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ISSUE 1 // JAN-MAR 2020




TRAVEL THE ROAD TO HĀNA TROPICAL FORESTS, EPIC WATERFALLS & EXOTIC BEACHES Embrace Hawaiian culture and numerous natural wonders during a trip to Hāna.


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10 Maui Must Do’s


Annual Events


Scuba Dive

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Activities On Maui

ISSUE 1 // JAN-MAR 2020


10 MAUI MUST DO’S By Aloha Outdoors Team Member aui is a stunning travel destination that many

Hire a Campervan

of us have on our travel bucket lists. This island

Campervans are a great way to travel around Maui and provide


is part of the Hawaiian archipelago, and consequently lies in the Central Pacific. When you visit, you benefit from stunning views that are likely incomparable when contrasted with the

yourself with a place of accommodation too. When you have a campervan, you don’t need to worry about getting back to your accommodation when you start exploring wider parts of the island. Instead, you can explore, pull up,

sights of your day to day life. It also

and then sleep whenever you’re ready to head off

has national parks, volcanoes, white

to sleep.

powder sand beaches, and waterfalls a

Go Camping

plenty. However, if you’re looking for a few different activities to try out while you’re in Maui, you’re in the right place. It’s generally best to plan to get the most of this stunning and not waste a moment of your

People don’t tend to consider camping when they head to luxury destinations like Maui. We tend to associate camping with budget friendly options for music festivals or home-holidays where you don’t venture

time there. So, to help you along the way, here are our

overseas. But camping is one of the Best Activities you can

top 10 things to do in Maui!

undertake in Maui. Sure, hauling camping gear to the country

Rent a Boat

and across the mainland may seem impractical. But the good

Boat trips are a luxury, but they are one of the best Maui Adventures you can try out! Hiring a boat means you get to explore the island without necessarily having to travel by foot on land. You can venture around the entire island relatively easily, as long as you know what you’re doing. Make sure

news is that you can hire camping gear and you needn’t worry about having to find somewhere safe to set up camp – there are plenty of campsite accommodations across the island too! The climate will be pleasant and you can immerse yourself in Maui’s nature, sleeping beneath the stars!

to travel safe and this should be a great adventure that will

Go Snorkeling

introduce you to quieter areas of the island that you might not

Snorkeling is an exciting activity that many people like to

usually be able to access.

engage with while they’re on holiday. If there are clear enough

Go on a Kayak Tour

waters, you can snorkel and get a taste of life under the sea,

Sure, swimming in the sea is a great experience in Maui. But if you want alternative Things to Do on Maui, you may want to venture further out and enjoy a kayak tour. Kayak tours often take place in Maui’s west shore, which is renowned for its shallow and calm waters. This makes kayaking appropriate for almost anyone with any skill set!

4 // JANUARY 2020

without having to worry about learning the intricacies of other underwater activities like diving. Rather than having to take classes and swim with a heavy tank on your bank, snorkeling allows you to swim on the surface of the water and have an

WANT MORE INFORMATION? Click to learn more

immersive experience where you can see underwater life in all its beauty in a simple manner. There are so many places in Maui that you can go snorkeling and have a stunning experience that will last a lifetime. One suggestion would be snorkeling the beautiful shores of Malu’aka Beach, based in Makena. This spot has a space called “Turtle Beach” where you can see

Rent Some Beach Gear You don’t necessarily always want to take everything you could possibly need to the beach with you. So, save yourself some hassle and just rent beach gear once you arrive. This could include sun loungers, towels, or anything else you might need. Just rock up at the beach and you’ll be ready to go on arrival. Sure, it’s fun to have lots of active days exploring and discovering new things. But sometimes, relaxation and recuperation is key to a good time, so you should spend at least one day relaxing on a Maui beach. Just remember your sun lotion!

Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat!

Witness a Haleakala Sunrise Halakeala is a huge shield volcano in Maui that has its own unique National Park surrounding it. If you’re looking for a sight to remember, head there for sunrise. A Haleakala sunrise is truly something else! This can be enjoyed alone, with friends, or is ideal for romantic partners on a Maui Honeymoon. Once the sun is up, you can enjoy a hike or stroll around the park too! Just make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, as this can be quite an exertive day out.

Travel the Hana Highway If you want a full day trip filled with adventure, hire a vehicle or campervan and travel the Hana Highway. This is a 64.4 mile long stretch of Hawaiian road connecting Kahului to Hana in East Maui. You’ll see beautiful sights along the way and can enjoy some time on the road of this lovely island.

Go on a Molokini Adventure If you’re interested in Maui’s wildlife (and really, everyone should be), you might want to go on a Molokini adventure. Molokini is a stunning crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater that is

Visit Iao Valley

a part of Maui. It is uninhabited, but you

One of the great Maui Deals you might want to consider is a visit to Iao Valley. This

can visit to see some beautiful wildlife.

is a lush, stream-cut valley, just 3.1 miles west of Wailuku. It has a lovely natural en-

This is the place to go if you want to see

vironment and a great history, so has become a firm tourist favorite over the years.

turtles! There’s also a seabird sanctuary

As you can see, there are all sorts of fun activities on offer when you visit Maui.

and the space has a beautiful underwa-

These are just ten – there are plenty more out there! So, plan your trip well and

ter ecosystem. It’s the perfect day out for

incorporate plenty of fun activities that appeal to you and will give you the best

wildlife lovers!

experience of Maui as possible!


