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ing, more worthwhil e to tho e around u ? There are many books and magazine today that can be of great help to u a far as charm , poi e, dress, manners, etc., are concerned, bu t each of us must help oursel ves along to that fulfillment of true womanliness. To close our year 's " talks" I think it wo uld be a fine thing for all of us to ad opt Mary Stewart's, "A Collect for All Women" as a standard toward true womanlines : " Keep us, 0 God, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word, in deed. Let us be done with fault-findin g and leave off selfseek-

ing. May we put away all pr ten se and m et each other face to fac , without self-pity and without prejudice. May we never b hasty in judgment and always generou . Let us take t ime for all thing ; make u to grow calm, serene, gentle. Teach us to put into action our better impul ses, straight forward and unafraid. Gran t that we may reali ze it i the li ttle thin g that create differences; that in the big thing of li fe we are as one. nd may we trive to touch and to k now the great common hum an heart of us all ; and, 0 Lord God, let u fo rget not to be kind. "

T he R EGULATION BAD GE is shaped like a shield ; the center is black enamel bearing the Greek letters A.S.T. and is bordered by pearls. It comes in three styles- crown set pearl , half pearl , and unjeweled. T here are al so appropriate pins fo r mothers, pledges, and members of alumnre chapters. T he pi ns of fac ulty advisers and of national ojicers have di stingui shing jewels. The PLEDGE PI N is a monogram of gold. T he FLOWE R is the yell ow rose. T he JEWEL is the pearl. T he COLOR S are emerald green and gold. T he BANNER is green with the sorority letters in gold. T he COAT OF AR MS is a shi eld di vid ed

into four parts with the following ymbols: in the upper right- a book ; in the upper lefta crown ; in the lower right- an anchor ; and in the upper left- six stars. Above i a candle vvith its spreading ray , and below appear on a band th e Greek inscri ption- Alpha igma Tau. T he CANDLESTICK is made of green and bronze pottery. It is haped like a Grecian lamp with the letters A..T. on one ide. T he SEAL made of green foil paper i oval shape. T he Coat of rms stamped in the middle and the narrow border are in aold. T he REGALIA u ed at fo rmal initiation are fashioned according to authentic Grecian design .



1948 July ANCHOR