 2017





he bulbs are greening. Temperatures are rising. Café tables have been positioned in the fresh air. It’s finally time to trade boots for wedges and swap wool scarves for trenches. Spring fashion has arrived! A bit of ’80s retro, a bit of bright-color bold, this season emphasizes a reinterpretation of fashion classics through statement details, exaggerated shapes, cunning asymmetry and creative mixes. Embrace the unexpected. Dare to be your own individual. Pick and choose from our style guide and own the season’s signature styles.

Armed and dangerous Which feature commands sex appeal this season? Think outside the box, and you’ll be a goddess of the trend. Spring 2017 is all about the sensuality and glamour of shoulders and arms. Designers are showcasing simple dresses and tops that play up the energy of interesting sleeves. Creative options include arm candy in the following silhouettes: bell and trumpet shaped, billowy and ruffled, laser cut, banded and slit down the side. Look for strapless constructions with straight top-lines, square necklines and broad shoulder straps. These structures keep the garment’s overall architecture subdued so sleeves can shine. Complementing the current interest in sleeves is the love affair with shoulders. Similar to last spring’s obsession with the cold shoulder look, current taste prefers the baring of one single shoulder. Look for patterns structured around one sleeve, a single strap or a unique cutout shoulder. Alternatively, manipulate your own version of the trend by allowing an oversized sweater to languidly slip off one arm to reveal a shoulder. Of course, you’ve got to channel the attitude of character Alex Owens’s iconic look in the 1983 film “Flashdance.” What a feeling…

Sheer madness Light and lovely, this season’s abundance of sheer, diaphanous textiles are meant to be worn in layers. This approach distinguishes the trend from previous peekaboo fashion moments in which the goal was to expose flashes of bare skin. The current look conjures a carefree, breezy mood. Rather than being risqué, today’s sheers are actually demure. These looks are intended for daywear and should not be mistaken for approximations of the “naked dress,” an abun-

INSIDE ACCESSORIES: Define yourself with fun, over-the-top accessories...3A

BEAUTY: Say goodbye winter; hello spring! ...4A

SPA AT HOME: Transform your home into a retreat ...4A

TODAY’S WOMAN: Energy efficiency abundant in Nina Orville’s work...5A

HEALTHY WOMEN: Talking with your doctor; Heart disease in women; Getting motivated for fitness... 6A TODAY’S WOMAN: Dream job has Carly Gordon Vaknin balancing professional, family life...8A

dant trend on recent celebrity red carpets. Sheer blouses pair sweetly with similarly toned bralettes or lacy tanks. Gauzy skirts float over leggings, slips, opaque boy shorts or even pants. This trend invites textile play. It explores volume without weight, texture without heaviness, and the dynamic dualism of opacity and transparency. Sheer panels set into solid skirts, thus achieving ring-like illusions, is another manifestation of this trend.

Ruffled up Pump up the volume with ruffles. This spring, fashion’s favorite, super-sweet trend goes from girly to grownup with bold structures, unexpected fabrics and over-the-top interpretations. Ruffles are a versatile detail; so play them up wherever you can. This includes ruffles placed on sleeves, hemlines, cuffs, collars and bodices. Or take ruffles out of the accent mode and go all out. Imagine the fun of a skirt made from countless undulating layers or jackets piled so high and proud that you will wear your ruffles like a energetic skin. Ruffles still connote femininity for sure, but this season’s applications are more assertive than frilly. An untucked ruffled blouse paired with jeans and a thick corset belt is edgy. Pinstriped ruffled pants are playful and irreverent. Paperbag-waist trousers are another favorite interpretation of this trend. They use voluminous fabric and a cinched dropped waist to create ruffles at the beltline of loose-fitting, highwaist pants. Be sure to pair this style with a fitted top to look chic. Now is the moment to nod to traditions but reinvent them in new ways.

Khaki… Crackerjacky Believe it or not, what was once considered a bit dull and appropriate for office workers has suddenly jettisoned to 5th Avenue fashion houses. Khaki has gotten a makeover and emerged very chic. The consummate neutral, khaki separates will most certainly find ideal pairings with existing items in your closet. But don’t stop there. This trend is not necessarily about practicality, functionality and common sensibility — it’s about rewriting rules and breaking expectations. Designers have assumed the challenge and created a wealth of thinkagain, fashion-forward neutral dresses, skirts, pants and coats that “just happen to be khaki.” The neutrality and mutability of the ubiquiContinued on page 2A

Veronica Beard gingham pant suit at Angela’s in Rye

shows this season’s focus on stripes and patterns.


Puhala again answers strong calling to the law she loves



he law called to Laura Siegel Puhala, but it’s taken her a while to answer. At first, she was certain of her passion for the legal profession. She graduated with a degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University and then earned a J.D. from George Washington University Law School. It was the late 1980s and she and her husband moved to New York, where she took a job in personal injury law on the plaintiff side. Finding she wanted to be more involved in public service, Puhala then worked in insurance defense. It still wasn’t quite what she wanted to do. Hoping to do more to help others in her law work, Puhala became a court attorney for the Hon. Louis B. York in the Civil Court of the City of New York. For two years, she advised and assisted the judge with all matters relating to trials and special proceedings, including formulating jury charges and verdict sheets, researching and composing primary draft decision on written and oral motions, and managing court dockets, calendars and a judicial internship program. Then, she and her husband decided to start their family. Like many women, Puhala felt conflicted over whether to keep working or stay home full time with her new baby. “I was fortunate that I had that option,” she said. But she also wasn’t completely happy doing what she was doing. “I was a litigator,” Puhala said. “But I wanted to do more affirmative work. Affirmative means enforcing policies — see issues and take an action to stop targets from doing bad things.” As the family moved to Edgemont, Puhala decided to take a break from the law profession and stay home. A few years later,


Laura Puhala is ready to get back to business in the field of law.

she had another child. To stay involved and active, she volunteered in the Edgemont School District, serving on the PTSA/PTA as chair for 12 years, among other leadership roles within the school community. In 2008, as Puhala’s oldest daughter graduated, she thought about going back to work. But with a recession looming and firms slowing down the hiring of new lawyers, she decided the timing was not right. In the beginning of 2014, she knew she had waited long enough — maybe even too long. “I couldn’t find the right position,” she said. It’s a common story. According to an article in The New York Times, a study of high-achieving women by the Center for Work-Life Policy, now known as the Center for Talent Innovation, found that 31 percent voluntarily left the work force between 2004 and 2009, primarily for child care reasons. After career breaks averaging two and a half years, 89 percent said they wanted to return, the study found. But only 40 percent managed to find what they regarded as a good full-time job in the sector of their choice. Puhala had been out of the working world for almost 20 years. To help get her back involved in the legal profession, Puhala enrolled in the New Directions for Attorneys program at Pace University School of Law, earning her certificate in June 2014. The idea of the program, which has now ended, was to help people return to careers in law. Other programs, like The Relaunching Attorney Platform, continue to offer assistance to those who have paused their legal careers. Since graduating from the program, Puhala has filled her days with volunteer work in the legal field, currently working three days each week as a volunteer assistant attor-

