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FINANCIAL STABILITY & INDEPENDENCE Aloha United Way’s goal is that individuals and families are employed in jobs which enable them to make ends meet.

Why are we concerned about this issue? Because 26.6% of Hawaii’s working families require some sort of subsidy just to survive - they are working, often in multiple jobs, yet they are not earning enough to make ends meet. Additionally, one in four of the remaining families would not be able to sustain their lifestyle if they were unemployed for three months. We believe that many of our community’s problems can be traced to the fact that individuals and families are not financially stable and independent.

OUR STRATEGY There are many strategies that could improve the financial stability of Hawaii’s individuals and families. The Financial Stability & Independence Impact Council selected a mix of prevention and intervention programs intended to establish, sustain, or increase the earning capacity of individuals and families and programs to help individuals and families grow or protect assets. Aloha United Way’s Financial Stability & Independence funding strategy targets specific populations with the intent of enhancing their lifelong earning power or to help them grow or protect assets.


Teen pregnancy is an early predictor of eventual reliance on the welfare system and, in Hawaii, teens experience 93 pregnancies per 1,000 population with approximately 65% of these pregnancies occurring in the Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations. High School graduation is a leading indicator of the ability to break the poverty cycle and 15.3% of Hawaii's population, 18 years and over, do not have a high school diploma. Many are unable to be financially independent because they lack the skills necessary to successfully participate in the workforce. Ownership of assets like a home, insurance, or savings enable families to weather economic downturns and 26% of Hawaii's families have inadequate assets to sustain their current living situation without income for three months.

2010 RESULTS ♦

446 at-risk students graduated high school, completed vocational training programs certification/licensure or returned to their home school, and 143 Teach for America teachers were placed in Hawaii’s schools. Over 1,100 students received services or training leading to increases in abstinence, knowledge of safer sexual practices and knowledge on how to prevent HIV, STD's and pregnancy. Over 81 physically challenged individuals received training and support leading to stable employment. Over 2,800 taxpayers received free tax preparation and claimed over $4,000,000 in refunds, Earned Income, and Child Tax Credits.

ALOHA UNITED WAY’S ACTIONS (For 2011 results click on one of the links below.) ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Claiming Public & Employer Benefits High School Graduation Program Job Training & Skills Program Preferred Living Situation Maintenance Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Domestic Violence Victims Support Program

Aloha United Way 200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Suite 700 Honolulu, HI 96817-3938 808-536-1951

2011 Financial Stability & Independence Impact Report  

Aloha United Way is dedicated to improving lives, motivating people to help others, increasing resources to meet needs and inspiring collect...

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