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The East Maui Taro Festival in April is a food lovers paradise and enjoying Molokini adventures in the day will ensure you

he island of Maui is bursting with fun activities, with

can delight the tastebuds without any guilt. Meanwhile, June

both Mauka (mountainside) and Makai (oceanside)

plays host to the annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival while

entertainment and excursions available on an almost

Maui is also one of three islands used to host the Hawaii Food

daily basis. However the Magi Isle celebrates a diverse

& Wine Festival in October. Whenever you visit the beautiful

range of cultural festivals and events throughout the year

island to enjoy your beach gear rentals, the quality of food on

too. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

offer is simply spectacular.That’s why we invite you today to

Entertainment Festivals

ponder this question for yourself. How do you define nature?

The worlds of film and music are heavily celebrated on

to revel on this matter for a moment and let us know how

the island, and this comes to fruition in all its glory in

you view and define nature. Send us your thoughts at info@

June thanks to the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival We can’t wait to see what you have to

that celebrates a 200-year-old artform, as well as the


Whether you live in Hawai’i or are just visiting, I challenge you

nationally acclaimed Maui Film Festival. The latter often includes outdoor screenings, making it the perfect time to enjoy the luxury campsite accommodations on the island. Other big events take place throughout the year, including the Hawaain Steel Guitar Festival in April.

Cultural Events Maui carries huge cultural significance and is celebrated through various annual festivals. April’s East Maui Taro Festival honors the “staff of life” and is an ideal time to explore with campervan rentals to see the celebrations across the island. May’s Olukai Hoolaulea is the island’s tribute to the ocean and is the perfect time for snorkel rentals, boat rentals, kayak tours while experiencing everything the wonderful past, present, and future of the

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Food Festivals 6 // JANUARY 2020

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SPORT FISHING FULL A TRUE WATERMAN EXCURSION 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE .125 IN BLEED 9.25 X 12.25 Click or Call 808.444.4044 to reserve your day.


Taking a helicopter tour of Maui is the best way to see the island. Get a bird’s-eye view of cascading waterfalls, sea cliffs, mountains and more during one of our helicopter flights

7 // JANUARY 2020

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The best gear at a price you can afford.

With over 100 Maui vacation rentals, we’re sure you’ll find all of the items you will need to make your vacation the trip of a lifetime. For your convenience, we coordinate Island Wide Free Delivery Service directly with our clients, their vacation rental manager, resort or hotel with orders over $50. We also offer Self Service Locker Pickup/Drop-off in Kihei. Locker pickup is ideal for those camping in Hana, Haleakala or Olowalu as you will need to pass by the lockers on your way and this also allows for more flexibility in timing with pickup and return. You may choose either Free Delivery or Free Locker Pickup option upon checkout.



(808)444-4044 Mon-Sun 8am-8pm .com

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he Aloha Outdoors project started in 2012, as a social media sounding board that focused on epic photography and social change through community

organization. Officially registered with the Hawai’i Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in October 2017, we have taken a steadfast approach to establishing the foundation for our future goals. As time progressed, other activity companies joined our listings and this allowed us to offer a complete experience featuring all of the best “to do’s” on the island of Maui. From helicopters to SCUBA dives and sunrise tours to sunset dinners, we have put all of our available option in one place. By incorporating affordable pricing with useful information, we have created this magazine with both the visiting and kama’aina customer in mind. We believe that we are all created equal, under God and therefore everyone should be able to experice the beauty of God’s country at cost that is with reach to every budget. Give us a call and experience the Aloha Outdoors difference.


OUR MISSION Offering Insight into Life’s Spiritual Questions Through Outdoor Activities.


e are a faith-based organization that employs the moral tenets of “be Pono” and “live Aloha.” Although our team comes from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, we all have a deep appreciation and respect for Hawaiian culture and its interconnectivity with nature. We hope to honor Hawai’i and its people in all that we do. We’re a Limited Liability Company with a passion to serve the community and its visiting population. Aloha Outdoors is primarily a marketing company that offers unique opportunities for outdoor engagement for locals and visitors. Our main goal is to provide a service to everyone that encourages enjoyment of the outdoors and inspires others to share more memories in nature. It is our sincere belief that people are desiring a deeper connection to the wonders and infinite possibilities of the outdoors. We believe the intense social media and augmented realities that technologies have created, along with the added benefit of extreme convenience, will eventually wane in appeal and leave a void of understanding to the natural world. We are positioning ourselves to be a leading ambassador to those natural realms here in Hawai’i.



BEST INSTRUCTORS All of our instructors are PADI certified and adhere to all of PADI’s standards. We believe that the ocean is there for us to observe and therefore will not be handling sea life. The only thing we will be removing from the ocean are our memories! We are supporters of Project AWARE and are always looking for ways to practice good ocean stewardship. We love to dive and love even more to share diving with others, so Why Aren’t You Diving with Us?

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Book a dive with us!

