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Ron Laboray, These Aren’t the Droids You are Looking For (courtesy of the artist)

CONTENTS In Review (pgs. 1-8) Executive Editor/ Co-Founder Sarah Hermes Griesbach Creative Editor/ Co-Founder Amy Reidel Director of Layout and Design Maxine Ward Social Media and Outreach Manager Semilla Bland Principal Photographer Richard Reilly Content Contributors Michael R. Allen Mary Jewell Brown Addoley Dzegede Sarah Hermes Griesbach Eileen G’Sell Srdjan Grubor Walter Gunn Amy Hunter Margaret Keller Molly Moog Noemi Oyarzabal Amy Reidel Daniel Stumeier Rich Vagen Stacey Walker Sarah Weinman Print and Proof Contributors Jenny Agnew Keri Robertson

All the Art is interested in all voices. Although some of what you will read here has a traditional, academic tone, some content is decidedly experimental. We are interested in varied perspectives and writing styles and we are excited to assist developing art writers who are finding their voices. In this issue, Rich Vagen, Margaret Keller, Amy Reidel, Daniel Stumeier and more, offer their thoughts regarding work in a variety of venues.

Places and Spaces (pgs. 9-10) In this issue’s Places and Spaces, we take a tour of local outdoor sculpture. Molly Moog takes us on a scavenger hunt seeking out local works and Sarah Hermes Griesbach discusses the efforts involved in erecting a monument to Harriet and Dred Scott.

Studio Visits and Artist Interviews (pgs. 11-13) Sometimes the art of our contemporaries is instantly understandable and instantly beloved. Sometimes, art is elusive. Either way, knowing something about the artist’s motivation, ambitions, intentions or inspiration can give us a new way into their work. Discover some of the details behind the work of Cole Lu, Yael Shomroni, and the collaborative project Impossible Wants.

Community Voices (pgs. 14-16) Showcasing the varied languages and perspectives present in St. Louis, the Community Voices section includes a Spanish language article about the St. Louis Artists’ Guild move to Washington University and a Bosnian language piece about a new monument located in the Bevo Mill neighborhood.

Commentary (What’s Going On) (pg. 17) This section is dedicated to commentary pieces from St. Louis artists, art educators, observers, supporters, and challengers. Amy Hunter discusses a Confederate monument located in Forest Park and Walter Gunn and Michael R. Allen propose a new façade addition to the South Grand neighborhood.

Footnotes (pg. 18) Our Footnotes section provides street and website addresses for artists, art venues and other organizations discussed in this issue.

Front cover and back cover: Jessica Harvey, Future Great City of the World, installation view at The Luminary Center for the Arts (courtesy of the artist)

All the Art, Fall 2015  

The Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis

All the Art, Fall 2015  

The Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis