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In addition to showing the lamp location and type of lamp, lighting symbols also show the type of required light-fixture mounting (ceiling or wall). Various ceiling-mounted fixtures are located in the foyer and hallway, and a wall-mounted light fixture is located in the first-floor bathroom (PR 1). See Figure 7-4. CEILING/WALL-MOUNTED LIGHTING FIXTURES

Boxes used at lighting or lamp holder receptacles in or on a vertical surface shall be identified and marked on the interior to indicate the maximum weight of the fixture permitted to be supported by the box if other than 50 lb. Plaster rings that are secured to other boxes are acceptable, provided that not less than two No. 6 or larger machine screws are used. Ceiling-mounted reinforced junction boxes may be used for custom pendant or chain-hung light fixtures. The reinforced junction boxes provide the flexibility to add lighting that may exceed the 35 lb limit of standard junction boxes. T E C H FAC T Junction boxes are used to protect wiring connections, provide access to wiring, and provide a method for mounting electrical equipment. They are also used for pulling conductors. Junction boxes are available in a variety of sizes and types. Reinforced junction boxes allow for the installation of heavy chain-hung light fixtures or chandeliers.


The term “light fixture” has been used traditionally to describe a type or style of electric light. This term is commonly used on prints. The term “luminaire” is used by the NEC® and other standards organizations. The NEC® describes a luminaire as the light and all components directly associated with it, including the elements that protect the light source and distribute the light. On prints, the two terms are typically used interchangeably, but “luminaire” is the defined term in the NEC®. Exhaust Fans. The half bathrooms (PR 1 and PR 2) on the first floor of the main house have exhaust fans on separate switches from the lighting. Some mechanical codes require exhaust fans in any bathroom that does not have a window for natural ventilation. The master bath has two exhaust fans located in the bathtub area and the toilet room. Telephone Outlets. Telephone outlets are conveniently located in the master bedroom, den, kitchen, laundry, garage, and workroom of the main house. The electrician may install telephone wiring, but the utility phone provider often makes the final connections.

WALL-MOUNTED LIGHTING FIXTURES Figure 7-4. An example of a ceiling-mounted light fixture is in the hallway, and an example of a wall-mounted lighting fixture is in the first-floor bathroom.

Combination Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors. This intelligent combination alarm provides protection from both fire and carbon monoxide (CO). The device uses technology to offer a fast response to fires, including smoldering and open flame, as well as protection from CO. See Figure 7-5.

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