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RENT A JET SKI! Create a classic vacation moment

BIKE DOWN THE VOLCANO Miles of highway cycling starting at sunrise

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s a brand that is devoted to perpetuating culture and sustainable tourism, we have focused our intentions on teaming up with companies that share our vision of the future that benifits all. Our uniquely designed gear shop has taken the position of finding the best brands and concepts that serve our moral goals of sustainablity and the consumer goals of convienence. We encourage a sharing economy and therefore encourage suggestions from our readers. If you have a great product, please let us know! Keep checking in for our new Aloha Outdoors clothing line, a stock photography repository, and a Hawaiian cultural educational experience.




VIRTUAL PRESENCE Aloha Outdoors offers a variety of unique online products that reflect the company’s mission and values. As a Maui-based enterprise, our principles are rooted in sustainability, respect for the outdoors and positively representing our Hawaiian Culture. From the clothing we sell to the activities we promote, every product reflects our eco-friendly attitude and offers you a chance to consciously invest in your next vacation. Get the added benefit of experiencing the islands through the eyes of those that are lucky enough to call this place home.


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ugar cane first originated over 10,000 years ago discovered in New Guinea, then made its way to

Polynesia to where introduction was made more than 1000 years ago. Hawaiians were known to plant the sugarcane stalks for medicinal purposes, next to their taro crops. They used the cane not as the sugar cubes and spoonfuls known today, but by simply chewing and sucking its stalks of its sweet juice.

as construction of the Mamakua Ditch between 1876-1878

The Hawaiian sugar industry began in 1835 and due to the

where production nearly came to a halt as a last great

rapid growth production of up to a million tons of sweet

obstacle in laying down of the pipe up and down the sides of

granular crystals a year this booming crop arose and

the precipices of this gulch in Makawao. Mr. Baldwin, after

stood firm. Sugar is king as the Hawaiian states’ strongest

having lost his right arm in a mill accident slid down the rope

economic resource until the 1960’s when tourism takes

without hesitation using his legs and his one able arm. The

the fiscal lead.

immigrant workmen were inspired by the courage of their one

Come learn about the backbone of the Hawaiian economy

armed manager that they in turn continued to make their way

for over a hundred and fifty years. See the farming

back to work to follow him down the rope.

implements and relics from the industrial era brilliantly

After the aqueduct had been secured, the sugar production

preserved and stored in and around the former plantation

proved so lucrative that expansion deemed inevitable and

managers’ home adjacent to the largest sugar mill in

Alexander & Baldwin afforded to buy out (C & H) California

Hawaii. You’ll discover a rich history involving multiple

and Hawaiian Sugar Company and purchased controlling

cultures working together toward making a better future

interests in rival company (HC&S) Hawaiian Commercial and

for all. It includes the history of the founders Samuel

Sugar Company allowing Alexander and Baldwin Inc. toward

Thomas Alexander and Henry Perrine Baldwin meet in the

becoming one of the top, Big Five companies in the Territory

Hawaiian islands in the early 1800’s as childhood friends

of Hawaii and remains today as one of the state’s largest

whose partnership develops into a very winning business

land property ownership with 87,000 acres of land across

arrangement in the sugarcane industrial revolution.


A story is told about the location of the first 561 acres between Paia and Makawao where sugarcane was cultivated proves needing much water for continual vast production. The dedication shows when Baldwin leads by example by descending into the Maliko Gulch

14 // JANUARY 2020

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Parasail a gentle ride miles in the sky


RESERVE YOUR TOUR. Click or call 808.444.4044

COME DIVE WITH US! Click or Call 808.444.4044


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hen heading out for a beach day, there

during midday and gradually drop back down as the

are a few things you’ll want to keep in

afternoon progresses, so aim for either early morning or

mind and prepare for. Make sure you

sunset to catch the best conditions. Your search will also

bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen (the reef-

tell you about what amenities the location may or may

safe kind of course!) towels, and any gear you’ll need

not have, such as water fountains, showers, bathrooms

for snorkeling or building a sandcastle masterpiece.

or nearby food options.

Having enough water is one of the most important

Upon arriving at your beach of choice, look for things

components of a successful day at the beach. The sun

that could either prevent an accident or be helpful in the in Hawaii may be stronger than you’re used to, so stay case of an emergency. For example: is there a lifeguard hydrated and if you don’t have an umbrella or tent, on-duty? Are there any signs posted indicating a riptry to find a well-shaded spot to set up camp.

current or rough conditions? If there isn’t a lifeguard, be

Take into consideration what might be going on in the

sure you’re making safe choices when in the ocean. Never

area, such as holidays, festivals or special events that may

turn your back to the waves for long and always keep an

overcrowd the beach and make parking more difficult!

eye on a landmark so you will know immediately if you’re

If it’s your first time at the location, try to do a little bit of

being swept away by a strong current. If you’re with

research beforehand. It’s easy to find information like

children, always have an adult supervising and make sure

weather and windspeed with a simple web search and it

any weak swimmers stay within a comfortable distance.

will probably impact what time of day you decide to go.

The ocean is very powerful and unpredictable, so always

Windspeeds tend to be lower in the earlier hours, peak

be respectful and never underestimate her strength.

