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OF ALPHA SIGMA TAU Vol. 89 No. 1 Spring 2016

Instant Bonds: Relationships in Sisterhood

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Dear Sisters, One of the greatest gifts our Sisterhood offers is the relationships we have with each other. After all, at its core, that’s what Alpha Sigma Tau is – a proud 116-year legacy of lifelong friendships grounded in shared values. We celebrate this ideal every day in the relationships we have with our Sisters – those women in our day-to-day lives who are there for us every step of the way. The simple truth is you will never find a better friend than an Alpha Sigma Tau Sister. We support each other. We celebrate our good times together, and help each other get through life’s challenges too. We respect and appreciate one another, and better each other’s lives as Sisters and friends. This issue of The Anchor celebrates those bonds, and highlights the stories of women who have made the most of their connections through Alpha Sigma Tau. While all the women featured here come from different chapters, communities, and generations – they all have the unique and instant bond of being a Sister. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

the gift of Sisterhood, and build and maintain meaningful, sincere relationships with one another. Each member of Alpha Sigma Tau will be a better woman because of these relationships.

For me, the most striking thing about these stories is how common they are. Like these women, we each have special bonds with individuals in Alpha Sigma Tau that are meaningful to us. I know I do, and I am sure you do as well.

Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu National President

I was recently reminded of the strength of our connections during our first-ever Night to Reunite, held this past April. Alpha Sigma Taus across the country got together in restaurants and homes, met new Sisters, reconnected with old friends, and had fun. They enjoyed their shared friendships in the spirit of Sisterhood … which is what being in Alpha Sigma Tau is all about! As you read this issue, take the time to reflect on the amazing stories of the women featured. Think about your own relationships in Alpha Sigma Tau, and the individual women you know through the Sorority. Allow yourself to be motivated to take advantage of

Continue to define excellence,

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Relationships in Sisterhood


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The Elliott Sisters


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Elizabeth Wilson


Alli Miller & Lucile Jaeger Anderson


Donalinda Ace


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savannah_bendik I'm so glad that I can now call these three wonderful girls my Sisters. We went through one heck of a week, but we found our home in ΑΣΤ and I couldn't be happier.️ #alphasigmatau

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Relationships S P R IN G 2016


in Sisterhood


S P RIN G 2016

Relationships in Sisterhood T H E AN C H OR


Jack of All Trades: The Legacy of Rose Marie Schmidt By Tori Dixon, Epsilon Gamma

S P R IN G 2016


eader. Mentor. Sister. Friend. These are just a few of the words used to describe Rose Marie Schmidt, Ed.D., Theta, to the Alpha Sigma Taus who know her best – like her chapter Sisters Nadia Maddens and Kathy Baecker. “She is not only an incredible woman,” says Nadia, beaming. “But an incredible Sister.” “She is a jack of all trades,” concurs Kathy. “She is a world traveler, theater lover, and athlete who continued skiing, swimming, and golfing well into her 80s – and a loyal friend. She sewed her own wardrobe! But perhaps most importantly, she used her doctorate to teach young minds in the Detroit school system. Leading young Sisters to success is very important to her, as is organizing events to connect Alpha Sigma Tau collegians with local alumnae.” “She is a well-rounded and loving advisor to a number of women across the country,” adds Nadia. “She is always willing to take a phone call when a Sister needs guidance,

plan a trip to reconnect, or celebrate a Sister’s successes. She’s a true mentor, not only in Alpha Sigma Tau, but in life as a whole.” “I remember the stress of transitioning from my 36-student high school graduating class into Wayne State University, which suddenly provided me with thousands of classmates,” recalls Nadia. “Alpha Sigma Tau was a big part of making a positive transition for me. That year, during my first candle lighting ceremony on Founders Day, I noticed that Rose Marie’s candle was one of the first to be lit – she must have been an important woman, a woman who deserved a lot of respect. Little did I know how much,” she says. Nadia became close with Rose Marie, and tried regularly to nominate her for various awards in recognition of her efforts. “She would always decline,” Nadia continues, “She insisted that she had already had her turn, and that it was time to give the opportunity to someone else. She was very gracious.” “I first met Rose Marie in June of 1977, when she came to Wayne State to install the graduates into the Detroit Area Alumnae Chapter,” Kathy remembers. “I admired her right away for her soft-spoken, no nonsense attitude. Because of her, I first started attending the monthly alumnae chapter meetings.”

(left) with Nadia Maddens


Rose Marie Sc

“Her enthusiasm for Alpha Sigma Tau radiates into those around her,” continues Kathy, recalling Rose Marie’s service to local chapters, the Detroit Metro Alumnae Chapter, the Detroit Alumnae Panhellenic Association, and the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, where she served as Vice President and Treasurer. “Rose Marie’s encouragement was the driving factor in my decision to join the National Council. I'm not sure I would have ever considered serving on National Council without her encouragement,” Kathy

says. “She was the ‘personal historian’ of the alumnae chapter, well-versed in Alpha Sigma Tau policies and traditions. She served with grace and confidence. She hardly ever missed a meeting, and was extremely involved with the chapter and President for more than a decade.” “She is more than a normal role model; Rose Marie is truly a friend and a Sister to me and all the other women that she interacts with,” says Nadia. “Although Rose Marie was born in the same year as my mother, we share a strong connection and a deeply valuable friendship. A lot of us did. I remember the Theta chapter threw a 70th birthday party for her 90th birthday, several chapter Sisters took a day off of work to surprise her at a lunch gathering with cake and yellow roses. Kathy agrees. “She always whispered words of support, telling me how proud she was of me,” recalls Kathy. “Once, she told me she felt I was the daughter she never had. Those words meant the most to me.”

have a great deal of respect for her, both for what she is to me personally and for what she has contributed to the Sorority. It is impossible to quantify Rose Marie’s effect on Alpha Sigma Tau. Her love for others, passion for giving back to her community, humble spirit, and dedication to helping women reach their full potential are each testaments to her unique legacy, and we are honored to be her Sisters.”

King and I: Charlotte Floyd Reflects on her Lifelong Friendship with Sybil King


he bonds created over a half-century of friendship and Sisterhood are difficult to explain. “I just don’t know how to express it,” says Charlotte Evans Floyd about her enduring friendship with Past National President Lenore “Sybil” Seibel King. “To us, it wasn’t just the parties, shopping sprees, or coffee dates. Our friendship was more than typical outings and shared memories, although those were certainly important. It’s simply a feeling, a bond – almost impossible to describe.” What Charlotte will tell you is that she and Sybil spent years together helping build the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation and National Organization.

Charlotte and Sybil met as members of the Psi Chapter at what is now James Madison University in Virginia. Charlotte came from Arlington County in Northern Virginia – “just a country girl,” as she likes to say. Sybil grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. As Chapter Sisters, they became fast friends. “We met on campus,” recalls Charlotte. “We just clicked.” But, as so often happens in life, they each moved on to new, separate lives after college – that is, until Alpha Sigma Tau brought them back together. Sybil became National President of Alpha Sigma Tau in 1972, and she immediately reached out to her friend and Sister Charlotte to be National Secretary. The two traveled together frequently, carrying out the duties of their respective offices. “We became even closer,” Charlotte recalls. “We traveled together and roomed together on the road.”

