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2015 REPORT to the COMMUNITY Walk for Israel, May 2015

JEWISHcolorado Overview JEWISHcolorado, formerly known as the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado, is the umbrella community organization inspired by the collective responsibility to build and sustain Jewish life in Colorado, Israel, and around the world. Our mission is to secure, steward, and share philanthropic resources in support of vibrant Jewish life as well as to mobilize the community in times of need. JEWISHcolorado was organized as a nonprofit corporation on May 23, 1946. Similar to The United Way, JEWISHcolorado serves as a fundraising, programming, and community planning organization. We now celebrate 69 years of service in the Greater Metropolitan Denver/Boulder area. JEWISHcolorado continues to embrace our history and the unity and inclusivity of our organization, but we also recognized that “what got us here, isn’t going to get us there.” In order to be sustainable, we needed to bridge a 20th century organization into the 21st century. We needed to be more meaningful and to adapt to the everchanging priorities of our constituents. In 2010, we began a comprehensive strategic planning process to reimagine our organization for the future. We focused on five primary objectives knows as the 5 R’s;

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re-examine our role in the community, redefine our business model to be more efficient, increase our relevance among the younger generation, resonate more with sophisticated, contemporary donors, and re-launch as a new organization. This three-year “reimagining” process concluded on October 1, 2013 with a name change to JEWISHcolorado.

Reimagined and Positioned for the Future. As a reimagined organization, JEWISHcolorado better reflects what the community told us was important. We have streamlined our operations, narrowed our focus, and created a prioritization strategy to more effectively steward limited resources. As we look forward, we are committed to meeting the current needs of the Jewish community while securing the future for the next generation.

JEWISHcolorado is a proud member of Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), along with 151 other federations and over 300 independent network communities across the country.

1 Organization Overview 2 A Message from Our Leadership 3 SMECA 4 Securing Philanthropic Resources 5 FY15 FRD Highlights 6 A Vibrant Jewish Future 7 Mobilizing in Times of Need 8 Strategic Grantmaking 9 Strategic Alliances 10 Community Programs 12 Overhead/Operations 13 External Grants 16 2015-16 Board & Leadership Printed 11.10.15

A MESSAGE FROM JEWISHcolorado’s LEADERSHIP Our second year as JEWISHcolorado was a great success! We started the year by identifying four priorities we wanted to advance as an organization. We made significant progress on each of them. This included securing an unprecedented legacy gift from community philanthropist Joyce Zeff z”l, announcing UJA Aspen Valley as a new Strategic Alliance partner, approving the launch of a capital campaign in support of a new Jewish community services building in collaboration with the Loup JCC, and creating strong statements and educational platforms to raise awareness about the Iran nuclear agreement.

FY2015 Priorities

Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, will mark our 70th anniversary working in the Colorado Jewish community. We look forward to celebrating our rich history, while also recognizing that we are only three years young as a “reimagined” entity. We have a lot more work to do in order to accomplish our ultimate goal of bridging a 20th century organization into the 21st century. Chazak chazak v’nitchazek May we go from strength to greater strength - in the months and years ahead. Amy Toltz-Miller, JEWISHcolorado Board Chair








We need to stay the course with our reimagining strategy by advancing Strategic Alliances and ValueAdded Programs

We need to increase community synergy and harmony so that our value as THE umbrella community organization is better understood


We need to continue to secure resources, both short term and long term, for the community

In addition to our FY2015 priorities, it was important for JEWISHcolorado to continue to advance and promote the concept of SMECA in the community. SMECA is the moniker we’ve developed to explain what JEWISHcolorado stands for and everything

We need to cultivate more ambassadors for Israel and better educate the community on complex issues

we do as an organization. We Secure, Mobilize, Engage, Care, and Advocate. We have always done these things, but SMECA provides a framework to make our impact more easily understood.

Doug Seserman, President and CEO

SMECA is the process for being ordained as a Rabbi and means blanket in Hebrew. This speaks to the unique nature and role of our work. In essence, we wrap our arms around, and cover, our local and global Jewish community. 2


We Have Two Powerful Mission Objectives.





We leverage resources and people to help our community here and around the world when we are needed most.