16 // JANUARY 2020

SURFING FREEDOM Learn the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing from a local legend. Once you feel the freedom of catching your first wave, you’ll never be the same.


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Make sure you make a reservation. Guests without reservations are not allowed up to the summit until after 7 a.m.


of welcoming a new day. Careful not to blink, you’ll not want to

By Aloha Outdoors Team Member

its epic green ray.


he journey to visit the top of this majestic mountain

After the adoration of the suns’ grand entrance has all been

and dormant volcano named Haleakala is arguably

had, you may want to hike into or around the crater trails

miss the split second when the laser of the suns’ corona flashes

one of if not the number one main attraction on Maui.

for a time to experience the mars-like familiarity without the

There are many ways to experience this extraordinary

added space gear, but with likely the same deafening silence.

endeavor such as going up with a bike tour and pedaling

The rhythmic crunch of the red cinder pebbles beneath your

back down, up before dawn for the sunrise experience,

shoes can be hypnotic. You may encounter some very rare

at your leisure in time for the sunset, camping or staying

silversword plants that are only found at this location on the

overnight in the crater at a cabin, horseback riding

entire planet. The silversword plant looks inviting with its

across the volcanic floor or travel up at night to see the

spear like leaves that look soft and fuzzy with fur. It’s best

outstandingly clear view of the stars.

not to touch. The Silversword plants are extremely sensitive

This volcanic mountain is an impressive ten thousand feet above sea level and takes about 2.5 hours on a windy highway to get there. Dress accordingly as temperatures drop between 50 to 65 degrees depending on the

and its leaves can break off very easily which could cause it to die. If you’re lucky, you may even see the revered state bird, the Nene goose. Again, please don’t chase or touch; they bite hard and so does that heavy fine you’ll get when caught. While hiking the long nineteen miles one way across

I remind the volcanic floor and need I remind you that this a dormant and not extinct volcano so…no you that this is a ispressure, and possibly even snow in the winter. So no pressure. strap on those hiking boots, layer on those dormant and Aside from the long Dramamine filled rides to clothes, pack a raincoat and umbrella just in case the weather calls for it. Also, be sure NOT an extinct the summit before dawn, the cold biting weather to remember fill your vehicle gas tanks. Bring conditions, the risk of rousing a sleepy volcano volcano. provisions to eat and drink as there won’t be any conditions which are sometimes known to

dip below zero. It may rain with wind shear

and aside from fighting the temptation of heisting

opportunities to fill up on the way there and on the way back until you head back into town. If you choose to go for the trendy sunrise view, you will need to make a reservation as late as the day before, so as to ensure a parking spot at the summit. Once arrived, there is a bathroom and nature center that will allow for some warming up however, you will want to find a nice spot outside to perch for the next moments where you witness the suns’ first exposure


a possibly cursed volcanic pet rock…it’s safe to say that a visit to the majestic mountain of Haleakala, the House of the Sun will leave you walking away with a once in a lifetime experience that may come close to something that is in the vicinity of satisfyingly spiritual.

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\isiting Hawaii is a dream come true for many and having the opportunity to see humpback whales up close and personal really is the op-

portunity of a lifetime. Those interested in seeing the humpback whales should make plans to go to Maui. The whales visit all of the islands, but the best view is from Maui. The reason Maui is so popular is because there is a natural shelter formed by the shape of the islands so it is a place where the whales like to go to feel safe and protected. In addition, the water is shallow of Maui and these whales prefer shallow water, especially after they give birth to a calf. There are many events that take place when it is whale season, so to speak, and the whole island erupts with enthusiasm and joy over the annual pilgrimage. Many tour companies are set up to take tourists out to get a close glimpse of the whales and the tourists who miss seeing a whale for whatever reason are given a second tour for free. The rebound in the population of the humpback whale after commercial whaling practically wiped these whales out is outstanding and it make seeing these creatures up close and personal even more amazing. Approximately 60 percent of the 10,000 to 15,000 humpback whales in the North Pacific travel to Hawaii, and the majority of those in and around Maui.


Legend has it that the story began a

wrongfully crosses a fierce Hawaiian

There are over 250 species of fish that

long, long time ago where an alluring

Fire Goddess.

inhabit this underwater reef and fish

woman named Molokini found herself

The caldera that is Molokini, very

sanctuary. On a good day one may

on the opposite and unfortunate end

much resembles the back end of a

see a puhi, or Moray eel stretching out

of a love triangle adjacent the Volcanic

gargantuan lizard when viewed from

of its hole, curiously gapping its large

Fire Goddess, Pele and her handsome

above although all it is, is a portion

mouth and teeth. Or one may see a

Prince. Molokini, in trying to escape

of a volcanic crater that is half sub-

mano, a docile white tipped reef shark

shape shifted as a large mo’o or lizard.

