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Singing City C^__k^r;kbeeaZkm%Fnlb\=bk^\mhk Ik^l^gml

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Please turn off cell phones, pagers and personal alarms.

Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber Program


John Alston, Director Daniel Beal, Assistant Music Director and Pianist William Taylor, Percussion Je ne l’ose dire

Pierre Certon (1510-1572)

El Grillo (sung in Italian)

Josquin des Pres (1450-1521)


Traditional, arr. Alston


John Alston

Only Love Can Do That

John Alston

Ghkma^ZlmAb`aL\ahhe<hg\^km<ahbk Tim Flaherty, Director Kathleen Flaherty, Accompanist

Cantate Domino

Guiseppi Pitoni

Omnia Sol (Let Not Your Heart Be Staid) How Can I Keep from Singing? Steal Away

Words and Music by Z. Randall Stroope

Traditional Hymn Arranged by Gwyneth Walker (b. 1947) Traditional Spiritual Arranged by Howard Helvey (b. 1968)

My Good Lord’s Done Been Here

Traditional Spiritual Arranged by Moses Hogan (1957-2003) Choral Adaptation and Arrangement by Rollo Dilworth

Why We Sing

Greg Gilpin


Lbg`bg`<bmr Jeffrey Brillhart, Music Director James Batt, Assistant Director and Accompanist Into the Blue

Andrea Clearfield (b. 1960)

Chr_neGhbl^ Allison Fromm, Music Director Cathy Sonnenberg, Associate Director Rob Kennan, Delaware Director All Night, All Day

Traditional Spiritual

Zol Zayn Sholem arr. Joshua Jacobson Todd Emmons, George Lalka, Jonathan Allen & Leslie Weeks, soloists All the Stars in the Sky (2009)

Alice Parker

Do You Understand? (2009)

Rob Kennan

The “We Love to Sing” Song (2003)

Jon Washburn

<hf[bg^]<ahbkl The Earth’s Been Good to Me

Nick Page

Bonse aba (All Children Sing!) Steven Sametz Phillip R. O’Banion, Percussionist/Timpanist


M^qmlZg]MkZgleZmbhgl El Grillo The cricket is a fine singer who can hold a long note. Sing, cricket, about carousels. The cricket is a fine singer, but he is not like the other birds: as soon as they have sung a little while, they are off on business elsewhere; but the cricket always stays put. When the weather is at its hottest, then he sings solely for love.

Cantate Domino (O Sing Unto the Lord) O sing unto the Lord, a new song; His praise is in the company of his saints. Let all of Israel rejoice now in him who made us. Let the children of Zion rejoice and praise Jehovah.

Omnia Sol Somewhere far from nowhere, I grew both strong and tall, Longing to become, but knowing not the path at all. But the footprints of the winter melted to fields of spring; One last embrace before I cross the threshold: To life we sing! O stay your soul and leave my heart its song, O stay your hand, the journey may be long. And when we part and sorrow canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be swayed, Remember when and let your heart be staid. Omnia sol temperat, absens in remota. The sun warms everything, even when I am far away Ama me fideliter, fidem mean noto Love me faithfully, and know that I am faithful. Weave the dance and raise the chorus, grieve no more. Through the strength of Orion find refuge from the shore. Let courage be your oar, let passion be your sail. Wisdom and truth will be your deep heartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s yearning, Through all travail. iZ`^-Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

O stay your soul and leave my heart its song, O stay your hand, the journey may be long. And when we part and sorrow can’t be swayed, Remember when and let your heart be staid. Omnia sol temperat, absens in remota. The sun warms everything, even when I am far away Ama me fideliter, fidem mean noto Love me faithfully, and know that I am faithful.

Into the Blue May you be met at the door and greeted by the kindest of breezes, the kind that rises from the earth through the throats of the ones who breathe Alleluia. May you be swept up in the love of a song, lean and laugh like some lily in the wind— there’s nothing to catch us but air, and our stalks strong enough to split the earth and reach for the summer sun. May you seek the green and receive what you need: from the light, through the breath that lifts us up, out of the tangles of our roots and around even the most oppressive rock.


In good, kind company may you lengthen, swell soften, spread, send the colors of your voice, every russet, carnelian, deep yellow stripe of your flame into the blue Alleluia as a chorus of future lilies flourishes through you day after day week after week June after June giving up, giving in, giving out: trumpeting the exquisite, excruciating pleasure of growing here. Susan Windle Commissioned by the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware to celebrate its tenth anniversary season.