Through an Annual Campaign, as well as endowment and planned giving strategies, we maximize the generosity of those who donate to us to create a vibrant Jewish community.

Our Strategic Grantmaking is Focused on Three Key Areas.


WE ENGAGE THE NEXT GENERATION IN BEING JEWISH. We invest in the next generation through value-added community programs that include everything from early childhood education scholarships, to Jewish summer camp, to a robust Young Adult Department (YAD) that engages 21-45 year olds in how to live, give, and lead Jewishly.



We raise and distribute dollars locally and globally to help feed the hungry, care for the sick and elderly, and help build a strong and supportive Jewish world.



We are a voice for Israel and Jews around the world. We educate, empower, and connect our local community to the global Jewish community through strategic grant making, programs, and supplemental campaign initiatives.


SECURING PHILANTHROPIC RESOURCES JEWISHcolorado is committed to “Helping Today and Securing Tomorrow” by raising resources through multiple revenue streams. This is known as total Financial Resource Development, FRD.

The Annual Campaign The Annual Campaign is the vehicle through which JEWISHcolorado helps to support the current operating needs and priorities of the Jewish community. Through a comprehensive and flexible giving platform, we meet donors where they are in their philanthropic journey.

Flagship Fund

The foundation of the Annual Campaign is the FLAGSHIP FUND. It is the one fund that does it all! It aligns resources with the most critical and ever-changing needs of the Jewish community and leverages donor dollars to make the greatest impact. The Flagship Fund supports JEWISHcolorado’s Strategic Alliance partnerships, value-added community programs, internal operations, and external grant making to other Jewish organizations.

Jco Restricted Funding

JEWISHcolorado enables donors to direct their charitable giving to specific value-added programs that we provide on behalf of the community. Whether you are passionate about Jewish books for children through PJ Library or the important advocacy work of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), you can make a direct contribution to a program of your choice after supporting the Flagship Fund.

Agency Restricted Funding

JEWISHcolorado also enables donors to make charitable contributions to Jewish 501c3 organizations locally, nationally, and internationally with no overhead or administrative fees. JEWISHcolorado offers donors the convenience of “one-stop charitable shopping” as part of our existing infrastructure and as a service to our partner Jewish organizations.

Endowment & Planned Giving Endowment & Planned Giving speaks to the “securing tomorrow” aspect of our business. JEWISHcolorado, through a diverse array of vehicles, enables donors to effectively manage their annual giving, engage multiple generations in philanthropy, and create permanent gifts (during their lifetime and/or as a part of their overall estate plan) to help Jewish life continue to thrive for generations to come. This type of philanthropic planning is a proactive affirmation of a donor’s values and legacy. JEWISHcolorado currently houses $80.1 million in total assets under management and anticipated gifts. Our goal is to exceed $100 million in the next few years. Current assets are made up of the following: • • •


Donor Advised Funds Agency/Synagogue Endowments Charitable Trusts

• • •

Charitable Gift Annuities Restricted Program Endowments Real Estate

• •

Bequests Other Anticipated Gifts

FY2015 FINANCIAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (FRD) HIGHLIGHTS In our 2nd year of Reimagining, we raised unprecedented resources on behalf of the global Jewish world.

Total FRD: $20.5 Million (+46%)

Restricted to JEWISHcolorado Funding: $1.1 Million (+22%)

Due in large part to a great year in Endowment & Planned Giving, JEWISHcolorado set a record at $20.5 million raised in total FRD for FY2015.

Total Annual Campaign: $11.2 Million (+5%)

In addition to a record FRD year, the FY2015 Annual Campaign finished 5% up at $11.2 million, making it the best Annual Campaign since before the economic downturn in 2008.

JEWISHcolorado’s strategy to drive revenue in support of our value-added community programs is resonating with donors. Total dollars raised in FY2015 was up 22% year-on-year.

