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MARCH 2010

If You Had To

Defend Yourself...

could you?

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d itor’s thoughts... I

would have to say that I think Spring is in the air. It feels like people are starting to breathe a sigh of relief...maybe because everyone is getting their tax refunds! We speak to tons of businesses on a weekly basis and we are getting positive feedback. Business owners are saying that business is picking up, which is a good sign for our whole community. I certainly won’t go into a discussion about the economy because I would sound like an idiot, but I just have a “feeling” that things are looking up.


e decided to do a feature article on personal safety this month. I wanted to thank Police Chief Robert Taylor for taking the time to give us some great tips. When researching self-defense I found the most important tip is to be prepared and stay aware. Most of us run around from point A to point B trying to remember if we left the meat out to thaw, what time our son’s soccer game is, do we have everything prepared for a presentation at work. While we are walking around like “Rainman”, others are plotting a more devious to-do list. So being aware of your surrounds at all times could save your life. Did you know that if you are in danger you should yell “fire” instead of “help”? Because “help” puts bystanders in self-preservation mode. Whereas “fire” triggers a different response, even if it’s out of sheer curiosity. My son and I have a code word so if someone comes up to him and says I’m in the hospital and I asked them to come get him they have to know the code word. If not he’s supposed to run around like a maniac yelling “Stranger Danger!” I make him’s hilarious. So always be aware and be safe.

We have our first “Gossip Girls” column this month! Thank you to those of you who sent in your questions, keep sending them because we had fun answering them. We also have a new writer this month, Rachel G. Currie, who has an English degree from AC and is currently going to WT. She has some great ideas for future editions. Like I said, things are looking up!


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Be aware and be safe...

Statistics suggest that no one is immune to crime. We face a 99% chance of falling victim to crime. The odds are four out of five that we will be a victim of violence, whether of a simple assault or armed robbery.

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim, the first step is to know how, when and where crimes occur. For example, personal crimes of violence tend to occur after dark. Assaults, both simple and aggravated, are more likely to happen between the hours of 9pm-6am. Rape and other sexual assaults are twice as likely during these same hours. Paying special attention to your surroundings and using your common sense are crucial to your safety. Here are some Safety Tips from Chief of Police Robert Taylor: *Be Alert and aware of your surroundings - Know who is around you and what is taking place *Avoid high crime areas when possible *Don't let alcohol or drugs cloud your judgement *Trust your instincts - If a situation or place makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, leave! If you suspect something is wrong, or if something seems dangerous, you might be right - Don't dismiss suspicious people, cars or situations, Report them immediately

by cherisa felder

Safety Tips While Walking Alone: *Try to Avoid Walking alone *Walk Confidently, directly, and at a steady pace - An attacker will look for someone who appears vulnerable. *Avoid walking at night if possible - otherwise, stay in well-lighted areas. *When walking, have some type of personal safety device with you. *Stick to well-traveled streets *Don't wear shoes or clothing that restrict your movements *Carry a purse close to your body, not dangling by the straps *If you think someone is following you, switch direction or cross the street - Walk towards an open store, or lighted house. If you are scared, yell for help. *Never except rides from strangers As with most crimes, the fear of how personal safety could be compromised can often overtake how real the threat really is. Nevertheless, being aware of some widely circulated personal safety tips can only help individuals to protect themselves. "50%-80% of Local crimes are drug or alcohol related in violent crimes. Property crimes and theft are are usually supporting these habits as well. " Says Chief Taylor. The most common crime in Amarillo is theft, Thefts from cars or from yards. These are classified differently then Burglary or actually stealing a car. 7,759 thefts occurred last year and the next highest crime being Burglary only came in at 2,561 cases. So you can see that the number one crime far exceeds any of the others. If you are a victim of Robbery: *Remain calm and listen to the robber's demands - If you panic you increase the chance of violence. *Avoid Sudden movements *Don't argue with the robber *Do not resist a robber's efforts to take your property - Possessions can be replaced, but your life cannot. *Don't use a weapon - the robber's weapon is already one too many * Do not offer items not specifically demanded. *Tell the robber about any possible surprises - For Example - if you must reach for something, or if someone is in the back room. *Observe the suspect's physical description. - Height, weight, hair color, sex, race, age, tattoos, scars, and clothing. *Keep it short and smooth - The longer the robbery takes, the more nervous the robber gets. If you are a victim of rape: *Try to escape - Scream, be rude *Try to calm the attacker - Tell him you have a venereal disease or you are on your period. *If you are home, tell the sexual offender your husband or boyfriend will be home soon. *If you are not afraid to hurt someone, a forceful struggle also discourages the sexual offender. *Do not fight when faced with a gun or knife against your body If you have been victim of rape: *Do not shower or wash in any way *Do not throw away torn clothing or straighten up the area where the assault took place If you ever feel as if you might be being followed or stalked, call police and make a report of what is going on. Don't take the chance of becoming a victim. Amarillo Police Department 806 378-4257.

