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UNMAZED Letter from the Editor This past eekend I loaded up the ”ar, and headed out of to n ith my t o daughters, Eden and Rilah. The goal as to isit some of the key Florida sites, seek some fresh air and sunshine, and isit a fe ”ollege ”ampuses along the ay. While my girls are only 11 and 9, e talked a“out hi”h ”ampuses e liked or disliked, hat types of programs ea”h had, and hat their goals ere for the future. Ha ing these ”on ersations, no matter the age of the student, is e tremely important. Last month, UnMazed fo”used on the ”ollege resear”h and ”ollege isit pro”ess. Taking time to do informal tours, like e did this eekend of E”kerd College, Uni ersity of South Florida- St. Peters“urg, and Uni ersity of Florida, allo s a student at any age to start en isioning themsel es as "”ollegeready" and "”ollege-a“le". Visiting the sites around ea”h ”ampus or along the ay made it more fun and real as a pla”e that they ”ould possi“ly li e some day. We talked a“out many of the key terminology used throughout this month's magazine and they asked good uestions. O erall, our trip “rought us ”loser together as e talked a“out hat as most important to us no simply enjoy the time e had.

and in the future, and allo ed us to

As this month's edition of UnMazed ”ame together, I as reminded ho different the ”ollege pro”ess has “e”ome from hen I as going through it all. With the different types of appli”ations, essays, inter ie s, and deadlines it ”an “e o er helming for parents and students. Ho e er, e perts from all o er the state ”ame together to share their kno ledge of the entire pro”ess. After helping hundreds of families through this pro”ess, I kno that this edition should “e sa ed for referen”e, as it ”ontains a ealth of information not often found in one pla”e- parti”ular for our Florida students. No matter the grade of your student, if they are looking for in-state or out-of-state s”hools, open admission or highly sele”ti e s”hools, “eing ”ollege-ready is more a“out a mindset of su””ess. Start the dis”ussion early and stop along the ay to take a “reath and enjoy the journey.

By: Dr. Amanda Sterk, Senior Editor and Founder of UnMazed Magazine




August 2018, ISSUE 5

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Amanda Sterk, Ed.D., is author of College UnMazed: Your Guide Through the Florida College & University System. She currently works at Florida SouthWestern State College as Director of Accelerated Programs. Dr. Sterk has been an educator for 20 years as a teacher, school counselor, and administrator. She is founder of the Florida teen resource, www.unmaze.me.Â


Katie Reilly is an English teacher at one of the highest ranked collegiate high schools in the state, Florida SouthWestern Collegiate- Lee Campus. She is currently working towards her Master's in School Counseling and is passionate about student success.

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Contributing Writers Rob Hicks, M.Ed.,has worked in public schools for 16 years. He is a school counselor at Fernandina Beach High School and the Ogburn School. He maintains the "Getting My Guide On" blog about all things school counselor at guidey.blogspot.com and writes about local history. Scott Daigle is passionate about college admissions. As a former school counselor, and now private college consultant, he understands how to navigate the college process with ease. He is an Independent Educational Consultant at Premier College Advisors.

Courtney Faunce is a mental health clinician at Lifescape Counseling Services, LLC,. She specializes in working with young adults and families utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practices with a humanistic client-centered approach.

Dave Rathmanner is the VP of Content for LendEDU – a site dedicated to helping consumers with their personal finances. In his free-time, you can find Dave working out, playing lacrosse, or dreaming about his next dog.

Sydney Nanberg is an anti-bullying activist, located in Miami Beach, Florida with a mission to educate students and parents on the effects of bullying. sydneynanberg.com.

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Brittany Cortez has a Master’s degree in College Student PersonnelAdministration and. worked at the University of Illinois in admissions. She currently works with dual enrollment students at Seminole State College. She is passionate about helping students and parents navigate the college process

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Bill Parker is a proud alumnus from the University of Chicago where he is the regional interviewer for the University. He is passionate about helping students through the selective college process Bill is a retired business man who enjoys living in SW Florida.

http://ww w.unmaze. me/collab orators-3/

Jackie Plucker has been a school counselor in Lee County for 7 years. She has Bachelor’s in Social Work and two Masters degrees in School Counseling and Educational Leadership. Jackie loves being a high school counselor and working with families to navigate not only high school life, but life after high school.

Ashley McNaughton is an independent college counselor and founder of ACM College Consulting, LLC. She has her BS in Business from Bucknell,, and Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. Alongside her consulting work, she volunteers with ScholarMatch, a nonprofit helping high achieving, low income students get to college. www.acmcollegeconsulting.com.



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What are you most worried about during the college application process? From UnMazed Parents

My daughter leaving home! - Shawn

Filling out scholarship applications! -Mary

Deadlines and admission criteria, and how they can vary! - Jessica

Essay, different applications, costs & scholarships! - Claudia

Transcripts for homeschool students. - Lisa


College Application Apps


C'Reer App

The C'reer app matches students with their college choice by taking a quick 5-7 minute personality test which indicates what career they would be best at. From there, the app shows universities and colleges that have the majors to obtain the career, and then connects students to admission representatives from that school.Â


Prep4ACT (SAT)


Scholly App


The Prep4ACT & Prep4SAT app helps study for the ACT/ SAT on their own time. Their lessons and practice sets makes studying manageable for busy students. It also contains analytics to see the student's improvement over the course of the app. This app gives over 60 lessons, 1,000 flashcards, and 1,000 practice questions. After a brief diagnostic, the app customizes a course for each student's needs.

Without fail, every parent and student conversation I have asks the question, "Where do I look for scholarships?". The Scholly app, as shown on Shark Tank, asks a series of questions and formulates what scholarships are worth applying for. For the few dollar charge, it does not "sell" your information and you are not bombarded with ads.

Common App App Common App onTrack is a companion tool to the Common Application, a application that is used by over 700 colleges throughout the United States. Common App onTrack helps you stay on track with what you need to successfully complete your college applications. You can view each deadline and submission status, add and invite recommenders, and create your own list of reminders and task.


FEATURED Applications

Institutional Common App Coalition App



Resume Essay Letters of Recommendation


College Terminology



Virtual College Fair School Visit

Open access


Competitive Selective Highly selective

2+2 Pathways Direct Entry Honors


Terminology in BOLD will be found throughout this magazine edition. The August and October editions will showcase the other terms.




TERMINOLOGY: TERMINOLOGY: WHAT WHAT TO TO KNOW KNOW ACT A two-hour-and-55-minute examination that measures a student’s knowledge and achievement in four subject areas -- English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning -- to determine the student’s readiness for college-level instruction. There is also an optional writing test that assesses students’ skills in writing an essay. The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 to 36 for each of the four areas. The four subject area scores are averaged to create a Composite Score. ADMISSION Admission is the act of being accepted into a post-secondary institution. After the application process to a post-secondary institution, the admissions office at the institution will notify the student by phone, mail or e-mail of whether or not the student has been admitted. Admission to a postsecondary institution does not mean the student is required to go there, and does not mean the student is automatically enrolled. Admission is simply the acceptance of a student into the institution. APPLICATION DEADLINE The date set by college admissions when applications are due. If deadlines are missed, students will usually be denied or lose valuable opportunity for scholarships. CAMPUS VISIT/TOUR A service by the college admissions office for prospective students, allowing them to visit various campus buildings, meet key institutional personnel, and get a firsthand look at campus life. COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS The ACT and SAT are national exams that students must take to be admitted to most colleges and universities. Both tests are designed to measure a student's level of knowledge in basic areas, such as Math, English, Reading, and Science. It is recommended students take both the ACT and SAT. It is best to take at least one test during the junior year. Students may retest either test and should do so at the start of the senior year. The SAT II Subject area test is also required by some colleges and universities whose admission standards are more select. Visit www.actstudent.org andwww.collegeboard.com for more information and registration. Some schools use tests such as ACCUPLACER and PERT. Typically these are 2 year community colleges that will take these or the ACT/ SAT. COLLEGE ESSAY A brief composition on a single subject, required by many colleges as part of the application process for admission. COLLEGE FAIR An event at which colleges, universities, and other organizations related to higher education present themselves in an exposition atmosphere for the purpose of attracting and identifying potential applicants. COLLEGE REP VISIT This is when a college or university admissions representative visits a high school or community site for the purpose of recruiting students for admission to the institution. COMMON APPLICATION A general application accepted by 517 colleges (www.commonapp.org).eceive college application









