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Loon & Fish Festival - New Concept and Location Although the 18th annual Loon and Fish Festival will once again be held over Memorial Day weekend, much of the rest of this year’s festival will be redesigned and expanded, and we invite you to participate in making that happen! If you can volunteer to help work, please call or email the Festival Co-chairs. This year’s festival, scheduled for May 29th (10-5) and 30th (12-4) will feature:

- a relocation to the Seeley Lake Elementary School - roomy booths in the gym featuring individual artists and local and state-wide nature and wilderness organizations the traditional combined art exhibit for those artists who don’t choose to ‘booth’ it - selected films from the International Wildlife Film Festival showing in the multipurpose room - a wide variety of speakers from Glacier Park’s 100th anniversary celebration - speakers updating us on local elk, bear, fish and bird populations, and more! - The Soup Bowl lunch – Seeley Lake Food Bank’s largest fundraiser


The L&F planning group was strongly of the opinion that the event has outgrown the Seeley Lake Community Hall, although we recognize we are sacrificing a certain ‘cozy’ feel by moving to the Elementary School. However, we believe we will gain more than we lose: room for more art offerings; booths available for artists who wish to display a larger selection of their own pieces; more speakers (7 hours worth!), 7-8 different films (21/2 hours worth!), plus other on-going activities; larger, more comfortable areas for visitors to enjoy lectures, audiovisual programs, and their Soup Bowl lunches. We’re watching the bottom line too—the school location is much more affordable than the Community Hall (which recently raised its rent). Loon and Fish has seen declining art sales for the last few years, and we hope that by expanding into a larger area and packing the days full of things to see and do, we can help change that. The change in format should draw additional people to the Festival, both local folks and tourists. Want to help? Contact Co-Chairs Carol Brodie or Jenny Rohrer (; 677-6156;, 754-0034).

Soup Bowl Saturday Bob Korn has been busily throwing bowls in preparation for the Seeley Lake Food Bank’s annual fundraiser—the Soup Bowl Lunch at AAI’s Loon a & Fish Festival. This will be the eleventh year that the Korns have donated bowls. Their generosity (which precipitated $1,000 match funds from Thrivent Lutheran for the last six years) has resulted in a total of $25,336.28 being infused into the Food Bank coffers. During that span of time, the Food Bank has been able to help folks in our local community 8,643 times.

photo by Angie Kimmel

The Korn’s generosity is even more amazing when you factor in not only the time Bob spends creating the bowls (time not spent on his own pottery), but also the financial outlay for clay, glazes, and increasingly costly propane to run his kiln. Bob and Ruth are seeking helpers to decorate the bowls, and as usual, they’re making a party of it at Kornutopia. Come Saturday, May 1st at 1:00pm for a fun afternoon of bowl painting—no experience necessary. It’s also an opportunity to visit with fellow AAI members, and to offer a heartfelt thank you to the Korns. Call if you need directions: 754-2262

AAI Calendar of Events May 1 -

Open Book Club “Medicine Rock” by Star Jameson Grizzly Claw Trading Co. - 7:00pm

May 1 -

Soup Bowl decorating Kornutopia (Korn’s house) 1:00pm

May 12 -

Artmobile coming to area schools

May 15 -

deadline for Youth and Art Educator grant applications

May 29-30

Loon & Fish Festival Sat. 10-5; Sun. noon–4 Seeley Lake elementary School

May 29 -

Open Book Club Chief Charlo “Put Sey” Roger Dunsmore ”Poems Across the Big Sky)

June 17

Art Road Trip - Kalispell 9:00am - 4:00pm (meet at SEC)