Fundraising continues to be the number one priority for JEWISHcolorado. Our ability to secure resources has an exponential benefit on the Jewish community locally and around the world. Thank you to the thousands of donors who supported our work so generously this past year. Jackie Sprinces Wong, Development/Campaign Chair

FRD Highlights Campaign Year Unrestricted/Allocable Restricted to Jco Programs/Operations Subtotal Available for Jco Programs, Operations and Grants Restricted/Non-Allocable Crisis Response Funds

Total Annual Campaign Dollars

2011 Actual

2012 Actual

2013 Actual

2014 Actual

2015 Actual

2015 vs 2014 % Change





































Endowment and Planned Giving







Total Financial Resource Development (FRD)







Total Donors to Annual Campaign







JEWISHcolorado Total Assets



















Testamentary & Anticipated Bequests

Total JEWISHcolorado Assets and Testamentary Gifts

*Dollars shown in millions


PAVING THE WAY FOR A VIBRANT JEWISH FUTURE $5 Million Legacy Gift from Philanthropist Joyce Zeffz”l In FY2015, JEWISHcolorado secured an incredibly generous gift of $5 million from community philanthropist, Joyce Zeff, of blessed memory. This unprecedented gift ensures that the organizations and programs that were important to Joyce continue to thrive well into the future. The gift is structured in three parts. The first $3 million creates a permanent endowment fund to enable CAJE’s Israel Study Tour (IST), one of the premiere Israel teen trips in the United States, to exist in perpetuity. The program will be renamed the ‘The Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour’ so that Joyce’s legacy will continue to inspire others for generations to come.

The second part of the gift creates a $1 million endowment to benefit Jewish Family Service. The final $1 million leaves an endowment to benefit JEWISHcolorado. These two endowments are structured to “sunset,” generating $100,000 per year in support of each organization’s Annual Campaign until the remaining corpus from the funds run out. Zeff was a long-time supporter of these organizations. She was the former President of Jewish Family Service and previously served on the Board of Directors for JEWISHcolorado. Our local Jewish community was extremely fortunate to have someone with so much generosity, graciousness, and compassion. Joyce dedicated her life to Israel, the Jewish people, and to caring for humanity as a whole. We miss her dearly.

$5.6 Million Capital Campaign to Build Future Jewish Community Administrative Headquarters This past year, JEWISHcolorado’s Board of Directors approved the launch of a collaborative project with the the Loup JCC to build a new Jewish Community Center and Jewish administrative headquarters on its current campus. The administrative facility will house the Loup JCC and JEWISHcolorado’s current operations, as well as those of several other Jewish organizations in the community. The Loup JCC will take the lead on securing funds necessary to complete renovations for the Sports & Fitness Center and other Loup JCC programming facilities. JEWISHcolorado will spearhead fundraising efforts for the $5.6 million needed to complete the administrative building.

Draft artist rendering for Jewish Community Administrative Headquarters 6

The total scope of the capital campaign is approximately $50 million. The Loup JCC and JEWISHcolorado are committed to working together to raise these funds on behalf of the local Jewish community over the course of the next year. The project is expected to be completed by 2019.

MOBILIZING IN TIMES OF NEED In FY2015, JEWISHcolorado raised $697,000 in response to five domestic and international crisises with no additional overhead.

1. Israel Emergency Campaign - The Social Iron Dome In the summer of 2014, tensions escalated between Israel and Gaza. Frequent airstrikes, ground invasions, and an increase in vitriolic rhetoric towards the Jewish community created a difficult situation for Israeli citizens. During this time, JEWISHcolorado established “The Social Iron Dome” to help safeguard Israeli families by providing basic necessities and long-term emotional support. In total, we raised an incredible $625,500 from 789 donors.

JEWISHcolorado worked closely with agency partners including the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), and the local chapter of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to ensure that funds went to those most directly affected by the conflict.

JEWISHcolorado and the collective Federation system are the “Jewish 911”.

Around the World/Other Crisis Campaigns 2. French Terror and Security Fund

When French Jews were killed by Islamic extremists during January’s hostage situation in Paris, JEWISHcolorado raised $15,400 for the French Terror & Security Fund. This money was sent to aid the families of the four murdered French Jews and helped offset the increased security costs for Jewish institutions in France.

3. Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

The Nepal Earthquake in April killed more than 9,000 people and injured 23,000 more. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. JEWISHcolorado raised over $47,000 which directly aided those affected by the widespread devastation. YAD Flood Relief Service Project

4. Houston Flood Relief Fund

In late May, nearly 11 inches of rain fell near Houston, setting off a series of flash floods. An estimated 4,000 properties were left with significant damage. JEWISHcolorado raised $6,000 for relief efforts immediately after the floods.

5. Charleston Victim’s Support Fund

On the evening of June 17, a mass shooting took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people were killed by a gunman, including the senior pastor. JEWISHcolorado responded by raising over $3,300 for the victims and their families.


OVERVIEW OF STRATEGIC GRANTMAKING All of JEWISHcolorado’s funding is now focused on three areas of Strategic Grantmaking. These represent the Engage, Care, and Advocate aspects of our business. Strategic grantmaking enables JEWISHcolorado to be more deliberate and to stewards donors’ dollars in areas they told us were important to them.

A key component of the Reimagining strategy is prioritization of limited resources. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, and not meaningful enough to anyone, JEWISHcolorado highlights the unique and value-added programming it provides on behalf of the community. In addition, JEWISHcolorado strives to complement the work of Jewish institutions locally and globally through select Strategic Alliance partnerships and a strategic Grant Making model.

Priority of Fund Distributions from Annual Campaign Element 1

Element 2

Element 3

Element 4

Strategic Alliances

Community Programs

Overhead/ Operations

External Grants

Determined in Annual Budget

(PIN Funding)

Strategic Alliance partners receive priority funding from dollars available in JEWISHcolorado’s Annual Campaign. Other beneficiary organizations receive funding from dollars designated for external grant making. Grant making dollars are annually determined after Strategic Alliance commitments (element 1), community programs administered by JEWISHcolorado (element 2), and a reasonable overhead ratio (element 3) have all been satisfied. This “cascade” model helps JEWISHcolorado navigate difficult funding decisions if the Annual Campaign does not perform as expected.



1 2 3 4

ELEMENT 1: Strategic Alliance Partnerships = $435,000 A Strategic Alliance is a formal collaborative relationship between two or more organizations to pursue a set of agreed-upon goals while each organization remains independent and autonomous. It is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial and trusting partnership, allowing for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and resulting in greater sustainability of both organizations. JEWISHcolorado plans to create partnerships with a total of six to eight organizations over the course of the next 5-10 years.

UJA Aspen Valley

JEWISHcolorado announced UJA Aspen Valley (UJA) as a new strategic alliance partner in FY2015. UJA is now “powered by JEWISHcolorado.” Through our partnership, JEWISHcolorado provides professional support via back office administration and a “front office” push in the Annual Campaign. This enables the Aspen community Powered by to focus on the delivery of important programs and services such as the renowned Golshim L’Chaim (Ski to Live) program, which brings injured IDF soldiers to rehabilitate on the slopes of Aspen. UJA also offers scholarships for B’nai Mitzvahs in Israel, stipends for Hebrew School and Jewish Camp, and a PJ Library Aspen program. The potential of the partnership was realized at a Summer Event in August that engaged 200 attendees and raised over $266,000. UJA Aspen Valley powered by JEWISHcolorado creates unity in the Roaring Fork Valley and offers a cohesive setting for the entire Jewish community, regardless of affiliation.

We advanced our Reimagining strategy through key Strategic Alliance partnerships and value-added programming

Colorado Agency for Jewish Education

FY2015 marked the second year of our Strategic Alliance partnership with the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE). This partnership has continued to be a win, win, win; a win for CAJE, a win for JEWISHcolorado, and a win for the community. It enables CAJE to focus on the administration and growth of its programs, such as the Israel Study Tour (IST) which has celebrated record participation since the inception of the partnership. JEWISHcolorado is responsible for all of CAJE’s fundraising and development, which enables us to focus on our core competency and to supplement our case for giving. The whole community continues to benefit from treasured programs but at a 50% reduction in CAJE’s historical operating costs.