Charlotte Floyd

Following her service as National President, Sybil served as Headquarters Administrator, and established the Sorority’s National Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama – where it remained until 2009. Eventually, her path led her to help establish and serve the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation, first as Vice President from 1983 through 1998, then President from 1998 through 2005. Her husband Jerry, their children (Jerry Jr., Tommy, Susie, Kathy, Jan, and Clare), and, of course, Charlotte were there every step of the way.

9 S P R IN G 2016

By Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon


“I can turn to Rose Marie for advice,” says Nadia, who, along with Kathy, still visits Rose Marie as often as possible. “I

Rose Marie Schmidt (First Row, Second from Right) with her Theta Chapter Sisters at a surprise 90th birthday lun ch

At the 25th National Convention in 1984, the National Foundation’s first scholarship was announced in Sybil’s honor. Charlotte and Sybil worked hard to establish the National Foundation and encourage its growth. If it were not for their efforts, Alpha Sigma Tau would be without the many programs (like Illuminate), leadership opportunities, and workshops that have benefited thousands of Sisters over the decades. Sybil and Charlotte attended many Conventions together over the years. Sybil passed away in 2006. Charlotte, who in her early 90s still has an inspiring amount of energy, is quite proud to attend the 41st National Convention this year in Jacksonville, Florida. “This will be my 26th Convention,” exclaims Charlotte. “I love seeing everyone there! I can’t wait.” The spirit of their lasting friendship and strong ties to the

Sybil King (left), Fe rne Phipps (center ), and Dana Haggard (right)


Sorority live on in the National Foundation – which just named a Cumulative Giving Society after each woman in their honor – and in the bonds Charlotte keeps with Sybil’s children, who view her as Aunt Charlotte. “The love and friendship I have shared with Sybil continues with her children and grandchildren,” says Charlotte. “Sorority is forever in the bonds we create.”

10 S P R IN G 2016

Charlotte Floyd (left) with Sybil


Their friendship and Sisterhood live on in future generations, as an honorable testament to their commitment to each other and to Alpha Sigma Tau. Their story is also inspirational. All Alpha Sigma Taus can be like Charlotte and Sybil – reach out to a Sister living in another state, connect at the 41st National Convention, invite each other to be even more dedicated to the Sorority as a volunteer or donor, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

A Commanding Presence: Lois Anne Cooke By Lauren Welch, Delta Psi


ois Anne Cooke, Sigma, had what the Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters closest to her would call a “commanding presence” for the 77 years she was a proud member of the Sorority, from her Initiation in 1932 until her death just a few years ago in 2009. “She was fun to be around, the life of the party,” recalls her chapter Sister Jean McNamara, drawing a quick agreement from their fellow Sigma, Mary Bolton. “But she was also friendly, open, and successful in all that she tried.” Lois Anne’s impact is perhaps best told through Jean’s laughter, which is on full display at the mention of her Sister and friend. “She would be at every event, activity, and fundraiser,” she says. “She would arrive in style and be dressed to match. I can still picture her arriving in her Lincoln, walking up post-hip replacement with two canes, but still happy, stylish, and ready to make connections

and have fun. This goes to show you that Lois Anne would be successful in anything she did, especially in her interactions with Sisters, young and old, at the Sigma Chapter, as well as the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter.”

“Lois Anne always rose to the occasion, truly helping in any way that the Sigma Chapter or the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter needed,” recalls Mary. “Lois Anne always sensed when something was needed and filled the gap – hosting meetings in her home, finding locations for events, or providing resources that we would not have had otherwise. She had a degree in teaching, so she was especially interested in mentoring, guiding, and assisting the collegiate women of the Sigma Chapter.” Perhaps the best evidence of Lois Anne’s commitment to her local Alpha Sigma Tau women is the National Foundation scholarship she helped create and fund, which is named in her honor. The scholarship is reserved to help the women of the Sigma Chapter at SUNY Buffalo

State achieve their educational goals. “Lois Anne had a commitment to the young Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters,” continues Mary. “The scholarship was another way of showing that support.” “Lois Anne left an immeasurable dedication and legacy for the chapter,” concludes Jean. “This is largely due to her incredible ability to create and maintain relationships, and her focus on scholarship.” Her devotion and commitment to her chapter still have an effect after her passing. “Lois Anne was so gracious and led with such a high standard,” says Mary. “That standard will stay with the chapter for years to come.”


The Elliott Sisters: A Personal Remembrance by Carole Bicking Keily, Alpha Xi

Over the next twenty-plus years, I noticed how the three of them supported each other as Sisters and as friends. They did a lot of things together (along with Meda Ray’s husband, Preston) – traveled, attended church, went to Sorority functions – and there was never a hint of drama or discord. Edith joined Alpha Sigma Tau’s Omicron Chapter in 1937 at what is now Concord University, and Meda Ray followed in her footsteps in 1940. Betty Gail, some 10 years younger, graduated from Alderson-Broaddus

enjoyed connecting with The Elliott sisters always a Taus at Convention Sigm their fellow Alpha

College. Since there was not an Alpha Sigma Tau chapter there, she did not join a sorority – after all, it was Alpha Sigma Tau or nothing! But she often attended Alpha Sigma Tau functions with her sisters and, in 1972 at the urging of past National President Carrie Washburne Staehle, Betty Gail joined Alpha Sigma Tau. It is believed that Betty Gail was Alpha Sigma Tau’s first alumna initiate. I called myself “the fourth Elliott sister” when I roomed with them at a Convention. Like sisters do, I felt their support many times over the years. But once, also as sisters do, I clearly disappointed Edith. I had run a photo of her that she did not like in The Anchor, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that she did not like the photo. Her comment – "Next time, just say ‘photo not available!" – still rings in my ears. All three of the Elliott sisters were committed to strengthening Alpha Sigma Tau, especially through the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. Meda Ray was President of the Foundation for many years, and also served as Treasurer and as a board member. Edith and Betty Gail were the first members to raise funds for the Foundation at National Conventions. Sitting in the back of the room, they made little yellow silk roses to attach to attendees’ name badges. They asked for a modest contribution to purchase a rose, with all proceeds going to benefit the National Foundation. Today the Foundation offers yellow rose stickers to be purchased as honor gifts at Conventions – an idea that started in the 1980s with the Elliott sisters.

11 S P R IN G 2016


t was dark that evening in November 1980. After driving up and down the poorly-lit street a few times, I finally found the house where I was to meet some Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae from Northern Virginia for a ride to a local Founders Day dinner. At the door, three white-haired ladies all smiled broadly and said, “Carole? Come on in!” Those three women were the Elliott sisters – Edith, Meda Ray, and Betty Gail. I felt very welcome, and I remember lots of laughter that night.

Meda Ray Sewell and Edith Elliott (left) with fellow Northern Virginia alumnae Mary Early and Dorothy Ga tes at the 27th National Convention in 1988

Edith, Meda Ray, and Betty Gail didn’t limit their fundraising efforts to the National Foundation. Edith frequently served as auctioneer when the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter held white elephant sales. How we laughed at her descriptions of the items being sold! In addition, along with Preston, they established the chapter’s sale of White House Christmas ornaments. For over 15 years, they traveled to the White House to stand in line and collect as many as 300 ornaments for the alumnae chapter to sell. In fact, the chapter still sells these ornaments every year.