All Night, All Day All night, all day, angels watchin’ over me, my Lord, All night, all day, angels watchin’ over me.

Zol zayn Sholem The Yiddish song, Zol zayn sholem tells us that peace will come to the world. Arranger Joshua Jacobson suggests some English texts and encourages choruses to add their own original verses. Maggie Patterson helped us to write the last verse about Joyful Noise, which is for us “a choir of friendship.” Ya pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yam pam pam … Sholem, sholem, zol zayn, zol zayn sholem, Sholem, sholem, zol zayn, zol zayn, zol zayn sholem. Ya pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yam pam pam … iZ`^/Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

Peace, peace, Let the world know peace. Peace, peace, Let the world know peace and friendship. Ya pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yam pam pam … Friendship, friendship, Let us live in friendship. Friendship, friendship, Let us live in friendship, friendship, Ya pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yam pam pam … Joyful Noise is friendship. Joyful Noise is a choir of friendship. Ya pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yam pam pam …

All the Stars in the Sky (2009) All the stars in the sky, All the waves in the sea, All the voices of the wind, Are sleeping, are dreaming. All the flowers in the field, All the shadows in the wood, All the insects in the ground Are sleeping, are dreaming. All the lovers in the world, All the children in the town, All the babies in this room Are sleeping, are dreaming.

Do You Understand? (2009) sometimes i’m happy, sometimes i’m blue. sometimes i’m angry and i’m so mean. but there are good days when i’m with you. do you know what i mean? the times that i am angry or downhearted are times when i am likely not with you. and times when i am happy and excited will keep me from singing the blues. i’m excited, i’m excited! about being here today i’m excited, i’m excited! ooo about being here with you i’m so happy! i’m so happy! i’m so happy! and if you “don’t throw your trash in my backyard,” i’ll stay happy! Lbg`bg`<bmriZ`^0

The ‘We Love to Sing’ Song (2003) Words and music by Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn, founding Director of the Vancouver Chamber Choir, now in its fourth decade, composed this song for us last spring. The composer writes, “No one loves to sing more than the Joyful Noise singers. That makes my song—The “We Love to Sing” Song—a perfect selection for them. In the spirit of fun and joy, I dedicate this song to them and their intrepid conductor, Allison Fromm. As for the commission from the Philadelphia Eagles, how many composers can say they’ve been engaged by a football team to write music? I’m proud to be one of the few. After all, musicians and athletes: essentially, we’re all just playing!” We love to sing this song that says “we love to sing this song!” We love to have our friends with us so they can sing along. We love to sing this melody, It comes to mind so handily, And so we sing it merrily. We love to sing this song! It has a catchy melody that locks into your mind. And then you can’t forget the tune (as you will quickly find). We sing it when the sun is high, And then beneath the ev’ning sky, And even as in sleep we lie. We love to sing, we love to sing, we love to sing this song! We’d love to sing that song again but it might get too long. A song too long is very gauche, (gauche?!) it makes your day go wrong. We have an easy remedy: Forget that little melody, We’ll simply have a cup of tea!... And sing a diff’rent song. Frere Jacques... (half of the choir tries another tune) ...dormais vous (the other half replies) O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum... (first half) ...That’s it, too! (second half) Ol’ MacDonald had a farm... (first half, desperate) ... he loves to sing this song! (second half) Oh, we give up, capitulate! We have to sing this song! But luckily our audience just loves to sing along. Yes, now you know this melody, iZ`^1Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

It’s planted in your memory, You’ll sing in perpetuity: “We love to sing!...” (choir, demonstrating) “We love to sing!...” (audience, encouraged by conductor) Continue to follow conductor to end (choir, slightly higher): “We love to sing!...” (audience, still encouraged): “We love to sing!...” (choir, a little longer): “We love to sing!...” (audience, still feeling bold): “We love to siiiiiiing!...” (choir, too long for audience to remember): “We love to siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!...” (conductor looks at audience as though to start leading this impossibly long echo...then shrugs it off, saying “Aw, forget it!” and instead leads the choir in big ending): “We love to sing this SONG!!...” “We love to sing this SONG!!...”

Bonse aba (All Children Sing!) Bonse aba, pokelela, Ba lipele maka akuba bana! All who sing are the Children of God, Sing bonse aba!


