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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan Inaugural Edition

November 7, 2010-December 6,2010

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Editorial I, as the editor of the e-magazine of our MohunBaganDunia group have been entrusted with the onerous task although I must confess that I am neither from the literary world nor am a career journalist or a writer. However, the allurement of being associated albeit indirectly, with the beloved institution called Mohun Bagan made me agree to take up the challenge. Thus, as I write the editorial for the maiden issue of the emagazine I feel that it is worthy of the cause. On a personal note and even at the cost of being ridiculed by rival fans, to me Mohun Bagan is no less than Real Madrid or Manchester United or AC Milan. These Clubs are institutions by their own right in the respective countries and being fortunately plush with funds are a major force in the European football circuit. Mohun Bagan too is an institution and revered by the football knowledgeable in India. It was also in the 1950s and 1960s a force in Asia when the football standard in India was at an all-time high with a plethora of stars ruling the circuit. Football‟s controlling bodies the AIFF at the national level and the IFA at the State level somehow lost focus and failed to improve upon the supply line. Lack of proper marketing of the game has now resulted in hordes of footballers with limited skills and intensity for the Clubs to choose from. Mohun Bagan Athletic Club has been a first in many ways and stands out far ahead of the other two rival Clubs. The Club‟s barefooted footballers humbled the East York Regiment to win the 1911 IFA Shield widely acknowledged as a fore-runner to India‟s independence struggle against the British. The football team of the Club had the rare honour of playing against a team led by the great Nascimento da Silva “Pele” acknowledged as the greatest footballer of all time. This match was organised by the Club and was a rare gift to the Kolkata football lovers. Being associated with this Club is a rare honour. Membership is limited and the members list constitutes a Who‟s Who of Indian society. Men who stand out in society are more often than not been associated with this esteemed institution.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Apologising for digressing (the temptation to sing Mohun Bagan Clubâ€&#x;s praise is irresistible), I hope this step in floating the e-magazine is a small effort on our part to eulogise the Clubâ€&#x;s achievements in football and contribution to the Indian society. I sincerely hope we continue doing this in the days ahead. Finally, a warm thank you to Subrata (Babloo) Bhattacharjee, the ex-Mohun Bagan captain and a trusted soldier for excellently guiding Chirag United to their maiden Durand Cup win yesterday, thereby showing to all and sundry that Bengal still is a force in Indian football and himself one of the finest coaches currently available in the Indian circuit. Best wishes to Mohun Bagan Athletic Club and all those associated with it. Rana Bose

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

A Mohun Bagan Legend- Subrata Bhattacharya (Babloo) By Dr Rajshankar Ghosh He was tall. He was stout. He was tough. He was a tower. He was everything that made us weep in joy and in sorrow. He was Number 16. The Mohun Bagan Team of 1970-1980s had many luminaries. We adored them. Him, Subrata, we loved. We called him Babloo, lovingly. Drenched in rain, drenched in sweat, we were there every match, every day, to cheer for our Mohun Bagan, to witness the magic of Subrata on the field. He attracted us as a light would attract the moth. When the ball would come flying high, he would rise above all to steer the ball away. When the ball would come rolling speedily on the ground, he would lie flat in the pool of mud to block the ball. Whatever happened, we knew Subrata was there for us in moments of crisis. We broke and made friendships for him. We dreamt of him. We prayed for him. He was with us in every sphere of our life then. It was one summer afternoon in 1979 -1980. I was a student of class IX-X. We were streaming out of our class room when I noticed the mini crowd in front of the notice board. I made my way through the crowd. For a few seconds I stared and then oblivious of the surrounding I shouted “Joy Guru” at the top of my voice. My friends who knew me well were not surprised. Behind the glass frame was a hand written notice “The Rathayatra Football Tournament Final will be held on XXX date. Mr. Subrata Bhattacharya will be the chief guest and will grace the prize ceremony”. I could not believe my eyes. I thanked almost half of the 33 crores God most of whose names I did not know. The final was just a week away. The D-Day came in a whiff. Our Class IX English medium had reached the finals and would play Class IX Bengali Medium. Unfortunately I was not a member of the team. But I was the main cheer leader for our team and so had a special role to ensure victory of our team. Sunday afternoon. I was ready to set off for the field. There had been a few rough incidents amongst the English and Bengali medium supporters at Lunch hour. So we were charged up anyway. My hostel warden, Sarat Da, who knew me in and out, called me in his room. He knew that I was a diehard fan of Subrata. Accordingly he warned me to keep myself restrained and not act like one of those “Kolkata‟s hooligan fans”. I reached the field and took a position close to the pandal that had been set up for the games ceremony. Page - 5 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan There was that mild cheer near the gate, the slight commotion. I knew HE had arrived. I stood breathless. Then all of a sudden he entered. He was surrounded by our games teacher and a few Sannyasis from the Ashram. He was smiling. There was hardly any student close by. We had been asked to remain disciplined and not behave like hooligans of Kolkata‟s football fans. I had other plans. Subrata came close to the pandal, still smiling and waving to the gallery of students who were cheering. That is when I sprang like a leopard at his feet. “Joy Guru, Joy Guru” was all that I could say, his fee at my chest. Subrata was too startled to react. The Sports teacher and the Sannyasis, not knowing what to do started shouting “Get Up, Get up!! Oh my God, what is this!! We are sorry, Sir , we are very sorry!!”. Babloo stooped low and caught my had. I stood up. We embraced. The sports teacher managed to whisper in my ear “You are in for a tight slap later, dear”. But the whole field of spectators, my friends, was clapping. That was the moment of my life and has still remained an event that I will always cherish as long as I live. What happened after the Game was over and I returned to the hostel was a different story. Suffice to say that it took all the power and the blessing of the 33 crores of Gods to dissuade the Principal from offering me a Transfer Certificate which as any school going child will vouch is akin to a death sentence for a convict.