August 27 -

2 Valleys Stage presents Shakespeare in the Park Double Arrow Resort

August 28 -

Open Book Club “Raven’s Gift” by John Turk Grizzly Claw Trading Co. - 7:00pm

September 4-5 October 16-17


Tour of the Arts 10:00am - 6:00pm Tour of the Arts 10:00am- 6:00pm

Message from the President Hello, fellow members of Alpine Artisans. As your new President, I am soliciting your help and support for this wonderful organization that we are a part of. The number of programs and events that Alpine Artisans organization puts on is incredible, especially for an area that is rural and with a small population. What this means for you as a member is that we all have to be more active in our organization. Our membership is split almost equally between practicing artists and supporters; we need all of you to keep this organization functioning and healthy. We have a lot of challenges facing us this year and in the future. Like every non-profit organization in Montana and the nation, Alpine Artisans is facing unprecedented challenges brought on by the global financial crisis. The Board of Directors has taken a serious look at the budget for 2010 and our financial health as an organization. We are trying to avoid cutting back on our programs by reducing the amount of hours for our AAI Executive Director and our 2 Valleys Stage Executive Director. Volunteers are the life-blood of our organization. We can’t function without our dedicated, volunteers who will be needed even more to take up the slack. If you are new to our organization, I urge you to get involved on a volunteer basis. Another cost-cutting change for Alpine Artisans in 2010 is a bi-annual newsletter rather than three times a year. The Board feels the newsletter is invaluable to the organization, but it is very costly to produce and mail. We want to continue with the high-quality beautiful newsletter that Betty Vanderwielen produces for AAI. Alternatively, members are urged to use our website,, a wonderful place to visit and keep up with current events. Membership renewal is due at the first of every year. At the March Board Meeting, it was revealed that less than half of our membership had renewed for 2010! The Board members are personally contacting people, urging them to renew. Those I talked with were willing to renew, but had let their renewal slip for various reasons. If you have not already done so, please take the time now to fill out the membership application included in this newsletter and mail it off today! We need you. Artist members are asked to support your organization with your art. Many organizations have membership dues, plus an entry fee for shows, plus a commission. Our artists get to enter all of our shows with no entry fee— only commission if something sells. This is a pretty good deal for our artists (myself included). Even if nothing sells at the auction or sale, we’ve had an opportunity to exhibit and advertise for free. AAI events are advertised extensively statewide, and attract customers from all over the state and out of state (even internationally). In addition, we have our website, where member artists can advertise their art work. What a deal! It is not one person’s vision for this organization, but a collective one that will move us toward our goals of maintaining our high quality service to our

members, patrons, businesses and foundations. This support cannot be taken for granted. We must earn the trust and support of our community each and every day. We must roll up our sleeves, join hands and work together to keep Alpine Artisans everything that it is and can be. Alpine Artisans is your organization. Come experience its wonderful programs and embrace all it has to offer.

Volunteers are needed to fill the following positions

Merrily Dunham, President, Alpine Artisans, Inc.

Inventory Manager: Keep

Scholarship Committee Refocus The Scholarship Committee found themselves at somewhat of a crossroads this year. The AAI scholarship fund was instituted with the vision of each year helping a gifted graduating high school senior pursue higher education in some branch of the arts. That goal has been largely successful, though recipients have not always maintained the arts as their educational focus. In the past few years, the Committee began offering Youth Grants—$100-$300 to young students to pursue drama, band, art camps, private lessons, instrument rentals, etc. The feedback from youngsters who have received these grants has been gratifying and clearly conveys their excitement and enthusiasm at being given an opportunity to gain skill and experience in some field of the arts. Faced with limited money ($1,200) but an increasing number of youth applicants, and in response to the suggestions made at the AAI Annual Meeting and reiterated by the Board, the Scholarship Committee reevaluated the allocation of their funds. The decision was made that AAI not award a senior scholarship this year and instead focus on Youth Grants. The Committee regrets their inability to do both, but they noted that other scholarship opportunities are available for graduating seniors though not for younger students interested in summer studies, art camps, etc. It will be exciting to see what an expanded youth grant program might accomplish to encourage a younger population to pursue the arts.

Adult Art Educator Grant A “friend of the arts” has generously offered to donate up to $500 to fund an adult Educator Art Grant. Eligible to anyone living in the Seeley, Swan, or Blackfoot valleys and actively teaching either in the public or home school system (K-12), the grant is intended to allow an educator to enhance his or her own artistic talents or interest in art, music, drama, or writing. Both the youth and adult grants have a deadline of May 15, 2010. For further details, contact Susan (677278; or Jenny (754-0034, If Youth Grant money is still available after awarding summer applicants, an opportunity will again be extended in the fall with the intention of helping with such needs as instrument rentals and private instructions.