FEATURED DEFERRED ADMISSION A college’s option to postpone making a decision on whether to accept or deny an applicant. If deferred, they may be waiting for additional information from the student, like end of semester 1 grades for seniors, or to move you from one type of admission (early) to another (regular). DEFERRED ENROLLMENT An accepted student’s decision to put off a college’s offer of admission in order to take a one-year absence (e.g., to travel, work or take care of a family member). DEMONSTRATED INTEREST This includes a student’s expression of his or her desire to attend a particular college through campus visits, contact with admissions officers, and other actions that attract the attention of college admissions personnel. While not all institutions use this as a factor in accepting students for admissions, studies have shown that more than half of schools do consider demonstrated interest in their admissions decisions. EARLY ACTION A process that allows students to apply to a school earlier than normal (often before November) in order to receive an earlier decision (usually by mid-December). Students are allowed to apply to other schools as well, but they typically need to let the accepting colleges know by late spring if they’ll be attending. With early action, you don’t have to accept an offer of admission. EARLY DECISION A process that allows students to apply to ONE college or university with the promise to attend if accepted. Early decision is binding, so students should be sure it’s the school they want to (and can afford to) attend before applying early decision. FEE WAIVER Students with financial need may receive fee waivers to take the SAT, SAT II, and the ACT. Students who take the test using a fee waiver may then receive college application fee waivers. FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENT Any student whose parents did not obtain a Bachelor's degree or higher at a U.S. accredited institution. It is up to the individual institutions to evaluate any Bachelor's degree or higher obtained from outside of the U.S. FIT The college search is not about getting into the best college. There is no school that is best for all students. Some students do best at large public universities; others excel in small liberal arts colleges; still others want to study far from home. If you want to make the most of college, don't just apply to the big–name schools or the ones your friends are excited about. Do your own research to find schools that are the best fit for you. INTERVIEW This is a personal, face-to-face interaction between an admissions applicant and an institutional representative (admissions officer, alumnus, faculty, etc.). Interviews are rarely required, but at colleges that offer them it can be beneficial to take advantage of the opportunity. NON-RESIDENT A student who is not an official resident of the state where a public university is located. Tuition at public universities is less expensive for residents. AUGUST 2018



PERSONAL STATEMENT An application essay in which a student gives more insight into his/her personality, achievements, history and character. REACH SCHOOL A college or university that you have a chance of getting into, but your test scores, GPA and/or class rank are a bit on the low side when you look at the school's profile. The top U.S. colleges and top universities should always be considered reach schools. RECOMMENDATION A letter written on your behalf, explaining why you make a good candidate. Most applications require three recommendation letters and include teachers, counselor, or school administrators. REGULAR DECISION The application period in which a student applies that does not have any binding or non-binding agreement attached to . RESIDENT A student who lives in and meets the residency requirements for the state where a public university is located. Tuition at public universities often is more expensive for non-residents. ROLLING ADMISSIONS A process of reviewing and making decisions on applications as they are received, rather than according to a specific deadline. SAFETY SCHOOL A college or university where you clearly meet the admission requirements: minimum GPA, test scores, etc. It’s important, though, that the school also be one that you would want to attend, should you not gain admission to more selective colleges. SAT SAT is shorthand for the Scholastic Assessment Test. The SAT is a standardized test which may be used for admission into postsecondary institutions. It tests knowledge in writing, critical reading and math. The exam is typically taken in the Spring of a student's Junior year, and can be retaken beginning in Fall of Senior year of high school as a student works to increase his/her score. SCHOOL PROFILE This is an overview of your high school’s program, grading system, course offerings, and other features that your school is submits to admissions offices along with your transcript. For better or worse, admissions offices use this information to weigh your GPA, placing a student’s GPA against the academic reputation of the school she or he attends. TRANSCRIPT An official academic record from a specific school, typically your high school or post-secondary institution. It lists the courses you have completed, grades and information such as when you attended. WAIT LIST A list of college applicants who haven’t been accepted or denied. If openings develop, the college may offer admission to some of the students on the wait list.


Simplifying the College Application Process

hatv mostv studentsv strivev for,v andv most

buildingv theirv hours.v Iv havev createdv av listv ofv things


studentsv andv parentsv shouldv kno v andv dov henv it

thev time,v studentsv andv parentsv orryv aboutv hatv it


Iv thinkv

takesvtovgetvintovcollege,vandvho vtovpayvforvcollege. th- th Grade

Basicallyvho vtovgetvstudentsvscholarshipsvconsumes ouldv lovev for

- Startingvjuniorvyearv orvsooner ,vstartvsearchingvfor

familiesvtovkno vthatvgettingvscholarshipvreadyvstarts

majorsv andv hichv collegesv offerv thosev majors.v Look

freshmanv year.v Iv alsov getv questionsv aboutv ho v to

atv hatvthevGPwvandvtestvscorevrequirementsvarevfor

apply,v andv mostv studentsv assumev thatv thev online


applicationvonvthevcollegev ebsitevisvthevonlyvpiecevto


thev latterv halfv ofv myv schoolv year.v Iv

thev puzzle.v Communityv servicev hours,v SwT/wCT scores,v andv GPwv alongv ithv thev levelv ofv course ork

- SignvupvforvyourvwCTvandvSwT.vIval aysvencourage

taken,v arev becomingv thev corev piecesv tov bev an


attractivev applicantv forv colleges.v Studentsv should


startv early,v andv talkv tov theirv highv schoolv counselors

Takevthesevtestsvduringvjuniorvyearvsovifvyouvneedvor antvtovre-testvforvhighervscores,vyouv illvhavevtime

aboutvappropriatevvolunteervopportunitiesvtovstart AUGUST 2018



- RequestvyourvOfficialvhighvschoolvtranscriptvbevsent


throughvyourvhighvschoolvregistrarvorvguidancevoffice. - Ifvyouvarevunsurevofv hichvcollegevorvuniversityvto attend,vvisitvthemvifvpossible,vorvseevifvtheyvhavevvirtual


illv sendv ,v av preliminaryv transcriptv for

tours.v Visitingv av collegev orv universityv canv givev youv a

collegev acceptancev andv partv ofv thev application


process,v andv av finalv transcriptv afterv graduationv to sho vthatvthevdiplomav asvearned.

th Grade - 1ov notv limitv yourself,v ifv youv havev goalsv tov attendv a

- v Completev anyv otherv requestedv documentationv the

collegev thatv seemsv outv ofv yourv reachv basedv on


requirements,v applyv any ays.v wpplyv tov collegesv that


arevconsideredv safe vasv ell,vmeaningvyouvhavevavgood

sho ingvyouvarevavresidentvofvFlorida,vandvshouldvpay

probabilityv ofv beingv acceptedv basedv onv the


inv statev tuitionv insteadv ofv outv ofv statev tuition.v 1uev to mostv studentsv beingv minorsv rightv outv ofv highv school,

- v Ifv youv canv affordv thev collegev applicationv fee,v then

thevparentvhasvtovcompletevthevresidencyvformvasv ell,

applyv tov atv leastv 5v colleges.v Iv learnedv a hilev agov that


fivev isv av realisticv number.v wpplyv forv v safev schools, meaningvyouv ouldvattendvthem,vandvmeetvorvsurpass

-v Mostv collegesv dov notv requirev recommendation

theirv admissionv requirements.v Thev rdv schoolv should

letters.vMostvdovnotv antvtovreadvthem,vandv on’tveven

bev av schoolv youv antv tov attend,v andv yourv mayv meet


somev requirements,v butv itsv close.v Thenv thev finalv


schoolsv arev yourv reachv schools.v Schoolsv youv mayv not

themv andv theyv arev av piecev ofv yourv application

meetv allv requirements,v butv theyv offerv hatv youv ant


andvyouv ouldvreallyvlikevtovattendvthem.

recommendations,v itv isv helpfulv tov havev av resume





rittenv upv ofv allv achievements,v higherv levelsv of - Somev studentsv canv qualifyv forv applicationv fee

course orkv taken,v a ardsv orv recognitions,v and

aivers,v thev samev ayv theyv canv qualifyv forv SwT/wCT

anythingvthatvyouv ouldv antvthevpersonv ritingvyour

feev aivers,v basedv onv familyv incomev andv somev other

recommendationvtovkno .vGivevthisvtovthevpersonvyou

factors.vWorkv ithvyourvhighvschoolvcounselorvtovseevif


youvqualify!vSavevmoneyv herevyouvcan.