ney general in the health care bureau of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York. There she assists HelpLine callers by investigating their claims and reaching out to insurance companies and providers on their behalf regarding coverage for mental health services, including applied behavior analysis for autistic children, surprise billing for emergency services, prescription requirements for mammograms and more. It is an ideal position for her, Puhala said, but for the lack of a paycheck and the long commute into New York City. The job she hopes for? “To have a lawrelated position where I’m helping people — being of service to the public — but not 80 hours per week,” Puhala said. “Something that is fulfilling and working with people whom I feel energized by.” Puhala said it’s been a challenge to overcome the combination of her age with her minimal experience in today’s world. Potential employers, she said, see an older candidate with not a huge amount of experience when they are looking for entry level or someone with many more years of experience who can devote countless hours to the job. For now, Puhala keeps persevering, putting in the days at the health care bureau and looking for paid work. “I don’t regret staying home with my kids,” she said. “I did make a choice, and I sacrificed my career. But I didn’t love what I was doing… If you are doing something you really enjoy, I would not leave it. Make arrangements to keep a foot in the door, and try to be there for your kids. It’s incredibly difficult to get back.” She added, “It’s been an adventure.” The law, it seems, is still calling Puhala. And now, she is answering, “Yes.”


Spring Fashion Continued from page 1A

tous, indeterminate color enable intriguing designs to shine. So, with this spring’s khaki couture, you might think you know what you’re getting… but you will end up with an enviable surprise instead. Like the sweet treat inside every box of classic molasses-coated Cracker Jack.

Secret agent Trench coats aren’t just for spies and double agents anymore. They’re one of the season’s hottest outerwear trends. Trenches have been a wardrobe staple for decades, riding the barometer of fashion, but always finding a place in classic closets. This season’s redux favors classically colored trenches with eye-catching details. Look for oversized belts, boxy shoulders, angular hemlines, pleats, generous volume and other fun details. Cool vintage trench coats are prime consignment store finds this season, especially if they have interesting linings and modern, structured silhouettes. Another fashionable choice for outerwear is spring’s new favorite, the robe coat. Save fluffy varieties for bedtime and leave terry wraps at the spa. Instead, express your inner diva in a long silk robe or kimono with a fabulous vintage-inspired print. A jewel of a robe coat sparkles on top of daywear, perfectly adding gorgeous luxury to jeans and a t-shirt or trousers and a tailored shirt.

Florals and stripes Pattern comes on strong this season as amplified favorites emerge anew. Florals are a perennial favorite of warm-weather dressing, but today’s crop takes new emphasis through exaggerated color and scale. This is not the year for dainty blossoms, pale petals or feather-light prints. Instead, get ready for gardens of heady blooms, loud palettes and heavy-handed bouquets. Floral separates remain popular, but this year’s spring flowers love wallpaper patterns on head-to-toe ensembles like pantsuits and dresses. Matching shoes are optional. Departing the garden, stripes are another option for spring pattern. Like florals, stripes are a classic spring standard, but this season, they are bigger and bolder than ever before. Inspired by cheerful sun umbrellas, nautical styles, canvas beach totes, café awnings, and French mattress ticking, this season’s stripes are wide, saturated and edgy. Look for bold juxtapositions such as red and blue, turquoise and orange, yellow and green. So visually arresting, you might even stop traffic.

Rainbow connection Bright sunshine, blue skies, pink tulips, green grass — the world renews itself with joyful color this season, and fashion follows

MARCH 24, 2017

TODAY’S WOMAN in perfect quickstep. Vivid popsicle shades intensify the optimism of spring and are a welcome contrast to basic black, white and khaki. Yellow is especially popular this season. Look for it in all variations, from clear lemon to saturated sunshine to golden curry. Carried over from the fall, shades of pink also remain popular, the hotter, the better. Pick your personal pleasure like a cool cocktail. Whether it’s raspberry or citron — or something uniquely in between — celebrate strong hues to define your outfit’s palette or apply them as significant accents.

Back to basics Simple shirtdresses in basic white or blue “banker stripes” are a welcome alternative to the vibrancy of the season. These classics are tried-and-true, but anything but predictable this year. Intriguing sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, exaggerated collars and cuffs and statement belts project confident femininity. Wear these shirtdresses with statement necklaces and chunky sandals or ballet flats for casual, chic perfection. Or, pair a shirtdress with leggings or skinny jeans to rock the tunic look. A colorful headscarf, such as one with a Pucci-inspired print, adds a relaxed Boho vibe.

Mix and match Individuality. Creativity. Innovation. Define your own look by combining wild prints and patterns. It’s cool to clash. Striped jackets and plaid skirts — good. Floral dresses and garden-print parkas — gorgeous. Chevron tights, polka dot skirts, textured vests and checkered blouses — divine. This season’s mantra is “more is more.” So, pump up the look with more than just piled-on patterns and prints. Introduce scarves, hats, bracelets, necklaces and layers of accessories. With so much accumulated visual texture, the aggregate whole triumphs. Looking for a tip to unify disparate elements? Find commonality of color, balance of scale or complementary silhouettes. Whatever you combine, wear it with cheeky confidence and you’ll be the star of the party.

Exaggerated evening wear Eveningwear has always invited over-thetop details, and this is the season to go all out. Be inspired by the glamour and excess of the 1980s, as you allow yourself to play with big shoulders, sashes, high-shine metal- Magazine’s Readers Pick 2015 Westchester lics, draped volume, textile flower embellishBEST PLACE IN WESTCHESTER ments, cinched waists and dramatic skirts. to get your WEDDING RINGS Minimalism no more — today’s spring flings flirt with outrageous ensembles. Miss America style sashes are making a debut in unexpected ways. You will find them referenced as diagonal straps, singular shoulder structures or scarves draped across the body and pinned at the hip. Tiaras not included.

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Clockwise from top left: Transit Italy is timeless, elegant and complex at Catherine H in Katonah; change your design, change your style at Lester’s 2015 Westchester Magazine’s Readers Pick in forRye Brook; casual is chic at Lester’s in Rye the BEST PLACE IN WESTCHESTER to get Brook; chain is the key detail in this dress from y o u r W E D D I N G R I N GDavid S Koma at Angela’s in Rye; the accents make the outfit at Lester’s in Rye Brook; these casuals are just hanging out at Indigo in Hastings-on-Hudson; and the one-shoulder dress by Alexander Vauthier at Angela’s in Rye makes a statement.


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MARCH 24, 2017





Define yourself with fun, over-the-top accessories



erhaps it is time to learn French. Parisian femmes have developed a certain chic reputation: hard to define, but recognizable all over the world. French wardrobes historically consist of well-tailored, well-fitting classics that perform as blank canvases for elegant details. A French woman’s style savoirfaire depends on her playfulness with accessories. She knows the secret of enviable fashion is uttered through the expression of personality — through jewelry, scarves, bags, sunglasses, hats and shoes. These elements punctuate and individualize everyday looks, elevating the ordinary into something truly special. This season, add new treasures to your cache. Current accessories are over-the-top and supremely creative. They challenge expectations of scale and are anything but ordinary. Let accessories be your wildcards, and play your best game, like in Paris.