C^__k^r;kbeeaZkm%Fnlb\=bk^\mhk Appointed in 1999, Jeffrey Brillhart directs the Singing City Choir and oversees all aspects of Singing City’s musical initiatives. He provides artistic leadership for a rich program of formal concerts, choral music workshops as part of Singing City in the Schools, and outreach concerts in diverse communities in and around Philadelphia. Jeffrey is also Director of Music and Fine Arts at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr and is recognized as one of the foremost musicians working in the Presbyterian Church. He has won national recognition for his abilities in organ improvisation, organ performance, and conducting. Mr. Brillhart’s formal training was at Drake University, where he received his Bachelor of Church Music degree in 1977, and at the Eastman School of Music, where he received a Master of Performance and Literature Degree in 1979 and studied piano, organ, harpsichord, voice and conducting. In addition to his position as Director of the Fine Arts Program at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, where he works with over 600 youth and adults, Jeffrey supervises nine choral and hand bell ensembles, an art program and “Young-in-Arts,” a music and art school for children and is a founder of the newly formed West Philadelphia Children’s Choir. He directs the 120-voice Senior Choir which sings for two services each week and prepares several special performances each season. Mr. Brillhart also directs the Bryn Mawr Chamber Singers, a 24-voice ensemble specializing in baroque and 20th century music. His church ensembles have performed for national conventions of the American Guild of Organists and the American Choral Directors Association. Mr. Brillhart has presented master classes at the Curtis Institute of Music, the University of Iowa, Drake University, and the Eastman School of Music. He served as chorus master for The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Martin Luther King Tribute Concert in January 2004. In January 2005, he joined the music faculty of Yale University to teach organ improvisation.

CZf^l:';Zmm%IbZgblm James A. Batt, with over twenty years of experience in accompanying and religious music, is proficient in both organ and piano and is wellknown in the Delaware Valley for his musical talent and expertise. Mr. Batt is Assistant Conductor and Accompanist of Singing City Choir and Young Audiences and is currently on staff as Associate Musician at the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church. He is also the Associate Organist at iZ`^*)Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

Reform Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen and serves as Musical Director for Concert Operetta at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia. Prior to these positions, Mr. Batt served as Minister of Music at St. Thomas’ Church, Whitemarsh, Fort Washington; Director of Music at Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia; Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church, Morrisville; and Choir Director/Organist at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park. Mr. Batt has participated in world premieres of two major choral/instrumental works and is also recorded on Arkay Records. He is on the roster as accompanist for Columbia Arts Management and accompanies professional vocalists and instrumentalists throughout the Tri-State area.



inging City was founded as an integrated choir in 1948 in Philadelphia by Dr. Elaine Brown. The Choir was born out of the Fellowship House movement, which believed that differences between races, religions, and cultures could be bridged by ordinary people coming together in shared activities. In addition to performances in and around Philadelphia, the Choir traveled to the South during the 1950’s and ’60’s struggle for civil rights, performing before integrated audiences. As a result of critical acclaim through performances with The Philadelphia Orchestra, the Choir was invited to perform in Israel with Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic and also in Jordan and Egypt while on tour in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Singing City was the first western choir to perform with the Leningrad Philharmonic in Leningrad in 1990. In May 2000, Singing City was the lead choir at the First International Choral Festival de Cuba. The choir toured Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the summer of 2004 and Brazil in 2009. The Choir remains committed to artistic excellence and to the betterment of the community. Singing City offers programs corresponding to the three “pillars” of its mission and vision: Performance, Community, and Education. The Choir’s multi-faceted mission continues to include choral performance at the highest levels, community involvement and educational outreach. Singing City continues to bring choral music to the under-served, performing not only in concert halls, but also in homeless shelters and Lbg`bg`<bmriZ`^**

nursing homes in and around Philadelphia. Singing City’s nationally recognized schools residency program, Singing City in the Schools, has brought music rudiments, choral singing, and composition techniques to children in the Philadelphia public schools and to some private schools in the area. Singing City in the Schools was taken to a new level with the launching of the Singing City Prize for Young Composers in 2003. This is a composition competition for area high school and college students. The winners benefit from a monetary prize, a performance of their work by Singing City, and a year under the tutelage of a professional composer. Under the banner of Performance, Community and Education, Singing City strives to be an artistic, social and spiritual force, bringing people together through choral music.