goodv amountv ofv informationv tov

ritev av great

recommendationvforvyou. - wpplyv onlinev throughv thev college/university.v Online applicationsv arev justv thev firstv stepv ofv thev application

-v Finally,v completev yourv FwSFw!v Thev Federal


wpplicationvforvStudentvFinancialvwidvisvavgreatv ayvto receivevfederalvfundsvtovhelpvpayvforvcollege.vColleges

- Submitv wCT/SwTv testv scores.v Youv havev tov logv into

andv universitiesv alsov usev thev informationv providedv on

yourv testingv accountv andv requestv theyv sendv an

thisv applicationv tov seev ifv youv qualifyv forv anyv college

Officialv Copy v ofv yourv testv scores.v Youv canv also requestv scoresv bev sentv


henv youv applyv forv thev test

initially.v Somev studentsv preferv tov aitv thoughv sov they




By: Jackie Plucker, School Counselor at Lehigh Senior High School, Lee County






Basic information Leadership roles Extra-curriculars Certificates Volunteering

Applications CollegeBoard ACT Specialized Email

DEADLINES Create List Applications Financial Aid Scholarships



Transcripts Essays Letters of Recommendations Application Fee

Personalize Questions Research Learn from Others Write Down




As you begin the college application process, there are several key things you should know. Use this guide to help you navigate through the various applications you will find.

. Build a resume!! Thev bestv keyv isv tov createv a








1ocuments & 1eadlines- wsv youv beginv the

do nv allv yourv highv schoolv information,v suchv as

process,vensurevyouvkeepvtrackvofv hatvyou


e tra-

havev completedv andv sent.v Thisv includes

curricularv activities,v communityv service,v and

teacherv andv counselorv recommendations,

a ards/v honors.v Gov throughv andv thoroughly

transcripts,v wCT/v SwTv scores,v application

rankv andv editv yourv informationv sov itv best


e emplifiesv yourv academicv andv personal

applicationv process,v therev arev severalv key

performancev hilevinvhighvschool.

thingsvyouvshouldvkno .




. Store all passwords & user id codes! Often collegev admissionsv

. Ask questions and seek answers. Parents

ritev tov youv inv your

andv teensv oftenv dependv onv othersv to

applicationv accountv aboutv admissionv decisions,

providev information,v probablyv onev ofv the

financialv aid,v scholarships,v and,v hopefully,

reasonsv hyvyouvarevreadingvthisvrightvno !


Ho ever,v justv becausev somev site,v one

tov keepv av chartv ithv allv pass ordsv andv userv id

school,v orv onev personv tellsv youv onev thing,


continuev askingv questionsv throughoutv the







documents.v Beforev youv beginv yourv college

entirev process.v Thev collegev application processv isv continuallyv changingv andv every schoolv doesv thingsv differently.v Createv av list

applicationsvbevsurevyouvunderstandv hatveach

ofv thingsv tov askv seev Collegev Visitv Checklist

applicationv isv askingv tov bev sent.v Studentsv often

fromv thev Julyv editionv tov seev somev ofv the


questionsvyouvshouldvbevasking .

timev andv couldv potentiallyv derailv their acceptancevandvscholarshipvopportunities.


Do you need help through the entire high school to college process? College UnMazed: Your Guide through the Florida College and University System keeps both students and parents on track!

FloridaShines FloridaShines is allows students to explore Florida' colleges and universities to find the right school! It has a great career connection.

Big Future CollegeBoard's Big Future is a great interactive website to help find your perfect college fit.

FEATURED Essays Tips from an Admission Representative


s ”ollege appli”ation season is upon us, many are

spe”ifi” referen”es for ea”h institution. Do not say Go Blue

starting to

in an essay to the Uni ersity of Illinois. Yes this does happen

onder a“out the essay uestion. Should

I a”tually put forth the effort to

more often than you think.

rite the essay or just

”opy and paste the same thing o er and o er again? Will anyone a”tually read the responses? What ”arry

5 Be ”reati e! Reading the same Biology essay response

eight does it

a“out ho

ith the appli”ation?

you olunteered at a hospital and no



to “e a do”tor gets really old. Dig deep and find out hy you

I am here to tell you that YES ”ollege admissions


ant to “e a do”tor and tell me that..

”ounselors are reading your essay uestions! As a former admissions ”ounselor I ha e read to ”ount… and they


ay too many essays

018- 019 Common App essay prompts ha e

already “een released. Use your time this summer to start

ere good, “ad and ugly. I am not

orking on them so you aren’t inundated

going to lie, essays get pretty “oring to read o er and o er again so the ones that



ork this fall

“et een high s”hool ”lasses, e tra”urri”ular a”ti ities and

ere ”reati e and

applying for ”olleges.

interesting ere the ones that stood out to “e admitted. And my eyes didn’t gloss o er .

Let’s keep the 50 ”ent I ha e learned a fe looking for and

things a“out

ould you “e and

ant to

8 Just don’t use the ”li”hé uotes i.e. If you find a jo“ you’ll

hat they are

ere an animal

hy . They really are


pull out the di”tionary.

ould like to share some tips:

asking of you. Think, if you


to see that you ha e a “road o”a“ulary, “ut I don’t

hat ”ounselors are

1 Read the uestion and fully understand

ords to a minimum. Yes

lo e, you’ll ne er

hat spe”ies

ork a day in your life .

anting to see if

I kno

you ”an “e ”reati e.

you ha e heard these tips multiple times from so

many different people, “ut e eryone you ha e heard it from Follo


ord ”ount. If your prompt says 550

is telling you the truth. Any arti”le that you read online a“out


or less then keep it pretty ”lose to that limit or e en a little


shorter. That 1500

listed a“o e. Take note of these tips “e”ause they are

ord response that you

orked so


rite the essay is going to say e erything that is


long on did not get read to the end.

In ”on”lusion, please take the time and effort to 3 Please please please spell ”he”k, grammar ”he”k and

essays. I kno

they are a pain to

rite and

ha e someone else read through it “efore you su“mit it.

applying to so many more ”olleges no , it

rite your

ith students ill take fore er

Comments are made on the appli”ation if there are

or at least feel like it . The essays really ”ould “e the

grammati”al errors or if the ans er doesn’t e en address

de”iding fa”tor on if you are admitted to your dream s”hool


or reje”ted all together. Do you really

as asked. This refle”ts negati ely on the

ant to take that risk

“y not paying attention to your response?


4 IF you are going to ”opy and paste

By Brittany Cortez, Dual Enrollment

hi”h I don’t

Coordinator at Seminole State College

re”ommend , please make sure to ”hange all






of the College Essay

Don'ts of the College Essay

Do use the essay to reveal something new, a story or idea that showcases your personality and is meaningful to you.

Don't use the essay to repeat your resume. Use this opportunity to reveal something unique about you.

Do show your knowledge of the college, with specific details you have learned through research and visiting.

Don't copy and paste your essays, even if you are applying to multiple schools. Take the time to write original responses.

Do use your voice to tell your story. Don't try to be someone you're not.

Don't write an essay for what you "think" college admissions is looking for. This is a time to tell something unique about you.

I know you have heard these tips

In conclusion, please take the time and

multiple times from so many different

effort to write your essays. I know they

By: Brittany Cortez, Dual Enrollment Coordinator at Seminole State College and former admission representative

are a pain to write and with students Don't rely on spellcheck. It is extremely Do make sure you answer the to so many more from is telling you the truth. Any article applying colleges now, important you have multiple people prompt. that you read online about how to write it will take forever (or at least feel like it). read and check your work before you the essay is going to say everything that The essays really could be the deciding submit. is listed above. Take note of these tips factor on if you are admitted to your people, but everyone you have heard it

because they are important!!

dream school or rejected all together. Do you really want to take that risk by not paying attention to your response?

Do understand all of your deadlines and make a plan for your writing process.

Don't wait until the last minute. Waiting until last minute leads to increased stress and poorly written essays.

FEATURED College Essays Are About Telling A Story Coalition Essay Prompts: 500 to 550 words (suggested)

1. Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it. 2. Describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others in which the greater good was your focus. Discuss the challenges and rewards of making your contribution. 3. Has there been a time when you’ve had a long-cherished or accepted belief challenged? How did you respond? How did the challenge affect your beliefs? 4. What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What’s the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)? 5. Submit an essay on a topic of your choice.

