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The real truth of how to make MORE MONEY with…


“Made Easy” A Guide To The Equipment, Training And Profits To Be Made! What Is It About… Find out more about this profitable business ‘add-on’ of Tile & Grout Cleaning

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How To Clean…

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The Training…

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The Profitable Business of Tile & Grout Cleaning

The Equipment…

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It’s easy to see the difference …

Tile cleaned on the right by the SX-15 tool.

Tile & Grout cleaning in action.

If you are already a Carpet Cleaner you’ll be aware Ceramic Tile flooring is becoming a popular choice of flooring in both homes and commercial properties! What you may not know is that you already own some of the equipment to clean them with … Your extraction machine! With the addition of a couple of tools and our IICRC Approved school you can find out how easy and profitable this service can be for you!

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The new ALLTEC Advance 1200 – high-pressure cleaner

Tile & Grout Cleaning Is Far More Profitable (Per Area) Than Carpet Cleaning, or Tile Fixing AND, With The Right Training And Tools Is Easier To Do! Recent years have seen a major shift in the market from carpeting to more durable flooring like laminates and tile. Although laminates did make a mark in the ‘living areas’ they have started to lose their appeal and carpet has made a stronger return to these areas.

there are few who can really clean it completely.

However, ceramic tile, stone and aggregates have made a significant impact in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and entrance hall in our homes.

For example while cleaning your customer’s carpets you can ask if they would like a demo of your new tile and grout cleaning! A quick run over a few tiles can show them the dramatic difference your cleaning can do!

Even more so in the higher-end homes as the consumer perceives natural stone tiles to be a higher quality as well as being more durable and cleanable than the carpeting they have been accustomed to using. As you are aware many commercial properties such as restaurants, shops, car showrooms etc… have moved from carpet and now the fashion is towards tile. With this new trend shift carpet will still remain in our lives but will share the floor. The market for tile, grout and stone cleaning is huge and growing. As for tile installers or ‘Fixers’ being stuck in the same small room for three days … when you can earn the same money in just one day from cleaning. GROWTH AND DIVERSIFICATION While the tile is easy to clean the build-up of cleaning detergents trapped over the grout line between the tiles leaves a sticky residual that turns black. Most people just don’t have the knowledge of how to prevent or remove this ‘black’ grout line. In addition there are few products available to the consumer to give the kind of results they are looking for. Many consumers have accepted a lower standard of “Clean” when it comes to their tiled floors because

Just think of all the possibilities if you can offer a quick and effective solution to people’s dirty tile and grout problems.

Or for installers … how many customers do you have from the last few years that would be only too happy with a professional deep clean and seal? Without doubt your customers will be amazed at the difference you can make, and then you can offer a grout sealer (works just like carpet protector) to help prevent the build-up of soil. While we agree that a larger volume of the home home and commercial flooring areas are carpeted (and long may it stay that way) tile and grout cleaning and natural stone restoration is a huge growth area and very few people do it … just try calling your local tile supplier for a professional cleaner!

As Stone and Tile Restoration is seen as more “specialised” than just cleaning you can charge 3-4 times more than carpet cleaning …starting £15 per metre! This equates to £957.43 per day on average!

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Do you really need a truck mount or high-powered portable? NO A truck mount is going to make it much easier for you to clean as you will have the benefit of high pressure, high heat, high airflow and the convenience of a much larger water supply and recovery systems.

The Advance 1200 – gives you a great looking portable machine with the performance to blast the dirtiest tiled or hard floors … and it can still clean carpets. The ‘Advance 1200’ gives you control of 01200psi – so now you can have ‘highpressure’ and water delivery to use professional tools like the SX-15 on a portable. You can now clean with ‘truck-mount-like’ performance with optional ‘auto-fill’ and optional ‘auto-empty’ meaning you don’t need to keep stopping to fill and empty the machine … at a fraction of the cost of a truck mount!

