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Welcome to the 2011 edition of the newsletter for the North American Foundation for The University of Manchester (NAFUM). We were delighted that the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, visited the USA twice this year. We continue to be hugely impressed by her energy, drive and commitment to the University’s transatlantic partnerships. Dame Nancy hosted two excellent and well attended events in Chicago and Los Angeles which you can read about on page 6. I would also like to congratulate NAFUM Director Tim Sear (BA Commerce 1960) on his receipt of the University’s Outstanding Alumni Award (see page 7), and thank founding NAFUM Director Linda Colbert (BA Town and Country Planning 1966), who stood down from the Board this year, for her commitment to NAFUM’s endeavors. This year has already been an extraordinary one for NAFUM. We have surpassed our previous highest gift income total three-quarters of the way through the year, so that we will be able to support a still stronger range of outstanding activities at the University of the type summarised in this newsletter. I now hope that you will help us continue to make a difference to the University, its students and researchers, as we seek a similar record year in terms of participation, either by

giving through the upcoming telethon, or by returning the donation form in this newsletter. Universities can change the future direction of the world and Manchester is particularly worthy of your support. My ultimate target is 100% participation from US based alumni no matter how small the gift. Your gift will make a difference in what the University can achieve. Over the last year I have been honoured to be involved in launching the Alan Gilbert Memorial Fund – a Fund in memory of the immediate past President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, who worked closely with NAFUM during his leadership of the University. Alan believed universities play an important part in keeping the world on the right track and Africa was one of his personal priorities. He believed in the power of individuals to change the course of history in Africa and that targeted investments could have a huge impact on Africa as a whole in the long term. A permanent endowment has been established to support ongoing scholarships in Alan’s name for exceptional students from Africa (see page 4 for details). Every contribution made will really count and gifts made to NAFUM requesting allocation to this Fund enjoy the same tax deductible status as gifts for scholarships and research.

I hope you will join me in supporting NAFUM this year, whether for our broader priorities, or to join the many other alumni in the US who have wanted to mark Alan Gilbert’s extraordinary life and vision. Tony Thornley (BSc Chemistry 1967) President, NAFUM

NOBEL SUCCESS LEADS TO GRAPHENE RESEARCH BOOST The University was delighted when two of its scientists, Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics for their pioneering work with the world’s thinnest material – graphene. The two-dimensional material, described as a carbon lattice just one atom thick, is one of the world’s most versatile materials. Its potential applications include lighter aircraft wings, ultrafast transistors (making it a potential successor to silicon) and sensors that can detect just a single molecule of toxic gas. During a recent visit to the laboratories where the material’s remarkable properties were first

demonstrated, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer laid out plans for a £50 million investment to create a Graphene Global Research and Technology Hub to commercialize graphene. Speaking after the announcement, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University said: “This is fantastic news for the University and the city of Manchester. The scale and pace of graphene research here has escalated rapidly over the past year and its commercial potential is growing by the day”. She added: “I particularly liked the first line of the Chancellor’s speech – “Tomorrow’s world is being shaped here in Manchester”.”

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NAFUM welcomes support from alumni and friends in all areas, but particularly endorses support for the main student scholarship and research focused areas below that we consider to be our preferred priorities. Through supporting one of NAFUM’s priority areas, your support can have a strong impact on campus and beyond.


MSc Statistics Grattidge Masters Scholarship

MA Languages and Linguistics

Equity and Merit Scholarships are awarded to students from developing countries who will gain knowledge to help them tackle some of the serious issues facing the development of their home country. In supporting a leading global university, NAFUM has a desire to ensure that the University’s courses remain accessible to those from the poorest countries who have the potential and motivation to benefit from a top-quality education. These scholarships cover the full costs of studying at Manchester, with beneficiaries coming from countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Bangladesh.

NAFUM Masters Scholarship “This year at Manchester has been a challenging learning experience. This year has focused on inquiry, analytical thinking and problem-solving, which has been a process of discovery for me as a learner. I really enjoy Manchester as both a place of study and a place to live. I was surprised to find just how different England and the US are; while sharing a language, there are more differences than similarities!

Thank you so sincerely for the life-changing opportunity that this Scholarship has provided.