Common Application Essay Prompts: 1. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. 2. The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? 3. Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome? 4. Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma - anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. 5. Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. 6. Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more? 7. Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you've already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.




5 Mistakes in College Admissions START

OVER CONFIDENCE Many students and parents think they kno all about college admissions. The process is al ays changing.





LACK OF CONFIDENCE Unfortunately, many students think they cannot go to college or cannot afford it and don't apply.

3. ORGANIZATION Mistakes happen, but at this stage it can cost you college acceptances and scholarships.

4. FRIENDS - Students rely on information from friends, hich is often inaccurate or not applicable to their situation.

RESUME- Students do not ha e a resume to begin ith. By just " inging it" the application lacks direction.

PARENTING Importance of a Teen Checking Account For most young adults, their personal finance behaviors and

Is Your Child Ready for a Teen Checking Account?

habits are acquired during their formative years, and many

The teen years are an awkward period when it comes to

consider themselves to be financially illiterate. Unfortunately,

money. Teens have outgrown their piggy banks and really

too many young adults struggle up a steep learning curve,

don’t want to go to their parents when they need money.

often backsliding due to costly mistakes.

They also yearn to be treated like adults. However, whether they are ready to assume the responsibility of managing a

Those who are taken under the wings of their parents early on

checking account is totally the parents’ or guardians’ call. If

are much more likely to make good financial decisions and

your teen has yet to demonstrate responsibilities in other

gain control of their financial future. The best place to start

areas, then maybe a checking account is not the place to

instilling good money habits in them is at your bank by


helping them open their own teen checking account.

The best time to open a bank account for teens is when it

Why a Teen Checking Account is Important

coincides with other benchmarks they have achieved, such

A checking account is the most fundamental and useful

as finding and keeping a part-time job. Or, maybe it is after

tool in learning about financial responsibility. Teenagers like

they have demonstrated a high degree of responsibility

the idea of having some responsibility, especially when it

when they first start driving. Although some banks allow kids

means having more control over their money. Once they

as young as 13 to open a checking account, the right age

grasp the importance and practice of managing a checking

may be when your teen demonstrates a willingness to

account, they can graduate on to more advanced personal

accept responsibility. A checking account can be recognition

finance concepts such as credit cards.

of that achievement.


continued from p.25

What to Look for in a Teen Checking Account

But the real reason for having one is so you too can monitor

The first step in opening a teenage bank account is to

the account. It is a good practice to sit down once a month and

find one of the best banks for you. Of course, you should

review their account together.

check with your local bank first as not all banks are set up to cater to teenage bank accounts. You should follow

Opening a Teen Checking Account

a list of criteria that would be important in determining if

Although some banks do not require it, it is recommended that

it is the right bank for your teen to learn the ropes.

you open your teen’s first account under your own name. This allows you to monitor your teen’s activities and enables you to

Spending limits: If you want the ability to place limits on

transfer money instantly if it’s needed.

your teen’s spending, some banks offer such controls for daily ATM withdrawals or debit card use. You can also

The bank will issue a debit card in your teen’s name as well as

consider other restrictions for transferring funds, making

a small number of free checks. You should decide if you want

withdrawals, or depositing money.

your teen to have checks. Although they probably won’t have a big need for them, it is not a bad idea to teach them how to

Mobile and text banking: Most banks offer mobile and

write one. The biggest decision you will need to make is

text banking, which makes it easier to track account

whether you want to opt out of insufficient funds protection.

balances and recent activities. Most apps have push

With it, the bank will cover any insufficient funds from debit

notifications about low balances. When your teen starts

card purchases, but you will incur an insufficient funds fee.

earning paychecks, they can use their smartphone to

Without it, your teen’s debit card will be declined if there are

deposit them via remote capture. Your teen should form

insufficient funds.

the habit of reviewing their account daily.

From there, it becomes a daily teaching and learning

Low or no fees: Most banks offer a no-frills teen version

experience. Taking the time to work with your teen to develop

of their checking accounts. There should be no monthly

critical spending and saving habits can mean the difference

maintenance fees, but you can still expect to pay normal

between early adulthood financial struggles and long-term

bank fees for overdrafts.

financial success.

Dave Rathmanner is the VP of Content for LendEDU

Online account management: Your teen will quickly learn






an online


account platform.




The likelihood that ”ollege admissions offi”ers

ill ”he”k

of a””eptan”e, the same per”entage said they found

out your Instagram or Fa”e“ook in addition to your GPA

details, su”h as leadership roles or ”ommunity ser i”e, that

and appli”ation essays is gro ing, a””ording to a

refle”ted positi ely on an appli”ant.

re”ent sur ey from Kaplan Test Prep. A surprising 40 per”ent of admissions offi”ers say they isit appli”ants’

What’s more, as ”olleges ha e started using more “ig

so”ial media pages to learn a“out them, four times the

data to help make ”ollege admission de”isions, and is not

amount that did so ten years ago.

un”ommon for admissions offi”es to tra”k

Social Media & Resume Building

Ho e er, most admission representati e respondents 89%

ho ”he”ked student’s so”ial media pages said

appli”ants’ so”ial media “eha ior to help predi”t ho

they are to enroll or su””eed on ”ampus. Some ”olleges ”an

they did so rarely and on a ”ase-“y-”ase “asis. Major

infer ho

reasons in”lude

photos they upload or ho

anting to learn more a“out an

appli”ant’s ”reati e interests, note orthy

a ards,


erifying unusual or

in estigating



inappropriate or illegal “eha ior, a””ording to the


interested appli”ants are “y ho

many ”ampus

many friends they ha e on the

”ollege’s so”ial sites for appli”ants. This is one find student’s demonstrated interest,

ay they

hi”h is 1 % of

fa”tors going into admission de”ision NACAC, 016 .

sur ey. Today’s te”h-sa

y teens should kno

their Fa”e“ook,

The result isn’t al ays “ad ne s. While a third of

Instagram, or T itter persona refle”ts on their a”tual

admissions offi”ers said they’d dis”o ered something


negati e that hurt an appli”ant’s ”han”es

Don't put ANYTHING on


Webinar Link AUGUST 2018



FEATURED Demonstrated Interest: What It Means for Admissions A term

hi”h is some hat unkno n to many ne

How do you do it? There are many


the ”ollege sear”h and appli”ation pro”ess has “een

demonstrate interest, most of

gaining a lot more attention re”ently. Demonstrated

on their o n as you are doing proper resear”h to find

Interest’ is real and ery mu”h ali e! Although one ”an

hi”h s”hools are a good fit. Going on ”ampus isits,

not “e ”ertain ho


eight it has in the


ays to

ill likely o””ur

re uesting information, emailing admissions

admission de”ision, it is not something to “e “rushed


uestions, attending ”ollege fairs and speaking to


your lo”al admissions representati es, parti”ipating in inter ie s if a aila“le, follo ing the s”hools on so”ial

In the 016 NACAC Admission Trends Sur ey, nearly

media platforms, and applying to Early De”ision or

40% of the ”olleges responding rated demonstrated

Early A”tion deadlines are all ”ommon and some hat

interest to “e of moderate or ”onsiderate importan”e


in their admissions de”isions. Although

e ”an not “e

offi”ial ”ampus tours, the ”olleges usually ”olle”t your

e ”an safely assume that

information. If you de”ide to do your o n, “e sure to


hat that means,

if a student is mat”hed up

ith a ”andidate of ery

similar ”ali“er, ha ing demonstrated interest

ays to demonstrate interest. When you attend

stop in at the admissions offi”e and speak


ith a

representati e to get your name on their list’.

gi e them the ad antage. No need to go ”razy emailing admissions on What is it? It is pretty mu”h all in the name. It is the

repeat and risk annoying the already e tremely “usy

student sho ing their interest in their potential

staff, just do your due diligen”e

”olleges. It is the student letting the s”hool kno

and “e sure to sho


are ”onsidering it. It is a student esta“lishing a relationship

ith your resear”h

the s”hools you are interested in

some lo e! As al ays, “e real, “e YOU.

ith the s”hool. It is the student putting

themsel es on the s”hool’s radar.

