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in the great hustle of Jivi ngwhen being needs a meaning and getting here and rushing there take up all the energy a girl and her vitamins can muster . .. we pause long enough to ask, " whither, and wherefo re? " T hen it is time to slow down and take stock of this dizzy, spell-binding business of living. Where are we going? Why do we rush around like a lot of wound-up mechanical toys? Are we doing any good ? Are all the clubs, the choirs, the sororities, the endless organizations to which we scurry, going anywhere? And are we making the most out of this precious gift of life ? I believe a glimmer of the meaning of this enigma may be fo und in those golden words that grow more meaningful with the years, " I t is more blessed to give than to receive." Every one of us has felt the glow of satisfaction that fo llows the giving of a gift- no self-righteous smugness, bu t a heart-warming glow that no measure of self-indulgence ever fostered . When we give of ourselves, we ourselves are the greatest benefi ters. And what has all that to do with sororities OMETIMES


and such ? imply that man y of us cann ot function alon e- it is not given to all to b benefacto rs of ma nki nd . Only a few great ones can touch this halo. There are only a few great biologi t per hun dred thou and per on . . . one or two gifted composers ... one E in t in . . . one Bacon .. . but- many of u . Banded together, we find opportuni tie fo r service- in in pi ring organizations like lpha Sigma Tau. We find the reason for bei ng-fo r joi ning in- for taking our way of life seriously. We can see tha t at least one rural schoolhouse has adequa te warmth and nece sa ry supplies. We can see that at lea t a few blind people have Braille magazi nes to let them li ve a li ttle more broadly. We can all eviate the di stress of a t lea t a few war- ravaged E uropean familie by ending our boxe of food , clothing and layette . T hese are the gifts we would not have the courage to give alone. These are the way in which a sorori ty girl find a way to erve . . . and in doing so find s herself. MAXIN E GRAF LAGE ,

St . Louis Alunuue


The taste ful ancl h ealthy pre paration o f f ood is reaardecl as an impo rtant skill at Pin e Mountain. He re in the H o m e Econ o mics De partmPn t as well as in t h e S chool's k.itch e n , students get valuable tra inin g .


1948 July ANCHOR  
1948 July ANCHOR