(The boy who fell at Babloo‟s feet)

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Down the Memory Lane: My first “Big” Match By Kaushik Dutta Year 1976. City: Kolkata. Place: Eden Gardens Stadium. Tournament: Kolkata League As a 14 year old kid, mesmerized by the “beautiful game” and as the local Kolkata jargons go “colour of blood is green and maroon”, waited eagerly to watch the first derby match of my life. The 1975 shocker at that tender age has left a profound impression of sadness, which even today haunts us all. 1976, we had started the recruitment season afresh with strong resolution to overcome the last few years of pitiable performance in Indian football. In came the famous bros M. Habib and M. Akbar, Subhas Bhowmik and Samaresh Choudhury from the arch rivals. The home grown stalwarts like Subrata Bhattacharya, Prasun Bannerjee, Pradeep Choudhury, Crompton Dutta and Bidesh Bose were on a blossoming stage. Ulaganathan by then had settled down and adapted to tough Kolkata conditions and captain goalie Prashanta Mitra eager to handle the prestigious job. The stage was set for turnaround of fortune and return to the winning track. My cousin informed me that he has managed a ticket for me for the big match in the summer of ‟76. The next few days I spent sleepless nights down with immense tension and chill which even today is associated with any derby match. The big match always calls for disturbance of the nervous system be it young or old. The big day arrived and I waited restlessly under the “metro cinema” portico for my brother. It was raining heavily and the entire place was full with people sporting umbrellas and raincoats. My brother who was waiting for me was standing 2 feet away. But probably the tension had gripped us all that day and we couldn‟t find each other for a good 30 minutes. Finally I found my brother and we hurried towards the Eden Garden Stadium amidst rain and the unknown trepidation. We got the seat on the left side of the club house. We were late and the game was about to start. The teams were limbering up on the field. I tried to spot my favourite Ulaganathan. He visited my house a year back for my uncle‟s wedding and was an icon of sort in those days. Crowd was yet to be settled. Few senior Mohun Baganis were discussing the previous years stories of the big match, young ones especially the first timers like me were a bit skeptical. The ball was at the center. Probably Akbar passed the ball to Habib and Habib like a slice of knife passed in on the left flank to Ulaga. Ulaga ran down the left and centered and Akbar jumped……….Gooooaaaal…all in 16 seconds. Half the crowd missed the goal as no one was quite settled by then. Thundering cheer from Mohun Bagan gallery followed while supporters were still enquiring each other about who scored and how. Page - 7 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan I was overjoyed and speechless. The match continued with most of the time our rivals enjoying possession and pressing hard for the equalizer. Both our defenders, Subrata and Pradeep Choudhury played an outstanding game and kept the rivals at bay till the final whistle. Also noteworthy was Pintu Choudhury and Prasun Bannerjee who managed the midfield. The Mohun Bagan gallery was silent for most of the time as we were defending our slender lead. The final whistle broke open the emotional flood gate at the stadium. Supporters were hugging and dancing as if that was the last day of their life. We came out of the stadium awestruck with the 16 second goal, a record in Kolkata and Indian football. It was not a revenge of ‟75 but resurgence of the century old institution and probably a fitting example of the oneliner “after every darkness there is a dawn”. The pursue for the revenge which started on that day, ended on 25th Oct‟09 and by then the great institution has achieved milestone after milestone, from King Pele to King Kahn. The glory continues. That evening I had to attend a marriage invitation in Northern part of Kolkata. I boarded a L-9 bus from south Kolkata and sat on the window side of the elevated deck. Just as we reached Chittaranjan avenue, a taxi stopped beside the bus drapped in green and maroon flag. I couldn‟t control myself and shouted “Mohun Bagan Jindabaad” amidst curious passangers (many may be supporters of the rivals) . To my surprise, a half naked body, coloured with green and red “abir” came out from the taxi window and handed me a piece of sandesh (sweet). Probably sandesh never tasted sweeter than that ever. More we went towards north, more we see the widespread celebration all around the streets. People running around with the club flag from corner to corner, bursting crackers and aura of sparklers showing the world the ecstasy of winning. Again another sleepless night for me…..but this time with eyes full of tears of joy. Spirit of Mohun Bagan is everlasting, memories fade but never die.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