merged underwater. It is the most

swimming along the ocean floor, but

The finishing blow, struck down by

popular snorkel excursion destination

don’t head back to your boat in a

the vengeful hand of Pele. Molokini

in all of Hawaii. The inner crater

flailing panic. These types of sharks

was cut in two and transformed into

makes one feel that they are at their

are known not to bother you unless

volcanic rock. It is said that the islet

own private island and its crescent


itself is the tail end of Molokini’s body,

shape shields against the pull and

The coral is protected and therefore

and decapitated head made to be the

disturbance of strong channels and

growing everyday and home to some

crater called Pu’u Olai. The cinder

waves. The visibility is spectacular in

of the most vibrantly colored fish in

cone or severed head of Molokini

that when underwater one is able to

the world. Play an underwater game

sits now placed at the top of Makena

see clearly a hundred feet in all direc-

of ‘name that fish’ and see if you can

Beach state park. For the rest of

tions indicative for the most optimal

identify some such as the brilliant

time, Molokini is meant to overlook

snorkeling and diving adventures to

blue Uhu, or parrot fish, the black and

the tail end of her body in full view to

be had.

white striped Kihikihi, or Moorish Idol

never forget what happens when one

fish or the famous state fish named the Picasso trigger fish or Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Up for a challenge… say that tongue twister three times really fast and score high points with any native speaker. Geologists say that Molokini erupted about 230,000 years ago and was later used by the ancient Hawaiians as an ideal fishing location. The islet was used for harvesting seabirds and their eggs and feathers for royal cape and helmet ornate. Today, it is strictly forbidden to lay foot on the sacred island as it is now federally owned as a Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary.

22 // JANUARY 2020


Inner Cowboy Tour the Mountain Side on Horseback


Click or Call 808.444.4044 to plan your ride.


GOLF UPCOUNTRY Elevation: 1,100 ft. View:HaleakalÄ Mountain Tee Time: 11am-4:45pm


Click or Call 808.444.4044 to schedule your game.

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24 // JANUARY 2020






ecome Circular and Aloha Outdoors are excited to announce a perpetual series of organized Maui beach clean

ups. Each month we will meet at a beach to clear it of the world’s trash that consistently washes up on its shores. The clean ups begin at 9am with an opening ceremony. Immediately following the clean up the team will celebrate their accomplishment with a ZERO WASTE lunch, complete with fresh seasonal produce donated from a Maui resident’s bountiful and fully sustainable farm and cafe. For each beach clean up day there will be a new set of goals intended to inspire the volunteers to carry their experience to their neighborhoods and communities. Become Circular’s core mission is to use natures strengths to correct human weakness. Their organization is dedicated to aiding conservation and environmental efforts in the state of Hawaii. This is made possible by their sponsors






Aloha Outdoors and Ka Kukui Ohana.


ch ea f a S t t u s r 1 o d a y y r e e Ev orc F k

nth mo

Aloha Outdoors sponsors and assists in conservation activities including ocean and beach clean ups, conservation classes and consulting local business to help them achieve a higher level of sustainability. Together they hope to create a community of like minded individuals who want to make difference and become a part of the circular balance of nature.



// 25






We rented a van for the week. Everything we could think of was included not to mention in excellent condition! Don’t hesitate to rent a van from Aloha Outdoors and camp.

Sean Great experience renting a boat from Aloha. Great communication, easy process and well maintained equipment. Would recommend to anyone!

02 Rick


Great rentals, professional and very informative. Good guides and all of the rentals were in great condition! Thanks for all of the tips!

Amanda This is definitely the way to see Maui! We loved our experience with Aloha campers. The camper was clean, worked well, and was stocked with everything needed for a great time!



HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Carson We rented a boat to go snorkeling & diving in Molokini and had a great time! The rental process was super easy, and included an excellent video overview of boating regulations in Hawaii. Picking and dropping off the boat was super easy; we made it to Molokini in a few minutes, moored fairly easily, and spent a nice long time snorkeling and diving. The boat had everything you could want (Bluetooth speakers, canopy for shade, easy swim step). Highly recommended!

26 // JANUARY 2020

// 26

SNORKEL WITH LĀNA’I’S RESIDENT DOLPHINS WHALE WATCH, SNORKEL & EXOTIC BEACHES Cruise to one of the world’s top snorkeling locations and see one-of-a-kind coral reefs.


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n Hawaii, we are lucky to have a wide range of whales in our waters every year. Drawn here by the warmth of our shores, these majestic creatures are incredible. Whether

they are breaching or simply swimming around the islands, spotting one of these mammals will be a sight that you never forget. At Aloha Outdoors, we have a wide selection of water sports, activities and adventures that you can enjoy in which you could get the chance to see one of the many breeds of whales. From a Whale Watch Tour to Kayak tour or a SUP, snorkel or Boat rental, you will be able to discover the Maui Whales.


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No Crowds

Scuba Dive


Sport fish

Whale Watch

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BELOW THE SURFACE Deep below the ocean is a world of adventure. Unearth your inner explorer with us


for the bea

family style pa

FULL 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE .125 IN BLEED 9.25 X 12.25

Beach Wagon The cart has plenty of space for all your belongings, whether you’re carrying towels and beach chairs or scuba gear.

Sea Scooter Sea Scooter rentals can mean the end to long, tiring swims and high air consumption, ideal for those of you who want to experience the underwater world without added the effort.

Beach Dining Set You’ll never have to leave the beach with our all inclusive dining set. Get lunch ready right from the sand.

