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VOL. 16 NO. 87 - June/July 2012

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Essential Energy gears up for 2012 industry safety event

Also showcasing the latest, most innovative and comprehensive range of equipment, products and services on display at this years ESI Field Days See pages 10-30 Full program of Seminars and Events for ESI Field Days – See pages 16-17

Coffs Harbour – 24-25 July 2012

Final coal delivered to Swanbank B Power Station T

HE final coal deliveries were made this week to Swanbank B Power Station near Ipswich, ahead of its planned closure in June this year. Swanbank B Power Station is more than 40 years old and, at its peak, the four generating units provided enough electricity to power about 600,000 homes. Since 1966, the New Hope Group has delivered just under 21 million tonnes of coal to the Swanbank A and B power stations. Coal was supplied initially from New Hope’s various underground operations at Swanbank and then from open cut mines at Swanbank, Tivoli, Jeebropilly, Rosewood and Acland. Three of the four Swanbank B generating units have already been shut down in April 2010, June 2010 and May 2011, with the final unit expected to be retired by June 2012, due to the plant reaching the end of its operational life. Swanbank A was shut down in 2007 Ownership of Swanbank Power Station transferred from CS Energy to Stanwell Corporation Limited (Stanwell) on 1 July 2011, following a restructure of Queensland’s government-owned electricity generators. Swanbank Power Station Site Manager Steve Quilter said, since the first coal-fired unit was commissioned in 1966, Swanbank had been a major local employer and had played a significant role in supporting the growth of the

region as well as providing a reliable electricity supply for the state. “As Queensland has a secure supply of generation now and well into the future, Stanwell has continued with CS Energy’s plan of closing Swanbank’s last operational coalfired unit by June 2012,” he said. Mr Quilter said neighbours and the broader Ipswich community would be invited to join the power station in celebrating Swanbank B’s history and the social contributions the station had made to the region during its years of operation. “Stanwell will be organising employee and community events to commemorate this important milestone and will be providing further details closer to the date,” he said. Mr Quilter said the highly efficient Swanbank E gas-fired unit still maintained an important role in Stanwell’s generation portfolio. “Swanbank E Power Station is one of the most efficient and advanced gas-fired power stations in Australia,” he said. “It produces 50 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than an average coal-fired plant and uses only one quarter of the water. “In August this year, we will invest $40 million in a planned overhaul of Swanbank E Power Station which will ensure the station continues to deliver safe and reliable electricity for many years to come.”



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SkillsTech Australia scores trifecta at industry awards


killsTech Australia has added once again to its trophy case with three awards announced at a prestigious industry awards night at Brisbane’s Sofitel Hotel recently

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SkillsTech Australia Institute Director Mary Campbell congratulated institute staff and students who were successful in three categories at the Manufacturing Skills Queensland Awards Night 2012. “I am delighted to announce that we were named 2012 Registered Training Organisation of the Year at the manufacturing industry awards,” Ms Campbell said. “This award is recognition of the hard work and dedication of our staff and also highlights the benefits of vocational training to the manufacturing industry in our community. “One of our students, Daniel Macklin, was named Indigenous Student of the Year and for the second year running one of our engineering teachers has been named Manufacturing Vocational Education and Training Teacher of the Year – congratulations to the 2012 recipient Paul Galna. “Aluminium Boats Australia (ABA), a key partner of the institute was also successful on the night with the Founder of ABA, Roy Whitewood receiving the esteemed Industry Champion Award. “SkillsTech Australia delivers all training for apprentices at ABA and also conducts Recognition of Prior Learning to existing staff at their workplace. Congratulations to Roy and ABA on this achievement. “The awards night was attended by key clients and representatives of the manufacturing industry and our success confirms that industry recognises the high quality of training that we deliver and strengthens our position as the leading provider of trade and technician training in Queensland.”

Thermal property analysis. Thermal resistivity testing of soil. Testing of cable backfill material. Design of cable bedding/backfill. Cable route thermal surveys. Phone: (02) 9737 9062 Web: Page 2 - Australian Power & Energy News

Manager: Brett Hobson

Above: SkillsTech Australia Institute Director Mary Campbell accepts the award for Registered Training Organisation of the Year from Paul Sheehan, Manufacturing Manager, Atlas Heavy Engineering at the Year at Manufacturing Skills Queensland Awards Night 2012

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Cut the Cord to Power the Cord! This may seem a contradiction in terms, but there is an inherent truth in the heading. Cordless battery powered tools have released electrical workers, enabling them to travel anywhere, high and low, inside and out, in heat and cold, to install and maintain power utilities.


T is a “truth” to say that the early pioneer electrical power workers in Australia were hardy individuals. They had to be. Apart from the back breaking fencing work of the day, the raising of electric and telegraph poles ran a close second as a hazardous occupation. There was a doggedness that spurred them on in heat, rain and biting cold, using two handed augers, wooden mallets, and heavy wrenches, shovels and pullers, and simple lengths of garden hose for the “hose.” They were the unsung who brought power into every corner of the continent. Queensland with its weather extremes was first to have electricity, as well as the world’s first hydro- electricity scheme and natural gas power station, located in the far western town of Thargomindah. The first electric single arc light was lit in Sydney, but it was Tamworth that was the first town, in 1888, to have street lighting. The rest, they say, is history. In the 21st century electrical power is taken completely for granted. POWERTOOLS The earliest power tools powered by air, electricity or hydraulics shared a single problem for the worker. They had an umbilical cord or hose. This is not to say that remarkable things were not done, our very advanced lifestyle attests to that. However as in all industries, technology advances at a rapid pace leading to power tools the like of which our fathers only dreamed of. Cordless tools, once so weak that you “couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding” are now so powerful that they can twist the wrist, even with the 12 volt models. The big, heavy unbalanced models of years past have been replaced with lightweight, ergonomic, compact and heavy duty tools.

POWERTOOLS WITH REAL “GRUNT” Milwaukee M18 7/16”Hex High Torque Impact Wrench (Model no: HD18HID-32C) This 18v Wrench is the most powerful on the market. “Grunt?” This has real “GRUNT” with a maximum torque of 474Nm’s. It kicks out 2200rpm and delivers 3200 impacts every minute. The 4 pole motor and that torque means that this wrench powers through virtually any application asked of it. As the photo shows, the electrical worker is using a 16mm auger bit in a power pole. Using it all day every day is a common occurrence for timber workers providing poles for industry so reliability is the key. Not only is it lightweight but it has patented electronics that protect both the battery and the motor. A built in fuel gauge alerts the user to remaining power. Ideal for the Electrical Industry. SPECS: • Patented 4-pole motor delivers up to 474Nm of torque • REDLINK™ Intelligence for revolutionary durability • Ideal for augers, heavy applications, mechanical fastening • Kit includes: 2 x 3.0Ah batteries, 18v Charger, Contractor Bag FUEL™ - UPPING THE ANTE So you want “real” power! And you want longer life in a tool! Technology that is cutting edge! M18 FUEL™ is for you. Released earlier this year, the M18 Fuel Brushless hammer Drill and Brushless Drill/ Driver have grabbed the hearts and minds of electrical workers and tradies the world over.

Electrical worker using the H18 7/16”Hex High Torque Wrench with a 16mm auger bit.



Left: Cutaway of M18 FUEL™ Drill showing the three new technologies.


Right: M18 FUEL™ Drill Driver.

Why? Every tool company hails “brushless” as the “be all, end all” in technology. Wrong! Brushless is good, in fact it is great, but, and it is a big BUT - Brushless on its own is as useless as putting a super tuned V12 in an old “banger” because the electronics and gearbox and drive train aren’t capable of taking the power. Realizing this, Milwaukee tool designers went back to the drawing board and built FUEL from the ground up, adding 3 brand new pieces of technology that take brushless to a new level. FUEL - THREE NEW TECHNOLOGIES

M18 FUEL™ Hammer Drill

Page 4 - Australian Power & Energy News

1. POWERSTATE™ Brushless motors work harder and live longer by converting energy into power and torque more efficiently. 2. REDLITHIUM™ batteries provide significantly more power, recharges, and run time, operate cooler and are designed specifically for heavy duty use on all site conditions. However good these two are and they are good, it is the third piece of technology that “ups the ante.” 3. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence hardware and software is the world’s most advanced system of cordless power tool electronics that will maximize performance and protect the user’s investment. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence is a best-in-class system that

integrates full-circle communication between tool, battery and charger, and constantly monitors this internal network to maintain ideal conditions. Essentially this FUEL range is for tradesmen who want increased productivity from their tools. They also want the latest in tool technology, and they insist on reliability. Tick all the boxes and “lock and load” this new innovation from Milwaukee. THE FIRST TWO PRODUCTS M18 Hammer Drill: M18CPD-32C • 2-Speed gearbox: 0-550 / 0- 1850 rpm • Torque: 80Nm • Hammer mode: 31,450 b.p.m • Chuck: ½” metal single ratcheting • Length: 20cm • Weight with battery: 2kg • Kit contains: 2 x 3.0Ah batteries, 12-18v charger, Hard case • Fuel gauge: Yes • LED work light: Yes • Clutch settings: 24 • Side Handle: Yes M18 DRILL DRIVER: M18CDD-32C • 2-Speed gearbox: 0-550 / 0-1850 rpm • Chuck: ½” metal single ratcheting • Length: 20cm • Weight with battery: 2kg • Fuel gauge: Yes • LED work light: Yes • Clutch settings: 24 • Side Handle: Yes SUMMARY If only our electrical worker forebears could see what we now use, they would have eagerly purchased the latest in tool technology because let’s face it they led the way in their day.


e h t cut d r co

hing to re switc a s r e c y has OfďŹ chnolog rchasing te u y P r e e r tt o y ba d m e literall e latest More an . They ar ols as th ls ers o T e k r v s o le s w le C l Cord trica c er to A le w e o t p a e th d log th boosted in isolate â€? ensurin d d n r a o , C e e it th hium™ ny s “Cutting e Red Lit vely on a th ti d c e te ff n e te k have pa can wor ilwaukee M . . y s a n w o ti e ca ad th s that le MS-32C batterie l Saw - M18 ta e M ty u D M18 Heavy

2C 13mm M18CPD-3 rill/Driver D r e Hamm


% Patented

delivers up 4 pole motor

cutting pow to 35% more

M12 Heated Jacket

ty ntrol and safe for superior co n sig de ct pa % Com spark ped Blade - no ™ Carbide tip CH TE AL ET M or bag % 30T ger, Contract ries, 18v Char tte ba h 0A 3. :2x % Kit includes


9 4 6 S inc G T.


M18 7/16� HD18HID-3Hex High Torque Impact W 2C re

*Note: “Dual charger ideal for battery in Heated Jacket�

D18PP2A-33B l/Driver Hammer Dril  Compact Impact Driver  Compact tteries d Lithium™ Ba  3 x 3Ah Re Charger Dual Voltage  M12+M18 Bag  Contractor

M18 KIT - H

nch % This wre nch has th e “grunt duty au   ger bits and chew in� needed to take he av

   to power p   oles, or fo y r % 474Nm of torque % REDLIN K™ Intellig ence for re volutionary durability % Kit includ es: 2 x 3.0A Contracto h batteries, r bag 18v Charg er,

available at all


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Females firmly in focus at Essential Energy A

USTRALIA’s largest power distribution network operator, Essential Energy, has put the importance and future of females in its workforce squarely in the spotlight. Announcing a concentrated plan to increase the representation of women within the workforce, particularly in areas where they have traditionally been under represented, the business fittingly introduced the inaugural recipient of a scholarship for female electrical engineers. Essential Energy’s managing director, Terri Benson, presented Amanda Cottingham, second year Bachelor of Electrical Engineering student at the University of Newcastle, as the beneficiary of the 2012 Kath Knowles Scholarship. “Kath promoted equality and career opportunities for women, was passionate about rural and regional communities, and championed the benefits of a good education – all things that Amanda embodied in her application and interview,” Terri said. “We’re pleased to have awarded the Kath Knowles Scholarship to a young woman who wants to make a difference in our industry.” At the same time, Terri launched a founding strategy to move and keep more women in technical roles. Essential Energy’s Women’s Employment and Development Strategy is a first for the regional-based employer. “We know firsthand the power industry is experiencing shortages of technically skilled employees, both nationally and internationally,” Terri said. “We also know women represent around 51 per cent of the total population in NSW – that’s an underutilised pool of talent we want to tap into.” The concentrated four-year plan aims to increase the representation of women within field, trade, technical, para-professional and professional roles. Females represent around 19 per cent of Essential Energy’s total workforce, with about 4 per cent presently working in field, trade, technical, paraprofessional and professional positions.