2014 Israel Study Tour Participants



1 2 3 4

ELEMENT 2: Value-Added Community Programs = $1,583,000 As part of Reimagining, JEWISHcolorado highlights the value-added programs and services we provide, demonstrating their impact in the Colorado Jewish community. These vital programs serve as an essential engagement vehicle in connecting individuals and agencies to the larger Jewish population throughout all stages of life. From early childhood education to PJ Library, from teens to Birthright, and from seniors to legacy, JEWISHcolorado provides a platform during any stage of your Jewish journey.


We engage the next generation in being Jewish. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP

This program annually provides up to $100,000 in scholarship funding to assist Jewish families with the cost of early childhood education. JEWISHcolorado has awarded over $540,000 to 290 children, for an average scholarship of $1,875.



In partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, JEWISHcolorado provides Jewish themed books and music to over 1,400 families in the greater Denver Metro area with children age 6 months through 8 years.




In partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, this program provides subsidies for children to attend a Jewish overnight camp in Colorado. Last year, JEWISHcolorado awarded 130 grants ranging from $700 - $1,000 per camper.

This program annually offers a free 10-day trip to Israel for up to 40 Jewish Coloradans between the ages of 18-26. The goal of Birthright is to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish communities, and solidarity with Israel.

YAD provides Jewish young adults ages 21-45 with programming and other initiatives focused on a threetiered “Live, Give, Lead� strategy. JEWISHcolorado is by far the largest engager of this demographic in Colorado, celebrating over 2,500 participants last year.


We care for those who are vulnerable. COMMUNITY NUTRITION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM


The annual Community-Wide Pink Shabbat is a statewide event to raise awareness of the prevalence of breast and ovarian cancer in the Jewish community, and to honor and celebrate those touched by these diseases. Community-Wide Pink Shabbat features meaningful educational and spiritual events hosted by synagogues and other Jewish institutions across the community.


In collaboration with Jewish Family Service, Shalom Cares, the Loup JCC, and Volunteers of America, this program provides over 20,000 nutritious Kosher meals annually to Jewish seniors in need.

We support Israel and advocate for the Jewish world.


This program is a coalition of 36 Jewish organizations and synagogues in Colorado that come together to speak with one representative consensus voice. JCRC actively participates at the State and National level regarding issues of concern to Israel and the Jewish community.



This program creates heart-felt connections between Jews in Colorado and in Israel by building “living bridges” (people-to-people) through programs, travel, events, and other activities. One of the signature events is the Walk for Israel, which brought together 1,500 community members in 2015.

This program provides three community Shlichim, or emissaries who help build and strengthen connections between Colorado and the State of Israel. JEWISHcolorado recently welcomed Osnat Fox as our new Shlichah and Omer Karadi and Sivan Nabati as our new teen Shinshinim.

How Are These Programs Funded? JEWISHcolorado PROGRAMS


Early Childhood Education Scholarship PJ Library One Happy Camper Birthright - Colorado Young Adult Department (YAD) Community-Wide Pink Shabbat Community Nutrition Maintenance Program Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Israel Engagement Community Shlichim TOTAL VALUE-ADDED PROGRAMS

$80,000 $146,000 $75,000 $72,000 $318,000 $51,000 $82,000 $253,000 $174,000 $332,000 $1,583,000






25% 100%






93% 100%




71% 58% 51%

42% 49%



1 2 3 4

ELEMENT 3: Overhead/Operations = $1,475,000* Each year, as part of the budgeting process, funding for internal operations is determined. Based on dollars raised in FY2015, this equates to $.14 (or 14%) of every Annual Campaign dollar raised. This percentage benchmarks very well among other organizations in the non-profit sector. JEWISHcolorado is proud of its efficiency in this area. We are also proud that our existing infrastructure enables us to mobilize the community in a moment’s notice and to direct 100% of crisis funds raised without any additional overhead or administrative fees.

Budget Overview JEWISHcolorado prepares an annual budget based on revenues raised in the prior fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. This ensures that commitments and financial obligations are always fully funded. While JEWISHcolorado is focused on total Financial Resource Development (FRD), it is primarily the Unrestricted/ Allocable portion of our Annual Campaign that funds the budget and enables us to honor our Strategic Alliance Commitments, administer value-added community programs, support our ongoing infrastructure, and distribute grants to partner organizations in the Jewish world.