My First day in Mohun Bagan Tent By Dipankar Saha I still remember the day. It was a scorching summer afternoon in the City of Joy, the Mecca of Indian football. It was the 12th day of June 2004. I had just finished college and was awaiting the final semester scores. Upon deciding, I went to the hallowed Matri Mondir for the first time in my life. The first practise session of the season was to start under our beloved ex-player cum coach, Subrata Bhattacharjee (Bablu-da). I still cannot fathom the reason why it took me a whole 22 years to go there. On hindsight, what perhaps dissuaded me were a few trifle reasons, firstly at any point of time I never had more than Rs. 10 with me as pocket money even in my college days and secondly I never had the permission from my very strict parents to see football matches in the Maidan as according to them going to the football ground was full of risks. The atmosphere always seemed very volatile as passionate affiliation often led to skirmishes and brickbats. Anyway it was always better late than never. So I took along my younger brother who was four years junior and reached there early morning at around 8 AM. While walking down the Gostho Pal Sarani and as we neared the club premises, very expectedly I was getting excited. There was this sense of uncertainty as I did not know what to expect inside the Club premises. Finally reaching the front of the main gate I could see that green and maroon coloured nameplate board in front of my eyes which I have been seeing all along till date in the print media and the television. Slowly I walked inside the tent, the flowers, the trees, the gentle early morning summer breeze all made the environment unique. There was a canteen with the old fashioned 'tinned roof' where fans and members could enjoy eating the delicious ghugni, pao-ruti (bread), tea and mutton or chicken stew at affordable rates. How could someone resist himself from not eating! Quite naturally, temptation took the better of me and could not resist ordering for both of us two plates of ghugni with two slices pao-ruti for each. There were clusters of supporters discussing about the prospects of our team for that year and quite expectedly I joined in the discussion as well. Can one imagine the feeling - the early morning summer, the first practise day of the season, a plate of tasty ghugni with pao-ruti in the MB canteen and discussing with people about the team? Thus far it was good, but where were the players and the coach? I could see a cluster of people standing in front of the main gate of the tent. Suddenly there was a rush as the supporters started moving away from the door and began shouting “Three Cheers for Mohunbagan�. The first person who walked out was a middle-aged lanky over 6-feet tall man wearing a red T-shirt having a great physique. I immediately recognised him as the trusted soldier who had donned our Club jersey for 17 long years, won two I-League Page - 9 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan championships as a coach of our club, the evergreen superhero Subrata Bhattacharya, exuding charisma, glamour and a strong presence. I had always dreamt of seeing him since my childhood days and now the dream did really come true. He was the pied piper of Hamlin; all the fans started running behind him like rats and went truly crazy. Only 4 players had turned up for practise that day - Sanjiv Maria, Basudeb Mondal, Palash Karmakar and Mehtab Hossain. The others had stayed away as the Club Official responsible with the task had failed to convey the practice schedule to the others. Bablu-da asked all the four to lap the ground a few times. They started running. It was followed up by a regimen of stretching and running up and down the staircase in the members‟ gallery. In between the fans were discussing a lot of things, One of them said, “This year we have recruited a TFA pass-out, Praveen Rawat. This boy could turn out to be a good right-back”. Another fan chipped in, “Bivas left and rejoined our Club three times”, obviously referring to Bivas Ghosh, the penalty specialist. While another optimist quipped, “this year we have recruited a tall and lanky goalkeeper from TFA who will shine with time”. He was obviously referring to Subrata Paul (Mistu) who as on date is India‟s best goalkeeper. The practice had to end early what with just four players and the coach called it a day within half -hour of the start. Bablu -da walked into the player dressing room inside the club tent and started giving a few tips to Sanjiv Maria about properly heading the ball. A supporter commented “Maria is going to become a stable centre-back under Bablu-da‟s tutelage”. A few fans were hesitating on whether to sit on the green bench just outside the tent. Bablu-da came and assured them “sit there, since I am telling you to sit therefore no one will object to it”. After another 15-20 minutes I left the club tent. My brother whom I taken forcibly also enjoyed the session and promised to come again later. This therefore sums up what Mohun Bagan means to a dedicated supporter.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Development of football in India By Rana Bose Successful football leagues and quality players go hand in hand. This rule is universal throughout the world. If a national league is successful, it will, in turn produce quality players. On the other hand, if there are quite a number of quality players in a league, the standard of the games should consequently improve. The above statement logically brings up the question – for the nationâ€&#x;s football to develop, what should be the priority? Whether to bring in international players or create quality within amongst the domestic players? To bring in players of reasonable good quality at the start is not that difficult if the Clubs have plenty of money to spare. This sadly is not the case in the context of the Indian scenario. International players help in improving the standard of the league as homegrown players get to play with tougher opponents and different styles of football on a regular basis. This helps them to improve their game and better preparing them for bigger games. But as a matter of fact, the exposures to playing with and against quality international players do not always work out to oneâ€&#x;s benefit, as the exposure is limited to players who are already playing in the I-league. This does not help in grooming up the youth, which is the real future of India. So how do we develop quality in Indian players? Talent is something that is God gifted whereas skill is something that has to be groomed. Gifted players are plenty in India but this raw talent fades out with time and eventually goes unnoticed either because these players themselves did not realize their potential or there were none to spot their talent. Such players are there all around India - some of them already having the quality in them where as some others could possibly be the raw material that any coach would love to have. So the real task here is to tap the potential. Therefore, how does one get the quality players or the good raw materials? This according to the soccer pundits is what really needs to evolve in India. There should be more number of football academies and regular scouting campaigns. Unfortunately and more often than not, the job of scouting or selection is done by the State Football Associations, which woefully lack honest and sincere spotters. What actually happens now is that, these spotting campaigns are done in selective town and often go unheralded. No soul in a state comes to know as there is no publicity made about these events. Talent scouting has to be more widespread and need to done religiously and regularly. Every aspiring kid in a state should be made aware of these camps and this will help in multiple ways. First of all, it will increase Page - 11 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan the popularity of the game among children. Secondly, for a change it will start sending a positive message to the youth that the Academy is making space for real talent and not for friends, relatives and the children of the rich and famous. Having seen the game played in Bengal, I have realized that the best of the football talents do not study in big schools nor do their parents work in big corporate houses. The talent is usually nested in some small village or town and remain untapped as none of the scouts ever saw them playing. The above scenario I believe is prevalent throughout the country. There is no shortage of talented footballers in this country. Some of the fortunate ones go to school as every kid aspires to become a doctor or engineer or at least get into a 10 to 5 job. The others who are the less fortunate ones direct their future towards manual labour to meet their livelihood. If we can tap this talent, which is out there, that will the first major step in the right direction of improving Indian Soccer. But then how do we motivate these children to take it as a serious profession? Well, there should be football academies set up of a different kind. Not the ones where only football is the focus. Indian parents are so particular about their childâ€&#x;s education that it will be a non -starter even for a child who shows an inclination towards an academy, which concentrates only on Football. It is a fact that we cannot convince or change their perspective in a day. The academy should be setup in such a way that not only football is focused but equal importance is given to the childâ€&#x;s education as well. This way, the parents will no longer hesitate in sending their children to these academies once they realize that the education of their children are not affected and that their children have been scouted for their potential as someone sees promise in them. How and who can set up these football academies? My feeling is that any one or a group of individuals with the right combination of Passion, Money, Knowledge and Vision, can set up an academy. There are lot of people in India who have the knowledge and passion for the game of football. The missing part is the Vision (which a handful might still possibly have but again it dies within them as they do not know how to make their plans materialize). Money is no more a constraint, as there are so many corporate houses in India plush with funds. It is just a matter of convincing them to route their money into this beautiful game of football. The Government, both at the Center and at the States must have a proper sports policy in place for the above to effectively take shape. Tax relief for expenses incurred for running these academies could be a starting allurement for things to take shape.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