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Our fundraising event of the year – Singing City Lights – will be an auction and wine tasting with live music and views of the city that are unparalleled! There will be terrific bargains on wonderful items and fun for all. Most importantly, you are supporting Singing City and its programs. It’s the place to be and to be seen!

K^`blm^khgebg^Zmppp'lbg`bg`\bmr'hk`hk \Zee+*.&./2&2)/0_hkfhk^bg_hkfZmbhg' iZ`^*+Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

Lbg`bg`<bmr<ahbk Lauren Anderson Soryl Angel Charles Babcock Sharon Babcock Aminda Baird Joyce Barton Andrew Beck Carla Block Kathleen Brady Michelle Breitkopf Wendy Browder Gloria Brown Luke Brown Sara Harris Brown Travis Burch Lisa Carmalt Theresa Carter Emily Cashin Lorance Checchia Elizabeth Childs Deborah Clarke Steve Crandall Peggy Curchack Anthony Del Vecchio Elaine Del Vecchio Kelly Anne Dolan Susan Domingos Chelsea Erdmanis Doug Faulkner Dana Fiero Karl Ford Julie Friedman Anjali Gallup-Diaz Laura Gibson Melissa Graf-Evans

Marlene Graham James Grant Martha Grant Lee Harp Mary Cay Harris Jack Hill Mark Hollern Robert Holmes Claire Huff Laila Nada Isaacson Lauren James Barbara Jenkins Beth Johnson Robert Kidder Jeffrey Knightly Jay Kuder Glenn Kutler Jeremy Lane Molly Lester Francine Levin Laura Lukasewycz Robert Mann Blake Marshall Yuko Martin Rebecca Mays Meghan McHugh Joshua McNeil Fritz Miller Ryan Miller Betty Morrell Karen Moses Jennifer Mosher Charles Murphy, III A. Michael Nasielski Kara Nelson

Janet Neukirchner Rosalyn Ominsky Russell Pagano Alicia Paist C. Stewart Patrick David Perry Andrew Puntel Gina Purri Ralph Purri Laura Randolph Sterling Randolph Carol Restifo Betsy Riley Mark Ritter Gili Ronen Mindy Rubinlicht Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Annette Ruddell Josh Schrager Sarah Learned Sciarra Heather Simmons Matthew Siverd Richard Sobel Betty Stockwell Susan Sytsma-Bratt Rebecca Tatum Robert Thuener Heather Warren Rick Wiles Amberly Williams Kerri Williams Barbara Willig Joelle Winter LaVerne Wood Bill Young Kalman Zilberman


<a^lm^k<abe]k^gÃl<ahknl =k'Chag:elmhg%?hng]^kZg]=bk^\mhk Dr. John Alston grew up in a tough neighborhood in Newark, N.J., and got his start in music, and life, when he joined the Newark Boys Chorus at the age of 10. He went on to earn a doctorate in choral conducting at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and in 1992 he joined the music faculty of Swarthmore College, where he is an associate professor and conductor of the college chorus. Through music, Dr. Alston entered the world of ideas and intellect and learned to believe he could do more than society expected of a poor boy from Newark. When he came to Swarthmore College he discovered Chester, a few miles down the road but a world away, a place that reminded him of the neighborhood in which he grew up. In 1994 he founded the Chester Children’s Chorus to offer children in a city as stressed as Newark the same opportunity that the Newark Boys Chorus had given him. As Dr. Alston worked with the children and came to know them, he began to dream of giving them an academic education as fine as the music education provided by the Chester Children’s Chorus. That dream resulted in the founding of the Chester Fund for Arts and Education, a non-profit organization that provides additional funding for the Chester Upland School of the Arts, a public school in Chester. Dr. Alston serves as president of The Chester Fund. Dr. John Alston founded the Chester Children’s Chorus in 1994 with seven boys from one elementary school in Chester, initially calling it the Chester Boys Chorus. Over the years, as sisters joined informally, the group gradually became co-ed and the name was changed in 2002. The chorus has grown steadily and its membership now is 100 children 8 to 18 years old from every school in Chester. Children are invited to join the chorus on the basis of auditions that Dr. Alston conducts each year in every second grade classroom in Chester. Members participate in a year-round program of choral rehearsals, music instruction, and performances of full-length concerts before audiences of 400 to 1,000 people. All activities are conducted after school, on Saturdays, and in a six-week, full-day Summer Learning Program. Unlike most children’s choruses, the Chester Children’s Chorus sings music written for adults rather than for children. Its performances of iZ`^*-Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

sophisticated yet accessible music— including Renaissance madrigals and motets, original gospel, and special arrangements of R&B and pop tunes—delight audiences of all ages. The Chorus’ signature repertoire is the original gospel that Dr. Alston writes for the children: music whose infectious melodies, harmonies, and rhythms are paired with lyrics that exhort us all to do our utmost to make the world a better place. Their motto is “Strong Voice, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit.”