Diva Defense Can Be Found At Massucci-Ducci's Shoppes Coronado Shopping Center

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a rts & leisure A taste of Amarillo culture...

Thu., Mar. 4 Tuna Does Vegas • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Restaurant Roundup 2010. Great food, wine, music and chef competitions 6-10pm - Atmos Energy and The Panhandle Restaurant Association are proud to present our annual food and wine tasting extravaganza. Bring 3 cans of food for the High Plains Food Band and receive a commemorative wine glass. Rex Baxter Building

Fri., Mar. 5 Class: Spring Gardening 101- The Basics • Amarillo Botanical Garden (806) 352-6513 Harrington String Quartet • Amarillo Museum of Art (806)371-5050 Kicker Arena Cross • Amarillo National Center (806)376-7767 Lamplight Theater March 5 - 7 Jungle Book • Amarillo Globe News Center

Amarillo Gorillas vs Tulsa • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Thu., Mar. 11 UIL Orchestra • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Fri., Mar. 12 Amarillo Gorillas vs Wichita • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Amarillo’s Largest Garage Sale • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sat., Mar. 13 Amarillo’s Largest Garage Sale • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sun., Mar. 14 Amarillo Gorillas vs Odessa • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Thu., Mar. 18 Affiliated Food Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Fri., Mar. 19 Amarillo Gorillas vs Rapid City • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Western Collectibles Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sat., Mar. 6

Sat., Mar. 20

Arthur, American Sign Language • Barnes & Noble Make A Wish Car Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Kicker Arena Cross • Amarillo National Center (806)376-7767

3rd Thursday • The Ground Cafe - Chase Tower Class: Carbon to Chlorophyll; Intro to Organic Gardening Amarillo Botanical Garden (806) 352-6513 March 20th-27th 24/768 Amarillo Fringe - Saturdays and Sundays 8pm Avenue 10 Western Collectibles Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Texas Gun and Knife Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sun., Mar. 7 Outdoor World 2010 Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Amarillo Gorillas vs Arizona Sundogs • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Slamarillo Poetry Slam - Monthly poetry slams are held by SLAMarillo at the Amarillo Repertory Theatre. $5 cover. $3 if you open-mic. Free if you Slam. • Amarillo Repertory Theatre 3701 Plains Blvd #25 Make a Wish Car Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sun., Mar. 21 Western Collectibles Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Texas Gun and Knife Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Fri., Mar. 26 Mon., Mar. 8 Monthly Poetry Slams Held by SLAMarillo at the Amarillo Repertory Theatre. $5 cover. $3 if you open-mic. Free if you Slam. For more information about what slam is, the rules, etc. Please visit: Free speech. Poems may include Adult content. 7pm Amarillo Repertory Theater 3701 Plains Blvd #25 Lamplight Theater - Schoolfest - March 8-11. Jungle Book Amarillo Globe News Center

Tue., Mar. 9

AMoA New Gifts and Aquisitions • Amarillo Museum of Art (806)371-5050 Ama Hardware Market Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Sat., Mar. 27 Gianni Schicchi/Buoso Opera • Amarillo Globe News Center Cat Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Ama Hardware Market Trade Show • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Dance Competition • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Alamo Hero Comes to PPHM - William B. Travis in the Hazlewood Lecture Hall. 7pm RSVP by March 4th. Elaina 806 651-2258 or Panhandle Plains Museum (806)651-2244

Sun., Mar. 28

Wed., Mar. 10

Mon., Mar. 29

Every Wednesday Girl Talk Coffee Shop Fellowship 9:30 am . Upstairs in building C at the 626 Cafe. For Women of all ages. 806 352-3305. Paramount Baptist Church 3801 S Western The Pink Luncheon at Noon. • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 UIL Orchestra • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

The Legacy Group • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096 Dryve Artist Management - Thousand Foot Krutch • Trinity Fellowship

St Patricks Day Specials Hand Blown Glass

Paintings Shirts

Dance Competition • Amarillo Civic Center (806) 378-3096

Tue., Mar. 30 Stellar Kart • Trinity Fellowship



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• Tightens, Tones & Firms • Reduces The Appearance of Unsightly Fat & Cellulite • No Pain, Bruising or Surgery • Not Water Loss! • Immediate & Lasting Results! FEATURED AT THE EMMY & OSCAR AWARDS CELEBRITY GIFT SUITES!