For more information on this topi” listen to Ethan Sa yer,





Why should you do it? Colleges ha e a tough

pod”ast: https://

de”ision de”iding “et een thousands of

stream/demonstrated-interest-ho -to-“uild-





appli”ants and kno ing that a student has taken the

authenti”-relationships- ith-”olleges-and- hy-its-

time to ”onne”t


ith the s”hool and get to kno

it demonstrates to them that they ha e a genuine interest. They

By Ashley McNaughton, College Counselor in SW Florida, ACM College Consulting, LLC

ant to enroll a ”ertain num“er of

students and students

ho ha e demonstrated

interested are more likely to a””ept their offers of a””eptan”e. Makes sense, right?





Importance of Student Factors in Admission Decisions"Considerable Importance"

Grades in College Prep Courses

Essay or Writing Sample

4. %


Counselor Recommendation

Grades in All Courses

. %

. %

Student's Demonstrated Interest

Strength of Curriculum

4. %

. %

College UnMazed

Test Scores (ACT/ SAT)

Teacher Recommendation

www.unmaze.me NACAC (2016), State of College Admissions, Retrieved from www.nacacnet.org

What is interesting about the chart above is how the admission process has changed in just one year. The 2015 report stated these numbers:

Whatvdovthesevne vscorevchangesvtellvus?

79.2%- Grades in College Prep Courses 60.3%- Grades in All Courses 60.2%- Strength of Curriculum 55.7%- Test Scores 22.1%- Essay or Writing Sample 17.3%- Counselor Recommendation 16.9% -Student Demonstrated Interest 14%- Class Rank

Morevemphasisvonvthevtypesvofvcoursesv andvgradesvvinvcollegevprepvcoursesv 1ualv Enrollment,vwdvancedvPlacement,vIB,v wICE,vetc ,vlessvemphasisvonvtestvscores,v andvmorevemphasisvonvthev hatvthev studentvbringsvtovavclassroom/vcampusv settingv essayv&vrecommendations .




. %

Student Link Webinars Finding Your College Fit Joseph Madigan, Senior Associate Director of Admissions from Florida Southern College Webinar Link

Top 5 Misconceptions of Florida Admissions Scott Daigle, College Consultant, Premier College Advisors Webinar Link

Florida Applications Coalition Application Universities

Documents Needed Essay Student Self Report Academic Record (SSAR) Resume Application Fee Website

Florida State University University of Florida Florida Southern College

Common Application Documents Needed


Essay Recommendations* (Counselor & 1-2 Teachers) Transcript Resume Application Fee Website

New College of Florida University of Central Florida University of North Florida University of Miami University of Tampa Florida Southern College Barry University Eckerd College Ave Maria University Flagler College Florida Institute of Technology Jacksonville University Johnson & Wales University Keiser University Lynn University Nova Southeastern University Ringling College of Art & Design Rollins College Saint Leo University St. Thomas Unviersity Stetson University

Institutional Application


Documents Needed Transcript Resume Essay (depends on college) Recommendations (depends on college) Application Fee Website- see each college's website


Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Florida Atlantic University Florida International University Florida Polytechnical University (SSAR) University of South Florida University of West Florida All Florida State Colleges




3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be Afraid to Ask for


Have you ever had trouble going out of your way to ask

When I went away to college I came out of my shell and

for help? It is safe to say that we all have!

wasn’t as shy. However, I still struggled to ask for help when I needed something because at that point, I didn’t

Let me share with you a quick glimpse of my life growing

want to come across as unintelligent.

up: Growing up in school, I was painfully shy and asking for

Fast forward to my sophomore year in college, I hit a road

help put me out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of

block. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and

standing out and other people noticing that I even

what my passion was. I desperately needed help. I faced

needed help. Sometimes I struggled with understanding

consistent anxiety, and tried to avoid thinking about my

what we were reading in class or how to solve an

future. I was embarrassed to share that I was lost because

equation in math. But, it was easier for me to try and

it seemed as if I was the only one who was struggling. By

figure it out on my own or risk the lower grade. As I grew

avoiding this issue, it caused EVEN MORE anxiety and

up, I became very independent.

confusion. AUGUST 2018



Up until that point, I never really knew how life changing it

satisfaction. When it comes to getting what you want and

would be to ask for help. So, I took a leap of faith and began

succeeding, education is power. Asking for help might put

sharing what was going on with my friends and family. Not

you out of your comfort zone, but doing so will get you closer

only did asking for help feel like a weight lifted off of my

to what you want.

shoulder because I was able to get these feelings and questions off of my chest, but it actually helped me to figure

You need to be in uncomfortable situations if you want

out what I wanted!

something different than what you currently have. It may be asking for help in school because you are bullied, or asking

The Fear of Asking for Help

someone to give you an opinion on a new business you are

Asking for help is not always easy, but something that you

starting. Regardless, don’t be afraid to ask, because life is all

should never be afraid of doing. We all need help at times.

about learning. Without education, things will never change.

Whether it is at work, with friends, our relationships or at

school. Life would be so much easier if we had the answers to


everything, but the truth is that we don’t. Whenever we feel

People Can’t Help You If You Don’t Ask.

stuck or need some assistance, many people leave asking for

This applies to all struggles in life. How will others know you

help as a last resort because they fear feeling stupid or

need them if you don’t ask. If you need help, ask for it. No

bothersome. Therefore, projects, questions and situations

one can help you if you do not ask. No one can read your

are left as is for weeks because of that fear.

mind. If you are struggling in school, either with bullying or in a class, talk to someone. Your teachers are there to help you.

People do not want to face situations that they do not know

Don’t accept a bad grade in a class, ask for guidance. Don’t

how to handle. So, if they can’t figure it out on their own, they

allow someone to bully you, tell a teacher or speak up! If you

choose not to face it instead of seeking help.

need help with how to handle a situation, don’t guess. Ask someone with experience or someone you trust. Get the

This is why today, I will share with you the reasons why you

outcome that you desire.

should never be afraid to ask and how you can benefit! Final Words REASON NO. ONE

While many of us are independent and pride ourselves on

It’s All About Finding That Solution

being independent, sometimes we face situations that are

The sooner that you ask for help, the less time you waste.

new and challenging. Asking for help can only teach us

Despite the situation, whenever you need help with a project

valuable lessons, while finding solutions to the struggles we

at school, dealing with a client at work, handling an obstacle

face! We really have two choices. Ask for help. Or don’t. Get

in a relationship, the longer you wait to ask, the worse you

closer to what you want quicker. Or put it off and feel bad.

will feel. The sooner you get help, the quicker you will receive

The choice is yours!

what you want. REASON NO. TWO By Sydney Nanberg, Anti-Bullying Advocate

The More You Know, The More You Grow If we had all of the answers, there would be no room to grow in life, and therefore less




College Admission Decision Admission Review

The college's admission team reviews all necessary documents, discusses the students based on their admission criteria.

Accepted The college notifies students through the school's online admission portal, via email, or through a mailed letter. Some colleges release all decisions at the same time (UF & FSU), others as applications comes in.

Scholarship & Program Review Because of a student's academic standing, they may ask the student to apply to specific programs (Honors, International, etc) or for additional scholarships. There may be an essay or interview process.

Deferred/ Waitlisted The college has decided to defer the student either for 1) further review after more information is received (recommendation letters, semester grades, etc.), 2) to a different term/ program that was not requested by the student, or 3) put on a waitlist if admitted students drop.


The college admission team decides the student's application does not meet their criteria so they deny admission for the student. If a student feels this is a good fit for them, seek alternative paths to the college, such as a transfer status.

Application Review If students' feel like there is additional information that should be reviewed, they may ask for an application review. Information to be provided may be a personal statement, recommendation letter, and school information.


Timeline Award Letter

After acceptance, students will receive an award letter that details the provided financial aid package (including loans and grants), institutional scholarships, and some given state scholarship. Students may accept to deny any part of the award letter.

Decision Day

Housing & Orientation

Students must provide their decision to their college by May 1st or sooner. Before deciding, it is important to visit the campus one more time, and talk to the financial aid office and program of interest to ensure the student's needs are being met.

Once the spot is accepted, there will be some additional documents to provide to the college. Official transcripts should be sent from the high school and any acceleration program they used. Students will also selecting housing (if applicable) and an orientation time.