Shoes Stand tall. Build yourself from the bottom up. Current shoe trends push toward the extremes, with attention on the heels. Since today’s looks go from head to toe, shoe choices abound. Step up your attitude and sashay through the season in block or cylindrical heels. Such chunky sandals, booties and platforms are well suited for cropped pants, body conscious leggings and full skirts. “Flatforms” (or platform flats), white sneakers and embellished Crocs are other popular options for casual and sporty looks. Look for them in quilted and banded constructions for a bit more style. Backless shoes, such as clogs and mules, are spring’s feminine favorites. You can find them in fun colors, metallic finishes and embellished with feathers, bows or branded logos. Heels either hover low to the ground or tower toward the sky. Wear kitten heels by day and trade up for stilettos at night. For sharp sexiness, show off your arches in patent leather kitten heels and stilettos with super-shiny metallic finishes. Draw attention to your ankles with delicate ties, wrapped leather cords and banded straps with buckles. Or create the look yourself with ankle bracelets, some of which feature chainmail mesh or fringe. Other footwear styles include pointy-toe Baboche slippers from Morocco, thighhigh boots in lightweight microfibers and funky sculptural heels.

Legwear Moving up from the feet, socks are experiencing a glorified fashion moment. Printed novelty socks are no longer gag gifts. They have joined the ranks of textured socks and other luxury footwear, primed for being showcased in open sandals and strappy heels. Many designers featured runway models in strappy sandals paired with sheer ankle socks. In coordinating tones, these combinations resemble chic spring booties. Inspired by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, pantyhose are making a ladylike comeback. While nude tones beautifully present a woman’s legs, go for colored, fishnet and patterned stockings to add a fashionable edge to sandals and open shoes. Athletic striped socks — to the ankle, the knee or the thigh — capture a retro flair. Not just for sports fields anymore, athletic socks are making unexpected ap-

Clockwise from top left: Want statement shades? Catherine H in Katonah has these Etnia Barcelona handcrafted sunglasses; top yourself off with a hat from Physician Endorsed at Wild Orchid Boutique in Katonah; a cross-body bag from Cutuli Cult is made in Italy from fine leather at Catherine H in Katonah; and don’t forget your feet with BioNatura wedges in cutting edge designs from at Catherine H in Katonah and Gianvito Rossi PVC and leather pumps at Angela’s in Rye.

pearances with short skirts and dresses, platform shoes and wedges. Paired with the season’s dramatically striped separates and strongly hued palettes, these athletic socks support spring’s penchant for whole body looks.

Belts To balance the volume and excess of many spring silhouettes, belts are one of the most coveted accents of the season. The cinched waist is both feminine and strong, especially when belts are styled to capture attention. Look for extreme width, length, color or texture. Corset style belts featuring woven bands or laced-up sections are very au courant. In shiny patent leather or matte black, they add edgy percussion to an outfit. Play with the power of contrast by pairing them with a white shirtdress or a sheer, lacy blouse. Long belts, colorful scarves and even neckties appeared on runways, wrapped at the waist and decoratively knotted like traditional Obi belts. Tied this way, they draw beautiful attention to the midsection and hips. Eye-catching belts with grommets, studs, medallions and double buckles are other manifestations of the trend. Wear these belts outside of belt loops and over un-tucked shirts, dresses and jackets. Belts this season are like decorative chokers for the waist.

Handbags Many women love a new handbag. A variety of styles dominate the spring season, ranging from teeny-tiny to supersized. Oversized, slouchy tote bags — printed with brand logos and stylized stencils — are the new workhorses. Roomy and prac-

Love, Love, hope, hope, success, Love, success, family, hope, family, security. success, security.

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tical, you will adore them in rich metallic finishes, vivid colors, cheeky pop prints and adorned with creative embellishments. Opposite to huge totes is the season’s selection of miniature bags. Look for structured forms, defined handles and clever closures. Don’t expect to be able to carry much more than a credit card, driver’s license, car key and cell phone. If you can’t minimize the contents of your bag to such Spartan necessities, you might want to hang an adorable miniature on the strap of your workhorse tote. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds — and everything you need. Cinched bags and pouf satchels are popular new constructions. The cinched handbag looks like a paper bag, gathered at the top with a leather drawstring or belt-like band. If it reminds you of the season’s love affair with paperbag-waist pants, you’re absolutely right. Filtered down from street fashion is also the pouf handbag. Its mushroom-like, bubble shape reflects spring’s interest in volume. Think blousy tops, large-shouldered cocktail dresses and ruffled hemlines. Structured handbags with interesting handles — round, square, triangular, resin, bamboo, metal and wood — are another option for spring. If you like the cinematic drama of a bag clutched at your fingertips, this is the style for you. Go for it, leading lady.

Jewelry Jewelry is anything but shy this season. It’s loud and proud, oversized and heavy. Metals remain popular, but designers are also making use of interesting,

non-traditional materials such as natural stone, rubber, resin, plastic, cord, feathers, leather, pom-poms and silk fringe. Sparkly rhinestones and chunky crystals cannot be missed either. This year, creative designers use sparkly stones artistically, alternatively evoking the vibe of Hollywood glamour or badass rock-and-roll. Chokers remain popular in leather, satin and chainmail. Oversized pendants are also a huge trend. Palm-sized cross pendants have lost their religious associations and have been transformed with a punk identity. Other enormous pendants, made from agate discs, molded plastic, cast metal, burnished wood, woven tassels and braided cord hang low on metal, plastic or wooden chains. They are not to be missed. These shield-size decorations nod to the taste of wearing hood ornaments and gem-encrusted initials, popularized by rap artists and other performers in the mid-1980s. Bracelets this spring are big and bold, like the season’s corresponding necklaces. Look for them to be piled onto wrists, worn high on the arm as forearm jewelry or duplicated as a matched pair. With an identical metal bangle on each wrist, you won’t be blamed for secretly imagining yourself as Wonder Woman. Super hero-sized bracelets and necklaces need equally dramatic earrings. Look for unexpected materials, natural feathers, pom-poms and tassels. Shoulder-length drops, mother-of-pearl shimmer, long chains, crystals and organic metal forms are standout styles. Don’t be afraid to be unique and make a statement, especially with non-identical earrings, ear cuffs, arrow-shaped threaders and singular earrings worn alone. The asymmetry of non-matching ears supports the current penchant of one-shoulder tops, asymmetrical hemlines and diagonally structured dress patterns.

Sunglasses The spotlight is on statement shades this season. Tinted lenses and colorful frames look out with optimism onto the world. Sunglasses assume a prominent position, center stage with exaggerated shapes and dimensions. Look for styles that extend beyond foreheads and cheekbones. Have fun with frames constructed out of large circles, triangles, ellipses, squares and other polygons. Blinged-out, rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses are a favorite for girls who like to shimmer and shine. Inky cat-eye frames, on the other hand, evoke a darker, femme fatale kind of style.