Above: Essential Energy managing director, Terri Benson, chats with recipient of the Kath Knowles Scholarship, Amanda Cottingham, while Kath’s husband, Paul McCrohan, looks on

“We’ve done our homework and know there are all sorts of complex barriers for women entering usually male dominated and technical areas – from work to personal reasons – but we also know there are women out there in regional NSW who have the ability, skill and drive to be successful in these roles,” Terri said. “Women like Amanda.” “Essential Energy is setting a course to bring more opportunities to light, and attract and retain a diverse range of talented people committed to becoming Australia’s best essential services provider.”

About the inaugural Kath Knowles Scholarship Essential Energy established the inaugural Kath Knowles Scholarship for a female electrical engineering student studying at the University of Newcastle, as a memorial scholarship in honour of Kath. The scholarship is valued at $36,000 (tax free fortnightly payments) over three years. To be eligible to apply for the Kath Knowles Scholarship applicants must: • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident •be female • be enrolled full-time in 2012 in the second year of the degree of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

• have maintained a credit average during the first year of their studies The successful candidate will have the opportunity to undertake industry placements with Essential Energy via: •1 x 10 week industry placement during 2nd year; • 1 x 10 week industry placement during 3rd year; and • Complete a final year project with Essential Energy. Shortlisted candidates attended an interview at the University’s Callaghan campus, Wednesday, 18 April 2012.

Inaugural open day helps Queenslanders become apprentices


ORE than 500 Queenslanders interested in apprenticeships found out everything they wanted and them some at SkillsTech Australia’s inaugural Open Day at the Acacia Ridge Training Centre recently. SkillsTech Australia Institute Director Mary

Campbell said the Open Day gave Queensland students the opportunity to tour the world-class training centre and featured hands-on activities and demonstrations in all the trades delivered at the centre. Mrs Campbell said the TAFE’s training centre boasted: • the largest fully functioning foundry in the

Above: SkillsTech Australia Wall and Ceiling Lining Teacher Matthew Fogg instructs Year 10 Park Ridge High School student Matt Haynes at a Try’a Trade activity at SkillsTech Australia’s inaugural Open Day at the Acacia Ridge Training Centre (Photo courtesy of Phil Hargreaves) Page 6 - Australian Power & Energy News

southern hemisphere • a $13-million heavy commercial vehicle and diesel training facility • a $20-million electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning training facility • an $8-million wet trades training facility • $25-million engineering and $13-million student services facilities to be completed in August 2012. “The Queensland Government had committed more than $200 million to the development of facilities at SkillsTech Australia to address skills shortages; it really is an impressive training centre and we had lots of positive feedback from potential students today,” Mrs Campbell said. “We featured Try’a Trade activities for automotive, building and construction, electrotechnology, sustainable technologies and water, and manufacturing and engineering trades to showcase what trade training is all about. “Our trade teachers were on-hand to speak with students to discuss what opportunities were available to them. “There were also information stalls from Construction Skills Queensland, Automotive Skills Queensland, Manufacturing Skills Queensland, Energy Skills Queensland, Central Queensland University, East Coast Apprenticeships, MIGAS, MEGT and Busy at Work to talk to prospective apprentices.” Schools in attendance included Park Ridge, Rochedale, Corinda, Woodridge, Beaudesert

State High Schools and Cleveland District State High School plus Brisbane Adventist College, Emmaus College (Jimboomba), Redlands College, and Stretton State College.

Above: SkillsTech Australia trade teacher Bill Guy training Year 10 Park Ridge High School student Cody Sciberras in wall and floor tiling (Photo courtesy of Phil Hargreaves)

New powerline technology reduces fire risk H

OMES and businesses in Perth hills suburbs are experiencing the benefits of a new technology that is reducing the number of fires sparked when branches touch power lines. Heavily insulated powerlines being installed by Western Power in high and extreme bushfire areas are also reducing the number of power interruptions caused by vegetation touching the lines. Western Power General Manager Networks, Mark de Laeter, said the new, stronger form of insulated line construction was ideally suited to the Perth hills and other areas where there were many trees growing near lines. The innovative approach, called

Hendrix, reduces the risk of bushfires or power interruptions that typically occur when branches touch powerlines. “Since June last year Hendrix has been installed in the hills areas east of Perth and already we can see the benefits”, he said. “In late January, a 15 meter red gum tree fell onto Hendrix powerlines along Pickering Brook road in the hills and although the powerlines were brought down no fire resulted and power continued to flow to customers. “It’s quite remarkable to see a tree lying across a powerline that is continuing to deliver power safely due to the thick insulation covering the aluminium wires”, he said. The insulated Hendrix cables are held apart from each other by spacers and protected by an overhead wire which further reduces the risk of powerlines being touched by vegetation or struck by lightning. Hendrix cables are faster to repair which reduces restoration times when there is a power interruption. Since June 2011 Western Power has been installing Hendrix as a standard solution for bushfire prevention in heavily vegetated areas and where the ground is too rocky for underground cables. In the 2012/13 financial year Western Power plans to install 88 km of Hendrix cable. Western Power is the first utility in Australia to use Hendrix cabling.

Reliable Solutions for Overhead Distribution Systems

Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems offer reliability and value for overhead distribution needs


ENDRIX Spacer Cable systems offer a cost effective solution for overhead medium voltage distribution systems. Spacer Cable has been used by utilities since 1951 to improve the reliability and power quality of power lines while making them more resistant to storm damage. The cable design, system strength, and compact configuration can also serve to address other concerns that can crop up on a utility’s distribution system. The compact configuration and reduced clearance requirements allow for multiple circuits to be installed on a single pole, thus alleviating right of way (ROW) problems and resulting in cost savings by reducing the number of poles required. Spacer Cable circuits can often be built over or under an existing energized circuit, or poles changed out and more circuits built on the original pole line, thus getting more power down an existing ROW. The existing circuit can be left in service while the Spacer Cable circuit is installed. You can also reduce the cost of protection from wildlife and storm damage at substation exits by using spacer cable systems. The sturdy cable covering and mechanical strength of spacer cable systems provides increased reliability on the critical feeder circuits at substation exits. Using spacer cables at substation exits can reduce spacing between conductors and reduce clearance requirements compared to bare wire. The ability to put multiple circuits on a pole reduces ROW requirements at substation exits and along the distribution line where multiple circuits are required. This allows more efficient use of limited space in substations. Hendrix Spacer Cable is ideal for long spans in excess of 500m. The ability to span rivers, freeways, marshes, and lakes provides a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solution to difficult

design problems. The close spacing of phase conductors results in lower total line impedance and improved voltage regulation, reducing the need for reactive compensation. The 3-layer Hendrix cable covering can withstand temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, thus reducing outages and improving power quality. Unlike bare wire which is spread over an eight foot cross arm, a Spacer Cable circuit is confined to less than 1 foot, greatly reducing the need for vegetation removal both during initial construction, as well as cutting annual tree trimming costs by 50 to 80 percent. The system design limits charging current on the surface of the conductor, allowing temporary contact with branches without causing a failure, avoiding faults due to conductor clashing, protecting wildlife from exposure to safety hazards, and eliminating sparks which can cause forest fires. Hendrix backs up their products with support services that further reduce costs, including engineering, design, installation, and training services. Hendrix also helps you avoid construction delays by packaging job kits for each separate project, with conductor and messenger cut to length, and all required hardware and fittings, labeled, crated, and shipped together. To learn more about Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems, please visit

Hendrix Cable Spacer Product Q

Reduce treetrimming requirements


Increase reliability of power distribution systems


Help ensure environmental stewardship

Hendrix Authorized Agent for Australia and New Zealand:


Bri-Tech Pty Ltd. 70 Kent Way s Malaga WA 6090 Australia (08) 9270 6200 Australian Power & Energy News - Page 7

Ausgrid Earthing Equipment Tender Awarded to ERICO E

RICO has been awarded the contract to supply copper-bonded earth rods and couplers across the Ausgrid electricity network for the next five years. The Ausgrid electricity network provides power to more than 1.6 million customers through Sydney, the Hunter region and the Central Coast. The network is made up of more than 200 large electricity substations, 500,000 power poles, 30,000 small distribution substations and almost 50,000 km of below- and above-ground electricity cables. Ausgrid is currently undertaking an $8 billion renewal and upgrade of its electricity network. It is also building Australia’s first commercial-scale smart grid after being chosen to deliver the Australian Government’s Smart Grid, Smart City project. Ausgrid embarked on a comprehensive test of earthing equipment. In addition to compliance testing (UL 467), additional field testing was conducted in real-life applications to replicate Australia’s tough environmental conditions. Testing included driving earth rods via power-assisted tools and heads across various soil conditions, adherence of the rods’ copper coating to the steel core, and bending. This enabled a precise observation of how the earth rods and couplers performed. As a result of Ausgrid’s technical and commercial evaluation, in March 2011 ERICO was awarded the contract to supply copper-bonded earth rods and couplers across the Ausgrid network for the next five years.

Copper-bonded rods with coupler.

Two earth rods are subjected to the same pressure load test. The ERITECH® copperbonded earth rod on the left will bend without tears, cracks or folds to the outer sheath. The inferior copperclad rod on the right has developed cracks and creases, which reduces it serviceability.

ERICO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of copper-bonded earth rods and has developed a unique manufacturing process for providing consistent copper thickness, a nickel substrate, superior adhesion and greater corrosion life compared to traditional copper-platting technologies. ERICO’s copper-bonded earth rods are trusted for providing a service life of more than 35 to 40 years in most soils. They are also UL Listed and meet all U.S., UK and European standards, including EN 50164-1 and 2, which is one of the most stringent standards in the world today.

Threadless coupling.

ERICO’s couplers enable the rods to be driven deep into the earth quickly and easily without the risk of rod separation. They are made of a high-strength silicon bronze and are tapered so that when the rod is driven into the coupling, the two parts compress to form a conductive connection. Brenton Williams, ERICO Commercial and Industrial Regional Sales Manger, said “We are very pleased to be able to

provide earth rods and couplers of the highest quality and life expectancy to Ausgrid. ERICO is committed to working with the Australia power utility to increase the service life and integrity of installed earthing systems.” For more information on ERICO’s full line of grounding products, visit Additional information on the Ausgrid electricity network is available at

ERICO: Experts in Grounding, Bonding and Surge Protection Products Looking for high-quality grounding, bonding and surge protection products? ERICO has just what you need. Theft Deterrent Composite Cable • Copper strands are hidden by outer galvanized steel strands • Copper stranding inside increases conductivity and flexibility

ERITECH® HAMMERLOCK • Low resistance connection • Irreversible connection with excellent mechanical strength

TDX Compact and Modular Surge Protection Devices • Protection is suitable for distribution and main panels • Listed as Type 1 SPDs to UL 1449 3rd Ed. • Can be installed within a Type 1 or 2 location in accordance with NEC® 2011

CADWELD® PLUS Welded Electrical Connection • Creates a permanent molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode • Withstands repeated fault currents without failing • Simplifies the exothermic welding process

For more information on these or other products from ERICO, visit NEC is a registered trademark of, and National Electrical Code (NEC) standard is a copyright of the National Fire Protection Association.