What India really needs to learn from its past is that one or two popular soccer faces will not help turn the future of Indian soccer. What the countryâ€&#x;s football scenario now needs is a generation of soccer stars. We do have a Bhaichung Bhutia at this point but the sad part is that it has been only him for the last decade or so. The golden generation of Indian soccer still remains when the likes of Chuni Goswami, P. K. Bannerjee, Peter Thangaraj, Jarnail Singh, Yusuf Khan, Inder Singh, just to name a few were there to play but ever since then the flow has dried up. This has to change and we need to plan for a continuous supply of talented greats. For this to happen, proper emphasis needs to be given towards age group coaching and tournament play. On the whole, a start is needed right at the grass root level. A new generation of U-12, U-15 and U-19 footballers needs to be spotted. The process of scouting entrusted with the knowledgeable and academies set up with good coaches to impart scientific and state-of-the-art training to these boys. In India, we do have Sports schools, but usually those who enroll are usually from the low -income background. This has to change drastically. There is talent in the middle-income and high-income categories. If we have to see India improve its FIFA ranking in the next decade or so, we should start right away and tap talent from all levels and impart quality coaching in these academies. Football should no longer be considered as one of those exercises during the recess periods in school, but as a sport in which the country once excelled and which could and should be revived to its pristine glory.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