2820 6th th St. (Corner of 6th h & Ken Kentucky) Ke Amarillo, marillo, TX • 806-681-202 806-681-2026

Weekdays 12PM-10PM • Weekends 12PM-12AM

(Distributors Needed)

Gale 806-367-8944

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From temporary contemporary to permanent historic, the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum opens two art exhibits on February 27, 2010: one an opportunity for visitors to buy museum-quality art and the other a chance to see what the museum has bought with proceeds from previous sales. 1 The annual Panhandle-Plains Invitational Western Art Show and Sale moves from its traditional Foran Gallery location to the Harrington Changing Gallery, affording Michael Grauer, Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Art, room to invite more artists of national repute.1111 The event’s growth in popularity among art aficionados has spread throughout the region because of its quality, juried nature.1 Grauer, an authority on historic Western art, chooses a mix of professional artists from the region and across the United States who depict and interpret the American West.1 All are established professional artists who have earned their stripes while some “upand-comers” are included to spice things up. 1 “We want to host a combination of traditional Western art and some interpretations of the West with a twist.1 So don’t expect tired old Western clichés in our exhibition,” Grauer said. 1 Proceeds from the sale are used to fund museum acquisitions for its historic Texas and Southwestern art collections and conserve works within the collection that have never been exhibited due to their condition.1 Acquisitions purchased with funds realized from sales at the Panhandle-Plains Invitational will comprise part of the exhibition Wet Paint: Art Acquisitions Since 2000, including the oldest known painting of the Texas Panhandle, an 1869 watercolor by Vincent Colyer; pieces from PPHM’s Albert Schmidt Collection, (the largest in the world); W. Herbert Dunton’s 1910 painting General Custer and I Were Nearly the Same

Age and the Best of Friends, found in an office building in downtown Wichita Falls; and one of the museum’s latest acquisitions, Thomas Moran’s major 1894 oil painting The City of Mexico.1 1 Running concurrently with Wet Paint, the Museum will present Wet Ink: Print Acquisitions Since 2000.1 PPHM has been extremely active in adding to its fine prints collection, especially since 2000, and may have the finest Regionalist print collection between Fort Worth and Santa Fe.1 Wet Ink will be featured in the Museum’s Graphics Gallery. 1 The Panhandle-Plains Invitational Western Art Show and Sale closes on March 27, but Wet Paint: Art Acquisitions Since 2000 continues through September 5, 2010.

custom Cuts You Can Only Get

410 W. 10th St. Amarillo, TX 79101


With Your Shear Elegance Stylist




Amarillo, TX 79101

410 W. 10th St.

Urban Chic

heessee Aren’t Th T Knock Offs!


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The western saddle is one of the great executions of form merging with function. But for a collection of saddles on exhibit at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, the saddle is all art.

David Hawkins of Amarillo has won the ABG annual photo contest with his submission of the Thompson’s Yucca located in our High Desert Garden. All ABG visitors are welcome to submit their favorite garden shots from a recent visit to the Amarillo Botanical Gardens and be eligible to win the 2010 contest. The winner receives an annual membership to the gardens.

The Art of the Western Saddle features 16 glorious examples of the saddle maker’s art: silver-mounted saddles from private collections and museums across the country. The collection focuses on their unique design, craftsmanship and graceful merging of silver, gold and leather. Many of the saddles have never been exhibited in public, and the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to see the pinnacle of craftsmanship embellishing the primary tool of the American cowboy. The exhibit is open and runs through July 31, 2010 at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo, Texas. Saddle design is built around use, lightness, durability and fit to give the rider the ability to stay on board while at the same time not getting in the way of the horse all the while being able to hold an 800 pound steer by only a rope wound around the saddle horn. But more than a tool, western saddles are iconic. They are as much a part of the cowboy way as a hat and a pair of boots, representing work in a unique vocation. Like any tool, the saddle became an extension of those who used it and because of that became subject to personalization. That unique personalization and embellishment – call it character – is the focus of this exhibit. Saddle and exhibit photos are available on request.

