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NATIONAL DUES and fees are comparatively low but are sufficient to maintain the national budget which finances the work outlined in this bulletin. The fees paid by a new chapter at the time of affiliation are very reasonable, and special consideration is given to the chapter's alumnce who also wish to be initiated into Alpha Sigma Tau. An outline of the national dues and fees will be found in the back of this book or it may be obtained from the d i trict president or from the national president.

TI-IE EXPENSE of the sorority are kept at a minimum because of the voluntary services of the National Officers and through the use of interest from the Endowment Fund.

_A.ddiliona/ .!Jn/ormalion College officials, local so rorities, and group of intere ted students may obtain additional information concern ing Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority by contactin a the nearest officer: National Ptesident: MRs. H. E. STAEHLE at the Central Office, 481 Torrance Rd. ol umbu_ (2), Ohio Central Dist1路ict: MRS. L. }.MAHER, Rt. 2, Box 96, Chillicothe, Ill. Eastem Dist1路ict: Miss BEVERLY BoLLARD, 323 Bird Ave., Buffalo, .Y. W estem District: MR . S. CARL ROBINSON, 943 7 Talbot Dr. , 't. Loui s, 1\Io. Soutl!em District: .!IRS. E. C. PHIPPS, 803 Broad St., Mt. Hope, W .\ 'a .

1948 July ANCHOR