“The funding from the NAFUM Scholarship has allowed me to focus on the experience of academia, exploration of the country and making friends with a wonderful mix of international students. The Scholarship helped to ensure that I would be able to afford these important financial aspects of studying abroad. “Thank you so sincerely for the life-changing opportunity that this Scholarship has provided. This has been a year of educational advancement, but more importantly, a significant and eye-opening life experience that has resulted in personal growth and incredible experiences. Thank you so much again for making this possible.”

MA European Languages and Cultures NAFUM Masters Scholarship “The first day I arrived in Manchester, I took the University bus service from the airport to my residence hall – I looked out the bus window as we stopped at a red light and received the shock of my life when I saw, in a car in the other lane, a baby in what I thought should be the driver’s seat. It took a moment before I remembered that over here the steering wheel is on the other side!

This opportunity is one that I will appreciate for the rest of my life.

“I really am grateful for having been selected to receive a NAFUM Scholarship; with each passing year students seem to have to take on more and more debt in order to get an education and this has been so helpful in allowing me to pursue my goals – not only of working toward a higher degree, but to see a different country and be exposed to different ways of life. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity – it’s one that I will have fond memories of and will appreciate for the rest of my life.”

RESEARCH FOR SOCIETY… Manchester’s world-class research plays a vital role in tackling some of the most important global issues affecting our generation. By choosing to support Research for Society, you can make a real contribution towards helping Manchester researchers find solutions in the following key areas: • Cancer 2015 – turning research opportunities into life-saving realities • Regenerative Medicine – advancing our human potential • Social Cohesion – studying our communities to strengthen our society • Science 2015 – promoting science and technology for the public good • World Poverty – creating and sharing knowledge to help end poverty

“This funding allowed me to focus on my education. Without this funding I could have had money worries. I feel I have achieved well so far and part of this is down to the funding I have received.

So few people obtain a scholarship for their Masters program, I’m very appreciative that the North American Foundation has supported me this year.

“I did not know that I would get a scholarship. I still remember the feeling when I found out that I had been awarded this Scholarship; I was so surprised and excited. Also, as so few people obtain a scholarship for their Masters program, I’m very appreciative that the North American Foundation and the Grattidge Endowment has supported me this year.”

Help support students like Kimberly, Katelin and Grace by making a gift to NAFUM today. See the attached donation form for details.


Access Scholarships provide much-needed financial help for potential students from the most deprived socio-economic backgrounds. We believe that a lack of finances should not be a barrier to education and every deserving student should be able to study at Manchester. This package of alumni-supported scholarships and bursaries helps to ensure that the University attracts the very best and brightest students.

PhD Development Policy and Management Mills-NAFUM Scholarship “I was born and grew up in rural Zimbabwe and from an early age have sought to understand why people who rely on rain-fed agriculture are poor. I have not had many opportunities in life but when I studied for an undergraduate degree at the University of Zimbabwe, my ambition was to complete this and work in development. However, I found myself asking much deeper questions. “My research topic is ‘Exploring Measures of Enhancing the Adaptive Capacity of SubSaharan African Communities to Pressures of Climate Change and Variability’. I am studying an area which has been hit hard by floods in recent years, and I intend, through this


research, to explore policy interventions for the vulnerable poor there, particularly focusing on adaptation to extreme weather events. This study area is very important considering that climate change has become one of the greatest threats to all aspects of human development. “The overarching objective of my project is to ensure the incorporation of climate change adaptation debates into poverty-focused development planning in Sub-Saharan Africa. I strongly believe the research is going to provide policy makers in Africa with important knowledge to make better judgments about climate change preventions in rural communities.

“This Scholarship has essentially helped me get a deeper insight into the issues and questions that I have always wanted to understand: the everyday struggles of the rural poor in my country, and how they formulate their livelihoods year in year out in the context of ever-changing economic, political, social and natural stresses and shocks. I will forever be grateful for the Mills-NAFUM Scholarship for helping me realise this dream.” Admire’s Scholarship is made possible thanks to the generosity of Robin Mills (BA Economics 1967) and his wife Jan.

For more information on how you can provide strategic support for the University in this way, please contact Zoe Marriott, Senior Development Officer (International) on +44 (0)161 306 5840 or email


• More donors in Colorado have given every year since 1999 than any other state


• Our supporters in Arizona are the most generous


• The city with the highest number of NAFUM donors is New York

Earlier this year we were delighted to express our gratitude to all those who gave generously to support NAFUM throughout the past year with a little memento of Manchester; our way of saying thank you for your support – a donor recognition pin.