The perfect single-operator hard floor-cleaning portable machine. The Advance 1200 makes cleaning hard floors so quick and easy … you can clean your customers carpets, upholstery and rugs, then clean their tile and grout without changing machines … just adjust the pressure and attach the high-powered cleaning tools. Also for more commercial cleaning we have the robust plastic Elite 1200, which includes the ‘auto-fill’ and ‘auto-empty’ systems to speed up cleaning. However as we said, this is The Real Truth About Tile & Grout Cleaning – you don’t need a high-powered machine to start with … you could start cleaning if you own a twin-vacuum carpet-cleaning machine. Most quality ‘pressure washers’ that work at about 1,500 psi should be fine. Simply have the hose split by a hydraulic company and rejoin with ‘double shut off connectors’. You can the use the pressure washer connected to the SX-15 tool to clean with and your portable connected to it to recover the waste. This may not be ideal … but it does work very effectively for smaller jobs. Alternatively why if you are only looking to clean smaller domestic floors try the ALLTEC ADVANCE 600 (600psi) and a GEKKO tool!

The Tools The Hydro-Force SX-15, SX-7, and the Gekko tools are really a genuine tile-cleaning breakthrough. The NEW SX-15 is very light, extremely strong and 25% faster than the old SX-12. To really understand the power of the SX-15 you have to understand its cleaning action. It is a self-contained rotary washer, driven by water pressure. It pressure washes the surface and immediately recovers the water and soil. Attach the SX-15 to a truckmount or the ‘Advance 1200’ and you are ready to clean. The pressure-wash jets by themselves clean 12mm (½ inch) wide, but the spinning action allows a virtual cleaning path of 450mm (15 inches). The patented air flow and water recovery system is particularly interesting. Under the moulded hood is a secondary shell allowing the water and soil to be vacuumed up at the point of impact and returned to the waste tank of the machine. In short, the SX-15 easily glides over many surfaces cleaning in any direction. The vacuum relief automatically opens and closes as the SX-15 passes over different textures. The end result is a floor that is sparkling clean and almost dry as the SX-15 passes over it. You’ll find the new SX-15 can’t fit everywhere. Being round, it has its limitations in corners or tight spots on the floor. For smaller areas, walls and worktops you can use the smaller SX-7, a hand held version of the SX-15 and with all the power. For all other areas and corners (and if you only have lower pressure like the ALLTEC ADVANCE 600) you’ll need the Hydro-Force Gekko. The Gekko has a number of optional attachments making it excellent for edges, corners and those tight areas. The Gekko is also an excellent tool for doing small floors such as bathrooms and small kitchens. It takes more time than the SX15 but will finally do the same job.

The Real Truth About Tile & Grout Cleaning…

What Equipment Do I Need … For Tile & Grout Cleaning?

All the tools are quick and easy to learn and can return your investment in them within the first one or two jobs!

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Just How Easy Is Tile & Grout Cleaning …? Step 1: Pre-Inspection Pre-inspection is the most important part of the job. The findings of the pre-inspection will help determine the type and magnitude of the job at hand. The INTEGRITY OF THE FLOOR will give you an idea as to the type of cleaning system and more importantly the correct cleaning solutions required. We have three main cleaners: Acid Cleaner: Removes top layer of the grout. Neutral Cleaner /Rinse: General cleaner Alkaline Cleaner: Removes years of soil and grease deposits.

Step 2: Pre-Spray Masking and Protecting – All areas surrounding stone or tile should be protected (carpet and fixtures etc…) with 60cm (24”) of plastic sheeting and masking tape to ensure that there will be no damage from water or slurry. Select the appropriate pre-spray and spray 2-3M2 (20-30sq ft) of floor including the grout and the entire face of the tile, allow dwelling time of 10 minutes. When toilet area is urine stained, allow the pre-spray to dwell for additional time. Make sure you do not get cleaning solution on the hoses! Brush the grout lines to help the solution to penetrate the soil.

Step 3: Extract & Rinse Begin by going over large areas with SX-15. You need only overlap enough to assure complete coverage. You will be surprised at how quickly you can clean with the SX-15. It is much easier and a lot quicker than cleaning carpets. The SX-15 will remove years of dirt build-up in seconds … so the ‘black and white’ shots you’ve seen really do happen as you move the tool. Moving the SX-15 too fast will create a spiral pattern in the grout or tile, so just slow down until this pattern does not occur. You’ll find the SX-15 will clean, remove the waste and leave the tile clean and almost dry!

