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Americans Love Lipo, Study Finds Number of Procedures 2012-2013

Breast Augmentation, ‘12

Breast Augmentations and Liposuction Source: ASAPS

Who Can Get Lipo? Page 5

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that liposuction unseated breast augmentation as the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. In 2013, 363,912 liposuction procedures were performed, an increase of 16 percent from 2012. Breast augmentations saw a small drop

Liposuction, ‘12 Breast Augmentation, ‘13 Liposuction, ‘13 from 2012. The report, released earlier this year, also found that 2013 saw the most spending on cosmetic surgery since the recession of 2008. Over the year, Americans spent a total of more than $12 million on cosmetic procedures. The ASAPS also reported that buttock

augmentation and labiaplasty represented the largest increase in the number of procedures performed, with the number of buttock augmentations increasing by 58 percent and labiaplasties by 44 percent compared to 2012. The organization also tracks nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, which saw a 13 percent increase in 2013. Procedures in this category include Botox, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and others. Women still underwent the lion’s share of procedures at 90.6 percent of the total 11 million procedures performed in the U.S. last year. However, each year sees more men choosing cosmetic procedures, and they’ve seen an increase of more than 273 percent since 1997. ■

Amerejuve Katy Inspired by Clients’ Transformations

At Amerejuve Katy, it’s all about the transformation. Manager Natalie Morales said her goal is to connect with clients and find the combinations of services that address their goals to make them feel beautiful. “I feel beautiful by making you feel beautiful,” she said. Kassandra Lugo, a Senior Laser Technician and Licensed Esthetician Amerejuve Katy, expressed similar thoughts. She’s been with Amerejuve for two years, and her favorite

part of her work is seeing the transformations of her clients. “[I’m motivated by] the results, them being happy,” she said. “That’s why they’re here. It makes it feel rewarding.” Morales said her work in the MedSpa represents the development of her passion. “I knew that being in beauty and being in skin care was something I wanted to do,” she said. “That’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 12.” Morales, a New York native, took

From left, Natalie Morales, Kassandra Lugo, Brenna Stein, and Alonah Malendres at the Amerejuve Katy clinic at LaCenterra.


Amerejuve MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery: Look Good, Feel Good

Page 2 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 9

With Care, Men’s Skin Ages Slowly

The differences between men and women really are skin deep, according to dermatologists. Men’s higher density of collagen, thicker skin, and greater natural hydration make them appear to age more slowly than women. The average man’s skin is 25 percent thicker than a woman’s skin and has a higher density of collagen. Collagen, the tissue that makes skin look firm, plump, and youthful, begins to leave the skin around the age of 30 for both men and women. However, because men have more collagen to begin with, the effects on their

MEN’S SKIN, Page 9

Fit Focus

Structurally, men’s skin is thicker and has more collagen than women’s skin, which means male skin loses taughtness and density more slowly as it ages. Counteracting this trend, however, studies show men tend to take less care of their skin and expose it to more UV radiation and other aging factors. However, with proper protection, men’s skin will generally age more slowly.

Technology Follows Weight Loss from the Inside

One of the keys to weight loss is accountability, and with Amerefit’s personalized programs, it’s as easy as plugging into your computer. The full Amerefit program includes the Body Media activity tracker that tracks calorie consumption, calorie burn and sleep to help clients, and their coaches, better understand their bodies. Armed with the information and goals this device provides, clients are equipped and informed in their day-to-day decisions on food, exercise, and sleep. “It follows the principle of basic math,” said Saba Umar, Above is the typical screen clients see as they track their daily activities with the activity tracker. The tracker measures calorie burn and consumption, physical activity, steps, and sleep, and Amerefit Nutritionist and helps both clients and coaches track progress and adjust habits over time. Wellness Coach. “If your body you a good picture of how well you are doing, the activity tracker offers exact is at a deficit of 1000 calories doing and how far from your target you data, which is often suprising. per day, by the end of one week, you are. “ “The clients love it as they learn so should lose 2 lbs. By exactly measuring Umar noted that, rather than relying on much about themselves! People like to how much you’re burning and how an individual’s sense of how well they’re much you are eating, the tracker gives


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“I had a wonderful experience at Amerejuve MedSpa! When I got there my face was completely covered with acne cysts and I had multiple scars. Now it’s completely free from scarring and I hardly ever see a pimple. I am 100% satisfied with my results. Thanks to the wonderful staff and the treatments recommended, I finally have the skin I always wanted!” Cynthia H., Amerejuve Client “My technician Tammy is wonderful. She explains the procedure thoroughly and makes sure that I fully understand what I need to do in order to maintain the optimal results.” Tracy H., Amerejuve Client “The team was great. Really enjoyed my technician and the office manager. Would definitely recommend to all my friends and family!” Casey A., Amerejuve Client

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Amerefit’s activity tracking measures the calories you eat, the calories you burn, and how long you sleep to ensure your weight loss and fitness goals stay on track.