<aZf[^k<ahbk Kaya Banton Bruce Blanding Taquyyah Bond Taushi Burrell Asia Cherry Daija Davis Jenniffer Foster Deondre Jordan Ja’Quay Lundy Tiani McCarthy Asr McCready Marquise Miles Jamillah Queen Christian Rodriguez

Aliea Rothwell Asha Rothwell Jazmin Sarinana Jordon Sarinana Destiny Sharp Glenn Simpson Royce Tabron William Taylor Darian Towns Jayda Tucker Shanae Willis Aniyah Wright Janoah Wright Judeaa Wright

?^lmboZe<ahbk Keila Archer Nasahja Bohannan Daria Brooks Cache Dill Isis Dill Alainna Earl Brande Fitzgerald Damir Fleming Shamar Foster Dai’Shona Jones Demiah Jones Monica Jones

Jabrea Lockett Olivia Moncrieffe Jamal Rasheed Shalayia Seth Chyna-Browne Stevenson Kadraya Taylor Darius Thomas Tae Thompson Benjamin Walker Corey Wood Darrin Wood


Ghkma^ZlmAb`aL\ahhe<hg\^km<ahbk Mbf?eZa^kmr is director of the Vocal Music Department and is the Computer Assisted Vocal Music Specialist at Northeast High School in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A vocal music teacher with the School District of Philadelphia since 1975, he is also a former Assistant Director with the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale. In addition to his school district duties, he is presently choirmaster at St. Philip in the Fields Episcopal Church in Oreland, Pennsylvania. He received his B. Mus. Ed. and M. Mus. Ed. from Temple University where he was a vocal music education major. While at Temple he sang with the Temple University Concert Choir under the baton of Robert Page and frequently performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra with that ensemble. A familiar voice of the School District of Philadelphia music festivals, Tim has performed with the Ocean City Pops as the narrator in Francis Poulenc’s “Histoire de Babar” (The Story of Babar), Aaron Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait” and most recently, Holcombe’s musical adaptation of “Casey at the Bat.” Receiving the “Best of Philly Schools 2009” in the area of Diversity, Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a strong tradition of music in School District of Philadelphia. Drawn from this diverse, comprehensive school population, the Northeast Concert Choir Pennsylvania is the select ensemble from the larger Northeast High School Chorus. Many of the members of the choir, bring with them a rich, cultural and musical heritage. In addition to the winter and spring programs at the school, the Choir performs annually at the World Aids Day Of Remembrance memorial service sponsored by the American Red Cross and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the School District of Philadelphia’s All City High School Choral and Instrumental Music Festival, as well as at many local civic venues throughout Philadelphia. As part of the All City Choir, members perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Concert. Most recently, members of the choir performed with singer/actor Tony Danza at the Conference of Career Academies as well as in his production, “ExtravaDanza”. The Concert Choir is a semi-annual participant at Disney Magic Music Days at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Members of the choir also audition for and receive roles in the yearly school musical at Northeast.


Alex Barber Yuhua Chen Judy Dupres Alyssa Feldman Christina Figueroa Alexis George Alisha Gonzales Lashana Hinds Christina Howarth Maria Ioakimidis Courtney Joerger Ashley Johnson Brandon Kinsey Stephen Kramer Anastasia Kucheruk Francesca LaRose

Elizabeth Leon Ashley Rose Lewis McKinley Lingham Autumn Luke Cheyenne Makula Kareem Marsh Amy Patton Ashley Pelzer Anhelina Matsyshyna Jose Pieretti Marco Pierre Angela Plachkov Naomi Placid Raina Pratts Tevin Reese Glenn Rieck

Adonai Richardson Chelsea Roque Maram Samara Olga Savchuk Elizabeth Shotwell Olena Sirko Kenisha Spain Marette Spencer Sydney Jackson Dion Trinidad Katerina Vivchar Olga Voronenko Juanita Willis Christopher Wilson Zhi Zhang Oksana Zhytnytska