Hats Top off your spring outfit with a hat. This season’s interest in head-to-toe ensembles works in favor of headwear. A colorful sun visor or bright ball cap is the crowing complement to a colorful outfit. With so much mixing and matching of separates, hats this season tend to be color-matched or neutral straw. They are the calm within the storm. Bold style instead comes from interesting brims, structured bowls and slouchy silhouettes. Elongated straw beanies, slouching over the ears, straddle the seasons perfectly. They will be a ubiquitous look for spring and summer, not only at the beach, but wherever the A list hangs out. Get one to be Instagram ready.

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“No one can afford to be apolitical at work if he or she aspires to advance to the executive level,” St. Germain said. “While technical competence is important, in my experience political savvy is a leadership skill that can be a key differentiator in an individual’s success.” As a leader in higher education and organizational change, St. Germain believes political savviness is really about emotional intelligence. It is about understanding the importance of building collaborative interpersonal relationships, building trust, maintaining one’s composure and being able to put people at ease. This involves mastering soft skills like communication and teamwork, and carrying them through every aspect of the job. “These skills are valuable for workers at any stage in their career. For those just starting in a new office, they can help negotiate a better salary, build rapport among colleagues and start off on the right foot,” she said. “For those reaching toward upper levels of management, these skills can help you build trust across the organization and make you more effective both as a leader and team member.” As more women search for an education that is career relevant, giving them both hard and soft skills for success, many choose University of Phoenix. Two-thirds of University of Phoenix’s student body is female. The university is focused on providing not just an education, but relevant skills that prepare students to take on challenges of the workforce. For more information about University of Phoenix, visit

Family history, family strength play key roles in breast cancer (NAPS) Pam was only 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says she was disappointed but not surprised. Most women, especially young women like her, would be shocked. But she has had several close family members diagnosed with breast cancer, which makes it more likely that she herself would have breast cancer. “I was diagnosed at the same age my mom was, and in the same breast,” she said. In addition to her mother, a maternal aunt and a cousin had also had breast cancer before the age of 45. A family history of breast cancer increases a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. Because of what she knew about her family, Pam had been getting yearly mammograms since her 20s. In 2013, she found a lump in between her yearly mammograms. Doctors did a biopsy and the biopsy came back malignant. “Sure, I was scared,” Pam said. “Cancer is a frightening thing.” Pam started with treatment right away. “I knew my family history, but I had also witnessed the strength and survivorship of my family members,” she said. She was determined to fight the cancer with everything she had. Doctors started Pam on chemotherapy. After eight treatments, the lump had shrunk to almost nothing. Then, she had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy and started radiation therapy. Pam said her family and friends were invaluable over the course of the treatment. Family members and co-workers sat with her during her chemotherapy treatments. They brought her food and helped look after her house when she wasn’t able to do it. “You sometimes just have to let people help you,” Pam said. Since then, the cancer has not returned, but there is always a chance it could come

MARCH 24, 2017


BEAUTY: Say goodbye winter; hello spring! By MAJA TARATETA Winter. For months, your hair has been mostly hidden under a furry hat. A fluffy scarf has wrapped your neck. Cozy gloves have covered your hands. Chunky boots have bundled your feet. Your skin feels pale, dry and itchy. Your hair has lost its luster. But all that is about to change. As spring blossoms, warmer weather brings fewer accessories that cover, along with a desire to shake off the winter doldrums. Several area salons are ready to get you ready for spring and summer. For many women, step one is skin. “Most clients are noticing the effects of winter cold and indoor heat on their skin — not only in their facial skin, but on their bodies as well,” said Devra Bader of Devra Bader Skin Care and Beauty Spa in Scarsdale. “We offer wonderful, delicate scrubs for the body and moisturizers that are healing and clinically proven to treat dry, flaky skin that can be used at home, as well as offering amazing facial and body treatments to kickstart a routine.” “In cold weather we lose moisture and skin can get dry, cracked and flaky,” said Susan Giordano of Giordano Beauty in Hastings-on-Hudson. “One of the most important things you can do for your skin is exfoliate. Exfoliation clears the debris of dead cells from the surface of your skin and allows your moisturizer to penetrate better. It also promotes cellular turnover, which will give you younger looking skin. This applies to both face and body.” Indeed, Bader advises her clients to remember their backs, which she calls “an often-ignored area due to lack of reach and not being able to see.” She said, “We offer an amazing hydrafacial back treatment that is also available for the face, that is so beneficial in just one treatment. Open-back dresses, sleeveless tops and bathing suits are

showing off new and hydrated skin.” Giordano offers a few other tips for combatting dry skin. “A humidifier in the bedroom will add moisture back into the air so your skin can stay hydrated and supple,” she said. “Our Turkish Rose Hydrating Facial Mist is suitable for all skin types and contains anti-bacterial and cell-regenerating properties to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. For an extra boost of hydration, lightly mist face before applying moisturizer. You can mist it on when necessary throughout the day, even over makeup.” At Balance Day Spa in White Plains, owner/esthetician Allison Adamiak says her clients’ primary concern following the winter months is dehydrated skin. “Our Quench Facial is a fabulous antidote for seasonal dehydration — it literally quenches the skin,” she said. “The cold, dry air wreaks havoc on your skin so you need to take protective measures with an appropriate moisturizer,” said Giordano. “It’s not about a thicker moisturizer as much as it is about a moisturizer with the right ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant — moisture binding ingredient — that keeps skin plump, hydrated and young-looking. Other great choices for hydration include Vitamin C, aloe vera, grapeseed oil and rice bran oil.

For the roughest bits, like heels and elbows, a formula containing shea butter is a great choice.” Getting a glow goes beyond exfoliating and moisturizing. Bader recommends healthy airbrush tanning and a “tired leg” pedicure for “a noticeable glow.” “Spring and summer bring thoughts of less layering and revealing more skin,” she added. “Getting some color sounds like a great idea, but we want to expose our skin carefully and encourage lots of sunscreen and instead of laying out, our airbrush tan is the answer. “In and out in 15 minutes, there is no better way to kick off that healthy, but safe tanned look which always makes everyone feel spring is here.” At Balance Day Spa, they offer a sunless bronzing “Glow” treatment. Adamiak says it is a great accompaniment to the spa’s renowned waxing treatments, which are a must for skin that will be exposed. “Having a facial with the change of seasons or a fresh waxing can completely brighten your outlook and make you feel great about yourself,” she said. Hair should not be ignored when transitioning from winter to spring. Gabriel Abrams, creative director at Numi & Company Salon in Scarsdale, cites the biggest

challenges for clients in winter: dry hair, static and knots. Around the last week of March and into April and even May, his suburban clients come in looking for seasonal change. “They are more open to change in the spring,” he said. “They are more bold and daring. The biggest change that I’ve seen is a lob. A lob is to the collar bone, longer in the front, shorter in the back, but long enough for a pony tail. It’s perfect for someone who wants a change, but not too much.” For clients with long hair who long for change, but want to keep their length, he has one word: bangs. “It’s a game-changer in every person’s hair style,” he said, but cautions that it’s not for everyone. “We offer complimentary bang trims,” he said. “Never cut your own bangs.” Some new makeup colors can also help bring a glow to winter-weary faces. “I also always look forward to the incredible spring collections of make up,” Bader said. “Beachy, natural and fun looks are always coming in for spring and summer, and we love showing our clients how to use them the correct way.” “Spring and summer bring longer, brighter days with lots of outdoor activities,” Giordano said. “Change of season means change of palette. Dark colors and heavy textures seem out of place at this time, and I like makeup with a more casual feel. For spring/ summer 2017, expect to see lips and cheeks in petal pinks and peachy corals with softly shaded eyes in dusty pinks and shimmery bronze.” While getting ready for warmer weather may bring some challenges, women should take heart. Said Giordano, “I have always felt that I looked better in the warmer weather and now there is proof. Researchers found that people look sexier, are happier and feel healthier in the summer months. The study showed that women looked considerably better as the temperature gets higher. Definitely something to look forward to.”