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6/21/12 11:31 AM

Barron Gorge Hydro gets new five-year environmental permit


ARRON Gorge Hydro Power Station’s record of successfully generating Queensland’s cleanest electricity in one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas has helped it gain a new five-year Wet Tropics World Heritage Area permit. The permit allows Barron Gorge Hydro, near Cairns, to continue to control vegetation that grows over the power station’s roads, power lines and buildings and to maintain access tracks throughout the site. Under the permit, Barron Gorge Hydro, which is owned by Stanwell Corporation, also must observe strict controls on the handling and storage of chemicals and hydrocarbons. Stanwell’s Kareeya Hydro Power Station, near Tully, also has been given a new five-year

permit. “Barron Gorge Hydro is proud that our environmental performance over the past five years has helped us obtain another five-year permit,” Barron Gorge Hydro Site Manager Rhonda Rowe said today. “We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously,” she said. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area stretches along the Queensland coast from north of Townsville to south of Cooktown. The area has the oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforests on earth and Australia’s greatest diversity of animals and plants. Barron Gorge Hydro was given its new permit by the Wet Tropics Management Authority, which manages this unique area in partnership with government agencies, land managers, landholders, Rainforest Aboriginal people, the tourism industry, conservation and community groups and the broader community. Barron Gorge Hydro needs to be able to responsibly control vegetation to operate in the Wet Tropics. The power station, which uses water from the Barron River to turn turbines, is one of the cleanest and greenest power stations in Australia. Generating electricity from hydro does not create greenhouse gases or other emissions. Barron Gorge Hydro has been operating near Cairns for nearly 50 years and has 14 staff. It can generate 66 megawatts of electricity - enough to power over 36,000 homes for a year.


Take the shine off your next overhead line project Pictured: Marlborough Lines 110kV with De-Glare finish

Snake on the line


ECENTLY Power and Water crews were patrolling 60km of powerline to establish the cause of power interruptions affecting customers along the Arnhem Highway.

snakes a year that get on to powerlines and cause outages; they climb poles to get away from the damp or are chasing eggs in nests on poles and towers. Customers from Lambells Lagoon to the

As the crew drew close to a section of powerline they were able to see a snake had become entangled in the lines and was causing them to spark.

Bark Hut experienced a flickering while the snake was still on the line and while the snake was being removed power was temporarily suspended.

It is not unusual to have wildlife or vermin cause outages on powerlines, but usually the offending material has dropped off or been blown away before we can find it. However, in this instance Bernie Rourke from Power and Water, managed to capture an image of the snake and the impact it was having on the power supply. The snake had slithered up the pole about 1km before the Adelaide River Bridge. Berne said they find about 10

De-Glare is a new coating finish being offered by INGAL EPS. Working to a Valmont specification, the product is hot dip galvanised as normal, then taken through a three-stage process to chemically treat the surface post galvanising. The De-Glare process does not affect the galvanising. It simply dulls the shiny surface, effectively making the product look several years old at the time of delivery. For more details on taking the shine off your next overhead line structures, please contact Helena Nolte via email at or Paul Tessari at

© INGAL EPS. All Rights Reserved. |


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New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

Salisbury Takes Safety Seriously H

O N E Y W E L L Safety Products, the worldwide leader in personal protective equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Salisbury Electrical Safety Product range. The Salisbury range includes personal electrical safety products and insulated live line tools to protect electrical workers from workplace hazards and injury. Electrical current exposes workers to a serious occupational hazard. Many workers are unaware of the potential electrical hazards present in their work environment, which makes them more vulnerable to the danger of electrocution and arc flash exposure. Salisbury offers the complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, blankets, line hoses, grounding equipment, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, dead-end insulators, plastic cover-ups, dielectric boots and arc flash clothing and visors. All of Salisbury’s products comply with the highest possible standards and regulations and meet with all ASTM and NFPA70E requirements. When working with electricity it is ideal to work in isolation by de-energising equipment, and to ensure a work area has been deenergised before work commences it is imperative to detect whether voltage exists - Salisbury’s Voltage Detectors can quickly and thoroughly detect whether voltage is present.

To provide protection from the risk of electric shock (where a system may become re-energised unexpectedly or where it is not possible to de-energise equipment) rubber insulating gloves should be worn. The Salisbury Linesman’s Glove collection ranges from class 00 (max use 500 volts) and class 0 (max use 1000 volts) gloves for low voltage work to class 1(max use 7,500 volts) through to class 4 (max use 36,000 volts) for high voltage work. Available in standard black or contrasting two-colour combinations to make inspecting for cuts or tears easier, Salisbury’s glove range also includes a selection of overgloves to provide mechanical protection of electrical gloves. Each Salisbury glove is manufactured using a solvent rubber based mixture, creating a higher quality electrical glove than other latex gloves on the market. Salisbury’s range of Rubber Insulating Products include dielectric footwear to provide

Page 10 - Australian Power & Energy News

extra safety when working anywhere a step potential may exist and switchboard matting which can be permanently placed in front of switchgear as well as blankets and line hoses for line work.

Included in Salisbury’s range of Arc Flash Protection Products are visors, hoods, arc protection blankets and clothing as well as kits containing everything a worker needs to protect themselves where the possibility of an arc flash exists, Workers conducting maintenance on available with ratings from 8 cal/cm2 up switchboards face a constant danger from to 100 cal/cm2. a potential arc flash, which can occur when there is an electrical fault. A flash with 1000 The NFPA70E standard offers advice amperes or more can cause substantial for working out the category hazard level damage and personal injury. of performing certain tasks, for example when working on energized electrical An arc flash assessment should be conductors (including voltage testing) conducted using the NFPA70E or IEEE the hazard risk is classed as category 2 1584 standards, which assist in determining and requires the use of rubber insulating the hazards, creating appropriate arc flash gloves as well as insulated hand tools. boundaries and ascertaining the expected calorie rating if a flash was to occur. Salisbury’s range of Insulated Tools, These standards also provide calculation including non-sparking and non-metallic methods for determining the calorie rating tools, can greatly increase a workers of a potential arc flash and can assist in safety by providing protection from shock selecting the most appropriate PPE. and electrocution. Each tool features a

two tone orange/yellow rubber insulating material for easy inspection to ensure they are in a suitable condition for use. Taking safety seriously, the Salisbury range from Honeywell provides the complete collection of personal electrical safety products to protect electrical workers from hazards and injury. For more information on the Salisbury range, please contact Honeywell Safety Products on 1300 139 166 (Aus) or 0800 322 200 (NZ) or visit www. For further information please contact: Honeywell Safety Products Ph Aus: 1300 139 166 Ph NZ: 0800 322 200 Email:

COMFORTABLE, COMPATIBLE, COMPLIANT SALISBURY AS1200U WEIGHT-BALANCED FACESHIELD The revolutionary NEW Salisbury AS1200U weight-balanced arc flash protection faceshield fits all popular AS/NZS approved front brim hard hats. Purpose built to protect against arc flash, the all-dielectric AS1200U is rated to 12 cal/cm². And with compact, balanced ergonomics when stowed, AS1200U provides the premium daylong comfort you expect from the leader in arc flash protection.


PROTECTION IS THE SAME Visit us on Stand Nº 29 & 30 • Call AUS: 1300 139 166 NZ: 0800 322 200 •

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New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

Hylec customises energy solutions in more ways than one


YLEC ENERGY SOLUTIONS founder and Director, Rob Hyland had a very clear vision of the future when he established the company in Brisbane in1998. He had already enjoyed a long and successful, 30 year career in electrical, mechanical and polymer products, so Rob knew the electrical industry, understood its failings and more importantly, knew how to improve the way electrical products were supplied.

Above all, Rob believed that there was more to the supply of electrical products than simply an over the counter sales approach and adopted a philosophy that would incorporate an emphasis on personal, targeted service, beyond the counter. Rob also wanted to provide an assurance that every product in the Hylec catalogue would not only conform to the highest standards of quality, but represent the leading edge in electrical components from around the globe. Rob Hyland also went one step further, determined to cultivate a team of professionals, skilled in industry electrical requirements and proficient in technical know-how. He now has a sales team that can collectively deliver that important technical knowhow, far beyond the counter with a sales approach necessary to complete his vision. This technical expertise is an important aspect of Hylec’s brand of customer service and it sets them apart. The company’s clients know that there’s a wealth of electrical component knowledge behind every recommendation made by the team at Hylec. The sales team also thrives, not only on the delivery of a quick response, but on creating a ‘win-win’ situation for both the customer and Hylec by seeking a cost effective solution at all times. For Hylec it means repeat business and there is a long list of satisfied and loyal customers who can confirm that consistent, value for money approach. Having established new Premises in Tingalpa East in Jan 2012, Hylec’s Capability in manufacturing has been expanded. A new, modern Field Test and Safety Test Laboratory has been established in house to allow prompt testing and turnaround of Voltage Detectors, Wireless Phasers, Gloves, Sticks and mats. After Sales service includes both re-testing and repairs. Hylec also carries a range of spares for their equipment and their goal is to provide a quick and efficient repair and getting the equipment back to their customer and into service as soon as possible. It confirms that Rob Hyland’s forward thinking vision has long been a reality and it’s why Hylec Energy Solutions has expanded its area of operation significantly since 1998. The company is now extremely active in all states across Australia and continues to grow in influence within the energy sector.

THE ABILITY TO MANUFACTURE A CUSTOMISED SOLUTION Although the company’s traditional focus has been on supplying a range of products for electrical utilities, transport, mining, oil and gas sites, consulting engineers, wholesalers/re-sellers, switchboard manufacturers and major electrical contractors, there is another important Hylec customer benefit. The company has its own team of in house Engineers, designers and fitters. This team is the testing, manufacturing and assembly arm of the business and it broadens the company’s capacity to respond to the needs of its diverse range of customers. It also means that Hylec can usually manufacture, customised electrical and safety products for anyone involved with a unique electrical application. Hylec also provides a Utility Equipment Plant Repair & Test Service when needed. Already Hylec Services manufacture a range of electrical products including portable earthing systems, insulated extension probes and a variety of cable stripping tools. THE BEST IN INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL PRODUCT Beyond the manufacturing aspect, the company takes great pride in the range of products it can supply and invests heavily in sourcing the best and latest components both locally and from overseas. As an example is Hylec’s range featuring the latest FAMECA products sourced from France. This equipment was specifically developed to enable efficient testing and tracing of underground and over the ground cables. These products provide a huge advantage for the energy sector because they can be used on ‘live’ circuits to quickly establish which particular cable is faulty and in the event of ‘line breakage’, the equipment can also identify which two wires require re-connection when faced with a complex patch of cables travelling over a long distance within the one conduit. The range includes TAG2020 Multi range Voltage detector; TAG5000 Medium to High Voltage Phasing device; FC2300 De-energised cable identifier and phaser; FC5300 Live insulated cable identifier; FC3000 Low voltage mapping and live multi circuit mapping.

