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Silolon a Soj ou r ns, MSV S i Datu B ua Indonesia Romantics looking to celebrate their honeymoon with a truly unique journey will enjoy an intimate cruise on the MSV Si Datu Bua through the clear, blue waters surrounding Indonesia. As the crew navigates the traditional Phinisi sailboat between hundreds of lush, jungle-covered islands, spend the afternoon on the spacious sundeck listening to the water softly lap against the wooden vessel as sprays of water gently splash onto your skin. Achieve a warm, sun-kissed glow after soaking up the sun, then dive into the cool, refreshing waters of the Southeast Asian seas to discover the colorful schools of fish and pink, orange and purple coral reef.

QUEST Magazine Issue 3  

Explore France, Italy, China, Maldives and some of the best places to travel this summer in Ker & Downey's Summer issue of QUEST magazine.