FEATURED 5 (More) Misconceptions About Attending College in Florida Last month, I tou”hed upon the first fi e topi”s that most people ”ould find ”onfusing

hen ”onsidering in-state

edu”ational options. Hopefully, people

ere a“le to take

) Deadlines – There used to “e a ”ommon appli”ation for the SUS that

as dis”ontinued a fe

years ago. There is no set reasoning for the dates for

a ay some useful information from all of that. The State

ea”h ”ampus. FSU

Uni ersity System SUS here is so uni ue ”ompared to the

O”to“er 15th “ut, this year,

rest of the ”ountry that families need to ha e a “etter

on No em“er 1st. There is no ad antage to applying

understanding of ho

orks. It took me years of

earlier in the summer, regardless of


tells you. UF doesn’t make admissions notifi”ations



it all







as the earliest in the ”ountry at

unfortunately, many of the poli”ies keep ”hanging on a

until Fe“ruary 15th.

regular “asis so it’s a ”hallenge to keep up. Here are

deadline to apply, as it goes

hat I

ill “e the same as UF

hat anyone

UCF doesn’t e en ha e a ith a rolling system.

“elie e to “e the ne t fi e most important aspe”ts of

What you do ha e to keep in mind is that housing,

staying in Florida for ”ollege:

honors programs, s”holarships and finan”ial aid all ha e arying deadlines. You don’t

) Non-Holistic Re iew – People get so

orked up all the


ant to get

admitted and then not ha e a pla”e to li e.

time a“out the personal statements, inter ie s and re”ommendations. Ho e er, in this state, those materials

8) GPA Recalculation – Students are a“le to a”hie e

are not re uired to apply for the pu“li” uni ersities. Yes, UF


has an essay “ut it’s really just a part of the Coalition

su”h as AP, DE, AICE and IB. Ho e er, the SUS has

Appli”ation. It’s up to the admissions offi”e if they

to “e fair to e eryone in the state

ant to

eighted GPA “y taking more rigorous ”ourses, ho is paying

do nload the file. When applying to the SUS, the s”hools

ta es to support the pu“li” uni ersities. As a result,

fo”us on the standardized test s”ores and the high s”hool

the FL Board of Go ernors made a poli”y that

GPA. With so many tens of thousands of appli”ations, they

e ualizes the playing field for students

don’t ha e time to read


hat your tea”hers think, ”he”k

your olunteer hours, look at your so”ial media, ha e you AUGUST 2018


”urri”ulum. The 38





ho attend rigorous

eighted points are ”ut in half. So if


By Scott Daigle, College Consultant at Premier College Ad isors

The differen”e is . Cut that in half for a 1 and then

indi idual poli”ies.

add that “a”k to the original 4 =5 . So any student

dire”tly applied to the major

ho has

eighted ”redit

ill ha e their GPA drop

hen applying to the SUS. A grade of an A in honors e uals a 5. No ne

ele”ti e ”redits

And any ”lasses that aren’t ould simply ”ount as

hi”h are still good to ha e and do

sa e you money .

you are gi en a 4.5 in the ) Bright Futures – In the past fe

”al”ulation. It’s something that almost no one

months, the

kno s a“out “ut it ”an make a “ig differen”e in

Go ernor has signed into la

an in”rease in the BF

your admissions profile.

S”holarship a ard le els. The A”ademi” is no 100% of tuition and fees at one of the 1


9) Dual Enrollment – Yes, e eryone ”an take DE

uni ersity ”ampuses @$6, 00 . The Medallion is

”ourses through their lo”al ”ommunity ”ollege “ut


that isn’t the same as signing up for uni ersity

remaining e penses are still re uired to “e paid “y

”lasses. If you attend a pu“li” uni ersity in Florida,

the indi idual families not ”ounting finan”ial aid .

then the la

says that they must a””ept those

So plan on another $1 -15,000 “ased on the

”redits. Ho e er, if you go to ”ollege out of state or

”ampus, dorm ”hoi”e, meal plan and “ooks needed.

at a pri ate s”hool, they don’t ha e to ”ount them

You do NOT attend ”ollege for free. I’ e had se eral

to ard your “a”helor’s degree. Four year ”lasses

people mention to me that they thought the ne

”ount e enly at other four year institutions. But,


there are a fe

apply those dollar


e ”eptions. For e ample, Johns

on’t a””ept ANY dual enrollment ”redits

from a high s”hool student – no matter are taken.

And Notre Dame

5% of this @$5,000 . Ho e er, ALL of the

”o ered the entire e pense. Ho e er, you ”an alues to a pri ate ”ollege in


here they

on’t ”ount any

Later in the Fall, I

ill “egin to dis”uss the spe”ifi”

”ourses that are “eing used to satisfy a high

statutes that are

ritten into la

here that greatly

s”hool graduation re uirement, su”h as ENG 101 for



uni ersities








FEATURED StandingvOutvInvSelectivevwdmissions:v OnevIntervie er'svGuide

Application & Interview By William Parker, Alumni & Interviewer for University of Chicago




Late summer greetings from your friendly Uni ersity of Chi”ago alumni inter ie er and ”ollege fair rep. I hope your summer has gone

ell. As I

rite this, in most pla”es a”ross the land, s”hool

has started. Here in Lee County, s”hools are open for “usiness, and most ”olleges and uni ersities are greeting in”oming freshman and starting ”lasses. E ”ept, may“e, at the U of C, hi”h has long “een a laggard in getting ”ranked up in the fall. Ha ing, sin”e its founding, “ased its a”ademi” ”alendar on the uarter system

hi”h it originated , fall ”lasses at Chi”ago start

late. With high s”hool ha ing started, the num“er of ”ampus isitors has slo ed to a tri”kle, and most in”oming freshmen not sho

up until Mo e-In Day, Septem“er 18th. Fall


on’t “egin until Septem“er



6th. In the inter ening

eek, freshmen go through O-Week orientation , during


they isit do nto n i”ons like the Art Institute, attend a White So

game, tentati ely e plore the Uni ersity’s Hyde Park

neigh“orhood and, perhaps, take in a little of do nto n Chi”ago, learn a“out life in an ur“an setting, sit for mandatory and ele”ti e pla”ement tests, re”ei e a”ademi” ”ounseling, register for fall ”lasses, and attend the Aims of Edu”ation address.

ise: in filling out you appli”ation, “e yourself.

For e ample, if you su“mit a humorous essay, and you are not kno n to your tea”hers and ”lassmates for your effort

it, then the

ill pro“a“ly fall flat. More important, your appli”ation is

not the pla”e for modesty. As “ase“all great Jerome Dizzy Dean put long ago it, If you done it, it ain’t “raggin’. Sele”ti e ”olleges lo e students

ho e hi“it great and

and ha e already a””omplished great and They’re also keenly interested in the

ondrous talents ondrous things.

hole person, not merely

in your ”lassroom persona. So e erything interesting, great and ondrous,


other ise


you’ e




a””omplished, e ery honor, in or outside s”hool, should “e made part of your appli”ation. Regarding supplemental material, if you ha e something that refle”ts signifi”ant a””omplishment or talent -- in musi”, drama, dan”e, mathemati”s, s”ien”e,

riting -

- send it along and ask to ha e it made part of your folder. Video tapes, essays, e en term papers or other


ork you

feel justly proud of, and prefera“ly earned high praise, send them, too. Caution: Be ”ompletely, e en “rutally honest. Some appli”ants, in their

uest to gain that e tra s”intilla of

”ompetiti e ad antage, su””um“ to the temptation to puff up

As the in”oming first-years arri e on ”ampus, they pass, administrati ely, from the Offi”e of College Admissions to the Dean of the College. And so, for the Admissions Offi”e,

ith O-

Week in full s ing, attention shifts ”ompletely to the ne t ”y”le. In early fall, almost e ery“ody in the offi”e tra els; e en the Dean of Admissions isits a fe In fa”t, a fe

high s”hools outside Chi”ago.

reps are already on the road, fall ”ollege fairs

“egin shortly

my first


ill “e in Sarasota on Sept. 8th ,

enthusiasti” early appli”ants are filling out their appli”ation, and the first

Words to the

a e of 30,000-odd appli”ations

the offi”e like a tidal

ill shortly

ash o er

a e.