Their drive to serve was infectious! In 1985, Meda Ray asked me to be the Foundation’s first Fundraising and Publicity Chair and inspired by them, I eagerly accepted. Together, we created the Foundation’s first giving levels, which remained in effect for almost 30 years. I am proud that the Foundation now has a Cumulative Giving Society named for the Elliott family. To me, it seems like a very gracious and fitting way to honor three wonderful ladies (and Preston!) who have done so much for our Sisterhood.

The Elliott sisters at the 33rd Nati onal Convention in Birmingham

How I miss the Elliott sisters! I am very grateful for all the moments I spent with these three women. Their dedication to each other, to their entire family, to Alpha Sigma Tau, to their friends, and to their church continue to inspire me, always.

S P RIN G 2016

Meet me at the Lock Bridge: Three Sisters' Journey Across Europe by Elizabeth Schilling, Delta Upsilon


or generations, people have made a pilgrimage to the Pont des Arts bridge, traversing the Seine in Paris, to leave a “love lock” as an enduring symbol of the bond that brought them there. Countless romantics, friends, siblings, and even Sorority Sisters have secured a padlock on the bridge’s iron grillwork, made a pledge to each other, and threw the key into the river below. Such is the story of Rachel Cunio, Heather Kealhofer, and Kara Marino, all Delta Upsilon, who understand the simple reality that Sisterly bonds cross cultures, international boundaries, and stay strong despite distance. In the fall of 2015, Rachel, Heather, and Kara went their separate ways: Rachel flew to Rome, Heather took to the streets of Paris, and Kara held down the fort on the St. Leo University campus in Florida. The tight-knit trio were separated for the semester, until Thanksgiving when Kara, temporarily free of her school obligations over the break, flew to Rome to re-connect with her Sisters. They celebrated Thanksgiving the only way they could – a microwaved rotisserie chicken and cubed bread with seasoning that passed for stuffing. Then, it was on to Paris, crepes, croissants, a trip up the Eiffel Tower (where they witnessed a marriage proposal), and of course the Lock Bridge. I had the pleasure of hearing their story.

How did you all stay connected during your travels? Rachel: There was certainly a disconnect that came with being thousands of miles away. However, it was merely geographical. I was able to stay connected with my Sisters through Skype, Facebook, and other social media outlets and was even able to video call into recruitment set-up one night!

Heather: Much like Rachel, I was able to keep in contact with the chapter through various social media platforms. I actually Skyped into Bid Day celebrations and I was able to watch as all of our new members ran into the arms of our Sisters back home. Kara: Rachel and Heather are my Littles, and felt that disconnect too. Because I was so busy, it was hard to connect, and the time differences added another level of difficulty. I was going to bed and I would FaceTime them as they were waking up. The three of you have an obviously strong bond as Sisters. How did that change as you traveled across Europe together?


Rachel: I wouldn’t say that it changed drastically from what it once was to what it is now. It was more of a strengthening than a changing. For example, when I got the opportunity to meet up with Heather in France, Kara from home, and another Sister, Christina, who was studying abroad in Spain at the time, I was reminded of what we all share. We were studying in all different countries and gaining different cultural experiences as individuals, but when we met up it was nice to know that no matter the distance, there will always be a Sister willing to fly from another country, take a train from another city, or trek across Europe to see you.


Heather: I thought of that line from Alpha Sigma Tau’s hymn: “Bound by ties that naught can sever, We will onward go!” Maybe it’s coming from my past as Director of Ritual, but being abroad brought it alive for me in a different way than how it does back home with all my Sisters surrounding me daily in the dining hall, in class, and in my apartment. It’s different. It’s versatile. There is more to Sisterly connections beyond chapter borders than first meets the eye. For me, I made a connection to every member of Alpha Sigma Tau to ever grace the earth through our Ritual, and through my daily reminders that I am bound by ties that aren’t going anywhere, and haven’t gone anywhere since 1899. Some days, that kept me going when things were down. Tell us about the Lock Bridge. Why did you decide to share that specific experience? Kara: We actually hadn’t planned to go to the Lock Bridge too far in advance. We went on our last day in Paris. We woke up very early and headed to Notre Dame. It was such a beautiful morning and it wasn’t very crowded. We bought the best lock we could find. It happened to have three keys, which was perfect! We wrote our names, the date, and our letters on the lock, and found a special place on the bridge. Once the lock was there, we took our keys in hand, made a wish, and tossed the keys into the Seine. The experience really

S P R IN G 2016

Kara: I think my perception of sisterhood strengthened by staying connected overseas. We spent a lot of time planning our trip over the months we spent apart, and this built up a lot of excitement, but also made it feel like I was a part of their experience abroad.

tied our trip together. It was a great way to end the trip at such a momentous place. It was also cool to leave a piece of us and AΣT in Paris. Placing a lock on the bridge is generally done by couples who share a bond of love, but I think we have that in a different way. The love we share is a different type that comes from the bonds of Sisterhood. We have to ask – what was your favorite dish abroad? Rachel: Margherita Pizza with double mozzarella from Pizzeria da Michele in Naples. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, as well as Julia Roberts, who portrayed Gilbert in the movie, have enjoyed the very same pizza on the very same seat of the pizzeria that I sat in! Kara: Rigatoni with eggplant at Pummarola. Also, every scoop of Gelato was amazing!

People Never Forget How You Make Them Feel: The Legacy of Elizabeth Wilson by Samantha Rill, Delta Delta


was blessed to have known her.” These are the first words out of the mouth of Past National President Martha DeCamp, Alpha, reflecting what she and so many others feel about Elizabeth Wilson, Pi.



On one hand, Elizabeth was a shining light in the history of the Sorority, with her legacy of creating a well-organized Central Office, as it was known in her time. On the other hand, she was a typical Alpha Sigma Tau, anchoring her life in the relationships she cultivated with other Sisters. “She was just an incredible woman,” recalls Martha, describing what made Elizabeth Wilson special to her. “She was a woman who treated each relationship as individually important, despite meeting so many Sisters and other women throughout her life,” Martha continues. “She had a personality that was simultaneously warm and genuine while elegant and efficient, with a seemingly unflustered persona.”

S P R IN G 2016

Martha and Elizabeth’s relationship began in 1996, when Martha (like Elizabeth before her) became National President. “To me, she was always Miss Wilson,” says Martha. “I reached out to her for help. I wanted her to know what she meant to me. We wrote little notes to each other every month or so and when her eyesight began to fail, her niece Trish read them aloud to her and then wrote back to me with Miss Wilson’s response.” They met in person many times in Elizabeth’s hometown of St. Louis. “Our discussions were truly wonderful,” Martha remembers. “We had evolved together and our relationship grew more personal. I never saw myself as equal to her, but she thought I was and treated me that way.”

attend. She knew I really wanted to go and she brought me this little pewter cup. It still sits here on my desk.” It is that respect Elizabeth Wilson gave to others that fuels her legacy in the minds of the women who knew her. When she ran the Central Office, she was sought out by everyone – peers, alumnae, and collegians. “Just ask Elizabeth” became the answer whenever someone needed a member roster, to order a Badge, or anything else. Elizabeth could get it for you.