Transform your home into a spa-like retreat

Pam benefited from family and friends who rallied to give support.

back. “When you’re taking the medicine, you feel like you have all this power against the cancer, but when you stop, it’s like ‘now what?’” said Pam, who had to get used to a “new normal” routine, which includes frequent mammograms and MRI scans. She continues to eat healthy foods and exercise and tries to keep her stress levels low. Importantly, she also reminds her younger sister to keep up with her screening because of their family history. Pam’s advice for women dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer: “You can’t tell them not to be upset or afraid, because it is a scary diagnosis. You’re going to have your highs and your lows; some days you’re going to feel well and some days you won’t. Take it one day at a time.” There are resources for women who may have a family history of breast cancer or certain genetic traits, which can raise their risk of getting breast cancer. Find out more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Bring Your Brave campaign.

(BPT) - There’s a reason why they say your home is your castle. This is a place of rest and refuge so you can be returned to your best state. The next time you find yourself with a quiet evening or weekend in your abode, make self-care and pampering a priority. In fact, you can borrow a few pages from the wellness playbook with expert tips from one the world’s most storied resorts. Destination Kohler located in the heart of Wisconsin in the quaint village of Kohler and recently named one of the top 15 wellness resorts by Conde Nast Traveler - is what you might call a luxurious refuge. Here, after you explore picturesque snow-covered hiking paths on snowshoes or cross-country skis, and enjoy five-star accommodations at this historic American Club, you can restore your body and mind at the luxurious fivestar Kohler Waters Spa or unique Yoga on the Lake facility. But even a few simple additions at your home, says Garrett Mersberger, director of Kohler Waters Spas, can greatly increase the relaxation factor during your down time.

1. Include the five senses. The secret to setting up the best spa experience, Mersberger says, is making positive connections to all the senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. “If one of these is missing, the experience isn’t the same,” he says.

at Destination Kohler. To do this, sit crosslegged on the floor and place your hands on your knees. As you inhale, lean your chest forward and lift your gaze to the sky. As you exhale, round out your spine while drawing your shoulders forward, gazing down.

4. Hone your breathing technique.

Even the smallest changes can transform your space and elevate your mood. You can light a candle and plug in the indoor water fountain to create sound and lighting that soothes the mind. Snuggle into a plush robe and encase your feet in super soft socks or slippers after your shower or bath. Finally, don’t forget to set yourself up with a glass of wine and a cheese plate.

2. Prepare your body with hydrotherapy. People have known this since ancient times: water has great powers of restoration, which is why hydrotherapy is central to any worthwhile spa experience. At home, it’s as simple as making small adjustments to your shower routine. Mersberger suggests changing the pulses in your shower head and ex-

perimenting with hot and cool blasts of water, which he says are good for the skin and blood flow. But be careful, while a hot bath or shower before bed feels terrific, it’s not relaxing since warm temperatures will raise your blood flow, preparing the body for work or exercise, he says. To ready your body for sleep or relaxation, finish with a shower that’s a neutral temperature (about 92-97 degrees Fahrenheit), to return your body to normal.

3. Release blocked energy. Start your quest for relaxation with a simple yoga move called the seated cat/cow position. “In addition to releasing blocked energy, it also opens the spine,” says Ashley Kohler, Manager of Yoga on the Lake

Breathing is a vital component of managing stress levels, Kohler says. Yet most Americans only breathe with a third of their lung capacity, creating “flight energy” in the body and cultivating that feeling of stress. “Conscious breathing will ease your nervous system and help control stress levels and help you unwind,” Kohler says. Here’s an easy antidote: Sit quietly for a few moments, taking full-body, deep breaths through your nose. “I like to visualize the ocean, and imagine the sound of the its big crashing waves with every breath I take,” she says.

5. Relieve stress by going outside. The benefits of going outside in the winter is not only good for our bodies, being outside chases away the winter blahs, as research has told us. So go ahead and skip the treadmill and go jogging in the park. Or rent a pair of snowshoes take a tromp through the woods. Or take a walk. When you’re done, there’s no better feeling than coming in from the cool air, knowing you are truly in for the day.



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(NAPS)—There are resources for women who may have a family history of breast cancer or certain genetic traits, which can raise their risk of getting breast cancer. You can find out more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Bring Your Brave campaign. As more women seek career-relevant education, many choose University of Phoenix, which is focused on providing not just an education but skills that prepare students to take on the workforce. Learn more at and www.phoe The LAAM (laparoscopic-assisted abdominal myomectomy) minimally invasive fibroid removal at The Center for Innovative GYN Care is proven to be safer than open or robotic fibroid surgeries and more effective than uterine fibroid (or artery) embolization at preserving for fertility. Learn more at (888) 787-4379. SilverSneakers helps older Americans maximize their health and maintain their lifestyle through a variety of fitness offerings, both in and out of the gym and at every ability level. For more information, visit New mothers need extra nutrients. One supplement, OB Complete Gold, is made with OmEGGa DHA—DHA made from the eggs of cage-free hens, so there’s no fishy taste or risk of ocean-borne contaminants— and comes in an easy-to-swallow softgel. Learn more at http://obcomplete If you or someone you care about is ever among the thousands of women who’ve been harmed by an Essure coil, you may be relieved to know that doctors at The Center for Innovative GYN Care can help. Learn more at

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Simply Westchester! Simplythe the BEST BEST in Westchester! “Research points to cranberries’ unique ability to block certain bad bacteria,” said Dr. Christina Khoo, Director of Global Health Sciences and Regulatory Affairs at Ocean Spray. “This makes cranberries one delicious option that may help prevent urinary tract infections.” Learn more at www. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says a woman with a family history of BRCA-related cancer should be screened to see if she’s at increased risk for cancer. For more on risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing, visit A simple blood test, the Corus CAD test, designed with women in mind, can help them reduce their risk of heart disease and one of its most common forms: obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD). Learn more at If you’re ever among the 34 million family caregivers in America, an organization such as Home Helpers Home Care can offer you the resources and support you need. Learn more at www.homehelpers