WEIGHT LOSS TECH, from Page 2 believe they eat less or burn more than they actually do, and this opens up their eyes,” she said. The tracker not only monitors the information, it also clearly shows how close the client is to achieving their goals for the day in calorie consumption, exercise, calorie burn, and sleep. “It motivates the clients to reach their targets when they see it in numbers,” Umar said. In her two years as an Amerefit coach, Umar said clients who keep up with their activity trackers are more successful than those who forget or set it aside.

“A lot of scientific studies have shown how keeping a food journal leads to better weight loss, and what could be better than this automated food and exercise journal which is reviewed by your coach every day to keep you on track!” she said. The activity tracker is Saba Umar an armband with small Nutritionist metal plates that touch and Wellness the skin, providing the Coach data to track calorie input and output using motion and heat.

To track the information, clients need to either plug the armband into a computer once a day, or set it up to an app on their phone with Bluetooth connectivity. The armband should be worn all the time, except while bathing, to accurately measure results. “Amerefit is a personalized program which aims at teaching clients about themselves and how their body responds to different foods, diets and exercise,” Umar said. “This automatic health journal helps the coach give and the client get their own personalized program. ■



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her move to Houston as the opportunity to follow her dream. She became a licensed esthetician in 2012. As manager, her goal is to help clients achieve both short-term and long-term results from the inside out, combining her knowledge and experience, Amerejuve’s menu of treatments and the programs available through Amerefit Weight and Wellness. Amerejuve Katy is located in La Centerra Shopping Center in Katy. To schedule a free consultation, call (713) 960-6262. ■

Vol. 1 No. 9 │ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 5

Surgery Suite Ask the Surgeon

Who Can Get Liposuction?

Questions? Ask the Amerejuve Surgical Team

Dr. Richard K. Vanik, Director

Liposuction is popular for removing and contouring stubborn fat on the hips and inner thighs for women and on the abdomen and “love handle” area for men.

For men and women “This surgery is designed to with stubborn pockets of fat unaffected reshape you and re-contour you by diet and exercise, in areas where you can’t lose liposuction may be a good option. the fat any other way.” “Typically the patient who is going to Dr. Richard Dr. Richard Vanik, do well with liposucK. Vanik Director of Amerejuve tion is a patient with specific areas of fat Cosmetic Surgery they can’t remove any other way,” said Dr. Richard Vanik, director of Amerejuve waist. Liposuction technology works well Cosmetic Surgery and a board-certified in all these popular areas, Vanik said. plastic surgeon. The surgeon will also usually assess the For women, those areas are usually the skin of the patient to make sure it will lower abdomen, the upper hip area, or the recover well from surgery. inner thigh. Men tend to target their lower abdomen or “love handles” around the LIPOSUCTION, Page 8

Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Our surgical team is here to answer your questions! E-mail us at askthesurgeon@ for our monthly feature or call (713) 960-6262 to schedule a free consultation.

Page 6 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 9

Cellulite Smoothers Stop Living with Cellulite

Ways to Reduce Cellulite Cellulite can be reduced by losing weight and building up the underlying muscle, particularly in common cellulite areas such as the buttocks and thighs. Exercises that target the back of the legs can help bulk up the muscle underneath and smooth the uneven texture of the skin. However, even women at a healthy weight and good No Cellulite Skin With Cellulite muscle tone can still have cellulite, simply because nective tissue. This creates the uneven, What is Cellulite? the structures under the skin are prone to dimpled appearance of cellulite. The condition, characterized by a lumpy that look. In men’s skin, these structures are or uneven appearance of the skin, is crossed, not parallel. Because they are much more common among women than crossed, they are more effective at preHow Body Contouring Can Help among men. venting fatty tissue from pressing through That’s where body contouring services The structures under the skin for wom- and maintaining a smooth, more toned can come into play to reduce the appearen are parallel, meaning that fatty tissue ance of cellulite by smoothing or removappearance. has space to push up between the conCELLULITE, Page 8 If you don’t like the lumpy cellulite on your legs or buttocks, you’re not alone. According to some reports, up to 95 percent of women who are past puberty have at least some cellulite, that uneven texture sometimes compared to cottage cheese or orange peels. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite and get back that smooth, toned appearance.

A Closer Look: VelaShape and VASER Shape VelaShape


Technology: Bi-Polar Radio Frequency, Vacuum Massage

Technology: Ultrasound, Heated Massage

What it does: Encourages collagen production and lymphatic drainage

What it does: Shrinks and flattens fat tissue Feels Like: Hot stone massage

Ask us about the Body Contouring + Amerefit Package. Lose Weight, Smooth Cellulite, Get Healthy! (713) 781-7332

Vol. 1 No. 9 │ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 7

Exercises to Crush Cellulite Reverse Lunges Targets: Glutes, Quads

• Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, step back with your right leg. • Bend both knees to 90 degrees, hold for one count, then return to standing. • For an added challenge, hold dumbbells loose at your sides. • After 12-15 reps, switch legs.

Squats Targets: Glutes

• From standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, lower your body by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. • Hold for one count, then slowly return to starting position. • Raising the arms will help maintain balance. Sources: Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine

Kickstart Your Weight Loss:

Free Metabolism Test

Know your calorie budget! For a limited time, get a free metabolism test from Amerefit and know what your body needs to lose weight.

Call (713) 781-7332

Page 8 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 9

ing fat cells. One of Amerejuve’s most popular treatments for cellulite is VASER Shape, which uses ultrasound and heated massage to smooth fat in trouble areas on the legs, buttocks, and stomach. This technique massages and presses the fat to be smaller and flatter, reducing circumference and the appearance of cellulite. Many people report seeing results after just one treatment. VelaShape is another body contouring

treatment that combats cellulite, though this technology from Syneron uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and vacuum massage. The FDA-cleared technology works by encouraging the production of collagen and drainage of the lymphatic system. By increasing connective tissue and pushing out excess fluids, the treatment reduces circumference and uneven texture in trouble areas, including the stomach or thighs. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your best options, call (713) 9606262. ■

reshape the body. “Patients who have liposuction typically don’t lose a lot of weight from the surgery itself, but this surgery is designed to reshape you and re-contour you in areas where you can’t lose the fat any other way,” he said. The changes patients see will be in their

shape and silhouette, not in the numbers on the scale. With that in mind, however, Vanik said, “Patients love liposuction. They have great results.” To learn more about liposuction in a free consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, contact Amerejuve at (713) 960-6262. ■

CELLULITE, from Page 6

Say goodbye to the “orange peel” look of cellulite with a number of body contouring options.

LIPOSUCTION, from Page 5

Download the Amerejuve App

“We want to choose a patient who has thick, elastic skin so once the fat is going to remove the skin will shrink and re-contour,” said Vanik. Vanik noted that liposuction is not a good strategy for losing weight in terms of numbers, but rather is a good way to

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La Centerra at Cinco Ranch Home of the Amerejuve Katy Location 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Vol. 1 No. 9│ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 9

Ask Roxy!

With adequate sun protection, men’s skin appears to age more slowly than women’s skin.

MEN’S SKIN, from Page 2 appearance tend to be slower and less noticeable, according to The International Dermal Institute. Many men, however, counteract this slower aging process by exposing their skin to UV Radiation. One study conducted in Australia showed that 70 percent of the men surveyed did not wear sunscreen above SPF 15, 75 percent did not wear broad-brimmed hats in the sun, and nearly half did not wear sunglasses, the Parkes Champion-Post reported. Failure to protect skin from the sun not only hastens the appearance of aging, it also significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. The International Dermal Institute also notes that, while men and women may have different skin needs, both should care for their skin to maximize health and minimize signs of again. For a free consultation to discuss your skin needs, call Amerejuve at (713) 960-6262. ■

How Does Your Garden Grow?

What’s the best thing I can do to get ready for summer? Honey, the best thing you can do for yourself is visit Amerejuve. And now is a great time before you start hitting the beach! Some treatments can’t be performed if you’ve been out in the sun, so it’s better to have them before it gets too tempting to head to the beach. We all have those spots we’re not so proud Roxy of when we shed those winter clothes and Baldwin slip into our sun dresses and bikinis. Body hair, cellulite, sunspots and freckles all come out. The sun spotlights them all, and that’s why we have Amerejuve. Start now to get your packages in before summer’s in full swing. What are you planting in your garden this spring? I love having fresh herbs and vegetables that I grew right in my garden, so that’s where I’m pressing my green thumb! There’s nothing like a fresh, ripe tomato you grew yourself. Plus, it makes it easy to get in my fresh fruit and vegetable servings (as I’m sure you’re doing, right?). Why not try okra, cucumber, onion, or peppers this year? If you’re looking at a garden, make sure to check the light and water requirements for your plants. Not all of them play well together! Even if your soil isn’t great, or if you live in an apartment, try flower boxes on a porch or window and see what you can do, and boost your healthy fruit and veggie diet on your Amerefit nutrition plan. Have a question for Roxy? Ask her!

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority Our goal is for every client to look good, feel good, and become a return customer. Tell us about our successes; tell us how we can improve. Your experience matters to us. Tynette Jones Client Relations Specialist

(713) 960-6262

Page 10 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 9

Vol. 1 No. 9│ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 11

Spring Clean Your Skin Exfoliation Refreshes Skin for that Perfect Blush

The time of year when you’re shedding your coats and sweaters is also a great time of year to shed that dull, dry winter skin. The key to spring clean your skin is exfoliation. For the most dramatic results, we recommend an in-clinic service such as a microdermabrasion or chemical peel. For at-home, we recommend our Pumpkin Scrub for the face and Therapeutic Body Exfoliant for everywhere else. Pumpkin Scrub is not recommended for sensitive skin, but for everyone else the jojoba beads and pumpkin enzymes thoroughly remove the dull, dry skin. Therapeutic Body Exfoliant, on the other hand, is good for all skin types. It uses lactic acid and salicylic acid to help loosen the dead skin cells so they wash away. ■

Questions about our products? Ask Christina Presnall, our Product Sales Manager, for recommendations for all your skin concerns. E-mail christina.presnall@amerejuve. com

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