Mary Lou Scott, Pi, agrees. “Everyone was important to her,” she says. “The memory that sticks out the most to me is the engraved pewter cup that she gave to me after the 20th National Convention in 1974, which I was unable to

“Everyone respected and admired her, in part because of how she made them feel,” recalls St. Louis Alumnae Chapter President Melanie Foster, Pi. “She was fun. Elizabeth and three other Sisters would always drive to Convention together, taking turns driving Elizabeth’s big Lincoln. Half the fun of going to Convention, or any AΣT meeting, happened in the car.” “Elizabeth Wilson valued people and relationships,” concludes Martha. “No person was too unimportant or no task too insignificant for her. She took the time to drive to Edwardsville, Illinois, on weeknights to educate and advise the Beta Eta chapter as it transitioned from a local sorority into Alpha Sigma Tau.”

Elizabeth Wilson (far left)

Elizabeth Wilson, Margaret Macdonald, Rose Marie Sch mi


All told, Elizabeth Wilson created a legacy not only by doing great deeds (of which there are many), but by never allowing people to forget how she made them feel: special and important to her.

Hidden Treasures: The Shared Bond of Reaching Across Generations and Chapters by Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon



elationships through Alpha Sigma Tau are not only made among chapter Sisters, but also across chapters and generations through special moments in one’s life. Such is the story of Lucile Jaeger Anderson, Nu, and former National Vice President Alli Miller, Phi – two Alpha Sigma Taus separated by different chapters and 74 years who happened to live near each other. “You can learn so much from someone older than you about the Sorority and about the world,” says Alli. “Even if it’s a one-time meeting, or someone you are able to meet with every month, you get the opportunity to have someone change your life and remind you how exceptional our Sisterhood truly is.”

“I can’t believe my Sorority Sister came all the way here to visit me,” says Lucile, who along with her family, welcomed Alli to their home for celebration and conversation. "I certainly enjoyed Alli's visit. It was nice to get in touch with a Sorority Sister again.” The feeling about the connection was mutual. For Alli, it was a chance to grow as an Alpha Sigma Tau. “I think the story about how she joined Alpha Sigma Tau in 1937 was fantastic,” says Alli. “She met Luella Anderson, who turned 100 years old two days before her, in her first years at what was then the Colorado State College of Education, and they became fast friends. Luella was already a member of the Sorority and Lucile said she liked the women of the chapter when Luella introduced them.” The chapter always had fun together, and Lucile and Luella grew as Sisters and friends. They were roommates

S P RIN G 2016

Alli (who was initiated in 2009) first connected with Lucile (initiated in 1937) through an affiliation with the Houston Alumnae Chapter about the latter’s 100th birthday this past November. “Lucile lives in Montgomery, Texas, which happened to be about a 10 minute drive from where I lived,” Alli recalls, excited to celebrate Lucile’s momentous occasion and meet a Sister who joined the Sorority nearly 80 years ago. “I reached out to her daughter Vicki, who she lives with, and set up a time to meet. We met at Vicki’s house. To celebrate Lucile’s milestone birthday and this opportunity, I brought her none other than a bouquet of yellow roses. She later let me know that those are her favorite!”


Lucile Jaeger Anderson (left)

and Alli Miller

in college and members of Alpha Sigma Tau. Upon graduating, they became teachers at the same school, married brothers (hence the same last names), lived next door to each other for 70 years, and remain life-long friends. (Luella now lives in Colorado.) Alli believes that the younger generation of members should take the responsibility to develop relationships with Sorority women from prior generations. “I know sometimes as you grow older, you can lose contact with Sisters,” she says. “It’s much easier for someone who is in college or who has graduated recently, who still feels connected, to reach out to someone who doesn’t.” And they need to stay in touch. “It means a lot when I am able to send Lucile’s daughter, Vicki, a text or an email and she replies right back,” she says. “And she is always grateful for our visit together.”

“As Sisters, we should get together and develop relationships with other women in the Sorority,” agrees Lucile. “We should connect with members from different generations.” Lucile and Alli hope to get together again soon. “Lucile is exceptional, inspiring, faithful, beautiful, and quite hilarious,” recalls Alli about her Sister and new friend. “It’s not every day that you meet a Sister, especially one with as large of an age gap as Lucile’s and my own. I think it’s important to take advantage of such an opportunity.” “My biggest take-away is how important it is to reach out to Sisters whether you know them or not,” continues Alli. “If nothing else, you can make a new friend in a Sister and learn about their experiences. After all, we took the same vows and made the same promises, whether it was in 2009 or 1937!”


Alli and Lucile

with the much -loved yellow roses

16 S P R IN G 2016

Dona Ace’s Secret to Sisterhood Success: Network, Network, Network! by Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi


hen Donalinda (Dona) Ace, Iota, first moved for her job to Albuquerque, New Mexico, she found herself many miles away from the nearest Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae chapter. But, interestingly, it was that experience that inspired Dona to work twice as hard to create lasting bonds of Sisterhood in her new home. “Alpha Sigma Tau is a terrific place to learn skills that will carry you through your career and life,” says Dona Ace, now a retired professor of computer science at the University of New Mexico (UNM). “One of those important skills is networking. As a collegian, I quickly learned to value the friendships of my Sorority Sisters.” One of those Sisters was Betty Butcher Charpentier, who Dona has been friends with since the age of four when they grew up across the street from each other. They were classmates throughout elementary school, junior

Dona Ace (right) with Betty

Butcher Charpentier

high, and high school, eventually attending college at Emporia State University (then Kansas State Teachers College) and becoming Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters together. “Sharing ΑΣΤ just sealed the deal,” Dona explains. “Ever since college, Betty and I have not lived in the same state, but we enjoy keeping in touch through phone calls, emails, and texting. Whenever there’s a Sorority alumnae reunion or a high school reunion, Betty encourages me to attend. Throughout life’s lowest and highest moments, Betty has always been there, unfailingly.”

That respectful openness has led to Dona’s presentday passion: serving as President of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Alumnae Panhellenic Association (AMAP). In 2011, Dona was asked by another Alpha Sigma Tau in Albuquerque, Sharon Moynahan, Alpha Kappa, to join AMAP. Sharon is a retired University of New Mexico librarian. “We shared an instant bond as Alpha Sigma


Tau Sisters,” says Dona, speaking of both Sharon and the current ΑΣΤ alternate delegate to AMAP, Jacquelyn Silver, Delta Eta. “It just goes to show how strong our Sisterhood flows across generations and chapters.” “Managing relationships is tantamount to managing a business; you treat your contacts seriously, with respect, and as you would want to be treated,” advises Dona. “If you are seeking to expand your professional network, meet like-minded women, serve your community, or would simply like to continue what was great about your collegiate experience, then get involved! Find Alpha Sigma Taus near you. Find or start an alumnae chapter, or call the National Panhellenic Conference and find an alumnae Panhellenic near you. The important thing is to get involved and make connections using the resources that you have available to you, and the networking skills you learned as an Alpha Sigma Tau.”

17 S P RIN G 2016

As a collegian, Dona respected and appreciated each of her Sisters for who they were – and that approach has paid off through both the new and continued friendships she keeps as an alumna with other Alpha Sigma Taus. “Having served as an Iota Chapter officer throughout my college years, I learned that the bottom line was the betterment of the chapter and the Sorority, not letting personality and differences of opinion hinder our goals as a group,” Dona explains. “I think as a result, I am more open to networking with people with varied behavioral styles at all levels.”