A father who failed By Pritish Nandy 14 September 2010, 10:51 AM IST

Parenthood is fascinating. You live through excitement, joy, guilt, worry, hope, concern in quick succession and before you know it your children have grown up into young adults who have a life of their own. That‟s when you try to quietly assess how good you were as a father and whether you quite measured up to the standards your parents set. We were a middle class family. My father taught in Hislop College, Nagpur and then moved to Kolkata. My mother wanted to support his meager earnings and started teaching Bengali in La Martiniere. That‟s how I studied there at a subsidized fee. Much of what I am today is what they taught me to be but it has taken me a long time to acknowledge it. Meanwhile, my father went away, where all fathers go, 32 years ago, strapped to a hospital bed in an unfamiliar city. It was a simple surgery but the doctor messed it up. I never got to say goodbye to him because he was in coma when I reached. My mother, a fiercely independent woman, loved Kolkata and the tiny rented flat where she lived with my father. Circumstances forced her to come to Mumbai to become a reluctant member of my family. Though she died with her head on my lap at 92, I couldn‟t say goodbye to her either because her mind had wandered away many years ago to where my father was. The doctor called it Alzheimer‟s. My children have grown up and though I never gave them enough time, I tried to pass on to them all I had learnt. I also taught them the little things I had picked up on the way: How to write, think, create, savor the joys of discovering new things every day and add them to your life. I taught them that habit is tiresome. Life is this great adventure where you experience different things every day. Some beautiful. Some dangerous. Some sad and disappointing. You learn from each. Their grounding was done by their mothers and, in one case, by my own mother. I only added the magic to it. Or so I would like to believe, like all fathers. Parenthood was never a chore for me and I often argued with my wife because she thought so. After all, she washed the nappies. She saw them off to school. She helped with homework. She went to school concerts and she attended the parent teacher meets. She had good reason to complain. I had all the fun with them and, according to her, spoilt them silly. It was an unfair deal but life dealt it that way and we all went along. But now, after so many Page - 14 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan years, I feel I did it all wrong. Everything I taught my children has, in effect, handicapped them. It has made them inadequate to face the world they are in. Unfortunately I knew no better. But that does not absolve me from my sense of guilt. Every day, as a new scam breaks out in sports, politics, business, healthcare, in the army or in education, I watch their disappointment. The nation I taught them to love, respect and defend as they would their own mother has become the biggest breeding ground for rogues, rascals, thieves and thugs. The cricket they were so passionate about is now run by betting syndicates. The city we once adored is now owned by builders, criminals, extortionists, and politicians who are often all three. My own achievements and awards look like an embarrassment today because most of these are now on sale. People we once looked down on for their lack of scruples are the new icons in a world where all art, music, sport, in fact all achievement is measured in terms of who earns how much, a fact that‟s gleefully plastered across all media. And here, I brought up my children never to talk money because it‟s in bad taste! What we once shunned is now admired. What we once disapproved are now the ideals of a new society being built on the premise that whatever makes money is good. We are back to Gordon Gekko. He is the God we have rediscovered. Wealth is the new measure of a person‟s place in society. Success is measured by earnings. India is rated by its GDP growth and how the stock market‟s faring. This leaves behind 90% of Indians to fend for themselves in a world they were never trained to cope with. They can‟t fudge marks to get into college. They can‟t cheat people to get ahead on their jobs. They can‟t fix deals to become rich and famous. They can‟t even cope with the new morality because foolish, idealistic parents like you and I didn‟t teach them what they needed to know to get by in today‟s world. We have let them loose, with no survival skills, in a bazaar where everything‟s up for sale, from mangroves to body parts. How do we blame our kids when they rebel against us?

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Desh-kaal-Rajneeti Fire dekha-Amar Kolkata By Debayan Mitra Prothomei sobai ke abhinandan janai amader Mohun Bagan Duniya r EMagazine program ke successful korar jonno. After 7 yrs ami Kolkata te gechilam Durga Pujo upolokhye. Kolkata r je change follow korlam sei tai ami ei article e sobar sathe ektu share korchi. Ami, amar wife ar amar son 8th October Friday te New Delhi Railways Station e 8.05 pm er „Duranto‟ te uthlam. New Delhi Railway Station er baire amader Taxi reach korte abak hoye gechilam New Delhi Railway Station er development follow kore. Chaturdike jhok jhoke porishkar ebong Station er Entry place ta emon bhabe build kora hoyeche ja dekhe kono Airport er Terminal mone hocche. Thanks to CWG-2010. Vetorer platform ebong Railway Track gulo ashchorjo rakomer porishkar chilo. Jani na ei cleanliness CWG r poreo ekhon o ache kina. Tarpor „Duranto‟ train e choreo arek round obak hoar pala Train tar modern look ar facilities dekhe. Ei train ta Rajdhani r cheye koek gun bhalo. Next day te Sealdah te 2 hrs late e 2.30 pm e reach korlam tarpor taxi te bari reach korte 3.30 pm hoye gechilo. Amar Baba nursing home e one week theke Soshtir din bari esechilen. Ar amar, amar wife ar amar son er eyes e infection hote amader chutir prothom dike ghorei katate hoyechilo. Ekdin evening e mone hoye Chaturthir dine Shibaji ar Arindam er sathe Camac Street e ek Bar e khub sundar ekta Get Together hoyechilo. Amra khub sundar ek evening katiye chilam. Er por Sosthi, Saptomi, Ashtomi motatmuti amader Society r Pojo tei chilam ar majhe majhe paser parar sob pujo gulo dekhte beriyechilam. Amader society r pujo abar Golden Jubilee chilo. Budget 6 lakh, ami last Pujo korchilam 2002 e 80 thousand e. Er por Nabami r din ami, amar wife, amar son, Dada, Boudi ar Bhaipo ekta Innova kore morning 9 tar somoye Start korechilam. Prothome amra By Pass dhore Ruby Hospital, Baishnobpur, Patuli hoye Garia Metro Station obdhi gechilam, tar pore back kore Kosba esechilam. Asole By Pass er pase je natun Kolkata develop korche ta dekhanor jonoi Dada amader ke Garia obdhi niye gechilo. Ami By Pass er dhare development dekhe obak hoye gechilam. Mall, Five Star Hotel, Metro Cash & Carry outlet, High Rise residential & commercial complex, Modern Hospital-specially oi place ta medical center er hub e porinato hoyeche. Ei sob follow kore monta khub anondo lagchilo. Tar por amra Kosba Bose Pukur er Pandel Car thekei dekhechilam oi khane Car parking er asubidha chilo bole. Oder pandel ta khub sundar ek sthapotter namuna chilo. Tar por Gariahat e Ekdalia r pujo dekhlam. Subroto Mukherjee pandel e Purohite r pase bose khub bhakti bhore Ma Drga r pujo korchilen. Ekdalia r poribesh ta ekhono monke chuye jaye. Onekdin por amar student life er Hero Subroto Mukherjee ke samne theke dekhe khub bhalo