Professor Alan Gilbert (1944 – 2010) was the inspirational and extraordinary President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester from its inception in 2004 until his retirement and untimely death in 2010.

The pins were commissioned especially by a Manchester badgemaker to acknowledge the generous support of our donor community, using the University crest as a basis for the design. The crest and shield features insignia associated with the University’s two legacy institutions; the Victoria University of Manchester (VUM) and UMIST. The torch-bearing lion and circlet of roses are taken from the UMIST crest, whilst the sun from the VUM crest symbolises growing enlightenment. The bees on the new shield represent the University’s connection with the city of Manchester’s industrial history.

During his time at Manchester, Alan Gilbert became particularly focused on Africa, personally leading the development of one of Manchester’s ‘signature’ access programmes – the Equity and Merit Scholarship Program. NAFUM is proud to endorse this Scholarship program, which brings considerable benefit to talented students from some of the world’s poorest countries, who would otherwise be unable to pursue a postgraduate education. The Alan Gilbert Memorial Fund has been established to give alumni, friends, staff and students an opportunity to celebrate his life and provide lasting support to the Equity and Merit Scholarship program which Alan Gilbert inspired. Equity and Merit Scholarships provide educational opportunities for academically able students who aim to pursue a Masters course which is not available in their home country, but which will equip them with essential skills and knowledge to combat some of the key development issues their country faces. On graduating the students who have been selected in the past for the Equity and Merit program have already made significant contributions in their own countries, arguably making a greater impact on their local society than a direct donation to the country could achieve.

Universities make a considerable contribution across society as a whole and have a lasting, transformational effect by improving the prospects of each and every student academically, personally and professionally through the breadth of experience, skills and knowledge gained. NAFUM supporters often tell us how they have personally benefited from one or more of these life-enhancing attributes, which motivates their support for the University today. We thank you all deeply for making these possibilities a reality for current and future students.

Each year, the University will remind all its supporters across the globe of a dedicated donor pin wearing week – an annual event where universities across the UK team up to nationally recognise and celebrate the enormous impact that donations and charitable gifts to universities have each year. We would be delighted to see you displaying your pin prominently when attending University events or visiting the UK.

How you can help The alumni and donor communities are commemorating the life of Alan Gilbert by creating a permanent endowment in his memory to fund at least one outstanding student from Africa to study at Manchester each year. The NAFUM Board would like to encourage donations of all sizes from those wishing to make a difference to the future development of Sub-Saharan Africa and to play their part in marking Alan Gilbert’s remarkable life.

Richard Odoch, a grateful recipient of an Equity and Merit Scholarship, is currently studying in Manchester for an MSc in Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management. At home in Uganda, Richard works as a production manager for a coffee manufacturing company. Richard says: “I have always wanted to be an engineer ever since I was a child. I was always tinkering with gadgets like watches and the like because of the intense curiosity of wanting to know how they ‘do what they do’. This curiosity in the mysteries of machines guided my education path.” THE ALAN GILBERT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR STUDENTS FROM AFRICA WILL GIVE TALENTED STUDENTS LIKE RICHARD THE CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR NATION. 4

He adds, “Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge and skills in Uganda means many expatriates come in, with the aim to make money and don’t see projects through. My ambition is to replace one of these expatriates, as I have the

For more information on the Fund and the achievements of Professor Alan Gilbert, and to make a gift please visit: or complete the attached donation form.

desire to develop the country and a love for it that is hard to duplicate amongst non-natives.” Richard has already made plans for how he can put the skills developed through his Masters degree to good use upon returning home to Uganda after graduation: “My immediate aspiration is to become a professional maintenance engineer, and in the future become a consultant turnaround manager, who goes to underperforming industries to design and implement strategies to turn round the company’s fortunes and increase productivity and profits. “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and having heard from the past recipients of this award, am more than convinced that its goals are being achieved. I would like to encourage others to keep the scholarship scheme going, as right now it’s just a snowball but in a few years time it will become an avalanche.”