Chr_neGhbl^ :eeblhg?khff Joyful Noise Director Allison Fromm has conducted choruses at Yale University, Dutchess Community College, Boston University, the University of Illinois, and for the Hudson Valley Opera. In addition to founding Joyful Noise, she has launched several choruses in Illinois: Kol Achad, Sinai Shabbat Singers, and the Whirlwind Interfaith Choir. As Joyful Noise’s Director, she was recognized by the Philadelphia Eagles and as their 2002 Community Quarterback Runner-up. She has given presentations on Joyful Noise at ACDA’s Eastern Division Conference in Hartford, CT (2008), and at Chorus America’s Annual Conferences in Kansas City (2003) and Philadelphia (2009). Allison has appeared as guest conductor with ensembles in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and Vancouver, Canada. She has sung at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center under the batons of Robert Shaw, Charles Dutoit, Neville Marriner, Andre Previn, James Conlon, and Dennis Keene. A graduate of Yale and Boston Universities and a doctoral candidate in choral conducting and literature at the University of Illinois, she is currently writing her dissertation: Aaron Copland’s “In the Beginning”: Context and Creative Process.


Chr_neGhbl^Ablmhkr Joyful Noise is a chorus of forty adults, ages 16-62, with physical and neurological challenges. Founded in 2000 by Director Allison Fromm and her sister, Beth Fromm, a chorus member, the ensemble is hosted by Bancroft in southern New Jersey. Joyful Noise fosters an atmosphere of community, acceptance, and teamwork in which members can discover their voices and express themselves through music. As one singer explains, “It makes me feel famous and proud!” The chorus serves as a model and a resource for similar ensembles that seek to develop in their members a sense of pride, confidence, and the potential to contribute to our world. Joyful Noise has given more than 70 performances. The chorus has appeared with the First Baptist Church of Haddonfield’s Chancel Choir, Harmonium Outreach Chorus, The Western Wind Ensemble, Kardon Chorale, Wardlaw-Hartridge School choruses and with renowned song leader Alice Parker. The ensemble has been featured in regional and national conferences of Chorus America and the American Choral Directors Association. In 2008 Joyful Noise performed at the American Cancer Society’s Delran Relay for Life and sang the National Anthem for the Camden Riversharks professional baseball team. Last season the chorus performed at Bancroft, Voorhees Town Center, the Garden State Discovery Museum, and for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. In June the singers presented four premieres for Chorus America’s National Conference in Philadelphia with composers Edie Hill, Rob Kennan, Alice Parker and Steven Sametz. Joyful Noise will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2010 by performing with Singing City Choir in Philadelphia and hosting the Singing From the Heart Choral Festival for therapeutic choirs, to be led by Nick Page. The Joyful Noise Choral Series, published by earthsongs, has been established as part of the chorus’ vision to create new musical repertoire wellsuited to the spirit and the vocal and musical aptitudes of Joyful Noise and similar ensembles. To launch this series, a generous grant from the Philadelphia Eagles has made possible the commissioning of new choral compositions by recognized choral composers. Four of these commissions will be performed tonight. Since 2008 Joyful Noise has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Courier-Post, Melodious Accord Newsletter, Inside Illinois, and Illinois Alumni, and also on KYW radio. Their singing has been televised on FOX 29 News, ABC Action News 6, NBC 10 News, CBS 3 Eyewitness News CN 8, and in a CBS holiday special, Celebrating the Season. For more information, visit their website at or call Cathy Sonnenberg at (215) 771-1003. iZ`^*1Ohb\^lh_IabeZ]^eiabZ&Hg^?Zfber

Jonathan Allen Sandy Barbagiovanni Rachel Berman James Cartmell Mark Columbini Brigid Curran Dana DiNunzio Rob Edsohn Todd Emmons Jen Finley Ingrid Foster Debbie Fox Elizabeth Fromm

James Gilligan Josh Gottlieb Raymond Granrath Anne Harris Jessica Herman David Hutt Lizzie Jerden Richard Kalinski Jodi Kurtzman George Lalka Ellen Levesque Billy Levin Fred Mammele

Val Masciatti Jonathan McAlary John Meachum Elizabeth Nolan Jason Sartell Alex Siegel Carol Siegel Kevin Timm Iris Tucker Leslie Weeks Julie Brillhart (sister of Jeffrey Brillhart), guest singer