ork, and offer friendly “its of

ad i”e. Appli”ations are ”omposed of t o parts, 1 and . The first part ”ontains dry fa”ts -- name, home address, s”hool s attended, date of “irth, and a list of a”ademi” and nona”ademi” a””omplishments. In other

ords, a data sheet. Part

”ontains the real meat of the appli”ation:

high s”hool

trans”ripts grades and test s”ores; tea”her, ”ounselor and any other re”ommendations; essays; personal statements and any supplemental material that a””urately portray you and your a””omplishments. It

ill also in”lude the inter ie

”ampus or alumni inter ie er. The only “its of Part

report of a that you

dire”tly su“mit and ”ontrol are your essays and supplemental materials. Your s”hool, your tea”hers and ”ounselors, and your inter ie er must turn in the rest. When, and only is ”omplete

ill a reader re ie

College admissions readers possess finely-tuned BS dete”tors, and all it takes is a simple phone ”all to a high s”hool to “a”k”he”k an appli”ation, making it almost too easy to

your appli”ation.

hen, Part

erify a

uestiona“le ”laim. If an admissions offi”er does spot a “ogus ”laim -- an appli”ant ”laiming ”redit for something he or she didn’t do -- then the “ogus ”laimant ”an kiss that s”hool good“ye. Syonara! Just like that. Finally, if ”ir”umstan”es ha e unfa ora“ly affe”ted your s”holasti” performan”e -- death, si”kness, family pro“lems, et”. -- it is fair to e plain these to your admissions ”ommittee audien”e. Despite

For seniors applying to ”ollege this fall, this seems a timely pla”e to “riefly re ie

their a””omplishments. Don’t e en think a“out it!

think, admissions offi”es kno

hat many might

that ad ersity and misfortune do

happen, and they “end o er “a”k ards to gi e your appli”ation as fair a reading as possi“le. What fe

realize is that the majority of the admissions

”ommittee ”onsists, not of old goats like me, “ut of young adults ho graduated from the ”ollege remem“er e a”tly

ithin the last fe

years, and

hat it is like to “e in your shoes during this

pro”ess. Oh, I mentioned essays. Di”k Taliaferro used to say that the I ies paid little attention to essays, assuming that appli”ants ”ould easily ha e paid someone else to

rite them. At Chi”ago,

on the other hand, the admissions ”ommittee ha e al ays assumed that appli”ants

rite their o n essays, and for that

SelectivevwdmissionsvContinued... reason, they read them

ith intense interest and ”are. Sin”e

Di”k Taliaferro’s ie s on essays

ere propounded 30 years

ago, it’s fair to assume that e en if his assertion a””urate

hi”h I uestion , things may


ell ha e ”hanged, and

hether or not you are applying to the U of C, your interests are “est ser ed if you pro”eed on the “asis that your essays


re”ei e Chi”ago-style s”rutiny. Can you afford to assume other ise? I

ill add that Chi”ago does not

ant to re”ei e

essays re”y”led from appli”ations to Prin”eton or Yale. Its essay prompts,

ith the foregoing in mind and fun and funky

though they are, are deli“erately ”rafted to re eal ho

ell an

appli”ant ”an organize and present thoughts on a topi” that he or she hasn’t lain a ake thinking a“out during the prior year. I tell kids applying to Chi”ago, De ote lapidary ”are to your essay. The same applies to appli”ations to other sele”ti e s”hools.


adds depth to the dry data and other “its of the appli”ation, most of

hi”h ha e “een redu”ed to t o-dimensional

paper ork. Inter ie ers are delighted to meet and get to kno appli”ants I sure am , and the “est ones are keen judges of talent, ”hara”ter, and moti ation.

Moreo er,

appli”ant gets admitted or not, they truly

hether an

ant him/her to do

ell later on, and they genuinely root for them. Inter ie s ideally offer a t o- ay e ”hange of information: you ”an ask uestions, too. I tell appli”ants that if they ha e uestions, I’ll “e there until they finish asking, not “efore. Plus, I gauge the suita“ility of an appli”ant in part “y the uestions I’m asked. A fe


Go into the inter ie

ith a smile on your fa”e, and “e

genuinely e ”ited a“out, and interested in, the s”hool. The old adage, you ha e “ut one ”han”e to make a first impression,

Regarding Inter ie s. Some appli”ants get admitted to highly sele”ti e ”olleges s”hools

ithout “eing inter ie ed, and these same

ill “e ui”k to say that inter ie s are not mandatory -

- “ut that they are still re”ommended. This means, if it as at all possi“le, ha e one. You ”an “e inter ie ed on ”ampus, usually “y an admissions offi”er, or, if your s”hedule or more likely your finan”es do not permit a ui”k trip to Palo Alto, you may opt for an alumni inter ie , right here at home. Why are inter ie s helpful? Well, a good inter ie

”an “e the s”ale-

tipper that gets you in; aspe”ts of your life and moti ation and, espe”ially, your personality often ”ome to life in a fa”e to fa”e meeting that may“e got left out of your appli”ation. The do nside: o””asionally, an inter ie other

are un anted at sele”ti e s”hools . A good inter ie

”an tip the s”ales the

ay. E en though alumni are not offi”ially

mem“ers of the admission ”ommittee, mem“ers, and


e are de fa”to

e o””asionally ”ast a “la”k“all -- something

I’ e done only infre uently and that saddens me profoundly hen I do it.

lo e. They genuinely seek to help it attra”t the most a“le, talented students, and their spe”ifi” jo“ is to gain a firsthand sense of the appli”ant as a person – oh, and to sell their s”hool. ay, they

ill gently pro“e the appli”ant’s kno ledge

and understanding of the s”hool and judge

hether he/she

ill ”ontri“ute to the ”ollege ”ommunity as a friend and ”lassmate.

and moti ation,

hi”h is

hy the ”ollege desires the inter ie

in the first pla”e. Listen to, and take ”ues from, your inter ie er. A re”ent appli”ant met me

ith a sta”k of a””omplishments, letters of

re”ommendation, and other desiderata. He proudly told of his impressi e ”olle”tion of AP s”ores 5s do n the line , ”lasses he’d taken and a multitude of e tra”urri”ular a””omplishments, all most impressi e -- “ut left me

ith the impression that to

him, learning and intelle”tual de elopment

ere se”ondary in

importan”e. I ”alled the area reader and informed him that I did not

ant this appli”ant at the Uni ersity of Chi”ago and

e plained


Do your home ork: kno Sele”ti e s”hools

the s”hool you are inter ie ing for.

ant students

ho are interested, ”urious

and ”ons”ientious enough to ha e learned a good deal a“out them. I lo e to get asked tough, sear”hing uestions. Ditto, for

Most alumni inter ie ers ser e their alma mater as a la“or of

Along the

holds more than e er. You also re eal a little of your personality

They also assess an appli”ant’s interpersonal

”ompeten”e interpersonally in”ompetent appli”ants – jerks --

uestions a“out aspe”ts of s”hool life or an a”ademi” program, “e”ause they re eal more than ”asual interest and sho

that a

kid has dug do n “eneath the outrea”h materials in pursuit of his interest. You might “ring a list of

ell thought out uestions

for the inter ie er. I’ e pro“a“ly said enough, so I’ll ”lose “y ith your appli”ation, and three ”hoi”es.

ishing you good lu”k

ishing you a””eptan”e at your top

The Futuremakers Coalition is a coalition of educators, business e ecutives, and community members from all sectors dedicated to increasing the degree and certificate attainment for SW Florida students and adults. The Coalition is focused on cradle-to-career initiatives.

These charts are to be used by teachers, school counselors, mentors, and others to help e plain local workforce needs and how students should understand the importance of what careers are in low and high demand to be better prepared for a good living wage with a great possibility to being hired. Visit www.futuremakerscoalition.com for more information.