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Energy efficiency abundant in Orville’s work By DENISE WOODLIN f your definition of “environmentalist” leans more toward “tree-hugger” than business school graduate, then you haven’t met Nina Orville. A Dobbs Ferry resident since 2004, Orville has built a career on her financial savvy, love of nature and commitment to economic development. As the principal of Abundant Efficiency, Orville, 53, works with municipal governments across Westchester County to improve energy efficiency through projects that benefit the environment and the bottom line. Born and raised in New Haven, Conn., Orville was influenced by her mother’s job at a high school for pregnant girls. “I grew up around a lot of conversations about the challenges that her students confronted,” Orville said. “I’ve always felt some responsibility to understand some of the complexity in the world and to try and find my place in that.” After graduating from Oberlin College in 1985 with degrees in government and history, Orville spent two years in Mexico and Honduras, where she worked in an orphanage. Although she had studied economic development in school, her time in Central America was eye-opening. “I was really aware of the lack of opportunity for people who were living in those rural communities where I was based,” she said. “When I came back to the States, I was interested in the question of whether it was possible to use the international market to create opportunities in remote places.” That question led Orville to a job with Cultural Survival, a Cambridge, Mass.-based nonprofit that aims to advance “indigenous peoples’ rights and cultures worldwide.” At that time, the organization had launched a business venture called Cultural Survival Enterprises, which linked U.S. companies like Ben & Jerry’s and The Body Shop with sustainably harvested tropical forest products. “It was one of the first ‘green marketing’ efforts,” Orville said, adding that the trade supported local organizations working with indigenous peoples. “That experience taught me to really see the power of business to create economic opportunity,” Orville said. “And it made me realize that I needed better business skills.” After five years with Cultural Survival Enterprises, Orville enrolled at Columbia University’s School of Business. In 1996, armed with an MBA, Orville joined the staff of New York Community Investment Company. “At Columbia,” she recalled, “I became interested in the question of whether you could use capital as a tool to support economic growth in distressed communities in the U.S.” Now defunct, New York Community Investment was a venture capital fund that backed businesses in the New York metropolitan area with the goal of generating economic development. Like Cultural Survival Enterprises, Orville noted, it was “a new business model in the field of community development and capital.” Orville worked at the “great job” for seven years. However, by 2003, family life was beginning to pull her in other directions. She was juggling the responsibilities of outside work with the demands of parenting a baby and a toddler. Her husband, Ed Nammour, a director and filmmaker, was frequently away on national advertising campaigns. “I felt I needed to step away for a while,” Orville said. “And so I took a few years off.” While home, Orville realized she wanted her next focus to be sustainability issues. “I went through a period where I was waking up in the middle of the night in a panic about the state of the natural world,” she said. “It was really startling because even though I had been working on issues of economic development and land rights and environmental sustainability earlier in my career, it never hit me close to home in the way that it did during that time. As parents we spend so much time and attention planning for our children, to ensure healthy, happy futures for [them]… The physical state of the world was undermining that cherished desire. I just realized, in part to quell my panic, I had to start working on issues that related to that.” Orville connected with others in Dobbs Ferry and surrounding communities who shared her environmental concerns and passions. In 2008, she was asked to chair the newly formed Dobbs Ferry Energy Task Force, an ad hoc citizens’ committee that works with elected officials and municipal staff to reduce the village’s carbon footprint. She still holds that post. Under her leadership, Dobbs Ferry has


Nina Orville, principal of Abundant Efficiency and chair of the Dobbs Ferry Energy Task Force. SHOE INN 3.qxp_SI 3/15/17 1:30 PM Page 1

reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 40 percent through energy efficiencies that include new LED streetlights and the installation of solar panels on the library and the Department of Public Works building. Dobbs Ferry resident Cathy Bobenhausen, who has served on the Energy Task Force with Orville since the beginning, said, “Nina is a very effective leader who has… a ‘can do’ spirit.” Orville, in turn, praises her colleagues on the Task Force, who promote pedestrian safety, waste reduction, solar energy and more. She also credits village officials with investing nearly $1 million in energy-related projects, including $360,000 in grant funding that Orville helped secure. As her connections and experience grew, Orville looked to share Dobbs Ferry’s success with other communities. It became clear, she noted, that “there was tremendous benefit to sharing expertise across municipalities.” Using the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC) as a model, Orville joined others in forming the Southern Westchester Energy Action Consortium, or SWEAC. After she successfully applied for grant funding, Orville became the organization’s part-time executive director. In 2014, NWEAC and SWEAC merged, forming Sustainable Westchester. Irvington resident Nicola Coddington worked with Orville on the founding of SWEAC and Sustainable Westchester. “I can’t think of anyone more consistently knowledgeable, patient, indefatigable, and passionate about doing the right thing in the right way,” Coddington said. Orville now keeps busy with her own company, Abundant Efficiencies. Formed in 2010, Abundant Efficiencies “develops and implements innovative programs to address sustainability challenges and opportunities on behalf of its government, nonprofit and corporate clients.” Although Orville runs the show, she brings in partners as needed. She is currently working with Coddington on the Solarize Westchester campaign, which has resulted in over 400 solar installations on commercial and residential buildings throughout the county. Abundant Efficiencies is also working with the Mid-Hudson Streetlight Consortium, an initiative to help municipalities convert to LED lighting. Orville wants the Solarize Westchester campaign to reach 1,000 installations. She wants to bring solar power to more low and moderate income residents. She is working with the Energy Task Force to complete a Climate Action Plan that will engage residents in planning for a sustainable future. Orville circled back to the people who support her, such as her husband, their sons Remy, 16, and Lucas, 14, and her mother, Lise Orville, who remains active and volunteering at 84 years old. Nina Orville is also inspired by nature and fueled by gratitude, her community’s physical beauty and diversity, and for living in a place where she could turn her determination into action.

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Balance Day Spa offers Gua Sha rejuvination Have you had fleeting — or perhaps not so fleeting — thoughts of running to the plastic surgeon’s office? For many of us women, the idea of cosmetic surgery can creep into our Allison Adamiak, Owner/ thoughts from Esthetician, Balance Day Spa time to time. As a dutiful skin care professional, Balance Day Spa owner and esthetician, Allison Adamiak, feels it is important for her to educate women about effective alternative options. One of these options is Gua Sha — pronounced “Gwa Shah” — which comes from traditional Chinese medicine and dates back thousands of years. Literally translated, “Gua” means “scraping away” and “Sha” means “toxins.” In terms of anti-aging, Gua Sha for the rejuvenation of the face and neck can be particularly effective. The practitioner uses a comb-like jade tool to perform a specialized face massage, which brightens, lifts and tones the face while smoothing wrinkles, similar to a facelift without the invasive surgery. Balance Day Spa’s Adamiak, has spent the past several years training in Gua Sha under renowned doctor of oriental medi-