Join Dr Thomas and Mr Kannambadi. Complete the enclosed donation form and send your gift to NAFUM today. DR BRIAN THOMAS AND MR NARAYANASWAMY KANNAMBADI PROUDLY WEARING THEIR RECOGNITION PINS

Over the past 9 years the annual telephone campaign has helped NAFUM raise over $4,000,000. These generous donations from Manchester alumni in the USA have meant that NAFUM has been able to provide much-needed support to students and projects across the University. This fall, a team of current Manchester students will be calling members of our alumni community in the USA to seek further support for NAFUM. They are keen to hear about your time at Manchester and your life since leaving, and will also let you know how

you can help us provide the very best facilities and support for our students and researchers. By calling you in this way, our students can learn from your experiences since leaving Manchester which will benefit their own career prospects. It is also a great opportunity for you to let us know your thoughts on the alumni services we provide. The students are looking forward to speaking with you over the next few weeks, and we hope you are able to help us achieve our goal of continuing to provide excellent opportunities at a world-class University.



YOUR MANCHESTER NETWORKS 10 May and 14 June 2011 Alumni networking events – New York City, New York Alumni across the States turned out in great numbers at two recent events to meet The University of Manchester’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, in Chicago and Los Angeles. At the events, Dame Nancy shared with alumni the recent success of two Manchester scientists, Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, for their award of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics and the international importance of their discovery of graphene. Dame Nancy also updated alumni on the University’s overall international profile and its strong plans for internationalisation, including identifying the US as an important international partner. The University’s internationalisation plans include encouraging new transatlantic educational and research partnerships, and building upon strong existing links with key organisations and institutions, which, Dame Nancy said, our alumni and friends can play an important role in developing.

An alumni dinner and networking event was held at the Bhatti restaurant on Lexington Avenue. This was the first of two events inviting all UK alumni from the Universities of Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford, Glasgow, Warwick and more. A second event took place in Bryant Park in June. For more details on alumni events in New York contact Elizabeth Pole (details on page 7).

SAN FRANCISCO The University’s Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rod Coombs, will be hosting an event in San Francisco in November. Professor Coombs is looking forward to meeting our alumni and friends in southern California and providing an update on recent developments at the University. We hope you’ll be able to attend. Further details will follow.

LOS ANGELES In Los Angeles in August, Her Majesty’s Consul-General Dame Barbara Hay hosted a reception in the breathtaking grounds of the Consul-General's residence in Hancock Park. Dame Nancy highlighted many of the University’s accomplishments and Tony Thornley, President of the NAFUM also spoke on the importance of alumni staying involved and supporting the University. Guests spent the evening re-connecting with one another and reminiscing about their University of Manchester days. GUESTS AT THE CHICAGO EVENT ENJOYED VIEWS OF THE CITY AND LAKE MICHIGAN FROM THE 61ST FLOOR PENTHOUSE

CHICAGO In Chicago in June, Her Majesty’s Consul-General Robert Chatterton-Dickson hosted an event in his residence, which offered spectacular views of the city. Dame Nancy praised the alumni present for their extensive community engagement and volunteering work, which reflects the University’s social responsibility values in their own lives. She also thanked the NAFUM Board members for their generous, ongoing advocacy and support – particularly for greatly appreciated undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, and strategic support for areas across the University. She also thanked the many alumni present for their contributions to NAFUM and for their ongoing interest in the University. 6

18 September 2011 Pot Luck Dinner – Palo Alto, California Our Northern California alumni chapter got together at a pot luck dinner event hosted by alumnus Rohana Gunawardena (BSc Mathematics 1987). The group reminisced about their time at The University of Manchester and are looking forward to meeting again soon. Many thanks to Rohana for organising this. If you would like to get involved with the Northern California alumni chapter please contact Rohana (details on pages 7). 20 September 2011 Alumni Get Together – Austin, Texas


Our Texas alumni chapter held a successful informal ‘happy hour’ get together at the Hula Hut. One guest traveled 150 miles from Houston to attend! There was a difference of 46 years between the graduation year of the guests – one alum graduated in 1965 whilst the most recent attendee graduated in 2011. The event was very well received and the group is planning to meet again soon. Our thanks go to Mark Greenberg (MSc 1986; PhD 1989 Computer Science) for arranging the get together.

NAFUM Director Timothy Sear (BA Commerce 1960) was awarded the University’s Special International Outstanding Alumnus Award during a 2011 summer degree congregation in Manchester.

A vocal advocate of education for all, Tim and wife Judith (BA Arts 1961), who he met while studying at Manchester, continue to support NAFUM and the University from their home in Texas.