Where the Money Goes - FY2015 Annual Campaign

FundAdmin raising Expenses Costs $.04


Strategic Alliances $.04

Local & Overseas Grants

Local Agency Designations



*Total overhead/operation costs are net of non-campaign business income in FY2015.



Overseas Designations $.13




Programs & Community Services

Donor Restricted Designations



Programs & Grants




1 2 3 4

ELEMENT 4: External Grants (local and overseas) = $1,846,000 JEWISHcolorado is the only organization in the local Jewish community working on behalf of the entire Jewish world. This is primarily accomplished through external grants to local and overseas partners in support of programs that fall within our areas of impact.

Local Community Support Partners = $105,000 JEWISHcolorado made a significant investment of $105,000 in Community Support Funding in FY2015. This funding enabled any local Jewish organization to request support for event sponsorships, tribute journals, and other critical needs. In total, JEWISHcolorado supported 92 organizations through community support dollars.

Local PIN Funding - Programs with Impact and Need = $564,000 In addition to community support funding, JEWISHcolorado makes external grants to local agencies. External grants focus on a PIN model, which supports Programs with Impact and Need. A program has impact when it is consistent with our areas of strategic grant making to Engage the Next Generation in Being Jewish, Care for the Vulnerable, and Support Israel and Advocate for the Jewish World. Need is determined when the cost of the program is greater that the revenue for the program.

In essence, the PIN model enables JEWISHcolorado to “fill the gap” between revenues already generated for the program and what the program actually costs. PIN grants are funded from dollars historically used for allocations. Each year, grant funding is recommended through a volunteer led process and approved by JEWISHcolorado’s Board of Directors.

Two PIN Examples - Total list provided on page 14

Program: Community Chaplain Impact Area: Caring for the Vulnerable

Program: Community Schlichim Impact Area: Supporting Israel and Advocating for the Jewish world.

PIN GRANT*: $145,000

PIN Grant*: $114,000

% of gap funded: 100% % of total program funded: 100%

% of gap funded: 95% % of total program funded: 95%

*PIN Grants primarily support programs listed but also include support for other programs and/or signature agency events.



1 2 3 4

Local PIN Grants = $564,000 ENGAGE - $260,000 JEWISH DAY SCHOOLS $166,000



Supports the Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) and other programs designed to engage students at Beth Jacob High School, Denver Academy of Torah, Denver Jewish Day School, Hillel Academy, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim.

Supports the “welcome to campus” and “outreach” initiatives on Hillel’s three primary campuses, touching hundreds of students throughout the year.

Sponsors an Annual Fundraising Event in support of Flatiron Tribe Young Adult program and other programs designed to engage the next generation.

B’NAI BRITH YOUTH ORGANIZATION (BBYO) $16,000 Provides scholarships to over 80 teens for local, regional, and international conferences.

CARE - $174,000 JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE $145,000 Supports the Community Chaplain, which provides rabbinical services to Jews living in non-Jewish nursing homes. Also supports the Boulder Safety-Net Program which provides case management and companion services to Boulder clients.

SHALOM CARES $29,000 Sponsors an Annual Fundraising Event in support of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) and other services designed to provide residents with optimal care.

ADVOCATE - $130,000 THE LOUP JCC $114,000 Supports the Young Israel Emissary (Shaliach) and Israeli camp counselors as part of a significant investment in Community Shlichim working to build personal relationships between the Colorado Jewish community and Israel.


ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE $16,000 Sponsors the Annual Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Program which raises awareness and honors Holocaust survivors.

We supported and strengthened our connection with Israel through strategic funding and education on unique and challenging issues

Israel, National, and Overseas (INO) Grants = $1,177,000 In addition to local funding, JEWISHcolorado provides significant grants to various Israel, National, and overseas (INO) organizations. A large portion of INO funding supports our partnership region in Ramat HaNegev, Israel. After several years of informal collaboration, JEWISHcolorado officially entered into a partnership agreement with Ramat HaNegev in 2004. JEWISHcolorado now celebrates over a decade of working with the Ramat Negev Regional Council to strengthen the connection between Jews living in Israel and Jews living in the Diaspora. Partnership dollars support a myriad of programs in the region, including a Center for Children with Special Needs, a Young Adults Center, Pre-Army Development, and Women’s Entrepreneurship. JEWISHcolorado also provides significant funding to our primary national and overseas partners; the Jewish Federations of North American (JFNA), the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).