Step 4: Apply Sealer Select a test area and dry this area quickly so that you can seal before the cleaning is completed. This allows you to see the results of sealing and the method of application in a small area before sealing the entire job. Use a grout stick to brush the sealer into the grout and be absorbed. For total surface sealing, use premium Stone & Grout Sealer in a pump up sprayer or electric sprayer with a fan-jet tip. Apply a liberal coating of the sealer on the tile and grout using a fine “split” fibre broom brush. This places the unpenetrated sealer into the grout where it is absorbed and needed the most.

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What Can You Clean & Restore…? Man-Made Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

Ceramic Tile: The tile you’ll see most of is the ceramic tile. The a factory manufactured tile and can come a whole range of shapes colours and finishes, often the look like natural stone. Porcelain Tile: Every much like a ceramic, but much higher quality and very often mistaken for marble by the untrained eye. Quarry Tile: Quarry tiles are currently not as popular as they used to be but are still to be found in some houses, commercial kitchens and bakeries. Terracotta Tile: The word Terracotta means ‘baked clay’ which describes just what the product is. Terracotta is often described as having a rich, warm, rustic charm, a mellow quality and is an eco-friendly, cost effective flooring option. Victorian Floor Tile: Victorian floor tiles started to gradually appear from the 1830’s as a by-product of the Gothic Revival. Brick Paver: Brick paver floors have a timeless sense of beauty, charm and character all their own. Mainly found in entrance halls or kitchens reclaimed brick have been used time and time again. Terrazzo Tile: Terrazzo is a composite material poured in place or precast into tiles. Main seen in commercial locations like supermarkets, shopping centre’s, airports etc…

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Marble: is a type of metamorphic rock that has rich veining and is available in a variety of colours. Marble is more porous than granite and is not recommended for kitchen flooring unless honed and then sealed on a regular basis. Limestone: is a type of sedimentary. The surface can be textured or polished smooth. Limestone is less dense than granite and marble. It can be easily stained and is also prone to scratching. Travertine: is a type of limestone that offers an unusual crystallised appearance with an earthy tone. Travertine is a soft, porous stone with a natural surface that has pitting or divots often seen filled. Mainly used in bathrooms. Slate: is a type of metamorphic rock that is extremely dense and very durable. Slate is available in darker earthy tones. The surface of slate is naturally textured (sometimes a smooth, honed finish is achieved). Granit: is a type of igneous rock that is very dense and hard, so used for kitchen worktop and floors. Its distinctive appearance is due to speckled minerals found within the rock. Flagstone: is a general term that can include several types of stone, usually sedimentary varieties. Flagstone has irregular shapes. 5

Tile & Grout Cleaning Training

We Offer FOUR Different Hard Floor Training Schools – Plus a ‘Home Study’ Course TILE & GROUT CLEANING MODULE The perfect ‘Home Study’ course for you or your staff. You/ your technician can read, listen and watch the whole process of cleaning, sealing and even repairing tile and grout. Includes marketing ideas. BL/TGC £97.00

School 1: Hands-On Tile & Grout “Play Day” What this ‘Play Day’ gives you is some hands-on practical experience. You will go through the process of reviewing floor types and the individual principles of identification you will also be taken through all the important health and safety aspects that you need to consider when cleaning hard floor. You will be taken to a real-life cleaning job so you can see the whole job from start to finish (please wear working clothes). There will also be hands-on experience with routine cleaning, scrubbing, polishing and sealing procedures and all participants will get a chance to use the Hydroforce SX-15, SX-7 and GEKKO Hard Surface Cleaning tools learning the skills needed on most hard floor cleaning jobs.