Visit our website to view contest entries on the photo gallery page. To submit an ABG photo to this coming year’s contest, email your name, address and phone with a photo and date taken to: lynn.may@amarillobotanical Not all entries are eligible for posting. More than one photo submission per person allowed. Winter Hours at the Garden’s are Tuesday-Friday 9a-5p. Generous support by Amarillo National Bank allows the Amarillo Botanical Gardens to provide free general admission to the gardens until June 30. The indoor tropical Mary E. Bivins Conservatory, is an ideal spot to get in from the cold. For more information on the gardens visit, www.AmarilloBotanical or call (806) 352-6513.

t he dining scene... EL JALAPENO CAFE Lunch Specials Monday-Friday. SERVING MEXICAN Open 7:30am-2:30pm & AMERICAN Sat. 7am-3pm DISHES


2-1/2lb. Burgers


4400 S. WASHINGTON 352-2879

4500 S. Washington • Amarillo, TX. 806-355-1841 IRON SKILLET Downhome Cookin’ at Downhome Prices. Lunch Specials, Low Carb Meals Available. Senior Citizen Discount.

I-40 & LAKESIDE 372-3682

SPECIAL FREE KID BUFFET! 10 Yrs & Under With Purchase of One Adult Dinner Buffet Only Fri.-Sun. After 3:30

Hong Kong Buffet CHINESE RESTAURANT 806-373-6500

Children 3-10

$ 2.99

$ 5.99

Dinner Buffet Sun.-Thurs.: 11:30AM - 10PM Fri.-Sat.: 11:30AM - 11PM Children 3-10

$ 3.99


Get Meat By the Pound To Feed The Entire Office. Ribs On Fridays! Rib Plate $6.00 Open Mon. - Fri. 11AM - 4PM Closed Sat. & Sun.

501 S. McMASTERS • AMARILLO 806-331-6492




Sushi, Chicken, Beef, Pork, OVER 80 Seafood, Soup, Ice Cream Dessert ITEMS! Lunch Buffet


On Mon.-Thurs. Dinner Buffet 3:30PM-10:00PM

2417 E. Amarillo Blvd. • Amarillo, TX 79107

Mon.-Sat.: 11:30AM - 3:30PM


$ 7.50





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Dear Gossip Girls,






I am 25 years old and my husband and I have been married for four years. We were both born and raised in Amarillo so the majority of both of our families live here. I started my job right out of high school and have moved up in my career over the past few years. My husband graduated last year from WT. Here's our problem, I make more money than he does and he wants to move to Dallas to get a high paying job. I love my job and am very close to my family. He wants a new job and is not close to his family at all. I casually said I didn't want to go, but I've found him looking for jobs in Dallas on the internet. What do you guys think? Cherisa: That is a very difficult decision. Be with him on his journey to happiness or ask him to stay where your happiness is? I understand having a job that you absolutely love. Personally, I found my self Identity though my work and my coworkers are some of my dearest friends. I also understand where he is coming from. I always wanted to move away and start from scratch with new surroundings and new people and prove to myself that I could make it. Honestly it sounds like he is just "looking", but if he found his dream job, I would have to say, Go with your heart, if it is with him go with him and stand behind him, If it is your job and your family then stay here. Sounds like a sticky situation but in the end, everything will work out. Cristi: I am basing this on the fact that you didn’t say anything about having any children together, because then it would be what is best for the entire family. But if it is only the two of said you “casually” told him you didn’t want to move, I think it’s time to sit down and really talk it out. The longer you go not discussing it, the longer you are planning two different futures. I would say if you really want to spend the rest of your life with this man, talk it out, maybe planning it together will make more sense and you could get excited about a new life together. But if you really don’t want to move and he does, you’ll have to let him go or he will resent you for it. Leslie: My husband and I have been married for 12 years. We have know each other since I was in Junior High. Both raised in Amarillo and the majority of our family lives here. I love my family but I would have moved to start a new life with my husband. I couldn’t let the love of my life and my bestfriend go. Jennelle: So for now he's just looking. I would really open up to him and let him know how you feel. If he really loves you he will understand how much it means to you to stay here. There is always something out there for him in Amarillo. It's never about who makes more money!!!! It's always about being happy and having goals together. If he disagrees, that's not a good sign. If he is bound and determined to go to Dallas, apparently Dallas is more important than his marriage.