Help Wanted

up-to-date inventory of items in storage unit. Restock essentials. Provide assistance to members preparing for specific events at which items will be needed. 793-5706

New-Member Greeter:

make personal contact with new AAI members; introduce them to goals and activities of organization; make them aware of volunter opportunities. 754-3376

Chair, Loon & Fish Raffle Committee: solicit basket item

donations; make up baskets; oversee selling of raffle tickets; manage raffle during 2010 L&F. 754-3376

Cookie Bakers: bake batch of cookies for half-time refreshments at one or more 2 Valleys Stage performances. 549-0933

Cook / Host: provide meal

for one or more 2 Val leys Stage performers. 549-0933;


Cultural Arts Corridor Report Connecting the Dot The newsletter just can’t include it all... Check the AAI website for more information, photos, links, and upto-the-minute news

. . . . . . . . 4

continually updated AAI events calendar (AAI Events tab) particulars on applying for a Youth Grant (For Our Youth on About AAI tab)

detailed information on the new Art Educator Grant (Announcements tab) the latest exciting news from 2009 Scholarship recipient, Jeremiah Rittel (For Our Youth on About AAI tab) schedule of upcoming Open Book Club authors, and review of previous readings (Open Book Club tab)


(lots of them) taken by Angie Kimmel at the 2010 Wine & Chocolate (Wine & Chocolate on AAI Events tab) report on the successful Crown of the Continent fundraiser—­ photos too (Crown of the Continent tab) Seeley Lake 2010 Winterfest snow sculptures AAI judges report — photos and a list of winners (Community Contributions on About AAI tab)

Over 25 people got together at the Abolt’s house to discuss various CAC matters.

2010 Tour of Arts High quality brochures, signs and other promotional details relating to the fall Tour were topics for consideration at the CAC meeting. Drawing on an evaluation of last year’s event, it was decided that artists will host Open Houses on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend and during the Tamaracks Festival, October 16 and 17. Hours will be from 10-6 this year. There are hopes of enticing more visitors from area lodging places and campgrounds for this exciting, inspirational event.

FAM Tours The success of last year’s bus tour of Alpine Artisans studios (coordinated through the Flathead Travel Agency for a Santa Barbara group) suggests that working with other travel agencies and lodges might be a productive avenue to pursue. Not only did the experiment provide outside exposure for our artists, it also added $250 to the AAI coffers.

Vicki’s Sunday Market AAI will once again contract for booth space in the Seeley Lake market held at Littlebird’s on fourteen Sundays throughout the summer. AAI will provide the tent and tables for artists who sign up to display and sell their own wares. These artists also act as representatives of Alpine Artisans, distributing materials and introducing folks to the organization and its various events, particularly 2 Valleys Stage and Tour of the Arts. Contact Shari Hirst (754-2602) if you wish to participate this year.

Crown of the Continent — Thank You to Supporters Last year’s Crown fundraiser garnered $5500 for AAI. It was a tremendous joint effort with the Swan Ecosystem Center and a huge thank you is being planned for all those who helped make it happen. Stay tuned for more information on the free event, tentatively to be held in Russ Abolt’s “Imagination Garden.”

Expanding Opportunities for Artists The CAC is pursuing a suggestion from Julia Becker, the 2010 Wine & Chocolate juror, that participants might benefit from a guided round table discussion teaching artists how to evaluate their work. A small volunteer CAC group has also taken on the task of seeking new places for artists to show their art.

Open Book Club Author readings at the Grizzly Claw Trading Company have been drawing crowds ranging from 20-55. Furnishing seating for them formerly required borrowing chairs from the grade school, and returning them after each event. To help alleviate this inconvenience (and to have seating available for other AAI happenings), the CAC allotted money to buy chairs which can be stored at the Grizzly Claw. Recent authors at Open Book Club included Peter Orner in January. Orner introduced folks to the world of a small African boarding school in The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo. In February Smoke Elser offered slides and stories in connection with his book, Packin’ In on Mules and Horses. And in March AAI member Jan Jenson shared her first novel, Waters of the Dancing Sky. April brought Jennifer Lowe-Anker and Forget Me Not, a memoir about her life with famous mountain climber husband, Alex Lowe, and how she continued onward after his tragic death. Future months will bring Star Jameson, author of Medicine Rock: A Journey of Vision and Healing (on May 1); Chief Charlo once again sharing poems from Put Sey, accompanied by Roger Dunsmore who will read from Poems Across the Big Sky (on May 29). On June 12th author and essayist, Phil Condon, will share his short stories from his new collection Nine, Ten and Again, and August 28 will feature John Turk and The Raven’s Gift: A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness.