Check on for school dates

School 2: Stone, Masonry & Tile Cleaning (SMT) IICRC/CLEANtrust Approved 2-Day School This is a two-day CLEANtrust approved theory based school for cleaning and restoring stone, masonry and ceramic tile floors. At the end of the school you are able to take the optional CLEANtrust exam (additional fees apply) to become an Certified Technician in Stone Course content includes: • Review of Floor Types and Materials • Ceramic Tile and Masonry • Environmental Health and Safety • Review of Basic Floor Care Principals and Procedures • Chemicals, Tools and Equipment • Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting • Basic Floor Care Principles and Procedures

Click on for school dates

School 3: Hands-On & Theory 3-Days The ultimate in Tile & Grout cleaning schools … the two schools above running back-to-back. You can learn all about the theory of stone cleaning, gain an international recognised certification from the CLEANtrust (additional fees apply) and spend a day using the tools while cleaning at a real setting! Covers everything you’ll need to know about starting tile & grout cleaning … Plus some Stone Restoration

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Imagine If You Had TWO People To Show You StepBy-Step How You Could Make £957.43 per Day? That’s the average our customers are making from cleaning and restoring Stone and Tile Floors … on average THREE TIMES the amount of the normal daily amount carpet cleaners or tile installers earn! Are you a professional… ‘carpet cleaner’ or ‘tile-fixer’ wanting to know how YOU can make ‘REAL MONEY’ from ‘REAL FLOOR’ Cleaning, Restoration & Sealing? If so, this school is for you - for the first time ever we have real 'on-location' training school for Stone & Tile Care… being taught with TWO instructors. The ALLTEC Practical Stone & Tile Care School is unique as it will be held in a beautiful 16th Century Cottage, near Cambridge. The cottage has seven different types of natural stone and man-made tiles to clean and seal… from two very modern wet-rooms (one completely in Natural Travertine and the other in Ceramic Tile), which both require a light clean to remove grout off the tile surface and re-sealing, to Marble/Limestone tiles … to Hand-Made Brick and Victorian Terracotta tile floors, which we believe to have been down 80-120 years, and are in need of complete cleaning, restoring and sealing. You will also clean, Quarry Tiles, Flagstone, Slate etc… This is no normal school … it will almost entirely be on taught ‘on-the-job’ at the cottage and you will be involved in every part from… • Auditing The Job With The Client • Selling Your Services To The Client • Inspecting The Floors • Delivering Expectations Of Cleaning • On-Site Preparation • Cleaning & Restoration Of Floor Tiles • Cleaning & Restoration Of Wall Tiles • Drying Of Floors & Walls • Sealing or Impregnation Of Tiles You and the instructors will be getting down on your hands and knees and they will show you how to do the work. We have just two days to do all the work and as this is a family home worth over £600k, we must finish it to a high standard.

Practical Stone & Tile Care School

Why TWO Instructors? The answer is simple … to give you the very best ‘Hands-On’ experience ever … and to allow you to go away with real-life practical know-how. ALLTEC are the only company in Europe to offer ‘Internationally Recognised Standards’ for cleaning Stone & Tile … with the IICRC. However, this is a 14-hour theory based school. Even our 1-day ‘Hands-On’ schools really only teach you how to use the tools in a classroom. Therefore after discussions with past delegates and people in the trade we have come up with a truly unique real-life, hands on school for you.

You’ll be taught by TWO of the UK’s TOP instructors, Pierre de Wet and Keith Robertson. Pierre, is quick and very ‘Hands-on’. He can show you how he grew his business from nothing to one of the largest and most profitable multi-truck cleaning companies in the area in under 7 years. Pierre is also very keen to show you how to Market your Stone Care service and is willing to help you produce a 'Before and After' video for your website. Keith, the only IICRC Approved Instructor for stone and tile in Europe, has more knowledge and passion for Stone and Tile Care than anyone we have ever seen. You can learn from his almost 40 years in the cleaning industry. You will be getting the very best from the two different styles and different backgrounds to give you the best knowledge, experience and capability to go away and start or grow your business. Call ALLTEC 01763 208222 now for more booking details or watch our video here… © ALLTEC Network 2012 Contact 01763 208222 or Visit


Tile & Grout Cleaning Tools ADVANCE 1200

ELITE 1200

The great looking ‘Advance 1200’ gives you control of 0-1200psi – so now you can have ‘high-pressure’ and high water delivery to use professional hard floor cleaning tools like the SX-15 on a portable machine. You can clean with ‘truck-mount-like’ performance at a fraction of the cost! The perfect single-operator hard floor-cleaning machine. The new ‘Advance 1200’ pressure can be turned down to allow for delicate cleaning such as carpet cleaning … and now with the optional extras like…  Triple Vacuum  Auto-Fill  Chemical Meter  Auto-Empty Portable cleaning just became very easy.

