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NAVIGATING A SEA OF CHANGE IN THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. (RMS) isn’t just surviving during these unprecedented times, they are thriving with industry leading customer satisfaction ratings and company record volume. “The Company’s

2020 created challenges and obstacles for every industry. RMS was fortunate enough to be able to allow employees to

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priority. Leveraging technology, teamwork, and a personal touch is RMS’s secret recipe to not just staying afloat, but

work from home, maintain productivity and manage full pipelines, while continuing to make customer satisfaction a top turning choppy waters into calm seas in the midst of the storm.


Companies and consumers alike have been utilizing technology to fill in the gaps while social distancing. In the mortgage

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industry, applying for a mortgage and uploading documents safely and securely from home is more important than ever.

helped it maintain ‘business as usual’ in a time that is anything but usual.”

RMS has been leveraging their RMS Ready mobile app and web portal, which allows homebuyers to easily apply for a home loan, securely upload documents, and stay up to date on their loan status. Homebuyers want simplicity and convenience when they apply for a home mortgage, and RMS Ready paired with an experienced local Loan Officer, provides all the conveniences of cutting-edge technology along with a personal touch. The Company’s strong commitment to culture and a technology foundation have helped it maintain “business as usual” in a time that is anything but usual. Through this pandemic, RMS has operated with over 90% of employees working from home. Record breaking 2020 volume levels tested the capacity limits of the Company’s Sales and Operations Teams. Employees have remained vigilant and adapted to new protocols and processes to keep business running smoothly. Productivity levels are higher than ever, and they attribute this to RMS employees embracing and supporting the spirit of teamwork and collaboration across all areas of the company. “In my 30 years in the Mortgage Industry – both originating loans myself, and as a Sales Leader – I’ve never seen the kind of application levels we’ve experienced in the last nine months of 2020,” said Michael Ianno, RMS Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Origination. He continued, “Our Sales Team members along with our Operations Partners have done a truly extraordinary job handling that volume. Our team hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to the level of

Michael Ianno, RMS Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Origination

customer service and experience we are delivering.” Robin Hawley, RMS Senior Vice President, Business Operations, attributes the Company’s success to the exceptional partnership and collaboration between the Sales and Operations Teams. “Our Senior Leaders have had regular daily contact to monitor, navigate and continuously course-correct in response to the real-time demands of our loan processing pipeline,” said Hawley; “we’ve been very diligent about keeping our finger directly on the pulse of the day-today demands and pressure points on our employees, systems and processes. There is a strong focus on providing guidance, support and additional resources as necessary to all members of the RMS team as we work together to serve and meet the needs of our customers.” Communication, both across our teams and to our customers remain critical to the home financing journey. RMS has invested heavily in technology to support convenient, safe and secure communication every step of the way. Industry leading customer satisfaction ratings are a testament to how the company’s communication, teamwork and technology are positively impacting the customer experience.

Robin Hawley, RMS Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Beyond helping guide their clients home, RMS has always been committed to giving back to the communities they serve. Over the course of the past year, the Company has made financial contributions to 14 local food banks across its footprint that provided over 30,000 meals to those in need. RMS also donated over $50,930 to local charities in November and December 2020, with more than half of the donations coming from RMS employees. These donations

For more information about Residential Mortgage Services, Inc., go to www.RMSmortgage.com or email us at info@rmsmortgage.com. 50

represent RMS's commitment to the regions in which it operates, as COVID-19 has led to record-breaking unemployment, economic disruption and food insecurity. “We’ll Guide You Home” is more than a tagline for RMS, it is the brand promise the company makes to its customers. Even in the face of 2020’s choppy and uncharted seas, RMS’s commitment to teamwork, culture, technology and communication have generated record-breaking company loan volume and a great home financing experience for its customers.


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