. .

Keep checking for new postings...

. .

Wheeling Our Way The Artmobile of Montana is coming May 12th. It represents yet another oppor tunit y Alpine Artisans helps arrange each year for the students in our local schools. This traveling exhibit brings wonderful, original, contemporary art pieces—created by Montana artists—directly to our students. The selection changes every year, and this year a preview of the 2010 offerings is available for viewing online ( Of course it’s much more satisfying to see the actual art. Luckily AAI members are welcome to drop by and view the pieces along with the kids. Feel free to come early (help with set-up is always appreciated) and have you own viewing experience or stay for the presentation by teacher/artist, Allison McGee. Swan Valley School set-up starts at 8:00am; the presentation takes place from 9:00 to 10:00. Set-up for the 3rd and 4th graders at Seeley Lake Elementary will begin at noon; the presentation will go from 1:00 to 2:45pm. Allison does a wonderful job of introducing the children to a variety of different art styles and media and eliciting their reactions.

.. ..

continuing updates on speakers and programs being scheduled for Loon & Fish 2010 (Loon & Fish on AAI Events tab)

2 Va l l e y s S ta g e 2010 -11 Season lineup — meanwhile browse through the 2009 season performances and photos from past school Informances and Workshops (2 Valleys Stage tab)

the latest on 2010 Tour of the Arts along with a map of participating studios, galleries, museums — meanwhile, check out photos, report, and feedback on the 2009 event ( Tour of the Arts tab)

Artists in the Spotlight— pictures and write-ups about AAI members who have received special recognition for their art (Announcements tab)

and don’t forget to check out ... the online

Artists Gallery the list of AAI Supporters the AAI Store the forms, reports, and other info for Members Only Members Only Section: User Name: aaimember Password: aaipassword


AAI Officers 2010 President

Merrily Dunham ¡ 754-3376

Vice President

Cultural Arts Corridor Liaison Jenny Rohrer ¡ 754-0034


Scholarship Committee Liaison Bill Peabody ¡ 754-0191


Carol Brodie ¡ 677-6156

Member at Large

2 Valleys Stage Liaison Bob Green ¡ 677-3056

Member at Large

Membership Coordinator Carla Shade ¡ 677-0642

Fundraising Coordinator Chris Jewett ¡ 677-7001

2 Valleys Stage Director Polly Huppert ¡ 549-0933

Newsletter Editor

Betty Vanderwielen Box 349, SL 59868 ¡ 677-7474 vanderwielen @

Web Site Coordinator

Susan Novosel ¡ 754-0064


Annual Meeting Invites Ideas

Discussion was the focal point of the 2010 AAI Annual Meeting held in January. But first came the traditional potluck. The delicious food was followed by Carol Brodie’s Treasurer Report. She painted a problematic financial picture, attributing much of it to the continued fallout f rom the cancelle d 2008 Wine & Chocolate. Attempts to deal with the shortfall include cutting the salaries of the AAI Director and the 2 Valleys Stage Director by 45% (with a corresponding cut in work hours) and a proposal to produce two, rather that three, Martha reads from the suggestions offered by one of the discussio newsletters per year. Brief reports on various aspects of the Alpine Artisans organization were given by President Jenny Rohrer, Director Martha Swanson, and 2 Valleys Stage Director Polly Huppert. The common themes of their presentations—shortage of funds, solicitation and cost-cutting measures, and the continuing need for volunteers. On a happier note, membership increased during 2009, and an on-line survey revealed that a) members considered email reminders helpful, b) 87% rated our AAI website as “excellent,” and c) the website received an average of 1500 visits per month during 2009 (rising to 2400 in December). Business matters were not allowed to overshadow two important thank you presentations: one to retiring Director Martha Swanson, who was presented with a pair of snowshoes as a token of the members’ appreciation for her invaluable work for the organization over the past three years; the other to the 2 Valleys Stage “anonymous benefactor” in appreciation of their sustaining gift that has supported the performing arts arm of AAI for the past five years. The final item of necessary business was the election of new Board Members to replace outgoing ones. The slate proposed by the Nominating Committee was unanimously accepted. Carla Shade will join the Board as Membership Coordinator, Jennie Rohrer will represent the Cultural Arts Committee, Bill Peabody will shift duties and become the Board Secretary, and Merrily Dunham agreed to serve as President for the next two years. Meeting attendees were then randomly divided into small groups, given six broad topics , and asked to discuss ways in which AAI could make improvements in these areas during the next year. At the end of the discussion period, pro tem secretaries summarized their group’s suggestions and recommendations. A motion was then formally made, and unanimously carried, that the Board provide in the next newsletter a written response on these issues. Accordingly, the new Board reveiwed the suggestions at their first meeting and offer the following responses:

