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Serving Embroiderers Worldwide Since 1982

Allied offers Wide Range of Round, Rectangular & Square Patented Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) Plastic Frames. Currently Available Popular PAGL Frame Sizes Are Listed Below. More Sizes Will be Available in the Future. 07, 09, 12, 15, 18, 21 cm Round 14 x 15, 16 x 17, 19 x 20, 24 x 24, 24 x 30, 30 x 30 cm Square/Rectangle Allied International Inc. offers More than 300 Different Sizes of Wooden Frames, Suited for Framing Articles for Broad Range of Embroidery Applications. Allied International Inc. offers Specially Designed Clamps/Devices for Embroidery Applications on Straps/Belts/Ribbons, Emblems/Badges, etc. Important: Using an Optimally Sized Embroidery Frame, based on the Size of the Embroidery Design, Location on the Garment, the Type & Thickness of the Fabric, etc., Will Help Increase the User’s Embroidery Productivity, Improve Embroidery Quality & Minimize Potential Rejections due to Improperly Positioned (Misaligned) Embroideries on Garments! The Best Quality, Best Features and Best Value! Allied Wooden Frames and Patented Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) Plastic Frames Are Reputed Worldwide for Helping Embroiderers Improve Productivity & Save Time & Money Every Day! 1

12 cm 09 cm

15 cm 5.9”


18 cm 7.1”

21 cm 8.3”


07 cm 2.8”

Only PAGL Frames Come with patented Reference Grid Lines & Numbered Markings which Enable Embroiderers to Save Framing Time & Money Every Day! 14 x 15 cm 5.5” x 6.0”

Square/Rectangular Frames

19 x 20 cm 7.5” x 8.0”

x 24 2424 x 24 cmcm x 9” 9” 9” x 9”

24 x 30 cm 9” x 12”

30 x 30 cm 12” x 12”

16 x 17 cm 6.5” x 7.0”

PAGL Frames are Available for TAJIMA Embroidery Machines for 360 , 500 & 605 mm Embroidery Fields


Why Choose Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) Embroidery Frames Over All Other Brands? Because Users Worldwide Say, “Allied Grid-Lock™ Frames Help Increase Embroidery Productivity and Profitability!” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------How Do PAGL Frames Increase Productivity & Profitability? The Patented Grid Lines & Other Numbered Reference Markings act as a Distancing Guide which Enables Users to Frame Garments Quickly and Correctly Aligned the First Time, thereby Saving Framing Time. They also Provide Quick Visual Confirmation of Proper Frame Placement Before Embroidering & therefore Help Eliminate the Cost of Rejected Garments Due to Misaligned Embroideries! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are these Patented Unique Features of PAGL Frames? Continue Reading to Find Out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Would You Like To Save Money & Time & Increase Profits? Choose Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Frames!


Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Frames Feature Proven Patented 1 cm Grid Lines on the Top Face of the Two Arms Which Act as a Distancing Guide to Help Users Visually Confirm Proper Framing Alignment.

Polo Sleeve Cuff Embroidery


Close-up View of Patented 1 cm Grid 5

Inside Inner Walls of PAGL™ Frames have Patented Reference Alignment Lines to Help Quickly and Easily Determine Proper Placement of the Frame.


Expanded View of Straight Edge “Lip”

Rectangular PAGL™ Frames also Feature a Straight-Edge “Lip” on All 4 Sides of the Inner Frame. These Lips also have Patented Reference Alignment Lines and Number Markings to Further Assist the User with Accurate and Consistently Aligned Framing.


The Top Face of Round PAGL™ Frames has Reference Dots for Quick Visual Radial Alignment


Additional Markings on the Top Face (circled) of Rectangular PAGL™ Frames can Further Assist with the Framing Process. A Unique Marking at the 12 o’clock Position on the Inner and Outer Frames Helps to Quickly Orient the Two Frames in the Correct Direction and Rotation.


All PAGL™ Frames Feature a 79 mm Long Adjustment Screw in the Outer Frame. The Increased Screw Length allows for Accommodation of Very Thick Fabrics.

The Adjustment Screw Spring between the tabs of the Outer Frame Keeps the Outer Frame in the Correct Opening Position which Eases Insertion of the Inner Frame.

The Knurled and Slotted Head makes for Easy Adjustment by Hand and Screwdriver.


Summary of Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Frame Features 1) Patented 1 cm Grid Lines on Top Face of Both Arms 2) Alternating Single and Double Patented Reference Alignment Lines on Inside Inner Frame Walls of Round PAGL™ Frames 3) Straight-Edge “Lip” on All 4 Sides of Rectangular PAGL™ Frames 4) Patented Reference Alignment Lines on Inside Wall of Inner Frame as well as Lips 5) Reference Dots on the Top Face of the Frame 6) 79 mm Long Adjustment Screw with Knurled & Slotted Head Accommodates Thicker Fabrics & also Allows for Easy Adjustment by Hand & Screwdriver 7) Spring Between Tabs Keeps Outer Frame Open in Correct Amount for Easier Insertion of Inner Frame These and other features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ frames help the embroiderer to quickly, accurately and consistently frame an article. They also help users visually confirm proper framing alignment.


6 Dimple Marks on Radial Dial Face to Aid in Alignment All Grid Lines Are 1 CM Apart Vertical Alignment Grid Lines

Horizontal Alignment Grid Lines

1) Select Suitable Vertical Line Based on Desired Distance From Placket Edge to Center of Embroidery

2) Align Selected Vertical Line Straight with Placket Stitch Line and Hoop the Garment 3) Achieve Aligned Embroidery at your Selected Distance from Placket

Vertical Grid Lines are also a Ready Distancing Guide from the Placket Edge to the Vertical Centerline of the Hoop

. Vertical Reference Lines on ID Wall of Inner Hoop. With any type of pattern in the fabric, these can also be used for alignment 12

Features - Premium Allied Grid-Lock Plastic Embroidery Frames (Hoops) for Tajima Embroidery Machines  

The patented features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock plastic embroidery frames for Tajima embroidery machines will improve your efficiency, pro...

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