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A LPHA SIGMA T Au has two maj or aim -

1\.. endurin g fri endships and wo rthwhil e ideals. Comradeship is an essential of happy living. Alpha Sigma Tau recognizes this and through its alumnre organization, perpetuates throughou t a life- time, the fri end hips made in coll ege. The ideals which the sorori ty hopes to develop a re stated in the purpose of collegiate constitution as foll ows: To develop the character of each member, through ethical training, so tha t she will show in all her relationships, sin ceri ty,

sympathy and justice. To help each girl enj oy the cu ltural advantages in life so that she will know how to select those thin gs whi ch are mo t wo rth while. To develop in each member the social graces to the exten t that he will be abl e to take her pl ace in li fe with true di gni ty and poise. D efini te procedure fo r the accomp li hment of this purpose is outlined and directed by the National Coun cil.

WHE the Ada A. No rton Alumnre Award was establ ished, everyone agreed that the first person to receive it should be L ucy Morgan of the Beta chapter. All Alpha Sigma T aus know abou t Miss Lucy- how fo r thirty years she has worked fo r the Penland School of H andicrafts which was fo unded in 1914 by her brother, Ru fus Morgan.


Jean Cltishohn, after winning the distinction H omecoming Queen, was rated a one of the fo ur outstanding seniors in the class of 194 7, bv the student body and fa culty of Cent ral :\Iichigan College. D uring her colle!liate year on campus, "Scotty" proved her ability as a leader in extra-curri cul ar activities a well a those of an academi c nature. A physical ed ucation maj or, she was president of the Women 's Recreation . ociation ; p resident of Ma qu er collerre dramatics club ; a member of Kappa D elta Pi ; ice-p re iden t of Beta chapter of Alpha igma Tau and was listed in the 1946 and 194 7 editi on of II lw' s

Wlzo Amo1'1g Students in American

niv rsities.

Jean is teaching phy ical educa tion a t aint Joseph H igh chool, Saint Jo eph, :\Iichirran.

1948 July ANCHOR