Lbg`bg`<bmrbgma^L\ahhel Singing City in the Schools (SCIS) is a nationally acclaimed, fully-funded educational outreach program of the Singing City Choir. Now in its tenth year, Singing City in the Schools promotes Singing City's three-fold mission of Performance, Choral Advocacy, and Education. It aims to help students develop a love for the choral experience, learn the rudiments of music composition, basic choral concepts, and diversity in choral music, participate in a collaborative public performance at their school with guest appearances by professional musicians, and experience and understand the creative process through poetry and journal writings, as well as choral music. Singing City In the Schools reflects Singing City's enduring dedication to enhancing the quality of music education in the Philadelphia public schools by fostering the acquisition of choral skills among children who will become tomorrow's audience members and performers.

:g]k^p;e^\dg^k%<hfihl^kbgK^lb]^g\^ Andrew Bleckner studied composition with George Crumb at the University of Pennsylvania, and received a Ph.D. in composition in 1995. While at Penn, he received the Paul Rochberg Fellowship, and the Helen L. Weiss Prize for Vocal Music. He currently serves as Resident Composer for Singing City in the Schools. Bleckner was featured on NPRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sacred Classics program as a member of the next generation of exciting new composers. His music is available form Boosey & Hawkes, Alliance Music, and Transcontinental Music Publications.


Mr. Bleckner has received composition awards, grants, and fellowships from ASCAP, the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, the American Composers Forum, the University of Pennsylvania, and the MacDowell Colony. He has received commissions from the Westminster Choir College, the Dale Warland Singers (1999 Choral Ventures Program), the Virginia Beach Symphony Orchestra, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church (Pennsylvania), Virginia Wesleyan University, and Voces Novae et Antiquae. His music has been performed at conventions and schools throughout the U.S., as well as by ensembles including the American Composers Orchestra (1996 Whitacre Reading Session), the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and the Zamir Chorale. He was a finalist in the 2005 Vocal Essence composition contest, the 2004 Meistersingers Composition Contest, and the 2004 Vanguard Premieres Composition Contest. His setting of Psalm 42 is included on the Atlanta Singers CD: Deep River: A Program of American Music.

DZmr@^gmkr%Phkdlahi=bk^\mhk Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, soprano Katy Gentry completed her undergraduate studies at Haverford College in 2005 with a major in Music and a minor in Education. Haverford College awarded a year-long fellowship to work at the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia. She worked with the Arts and Education Program and helped run the after-school arts program that provided classes in video, spoken word, dance, and visual arts to local teenagers. In 2009 at Temple University, Katy completed her M.M. in Voice Performance as well as a Professional Studies Certificate under the instruction of Dr. Christine Anderson. While at Temple, Katy produced, directed, and sang the title role in Carlisle Floyd's Susannah and performed the roles of the Countess in The Marriage of Figaro, Mrs. Gobineau in The Medium, Semele in Cavalli's L'Egisto, and La Bergere in L'Enfant et les sortileges. In 2008, Katy sang the role of Mimi in La Bohème with Opera in the Ozarks in Arkansas, and performed the title role in Suor Angelica in Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy this past July. Having grown up singing with the internationally-renowned Piedmont Children's Choir, Katy continues to love working and singing with choirs. She returned to the Piedmont Choirs for the past several summers to work at their summer camp, teaching music theory and voice to the young singers. Katy also sings and works with the choirs at the Church of the Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, where she is the soprano section leader and director of the Cherub Choir.


:gghng\bg`ma^+)**Lbg`bg`<bmrIkbs^_hkRhng`<hfihl^kl The Singing City Prize for Young Composers is a national choral music competition for talented young musicians between the ages of 15 and 30. The overall goal is to maximize the involvement of students in the creative process and to be a valuable music education resource for the entire community. This competition may be the impetus and encouragement that a young composer would need to continue on his or her creative journey. The Prize gives students access to a professional mentor who, acting as a role model, will guide them and open doors for them along this difficult career path. The Singing City community of singers and listeners are also enriched by a yearly infusion of fresh, diverse choral music. Our February 27 Winter Concert featured the work of two prize winners: Teddy Poll’s Hymn and Stephen Caldwell’s Ave Maria. The deadline for submissions is December 3, 2010. To learn more and for an application, visit our website:


“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them somtimes.”

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Singing City Youth/Family Concert Program  
Singing City Youth/Family Concert Program  

Concert Program for March 20, 2010 Voices of Philadelphia - One Family