Me and my ex-husband have been divorced less than a year (I initiated the divorce) and we have two kids (9 and 5) together. We had a smooth divorce, if there is such a thing, and continued to talk on friendly terms since then. Well that is until he gets a new girlfriend. Which I am completely fine with because I want him to be happy. But now he won't even talk to me, he sends messages through the kids. I met his girlfriend one day when he dropped the kids off and she was very short with me. And now if we are at an event for the kids she won't even look at me, it's very uncomfortable. I would like to get to know her since she is around my kids but I'm afraid to say anything to my ex because I don't want to cause any problems. Leslie: I wouldn't worry about it. Women that can't accept the ex-wife won’t last long. Some just need to grow up. Bet she's gone in no time!!! Teri: I think you should be yourself and not play any games with her. If she feels threatened by you, she will have to work through it. She picked a package deal, and you are part of the package. If she doesn't want to deal with his past, and be decent for his sake, then your ex will realize soon enough that he is not with the right woman. Yep. Let her look like the bad guy, cause she probably is. Cristi: Why are you afraid to talk to your ex? You have kids together and this “girlfriend” is spending time with them. You should tell him you would like to invite her to lunch so the two of you can “get to know each other”. If she refuses then she is the one not putting out any effort. Then I would be so nice to her that her bad attitude will be so obvious that maybe your ex will open his eyes.

I am a 28 year old who has been with my fiance since high school. We bought our first house and have been living together for three years now. He proposed to me on my birthday, which was May of last year. Neither one of us has talked about a wedding or getting married since then. We have had a rocky relationship but we have been together for so long and no one knows me like he does. We are getting pressure from our family and friends and I do want to have kids but I just don't know about marriage. I don't know anyone who has a marriage that I would want or everyone I know is divorced. I notice that many of you have been divorced, did you regret getting married because I don't want to? Cherisa: If you are not certain that you WANT to get married, then don't do it. Marriage is a whole different ball game and if you are happy with things the way that they are then my suggestion is do what that little voice (we all have that) tells you to. Pressure from friends and family can be overwhelming at times but in the end it is YOUR life and you need to live it the way that YOU desire. If you fall victim to rushing in because of outside influences, will you ever feel like it was the BEST decision YOU ever made? Do I regret getting married? No, I can honestly say that I feel like we had IT, we were a great couple and just because we are divorced now, doesn't erase the happiness or love that WAS once there. Jennelle: I would advise that you don't have to be married to have a wonderful family life, it's not about having marriage papers!! It's about just loving each other and raising the babies to the best of your abilities! Leslie: I say if you don’t feel it. Don’t do it. Teri: If you aren't ready to dive in and get married by now, it is probably because you know the truth about the problems you will face with him, and you are fearful. I am not sure what you mean by a "Rocky Relationship" but I am guessing that just because your friends and family are pushing you, and you want children, you might actually make this huge mistake!!! If you aren't sure about it, I say skip a "rock" instead.

Have a question, problem, need an opinion...ask the Gossip Girls. Just email:


MARCH 2010




recking Romance started playing together and formed a band in 2009. The band consist of 5 members and each member brings a unique style to the band. First we have Heath Hooper, he is 23 years old and an ET Major at WT who works as a server at Cheddars. He brings the dirty metal riffs and soul melting solos. Then we have Cody Blevins, who is 22, graduated from Canyon High and is working to become a professional musician. He is also a part time bartender at Midnight Rodeo. Blevins lays down the hard rock and melodic harmonies. Shaun Williamson, playing muse style bass lines, is a 21 year old from Amarillo who loves to play Bass and Karaoke Big Balls by AC/DC. The backbone of the band, Eric Gonzales, "Pancho" is on the drums. Gonzales is a 23 year old from Canyon and is a bartender as well. Last but definitely not least, we have front man Adam Hoffman. Hoffman is originally from Perryton and a is now a music major at WT. He brings a strong and wide ranged rock voice that attracts the kind of attention desired by the entire band, The lovely ladies. Wrecking Romance is inspired by various bands including Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Dream Theatre, My Chemical Romance and Muse. They write and preform their own material and they now have 10 original songs and hope to have a demo soon. They also preform several covers, such as Taking Back Sunday, Stonesour, Sick Puppies, Lit, Sixx A.M., Muse, Shinedown and they do a really unique version of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". They started out doing open mic nights around town at places such as Whiskey River and Lowery's Saloon and Dance Hall. Now they are playing shows practically every weekend. Playing at venues likeThe Refuge, Whiskey River and Lowery's. They also play private shows at the spot that they practice at. It is right across the street from Sassy's. You can Hear Wrecking Romance on your local WT radio station on the weekends and hopefully their CD will be done soon for purchase. For now, you can find and hear their music at m or they also have a facebook page where you can become a fan as well.

