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SO, YOU WANT TO WRITE WITH YOUR SPOUSE … WOOHOO BUCKLE IN! You are in for the ride of your

life; one that will challenge and stretch you, while taking you further than you ever imagined. Our greatest seasons of growth occur when we write together. Each project stretches us, solidifies our beliefs, and further unites us. We don’t always think alike. Many times, we differ. But that’s where we find the gold. So, what causes so much growth and how can you build unity and collaborate effectively? Here are five best practices my husband and I have discovered to write and powerfully collaborate:

1. Define your roles. The strongest partnerships understand that their secret sauce resides in the diversity of their strengths. Resist the urge to compare or compete. Instead, play to your strengths, yield to one another’s strengths, and masterfully combine the best of your strengths together. For example, one may be better at capturing themes, titles and maximizing

concepts, while the other creates memorable one liners, stories or parallels homiletic takeaways. Understand you and your partner’s strengths. Then, leverage them by providing one another permission to speak into each area in order to produce the optimal outcome. 2. Determine the rhythm that optimizes your outcome. Typically, the following writing process works best for most couples. • Conceptualize out loud to capture notes concerning the big picture and key takeaways. • Then, write independently. Let one person expound first and then the other. • Send files back and forth to edit and strengthen one another’s thoughts, tracking comments and changes along the way. • Continue to work independently, applying feedback, adding layers, and repeating the process until the writing project is in the best shape possible. • At that point, come together to tighten and complete a line by line edit to tighten even more. 3. Know your whys and whats. Answer questions like: Why are we writing this project; what do we hope to accomplish? Why is it important; what value does it provide? Why us; what do we gain by collaborating? Truly understanding your whys, shapes your overall message and what you write about. It helps you to better highlight your unique combined voice and contribution as a couple. 4. Value one another above the project. Honor one another above the fanfare. Remember to make room for margin and time for connection; after all you can’t give what you don’t have. Be sure to replenish as a couple to sustain your longevity. 5. Celebrate accomplishments, together. Practice praise for one another’s contribution privately and publicly, frequently. Whether a completed chapter, a finished proposal, or a signed book contract, find reasons to celebrate along the journey, as much as possible. Remember, you are stronger together! As Ecclesiastes 4:9 reminds us, “Two

are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor” NIV). S

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