Hylec Energy Solutions stock a huge and comprehensive range of electrical and safety products and it’s a blue chip list which features all the leading manufacturers. These are brand names known for innovation, reliability and quality. They include; • Clydesdale - Arc Proof Clothing, Conductor & Cable Place Products • Druisedt GmbH - Flexible Cables, Braids, Laminates , Contacts • HD Electric Company - HV & LV Field test and monitoring equipment • Sahlins - Cable Installation equipment including Overhead and underground Winches, Cable Pullers, Cable Blowers and a large range of cable drum handling stands and trailers. • Jean Muller Switchgear - LV Distribution & Din Protective Switchgear & Enclosures • Lindsey Manufacturing - Transmission & Distribution Rollers, Current & Voltage Insulator Sensors and Emergency Restoration Structures • Kunz Gloves - Outers, Inners, riggers Gloves • Marigold Insulating Gloves - Operating Class 00- 4 • MV Technologies - Line & cable fault indicators and monitors - MV Switchgear & Fuse switch Isolators and Lightning Arresters • Mykal - Enviro compliant electrical, industrial, oil degreasers, wipes, sprays • Nasco Inc - Arc Flash outer wear for cold , wet & windy weather • Network Project & Specialty product supplier • Nybro - Low Maintenance Transformer Breathers • Powermart - Hv & Lv Standoff Insulators & OEM equipment • Powersines - Energy Conservation Controllers • Rauckman Utilities - Electro-static wildlife guards • Runfold Ltd - Animal Protections Covers and special shaped PVC products • Sibille Fameca Electric featuring; o FAMECA SA - HV & LV Detectors, Phasers, GPS Phasers, Working Earths, HV & LV Cable Identifiers, Operating Sticks, Insulated Gloves & Mats and LV Insulated Tools, Ladder Systems o Alroc - Cable Preparation Tool Systems for LV, MV , EHV o Electro Pjp - Instrument Leads, clips tests probes

Tag 330 High Voltage Tester

Cable Identifier

• • •

o Live Working - EHV Systems Platforms Tools o Mos Industries - Cable Spiking, cutting , crimping Tools o Sibille Tools - Insulated Tools, PPE, Height Safety, Arc Flash Helmet & Shields, Ladder Racks for Vans and trucks o Soreca - Cable Connectors, shear head Technology o Techno Will - Electrical Plastic Technology Southern States Inc - EHV switchgear, Power fuses, Gas Breakers & Current sensors Stanco Mfg Inc - Arc Flash Suits, Clothing , Hot work Suits ,Face Shields Tools - Cable & Conductor Preparation Tools Westex Fabrics - Arc Flash Fabric

THE HYLEC VISION CONTINUES TO SHINE We are fortunate in Australia that within the power and energy sector there is a wealth of remarkable talent but any associated infrastructure will always be dependent on the quality of its components. Hylec Energy Solutions performs an important role in ensuring that the components, tools and equipment it supplies to the industry are of the highest standards in reliability, performance and efficiency. Rob Hyland set out to establish a business that would meet that worthy objective and it’s obvious that the vision he had in 1998 has not only been witnessed but has now matured. A company with that kind of emphasis on service discipline has no limits and it will be interesting to see how far Hylec Energy Solutions expands in the future.

FC5500 Network Tracking System

Tag 2020 Medium Voltage Tester


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hylec Energy Solutions will be featuring its products and services at various trade exhibitions over the next few months.

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You can catch up with Hylec’s experts at Esafe in Coffs Harbour on the 24th & 25th July; and the MESA Conference in Brisbane on the 5th & 6th July.

Assorted Hand Tools

Electrical Network Product Solutions

Field Test & Safety Solutions

Low Voltage Distribution Solutions


Energy Conservation Controllers & Optimisers


p: 07 3396 2220 Australian Power & Energy News - Page 13


At ESI Field Days > > > 24th-25th July 2012 True 3-Phase Ratiometer Now 250V ! DV-Power of Sweden has added a 250V version to the TRT series of 3-phase ratiometers. The 250V test voltage has been added to the existing four test voltages of 1, 10, 40, 100V in response to requests for higher accuracy. The DV-Power range of Ratiometers already offer the highest accuracy of 0.05% and the ability to test all types of transformers including those with irregular vector groups like phase shifting transformers, rectifier, arc-furnace and traction transformers. The new 250V model improves accuracy to 0.03%.

True 3-phase Supply The unique ability of the TRT to test transformers with irregular vector groups is due to DV-Power’s use of a true 3-phase power supply. The TRT series generates true 120° 3-phase voltage unlike most competitors switched single phase power supply. Three phase ratiometers utilising a switched single phase supply require an auxiliary 3-phase supply to test irregular vector type transformers.

The DV-Power TRT series is based on state of the art technology, using the most advanced technique available today. The ratiometers can be used to test single-phase and three-phase transformers, both with and without taps and current transformers.

Easy Operation For three-phase measurement, the test set is connected to all three phases of the transformer to be tested. If specific vector diagrams for different types of transformers are selected, the TRT will run a specific test for each transformer type (i.e., single phase, Delta to y, Y to delta, Delta to delta, or Y to y) without the need to switch test connections. Turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current are displayed on the display with true threephase and single-phase tests. TRT allows entry of a transformer’s nameplate voltages for the turns-ratio calculation. This feature eliminates any error otherwise caused by an operator’s manual calculation. The TRT also compares the test result with the calculated ratio and prints out the % of error for each test. It is easy to

read display and easy to follow menu. View the result on the display. There is sufficient memory to store 100 test records and each record consists of 100 test readings. All measurements are time and date stamped. Transformer excitation current as well as phase shift angles helps to detect transformers shorted turns or unequal number of turns connected in parallel. Operating conditions messages or error messages identify incorrect test conditions, abnormal operating condition or winding problems.

Immunity from Interferance Highly efficient filtration allows the TRT to cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields.

New Products, Equipment & New Technology

High Current Resistance Measurements Many applications of low resistance measurement require a test current greater than the traditional 10Amps. Measurement of busbar joints and circuit breaker contacts is recommended to be done with a current approximating the normal load current of the equipment. Typically test currents from 200 to 600 Amps are preferred. Measurement of the winding resistance of large transformers and motors can be achieved faster with a test current between 20 and 60 Amps. The higher current will saturate the core and reach stability faster than a low current. On very large equipment, a 10 Amp instrument may never reach stability and fluctuating readings will occur. In the past high current Ohmmeters were unbelievably heavy, with some tipping the scales at over 30kg! Carrying these into difficult locations could introduce some OH&S issues. DV-Power of Sweden offer a large range of high current micro-

ohmmeters and winding ohmmeters weighing from just 8kg! The RMO600 is now available with optional Demagnetising. This option is useful when measuring the contact resistance of large circuit breakers with current transformers integrated into the bushings or measuring the joint resistance of busbars when there is a current transformer between the connection points. The high test current can magnetise the CT cores and failure to demagnetise after test can cause problems when the CT’s are energised.

MicroOhmmeters RMO600G

Using the optional current clamp to measure resistance with both sides earthed

Transformer Ohmmeters – Now with Demagnetiser! The DV-Power RMO-T series Transformer Ohmmeter are available in 6 models with test currents adjustable from 5mA to 10, 20, 25, 40, 60 and now 100 Amps. All RMO-T series are dual channel to enable the primary and secondary windings to be measured and displayed simultaneously. After test the windings are automatically discharged to remove the hazardous voltage from the windings. The new RMO60TD now includes demagnetising by applying an AC current of decreasing magnitude to the transformer at the conclusion of the test. The RMO60T includes an on-load tap-changer control to enable dynamic resistance values to be measured. This function is optional on the RMO40T.

On Load Tap Changers The RMO40T and 60T can be used to measure the winding resistance of individual taps on a power transformer’s tap changer. It can also check whether the on-load tap changer (OLTC) switches without interruption. The moment a tap changers position is changed, the RMO detects a sudden very short drop in current. The magnitude of the ripple is used to determine a correctly functioning tap changer from a malfunctioning one. The tap-change control on the RMO allows the operator to control the ONTC from the instrument.

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Changes in Test Current Ripple are indicated during transitions

Right: The DVPower RMO-T series

Left: Burnt contacts detected by dynamic resistance measurement

Ratiometers: DV-Power TRT Series

Collapse of test current during tap changer operation indicates a fault with the tap changer

3-Phase Demagnitiser Existing owners of high current Microohmmeters and Transformer Ohmmeters which are not optioned with Demagnetising do not have to replace their instrument or buy another. DV-Power also manufactures a stand-alone 3-phase Demagnetiser. This instrument can be used any type of single or 3-phase transformer. De-magnetising current can be set between 5mA and 60 Amps. De-magnetising either as an option for a Transformer Ohmmeter, a Micro-ohmmeter or as a stand-alone Demagnetiser is achieved by applying an AC current starting at the selected value decreasing in magnitude to zero. The process is fully automatic and only requires initiation by the operator. Demagnetising instruments from DV-Power comprise: • RMO40TD Transformer Ohmmeter • RMO60TD Transformer Ohmmeter • RMO600D Micro-ohmmeter • DEM60 3-phase Transformer Demagnetiser

CAT Circuit Breaker Analyser The new range of Circuit Breaker Analysers & Timers from DV-Power of Sweden compliment the wide range of High Current Ohmmeters, Winding Ohmmeters and Ratiometers. The CAT series are state-of-the-art instruments designed for advanced testing and analysis of a wide range of circuit breakers. The CAT will measure timing and record graphs of coil currents and the displacement of the moving parts. The CAT is a stand alone or PC-controlled instrument for condition assessment of circuit breakers. The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and auxiliary contacts. Graphs of both open and close coil current and displacements of HV and MV circuit breaker moving parts are recorded. Main contact channels can also measure the resistance of pre-insertion resistors. The CAT provides easy selection of the different operating modes: Open, Close, OpenClose, Close-Open, Open-Close-Open. The breaker can be operated remotely by using the External Trigger. DV-Win software provides full control of all CAT functions from a PC including acquisition and analysis of test results. The DV-Power CAT Breaker Analyser is fully optionable to allow users to purchase the exact capabilities to suit their needs. The CAT can be user specified as follows: • 3 or 6 channels for main contacts • 3 channels for auxiliary contacts • Coil operation • Coil current measurement • 2 analogue inputs • Analogue or digital transducer input • USB memory stick

Transformer & Switchgear Analysis Winding Ohmmeters DV-Power RMO-T Series • Choice of maximum test currents of 10, 20, 40 & 60 Amps • Tests primary & secondary windings simultaneously • Resistance measurements from 1uΩ to 2,000Ω • On-Load Tap Changer Analysis • Automatic Discharge after test • Memory for 500 measurements with DV-WIN software • Optional Demagnetisation

Ratiometers DV-Power TRT Series • True 3-phase test supply to 250V • Ratios from 0.8 to 15000 • User selectable test voltage • Tests all types of single and 3-phase transformers • Measures turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current

Micro-Ohmmeter DV-Power RMO Series • Choice of maximum test currents of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 Amps • Light weight from 8kg • Resistance measurement from 0.1uΩ to 1Ω • Accuracy 0.2% • Memory for 500 measurements with DV-WIN software • Optional Remote Control & Demagnetisation

Circuit Breaker Analyser & Timer DV-Power CAT Series • Timing and motion measurement • 6 or 3 channels for main contacts • 1 transducer input (digital or analogue) • 3 channels for auxiliary inputs • 4 analog inputs • Results printed on 80mm thermal printer • Detailed analysis of test results using versatile DV-Win software

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Pacific Test Equipment Pty Ltd HEAD OFFICE 27/7 Anella Avenue Castle Hill 2154 P.O. Box 6930 Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 T +61 2 9659 2300 • F +61 2 9659 2311 MELBOURNE 16 Dickson Court (P.O. Box 352) Williamstown VIC 3016 T +61 3 9397 0453 • F +61 3 9397 0473 Australian Power & Energy News - Page 15

ERICO: Experts in Grounding, Bonding and Surge Protection Products Theft Deterrent Composite Cable


TDX Compact and Modular Surge Protection Devices

CADWELD® PLUS Welded Electrical Connection

Electricity S

Cof fs r Ha

New Products, Equipment & New Technolo

Visit ERICO at stand #12

2012 ESI Field Days Fulton Industries now open in Queensland 9/26 Octal Street, Yatala QLD 4207 Visit us on Stand Nos.28 25 and & 4342 to view the latest equipment used extensively by the Australian Power Utility Industry

Ph: (07) 3382 6882

Introducing the Altec AS40P Cable Placer Built on the International 7400 4x4 Workstar truck, the Altec AS40P Cable Placer is the only machine of its type to meet the current Australian standard with the capacity to significantly decrease labour costs and provide a safer alternative to traditional manual cable placing methods.