JFNA represents 151 Jewish Federations and over 300 Network communities, which raises more than $3 billion annually for social welfare, social services and educational needs. The Federation movement is collectively rated among the top 10 charities on the continent.



The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) was instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel. Today, JAFI works to revitalize Jewish life in the FSU and Central Europe, empower the next generation of Jews worldwide to develop vibrant Jewish communities and global peoplehood, and help Jews from around the world to make Aliyah.

JDC’s mission is to serve the needs of Jews throughout the world, particularly where their lives as Jews are threatened or made more difficult. JDC sponsors programs of relief, rescue and renewal and helps Israel address its most urgent social challenges.

Israel and Overseas Grants

Program Description

2015 Grant

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

Dues/Operating funding


JAFI/JDC/ORT/Core Support

Israel Engagement Programs

Ramat HaNegev Nitzana Lod

Core Funding


Israel Study Tour Subsidies


Teen/young adult Israel Travel Subsidies




Center for Children with Special Needs, Women’s Entrepreneurship, Young Adult Center, Pre-Army Leadership Development, Building Living Bridges




General Support



$10.3 million Global Jewish Impact!!! $7.5 million Local Impact + $2.8 million Overseas Impact

JEWISHcolorado’s global impact in the community includes external grants, funding for Strategic Alliance partnerships, and our unique value-added community programs. In addition, local and global Jewish organizations receive significant dollars through donor designated giving, community support funding, and distributions from Donor Advised Funds.

Other Community Support $105,000 Strategic Alliances $435,000 Local PIN Grants $564,000 $836,000 Donor Advised Fund Distributions $2,686,000 Jco Programs, Services & Outreach Donor Designated Giving $2,915,000

$56,000 Israel Study Tour (IST) $71,000 Jewish Federations of North America $230,000 Donor Advised Fund Distributions $256,000 International Partners* $820,000 Donor Designated Giving $1,349,000 Other Israel Funding

$7.5 million Local Impact

$2.8 million Overseas Impact *Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), American Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee (JDC), World ORT, Ramat HaNegev and Nitzana

Thank You 2015 Outgoing Board Members! Rick Altman

Goldie Cohen

Darren Markley

Gordan Post

Steve Stark

Randy Brunschwig

Lisa Engbar

David Moskowitz

Marc Spritzer

Joyce Zeff z”l

Please Welcome Our 2016 Board of Directors Amy Toltz-Miller Chair Nancy Gart Immediate Past Chair Ruth Malman Immediate Past Chair Jackie Wong Development/ Campaign Chair Andy Franklin Treasurer

Sue Allon

Tiffany Glucksman Appel

Diana Anderson Israel Engagement Committee Chair

Melinda Goldrich* Aspen Chair

Jacki Cooper Melmed

Charlie Gwirtsman

Jaime Miller Altman*

Andy Kark

Cintra Pollack

Rob Kaufmann*

Carl Rossow

Rabbi Joseph Black (RMRC Rep)

Gary Kleiman

Edward Shaoul

Bettina Kurowski

David Farahi

Scott Levin (Agency Rep)

Melanie Siegel Jewish Women’s Philanthropy Committee Chair

Alan Brandt* Planning & Grant Making Committee Chair

Sheryl Feiler

Steve Abelman Secretary

Ben Lusher* JCRC Chair

Dan Feiner

JJ Slatkin* Michael Tatz* David Weitzenfeld National Young Leadership Cabinet, Local Chair Seth Wong YAD Chair Royce Zimmerman Emeritus Board Members Charlene Loup Robert E. Loup Judy Robins

* incoming board members

To learn more about our work, visit or call 303.321.3399 16



300 S. Dahlia Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80246





2015 JEWISHcolorado Report to the Community  
2015 JEWISHcolorado Report to the Community  

JEWISHcolorado is the umbrella community organization inspired by the collective responsibility to build and sustain Jewish life in Colorado...