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CONTENTS Page 3 - About Alphachain Capital Page 4 - Meet our experienced team of traders and mentors Page 5 - Programme overview Page 6 - Candidate requirements Page 7 - Training and qualifications Pages 8 & 9 - Course Contents Page 10 - Markets Traded Page 11 - Programme Summary Page 12 - How to reserve your place on the programme

ABOUT THE FIRM Founded in 2017, Alphachain Capital is an investment firm founded with a vision of combining strategy, innovation and technology to succeed in today’s global markets. Alphachain Capital trades a variety of investment funds, predominantly in the Cryptocurrency market, managed by our CEO Adam Haeems. The strategies are deployed both directly on-chain for performance transparency while also on exchanges across futures and options. Strategies deployed are a mixture of both systematic and discretionary trading strategies. Our Funded Traders trade across various global markets including Equity Indices, Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. In 2020 we funded over 500 traders across 67 countries, issuing $4.7m in funded trading accounts to our traders. We have an open and collaborative culture among our global trading team and encourage the flow of knowledge and ideas across all areas of the firm. New traders receive direct support from our CEO, Head of the Trading Academy, Trading Psychologist and our trading mentors to ensure they are developing at the rate required to become confident funded traders. Our programmes suit those who are able to work both independently and with others to develop ideas and market analysis, integrating them into our company ethos, trading strategies and systems.



MEET SOME OF OUR EXPERIENCED TRADERS AND MENTORS Adam Haeems | Chief Executive Officer Adam has a Master of Finance (MFin) from Cambridge University (Judge Business School) and is an experienced institutional futures trader. Adam has traded fixed income futures for Bank of America Merrill Lynch before becoming a cross-asset futures trader for a $1bn global macro hedge fund (Quality Capital Management). Adam is an experienced cryptocurrency trader having recently managed a $20m cryptocurrency portfolio for BABB Group ltd.

Gavin Pannu | Head of Trading Academy Gavin is an experienced prop trader at Alphachain. He is responsible for the development and management of junior to experienced funded traders. Gavin brings a broad experience from prop trading firms, trader education companies and brokerages. Prior to joining Alphachain, Gavin held positions as a Senior Market Analyst at London Academy of Trading and Analyst for MTrading Brokerage. He holds a BSc in Financial Management from the University of Wolverhampton, Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) by IFTA and an MSTA diploma from the Society of Technical Analysts.

Ron William | Trading Psychologist Ron William, CFTe, NLP, is a market strategist, educator/mentor and performance coach; with +20 years of experience, working for leading economic research & institutional firms; producing macro research & trading strategies. He specializes in blended, top-down, semi-discretionary analysis, driven by cycles and proprietary timing models.



PROGRAMME OVERVIEW We are proud to be the only established and successful proprietary trading firm offering a guaranteed funded trading account to run algorithmic trading strategies. The programme is an immersive and structured 12 week vocational training provided to new entrants who are aiming to start a career as a funded proprietary algo trader with Alphachain Capital. The programme gives a unique opportunity for talented individuals to develop in-depth knowledge and practical experience trading live capital in a leading proprietary trading firm. Its content provides a combination of strong education programming and quantitative analysis with expert mentoring through developing and deploying algorithmic strategies. Candidates accepted onto the programme receive a guaranteed $20,000 funded account to trade live funds and begin a career as a prop trader with Alphachain Capital. We offer complete transparency in targets, capital allocation and incentives. All traders are independent contractors and have freedom in how they work and where they work as this is a remote position. The programme will suit your lifestyle as you can trade from the comfort of your own home.



CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS No previous coding experience is required. Good quantitative skills are preferable but not essential. Excellent attention to detail with excellent organisational skills. Basic understanding of financial markets. A degree in a quantitative subject is preferable but not essential. Comfort in fast-paced environment. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

WHAT WE GIVE BACK Starting capital of $20k Ready-made systematic trading strategies provided to you within the programme 50% profit split Guidance and mentorship both during and after the programme Potential to be trading up to $1m in capital CPD certified training




Our training programme has been accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) awarding body and is regulated strictly with regular inspections to ensure the programmes meet the quality levels. They also ensure that the resources used in the programme are highly regulated and meet the right standards. Upon successfully completing all programme requirements a certification is achieved.