PARENTING Evolution Evolution of of a a College College Student Student and and their their Parents Parents Youv havev spentv thev pastv seventeenv tov eighteen

studentv andv everyv family.v Overv thev yearsv asv a

yearsv gro ingv av human.v Youv arev av parentv livingv in


8,v akav av completelyv ne v henv youv

orldv comparedv to

erev inv highv school.v Therev

erev good


ithv students,v familiesv and

educators,v Iv havev observedv av fe v keyv featuresv that shouldv bev av partv ofv anv ongoingv conversationv


timesv andv bad,v youv havev beenv doingv yourv absolute

yourv collegev student.v Thesev includev thev follo ing:

best.v Nov onev kno sv yourv kidv likev youv do,v andv no

Empo erment,v Confidence,v andv Self-Identity,v Real

onev lovesv themv more.v Watchingv yourv child


graduatevfromvhighvschoolvisvavhuge vmilestonevand

Critical Thinkingv Skills,v Characterv Building:v Work

one ofvthevmostvproud vandvhappiest vmomentsvyet

Ethic,v Professionalism,v and Integrity,v Self-wdvocacy

tovcome.vSo, v hatvhappens v henvschoolvis voutvfor

and Personalv wccountability, v 1ecisionv Making

thev lastv time,v promv isv over,v graduationv photosv are

Based v onv Personalv Value v Systemv Freedom v from

taken,vandvyouvfindvyourselfvasking v Wherevdidvall

Fearv of v Failure:v Vulnerability;v Futurev Oriented

thevyearsvgo? v…

Thought,vOptimism,vandvHop; vRefiningvFamilyvRoles





andv Boundaries;v Open-mindednessv andv wdventure, 1uringv thisv transitionalv time,v notv onlyv isv the

Selfv-Carev 1ov hatvyouvenjoy,vnovjustv hatvbuildsva

studentv facedv


ithv inevitablev change,v thev entire

familyv mayv needv tov redefinev rolesv andv adapt.v This processv ofv transitioningv fromv adolescentv yearsv to


youngvadulthoodv illvlookvdifferentvforvevery

happeningv rightv beforev your eyesv inv aysv youv may havev neverv plannedv orv e pected. Forv parentsv and family,v av majorv crossv roadv arrives



finally mustvletvgo.vThisvmay vincludevallo ing your v student,v no v emerging adult,v tov make decisionsvthatvarevout v ofvyourvcomfortvzone.vItvmay bev havingv tov say,v inv an v assertive yet lovingv tone, No… v v today… v Notv anymore…. v Ourv natural instinctv asv parentsv andv caregiversv isv tov findv the solutionv andv fi v thev issuev inv thev easiestv most convenientv ayvpossible.vHo ever,vthevtotalvamount duev andv thev costv ofv overv protectingv ourv students mayv bev immeasurable.v Herev arev somev generalv tips forvavsmoothvtransitionvduringvthisvcriticalvtime:

For parents and family, a major crossroad arrives when we finally must let go.

. Keep up the effective communication.

. 5njoy the small things. wsvthevresearch

Bev honestv ithv yourv studentv inv av ayv that


educatesv andv demonstratesv av healthy

profoundvpositiveveffectsvonvourv ellbeing

mutuallyv respectfulv relationship.v Wev


andv sensev ofv peace,v joy,v andv balance.v This



timev ofv transition,v althoughv stressful,v is

demonstratingv ev believev inv ourv students


andv ev valuev themv asv individuals.v Remind

thev family.v Goingv backv tov basicsv by

yourv studentv thatv theyv arev lovedv andv you

practicingv gratitudev forv thev simplev things

arev proud,v afterv allv mostv likelyv your



empo ermentv

sho s,v



approvalvandvunconditionalvlovevstillvmeans wsvavdisclaimer,veveryvfamilyvgoingvthrough


thev transitionv ofv theirv childv tov young . Be there. Timev isv currencyv andv




studentv isv relocatingv tov anv outv ofv state


campusv orv localv post-secondaryv school,


continuev tov makev timev forv phonev calls,

inv transitionv asv


scary.vWhenv evencouragevourvstudentsvto

ellv andv changev canv be

facev theirv fears,v andv setv forthv intov av ne orld,v

ev mustv alsov dov thev samev for

time,v kno v yourv boundaries.v Empty-

ourselves.v Cherishv thev gro ingv painsv and

nestersv especiallyv mayv needv tov rediscover


ne v orv oldv hobbies,v interests,v and

2. Do laundry . Read a map . Write a business email . Schedule appointments . Balance a budget

communityvactivitiesvtovreengagev ithvno thatv yourv studentv isv offv livingv thev college life.v Givev yourselfv permissionv tov focusv on you.v Establishv positivev healthyv boundaries andvbev illingvtovacceptvyouvstudent’svne boundaries. By Courtney Faunce, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Intern at Lifescapes Counseling, LLC

. Know when to hold back. Upvuntilvthis point,vparentvinvolvementv asvencouraged sincev itv isv av primaryv indicatorv ofv student academicv successv andv socialv adjustment. No v thatv yourv studentv hasv madev itv tov the

. Difference between debit and credit . Use public transportation . Write a resume/ co er letter

orldv ofv higherv education,v parentsv are only

. Cook

illv havev differentv e periences

needv tov spendv itv isely.v Nov matterv ifv your

. Be there… when you can. wtvthevsame

Top 10 Things Teens Need To Know How To Do Before College

elcomedv onv campusv duringv parent

eekendsv orv movingv inv orv outv ofv dorms. wndvpossiblyvforvsportingvevents.vInstead,vit isv morev supportivev tov suggestv tov your AUGUST 2018



. Learn to clean


Dear Mr. Hicks, I found I need recommendations for some of my college applications. What do I do?- Joey Dear Joey, An important component of any college or scholarship

life that can do that outside of your parents, well that is a

application is recommendation letters. However, there are

problem. Colleges want students who are ready to head out

things students should be aware of as they request these

in the world equipped with the tools needed to be influential

from writers and as they deliver them to readers.

in the world around them. They want students with potential. If you have done nothing to demonstrate that

The first thing students need to consider is whether or not

potential to anyone in your four years of high school, then

recommendation letters are desired in the first place. Some

perhaps you have not done all you can to make yourself a

colleges require them as part of their application, some will

strong college applicant. In this regard, think of high school

consider them, and some specifically state that they do not

as a four year long audition for college and the non-family

review recommendation letters. My advice here is to follow

members who sat on the front row during that audition are

instructions. No matter how amazing a letter made you

going to be the ones in the best position to write your

sound, if a college says they do not want letters, do not send

recommendation letters.

them. I once had a college admissions representative (who

worked for college that did not review letters) tell me they

I write my share of recommendation letters, an in all

throw away the rec letters they receive. I cannot imagine

honesty, I can write one for a goldfish if I need to do, but

this inconvenience does anything to improve the first

some of mine are better than others. Students who haven’t


made much of an impression on me or for whom I just don’t



applicant No









have much to say are going to get a pretty basic letter. But,


those students who I’ve spent a lot of time with and have

demonstrated potential to me are going to get something

Conversely, if a college says they want two letters, you had

much more detailed and thoughtful. It is important to find

better send two letters. This brings me to my next point.

the people you have made a connection with who can and

How do you acquire them? There are any one of a number

will write you a good letter. Students connect with different

of people in a young person’s life who might be asked to

individuals. Some students create strong bonds with their



counselor, but others will attach to a teacher, a coach, a

are statements about who a person is, what their impact

principal, a church leader, or an employer. Whoever the

has been so far, and where their greatest potential lies. So,

person is that you attach to, that is who should be writing

the person writing the letter should be able to speak to

your letter. Create those people before you need them and

these elements about the subject. If there is no one in your

show them what you are capable of.









4 Steps to a GREAT Recommendation Thinkvofvcounselors,vteachers,vandvothervprofessionalsv thatvcanvattestvtovyourvacademicvandvpersonalv character.vFollo vguidelinesvonv hichv recommendationsvtovsubmit.

Createvav ellv rittenvresumevthatvdetailsvyourvhighv schoolvcareer,vincludingvacademicvachievements,ve tracurriculars,vandvothervimportantvfactorsvthatvmayvusefulv henvtalkingvaboutvyou.

wskvyourvrecommendersv ithvplentyvofvtimevtov ritevthev recommendation.vProvidevavcopyvofvyourvresume,v schoolsvyouvarevapplyingvto,vandvallvdocumentsvneededv plusvpostagevifvapplicable .

Thesevlettersvtakevconsiderablevtime.vFollo -upvbeforev deadlinev ithvavsmallvtokenvofvappreciationvtovsho v yourvgratitudevinvtheirve traveffort.

By: Rob Hicks, School Counselor at Fernandina High School and blogger at www.guidey.blogspot.com




Lastvmonth,vUnMazedvhadvanv articlevonvFly-InvPrograms.v Herevisvavgreatvopportunityv forvavfly-invatvonevofvthev country'svbestvliberal-artsv colleges. WilliamsvCollege-vvStudentsv considervapplyingvforvthev 8 Windo svonvWilliamsv WOW programvby wugustv !v WOWvprovidesvmorevthanv vhigh-achievingvseniorsv fromvacrossvthevcountryvthev opportunityvspendvthreevalle penses-paidvdaysvonv campus.vPreferencev illvbev givenvtovstudentsv hov couldn’tvother isevaffordvtov visit. Please contactvus ithv anyvquestions. Link for Application

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