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan legechilo. Tar por pandel er pasei „Cake‟ bole ek Cake & Pastry r shop e break fast kora holo.tar por road cross kore „Singhi Park‟ er pujo dekhlam. Khub sundar pandel ar Protima dekhlam, oder pandel ta Amritsar er Golden Temple er adole baniyechilo. Er por Gariahat er mukhe ek chayer dokane sobai mile Cha khelam matir bhare. Tar por Car amader Park Circus hoye By Pass e porlo. Topsia r mukhe Mercediz Benz er show room dekhechilam, By Pass e Ferary r show room dekhlam, Bhaipo bollo Kolkata te kothaye jeno BMW r show room open hoyeche. Ei gulo kolkatar economic development er protik. Tar por amader car Nicco Park ar Sector-V ke dan dike rekhe Salt Lake e entry korechilo. Salt Lake abar amar Bhaipo r area jehetu or school oi area te chilo. O ekta Sector e pasa pasi 3 te pujo dekhalo or school St. Johnes er pase. Sector, Block kichui mone nei amar, kintu pandel gulo chilo Gram Banglar adole ebong Gram Banglar Hosto Shilper opor base kore. Ek kothaye apurbo bola jaye. Tar por amra Laboni Estate er pujo mandope gechilam, pujo mandop ti ek prachin Mandirer adole kora hoyechilo, Protima apurbo chilo. Tar por amra Subhas Chakroborty r pujo FD Block e gechilam. Khub chimcham poribesh ebong pandel ta Haridwar e jemon mandir dekha jaye temon korechilo ebong eki pandel er modhye alada alada Debotar Mandir kora hoyechilo. Emonki Mandirer baire je poribesh dekha jaye Tirthosthane mane pujo samogrir shop sobi virtually chilo. Khub bhalo legechilo kintu Mandoper pase “Banglar football er somman rokhar jonno Fed Cup joyi East Bengal ke janai abhinandon” ei banner ta follow kortei monta ektu tikto hoye giyechilo. Tar por amra Salt Lake City Center er pase ‟6 Bullygunge Place‟ Bangali resto te lunch korlam. Darun bangle poribesh ke ora tule dhorechilo oder restora te. Sound System e Dhaker baddi bajchilo, wall e Satyajit Roy, Mrinal Sen, Uttam Kumar, Soumitro, Mithun theke sob Bangali Mohan personality r photo chilo, waiter boy ra Punjabi Payejama pore serve korchilo. Menu chilo Luchi, Kosha Manso, Morla Fish er peyaji, Rice, Polau, Muger Dal, Dhokar Dalna, Chingri Macher Cutlet, Dhonia Chicken, Bhapa Ilish, Papor, Ghol, Chatni, Rasogolla, Golap jamun, Beked Mihidana, Misti Doi ar Restora theke berotei Misti Pan serve kora hoyechilo. Darun legechilo experience ta. Er por amra Rajarhat gechilam. Rajarhat diye jete jete amar chokh chana bora hoye gechilo, okhankar IT related industry r High rise building ar residential ar commercial complex er project er construction dekhe. Tar por Rajarhat City Center er pase Dadar new Flat e ektu rest nilam, oder society teo pujo hoyechilo. Seta dekhe amra evening e City center- 2 (Rajarhat) e gechilam, sei khane Tea Junction (eta Aditya Birla r brand) e sundor cha khelam. Tar por oi Mall e one hrs theke Dadar Kakurgachi r flat e ese ektu bose amader paraye fire esechilam. Porer din Dasomi r evening e ami, amar wife ar amar son Manicktola ye Chalta Baganer pujo dekhlam. Khub sundar oder Protima, Pandel ar lighting hoyechilo. Tar por walk kore purono North Kolkata r ameg gaye lagiye Vivekanada Road er Vivekananda Sporting, Simla Sporting ar Simla Byaam Samiti r pujo dekhlam. Tar por Simla Lane er opposite e Ram Ratan Mullick Page - 17 - of 25

