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My name is Alex, I am 39. Being born in Gdansk- the World’s Capital of Amber - obliges me to share my  knowledge about this magic gemstone. But my personal  experience gave me motivation to do so. I believe you  will find here a lot of useful information…    My  family  lives  in  Gdansk  in  the  North of Poland. I am a mother to two kids: a daughter and  a  son.  Although  they  are  already  schoolkids  I  will  always  remember  the  most  beautiful and  also the hardest times related to breastfeeding, colic, and teething.  My  grandfather  was  a  jewelry  maker.  He  was  passionate  about  Baltic  Amber.  At  that  time  I  was  pursuing  my  career  in  a  corporation,  so  his  passion  was  completely  foreign  and  weird  to me.  One  day,  my  little  teething  son  had  a  terrible  fever.  He  refused  to  eat  and  drink.  I  was  desperately  trying  to  soothe  his  pain  and  then  my  grandfather  gave  me  a  small  necklace  made  of  small  amber  beads.  The  same  necklaces  he  used  to  make  for  German  nannies.  I  had nothing to lose. I didn’t want to give my son more drugs. I put this necklace on his neck  

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and was  waiting:-)  And  it  worked!  I  had  no  doubts  to  wear  the  same  necklace  when  my  daughter was teething.   After  this  time,  I  believed  in  amber  healing  power  for  the  second  time.  For  many  years  I  have  been  suffering  from  migraines.  This  was  a  result  of  a  stressful  job  in  a  corporation.  I  kept  taking  more  and  more  strong  painkillers  and  became  addicted  to  this.  I  used  to  wake  up  and  take  two  pills  before  breakfast.  Then,  after  4  hours  another  two,  and  another.  My  husband  said  that it could not be like this. Unfortunately, he was right. What was I supposed  to  do?  Go  to  another  doctor  and  ask  for  another  set  of  pills?  ​Not  this  time.  I  found  my  babies’ teething necklace and put it on my neck;-)   That was the best choice and breakthrough in my life!   I  quit  my  career,  which  seemed  to  be a black hole and decided to help other mums, sharing  knowledge  about  salutary  effects  of  amber.  It  helped  me  and  my  kids.  I  believe  it  will  help  others.   As  a  mother,  and  being  born  in  Gdansk  [Poland]  -  the  world’s  capital  of  amber  -  I  owe  this  my grandfather.    Enjoy,   Aleksandra  altodiversi.com  E-mail: aleksandra@altodiversi.com       

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Whether you’re caring for your baby or just want to be more natural yourself, I believe you’ll find resources here to help​. 

In  chapters  I  and  II,  you  will  find  here  a  lot  of  information  about  amber  and  its healing properties.   Chapter  III  is  a  comprehensive  how-to  guide  revealing  the  best  tips  and  golden  rules  every  mother  should  know  before  buying  teething  necklaces.  Every  mother  wants  to  be  sure  that  she  goes  for  the  best,  safest  and  100%  pure  Baltic  Amber  necklace  for  her  baby​. ​Therefore to make this choice easier,  I’ve prepared this “follow and comply guide” based on my experience.  Chapter  IV  should  help  you  make  a  faster  decision  when  buying a gift. I know  how time-consuming it might be.  The ​last chapter​ gives you answers to most tormenting questions.   

To make this ebook even more interesting I have linked to a lot of outsources. I especially encourage you to watch the videos. I guarantee you will be nicely  surprised.    Have fun   

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Table of Content I.

What is Amber?   1. Myths and Legends.  2. What exactly is Baltic Amber?  3. What makes up Baltic Amber?  4. Classification of Baltic Amber.  5. What is referred to as Amber Inclusion?  6. Is Amber considered a gem or precious stone?  7. What is Baltic Amber used for?  8. Gdansk - The World’s Capital Of Baltic Amber.  9. Conclusions. 


Amber Healing Properties.

1. Today vs. Past. 2. Amber healing properties for adults.  3. Amber healing properties for babies.  4. But where all these amber healing properties come from?  5. Conclusions.  III.

Amber for Babies - How to choose the best Amber Teething Necklace?


Amber for Adults - How to match a color with personality?


Frequently asked questions. 1. How do I know if my Baltic Amber is fake or real?  2. What should I know about different amber colors and shapes?  3. How should I care for my amber jewelry?  4. How should I clean Baltic Amber?  5. How to polish Baltic Amber?  6. Is raw or polished amber better?   

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Chapter I   WHAT IS AMBER?   

1. Myths and Legends   According  to  ​ancient  Greek  myth​,  Amber  was  the  tears  of  Heliades  shed  into  the  River  Eridanus  after  the  death  of  their  brother  Phaëthon.  The  legend  says  that  angry  Zeus  threw  Phaëthon  into  the  river  after  the  boy  used  his  father’s  golden  chariot  to  ride  across  the  sky.  That  seems  a very sad and pessimistic story. 

The Chinese  used  to  believe that Amber was  the  soul  of a tiger which had died and passed  into  the  earth  converting  into  pieces  of  Amber.  For  them, Amber was deemed to give  its possessor the courage of tiger.     

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Another legend  says  that  Amber  was  a  stone  sacred  to  Freya  -  the  ​Viking  goddess​.  After  the  disappearance  of  her  husband  Odin,  she  wept.  Her  tears  falling  on  rock  turned  to  gold and when  they fell into the sea, they turned into Amber.    For  Native  Americans,  the  Slavic  people  of  Northern  Europe,  and  in  Neolithic  times​,  Amber  was  a  sacred  symbol  of  the  sun  while  to  early  ​Christians,  Amber  signified  the  presence of the Lord.    It  seems  like  there  is  no  clear  explanation  of  the  ancient  meaning  of  this  precious  stone. I find the Chinese attitude most convincing. What about you? 

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What Is Baltic Amber | Complete Guide 2018  

THIS EBOOK - contains a lot of useful information about Amber [its origin, myths, and legends, classification, inclusions, etc.] and its Hea...

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THIS EBOOK - contains a lot of useful information about Amber [its origin, myths, and legends, classification, inclusions, etc.] and its Hea...