The ‘Elite 1200’ is a robust commercial machine for professional ‘high-pressure’ cleaning of Tile & Grout Floors. It will withstand everyday commercial use, yet is good looking to use in any high-end home. Comes as standard with twin 3-stage vacuum motors, 1200 psi solution pump.

The machine is available in any colour and any decals. M/ATADC1200 ........................................ £3,197.00 -Equivalent to £26.01 a week on 3 year leaseM/ATADC1200 ........................................ £3,197.00 Auto-Fill ...................................................... £99.00 Auto-Empty ............................................... £299.00 Hard Floor Option ................................ £3,595.00

NOW Only £3,345.00 & save £250.00 Or £27.21 per week (+Vat over 3-years lease to own)

The ‘Elite 1200’ with also comes fitted with  Auto-Fill  Chemical Meter  Auto-Empty With the ‘Elite 1200’ you have a powerful machine to clean and restore the dirtiest floors (and carpets), plus the with auto-fill and auto-empty you’ll have less down time carrying buckets so you’ll earn more money than before. These systems allow easy and effortless cleaning of large areas. The roto-moulded body makes the machine tough and long lasting and easy to move. M/ATE1200.............................................. £3,197.00 -Equivalent to £26.01 a week on 3 year lease-

NOW Only £2,850.00 & save £347.00 Or £23.18 per week (+Vat over 3-years lease to own)

**FREE 3-Day IICRC & Hands On School Worth £225.00 when you buy a new machine**

SX-15 NEW - Floor SX-15Wand The NEW SX-15 works by blasting soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough hard surfaces. Using water at very ‘high pressure’ (800psi to 2,000psi) the rotary arm spins to create an amazing soil blasting power, without over spray. The waste-water, dirt and slurry are simultaneously picked up the vacuum ports all. They are perfect to work with most makes of truck mounted carpet machines or alternatively high-pressure portables. The SX-15 covers large areas of floors quickly. • Works with front-to-back and side-to-side motion. • Works on uneven stone or tile surfaces • Light-weight and Non-fatiguing ACC/SX-15


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SX-7 Hand Tool The same high-pressure rotary cleaning action of the SX-15 is concentrated into this 7" diameter cleaning monster. Use the SX-7 on countertops, walls, or any tight space for unbelievable cleaning results.



All prices Subject to VAT


Tile & Grout Cleaning Tools & Solutions GEKKO HAND TOOL

GEKKO™ HARD SURFACE WAND Works with any ‘truck mount’ or portable (can be used as low pressure rinse). Concentrates all the water pressure through an amazing new spray jet that creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout. Works with pressure from 200 psi to 2000 psi. Primarily used as a detail tool for corners or edges. May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling. The wand comes with the 5” head as standard, but you can use the optional Edge Tool, 14” Brush Head, 14” Squeegee Head or the new SX7 Gekko Head. A must-have-tool for anyone starting hard surface cleaning. ACC/GEKKO

A must for edging and tight spots. Use where extra power is needed directly on heavily soiled or stained grout.



GROUT BRUSH Add extra agitation, when necessary, to grout lines with its pivoting head makes it ideal for brushing from a standing position.


Cleans counter tops, around toilets, shower stalls, or any tight or hard to reach area.





SX-7 GEKKO TOOL Attach this head to your versatile Gekko tool for extreme cleaning and for small areas. The SX7 head holds heat and stronger vacuum than the SX-15 due to its smaller size.

ACC/SX-7H £420.00

CORNER/EDGE BRUSH Cleans corners, edges and coving with one easy stroke.





Cleans corners, edges and coving with one easy stroke, or use the included coving cover and just clean the edge of the floor.






Best for cleaning where surface is uneven and/or where exceptional water removal is required.

Best for cleaning smoother hard surfaces where extra agitation of a brush is needed.