Canopy Tent Snorkel Gear See the underwater world without glare in our polarized snorkel masks, high visibility neon fins and snorkels.

Make your own shade with our lightweight and easy-to-assemble beach canopy.

Check r out ou le sty family es! packag


Yeti style cooler, Beach chairs & Umbrella

the essentials



Choose from an array of sizes and weights to get you on top of that wave

Includes a Cooler, Beach chairs, Dining Set, Wagon, Umbrella and much more!

surf’s up

a day at the beach

Kayak Tours FULL in Maui r e m m Su aking y a K s n 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE mea norkel S e im r to P Spots! .125 IN BLEED 9.25 X 12.25

Cruise Maui’s crystal clear waters on one of our premier kayak tours with one of our top rated instructors.

Whatever floats your boat, we’ll help you escape the tourist crowds and experience Maui like a local. So don’t wait, choose your Maui ocean adventure today!

If you only have time for one on-the-

paddle board

A Peaceful Way to Explore the Water water adventure, we can’t recommend stand up paddle boarding enough. Known as SUP in the water-sports community, stand up paddle boarding allows you to take in Maui’s incredible views (both on land and underwater) at your own pace. Get sweaty. Take it slow. It’s up to you! Ready? As a top-rated SUP tour company, we offer small group or private, in-depth lessons. Our top-rated instructors will have you standing and paddling that day.

Tours Include: • Free Digital Photography • Lunch and Drinks • Certified Marine Naturalists


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We take the time to make sure clients and caregivers are comfortable with the items provided. If you or someone you know has a need for home medical equipment, just give our team a call!

FULL 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE .125 IN BLEED Exp lo 9.25 X 12.25 ind re the

e i wit penda sland ha sco ntly ote r!

Wheelchair We offer an extensive line of adult wheelchairs

Wheelchair Ramp Portable ramps for wheelchairs

Electric Scooter Affordable Mobility Scooters for Rent

Walker Our walkers come with a seat and backrest

for the kids for the keiki keep them busy

Be sure to ask:

Ask about our arsenal of water guns and toys for you and your family!

Beach Toys

FULL 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE .125 IN BLEED 9.25 X 12.25

Dig in and discover a wide assortment of imaginative sand toys great for the beach

Baby Beach Canopy A baby beach tent gives your little one a special shady place all their own to relax, sleep, and play.


Jogging Stroller Stay active with your little one in tow with a jogging stroller.

Baby Monitor A baby monitor can help to reassure parents with a 24/7 view of your little one no matter where you are in your home.

Car Seat Baby’s on-the-road spot that stays put in the car. Keep your child safe during your stay.

Stair Gate Need a stair gate to the keep kids safe? Safety gates for stairs protect people and pets.

on the go

clothing & accessories


gear & equipment

FULL 9 X 12 TRIM SIZE .125 IN BLEED 9.25 X 12.25

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Our Gear Shop is a fun, easyto-use, “one-stop-shop” that answers the “What to Pack” needs for the “outdoorsy”. We offers hand-selected gear and apparel from Coleman, Primus, Life Gear and other fine brands. Quality and technical performance are key, all you need to make the most of your adventure.

shop our gear everything you need

Gear collections for any adventure Discover emerging new brands and shop our latest handpicked gear collections.


Create a unique adventure.




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Our team of fitness coaches and nutrition experts can help you transform your body and unlock your potential.

BIG KAHUNA ADVENTURES SURF SCHOOL The ocean is waiting! Learn to surf like a pro from one of Maui’s best surf schools.

Unlock Your Potential. Experience Aloha.

Learn to surf!

SURF SOME WAVES! Maui’s Authentic Hawaiian Surf School

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Rent a Boat

Are you ready for your boating adventure?

Want to rent a boat? Learn More

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See what it takes!

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Take to the skies for an unforgettable tour of Maui!



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Explore the Lavendar Farm with us!



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Check out Hawaii’s largest selection of boards right here on Maui!

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Explore the menu with us!

Wailea beachfront resort lū’au featuring a Hawaiian feast, traditional dances, games, and music.

Get the Authentic “Paniolo” Experience!

Submerge to enjoy the wonders of the ocean floor from the comfort of a high-tech submarine.

Learn to Kiteboard!


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Enjoy a Picturesque Escape at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel’s Sister Property Destination wedding planning can be overwhelming with so many beautiful options on this Hawaiian island. A Dream Wedding; Maui Style is your Maui location expert.

Take a look inside the Inn

Watch for an eclusive interview with the owners


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Learn more about Hoomana Spa


A traditional luau experience set in historic Ka’anapali


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Check out jewelery, clothing, homegoods and more!

Experience life with less, even no pain.