Cherisa Felder


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Brandon Stennett

randon Stennett started his career in music at a small cafe, Lone Star Bar and Grill about a year and a half ago, which is a family Diner located on the Claude Highway just South of town. "No matter how big things get for me, I will always come back and play at the The Lone Star" Brandon says. Speaking of how big things have gotten already, so far Brandon has made milestones as an artist. In August of last year, he played a 2 hour show for the Oprah Winfrey Show that was filmed in Dalhart for the Animal Rescue Center there. He opened for the band Sick Puppies, which is an Australian band that came to the U.S and has chart topping songs such as "All the Same". Born and Raised in Amarillo, he graduated from Randall High School. As a matter of fact, he actually performed at his 10 year and 15 year high school reunions at the Goldenlight Cantina. Brandon has 3 children , Kloi is 12, Jax is 9 and Madox is 6. "They love to come hang out to the studio or come to the shows that they can attend and steal money from my tip jars" Stennett Boasts. "My Wife also stands behind me 100% and believes in me above all others. I wouldn't be this far into my dream if I didn't have her right beside me." Brandon is also a firefighter for the Amarillo Fire Department and has been with the AFD for 12 years. "I love working as a Fireman, but if my music career takes off and profits enough for me to provide for my family, I will have to follow my heart and go for the music career." Says Stennett. A love and a Passion for music keeps the dream alive. And as you can see, daily demands keep him juggling between family, work, recording, traveling and playing live shows. For a hobby, Stennett builds Hot Rod Boats and old vehicles. He and his father have built and refurbished cars and boats since he was a kid. He always has a project car or boat going. CCS productions is his management company and they have really helped him snowball into the musician he is today. They have helped with copyright, shooting videos and website construction. In fact, he currently has a music video for his song "Corner Table" listed on You Tube and they are getting ready to send this video off to CMT. His song "Corner Table" is inspired by the veterans that fought for our freedom, His Grandfather is the star in his music video. He has sent his Demo to 90 record company's and American Eagle Record Labels is a very promising lead. Locally he has had his music played on KGNC, has a C.D for sale at Hastings and has preformed at several local venues. On New Years Eve Brandon played at EBGB's. He as also played at Goldenlight Cantina on 6th street. He travels a lot as well, Going to places such as Lubbock, Midland, Moline, and Oklahoma City. You can become a fan of Brandon Stennetts through his facebook and watch for this local to soar to the top.

Cherisa Felder

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c alendar of events Sponsored by Budweiser


Karaoke Every Thursday Night • Rounders - 2801 Virginia Cir Frank and Risa Karaoke Every Thursday • Cattleman’s Club 3803 Amarillo Blvd Karaoke Every Thursday and Friday and Karaoke Joe Every Sunday The Pine Shed - 5342 Canyon Dr. Karaoke Thursday - Friday • Baileys Shed 7101 Bell Karaoke with Curtis Every Saturday • Cactus Bar - 4831 S. Western King Entertainment Karaoke Every Friday • Cattleman’s Club 3803 Amarillo Blvd B-Man Karaoke Every Saturday • Buckles Lounge I-40 East Karaoke with Shotgun Every Saturday • No Dog’s Allowed Saloon 700 W. 10th Ave Songbird Karaoke with Tender Linda Every Saturday - Tuesday - Wednesday Duke Tracy’s - 3101 W. 26th Chunky Monkey Karaoke Every Sunday - Monday and Tuesday • Cattleman’s Club 3803 Amarillo Blvd Karaoke Every Tuesday and Sunday • Buffalo Wild Wings B-Man Karaoke Every Sunday • Austin’s Pub - 3121 SW 6th St B-Man Karaoke Every Monday • Wing Street Pizza Hut - 2509 S. Georgia B-Man Karaoke Every Wednesday • Lowery’s Saloon and Dance Hall Songbird Karaoke (Back Bar) Every Wednesday • Marty’s 2740 Westhaven Village

Thu., Mar. 4 Eli Young Band • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia Andy Chase Cundiff • Leal’s Mexican Restaurant - 1619 S. Kentucky Taylor Boston • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk Amateur Poker League 6:30 & 9:30 pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Fri., Mar. 5 Jason Boland • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia Tennesse Tuckness • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Kicker Arena Cross • Amarillo National Center

Sat., Mar. 6 Daryl Felsberg Comedy • Golden Light Cantina - 2908 W. 6th Joey Green Band • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Savage Machine • The War Legion Underground - 519 SE 10th