cine, Dr. Ping Zhang, D.O.M., PhD, LAc. Considered to be the world expert on acupuncture and Gua Sha for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Zhang keeps a busy schedule running her own practice and teaching internationally; she is also the author of several books on natural antiaging techniques. Gua Sha may be added-on to any facial at Balance Day Spa for just $30. Additionally, the spa offers its iconic Resurrection Facial, which combines gentle resurfacing, intensive hydration and Gua Sha for $190. “This treatment is really something special,” Adamiak said. “Once any of my clients have had it, they rarely want to have any other type of facial but the Resurrection again.” Balance Day Spa is conveniently, centrally located in White Plains and has had a cult-like following since its inception in 2010. A firm believer in practicing “oldworld esthetics,” Adamiak’s hands-on style of skin care follows an entirely natural approach. Over the years she has been afforded the opportunity to work with amazing people from all walks of life. Currently, her clients hail from six continents and range from professionals to homemakers to professional athletes to models and international celebrities. Adamiak’s skin care team is rounded out by seasoned Westchester Esthetician Nazmie Bruncaj. Between them, Adamiak and Bruncaj have more than 32 years of esthetic experience. See the difference that long-term practice and detailed personal attention can provide for your skin. Call 358-9898 or visit www.balance-dayspa. com.


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Tips to spark a conversation about women’s health issues

Heart disease: symptoms for women may differ from men (NAPS) Stop for a moment and think about what you fear most. Is it health related? For you? For a loved one? Maybe it has to do with the heart. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined. In fact, it is estimated that heart disease kills approximately one woman every minute. And women may experience symptoms differently than the more commonly known symptoms men experience. What if there is a way to know whether you should be worried? Would you want to know? The first step is learning. Learning how to recognize signs of heart disease and one of its most common forms: obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD), which causes one in seven deaths in the U.S. A new health education campaign called Spread the Word is encouraging women and the men who love them to get the facts about the symptoms of obstructive CAD. HealthyWomen, Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, Coalition of Labor Union Women and Society of Women’s Health Research want you to get informed. What is coronary artery disease? Coronary artery disease is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries that provide vital oxygen and nutrients to the heart. What do symptoms look like? What you need to know is diagnosing obstructive coronary artery disease can be difficult, even more so in women because they can experience symptoms differently than men. So, what can this look like? Common symptoms in men: • Chest discomfort, tightness, pain or

pressure. • Shortness of breath. Common symptoms in women: • Unexplained fatigue or sudden onset of weakness. • Tightness or pressure in the throat, jaw, shoulder, abdomen, back or arm. • Indigestion or heartburn. • Squeezing, heaviness or burning sensation in the upper body. • Abdominal discomfort or fullness. • Nausea or vomiting. • Dizziness or light-headedness. • Palpitations. • Body aches.

What you can do? There are several diagnostic tests available for obstructive CAD, including exercise stress tests and cardiac imaging. There’s also a simple blood test that uses age, sex and gene expression — the Corus(r) CAD test — to get an at the moment look at your risk of obstructive CAD. This was designed with women in mind and can help doctors rule out obstructive CAD as the cause of your symptoms. Some tests carry certain risks, like radiation exposure, while others do not. They all have their uses. What’s important is to talk to your doctor to determine which is right for you. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of obstructive CAD, talk to your doctor. And if you want to raise awareness of obstructive CAD as an important women’s health issue, join in and Spread the Word. Visit to find health information and tools that can be used to discuss testing options.

(BPT) - Exercise, eating well and getting more sleep are all leading health goals for women. However, there are many health concerns that women overlook for numerous reasons. Some they feel aren’t a priority and others are simply too difficult to talk about. One commonly overlooked example is women’s sexual health, despite the fact that it’s an area that affects many aspects of a woman’s overall well-being. “Research suggests the benefits of sexual wellness may extend beyond the bedroom,” says Dr. Leah S. Millheiser, director of the female sexual medicine program at Stanford University. “In fact, sexual health can affect self-esteem, body image, performance at work and interaction with peers and family. This is why it is extremely important for women to talk to their partners and health care providers if they are having any sexual concerns.” If you are experiencing any issues with sexual problems, it can feel isolating, but you’re not alone. According to research published in the journal of Obstetricians and Gynecology, nearly 40 percent of women experience sexual troubles at some point in their lives. Furthermore, recent survey data shows that 48 percent of premenopausal women age 21-49 say their sex drive is lower now than in the past. Additionally, 93 percent of women believe that having low sexual desire

can put a strain on their relationship according to a Harris Poll survey of 2,501 women conducted on behalf of the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). If sexual problems are persistent and cause personal distress, it may be a medical condition called female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The most common type of FSD is low desire, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which may impact as many as 4 million premenopausal women in the United States. Even though many women may have FSD, it is still underdiagnosed and under-

treated, and talking about it can be difficult. To elevate the conversation and educate about FSD, ASHA has partnered with leading experts in women’s sexual health - with support from Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC - to launch the Find My Spark educational program. You can visit to learn more about FSD, take an interactive quiz to help identify potential common sexual troubles, review tips to open up a dialogue with your healthcare provider or therapist and more. “Taking the leap and having that conver-

sation about your sexual troubles is often the most difficult part,” says Dr. Millheiser. “From there, you can move forward and determine a plan to improve intimacy and other potential troubles.” Dr. Millheiser offers three smart tips for talking to your partner about sexual health concerns: Choose the right time: Bumper-to-bumper traffic or at the diner where you may be interrupted aren’t the best places to talk FSD. You want to give both yourself and your partner enough time to hear and be heard without any distractions. So set a date and time. Don’t rush the conversation: This isn’t a quick conversation. You’ll have a lot to say, as should your partner. Remember, the conversation might require a series of talks so both of you can communicate your thoughts clearly. Seek outside help if necessary: You and your partner don’t have to do this alone. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it one-on-one, therapy can help. A therapist can help create an environment where both you and your partner may feel more comfortable sharing feelings and coming up with solutions. “Don’t suffer in silence,” Dr. Millheiser says. “Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to talk about next steps so you can create a plan to address your sexual health.”

Exercise helps woman overcome unexpected setback (NAPS) Whether you are exercising to lose weight, run a marathon or maintain your health, we all have our own motivation and goals for what we hope to accomplish, both physically and mentally. For Gay Rogers, her aspirations went far beyond physical appearance or even health, as she joined the SilverSneakers Fitness program with the hopes of being able to walk again. In the face of two life-altering situations, Gay remained determined to live her best life through physical activity. She battled Charcot arthropathy, causing the loss of her feet, and then unexpectedly contracted a life-threatening infection. However, Gay’s conviction did not allow this obstacle to get in the way of living her life to the fullest. Rogers trained three times a week for three months to strengthen her upper body, thighs and glutes so she could maneuver herself out of her wheelchair and increase her stability. Through exercise, she

gained the strength needed to walk with prosthetics. No matter what brings you into the gym, SilverSneakers offers a few tips to keep you motivated, just like Rogers: • Set a goal: You will inevitably hit

bumps in the road, but setting a goal can help drive you through your fitness journey. Consider setting a specific time frame in which to achieve your goal to help you measure your progress. • Find a partner: The right workout

partner can force you out of your comfort zone, keep you accountable and inspire you to keep going when you feel like giving up. • Get focused: Schedule workouts at times when you know you’ll be able to devote your full attention and create a playlist of your favorite songs to eliminate distractions and boost your energy. • Try something new: Keep your workouts fresh by constantly trying new things. Sashay yourself into a dance class or try biking, swimming, running, aerobics, weight lifting and sports such as tennis and golf. It’s important to vary your fitness routine for both your body and mind. SilverSneakers Fitness provided Rogers with the pathway to transform her life and reach her goals. SilverSneakers helps older Americans maximize their health and maintain their lifestyle through a variety of fitness offerings, both in and out of the gym and at every ability level. For more information, visit