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is vid h t y Pla



he second element/video in award-winning producer MarQ Morrison’s “Micro-Documentary” series “6 Elements of Hawaiian Culture” is Ka Wa’a: The Canoe. The Wa’a or the canoe, was critical to ancient Hawaiians for travel, fishing and warfare. The Ocean Voyaging Canoes or Wa’a Kaulua (double-hulled canoe). In the 1970s the Hokulea became the first Hawaiian voyaging canoe to be built in hundreds of years and became the rallying point for the Hawaiian Renaissance of the 1970s. It helped to revitalize Hawaiian language, music, hula and, of course, the ancient art of wayfaring. In 2017 the Hokulea a Polynesian voyaging canoe circumnavigated the globe. They sailed for three years, and spread the word about the Hawaiian culture. It was a monumental achievement in that they sailed with no instruments and only used the stars to navigate as their

50 // JANUARY 2018

ancestors did. Living on Maui MarQ wanted to showcase the efforts of the local community to build Maui’s own Wa’a Kalua, Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani (Sacred Lizard of Maui). It would be Maui’s first voyaging canoe in over 600 years. He spoke with several of the key people involved and even was invited to take a sail through the channel! On July 11th 2014, after 17 years of vision and building, Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani was released into the ocean. Today it serves as a floating classroom and a testament to how a local community can get together and accomplish great tasks. Mighty Movies is preproduction and looking for funding for the 3rd element in the series, Ka ‘Olelo: The Language.



s a passion project, award-winning producer MarQ Morrison spent the last 5 years producing local Hawaiian “Slices of Life” micro-documentaries about the goings on of local artists, musicians, farmers, etc.. Recently, MarQ decided to produce a six part series, “6 Elements of Hawaiian Culture”. The first two elements (videos) are completed. MarQ Morrison’s “Micro-Documentary”, Ka Hale: A Revival, which won the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA) Film Challenge People’s Choice Award and help spread the word about an almost lost Hawaiian art form, ancient Hale (house) building.

the well-being of the kanaka maoli [original Hawaiian

MarQ focuses his lens on one man in particular and his

Francis shares is knowledge and skills by taking on

20+ years of experience in the art of building traditional Native Hawaiian houses, Kumu (teacher) Francis “Palani” Sinenci. A native of Hana, Maui, he has over the past twenty years becoming a master, having built over

people]: The canoe for travel, fishing and warfare, the ‘aina [land] for planting taro, and the hale that provided the place to rest.” “We have seen the revitalization of the sailing canoe and farming taro among our people,” he continues. “Now, the revitalization of the hale fulfills the last of the three requirements for a complete and healthy Hawaiian lifestyle and culture.” He believes perpetuating these foundational elements will promote pride among the Hawaiian people.

students and building a Hale. Recently, he started a course a at Honolulu Community College where students are building a Traditional Native Hawaiian Hale in the school’s courtyard. MarQ was there to

300 Hales made from local trees, leaves, grass, and

document it.

pohaku (stone). Francis has built Hales across the globe

The film was well received by his peers in the architec-

and one of the largest in China. Kumu Francis says, “Three things were important for

ture community, as they were taken back to the basics, the foundation of architecture as a cultural practice.



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Feast, drink and be merry, Hawaiian-style! A traditional luau experience set in historic Ka’anapali.


ach Monday night at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, the grand Legends of Ka’anapali luau takes place in the Tiki Courtyard, where you are watched over by the largest tiki in all of the Hawaiian islands. After being greeted with leis by your warm and welcoming hosts, prepare to be transported back in time with a traditional luau experience. Browse the numerous stands featuring the arts and crafts of local artists, watch as “poi,” a classic Hawaiian taro dish is pounded by hand, and gaze upon spiritual tiki totems with awe. Head to the massive buffetstyle feast to enjoy the flavors of Hawaii and Polynesia with a touch of Asian influence. Sit back with a tropical Mai Tai for a night of music, fire-dancing, and story-telling as gifted performers lead you on a historical journey into ancient Hawaii. Learn about the Tahitian migration to the islands and how their beliefs and legends guided them to find this sacred place. Perfect for large groups and families, the Legends of Ka’anapali Luau will leave you feeling full and joyful in mind, body and spirit!

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The ocean is waiting! Learn to surf like a pro from one of Maui’s best surf schools.


ig Kahuna Adventures is a family-owned business located in the heart of Kihei at Kalama Park. The Cove at Kalama Park is a popular spot for beginner surfers and a great location for your first try at the sport. Big Kahuna offers surf and paddle board lessons, kayak tours and rentals, and various items for sale and rent at their retail store. Their lessons are fun for everyone of all ages and perfect for families. Their instructors are experienced, passionate and excited to share their love of surfing with you. Catch some waves with a lesson or rental from Big Kahuna Adventures on Maui!


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Relax, reset, rejuvenate! Escape into an oasis of Hawaiian healing and wellness.


ocated in Makawao in upcountry Maui, Ho’omana Spa offers a holistic approach to healing with an array of relaxing and rejuvenating services. “Ho’omana,” meaning “to empower,” is the mission of this spa – they strive to empower guests through ancient Hawaiian healing methods, inspiring physical, spiritual and mental well-being. They make all of their spa products on-site, pulling many of their herbal ingredients from their gardens. Their services include a variety of massage styles, exfoliating masques, and spiritual healing rituals. Their property features charming cabins perfect for couples retreats and they offer services to accomodate groups or even bridal parties. They also teach massage classes where you will learn the traditional methods of Hawaiian massage styles such as Lomi Lomi. Find serenity at Ho’omana Spa to empower your healing journey on Maui!