Sun., Mar. 7 Rudy Garcia • Lowerys Saloon and Dance Hall 6th/Indepence

Tue., Mar. 9 Amateur Poker League 6pm & 9pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Wed., Mar. 10 Open Mic Night • The 806 - 2812 SW 6th Dustin Adams Quartet • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk Riley Rogers - Jade Moore - Downstait • The War Legion Underground 519 SE 10th DJ Marcus Stiles • Rounders - 2801 Virginia Cir Chuck Clark Country Music and Variety • VFW 1401 W 8th Open Mic Night • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk

Thu., Mar. 11 Tejano Thursday: • Old Busters Lounge 2204 SE 27th Ave Live Music 8-12. Wing Street • Wing Street Pizza Hut - 2509 S. Georgia Taylor Boston • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk Cody Riley Band • Golden Light Cantina - 2908 W. 6th Taylor Boston • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk Chancy Bernson Band • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Kickshiker Band 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th Amateur Poker League 6:30 & 9:30 pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Fri., Mar. 12 1100 Springs - Agave Posse Band • Golden Light Cantina - 2908 W. 6th Kult ov Azazel • The War Legion Underground - 519 SE 10th Chancy Bernson Band • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Pizzaz • The Amarillo Club Kicker Monster Truck Show • Amarillo National Center Fairgrounds Facing Shrapnel with Set the Seas on Fire and Dead by First Light The War Legion Underground - 519 SE 10th Aaron Watson • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia Live DJ • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave Necrosis E-Zine • The Nat Ballroom Liz Whitfield DJ Dance 7-10pm • VFW 14021 W. 8th Aaron Lewis (Staind) • Globe News Center for Performing Arts

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page 5B Sat., Mar. 13 DJ Tra-C • Sassy’s - 309 W. 6th Ave The Dreggs • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Tides of Animosity - HOD - His Own Demise • The Nat Ballroom The Buster Bledsoe Band • Austin’s Pub - 3121 SW 6th St Pizzaz • The Amarillo Club Sans Gravity • Burberry’s - 715 S Polk Dj Frenzy- 4pm-2am • Le Chateau - 711 S. Polk

Live DJ Open Patio (weather permitting) • Rounders - 2801 Virginia Cir AYURVEDA • The 806 - 2812 SW 6th

Thu., Mar. 25 Tejano Thursday: • Old Busters Lounge 2204 SE 27th Ave Radical Classical • The War Legion Underground - 519 SE 10th Kickshiker Band 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th Amateur Poker League 6:30 & 9:30pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Sun., Mar. 14

Fri., Mar. 26

Finn Riggins - Abi Robins- Fishbowl Buttons • The 806 - 2812 SW 6th Aaron Watson • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia Open Mic Night • Dugout - 2511 Olsen Blvd S&S PROMOTIONS PRESENTS - A Spring Fling Affair - 7-? Drink Specials Whiskey River - 4001 W 51st Ave

Texas Renegade • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia Flying Elbows • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Zach Walther • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia LIz Whitfield DJ Dance 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th Live DJ • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave Whiskey Rebellion • The Nat Ballroom Scenic River Boots Bands • Golden Light Cantina - 2908 W. 6th

Tue., Mar. 16 Live Music 8-12pm • Wing Street Pizza Hut - 2509 S. Georgia Amateur Poker League 6 & 9pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Wed., Mar. 17 Tommy Gallagher Band • Golden Light Cantina - 2908 W. 6th Marcus Stiles live DJ and Dance • Rounders - 2801 Virginia Cir LIz Whitfield DJ Dance 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th St. Patty’s Day Party with Drink Specials and Giveaways Buffalo Wild Wings 5416 S Coulter

Thu., Mar. 18 Tejano Thursday: • Old Busters Lounge 2204 SE 27th Ave Amateur Poker League 6:30 & 9:30pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd Bug Girl Touring USA March-June All ages Show • The War Legion Underground - 519 SE 10th Kickshiker Band 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th

Fri., Mar. 19 Hank III • Midnight Rodeo & Pirhana Room - 4400 S. Georgia State and Madison with HeyDay • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs

Sat., Mar. 20

Sat., Mar. 27 Amarillo Springbreak Bash 2010 Call 806 374-0145 or 806 356-9631 for ticket information. • Gamboa’s Outdoor Event Center Madlore • Hoot’s Pub - 2424 Hobbs Live DJ • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave Skitz O’Fuel - Rock City Rescue III Concert for the Homeless • The Nat Dj Frenzy- 4pm-2am • Le Chateau - 711 S. Polk Dim Lit Daylight • Butler’s - 703 S Polk St