Phone: 1300 733 694 Fax: 07 3200 5556 E-mail: Web: Address: 1 Burlington Place, Rutherford NSW 2320

These units were initially developed to support the NBN cable roll out using existing power pole infrastructure, but during the trialling process it was discovered the unit could also place 95 mm aerial bundled cable, meaning it had applications in the power industry.

Stand No. 3, Outdoor 1

Your power solutions partner NEW Polymer Insulated Vacuum Load Break Switch is SF6 free - helping you save the environment and your long-term costs

Visit us on Stand No. 20 T: +61 2 9676 3500

A MacLean Power Systems Company

STAND NO. 37 Web: Email:

Electrical Network Product Solutions Visit us on Outdoor Stand No. 2 e:

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p: 07 3396 2220

230V Standard – Changes to the Network The nominal supply voltage in Australia is now 230 volts. This seminar will discuss the implications of the transition to 230 volts, including new requirements imposed by AS 61000.3.100, the practicalities of achieving the required voltage levels, other drivers for change, and what this might mean for network staff, as well measuring voltages practically. The session aims to provide powerline workers with the knowledge to assist in managing network LV voltage levels. Presented by Chris Halliday – Electrical Consulting and Training Pty Ltd and John Sinclair – Essential Energy Chris Halliday has been helping network supply authorities, such as Essential Energy, with strategies for power quality including the transition to 230 volts. He has considerable experience in power quality and network monitoring having helped establish one of the largest network monitoring systems in Australia and developed the PQ reporting associated with that system. John Sinclair has worked in the electrical industry for 30 years, specifically in the electrical distribution industry for the past 19 years. John has had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of functions within the Distribution Industry being in positions that include Asset Inspection, Lineworker, Electrician, Team Leader, Construction Standards Officer, Area Manager, and currently Power Quality Manager for Essential Energy. John and Chris have worked closely in the past implementing training for staff in relation to investigation techniques for Power Quality and Shock investigations. Emergency Preparedness Flood, storms and bushfires are regular events on the North Coast of NSW, impacting the community and Essential Energy’s operations. The seminar will explore NSW’s well established Emergency Management Arrangements, providing information on emergency planning and the control and coordination arrangements for specific events. It will also include a broad perspective of agency roles and responsibilities including Essential Energy. Find out what goes on behind the scenes of an emergency or natural disaster, as the combat agencies – the State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service etc – plan how to deal with the emergency itself and the people and property it will affect. Presented by Peter Davidson, District Emergency Management Officer, Emergency Management NSW Employed by the NSW Police Force, Peter has had 20 years’ experience as a District Emergency Management Officer. During that period Peter has worked in the Emergency Management Districts of Central West (Bathurst), Peel (Tamworth) and North Coast (Kempsey) assisting Local and District Emergency Management Committees to establish and maintain emergency management arrangements. Introduction of National Work Health and Safety Laws on 1 January 2012 – “It is No Longer Enough to Deal with Just A Sales Company” The new Work Health & Safety Act places greater duties of care on people conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU). All who are involved in the conduct of work or who are contributing things which make work happen have a duty to ensure health and safety and are required to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable. The TEN Group undertakes detailed risk assessments in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 for all high risk plant, tools and equipment. Risk Assessments are conducted by a team of professionals made up of representatives from technical, training, sales and safety. TEN Group Risk Assessments are presented in an easy to read document for field staff with photo identification of hazards. The TEN Group, in partnership with a number of ENA Member Companies (Ausgrid & SPAusnet), has conducted joint Risk Assessments at its premise on high risk plant with positive outcomes resulting in a safer workplace for all staff. Presented by Lloyd Smith, Operations Manager – TEN Group In Lloyd’s role as Operations Manager he is responsible for Logistics, Manufacture, Workshop and Field Operations. Since joining TEN Group two years ago in the role of Health, Safety and Training Manager, Lloyd has cultivated a positive safety culture amongst all staff, resulting in outstanding safety performance (more than 500 days lost time injury free). Lloyd has been in the Electrical Supply Industry for 28 years in a variety of roles, including Safety Operations Manager, Resource Coordinator, Technical Trainer and Electrical Fitter Mechanic. Mitigating Risks Associated with Neutral and Earth Integrity Issues The integrity of protection systems in an electrical supply circuit is only as good as its weakest point. In reality, it is rare that the integrity of earthing systems are checked, even though conventional RCDs require a ‘good or low impedance earth’ in order to provide adequate electrical protection. In situations where a ‘bad earth’ or complete loss of earth is developed due to installation age or mechanical damage and in areas such as sandy or hard rocky soils, concrete and bitumen, the provision of a good earth is problematic and with it, electrical safety compromised. Similarly, neutral integrity is paramount to the provision of safe electrical installations yet is becoming a major contributor to the numbers of electrical incidents occurring in the domestic and industrial sphere. The combination of current imbalance and voltage leakage detection enables a much broader range of fault detection and overcomes the previously insoluble short-comings of conventional RCDs. The RCD DUO ‘raises the bar’ on electrical safety, providing a clear solution to ‘bad earth’ and loss of neutral integrity upstream of the MEN point in conventional earthed environments and also making it ideal for problematic unearthed situations such as portable generators, inverters and UPS. It is now possible to use unearthed electrical distribution systems to complement the existing earthed based system where appropriate. The SET system approach will change work practices, save loss of production time and significantly improve workplace and domestic electrical safety in the long term while mitigating risk. Presented by Allan Edwards, Director, Safe Electrical Technology Pty Ltd Allan Edwards is the Co-Founder, Director and Business Development Manager of Safe Electrical Technology. Allan has a background in the electrical industry which, together with many years of business experience, has provided a solid grounding in the issues associated with electrical safety. This interest in electrical safety has resulted in a business collaboration which aims to improve safety within the industry. Technical sales and business development activities in the UK, Germany and Norway have provided a diverse range of commercial experience. R U OK? at Work – Starting conversations to change lives in the workplace R U OK? at Work is designed to encourage connection throughout the year by supporting employers and employees in any Australian business to develop resilience strategies to better support themselves – and each other – in the workplace. This presentation will provide attendees with: • An overview of the R U OK? Foundation, R U OK? Day and the R U OK? at Work program and how they complement each other and the program’s aims • Emotional resilience in the workplace • A guide to how workplace leaders and employers can get involved in R U OK? at Work and how to access resources / integrate with EAP / encourage participation. Presented by Rebecca Lewis, R U OK? Foundation Project Manager The R U OK? Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the mission to help end suicide by empowering people to make a difference, encouraging open and honest conversation, whilst driving real connection. Its national day of action, R U OK? Day, is held on the second Thursday of September and is known by 58 per cent of Australians after just three years.

Supply Industry Field Days

Australian standard

Host ed by

Honeywell Linesman’s gloves are approved to AS2225 standard and rated from 650–4000V. Trust us to stay ahead on standards.



Visit us on Stand Nº 29 & 30 Call AUS: 1300 139 166 NZ: 0800 322 200

24th-25th July 2012

s - Seminar Program The Fatal Vision Program A practical demonstration on how a fun night out with friends and co-workers involving alcohol and other drugs can affect an employee’s job performance and the overall work environment. The Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles will be used for demonstrating this principle. Presented by Elaine Lensing, Drug and Alcohol Project Coordinator, Essential Energy Elaine has held a number of roles during her 20 years at Essential Energy and is currently overseeing the introduction of random drug and alcohol testing across the organisation. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Insulation design and testing in 2012 and beyond The utilisation of insulated mobile elevating work platforms as an aid to improving safety and efficiency of work at pole top has been trending upward in recent years. The electricity industry has been encouraging manufacturers to improve various aspects of designs including those relating to insulation components in order to more effectively ensure a safe place of work. The industry has also had input to the content of the recently published 2011 edition of AS/NZS1418.10. This edition aims to clarify insulation design and testing principles. However, a degree of debate still exists regarding the essential, desirable and not so desirable attributes of the insulation systems and testing. This paper aims to encourage discussion based on an understating of insulation requirements as interpreted by the author. Presented by Graham Burgess, Testing Development & Standards Manager, Endeavour Energy Graham Burgess has worked in the electrical distribution industry for more than 35 years, specializing in the testing field. He has extensive hands on, supervisory and management experience in a broad range of test disciplines relating to network insulation and reliability, insulating oil condition monitoring and safety equipment certification. Graham was a member of Standards Australia committee ME-005-10-01 dealing with insulated mobile elevating work platforms. Driver Training – Momentary Inattention Using real life scenarios within an interactive workshop style, the presentation will cover topics such as recognising and combating driver fatigue, momentary inattention and drugs/alcohol and their effect on driving. Presented by Peter Ryan, Jobslink Plus Corporate Driver Training Program Peter is a qualified driving instructor with over 14 years in the Police Force as the Northern Region Crash Investigation Unit Leader. First Aid in the Field – How to use your first aid kit for best results Early and correct treatment of injuries assists a better recovery. When an injury occurs out in the field, often the first aid used is very minimal until the worker returns to the depot or receives medical treatment. What is done in the field can make a big difference. Topics covered include: • How to apply the RICE technique to sprains and strains as soon as possible, including strapping techniques •How to clean and cover lacerations from knives or other equipment • What to do when a tooth is knocked out. There will be practical demonstrations where you can have a go and find out more. Presented by Survival It’s Life! As an industry leader, Survival It’s Life! is an experienced, professional and innovative provider of quality training and assessments, products and professional services in Safe Practices, Emergency Response and Emergency Care.

… Power in Control

Come and see our display of Silicone Insulators, Switchgear and Maintenance Products on show at ESI Field Days - Coffs Harbour - 2012 Indoor Stand 8 Tel: (03) 9330 0666

Premium suppliers of specialist Height Safety & Fall Arrest Equipment. Visit us at stands 31 & 32.

Life & Rescue International offer extensive workplace solutions for challenging operational environments through training, maintenance, equipment, fire and security services. Our commitment to life and rescue is backed by the most suitable product and service delivery to ensure the safest work practices.

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8/05/2012 1:58:36 PM For all enquiries or for our Agents contact details, please contact us on

Ph: 1800 144 487 Email:

ESI - 2012 Exhibitor by Stand Number Listing Note: ( ) indicates multiple adjacent stands but not adjacent numbers

Powerhowse Electric Ltd will be exhibiting Cable Hauling Equipment at our Outdoor Stand No. 9

Indoor Exhibitors

Our display will consist of the smaller manageable items, Drum Jacks, Rope, Swivels, Cable Socks, Rollers, Corner and Curve Rollers, Winches, Brushes, Bellmouths, Duct Snakes.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

CATU Australia CATU Australia Sicame Australia Pty Ltd Sicame Australia Pty Ltd Specialised Force Specialised Force HI - Tool NGK Adapt Australia Britech Britech DT Jointing Solutions ERICO Preformed Line Products Intertech Engineering Intertech Engineering Safety Supply Solutions Safety Supply Solutions CABAC Power CABAC Power AK Power Solutions Trio Smartcal

22. MSA Australia 23. Mobile Industrial Workwear 24. Elliotts 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

Prysmian Group Megger Pty Ltd Pacific Test Equipment Fulton Industries (Aust.) (43) Honeywell Safety Products Honeywell Safety Products Life & Rescue International P/L Life & Rescue International P/L Balmoral Engineering Balmoral Engineering Tex Onsite Pty Ltd Tex Onsite Pty Ltd Dulhunty Power Tappat Engineering Pty Ltd Thew & McCann Pty Ltd Thew & McCann Pty Ltd ENERGEX Esitrain Barrier Signs Pty Ltd Fulton Industries (28)

Outdoor Exhibitors

Outdoor Exhibitors (Cont.)

1. TEN Group 2. Hylec Energy Solutions 3. Nationwide Off Road Truck Sales 4. Blackwoods 5. Sherrin Equipment 7. NGK Stanger 8. AWL Canopies 9. Powerhowse Electric 11. Hilti (Aust) Pty Ltd 12. Aichi-SSMI Ltd (Aust)

13. 14. 15. 17. 19. 21. 23. 25.