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan Lane er Tarun Sporting er pujo dekhlam jar pandel hoyechilo Sabuj Maroon Pal Tola Noukor adole. Ei club er President o Tutu Bose ebong Srinjoy Bose hocchen one of the Joint Secretary. Pandel er 3-4 te Barir pasei Tutu Bose er Sasurbari dekhalo ek oi pujor organizer. Er majhe amra Sreemani Market er pechon dike ek Oriyar tele vagar shop e tele vaga khelam. Onar shop er sob item mane Alur Chop, Kashmiri Chop, Vegetable Chop, Daler Dhokla amra 3 jone mile khaoar por bill holo only 19/-, bhaba jaye, e ek Kolkata tei sombhob. Asole ei parate amar Baba gram theke ese Mess e te thakten. Ei khane thekei uni study, porobortikale Bengal Chemical e job korten kakurgachi te move korar age, onar struggle life ei paratei keteche. Ar amio college life e college street theke evening e college thek beriye walk kore ei paraye ese 1 takar muri ar 1 takar chop kine walk korte korte onek din kakurgachi te bari firtam. Asole ami walk korte khub bhalo basi, ekhono every day morning e 34 km walk kori. Jai hok North Kolkata ye walk korte korte nostalgic hoye porchilam. 20 yrs poreo kono change nei, ageo ja chilo, ekhono hubohu same ache. Monta purono diner kotha bhebe khub varakranto hoye gechilo. Next day Morning e Dakhineshar e gechilam Ma Kali r pujo dite. Ei place amar one of the favorite place, student life e every month e jetam. Dakhineswar Mandir o ekhon onek change hoye modern look eseche. Ager maton sei gumti nei Gangar dhare, jei khane amra pujor samogri kine niye jetam pujo deoar jonno. Ekhon oder alada „Arcade‟ hoyeche, Restora gulo onek poriskar, ar Mandir Prangon o onek porishkar poricchanno. Mrinmoyee Ma er Murti onek khon dhore darshon korlam ektu pechone sore ese, oi place theke sore aste iccha korchilo na. Mayer kache prarthona korlam je “Ma ei Bangalr unnoti kore dao Ma jate amra ghorer chele abar sobai ghore back korte pari” tar por purono obhes basoto Mandir Prangoner Restorate kachuri, cholar dal ar rasogolla kheye bari back kori. Next day te Dum Dum theke Flight dhore back to Delhi. Ei bar ami amar Kolkata r current situation niye ektu analysis korar chesta korchi amar maton kore, may be amar sathe sobai ek mot nao hote paren. Kolkata ke amra 4 bhage bhag korte pari (1) Old Kolkata – North Kolkata (2) Modern Kolkata – South Kolkata plus East er Phool Bagan, kakurgachi, Ultodanga, Salt Lake etc (3) Suberb – Sreebhumi, Lake Town, Bangur Avenue, Baguihati, Kaikhali, Behala, Garia etc. (4) Last e New Town, Sec-V ar By Pass sanglogno area.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan Amar mote Old Kolkata ke ar develop kora jabe na, eke vintage city hisabe consider korte hobe. Modern Kolkata ar Suberb ero development saturated hoye geche. Ekhon pore roilo New Kolkata jei khane prachur development hoar abokash ache ja tibro rup nebe Mamota Baneerjee r leadership e TMC Bengal e govt. form korle. Ami specially Rajarhat er Financial Hub ar coming IT Project gulor byapare khubi asabadi. Ei project gulo thik maton hole Kolkata r coming 10 yrs er modhye rapidly change hoye jab e ar Kolkata r Airport ero modernization o start hoye geche. Sutorang sob dik consider kore bola jaye je coming day ek suborno jug wait korche Kolkata r jonno. Joi Banglar Ma, Mati, Manush er joi. Joi Sonar Banglar joi. Joi Mohun Baganer joi.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Tour Diary-Niagara Falls By Amitabha Basu Tokhon ami saddya bibahito. Honey Moon o sevabe hoy ni.Taar aagei notun bou ke chere kormosutre pari dite holo Columbus er deshe.Jai hok chotobela theke gore otha Samrajjyobad birodhi(“left is right and right is wrong”courtesy Kaushik da) monovab niei raona dilam sei chiroshotrur deshe(byaparta je kotoboro opoprochar pore bujhechi).Amar kormosthol chilo Americar ek oti niros jayga Ohio rajjyer rajdhani Columbus.Ei Columbus er ek ebong ekmatro festival holo oder university gulor modhye haoa American Football er tournament.Amader pass time chilo Indian Restaurant khujhe berano aar nittyo notun khabar er swad grohon aar baki samay sudhui kaaj.Ei samay i kon faNktale jukto hoye porlam ek Mohun Bagan fan forum er songe. India Officer kotripokkho hoyto amar obostha onudhabon korte perechilen tai mass tinek bade tara amar strike pathanor siddhanto janalen.Ami tokhon jatpornai ektu haNf chere baNchlam.Kichudiner modhyei amar better half o eshe porlen.Amio Chicken Sandwitch/Pizza/Burger er haat theke mukti pelam.Bangladeshi grocery theke ana holo Ilish,Mourola ittyadi mach ebong strir haate sei sob porichito ranna kheye rosonar poritripto holo.Eivabe koyek mass gelo.Abar ekghyemi aste laglo. Cholo berie pori Ekghyemi theke mukti peteoi amra plan korlam „Cholo berie pori‟.Kothay berano jay?Vabte vabtei mone holo kache pithei aache biswabikhyato Niagara Falls. Niagara falls ,edesher annyotomo sera tourist attraction and favorite spot for honeymooners.Er jonopriyota barte thake 1953 sale Marilyn Monroe ebong Joseph Cotton ovinito chobi “Niagara” mukti paoar por thekei,erporeo 1980 te mukti paoa Superman II er shooting o Niagara tei hoyechilo,seshe Niagara falls ke niei totoiri hoy jonopriyo IMAX movie , “Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic.” GaNter kori beshi khorcha hobe na onudhabon korei Hotel ebong transport er khoNj cholte laglo.KhonJ pelam Columbus downtown theke chare greyhound bus.Ei desh e sob samay I kono na kono deal choltei thake.Deal mane Holo gie oi consumerism er je poddhoti ora sara prithibite chorieche setai-priyo pathok, Haan thiki dhorechen „oi ekta kinle ekta free‟ gocher.Jehetu amra dujon jabo tai Deal ta holo ekjoner puro vara aar ekjoner ordhek.To 96+48 = $144 e pouche jaoa Jabe buffalo bole ekti bus station aache sekhane.Tarpor