SO, WHAT IS CPD? So, what is CPD? CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. CPD combines different methodologies to learning, such as training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and ideas sharing, all focused for an individual to improve and have effective professional development. There are over 1000 institutes & professional bodies across the UK, a number that is forecast to increase.



COURSE CONTENTS INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMIC TRADING In this module you'll cover the foundations of financial markets, how to develop a strategy and trading plan and the understanding of some of the key technical indicators that will be required.

COMPONENTS TO BUILDING AN ALGORITHMIC TRADING STRATEGY Here you'll cover core parts that are needed to develop your trading strategy including defining you strategy, performing a back-test, execution systems, risk management and the steps required for live trading.

LEARN TO CODE Here you'll be walked through the tradingview platform, build your first algorithm, begin to code a basic strategy and build your first custom indicator.

TRADINGVIEW PINE EDITOR Understanding the basics of the PineEditor section within TradingView. Understanding further details of how the code operates within the editor. Applying and testing your strategies.



CODING YOUR TECHNICAL INDICATORS Here you'll learn how to programme numerous technical indicators including moving averages, ATR, Bollinger Bands, RSI, along with building basic strategies based on some of these strategies.

BACKTESTING AND FORWARD-TESTING Here you'll refine the process of performing a back-test. The effects of adjusting various parameters within the code, and forward testing of your strategies. Here you'll also learn some of the pitfalls of algorithmic trading in TradingView such as indicator repainting and how to overcome these.

ALGORITHMIC TRADING STRATEGIES Here you'll be provided with over 15 basic and advanced ready-made trading strategies for you to learn from and adapt to assist with the develop of your own bespoke trading strategy.

STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT Candidates will complete the programme with an assignment showcasing the skills developed through strategy development, back test and forward testing phases of the programme.

LIVE TRADING Apply your algorithmic trading strategy on the Alphachain Capital funded accounts whilst adhering to our risk-management guidelines.



MARKETS TRADED Traders are able to trade a diverse choice of assets. The asset classes that can be traded fall under the categories of; FX Cryptocurrencies Commodities Equity Indices We offer up to 100 tradable assets with institutional spreads and commissions. All traders will use Metatrader 4 (MT4) as their execution platform with a 100:1 leverage. Algorithmic traders will have developed algorithmic strategies and signals using Tradingview Pine Editor. Initially we expect all traders to execute their trades at a semiautomated level to ensure the trader maintains a manual oversight of their system. Once positive results are developed on the live funds then traders can look to fully automate their system.



ALGORITHMIC TRADER PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS During the programme you will be allocated guaranteed starting capital of up to $20k. As independent contractors our traders take home 50% of their trading profits each month. This is not an employed or salaried role. Regular sessions with a mentor assessing your performance and help to refine their trading. Clear capital progression route: You will be given additional capital to trade with upon hitting predefined performance targets. Flexible working hours. What’s important is that our traders reach their weekly and monthly targets. We understand that some individuals perform better at certain times of the day or prefer to trade certain time-zones. We aim to foster a collaborative and empowering culture to ensure our traders are always performing at their best.



SUMMARY LOCATION: REMOTE Learn and trade from the comfort of your home. Guaranteed starting capital. CPD certification. Professional training from experienced traders. Learn our bespoke trading strategies. Bespoke mentoring throughout the programme. Regular 1-2-1 sessions with your mentor.

PRICING £3,420 for the initial 3-month training period, thereafter, membership fees of £120 per month. Trader membership is required if the trader wishes to continue after initial training. The membership fee covers on-going trading expenses which must be covered by the trader for live trading access. These include price data feeds, connection to liquidity providers, trading platform maintenance, administration, community management, 1-2-1 mentoring and daily webinar content. All places are offered subject to acceptance onto a programme following application. Limited spaces available each month.

RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY Places can be reserved by placing a £250.00 deposit with the remaining balance due no later than one week before the course start date. Please note: 0% Finance payment options available Please email to check availability, ask any questions and secure your place on the programme. WWW.ALPHACHAIN.CO.UK



20 20 $4.7M IN FUNDED ACCOUNTS ISSUED An Impressive Track Record Of Trading Success

GLOBAL TRADER NETWORK 534 traders funded last year