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Summer Collection

Amarelo Manga EDITORIAL


ummer is here! Time of sun sea and lots of people happy, is this time we feel happier, then color and curves. And in tune with this season that the brand Luana Barzane presents the ď€ rst edition of the Amarelo Manga Magazine, is this line that piggybacks Amarelo Manga and brings you readers all elegance, tropical bossa old and the new collection was created. In the following pages will take you to a dive of more than ha fashion on summer fashion. Thus showing the full potential of Luana Barzane. Apart from the matters that the magazine has wonderful, since we are in holiday season, great tips for tours of the SL. Of course we could not stop talking about the avors of summer, light meals and drinks wonderful to let your summer more complete. So let's not waste time and embark on this cruise of Glamour and smell of summer!

Amarelo Manga


Summary 05 - Post 09/10 - Man Style 13/21 - Fashion Editorial 23/26 - Cover Girl Interview 29/30 - Woman Style 35/36 - Best Place 37 - What to Eat 38 - What to Drink

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Team Editor in Chief

Luana Barzane Head writer

Arturcosta Akina Writer style man

Thiagoo Block Writer style woman

Analy Amat Cover Photo

Foto da Capa

Shoots Luana Barzane Model Thayna

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Let your soul fly


Luiz Gonzaga Bezerra

Let your soul fly Leave the past behind Hold on to the dreams lie The edges of their roads. Fly in no hurry to find a place Where you land and stay relaxed Admiring the birds flying slowly Singing their songs immeasurable. Dream of success Just dream of the heart He is the perfect sage and eternal Lord of life and dreams. Let air out of your chest slowly Close your eyes feel the scent of flowers Listen to the dance of the water without worrying Hotter! Strengthen your soul delight. Amarelo Manga



Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Man style by:Thiagoo

DNA, SIGNATURE and EVIAN skins have merged! They have an amazing skin called Alejandro.


rom across the industrial wastelands strides a man, powerfully built and handsome, his almond shaped eyes scan the horizon, ever watchful for signs of trouble. As he turns, his face is lit up by ashes of neon, revealing seductively full lips, a strong jawline and a muscular throat. This man is feral, a ď€ ghter and street smart. His rock hard abdominal muscles ripple as he reaches for the tool belt strapped around his taut waist, his strong hands wiping away layers of oil from his glistening, smooth skin.

Amarelo Manga


Even in the half-light you can see that Alejandro, with his sensual Latin looks, is a man who doesn’t compromise on his masculinity: rugged, tough and super-hot, Alejandro is the skin for men condent of their sex appeal. Alejandro is a skin that will inspire lust and admiration. This skin pack include also an outt: Jeans, belt, grease stain tattoo layer, scarf.

Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Summer Fashion Brazil

Fashion Editorial

A celebration of joy through colors, shapes, textures and blends everything to compose a visually unique young man full of charm and personality very well and bossa Amarelo Manga new collection

Amarelo Manga


[Amarelo Manga] - Swimsuit Suape [Orange 01]

[Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Rhamona [Bronze]

[Amarelo Manga] - Set African

Amarelo Manga] - Bikini Itamaraca [Green 02]

[Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Rhamona [Green]

[Amarelo Manga] - Summer Hat [Green 02]

[Amarelo Manga] - Secrets Of Nature 2 - Bangles [Green]

Amarelo Manga


 

[Amarelo Manga] - Bikini Gaibu [Orange 02]

[Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Rhamona [Bronze]

 

[Amarelo Manga] - Set African [Amarelo Manga] - Summer Hat [Orange 02]

Amarelo Manga


[Amarelo Manga] - Output Beach Shoulder [Green 01] [Amarelo Manga] - Summer Hat [Green 01]

[Amarelo Manga] - Dress Alice [Orange 02]

[Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Rhamona [Bronze]

[Amarelo Manga] - Summer Hat [Orange 02]

Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga] - Dress karynna [Green 02]

[Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Rhamona [Bronze]

[Amarelo Manga] - Secrets Of Nature 2 - Bangles [Green]

[Amarelo Manga] - Dress Suelen "MOD/003" [French Blue]

[Amarelo Manga] - Zuzu Pumps [Yellow]

[Amarelo Manga] - Handbag Zuzu [Yellow]

Amarelo Manga


 

[Amarelo Manga] - Zuzu Pumps [Pink] [Amarelo Manga] - Dani Romper "MOD/ 001" [Orange.Com]

Amarelo Manga


[Amarelo Manga] - Handbag Zuzu [Green]

[Amarelo Manga] - Zuzu Pumps [Green]

[Amarelo Manga]- Brazil Natural Collection - Trilithium

[Amarelo Manga] - Capri Pants [White]

[Amarelo Manga] - Laisa Blouse MOD/006 [Printed Green]

Amarelo Manga


[Amarelo Manga] - Zuzu Pumps [Orange]

[Amarelo Manga] - Short Fall "MOD/005" [Dark Blue]

[Amarelo Manga] - Blazer Fall "MOD/005" [Turquoise]

Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Cover Girl Interview

Amarelo Manga




nd with great pleasure that we interviewed one of the most beautiful models of the moment ... I think one of the best! She has an incredible ease of change in the pictures are beautiful, friendly and winning fans everywhere with his charisma simplicity and humility, a winning example for us all ... I'm talking about is the dearest Thayna (gueixathayna)... Thayna was born on July 20, 2011, was the winner of Covergirl August 2012 edition of the Amarelo Manga. Thayna already started his career with the status of top, she shone on the catwalks of SL parading for agencies like Canary, Styles and many others. Well we know this star of ď€ rst magnitude.