GROUTSTICK GROUT SEALING Seal or Stain four times faster and stay off your knees! Apply solvent or water based sealers to grout lines quickly.




INJECTIMATE GROUT SEALING KIT Makes the application of grout sealers controllable. With hand trigger pump (attach to sealer container), 36” lance & brushes (Requires Injectimate ACC/INJ) ACC/IGSK ACC/INJ

£47.23 £39.44

CHEETAH PADS- The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet!

We carry a full range of ‘Tile & Grout’ and natural stone cleaners, sealers and impregnators. This includes our own range with eco-friendly and the Viper range from America. See website for more details

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The Cheetah Pads are exclusive to ALLTEC. They will allow you to remove scratches and wear in 4 simple steps – with just tap water! This pack includes 4 x 450mm Cheetah Pads steps 1-4 and an additional 1 x 450mm Monkey Pad 11,000 grit for polishing



All prices Subject to VAT


ADVANCE 1200 Machine Package Deal/s The new ‘Advance 1200’ gives you control of 0-1200psi … to use with the high-powered SX-15 tool. We’d recommend the ‘Auto-Fill’ and ‘Auto-Empty’ options, as you’ll use much more water than a wand. Also as the 1200 psi pump is so heavy we recommend upgrading to triple vacuums to allow longer hoses to reach up stairs for carpet cleaning.

Hard Floor Option… Advance1200 ................ £3,197.00 C/w 7.5 Hose Ass

Auto-Fill ............................... £99.00 Auto-Empty ....................... £299.00 Hard Floor Option ........ £3,595.00

NOW Only £3,345.00 & save £250.00

Professional Carpet & Hard Floor Option Advance1200 ................. £3,197.00 Auto-Fill & Chemical .......... £199.00 Auto-Empty ........................ £299.00 Triple Vac Upgrade ............ £300.00 Carpet & HF Option ...... £3,995.00

NOW Only £3,595.50 & save £399.50

Or £27.21 per week

(+Vat over 3-years lease to own)

Or £29.22 per week

**FREE 3-Day CLEANtrust & Hands On School Worth £225.00**

(+Vat over 3-years lease to own)

Option 1: Basic Equipment Starter Deal Qty







Hydro-Force SX-15




Hydro-Force SX-7




Hydro-Force Grout Brush




Hydro-Force GroutStick Sealer Kit




Hydro-Force VIPER 2




Hydro-Force VIPER 7




Hydro-Force VIPER 11




Hydro-Force Stone & Grout Sealer




Hydro-Force Foam less



Sub Total

£ 1,516.78

Option 1: Package Deal £1,516.78 Only £1,297.00 & save £219.58 This Package on lease would be £10.55 (+vat) per week over 3 years **FREE 1-Day ‘Hands-On’ School Worth £75**

Option 2: Professional Equipment Starter Deal Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 4 4 2

Description Hydro-Force SX-15 Hydro-Force SX-7 GEKKO™ Hard Surface Wand GEKKO™ Edge Tool GEKKO™ Brush Head GEKKO™ Squeegee GEKKO™ Hand Tool Hydro-Force Grout Brush Hydro-Force GroutStick Sealer Kit Hydro-Force VIPER 2 Hydro-Force VIPER 7 Hydro-Force VIPER 11 Hydro-Force Stone & Grout Sealer Hydro-Force Foam less

List Price

Sub Total

£797.00 £420.00 £327.20 £214.70 £185.35 £176.60 £256.02 £28.00 £68.84 £16.79 £16.79 £16.79 £81.39 £20.61

£797.00 £420.00 £359.22 £214.70 £185.35 £176.60 £256.02 £28.00 £68.84 £67.16 £67.16 £67.16 £325.56 £40.32

Sub Total

Option 2: Package Deal £3,081.08 Only £2,697.00 & save £376.08 To buy this Package on lease would be £21.94 (+vat) per week over 3 years **FREE 2-Day IICRC School Worth £175 With This Deal **


Leasing details are subject to status. Discounts are available for a limited time. All prices are subject to VAT Alltec Network™, Butts Business Centre, Fowlmere, Nr Royston, Herts, SG8 7SL

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