Chatoyer Environmental Pty Ltd Nifty-Lift TE Connectivity Schneider Electric All Trades Dulhunty Poles Pty Ltd Skylotec Australia Koppers Wood Products





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New Products, Equipment & New Technology


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24th-25th July 2012

Thew & McCann – a Pioneer in electricity supply solutions

Peter Pearce Managing Director Thew & McCann Pty Ltd.

Above: Mark Pointing (Technical Manager). Left: Dan Margetts (Sales Manager), Steve Antonini (Draftsperson), David Dewis (Electrical Engineer) and Juan-Carlos Munoz (Business Development Manager).

Portable Earthing Switchgear Earth

Although Australia’s modern electricity supply is almost taken for granted these days, much of the vast network that exists has been developed over little more than sixty years.


T THE HEART of that extraordinary journey is Thew & McCann Pty Ltd, a dynamic company that has been responsible for introducing a number of exciting innovations, without which, the development and maintenance of the electricity supply network may have been slower and certainly far more arduous. In 1949, at a time when the world was still recovering from the collateral damage and consequences of the Second World War, Thew & McCann first opened its doors in Sydney and it was soon to become one of the early suppliers of safety-related equipment to the fledgling NSW electricity supply network. The rest is history as they say, but no less important because as the years rolled by, the influence of the company during those pioneering days in developing a range of products in support of the electricity industry, was both timely and significant. Obviously, there have been a number of other major contributors within the power and energy sector but what sets Thew & McCann apart is that, throughout its history, the company has ensured that within its own design and manufacturing process, it’s always been about work place safety first, second and third. The highly skilled design team at Thew & McCann believe that the protection of the operator in the field is paramount and every product produced is designed to fulfil that task way beyond simply conforming to standard work place safety regulations. You can find out more about this remarkable company and its range of supply solutions at the Essential Energy Electricity Supply industry Field Days (ESI) in Coffs Harbour, July 24/25.

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Reliable earthing is the final line of defence and lies at the heart of safe practice in electricity distribution and supply. Thew & McCann know that operators rely on the safety, reliability and endurance of its products and the special clamp design and type testing underpins the complete range of portable earths.

Operating Sticks Thew & McCann’s Operating Sticks are made of fibreglass and foam-filled to maximise insulation and to prevent moisture ingress. In accordance with the company’s stringent QA system, every Operating Stick is independently tested to 100 kV per 300mm length to provide customers with confidence in the safety and integrity of these products when used in the field.

Test Lamps Thew & McCann’s range of Test Lamps are unique as they are the only manufacturer in Australia, and probably the world, with an independently certified Category IV (IEC61010) safety rating. Features include finger guards, increased creepage distances for insulation and fire retardance. Of concern are a number of similar products entering Australia that suggest they have this level of certification without actual confirmation of their safety certification. Universal Lifter The Universal Lifter is ideal when an operator faces the challenge of installing or replacing heavy equipment like insulators on the top of power poles or on cross-arms. It’s akin to a mini crane boom and is manipulated by a partner on the ground, making the task much safer. This product, made from a very strong but light grade of aluminium, is unique with no other products available that attach to the pole and cross-arm.

Universal Pole Platform Used throughout rural Australia and particularly in NSW, the Universal Pole Platform, unlike most traditional alternatives, is designed to attach easily and safely to any type of power pole. The UPP- 440 has been re-designed following a suggestion from a client and the name represents the new millimetre width so that an operator’s feet can be apart equivalent to shoulder width for an optimal safe stance. It’s the only product of its type available anywhere.

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At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

SF6 versus Vacuum With a global warming potential of 23,900 times that of carbon dioxide, Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) use in gas filled electrical switchgear is coming under increasing scrutiny within electrical utilities in Australia – particularly given the introduction of a “carbon tax” on the 1st July 2012.


LECTRICITY UTILITIES that use equipment with SF6 have been forced to implement environmental management systems to:

• Track all equipment that uses SF6 gas • Ensure that SF6 gas is removed from equipment during the disposal process • Minimise excess SF6 gas held in storage for use with electrical equipment • Manage occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues related to handling SF6 gas, equipment and storage facilities • Identify and repair leaks from operational equipment without delay • Minimise the release of SF6 gas from equipment at the end of life/disposal process • Manage waste associated with SF6 filled equipment and gas • Minimise the release of used SF6 to the atmosphere. Consequently, there is increasing interest in electrical switchgear that does not use Sulphur Hexafluoride. The latest vacuum circuit breaker technology coming out of premier manufacturers such as ILJIN Electric, offers utilities some tantalising prospects. While providing a means to help meet their greenhouse targets, they can also mitigate their environmental risks and reduce costs associated with monitoring SF6 filled equipment with known leaks and/or premature failures.

Vacuum Circuit Breakers

can be overhauled and restored to ‘as new’ condition. However, practical experience has shown that under normal service conditions the SF6 interrupter never requires servicing throughout its lifetime. The operating mechanisms of all types of circuit-breakers do require servicing, some more frequently than others depending mainly on the amount of energy they have to provide. For the vacuum-circuit breaker the service interval lies between 10,000 and 20,000 operations. For the SF6 designs, the value varies between 5,000 and 20,000 whereby, the lower value applies to the puffer circuitbreaker for whose operation, the mechanism must deliver much more energy. The actual maintenance requirements of the circuit-breaker depends upon its service duty, i.e. on the number of operations over a given period of time and the value of current interrupted. Based on the number of operations, both SF6 and vacuum circuit-breakers used in public supply and /or industrial distribution systems will, under normal circumstances, never reach the limits of their summated breaking current value. Therefore, the need for the repair or replacement of an interrupter will be a rare exception and in this sense these circuit-breakers can be considered maintenance-free. Service or maintenance requirements are therefore restricted to routine cleaning of external surfaces and the checking and lubrication of the mechanism, including the trip-linkages and auxiliary switches. In the final analysis there is little difference in the performance of current Vacuum or SF6 circuit breakers. The biggest difference is the environmental considerations and the additional costs associated with the ongoing life cycle management of SF6 circuit breakers. There is therefore sufficient reason for the significant interest in the latest vacuum circuit breakers that can perform to the same high standards of the SF6 circuit breakers that have been used in the market for the past 20 years or more while delivering important environmental and on-going cost saving benefits.

The most important characteristics of both SF6 gas and vacuum circuit breakers are the arc-extinguishing capabilities. With vacuum circuit breakers, two electrical contacts are enclosed in a vacuum. One of the contacts is fixed, and one of the contacts is movable. When the circuit breaker opens, the movable contact pulls away from the fixed contact, interrupting the current. Because the contacts are in a vacuum, arcing between the contacts is suppressed, ensuring that the circuit remains open. As long as the circuit is open, it will not be energised. Vacuum interrupters are used for breaking and making load and fault ILJIN Vacuum Load Break Switch currents. ILJIN have recently released a Polymer Insulated Vacuum Load Break Switch into the Australian market. Comparison of SF6 and Vacuum This switch uses vacuum circuit Technologies breaker technology. The introduction of this switch follows In the case of the SF6 circuit-breaker, interrupters which have reached the on from their very successful SF6 load limits of their operational effectiveness break switch.

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Vacuum Interrupters

• Long Life and Maintenance-Free Operation – Controlled contact erosion results in long electrical life. Contacts are enclosed within the vacuum interrupter. Certificated to the newly revised IEC • Excellent Sticking Resistance – Hard standards IEC60265-1 contact material minimises contact sticking in a vacuum and is ideal for The Load break switch incorporates high current applications. vacuum circuit breakers in polymer Atmospheric Contact housing and utilises ILJIN’s proven • No Contamination – No oxides and operating mechanism and intelligent corrosion layers can form on the secondary systems. contacts. • No Noise, No Flash. All arcing is confined inside the vacuum interrupter. Controller

• No Environmental Effects – Current interruption occurs in a vacuum; no greenhouse or toxic gases are emitted. • Very Low Current Chop – The low average cut off current results in a minimal induced transient voltage spike so that surge suppressors are not required

The secondary system has a complete local control system with electrical actuation and can interface to a high level micro processor based control system that can be adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Operating Mechanism The operating mechanism – • Maintenance-free • More than 5,000 operations over its life cycle • Excellent reliability


• Both manual and automated designs have motor operating mechanisms included.

Bushings The high voltage cable connection enclosure is for cable plug in socket having an inward tapered cone system as specified in IEC standard. The housing of the Load Break Switch is made from high quality epoxy resin which is highly resistant to corrosion, thus providing a housing of excellent reliability.

NEW Polymer Insulated Vacuum Load Break Switch is SF6 free – helping you save the environment and your long-term costs ITCH – CE W S K A MAN D BRE SF6 LOA G TERM PERFOR LON PROVEN

12-36kV, 400-630A ‡ SF6 Insulated ‡ Full stainless steel enclosure ‡ Fully automated options available ‡ High pollution options available



24kV, 400A-630A Certified to newly revised IEC60265-1 standards ‡ Maintenance free ‡ Gas pressure lockout standard ‡ Locking mechanism available ‡ Gas pressure explosion plate standard

See See you you atat ENERGY NETWORKS EXHIBITION ESI Field2012Days SStand TANDS 58 &20 59

‡ Vacuum interrupter technology ‡ SF6 Free ‡ Stainless steel enclosure ‡ High reliability ‡ Compact design

‡ Easy Installation ‡ Maintenance free ‡ High quality epoxy housing ‡ Fully automated options available

apug sms

Quality ISO 9001 Accredited

+61 2 9676 3500

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24th-25th July 2012

New Nifty-Lift Platform Makes High Places Safer F

OLLOWING on from Nifty-Lift’s successful release of the innovative KTF range of elevating work platforms is the addition of the brand new, NiftyLift NL122TF. Now available, the NL122TF insulated, elevating work platform has a host of outstanding features including a unique overcentre fly boom. Apart from 270º fly boom travel, the new model features a 180kg basket capacity and a 90º basket rotator, making it ideal for street lighting,

electrical connections and tree-trimming. Exceptional maneuverability means that it’s much easier to avoid power lines, pay TV wires, tram lines and tree branches, yet still position the basket right at the ideal work location. A further safety feature is the inclusion of the patented ‘IICL’ 66kV boom insert which provides operators with superior protection should inadvertent contact occur with live lines. According to Kevin Power, NiftyLift’s General Manager of Operations,

New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days

Above: Unmatched access for Live Line works

Above: The new NL122TF with overcentre fly boom

this new addition to the model range is a natural fit and continues the long line of highly successful elevated work platforms. “One of our major fleet customers has informed us they are experiencing a 30% productivity improvement with our innovative fly boom models. Since we released the KTF range, we’ve been supplying our 18, 20 and 26 metre fly boom EWPs to various power authorities and major hire companies, with terrific feedback. Obviously, the NL122TF has been developed to the same high standard of quality and workmanship as the KTF range, and we are pleased to be able to now offer class leading flexibility at a 13 metre working height.” Many of Nifty-Lift’s models now include an updated colour operator screen with easily understood diagnostics built in, plus a large number of standard and optional features that make working in the power sector much simpler, safer and more productive. Nifty-Lift’s in-house team of design engineers has achieved extraordinary success over a number of years by consistently producing a range of extremely reliable, worksmart machines. The new NL122TF is no exception and will undoubtedly soar to the same great heights as confirmed by the glowing reviews that followed the release of the KTF elevating work platform models. The addition of the NL122TF gives Nifty-Lift a range of over twenty models and ensures that there’s an elevating work platform available to meet any requirement. You can see videos of the Nifty-Lift range of products in action on You Tube and at as well as detailed specifications and related information. To see the new model in operation simply search for NL122TF on You Tube.

30% more productive NIFTY-LIFT’s fly boom models allow operators to safely reach more pole locations than conventional fly boom EWPs, without having to move the truck. Contact us to enquire how you can benefit from a 30% productivity gain with a NIFTY-LIFT 13m, 18m, 20m and 26 metre fly boom EWP.