Dona with Jacquelyn Silver, Delta Eta (righ


In fact, it is during the times of most urgent need that Sorority Sisters can be the most invaluable friend – which Dona’s life story embodies. “When I moved my family from San Francisco to Albuquerque, my Chapter Sister from Iota, Jean Clark Shoults, and her husband helped us," Dona recalls. “We were survivors of horrific domestic abuse, and we told no one where we were moving. The Shoults were living in Albuquerque at the time, and thanks to their help, my young daughter and I were able to begin life anew. Jean, Betty, and I were members of the same new member class in Iota.”

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- Carol Mooney, Alpha Lambda Chapter (Radford University)

National Foundation


20 S P RIN G 2016

Empower Women · Grow the Future Create a Legacy We are grateful for the generosity of our donors who make long-term commitments to empower Alpha Sigma Taus nationwide through education, healthy decision-making, and personal and professional growth. We are proud to honor donors through these new and revised giving societies that publicly and graciously recognize them for their support and steadfast commitment to the women of Alpha Sigma Tau. Giving societies are also a unique opportunity for donors to leave their legacy on the Sorority and the generations of women who follow – just like the great women who paved the way before them.

Annual Giving Levels Annual giving levels recognize contributions of $100 or more within one calendar year (January 1-December 31) to any of the Foundation’s initiatives including the Anchor Fund, Leadership Fund, Alpha Sigma Tau Future Fund, and Scholarship Funds:

• Emerald Circle ($10,000-$24,999) • Ruby Circle ($5,000-$9,999) • Eternal Light Circle ($2,500-$4,999) • Yellow Rose Circle ($1,000-$2,499) • Investor’s Circle ($500-$999) • Believer’s Circle ($250-$499) • Supporter’s Circle ($100-$249)

Anchor Society The Anchor Society recognizes leadership contributions totaling $1,899 or more annually (January 1-December 31) to the Anchor Fund. Gifts made to the Anchor Fund support the most pertinent initiatives of the Foundation.

• Rose Marie Schmidt, Ed.D. Society ($190,000+) • Charlotte Evans Floyd Society ($75,000-$189,999) • Sybil and Jerry King Society ($30,000-$74,999) • Lois Anne Cooke Society ($20,000-$29,999) • Elliott Family Society ($10,000-$19,999) • Elizabeth Wilson Society ($5,000-$9,999)

Legacy Society The Legacy Society recognizes bequests/estate gifts of any percentage or dollar amount to the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. Recognition in the Legacy Society occurs as soon as the Foundation is notified of a formal gift commitment.

Learn more about the Foundation and the crucial programs it supports at To donate, log on to AΣT Connect, our new web portal for members, by visiting and clicking “Member Login” at the top of the page. Once you’re logged in, click “Giving” to make your donation.

21 S P RIN G 2016

The revised Cumulative Giving Societies recognize the lifetime contributions of $5,000 or more to any of the Foundation's initiatives. The names of these societies honor outstanding women in Alpha Sigma Tau's history and are indicative of the extraordinary commitments those recognized have made to the Foundation:


Cumulative Giving Societies

Crowning Achievements T H E AN C H OR

22 S P R IN G 2016

Alumna Connie J. Street, Delta Mu (Cumberland University) has recently published original written works in the new book, Kaleidoscope: Turns of Prose and Poetry, Volume 2. Published alongside other Nashville-area writers in The Carnegie Writers' Group, Kaleidoscope features Connie’s poem “You are a Butterfly to Me” along with three short stories, three progressive short stories written in collaboration with other Group members, two pieces of flash fiction, a one-act play, and an article on cooking called “Mac n’ Cheese.” An illustrator as well as a writer, Connie also created the cover illustration for the book. Proceeds from the sale of the book go to FiftyForward, a nonprofit in and around Nashville that enriches the lives of adults, age 50 and older, by offering programs for health, well-being and lifelong learning. The book is available for purchase on

Alumna Carroll Nox Devine, Phi (Southeastern Louisiana University) has published her latest book, a memoir titled Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman's Odyssey. The book chronicles the five-and-a-half year period (starting in 1967) that Carroll spent backpacking through 32 countries on four continents, and shares both her physical and emotional journeys. With the book, Carroll hopes to inspire others to adopt a broader view of the world, and be open and respectful to the views of others as well as themselves. In the past, Carroll published a children’s book, Smiles from the Deep, which is currently being re-illustrated, and she was a writer for New Orleans’ daily newspaper, the Times-Picayune, and SLU’s student newspaper, the Lion’s Roar. She also speaks regularly about her experiences to different groups and organizations, and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to engage others in this way. Learn more at

Connie has also recently completed a children’s book and is now in the process of illustrating it.

Collegian Julia Stern, Epsilon Sigma, has been awarded an Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Summer Grant from Bridgewater State University. Designed to support and encourage undergraduate research, these grants provide students with rewarding opportunities to work with a faculty mentor to conduct in-depth research for ten weeks in the summer. For her project, Julia will research how “fan culture” communities – such as those that engage in cosplay and attend events like Comic-Con – can often incorporate both the positive and negative interpersonal dynamics of other social groups. These include power struggles, exclusionary tendencies, and members conceptualizing their roles in the larger group. Julia will present her findings at two on-campus conferences over the next year, and aims to also present at as many psychology conferences as possible. She also plans to turn her research into an article for publication in a professional journal. Julia is currently finishing up her junior year as a psychology major at Bridgewater, and hopes to pursue career and post-graduate options in social psychological research or neuroscience.

Crowning Achievements

In addition to their community development work, the Beamons enjoy the social aspects that being part of a national fraternal movement provide, and have built lasting friendships with fellow Grangers nationwide. Jennifer and Robert were inspired to become involved with The Grange through family connections. Jennifer’s parents and grandparents are members, with Robert joining after they became engaged. Their one-year-old daughter joins them at Grange meetings in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, near their hometown of Lebanon.

Kathy is the Planning and Environmental Manager for Charlotte Douglas International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest airports. She oversees the planning, environmental review, and conceptual design of all the airport’s capital construction projects such as runways, terminal buildings, and parking facilities. The AAE is widely recognized as the gold standard for executive leadership at airports across the country, and can serve as a stepping-stone to becoming an airport director.

Send information about your (or a Sister's) notable accomplishments to with the subject "Crowning Achievements"!

23 S P R IN G 2016

Alumna Kathy Dennis, Alpha Lambda, has recently achieved the Accredited Airport Executive (AAE) credential from the American Association of Airport Executives, a national membership organization. The AAE is one of the most demanding professional designations in the field of airport management, and signifies a detailed understanding of all aspects of running an airport. In fact, less than 10% of the organization’s members have earned this designation.

Jennifer Beamon, Gamma Pi, and her husband Robert were recently named as 2015 National Grange Outstanding Young Patrons, selected from a national competition. The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (known as The Grange) is a 150-yearold national fraternal organization focused on community development and growth. As Outstanding Young Patrons for the National Grange Youth Program, Jennifer and Robert (along with two Youth Ambassadors) will travel to regional youth leadership conferences, assist with program development, represent The Grange at various events, and help provide leadership and life skills training opportunities for young people across the country.


VeRonica Mitchell, Beta Xi (Michigan Technological University) was awarded a Modern-Day Technology Leaders Award at the 2016 Black Engineer of the Year STEM Awards Conference in February. The award honors leading men and women who are shaping the future of engineering, science, and technology. A senior engineer with General Motors, VeRonica was recognized for her efforts creating new opportunities for women and minorities in the automotive industry.