Mon., Mar. 29 Thousand Foot Krutch • Trinity Fellowship

Tue., Mar. 30 Live Music 8-12pm • Wing Street Pizza Hut - 2509 S. Georgia Amateur Poker League 6 & 9 pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Wed., Mar. 31 DJ Stiles and open patio (weather permitting) • Rounders 2801 Virginia Cir Liz Whitfield DJ and Dance 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th

Dj Frenzy- 4pm-2am • Le Chateau - 711 S. Polk

Thu., Apr. 1

Sun., Mar. 21

Tejano Thusrday: • Old Busters Lounge 2204 SE 27th Ave Pool Tournaments • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave Amateur Poker League 6:30 & 9:30 pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Rudy Garcia • Lowerys Saloon and Dance Hall 6th/Independence Open Mic • Dugout - 2511 Olsen Blvd

Fri., Apr. 2 Tue., Mar. 23

Live DJ • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave

Amateur Poker League 6pm & 9pm • Mulligan’s - 2511 Paramount Blvd

Sat., Apr. 3 Wed., Mar. 24

Live DJ • Kicked Back 521 E 10th Ave Dj Frenzy- 4pm-2am • Le Chateau - 711 S. Polk

LIz Whitfield DJ Dance 7-10pm • VFW 1401 W 8th

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West Texas Death Fest

ick off Spring Break with the West Texas Death Fest For the second consecutive year, the West Texas Death Fest is bringing a weekend of brutality to the Panhandle. This year's event will be held March 12-13 at the Nat Ballroom and will consist of approximately 30 death, thrash and black metal bands from across the country. "We're taking the fest seriously," said Jessica Cazares, promoter for the event. "It's not just some show to us. We want it to be bigger, we want it to be better and we want to push the limits." Cazares said last year's event was a success and hopes to see it flourish in 2010. "The bands last year were phenomenal, the mosh pit was insane and everything was just so great," Cazares said. Besides bands, the Death Fest is drawing three magazines to the event. Lone Star Metal Magazine, Sick Drummer Magazine and Beyond the Dark Horizon will have booths set up at the festival. Record labels Dead World Syndicate and Ossuary Industries will also be present to scout out new talent. "This way we kind of help them out," Cazares said. "We really wanted this to be as good for the bands as it is for the fans." Brian Ferrell, owner of Ossuary Industries, said he sees the festival as an opportunity to support the Texas metal scene. For Ferrell, a highlight will be seeing a performance by Human Meat Market--an up-and-coming act based out of Oklahoma. "There's a lot of different genres of music," Ferrell said. "I think there's a little bit of something (at the Death Fest) for everyone." Cazares encourages people who do not normally listen to heavy metal to give the Death Fest a chance. "This is going to be an awesome weekend for people that love music of all kinds," Cazares said. "We want to show people what death metal is. A lot of people think that the vocals are too rough and you can't understand it. Look at the vocal as another guitar or another drum piece or another bass. We judge it as an instrument." Dave Bennett of Indiana is traveling to Texas to play with his band, Cryptic Fog, which combines black and death metal in their music. "I'm definitely excited about coming to Texas," Bennett said. "Being in a band, we have never gone that far." Bennett said Cryptic Fog formed one year ago and has played around 20 shows. He said he is optimistic about the opportunity to share his music with new ears. "(The Death Fest) is probably going to be our biggest show yet," he said. "I'm looking forward to seeing what the crowd turnout is going to be. Being on stage is such a high; it's a feeling I can't explain." Cazares notes that most festivals this size are held in larger cities such as Houston or Dallas. "We have purposefully chosen to stay in Amarillo so that Amarillo can have something big," Cazares said. "A lot of these bands would normally never come to Amarillo, but because of the fact that we're having a huge festival they will be here." Tickets to the West Texas Death Fest can be obtained at Tarpley's Music Co., Night Songs or on the group's MySpace. The cost is $20 for two days or $12 for each day. "So you get to see 30 bands for $20," Cazares said. "For 75 cents a band, this is a chance to test the waters and see if you like any of it." The West Texas Death Fest is an all-ages event and B.Y.O.B. with proper I.D. Cazares said several tables will be set up and loaded down with band merchandise. The Death Fest is selling T-shirts containing every band's logo for $15 as well as a compilation CD that will include one song from each band participating in the festival. Cazares said the Fifth Seasons Inn & Suites is offering special rates for those who tell them they are attending the Death Fest. "They have an indoor pool, hot tub, free breakfast and a bar," she said. The hotel can be reached at 806-358-7881. Ferrell said he hopes to see a good turnout at the event. "Come out and support the underground brutality," he said. "Give it a chance. Feed the beast, as they say."

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