Outstanding Alumni Awards are presented each year by the University’s Alumni Association to graduates who have achieved distinction in their field or have brought honor to the University through their achievements. Tim’s highly successful career in the pharmaceutical industry spanned 50 years and has taken him across the globe, with spells working in Africa, the Far East and Australia. This culminated in his appointment as CEO of Alcon Inc, the world’s leading ophthalmic company. Now retired, he is based in America, his home for more than two decades.




California Northern California and North Nevada, Southern California and South Nevada

Contact for Northern California and North Nevada: Rohana K Gunawardena email Contact for Southern California and Southern Nevada: Elizabeth Pole email


Four Corner States Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

Christine Lindsay email

New England Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Deepak Singh email

New York New York and New Jersey

Elizabeth Pole email

Midwestern States Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Contact for Michigan: Mark High email Contact for Chicago: Jonathan Ellis email

Mid-Atlantic States Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia

Eric Cook email

South-Eastern States Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Jonathan Giuliano email

North-Western States Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming

Ali Kazazi email

Texas Fort Worth, Houston

Contact for Fort Worth: Mark Hanshaw email

Forging social and professional connections


1824 Circle

Thank You!

Those names highlighted with a * have supported NAFUM for five or more consecutive years. Thank you!

New circle members

NAFUM would like to thank all its supporters who gave generous gifts to support its priorities and annual fund between August 1 2010 and July 31 2011.

President's Circle ($5,000+) Dr Harindra De Silva CA Mr Nicholas and Mrs Myrita Dunphy* NY Dr Stephen and Mrs Kathy Fitzpatrick MA Mr Gianfranco and Mrs Sarinda Fulgoni* IL Mrs Dorothy T Goldman NY Mr Robin and Mrs Janet Mills* FL Dr Stuart & Mrs Christine Lindsay AZ Mr George P Rigg* AZ Mr Timothy and Mrs Judith Sear* TX Mr Stanley S Tansky OH Mr Tony Thornley* CA GAT Family Foundation* CA Sear Family Foundation* TX Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving CA Karpidas Foundation TX Employer Matching Gift Organizations: GE Foundation



Companions Circle ($500 - $1,999) Dr Paul P S Carter Mr John R Eaton* Mr Mark A M Ezra Mrs Hilda E Gould* Mr Shirish and Ms Marilyn Hardikar Mr John and Mrs Alma Littlechild* Ms Helen Brown and Ms Julie Kahn* Dr Ghanshyam Patel* Mr William D Phillimore Dr Wallace and Professor Anneila Sargent* Ms Elizabeth Pole and Mr Jonathan Schine* Mr Paul and Mrs Lori Wild Dr Thomas B Wilson Dr John H P Zurawski Paul and Rose Carter Foundation Tides Foundation


Employer Gift Match Organizations: GE Foundation Paramount Farming Company


Friends' Circle ($200 - $499) Mr Avnish Aggarwal CA Dr Elizabeth A Amin KY Professor David and Mrs Maureen Blandford* PA Dr Hugh Bradford NY Professor Peter R Byron VA Mr Luis A Canela NJ Dr Sai-Kit and Mrs Helen Chan IL Professor Christopher C Davis* MD Mr Handel and Mrs Carol Evans CA Professor Martin F J Flower IL Mr Stephen W Gaskell NV Mr Rohana K Gunawardena, ACA* CA Dr Catherine I S Gunton TX


Employer Gift Match Organizations: Goldman Sachs Hoeganaes Corporation

Partners' Circle ($2,000 - $4,999) Dr John and Mrs Carol Evans* Dr Walter Grattidge* Mr Leon Szlezinger

Professor David M Hall Mr Oliver P Hand Dr William E Haymes Revd Dr Peter and Mrs Josephine Holland Dr William B James* Professor Martin O Jeffries Mr Colin A Johns* Mr Gregory A Joseph Mr Narayanaswamy Kannambadi Mr James C B MacKeand* Mr Kalpnesh N Patel* Dr Philip J Ottewell Mr Paul and Mrs Valeria Ricci Dr Mark Richardson Ms Katherine J Sample* Professor Thomas V Taylor Dr Anthony R Thompson* Mr Jonathan M Wells Dr Alan and Mrs Gloria Woods Aggarwal Family Trust Morgan Stanley

We would like to welcome new circle members (listed in gold) and thank you for increasing your support or for donating for the first time. Welcome!