Budget-Related Suggestions


Increase dues. Board will consider this suggestion for next year.

- Cut some volunteer-intensive events and programs. Board will try instead to increase number of volunteers. We are still suffering financially from the decision to cut Wine & Chocolate two years ago, the budget shortfall for that year was just about what we usually make on W&C.


Keep track of volunteer hours (useful for grant applications) This would require a coordinator and result in more volunteer effort. Since we don’t apply for government grants, this information not actually needed.


Clarify the purpose and tax status of dues, donations and new membership options. Sustaining membership is a tax deductible contribution. Chris Jewett is our new fundraising chairperson. She is working on simplifying and explaining the choices for donations.

on groups.

- Redesign membership application and make it

available at all events. Board is in process of doing this—good suggestion. Membership application should include art medium. (It already does)


Promote AAI events to Missoula & Kalispell (TV and newspaper). We are already doing this. Our events are advertised statewide in newspapers, magazines, and TV spots when we can get them. We’ve also gone to the Missoula Farmers Market with our “Loon” costume in the weeks before Loon & Fish Festival, to advertise the event. We just had a spot on “Wake Up Montana” for 2VS program “Mud Bay Jugglers”. See the interview on our website.



Cut or decrease the amount of money set aside for scholarships to seniors and allot more money for youth grants and introducing children to the arts. The Board felt this was a valid suggestion, and recommended this approach to the Scholarship Committee

2 Valleys Stage

- Cut costs by contracting with local rather than outof-state talent. The 2VS Coordinating Council considers many factors in scheduling performance, budget is primary. Whenever possible, we block-book work in coordination with nearby cities/schools. This allows us to enlist quality talent at lower cost.

- Re-contract with past artists who were particularly well

received (in order to sell more tickets). This is considered each year.

- Match 2VS fiscal year with AAI’s to lessen problems of

sponsorship and donation issues. Because the 2VS season beings in the fall, it is impractical to try to make it conform to a regular fiscal calendar. Our treasurer advised that changing 2VS to calendar year would involve a lot of effort and cost. She is happy with the current program. Board decision was to oppose this suggestion.

- Consolidate “asks.” This is being done. Chris Jewett is in charge of fundraising drive.



Expand outreach; increase efforts to get artist groups to visit Tour of the Arts; promote more tour group visits . Board was in favor, suggests action be taken by CAC.





Place AAI newsletter in public places for free pickup. Board felt the newsletter was too expensive to provide this way. Will discuss possibility of a smaller flyer for public places

Explore partnerships with other organizations (e.g.,Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, Seeley Lake Community Foundation). Board is actively working on this. We have a grant from Seeley Lake Community Foundation for 2VS. We partner with Swan Ecosystem Center on Crown of the Continent and Loon & Fish Festival. We’ll have Five Valleys Audubon and Clearwater Resource Council partnering on Loon and Fish this year, and are working on other partnerships.

- Expand the website so there is less dependence on

the newsletter. This is already being done—newsletter is being reduced to two issues yearly. Email notices and newsletter articles encourage members to use the website for current and expanded information.

Continue Crown of the Continent fundraiser. Expose artists to new audiences. Due to the economy, CAC has decided to make this a bi-annual event for the time being. Create and sell collectable poster art print or calendar featuring member artwork. Board was in favor of the calendar, recommends action by CAC.