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan sekhan theke ekti local bus e chepe 10 minute er modhye pouche jaoa jabe Niagara falls. Ebar online e chollo hotel er khoj. Kintu “sosta hotel e boddho cabin� khuje paoai muskil.Jai hok khuje pete sadhyer modhye jutlo RoadWay Inn namok ekti du diner thaNi. Ese gelo jabar din.Ek Sukkurbarer raat.Din ta thik mone nei.Taxi kore pouche gelam Columbus Downtown sekhan theke kichu khabar kine uthe porlam Grayhound bus e. Vor charte nagad poucholam Buffelo station.Sekhane besh khanikhon wait kore vorer alo futtei raona dialam hotel er uddyeshye.Abhaoa tokhon khubi monoraom-ilsheguri brishti o suru hoyeche.Emon obosthay hotel e check in korlam.Plan chilo ektu rest niei berie porbo Falls er uddyeshye.Hotel e peye gelam queen bed,seta nie receptionist je rosikota korechilen ta oi kholamela deshei manay. Snan sere berie porlam falls er uddyeshye,hatapoth tao ektu guidance nie niyechilam hotel thekei.Ek krishnago mohila eto help korechilen ta volar noy;multo tar jonnie vison economically amra sob kota spot dekhe aste perechilam.HaNte hantei nojore porlo Srotoswini Niagara River.Nana rong er patashovito bibhinno gachpala tar chapashe. Oparei dekha jacche Canada.

Niagara River Krishnago mohilar upodesh onujayi paNchti spot er I ticket kete niechilam. Jaar prothom spot holo discovery center. The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center showcases the natural and local history of Niagara Falls and the Niagara Gorge

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Discovery center er samne amra

Er porer gontobbye droshtbyo chilo Kichu Penguine aar Shil mach

Erporei bus e kore je jayga tay ese porlam seta Falls er ekdom kaache;

Maid Of The Mist Erporer spot chilo annyotomo akorshonio Maid Of The Midst.It is the last of the glaciers recede and form Niagara Falls.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan Ekhane cruiz e kore ekdom falls er pray kacchakachi nie jay.Sobai bolchilen ekhane rod er dekha paoa muskil,srakkhon falls er jol bristir moto gaye eshe pore;Amra camera nirapotta nie khub I udbigno hoye porechilam becoz of the turbulance,lens baar baar muchte hocchilo etotai jolio basper ghonotto okhane. Protyek soari ke alada kore jacket ebong choti deoa hoyechilo jegulo ora Africa er onath sishuder daan kore. Ei jaaygar photogulo otyonyo akorshonio,niche deoa holo.

Cave Of Winds The Cave of the Winds trip takes you closer to the waters of Niagara Falls than you thought possible. One has to ride an elevator 175 feet (53 meters) deep into the Niagara Gorge. Then, wearing the special footwear provided, you follow a tour guide over a series of wooden walkways to the famous "Hurricane Deck". As you stand at the railing, you are a mere 20 feet (6 meters) from the billowing torrents of Bridal Veil Falls.(shown in the following figure)The rushing waters loom above you, dousing you with a generous spray as you face the thundering Falls head-on. Rainbows are usually visible day and night. Everyone can experience the sights of Niagara Falls. A deck has been built 150 feet from the base of the Falls especially designed for handicapped and adults with children in arms.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan Niagara falls e r o ekta jinish amar mon kereche.Ta holo sordar sahib bole ekti Punjabi restaurant er mutton biriyani ekkothay la jawab. Rater Niagara:Osadharon rohoshomoyi ebong eki songe sundori.Canada er dik theke alo fele take aaro mohomoyi rup deoa hoy.

Ferar Pala: Eshe gelo robbar;weekend sesh kore varakranto hridoye abar sei roshkosh hin Columbus er uddyeshye jatra.Bus er jonnyo wait korchi.Bus stand e nojore porlo ekti oitihasik paper cutting.Ei 2 jon manus hoi cylinder taay chepe Niagra falls e jhapa diyechilen ebong otikorom o korechilen.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan

Ei deshtar besh kichu jaygaay ami gechi,kintu Niagara tar soundorje,romance amar mone ek bishesh jaayga kore niyeche.

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The Duniya of Mohun Bagan  

A quarterly e-Magazine

The Duniya of Mohun Bagan  

A quarterly e-Magazine