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What you do next is a big question. A lot of women make this financial decision alone. You don’t have to be one of them. At Pell Wealth Partners, we want to empower you to make smart, educated financial decisions that can help you and your family to achieve prosperity in ways you never imagined possible. It is our desire to work with you throughout the various stages of your life to help you feel comfortable and confident should the unexpected arise. The financial advisors at Pell Wealth Partners specialize in working with women as they move through different phases of transition in their lives. They include Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and most of all, really caring and experienced people. If you are a woman and not sure what your next move should be, talk to us one-on-one about how we can help empower you to feel brilliant. Call us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation at 914.253.8800.

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MARCH 24, 2017



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MARCH 24, 2017



Vaknin balancing dream job with today’s demands of family life



n International Women’s Day, when many women took off from work, Carly Gordon Vaknin was at her office in Weehawken, N.J., where she commutes from Katonah a few days a week. This wife and mom is the director of events operations at Diversified Production Services, better known as DPS, where she has overseen grand scale production events such as The Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden; the Global Citizen Music Festival in Central Park; the Concert for Sandy Relief; a birthday parties for both Clintons; and the celebration of Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday. Vaknin also organized and produced fundraisers for the Navy SEALs, the fight against Parkinson’s Disease and the Robin Hood Foundation. Vaknin describes her job as “pretty cool.” She added, “On average, we produce over 150 shows a year.” She’s worked at the company for 11 years. “Ninety nine percent of the shows involve some kind of live musical entertainment,” she said. And that’s her passion. Producing some of the most historic events of this past decade, Vaknin said she’s worked with almost every rock star and musician imaginable, but, “Working on and being part of the Papal Mass at MSG in 2015 was by far one of the most memorable events in my career,” she said. Vaknin had the realization she’d discovered her dream job while still a college student at Towson University in Maryland. Her major was Mass Communication. “It was during my senior year of college I realized I should be doing something with music,” she said. “I loved bands and live shows and thought, why not make a career out of this?” She said she started out making cold calls about work and to network. “Most of my closest friends from college moved to New York City after graduation,” she said. “I wanted to do something different so I moved to Boston and got a job with an artist management company. My sister and close friends lived in New York City.” Vaknin soon realized the Big Apple was where she wanted to be. “I got an interview at the radio station Z100, where I was hired as a promotion and marketing assistant,” she said. “While working there, I realized what I loved about the job was concerts. I loved the whole aspect of how a show comes


Carly Gordon Vaknin has her hands full at work and at home.

together from an idea on paper into being a live thing.” The next step was easing her way from marketing and promotion into production. “Then I got laid off from Z100 in 2006 after Clear Channel Entertainment cut a lot of jobs,” Vaknin said. “I reached out to the people who produce the Jingle Ball and Zootopia. They were called Clear Channel entertainment, now they’re known as Live Nation, and I landed a job with them. It felt like a dream come true for me. I couldn’t believe I actually got the dream job I’ve always wanted.” At the end of 2010, her boss Dan Parise, took the five members of the special events division of Live Nation to form his own company, DPS. “I came on board as a production assistant and I’ve been with them ever since,” Vaknin said. The best part of her job? “Every day is different,” she said. “I’m not locked into a 9-5 schedule. I work from home many days. There are days when I’m in the city for a meeting or a conference call. Every event we do is totally different. We do events that are everything from straight up rock and roll to corporate and fundraising. Every day is different because every event is unique and that’s what keeps things exciting and new and fresh for me.” One of Vaknin’s favorite work anecdotes involved singer Dave Matthews: “We were doing an event that involved him. I was sitting in the production office backstage and Dave Matthews came in. ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ was on the TV. It was a surreal moment as my boss, me and Dave Matthews were all watching Oprah Winfrey together. I was a huge Dave Matthews fan in college. I still am. That was a moment in my career I’ll never forget and I thought at the time, this is why I’m in this business.” Another highlight was an event Vaknin produced for rocker Sting’s 60th birthday celebration: “At the end of the night, Sting came into our production office and literally went around hugging us all and saying it was one of the best nights of his life. That doesn’t happen often, when people working behind the scenes are so thanked. Sting is one of the nicest artists I’ve ever worked with. It’s moments like that which make the 18- to 20hour days worth it.” The toughest part of her job, she says, is that it is a 24-7 gig. “I’m never able to shut it off completely,” Vaknin said. “The emails are constant. Also people expect answers right away. I’m one of those people who gets anxiety when I see a full inbox. I have to respond to every email immediately. I’m try-

ing to learn how to shut it off. I’m learning I can wait an hour to answer emails and calls.” That can be hard, she said, because hers is an industry where she is working with people all over the world and in different time zones. Vaknin said there are special challenges being a working mom. “I’m very fortunate,” she said. “I have a boss who understands that I’m a mom first. He’s very considerate.” Vaknin turns 40 this year. When she started in the job, she was in her 20s, living in the city and traveling for a month at a time for work was a pleasure. “I loved it,” Vaknin said. “But I’m married now. I have two young kids. It is challenging and I still do travel, but never for more than a week at a time.” And there have been sacrifices to the grueling hours and time spent out of town. “I’ve missed weddings. I’ve missed family events. But I feel fortunate to have a boss who is willing to work with my schedule,” she said. “There are a lot of times I can work from home. I’ve never missed anything that is so important that I would regret not going to it because work got in the way.” Vaknin said she is also fortunate because her husband, Gil Vaknin, is a freelance photographer with a flexible schedule. “We can make it work with our schedules,” she said. The couple moved to Katonah five years ago when Vaknin was 8 months pregnant with their first son. The couple had no prior connection to the town, but had heard great things about it. “And we have an au pair from 9 to 6 every day,” she said. As a dual working couple they sit down together every week to discuss their changeable schedules. “We’ve made it work this way for four years.” Because it is International Women’s Day, politics came up. “I never really thought about not going to work today,” Vaknin said. “I’m always working.” That said, she participated in the Women’s March recently in Washington, D.C. “I am for equal pay,” she said. “I’ve always been a person with strong beliefs and opinions. I think it’s important to recognize that women are strong and powerful and equal to men and should be recognized as such. I think it’s more important now than ever for women to unite and stand together and empower each other. Hopefully one day we won’t need an International Women’s Day to do this and women will be recognized every day for what they do and what they should be in this world.”


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MARCH 24, 2017



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MARCH 24, 2017

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