- Provide more informal social gatherings, i.e. field

trips, pot lucks (provides incentive to join). Board is in favor, and will act on this suggestion this year.


Spotlight business members on website rather than in newsletter. Include music, photo links on our website (e.g., from scholarship grantees, upcoming 2VS performers). Board will address these issues at upcoming website/newsletter planning meeting.


2 Valleys Stage Business Sponsors Double Arrow Resort The Filling Station First Valley Bank Great Bear Properties Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse Linford Built Construction Paws Up Resort ReMarkable Cleaning Pro Rovero’s Seeley Swan Medical Center Seeley Swan Pharmacy Seeley Swan Veterinary & Grooming The Stage Station Wold’s Valley Market

2010 W&C - Smooth… “Smooth” is the word that keeps being mentioned in regard to Wine & Chocolate—which is one way of saying that the hard-working 2010 committees managed to solve some of the niggling problems of the 2009 event. This year’s changed layout at Lindey’s worked well to correct the previous year’s congestion problems. The limitation on the number of pieces proved to be a wise decision and allowed for attractive placement of art throughout the two rooms, and ample space to enjoy it. Room decorations were simple, yet they effectively enhanced the atmosphere. Scott Milner’s live background music provided ambiance. The stunningly displayed refreshments were scrumptious, and abundant. The placement of chairs along the window wall provided convenient niches for browsers to rest, nibble, and socialize. The format of having fewer, but more enticing, raffle items and designating the money for scholarship funding made that activity more manageable and more exciting. The auctions, the initial art intake, the sales, the wrapping stations, and the final dismantling of the temporary art gallery in time for Lindey’s to function as a restaurant once again, all went... well...ver y smoothly. The handsome display of ar t pieces at 1st Valley Bank two weeks prior to the event was not only appreciated by bank clients but also made it convenient for the W&C juror to evaluate the pieces. It also gave her time to offer helpful written critiques to the artists. She awarded First Place to Bob Korn for his “skillful, excellent work” on his clay Grizzly Urn which gave “a feeling of cycles of nature, seasons, journey.” Second Place—and also the People’s Choice Award—was presented to John Mercer for his, Addiction, “the enhanced photograph of the fish in a whirl pool... becomes super real...seduces us and draws us in and around.“ Third Place went to Russ Abolt for his wood sculpture, An Embrace of the Void, which conveys “movement and suggestion of potent form, [yet] recognizes raw nature...a balance between burnishing, shaping and allowing to stay in natural shape.” As is usual with AAI functions, a final evaluatory wrap-up meeting was held to pass on recommendations to next year’s committee members. Given the prevalent atmosphere of economic hardship, the general concensus was that Wine & Chocolate 2010 fared quite well. The event made $930 for the scholarship fund and a net profit for Alpine Artisans of $2,215 overall (with participating artists realizing $2,025 in profits). Though ticket sales were 1/3 lower, attendance was deemed satisfactory. Expenses for the event were roughly equivalent to last year’s, though additional costs were incurred in payments to the juror and auctioneer. Recommendations for future improvement: more presale of tickets, increased use of email promotions, and a focused attempt to get more local non-


members to attend. The Invitations committee admitted feeling discouraged because, though they put a good deal of time and effort into sending personal invitations, none of the targeted people showed up. Two specific recommendations for facility improvement involved lighting and sound: the lighting at Lindey’s is not conducive to showing the art pieces to their best advantage; and the sound system, though an improvement from 2009, still was not well balanced. Other recommendations have an all too familiar ring to them: we need to decide whether W&C is a social or a fundraiser—if a fundraiser, then we must commit to that (i.e., find a venue that allows for more people; find a way to draw a larger, wealthier, out of area crowd; consider changing the date.) W&C 2011 committee chairs will grapple with these issues when they meet next year, but their job will be made easier thanks to the hard work the 2010 group put in to make Wine & Chocolate run so smoothly.

See those names in the Sidebar across the way? Those are our

Super Sponsors local businesses that helped make the 2 Valleys Stage Performing Arts Series a reality.