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Visit us at Outdoor Stand No. 14


24th-25th July 2012

Australian Made Earthing Rods F

ULTON INDUSTRIES Earthing Rod AUSTRALIA Manufacturing Division has been producing Copper Clad and Stainless Steel Clad Earthing Rods in Australia since 1985. Reliability of Earthing Rods in a modern Electricity Network is a must and the robust product Fulton Industries produces, has a very impressive record. The process of Mechanically Cladding Copper Tube onto the Steel core, provides a more rigid rod for driving into the ground. Stainless Steel Clad Rods are now more

New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days

Above: Atlas Copco Earth Rod Driver

widely used due to the introduction of concrete and steel power poles. These are made to customer required lengths and are extendable by the use of a stainless steel coupling unique to Fulton Industries. With the introduction of the steel power poles, Fulton Industries has developed a steel lug with a steel wire tail crimped to connect to the stainless steel earth rods when trenching out from the steel pole. These are custom made to order to suit tail length requirements. Fulton Industries offers a range of compression crimps for earth wire attachment to Earth Rods or other earth wires. A full range of compression dies is also available. An earthing medium for connecting to the steel reinforcing bars for concrete construction in high-rise buildings is now available. This allows the earthing at each level of a building. Fulton Industries’ manufacturing flexibility means customers can nominate tail lengths to suit their requirements. Improvement of the earths can be achieved by using our Bentonite/Gypsum Compound “GOOD EARTH”. This dramatically improves the bond between earth rod and ground and will not dry out even in very hot conditions. This means the Earth Rod and the “Good Earth” are always in contact. Fulton Industries offers a wide range of mechanically bonding clamps. These are “U” Bolt or “Bolted” Clamps and are made to suit 12mm, 14mm, 15mm and 19mm diameter Earth Rods, also available a range of Fence Post/Pipe Clamps.

Fulton Industries now have available Tools to Drive Earth Rods. The Atlas Copco range of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Tools are lightweight and fulfil the O.H. & S. Guidelines of most Utilities. A range of Driving Moils are available to suit the Atlas Copco, Milwaukee, Kango and Makita Driving Tools. Power Packs from Atlas Copco for Hydraulic Earth Rod Drivers are also available. Other tools available to suit the Atlas Copco Driver include Chisels, Spikes, Spades and Tamping Pads. Fulton Industries has a comprehensive range of U.R.D. Products including Pillar Boxes and Bases in Fibreglass, Injection Moulded and Rotational Moulded Plastic materials. A large range of Cabinets to fit “Inline” Feeder Fuses or Links are available and can be fitted out as required. Other Cabinets can be supplied fitted with H.V. Junctions for 2-Way, 3-Way, 4Way and Elbows. Fulton Industries has a range of Substation fittings to suit Copper and Aluminium for most cable and tube sizes. Please refer to au for sizes or consult the factory for full details. Full details of Fulton Industries’ product range appears on www. and covers Power products in the areas of UNDERGROUND DISTRIBUTION & ACCESSORIES, PITS and ACCESSORIES – GRC Concrete – Polymer Concrete – Plastic

– Fibreglass – Cable Markers, TOOLS and SAFETY, BOLTED CONNECTORS - Copper and Aluminium, FLEXIBLE CONNECTORS SUBSTATION FITTINGS, TRANSMISSION FITTINGS, EARTHING and LIGHTNING Our friendly staff are always available to assist with enquiries, by telephone, fax or email. Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm


Bolted Connectors Aluminum or Copper

Cabinets, Pillars and Bases

Earth Rods, Clamps, Compression Fittings

Stringing Tools and Lifting Tools NSW OFFICE: 5-8, 13 GIBBENS ROAD, WEST GOSFORD 2250 TEL: +61 2 4323 4242 FAX: +61 2 4322 6197 QLD OFFICE: UNIT 9, 26 OCTAL STREET, YATALA QLD 4207 TEL: + 61 7 3382 6882 FAX: +61 7 3382 6669 WEBSITE:

Flexible Connectors Substation Fittings

Concrete, Fibreglass, Plastic Pits and Lids

Transmission Fittings


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At ESI Field Days


When it comes to maintenance on your hydraulic tools and equipment you need to be able to trust that the work is being carried out properly and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our qualified staff take the guess work out of repair work and will give you an upfront lead time and quote on your tool repair and notify you when the tool is ready for dispatch.

ON DISPLAY! New Products, Equipment & New Technology

24th-25th July 2012 Commitment to Safety and Quality Our certification to ISO9001 is your guarantee that we have made the commitment to implement best practice in systems, processes, service and quality control. Our quality management system covers all facets of our business and we continually review and refine our processes to improve our internal and external delivery standards.

Manufacturing Utility companies make huge investments in tools and equipment and it makes sense to invest in quality storage solutions that can protect that investment from dust, rain and damage. TEN offers a complete range of off the shelf solutions to the utility industry’s storage needs, or can custom manufacture a product to meet the client’s needs and budget, as we do for many utilities all around Australia. The manufacturing division of TEN prides itself on innovation and has recently released a waterproof equipment bag featuring ultrasonic welded seams that prevents moisture ingress.


Our Energy, Your Power From humble beginnings with a single hire of underground rollers into the then Northern Rivers region of the old NorthPower depot, TEN has become a leading supplier of tooling and equipment for the construction and maintenance of Essential Energy’s electricity network.


UT OF THE amalgamation of Advance Energy, Great Southern Energy and Northpower, TEN emerged as a company that could supply a wide range of tools to the centralised purchasing system. TEN is very proud of its long standing partnership with Essential Energy and prides itself on offering product innovation, great customer service and reliable supply. A key asset of TEN is the ability to build strong relationships in all areas of the supply chain. As a National distribution and rental company we strongly believe that each entity of the supply chain hold the same value as one another. TEN only chooses to partner with reputable suppliers as our primary intent is to deliver the best possible end product with reliable lead times and value for our customers. It’s through on the ground contact with field workers, technical staff, engineers and procurement personnel that TEN has been at the forefront of development and supply of specialised industry tools and construction equipment for over 14 years. A great example of productivity and safety improvements was the introduction of Klauke battery operated crimping and cutting tools now used right across the Essential Energy network. These hand held battery tools greatly reduced the risk of RSI associated with hand cutters and crimpers, delivered superior productivity with faster cuts and crimps and allowed the worker more space in tight environments. TEN will be showcasing a range of existing tools and equipment at the ESI field days with their “Demo Van”, as well as some new innovations and products that will deliver safety and productivity benefits.

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Company Founder Ian “Scotty” Scott, now heads up TEN Group’s Hire Division that rents a complete range of stringing and cable hauling equipment for the ESI sector. The range includes small distribution pullers, puller tensioners suitable for OPGW and large transmission Puller-Tensioners, as well as a complement of stringing rollers, earth mats, draw wire and reel handling products. Machinery and accessories are available on short or long term hire. It is highly beneficial to have a partnership with a hire business that can assist with increasing capacity when new contracts are awarded, maintenance on owned machinery needs to occur or when weather affects project completion dates.

Industry Specific Services TEN also offers a range of services that complement the supply of tools and construction equipment to the electricity supply industry. These include: • Service and repair of hydraulic tools and construction equipment • Australian manufacture of quality canvas and PVC storage solutions, and • Hire of transmission and distribution stringing and cable hauling equipment.

Service and Repair Our new workshop facility in Banyo has expanded TEN’s service and repair capabilities and allowed the addition of further staff with extensive tool and equipment knowledge. The workshop stocks many spare parts so that service and repair times are minimal, providing an efficient service to our customers.

Above: Machinery available for short or long term hire

Our commitment to a safe workplace has resulted in the TEN Group receiving AS4801 Accreditation in April 2012. Our regular safety inspections, hazard identifications and risk assessments have contributed greatly in improving the safety of our workplace and yours. Our internal safety focus has helped us develop a safety culture that transpires to our external customer involvement. This focus on safety is a value add in the functions of sales, hire and product development. All high risk plant and equipment supplied, hired or sold by TEN has undergone a detailed Risk Assessment (RA) by a committee of staff that includes former linesman and trainers, safety officers, sales personnel and senior management as well as peer review by senior industry professionals. At TEN, Work instructions, Procedures, Training and supervision forms part of our daily routine, much like the industry we work in. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s ESI Field Days.

Above: Our Service and Repair qualified staff take the guess work out of repair

Top left: TEN Workshop builds custom made assemblies Below: Our commitment to a safe workplace has resulted in the TEN Group being granted AS4801 Accreditation

Visit the TEN Demo Van at:

nerg the e

w y net


the ene rgy net work

demo van OH&S SYSTEM CERTIFIED TO AS/NZS 4801:2001 REGN. Number 3567


Pulling  Rollers/Sheaves Safety, Ladders &      Accessories Liveline Clothing Coverup Equipment Line Materials

the energy network Phone : 07 3212 8999

Earthing & Jumpers Machinery Hydraulics Hand Tools Storage Test Equipment 

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New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

All Trades Showcases its Range at 2012 Field Days L

IKE the name of the company suggests, the activities of All Trades encompasses a broad range of industry sectors. As both a product supplier and manufacturer, the company has accrued a wealth of product and industry knowledge over many years. The collective experience of the All Trades team stretches across 60 years and as any client knows, beyond the All Trades counter there is always a product solution available and many of those will be on display at Essential Energy’s 2012 Field Days. This year the Electricity Supply Industry Field Days will be held in Coffs Harbour at the showground on the 24th and 25th of July. It’s an annual event which provides an opportunity for those who service the electricity, water, mining and rail industries to showcase the latest products and technology that will serve to improve workplace efficiency and safety. All Trades has maintained a major presence at the event for the last ten years and this year will be no exception with a select range of new and innovative products on display.

section fibreglass extension ladders which are ideal for the utilities sector, with the particular requirements of the linesperson in mind.

This year the company will feature, among other things, the new range of Pelco box

The team at All Trades are impressed with the latest Pelco fibreglass extension ladder range, and believes the safety aspects and practicality of this brand is the best they’ve seen. “All Trades have supplied the industry a lot of ladders over the years, and as times have changed, so has

“Service, Knowledge, Experience”

11/5 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154 Ph: 02 8850 2700 Fx: 02 8850 2701 Email:

We are pleased to be part of Essential Energy’s 2012 Field Days, where we will be showcasing our new range of Pelco Fibreglass Extensions Ladders. These ladders are currently being trialled by several of Australia’s leading Power and Communications Utility companies. We will also have other new and innovative products and demonstrations.

Please come and see us at Stand No. 19, outside the main hall.

Petrol Powered Capstan Winch

the important emphasis on staff safety. Our role is not just to sell and make products, but to work with our customers in finding the right solutions. If products are out there that we believe offer better features in that area then we are obliged to inform our customers, regardless”. Michael Matheson – Product and service manager Some of the unique Pelco features include; a spring loaded latching system which ensures that the ladder can only drop to the next rung in the event of the user dropping the operating rope. This is a big improvement on the gravity latch generally used by other manufacturers. Another safety feature Pelco has incorporated is internal running guides. This ensures that the user’s hands are out of harm’s way, as external running guides could quite easily cause impact to hands and fingers. Unlike other box section ladders, the top of the Pelco fly section is tapered to provide a more contoured rest against round poles, hence eliminating the potential hazard of “rocking”. In addition, the working rungs, i.e. the 2nd and 3rd rung from the top of the fly section are wider than other brands and provide more comfort for the user by eliminating ‘crowfoot’ and calf soreness when standing for longer periods. Instead of the conventional 30mm plastic pulleys used by other brands, Pelco’s extension ladder incorporates a marine grade combination of stainless and nylon pulley of a generous 50mm diameter to make the raising and lowering of the ladder much easier . Pelco firmly believes in the quality of its products with the ladder having a 10 year warranty on running gear and ladder latch which is far in excess of the terms offered by other brands. All Trades manufacturing Pty Ltd was established in 1995 in Castle Hill in NSW on the back of Telstra’s cable TV network roll-out, Foxtel. At the time the company was the source for the manufacture, and supply of specialised tooling and products used by the field operatives in charge of the rollout. In fact All Trades were awarded a contract to supply Telstra with a range of copper network maintenance products known as ‘CPAS’, and to this day are the exclusive suppliers of that range.