North American Circle ($1 - $199) Mr Samuel Aparicio Mrs Sarah L Ashton Dr David and Mrs Diana Aston* Mr Talat and Mrs Heather Baddar Mr John L Baines* Dr John H Beale Dr Andrew Bellis Dr Ian and Mrs Beti Bell Mr Alastair P F Blackwell Dr Penelope A Bowers Mr Steven D Bramson Ms Laurie K Breitenstein Dr Khushal Brijwani Mr Ian and Mrs Beth Brooks Miss Sarah E Brown Mr George A M Butterworth Mr Butzie and Mrs Betty Calzada Mr Robert M Coburn Ms Nancy J Cohen Professor Melanie M Cooper Dr Michael Cowperthwaite* Drs David and Sherry Creed Professor Gilbert Cross* Mr Christopher J De Perro Dr Myra K Derbyshire Dr Jennifer L Devlen Mr Richard A Dewhirst Mr William K Dickinson Mr John Dodson Mr John P Dougherty Mr James J Duane Dr Colin D Elliott Ms Wendy W Erich Mr Graham H Evans Dr John Farrar Dr Gerald Farrow Ms Melinda Freed Mrs Jennifer G Goldfinger* Mr Jeremy Green Ms Jennifer Halliday Professor Mark E Hanshaw Professor Meta Y Harris Ms Joyce Hayton


Dr Robert H Herz NJ Mr Mark R High MI Mr Andre N Hilton NJ Dr Paul W W Hunter* MI Miss Amy Hutcheson NC Mr Victor Inyang TX Professor Dimitris E Ioannou* VA Mr Ryszard B Janowski* CA Mr Wyndham M John MN Mr Keith Johnson CA Dr Kiran Kakarala MA Mr Michael T Kane MA Dr Behzad and Mrs Dorothy Khosrovi* CA Drs Hok and Lilian Kwan* PA Mr Robert W Laker CA Mrs Beverley E Malcolm MD Dr Jean M McCoy PA Dr Sara McCracken IN Mrs Irene McManus NY Mr Ian T Mitchell TX Mr Laurence C Morrell TX Mr Brannon M Morrison TX Mr Ian B Newhem NY Mr Nicholas P Newman* MO Dr Richard H Nurse MA Mr Stephen W Nutt ME Dr Suleyman Ozmucur PA Mr Robin G C Payne NY Mr Peter Pelham CA Mr Dorian Perez VA Dr Alan Plumb, FRS and Mrs Janet Plumb MA Mr Andrew J Preston CA Mr Huangmao Quan CA Mr Charles J H Razzell CA Emeritus Professor Barnaby J Rickett CA Mr Peter R Roberts* MA Mr Richard Rosemarin NY Mrs Dinah H Schachtel* TX Professor Emeritus James J Scott NC Mrs Charlotte V Smith NJ Mr Roger B Somerville GA Dr John T Sparrow* NC Professor Mukasa E Ssemakula MI Mrs Christine D Stackhouse NC Dr Jonathan C Swaffield TX Ms Lisa K Tabernacki IL Mr Roger W Taylor* NC Dr Brian Thomas NY Dr Brian J Thompson* NY Mr Sydnor and Mrs Harriette Thompson NC Dr John Tonkiss MA Dr Prabhat and Mrs Louise Varma CA Mr Robert A Veitch NY Dr Thomas E Walker CO Professor John W Walkinshaw MA Mr Anthony P Watts PA Ms Melody Westmeyer VA

Dr David Wexler MA Mr Gwynne and Mrs Margaret Williams CO Mr Simon J Wilson CA Dr Norman and Mrs Vera Winskill* NY Dr David C Wood VA Dr Vidushekhar V Zambare MI Mr James and Mrs Marguerite Zemek IL NAFUM would also like to thank the following North American alumni who have generously donated through the UK annual giving program, Your Manchester Fund.

Mr Barry S Sheppard Dr Gregory C A Watson


A further six donors made gifts stating a preference to remain anonymous.

The North American Foundation for The University of Manchester (NAFUM) is an independent organization registered as a 501(c)(3), supporting The University of Manchester.

North American Foundation for The University of Manchester Contact us Maureen Kilcommins Administrative Officer North American Foundation for The University of Manchester P O Box 293 Littleton MA 01460 Tel (978) 772 1875 NAFUM’s tax ID number is 31-1598015 The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL Royal Charter Number RC000797 J3403 10.11

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The NAFUM newsletter is for the donor community of the North American Foundation for The University of Manchester. Published November 2011.