2009 Art Benefactor One of Alpine Artisans’ favorite traditions each year amid the Wine & Chocolate festivities is the formal recognition of a community member who has made outstanding contributions to the arts. The 2009 Art Benefactor is Betty Vanderwielen. Since joining Alpine Artisans in 2003, when she and Adrian moved to Seeley Lake, Betty has put her expertise in both writing and graphic design at the disposal of AAI in a number of different ways. She has created posters, programs, tickets, and ads for Wine & Chocolate, Loon & Fish, and Open Book Club events; handled graphics for the AAI cookbook project; assumed responsibility for 2 Valleys Stage print needs; and took on the role of AAI newsletter editor. Bett y was also responsible for star ting the Writer’s Group, which is still on-going. Fellow writer, Randi de Santa Anna, who presented the award at L&F commented, “I have watched Betty maintain the finicky balance between meeting her personal goal, which is to continue working on her two children’s books, and upholding her chosen commitments to Alpine Artisans. Because of Betty’s belief in AAI and her inability to do things half-way, she has often put her own writing aside.” B et t y was presente d with a b eautif ul photograph taken by Collleen Nicholson—a striking piece of driftwood on the shore of Holland Lake. The photo was strikingly framed by Geri Netherton of the Stage Station. In addition, Betty received an autumnal dried flower arrangement from the Stage Station.

Let’s give them a big round of applause! Let’s do better than that...let ’s make it a point to patronize their businesses—and while we’re there, let’s be sure to thank them for all they do to help support Alpine Artisans and 2 Valleys Stage.


Opportunities for Artists -

Changing Directors

2VS Polly Huppert, our 2 Valleys Stage Executive Director, has tendered her resignation effective May 31st. We will be sorry to lose Polly; she truly has been dedicated to the success of 2VS. While unable to continue a full-time commitment, Polly says she will be available to volunteer for us on occasion, so we will look forward to that. She assures us that the Summer Celebration, as well as the contract negotiations and scheduling for the 2010-11 Season, are well underway and will be solidly in place before she leaves.

art pieces ready for Loon & Fish 2010 - arrange to have your artwork displayed at a 2 Valleys Stage Concert (754-0191) - n o t i f y Mar tha of any recognition your artwork has get your

The very capable 2VS Coordinating Council and its volunteers will handle event details until Polly’s replacement is found. The Coordinating Council and AAI Board are preparing to advertise the position in the summer months, with a goal of having a new Director in place before the 2010-11 season begins in the fall. An exciting series is planned for next season, so be sure to get your season tickets at Loon & Fish Festival.

received, so we can put you in the Spotlight (793-5706)


arrange to have your a r t displayed at the Seeley Swan Medical Center (677-2783)


contact Martha about being listed in the Artists’ Gallery on the AAI website (793-5706)

AAI Alpine Artisans had hired an Executive Director to fill Martha Swanson’s position, but ill health caused her to resign after only the first month. We will be looking to fill this position in the near future as well.

2010 Membership Form Membership category:

Type of membership:

 Individual ($25)  Family ($35)  Business ($45)  New  Renewal  Sustaining Member* $______/month … or … $____ one time annual donation  Supporter of the Arts  Artist (for pleasure, for livelihood, or both!)

Brief Description of Art Medium: Name(s): Business name:

Web site:

Mailing address: City, State, Zip: Telephone:

E-mail address:

The ongoing success of Alpine Artisans is due to its artists and amazing volunteers. May we count on you to help out now and then?  Yes, give me a call!  No, I’d prefer not. YES! I want to help AAI achieve its mission and outreach activities with the enclosed donation (you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax deductible donation) $

for Youth Grants and Scholarship


for 2 Valleys Stage Programs


to promote & preserve the Arts

Please make your check payable to Alpine Artisans Inc. and mail with this form to P.O. Box 84 ¡ Seeley Lake, MT 59868 * Sustaining Member dues can be paid as a once a year contribution or as an automatic monthly deduction from a credit card or First Valley account. Questions? Contact Carol Brodie, AAI Treasurer, at 677-6156 or