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Alpha Sigma Tau National Convention


JUNE 23 - 26, 2016


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Collegiate Chapter Updates With the academic year coming to a close, we asked collegiate chapters to share their favorite bonding experiences from the past year and what future events they're most looking forward to. Here is what they said!

Omicron, Concord University We bonded by making puzzle pieces. Each member decorated her puzzle piece in a way that represented her best. The activity showed that each one of our Sisters had both similarities and differences, but that was what made our puzzle unique!

Alpha Gamma, Henderson State University Our chapter really bonded the most this year from going to a Habitat for Humanity build in February. Our new Sisters had the opportunity to work together in order to help our community.


Alpha, Eastern Michigan University Recently, we hosted our first annual Greeks Got Talent Show. It's a fraternity-and-sorority-wide talent show to raise money for Pine Mountain Settlement School, along with the winners' philanthropy as well.

25 S P RIN G 2016

Beta, Central Michigan University Every semester, we look forward to our semi-annual Sisterhood retreat! At our retreat this semester, we were grateful for the opportunity to grow closer as Sisters, learn more about each other, and enjoy a day of laughter and new memories.

Phi, Southeastern Louisiana University In February, we held a day-long Sisterhood Retreat. First, we went to Global Wildlife Center to see various types of animals that exist around the world. Later, we did team building exercises to learn more about our Sisters and ourselves.

Alpha Epsilon, Western Illinois University One event that was a strong bonding experience for the Alpha Epsilon Chapter was a demolition of a building to make the first homeless shelter in Macomb, Illinois. We bonded by getting to take our anger out demolishing the old building while laughing with each other and doing good for the community.

Delta, Indiana University of Pennsylvania The Delta Chapter recently attended a self-defense class. It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun. We learned a lot and became closer as a group of Sisters. We are also very excited for our Sisterhood event at the Pirates game in April.

Psi, James Madison University Our formal recruitment served as a strong bonding experience for our chapter. Not only did we welcome our largest new member class ever, but we were also reminded why we are a part of this amazing Sisterhood and the importance that our values hold!

Alpha Lambda, Radford University This past fall, we hosted our annual Alumnae Weekend. Alumnae revisited bonds they made decades ago, while others were just beginning to form bonds as new members of the Sorority. Sisters, old and new, shared memories and made lasting connections.

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Alpha Tau, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania As a chapter, we are very excited to participate in Greek Week. It is a great bonding experience because we have to work together in many intramural sporting events. We are excited for our new spring class to make memories with us!

Beta Epsilon, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania We pride ourselves on our experience attending Pine Mountain Settlement School, which took place for our first time last summer. We are happy to announce we are planning another trip this summer with a bigger group of Sisters.

Beta Mu, Salisbury University We host an annual lip syncing and dance competition called "Mock Rock" every spring. All of the planning and hard work brings our Sisterhood together to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. This year we raised over $3,000!

Alpha Phi, West Chester University of Pennsylvania We enjoy all of our Sisterhood events. We have a wide variety to always keep our Sisters engaged and excited. We enjoy pumpkin picking, Zumba, Phillies games, movie nights, candle passes, and much more. Our Sisterhood chairs are amazing!

Beta Eta, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Each year, American Airlines puts on an event called Snowball Express. American flies families who have loved ones who were lost in battle or struggle with PTSD and other complications. Our chapter and other Greek organizations dressed up in letters and Christmas attire to cheer these families on at the airport. It was an amazing event and we have been asked to do it again next year.

Beta Xi, Michigan Technological University During the month of February, the Beta Xi Chapter devoted countless hours to replicating the Minnesota State Fair. The time we spent on this allowed us to pull together and work as a team, helping us to strengthen our Sisterhood.

Beta Delta, Duquesne University We had a great experience working with the Pittsburgh group Zachary's Mission to help put together bags of supplies for families with children in the hospital. This experience helped Sisters bond with new members and show them our values in action!

Beta Iota, Millersville University of Pennsylvania In February, Millersville University of Pennsylvania hosted a Relay for Life event. In support of our Sisters and all those affected by cancer, the Beta Iota Chapter raised more than $1,900! Sisters walked more than 10 miles over the course of the 12-hour event.

Beta Pi, Eastern Illinois University This past semester we hosted a Sisterhood event where we made Valentine's Day cards for children in the hospital. This was a great way to give back to our community while having fun with one another.

26 S P R IN G 2016

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Gamma Theta, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College Our various Sisterhood events every other Saturday bring us closer together. So far, we have had a Sister brunch, painted coffee mugs, and played games with our new members! Our favorite Sisterhood event is in the fall - a day trip to Port Farms Pumpkin Patch!

Gamma Xi, Grand Valley State University In the past year a strong bonding experience for the Gamma Xi Chapter was ice skating at our winter retreat. Many girls bonded over teaching (and learning) to skate. This summer, we will go camping as a chapter for our summer retreat. We are excited for the experiences we will have together as a chapter!


Beta Phi, California University of Pennsylvania A strong bonding experience for our chapter members was formal recruitment. During this time, we all came together to show the Potential New Members what Alpha Sigma Tau really is. And because of this we rediscovered it for ourselves as well.


Gamma Iota, York College of Pennsylvania Our chapter volunteered at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This event was a very strong bonding experience because one of our Sisters is an intern at the organization. Many of our Sisters also have a loved one who suffered from both diseases.

Gamma Rho, Seton Hall University For our first retreat of the semester, we had a bonding exercise which proved that while we are all different, we are still connected as Alpha Sigma Taus. We also took personality tests and found out how much we all have in common deep down.

Gamma Delta, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth This past year, we have participated in more philanthropy events as a Sisterhood. In October, we participated in a walk for breast cancer in Providence and we now volunteer monthly at a local children's donation bank called Gifts to Give.

Gamma Lambda, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Anchor Slam was a super-fun soccer tournament which brought together different organizations to form teams! Our Sisters lent a helping hand with scoring! It was a great time spent together with Sisters and something we look forward to.

Gamma Tau, Lebanon Valley College This past summer, some of our Sisters went on a beach trip together! The beach trip was a great way to reconnect over the summer. It was a good way to bond with new Sisters who just joined the last semester. The Gamma Tau Chapter is looking forward to the 41st National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, this year! We can't wait to meet new Sisters from all around the country and to explore Jacksonville.

S P RIN G 2016

Gamma Gamma, University of West Alabama During the past semester, we had a really strong bonding experience getting ready for our annual ROCKA-THON event. We pick a different non-profit organization to donate to, and this year it is Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts.

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Gamma Psi, Fitchburg State University The Gamma Psi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau is looking forward to our Swing-a-Thon event that we hold every year in the spring. Our Sisters swing for 32 hours to raise awareness for our local philanthropy RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network.)

Delta Sigma, University of the Sciences A future event the Delta Sigma Chapter excitingly awaits for is our annual summer Anchor Splash. All of our Sisters travel from far and wide to gather together for a weekend of Sisterly bonding and fun! It is an event we hold close to our hearts!

Epsilon Alpha, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University In the fall, we welcomed 11 new Sisters into our chapter. In the spirit of Sisterhood, we hosted an event for our alumnae at the ropes course at the United Christian Youth Camp, where everyone got a little closer through some teamwork. We also hosted a Pink Week on campus to raise money for breast cancer. We had fun games and goodies to sell each day of the week, which was a wonderful opportunity to engage our campus community.