$1488 plus GST

while stocks last

A number of similar contracts followed with numerous major utility companies and this led to the company becoming heavily involved in producing custom-made products such as overhead and underground cable rollers, specialty tooling and other related products. These days’ some of their valuable clients include Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid, Energex, Telstra and many leading contracting firms. According to John Sullivan, Managing Director and Founder of All Trades, “Our technical and product expertise across a broad range of sectors has been the key to the company’s success. We believe that our overall industry knowledge, the diversity of our product range, our ability to listen to our customers and respond to their needs with a customized solution is why we stand out from our competitors. We also back that up with a high standard of after sales service and at the end of the day; we know what the best products and solutions are for the job, and for that, I have our customers, suppliers, and dedicated staff to thank..”

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You can see the best of All Trades at Stand 19 outdoors at Essential Energy’s 2012 Field Days or visit;

New Products, Equipment & New Technology


At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

ESI 2012 Sponsor Tex Onsite Supports Industry Initiative Tex Onsite - Frontrunners in World Standard Comprehensive Management System for Testing & Calibration Requirements


USTRALIAN owned Tex Onsite has always provided a world class On Site Test and Calibration Service, to an ever increasing wide range of industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. With the introduction of their new product – the Comprehensive Management System, their innovation and professional capability has shone through once again ensuring Tex Onsite remains on the top of the industry for many years to come. For the ESI 2012 Field Days event, Tex Onsite’s sponsorship has contributed to the ESI 2012 Central Activities Marquee, the ESI Safety Practitioners Conference & the associated SPC Networking Dinner. Managing Director Mick Kirwan said the opportunity to support the ESI through sponsorship of such a fantastic initiative as the ESI 2012 Field Days event is extremely welcome and more suppliers to the industry should appreciate the benefits this type of event presents. Stepping out from the crowd through this sponsorship is not unusual for Tex Onsite. It has been proactive in setting the industry standards for some time now and this initiative fits in perfectly with the character of the whole organization. The first such organization to develop a proper on-site mobile test and calibration service nationally, Tex Onsite has shown the way again in the development of a testing and calibration air fleet servicing remote locations. The marine arm servicing island resorts is also not far away. The company has been founded on innovation which is always evident throughout the whole organization. This new and unique Comprehensive Management System has also been born out of the same innovative approach where staff are constantly coming up with new concepts aimed at improving efficiencies for industry. Tex Onsite’s Comprehensive Management System involves all sectors of the organization and especially, relies heavily on the Scientific Services branch who are constantly researching new services and developing new and better procedures to meet the challenges of industry. Tex Onsite clients have been ecstatic with the one stop shop concept the Comprehensive Management System is providing. One client has gone from dealing with seven different providers down to one –Tex Onsite. They continue to meet required obligations along with the added advantage of substantial savings. The enormous range of products currently provided is second to none and with the list continuously growing, there seems to be no end to the future growth and development. The ultimate aim of Tex Onsite is to be the only call any industry needs to make to remain compliant and safe in the workplace and meet all appropriate standards for all testing and calibration requirements. Visit the Tex Onsite team at ESI 2012 at indoor stands 35 and 36 to find out more about the new Comprehensive Management System and their product range or call them for further details on 1300 785 935.

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At ESI Field Days


24th-25th July 2012

Dulhunty - supplier of quality Electricity Transmission & Vibration Control products Over the last 20 years, Dulhunty Power has continued to establish its credentials and is now firmly entrenched as a respected manufacturer and supplier of quality electricity transmission and distribution products globally.

utilities and contractors throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Asia Pacific region. The advantage of having its China and Thai operations means it can also supply fittings and products for numerous European and American companies involved in the electricity transmission and distribution sector.

technical knowhow in measuring and resolving vibration control problems in transmission lines. Dulhunty Power has recently introduced the Maclean Power range of polymer guy strain insulators for use on insulated Stay wires for transmission and distribution applications. Introduction of the polymer guy strain insulators


HE COMPANY has also broadened its operational base with manufacturing plants in Australia, China, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as sales offices in New Zealand (Auckland), and Hong Kong. The broad expanse of Dulhunty’s sphere of operation provides the ideal springboard for overall product research and for identifying the needs of the global electricity market. This in turn enables the company to consistently expand its own product range to ensure that any products the company sells always remain on the cutting edge of developments within the electricity sector. Through its own research and development program Dulhunty Power is also ideally placed to manufacture its own branded product range to both

Guy strain

Dulhunty Power has invested heavily in developing products and solutions for Aeolian vibration and along the way the company has established a unique market presence in the development of its own range of vibration control products, Helixon product, overhead line fittings and ABC fittings. Dulhunty is now regarded globally as an expert in the field, due to its significant and accrued

complements the range of porcelain guy strain insulators that Dulhunty Power has provided for many years. Guy strain insulators are required to be used for stay wires for Transmission and distribution that are not properly earthed. In normal use, there is no significant electrical stress on the guy strain insulators. The function of the guy strain insulator is to ensure that the stay wire

does not become energised in the event of a failure of the phase conductor insulation due to lightning or other adverse event Normally, the flashover length of the guy strain insulator is selected so that the wet flashover withstand voltage is higher than the maximum phase to earth voltage of the phase conductors. For lower voltage lines, a porcelain guy strain insulator has a sufficiently high wet flashover length can be selected and specified. For higher voltages, however even the largest porcelain guy strain insulator does not have a sufficiently long flashover length to ensure that the insulators will not flashover at the maximum phase to earth voltage. In these applications, it has been common to see a polymer insulator used. Although this is a great solution for the electrical and safety design, it is a relatively expensive solution to the problem. The introduction of the Maclean Power range of polymer guy strain insulators (which are essentially polymer insulators without the sheds) will provide an equally good solution for the electrical safety, but at a lower cost. Maclean Power Guy strain insulators are made in a range of strengths from 70kN to 240kN and in lengths to suit the line voltage. Full details may be obtained from Dulhunty Power.

A MacLean Power Systems Company

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Nelson Bay Road powerline replacement


VERHEAD powerline crews commenced work recently to replace timber poles along Nelson Bay Road.

Specialist crews will spend about two weeks installing 27 new concrete poles along existing access tracks between Frost Road and Salamander Way to help boost power supply to about 20,000 homes and businesses in Nelson Bay. Ausgrid’s Executive Manager Operations Lower Hunter, John Hardwick, said the power poles would carry new 33,000 Volt and 11,000

Volt wires to help link Tomaree zone substation in Nelson Bay with a major supply point in Tomago. “These powerlines will replace ageing equipment and help keep pace with the growing demand for power across the Port Stephens area,” Mr Hardwick said. Heavy vehicles including a large pile driver will be on site during the work.

New Equipment for Maitland Zone Substation


ORK to install two 40 tonne transformers, electrical switchgear and protection equipment has started at the new Maitland zone substation.

Ausgrid’s General Manger Transmission Brett Hooper said the original Maitland Central zone substation was commissioned in the 1970s and supplies power to about 4,000 homes and businesses around the CBD, South Maitland, Largs, Bolwarra and Oakhampton. “The existing substation has performed well over the years, but it is now time for it to be replaced,” Mr Hooper said.

“We expect peak demand for power to increase about 3.5 per cent a year across Maitland and this new equipment will help us continue to deliver a safe and reliable supply to one of the state’s fastest growing regions.” Civil construction has wrapped up on site and it is expected the electrical fit out will be complete by early 2013. Project details: • Two 33 MVA transformers • 5 control and protection panels • 5 panels of 33kV air insulated switchgear • 15 panels of 11kV switchgear

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Electricity upgrade for Sutherland Shire Project details: Gwawley Bay substation includes the installation of: • Two 37.5 MVA 132/11kV transformers • 41 control and protection panels • 7 panels of 132kV gas insulated switchgear • 12 panels of 11kV switchgear The electrical fit out of Engadine substation will include: • Two 37.5 MVA 132/11kV transformers • 45 control and protection panels • 6 panels of 132kV gas insulated switchgear • 21 panels of 11kV switchgear

Above: Ausgrid’s Frank Rallis working on the fit out of the new Gwawley Bay zone substation


ORK to connect four 40 tonne transformers, electrical switchgear and protection equipment has started as part of the replacement of two major electrical supply points in the Sutherland Shire. The two zone substations at Engadine and Gwawley Bay were built in 1964 and 1970 and supply power to about 19,000 homes and businesses.

Ausgrid General Manager Transmission Trevor Armstrong said peak demand for power across the shire was also growing at about one per cent a year. “The existing substations have performed well over the years, but its now time to replace them,” Mr Armstrong said. “We’re also making sure they can cater for the growing peak demand for power in the shire.”

TAMCO SWITCHGEAR in Ausgrid’s 11kV network A S a manufacturer of electrical switchgear since 1964, Tamco Electrical Industries Australia Pty Ltd (“Tamco Australia”) manufactures an extensive range of switchgear for a variety of applications. Based in Dandenong, Victoria, Tamco Australia has an international presence with sister companies in Malaysia and Indonesia, both of which also operate manufacturing facilities. It’s a design and development power base that ensures that Tamco Australia is always able to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Local manufacturing capability allows for shortened lead times, while imports from sister companies provide an enhanced product offering. Tamco Australia’s Low Voltage range includes motor control centres and main switchboards, as well as protection and control panels for both LV and MV applications. Tamco Australia is responsible for the local administration, marketing, sales, project management, support and purchasing of the complete range of Tamco MV Switchgear, featuring 11kV & 22kV AIS switchboards and 33kV GIS switchboards. Transportable switchrooms, fully customised, fitted out and tested, and a range of power and distribution transformers are also part of Tamco Australia’s product offering. Page 32 - Australian Power & Energy News

Tamco has played a fundamental role in the evolution of switchgear technology over the last 40 years and it’s reassuring that a company with such a wealth of experience remains at the forefront in the supply of electrical support for the utility sector. It’s something the company does extremely well, and one of the reasons why Tamco Australia has been supplying switchgear for Ausgrid’s 11kV Zone Substation network under a period contract since 2006, as well as providing supervision services for Ausgrid during the installation process. The Tamco switchgear installed at Engadine substation is 11kV VHIH Single Bus Indoor Metalclad withdrawable switchgear, comprising 27 panels, while Gwawley Bay substation comprises 13 panels of Tamco’s 11kV VHID Double Bus Indoor Metalclad Withdrawable switchgear, similar to that supplied by Tamco to Ausgrid’s Rose Bay, Balgowlah and Top Ryde substations. The company continues to develop an extensive range of switchgear to respond to the diverse requirements of a variety of industry sectors. As further proof of the extraordinary and diverse capability of Tamco Australia, its products are installed in gold mines, gas plants, telephone exchanges, airports, and water treatment and materials handling plants all round the world.

Peak periods of electricity use usually occur in the morning and early evening during the week, when appliances are all switched on at once across businesses and homes. Both substations are expected to be powering homes and business by late next year.

Above: Part of the Gas Insulated Switchgear that was delivered to the new Engadine zone substation recently

The Switchgear Specialist “Proud supplier of 11kV Air Insulated Switchgear to Ausgrid” Tamco has been in the business of electrical switchgear since 1964, with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Tamco’s products are installed in gold mines, gas plants, electrical substations, telephone exchanges, airports, and water treatment and materials handling plants all round the world. That’s why Tamco is The Switchgear Specialist.

Tamco Electrical Industries Australia Pty Ltd 31 Kitchen Road Dandenong Vic 3175 Phone 03 9706 7288 Fax 03 9706 9112 Email Web

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