Amarelo Manga


Thayna which was the rst feeling that went through your mind when you realize that he was the winner of Covergirl AM? It was a feeling of surprise and then joy and pride. Prefer jobs catwalk or photoshoot? There is no preference in the two types of work I try to do fashion but professional. And it's good too see the end result of a photo or a good parade and see what is the fruit of my labor It draws on someone? Get to dress, talk, behave ... ? Not really, I have a point of reference that is my mother, who taught me most of what I know and introduced me to the world of fashion in Second Life. Some ignorant people have the bad habit of saying that models are not smart, what you have to say about it? I invite this person to live with us awhile models, I'm sure they changed their mind. Our work is as difcult as any other, has its challenges and overruns, and deserves all the respect in the world You have proles on social networking sites like Orkut / twitter / ickr and stuff like that? Yes, I facebook and ickr http://www. @ N05. If you could change something in the SL fashion world, what would it be? Probably but I would try to include people, sometimes I see that only those who know about fashion is within this world, many people do not know exists. Their design what are your biggest aws and their greatest strengths? Our question that hard, haha. My worst defects are perfectionist and be critical and be my greatest qualities are helpful and hardworking One question that all readers of men's magazine area would like to know: Thayna delights in men who are ...? Me charm by men who are truthful.

Amarelo Manga


Let's do a quickie, you must respond with one word ein ... Let La ... A special person? My mother, Suh Winterwolf A Place? My house A song? Christina Perri - A Thousand Years A book? Happy to nothing - Martha Medeiros A sentence her? Not of my own but denes the moment I'm living: No

bird ies looking at their wings. Fabricio carpinejara What do you like best? My eyes / My falicidade of adptação What do you dislike most in? My cheeks / my naivety What you can not stand in other people? Hypocrisy Second Life needs more? Disclosure To end say what you feel like, for all who admire you as a model and person! My modeling career is just beginning, I've been winning is everything with dedication, work steadily and. I am grateful to all opornutidade I've had and all the people who have helped me grow in professional and personal life. Expect to have liked the interview, kisses. Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Woman Style Analy Amat

Hello dear reader my beauty tip and this wonderful skin that brings an air of seductive and chic for you a new look that she undoubtedly will be perfect

Amarelo Manga


Hair - Analog Dog - Ging Marsala (Mesh) Skin-Belleza-Lily V1 SK 1 Shape - * ANNA SHAPES * - Paola Small Eyes -. ID. Insufferable dastard - FFL / Bold Green Eyelashes -. ID. Insufferable dastard - Luscious Lashes Jewelry - [AM] - Set Duo "MOD / 001" (Onyx) Dress - [Amarelo Manga] - Dress Liane_Short "MOD / 001" [MESH] Pants - [Amarelo Manga] - Pants Leather_Curv [MESH] Shoes - [Amarelo Manga] - Platform Pump Meg_Black

Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Amarelo Manga


Best Place

A place of breathtaking H

e came to vacation, time to pack up and make that dream trip. Well for those who will stay home so that traveling to an island paradise here in Second Life. I visited and loved and enjoyed clear to this matter, the place has several beautiful graphics. I clicked some for you. Amarelo Manga


This paradise in the middle of Second Life is called SELIDOR on arrival you are faced with an imposing architecture, place and full of surprises and various scenarios perfect for those who like to photograph you sure spent nice moments on the island has a small rustic village very pleasant beautiful gardens and beautiful beaches.

SELIDOR without a shadow of doubt and a destination that everyone should know this summer. The photos are part of this material are just a small part of the beauty found in SELIDOR, then do not bother to visit Amarelo Manga


What to Eat

Sandwich Summer As its name implies, the Sandwich summer is perfect for the hottest season of the year. ingredients:

Photo: Ormuzd Alves

Source: Mdemulher

Preparation: Fast (30 minutes) Yield: 8 servings Difculty: Easy Category: Sandwich Calories: 320 per serving

· 4 tablespoons (soup) of dry curd · 2 teaspoons (tsp) lemon juice · Salt to taste · 1 teaspoon (tsp) cayenne · 4 slices of bread in full · 4 slices of ripe tomatoes · 6 slices of turkey breast · 4 lettuce leaves washed and dried

Preparation: Season the dry curd with lemon juice, salt and cayenne. Mix well. Spread this mixture over the bread slices. Cut the tomatoes into very thin slices and distribute over two slices of bread. On top, arrange the slices of turkey breast and lettuce leaves. Close with remaining bread slices. Tip: If desired, sprinkle more pepper akes and serve with watermelon juice.

Amarelo Manga


What to Drink

Fresh fruit cocktail ingredients 20 ml of gooseberry, 40 ml pineapple juice 40 ml of melon juice, 40 ml of grape juice fruit to decorate to taste Preparation Place the currants in cup Add juice at a time without moving, so do not mix Garnish with fruit and serve with ice.

Source: Revista Manequim

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Amarelo Manga


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Amarelo Manga - Magazine  

The magazine Amarelo Manga brings to the reader information about fashion and style with a sleek and contemporary vision

Amarelo Manga - Magazine  

The magazine Amarelo Manga brings to the reader information about fashion and style with a sleek and contemporary vision