Backstage by Polly Huppert Spring is here…’s almost time to welcome the next 2 Valleys Stage season. The 2010-11 guest artist line-up is looking good, including some genuine Blues music with Spencer Bohren, straight from New Orleans to Seeley Swan, Montana. Following Spencer, we have a great season line-up that is sure to please. I can’t name them until they are confirmed, but we have striven to meet our criteria of both quality and variety in programming. We are continuing our important work in the local schools, with a focus on obtaining as much time with each artist in school activities as we can afford and schedule. However, in order to stay within our budget, we will probably have to cut back one community performance this coming season. The 2010-11 season will keep everyone entertained and educated as we add some new artists to the list of outstanding participants in our concert series. Yes—it is finally time to announce our Summer Event... (drum roll….) On August 27th at Double Arrow Resort we will welcome Shakespeare in the Park performing one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Pre-show activities will start at 4:00pm, including artwork and a stage combat workshop for kids at 4:30pm. If you are interested in presenting an activity or art display in conjunction with this event, please contact Polly. Double Arrow will offer a fantastic menu (TBA) available for purchase at the concert. The Coordinating Council and AAI Board are happy to have Double Arrow and the Seeley Lake Community Foundation as sponsors for this performance. We hope to see as many families as possible for this potential annual event. Bring your blankets or chairs; there will be a specific section for each, allowing everyone a good view. Spring marks the introduction of our coming season and also brings the end of my tenure as Director of the 2 Valleys Stage Performing Arts Series. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this program and feel strongly about its mission. Our students and community will continue to enjoy this valuable opportunity for another season, 2010-11. The Coordinating Council and AAI Board are working very hard at raising funds to enable the program to continue beyond that. For the 2 Valleys Stage concert series to continue, we need both increased attendance and greater financial contributions to the program. If this doesn’t happen during the next season it is likely 2 Valleys Stage will not be able to support another season, or much less of one. If Thanks, Polly you haven’t attended a performance, please do! We Hear that loud clapping noise? That’s the sound greatly appreciate all the support the community has of the 2VS Coordinating Council—ah, the sound offered and hope you will continue your support of the is swelling now as the rest of the AAI membership program in the future. joins in—thanking Polly for all the hard work she put Volunteers needed: If you can donate meals, lodging, in during her tenure as 2 Valleys Stage Director. cookies for concerts or time to help with set-up, please Thanks for finding such great performers, handling contact either Polly Huppert (549-0933) or Joyce Bissell contract negotiations, juggling conf licting (677-3133). We appreciate all the in-kind support this schedules, organizing a small army of people, community has offered these past years; we could not writing innumerable grants—thanks for keeping 2 do it without you! Our volunteer list is low right now, Valleys Stage running smoothly. however, so please consider volunteering. We are also looking for artists who would like to display their art at our concerts.


AAI Road Trip... Ready for a road trip? How about an art-focused day in Kalispell with fellow AAI members on June 17th? First stop is a visit to the Kalispell Art Foundry to see how molds are made for sculptures of all sizes. Then we’ll witness a bronze “pour” into a mold and see how the finished pieces are assembled and patinas applied. And, of course, a visit to the “gallery” where the completed sculptures are stored for pickup is a must. Lunch should be fun on a road trip too, right? How about a journey back in time with lunch at Norm’s News? Norm’s has a rack of magazines and newspapers, an assortment of 300 different kinds of candy, and an old-fashioned soda fountain serving burgers, shoestring fries, malts, sodas and old-time phosphates. You can sit at an ice cream table or on a stool at the antique counter. Cost of lunch is usually under $10, depending on what you order. Still time to pack in more art… How about visiting the Hockaday Art Museum? The Hockaday is celebrating the Glacier Park Centennial, so in June two special exhibits will complement the museum’s permanent collection. “John Fery: Artist of the Rockies” includes paintings commissioned by the Great Northern Railroad with the intent of enticing people to board the train and travel to the new National Park. More modern views of Glacier are depicted in “100 years, 100 Days: Photography by Chris Peterson. ” Peterson, the editor of Glacier Park Magazine, chronicles 100 consecutive days in the Park, starting on May 1, 2009. Seniors are free at the Hockaday on Thursdays; regular admission is $5. This Kalispell art trip will be limited to 20 people, so RSVP to Merrily Dunham early if you want to be one of them. Dress casually and meet at the Swan Ecosystem Center in Condon by 9:00am. We’ll car-pool from there and return at approximately 4:00pm. For reservations and further details, contact Merrily at 754-3376.

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2010 - Spring/Summer  
2010 - Spring/Summer  

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