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Take to the skies for an unforgettable tour of Maui! A bird’s eye view of the island’s hidden treasures.


lue Hawaiian Helicopters have been running since 1985 and are the only helicopter tour company that serves the entire state of Hawaii. They provide

a unique and memorable flight experience, allowing the opportunity to enjoy the island’s natural beauty while also learning about the land, history and culture. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is dedicated to making your tour the highlight of your Maui visit, and their state-of-the-art aircraft will keep you safe and comfortable while drinking in breathtaking views. Their experienced and knowledgable pilots artfully guide you on the best aerial tour the state has to offer. They’re known for their unmatched customer service and true spirit of aloha, and have been voted #1 in helicopter tours for 8 years running. You’re in for an aweinspiring flight that will surely take your breath away!


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Explore Maui’s underwater treasures! Submerge to enjoy the wonders of the ocean floor from the comfort of a high-tech submarine.


tlantis Submarines has been adventuring into Hawaii’s depths since 1988, promoting sustainable tourism through the use of environmentally-friendly vessels. Their 48-passenger submarines are quiet, battery-powered and pollutant-free, and are the most technologically advanced of their kind throughout the islands. On your air-conditioned journey into Maui’s waters, you will visit the sunken Carthaginian II, a replica of a whaling supply ship that now serves as an artificial reef for maui’s sea life. Travel to depths over 100 feet along the western shores of Lahaina to see native fish, turtles, sharks and beautiful coral reefs while learning fun facts from your certified guide. Atlantis Submarines’ Maui Undersea Adventure is one of the island’s top activities and is one that kids absolutely love! Dive into this incredible view of Maui’s underwater world during your next visit.

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“It’s a labor of love, you might say.” An authentic canoe carver shares about the art and process of carving these sleek, beautiful vessels.


a’a kaukahi, or single-hulled outrigger canoes, have long been a staple of Hawaiian culture and tradition. Canoes were used by ancient Polynesian settlers to first travel to Hawaii and they later played vital roles in battles and wars. Since then, Hawaiians turned to canoes for voyages, fishing, and as a source as entertainment for racing. Today, paddling and racing remains a very active lifestyle throughout the islands. Local resident Michael Adams is a “kalai wa’a,” or canoe carver. His passion is creating wa’a kaukahi from single tree logs, usually Koa wood. He enjoys the authenticity of carving from a single piece of wood because it represents the old Hawaiian way. He crafts with a tool known as an “adze,” and the very labor intensive work requires much patience and care. Each piece of the log is chosen, cut, and placed carefully, meticulously fit together like a puzzle. This featured vessel took him seven years to complete and is named “kealakapu na holokai,” meaning “the sacred path for


seafarers.” Michael continues to share his labor of love with Maui and its visitors as he hopes to carve another wa’a kaukahi from another full Koa tree.

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Fresh fish is their specialty! Try some of the freshest seafood on Maui without breaking the bank.


aia Fish Market has been running for 26 years, and with three locations on Maui, business is booming! They are locally owned and run, and pride themselves on serving fresh fish and dishes made-to-order, with homemade sauces and locally sourced ingredients. Their most popular item is the fish burger, which is widely considered one of the best fish sandwiches on the island. They have locations in Paia, Kihei and Lahaina, and have an extensive menu including sandwiches, platters, salads and pastas. They take great care in preparing, cooking and serving their food, determined to provide the best

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experience with the highest quality ingredients. First stop after the airport: Paia Fish Market! Paia Fish Market now has three locations, one in Lahaina, one in Kihei, and the original located at the corner of Balwin Ave & Hana Highway in Paia town. They are almost always busy, but the lines usually move quickly and the wait will be worth what they have to offer. They have a wide selection of options, from pasta to salads to sandwiches. They are best known for their delicious fish sandwiches. Prices are reasonable and the food is very good.


Murals with personality, a passion. A local Maui muralist tells us about what makes these art pieces special.


ur featured artist and Maui local, Constance Sartor, gave us a peek into a day painting murals. She enjoys

painting aquatic murals, specifically including sea turtles, jellyfish and other things you might find under the sea. Constance sees painting as a peaceful escape and loves the joy that her murals bring to others. She is excited about new ideas and personalizing her work to reflect what her clients want to see. The featured piece was painted for a child, so she included fun objects like cars, sports balls and airplanes in addition to the beautiful fish and coral. Her attention to detail and creativity gives these charming murals a playful beauty to be shared with all!


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June 30-July 1 Voyage from Kihei to Hana and Kahului.


he purpose of the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Voyaging Society is to perpetuate through education and experience the Hawaiian culture of traditional long distance outrigger canoe voyaging throughout all the Hawaiian islands; to uphold the unique and fragile beauty and power of the ocean; to practice an obligation of responsible stewardship and harmony between man and nature; to strengthen cultural and spiritual connections to the Hawaiian islands; and to experience the harmony, strength and respect that arises when men and women of all ages paddle a canoe towards a common goal.

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“Koholā” is the Hawaiian word for whales. Every year these gentle giants journey to the islands to mate, calve and nurse their young. Welcome them home and revel in their natural beauty during a tour with Aloha Outdoors.



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