Delta Alpha, Gannon University A strong bonding experience for our chapter was this year's spring formal recruitment. As a chapter, we had a blast getting to know potential new members while bonding with each other. We welcomed 16 new women into our Sisterhood this spring!

Delta Tau, Oakland University The Delta Tau Chapter held a philanthropy event with Fleece and Thank You, an organization that collects and delivers fleece blankets to hospitalized children battling long-term diseases. This event really allowed us to bond as Sisters through an important cause

Epsilon Beta, University of TexasPan American Bid Day has definitely been the highlight of this semester. The decorating and the tutu-making was the most fun. We are looking forward to the sleepover after Initiation and our South Padre Island retreat at the end of the semester.

Delta Zeta, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Our chapter is most excited to welcome the speaker Chris Sandy to East Stroudsburg. He will be sharing his story on drinking and driving to all of our campus with the help of our chapter. This topic hits close to home for many Sisters and students.

Delta Upsilon, Saint Leo University This past semester, the Delta Upsilon Chapter put together a social for both the collegians and alumnae of the chapter. During this social, more than 25 alumnae came out, along with 10 members from the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter!

Epsilon Eta, University of the Incarnate Word 2015 was a very inspiring year for the women in the Epsilon Eta Chapter. Fall 2015 Bid Day was a very strong bonding experience for our chapter. We welcomed 10 new Sisters, and their charisma and presence brought us great joy !

28 S P R IN G 2016

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Epsilon Nu, McDaniel College Each April, the Epsilon Nu Chapter participates in Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. Last year, we raised over $4,000, earned the Bronze Team title, and were Greek Week Champs! We are so excited to participate again this year!

Epsilon Rho, SUNY Geneseo A great bonding experience for the Epsilon Rho Chapter was our volleyball tournament. We all had a blast together while raising money for an amazing cause, the Haven House, which works to prevent domestic violence and promote peace in the home.


Epsilon Theta, Fairleigh Dickinson University We are looking forward to our university's annual Relay for Life event. Last year, we were the secondhighest fundraising team. This year we are aiming for #1!

29 S P RIN G 2016

Epsilon Mu, State University of New York at Buffalo This past February the Sisters of the Epsilon Mu Chapter held a Sisterhood event to make Valentine's Day cards for a little girl who is battling leukemia. Every Sister participated in making a card to brighten this little girl's day.

Epsilon Omicron, University of Southern Indiana Greek Week is one of the best weeks of the year. It is a chance for Sisters to work together. We cheer each other on and remember why we love each other and our Sisterhood. This year’s Greek Week is in April and we are extremely excited!

Epsilon Sigma, Bridgewater State University The strongest bonding experience with our Sisters was Getting to Know You: Cake Wars. New members quickly felt at home after seeing everyone helping each other.

While we are all different, we are still connected as Alpha Sigma Taus. - The women of the Gamma Rho Chapter, Seton Hall University

Alumnae Chapter Updates We asked alumnae chapters and associations to share their favorite bonding experiences. Here's what they had to say!





S P R IN G 2016

We kicked off the year with our Annual “Tea with Taus” event where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of tea and great conversation with alumnae Sisters. Our chapter also collected items for the Maryland Food Bank at this event. Although our chapter is relatively small, we collected several pounds of canned and boxed non-perishable food items. We had two new alumnae attend the meeting. This just shows how big our hearts are and that we hope to continue to grow in size. In February, we celebrated five years as an alumnae chapter over brunch. We have several exciting upcoming events such as the Painting Party in March, Members Gathering/ Luncheon in April, and the Annual Fiesta 5K in May to raise awareness for ALS research.


Once again, the Boston Massachusetts Alumnae Chapter met for a competitive night of bowling at King's in Dedham. It was a great to reconnect with Sisters we have not seen in a while and to meet new Sisters! We look forward to our next event!

The Buffalo Alumnae Chapter looks forward to the best bonding experience every year - our Founder's Day celebration! We invite the three local collegiate chapters (Sigma, Epsilon Mu, and Epsilon Rho) to join us ... and we've had between 60-75 women the past few years straight, ranging in age from 18 to 85! It's the closest thing to Convention, when you have that many Sisters in one room doing the candle lighting ceremony and singing the hymn, all together holding hands.


The Edwardsville Alumnae Chapter celebrated its 43rd anniversary in February with a dinner and social at Zapata’s Mexican Cantina in Collinsville, Illinois. Alumnae enjoyed reminiscing about their times in the Beta Eta Chapter at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Several Beta Eta alumnae enjoyed the Alumnae Luncheon hosted by the collegiate chapter in February. Upcoming events include an evening at the Wildey Theater in Edwardsville for a performance of Dueling Pianos. Future events include a dinner/meeting at an Italian restaurant on “the Hill” in St. Louis, and Yoga Saturday in May at the Gardens on SIUE’s campus. A ballgame to watch our St. Louis Cardinals is being planned as

Alumnae Chapter Updates well. If any Alpha Sigma Taus would like to join us, please check out our Facebook page—Alpha Sigma Tau-Edwardsville Alumnae Chapter.

Northeast North Carolina


As a brand new alumnae association, we started our first official event with a social over the holiday season. Our ultimate goal is to continue strengthening our bonds, old and new, from beyond the dorms straight into our everyday lives. We look forward to serving our community and others while we strive to inspire collegians and show them that our Sisterhood is truly for life!

31 The Erie Alumnae Chapter had a busy fall and winter strengthening the bond of our Sisterhood through various service and social activities. We went ice skating, had a movie night after a monthly meeting to watch Pitch Perfect 2, volunteered at our local food bank, and most importantly, celebrated Founder’s Day with members of the Gamma Theta and Delta Alpha chapters and their educational consultant, Brittany Marshall. We also welcomed Renee Wilbur as a new alumnae affiliate to Alpha Sigma Tau! This spring, we look forward to a horseback trail ride and highway cleanup.

Lehigh Valley

Sisters from the Lehigh Valley Alumnae Chapter gathered for our annual Christmas cookie and ornament exchange in December. In addition to taking home an assortment of cookies and new ornaments to add to our own collections from over the years, we were able to help make Christmas a little brighter for a family in need by purchasing gifts for them.

Northern Virginia

The women of the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter have a recurring Bunco Night a few times a year. The informal game allows a lot of time for connecting and catching up, as well as a fun activity for new Sisters who join us for the first time. Taking home part of the prize pot is fun, but sometimes we donate the cash to an organization like the USO, in the spirit of giving.

Southeast Louisiana

In December, we gathered at a local restaurant for a Christmas luncheon. At the luncheon, we collected items to be donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. We enjoyed visiting and sharing the bond of our Sisterhood during the holiday season. March found us on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University at Rock N Roar selling our world-famous grilled cheese sandwiches. This is an annual event where we raise funds that help support our scholarship. This spring, we will be having a wine and cheese social to welcome recent graduates.

S P R IN G 2016


Alumnae Chapter Updates St. Louis

Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor


Our decades-old friendships have sustained our Sisterhood. We have celebrated the milestones of life together Conventions, weddings, births of children, graduations, divorces, caring for elderly parents, weddings of children, births of grandchildren, even deaths of Sisters. Recently, we bonded by welcoming four new Sisters to our chapter. We feel very lucky that they have chosen to move to Missouri, after being educated in other states, and our hearts are full as we see our Sisterhood grow again.


The Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Alumnae Chapter enjoyed our annual Christmas party where we had a potluck dinner, exchanged presents, and wrapped gifts for our Adopta-Family. We also enjoyed a nice night out in February going to a paint-it-yourself pottery studio where we learned how to create a marbling effect. This spring, we look forward to our annual Mother's Day Luncheon.

S P R IN G 2016

Big Turnout for First-Ever

Night to Reunite! On Thursday, April 21, Alpha Sigma Tau hosted our first Night to Reunite – an evening designated for all Alpha Sigma Taus to get together with Sisters and have a good time. They connected over dinner, coffee, and more …. and most importantly, just had fun!

Events in: Alexandria, Virginia

Charlotte, North Carolina

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Plano, Texas

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Chicago, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana

San Antonio, Texas

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Columbia, South Carolina

Lansing, Michigan

San Francisco, California

Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Miami, Florida

St. Louis, Missouri

Baltimore, Maryland

Detroit, Michigan

New York, New York

Tempe, Arizona

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Edwardsville, Illinois

North Dartmouth,

Tidewater, Virginia

Beckley, West Virginia

Evansville, Indiana


Washington, D.C.

Boston, Massachusetts

Erie, Pennsylvania

Oak Park, Illinois

Wayne, Pennsylvania

Brandon, Florida

Fairfax, Virginia

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Buffalo, New York

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Great idea!! It was a nice way to remind people to get together! – Night to Reunite participant

Thanks for taking part!

Missed the chance to reunite? Plans for the next year’s Night to Reunite are in the works – stay tuned!

TOGETHER, WE HELP EACH OTHER DO MORE. NationwideÂŽ is proud to partner with Alpha Sigma Tau. You wouldn't be involved with Alpha Sigma Tau if you weren't passionate about being part of a group that shares your values, but that's not the only reason you're proud of being a member of Alpha Sigma Tau. Alpha Sigma Tau also believes in the importance of philanthropy and in playing an active role in our community. Nationwide shares these values, too, and that's why our partnership works.

To learn more about what our partnership can do for you, call 1-866-238-1426 or visit

Nationwide may make a financial contribution to this organization in return for the opportunity to market products and services to its members or customers. Products Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, OH 43215. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies, and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle design are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Š2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. AF0-0576AO.1 (9/14)

Anchoring Thoughts By Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta, The Anchor Editor

Sisters. Young and old. Young at heart. Old friends. Generations apart, close 'til the end. T H E AN C H OR

Worlds away. Or down the street. Closer we can never be.

34 S P R IN G 2016

A ritual shared, a friend gained, A bond everlasting, to ease the pain. Pain from mistakes, a broken heart. A familiar face to help with new starts. Fear, tears, and cheers. Fear for the future. Tears for the same. Cheers for each other. The past to remind us to welcome change. Small victories, Big life events, Even more meaningful when surrounded by friends. Care for each other, And always do good. We forever hold dear, This Sisterhood.

Officer, Volunteer, and National Staff Directory NATIONAL COUNCIL National President Tiffany Street, Delta Mu National Vice President Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho National Vice President Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi National Vice President Beth Carney Ebberman, Phi National Vice President Jamie Jones Miller, Psi National Vice President Kristin Walker, Alpha Lambda



VOLUNTEER PERSONNEL Academics Coordinator Amy Sherman St. John, Zeta Tau Chaplain Carole Bicking Keily, Alpha Xi Historian Jennifer Marshall, Alpha Gamma New Member Coordinator Jennifer LaBonte, Delta Omicron Master Facilitators Melissa Hatfield Atkinson, Gamma Mu; Lauren Bolden, Alpha Phi; Sara Brown, Gamma Pi; Jennifer Cohen, Gamma Rho; Lisa-Marie Cox Fredericks, Beta Xi; Jenny Greyerbiehl; Grace Johnsen Nelson, Beta Eta; Jennifer Kemmery Nowotnik, Delta; Kathleen Wheat Perschbacher, Gamma Xi; Jade Silva; Nicole Turnage, Beta Rho

THE ANCHOR Editor Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta Associate Editor Carole Bicking Keily, Alpha Xi Alumnae Editor Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta Collegiate Editor Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho Collegiate Editor Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon Collegiate Editor Kelli Purcell O’Brien, Delta Eta Design Editor Michelle Zewe, Alpha Tau Photo Editor Melanie Martin, Delta Eta Staff Writers Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon; Darcy Coulter, Epsilon Xi; Tori Dixon, Epsilon Gamma; Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho; Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon; Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi; Lauren Irby, Zeta Tau; Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta; Samantha Rill, Delta Delta; Elizabeth Schilling, Delta Upsilon; Elizabeth Miller Villegas, Delta Rho; Lauren Crawford Welch, Delta Psi Chair Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky, Rho Members Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho; Lettie Cottrell, Delta Delta; Allison Miller, Phi; Katherine Onyshko, Delta Phi; Theresa Gallo-Osorio, Delta Phi Miranda Lundin, Delta Eta; Cate Rubin, Delta Nu

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Chair Shauna Heinsler Jackson, Delta Alpha Members Jessa Albert, Delta Upsilon; Alice Ball, Epsilon Gamma; Esther Fontenot Barrios, Phi; Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi Alternate Stephanie Little, Beta Eta

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair Patricia Nayle, Phi Secretary Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha Members Amy Brooks, Alpha Xi; Carol Cooper, Zeta Tau Emily Ashby McIntire, Alpha Lambda; Jean Ryckman McNamara, Sigma; Jamie Jones Miller, Psi Patricia Klausing Simmons, Delta


Executive Director Jim Paponetti Director of Chapter Services Angie Bong Director of Meetings and Events Rachel Bourgeois, Phi Director of Development Emily Kindred, Beta Delta Director of Operations Holly Morris Director of Finance Pam Myhre, Gamma Theta Director of Marketing and Communications Ben Nemenoff Recruitment Specialist Ashley Smith, Psi Chapter Services Specialist Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi Accounting Specialist Suzette Greene Member Engagement Coordinator Justina Solties, Gamma Theta Chapter Services Coordinator Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi Educational Consultant Bethany Yost, Beta Delta Educational Consultant Jordan Frederking Educational Consultant Brittany Marshall Administrative Assistant Jessi Zabriskie

35 S P R IN G 2016

1984-1986 Gail Shockley Fowler, Alpha Lambda 1986-1992 Patricia Nayle, Phi 1996-2002 Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha 2002-2008 Patricia Klausing Simmons, Delta 2008-2014 Christina Duggan Covington, Alpha Lambda



NPC 1st Alternate Delegate Carol Zorger Mooney, Alpha Lambda NPC 2nd Alternate Delegate Jamie Jones Miller, Psi NPC 3rd Alternate Delegate Joanne Rupprecht Walter, Psi

NATIONAL FOUNDATION BOARD President Kristin Haskin, Beta Pi Vice President Rita Bertolino, Phi Vice President Jamie Jones Miller, Psi

Indianapolis, IN Permit 5409

National Headquarters 3334 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Alpha Sigma Tau National Convention


JUNE 23 - 26, 2016


Wrap-up of the 41st National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, June 23 – 26 Keep an eye peeled for the digital-only summer edition of The Anchor to see a recap of all the excitement planned for Jacksonville!

The Anchor: Spring 2016  
The Anchor: Spring 2016