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A Dynamic Cloud – right now, today With the arrival of cloud computing, IT decision makers have been given a unique opportunity to lead their organizations through challenging times. Cloud computing delivers a level of flexibility, efficiency and cost control that was impossible even a few years ago. Fujitsu Dynamic Cloud is the continuing development of the Dynamic Infrastructures strategy. Based on that strategy, Fujitsu has developed customer-centric solutions which enable you to use cloud computing in your enterprise in ways that are easy and secure. It is a very flexible concept that helps IT organizations to meet the challenges posed by their IT more effectively: Dynamic Cloud Services include standardized IT services from the cloud which you can use within a very short period of time. And this is possible without having to deal with the complex operation of hardware and software. Furthermore, for enterprises that would like to implement their own cloud infrastructure, Fujitsu offers Dynamic Cloud Infrastructures that are already pre-integrated and tested. Fujitsu includes best-in-class products from partners to provide highest efficiency and flexibility, e.g. NetApp storage systems. This has multiple benefits including faster implementation and earlier savings with minimum capital outlay. One example is Fujitsu’s FlexFrame for SAP which has been recognized by Forrester Research as a perfect base for private cloud environments. Fujitsu provides Dynamic Cloud Services with its global homogeneous cloud platform combined with technologies from

our partners like NetApp storage. Fujitsu offers unique options, from “as a Service” provisioning to delivering building blocks for Private Clouds, thus giving customers the ability to transition smoothly from today’s data center architectures and technologies to the innovative sourcing mix provided by clouds to precisely fulfill individual customer requirements. NetApp, Fujitsu, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions (FTS) deliver flexible, adaptable solutions that increase your ability to quickly respond to business changes, give you better resource utilization for efficient and responsive provisioning, and provide operational efficiencies that will help you reduce costs and maximize your budget.

»IT organizations today require flexible IT environments that allow them to keep pace with the ever changing market. Our partnership with NetApp enables us to deliver trusted cloud solutions and services for our customers, resolving the burden of fixed costs and inflexible infrastructures. Together, we provide innovative solutions that help companies use IT to respond to the dynamic business needs and capitalize on new opportunities for growth.« Andre Kiehne Vice President Cloud Business at Fujitsu

Dynamic Cloud Services The cloud you want – the help you need At Fujitsu, we believe cloud computing is more than a technology

users with an interface from which they can request server resources

model. It can change the way organizations do things, impacting

easily and efficiently. As one of the major pre-requisites for operation

processes and people alike.

in enterprise data centers, ServerView Resource Orchestrator offers operation security supporting role-based administration for multi-

Optimization with a global homogeneous offering

tenant environments. Moreover, users can choose from various

The Fujitsu Dynamic Cloud supports global as well as local

high-availability options to ensure business continuity, ranging

customers in improving existing business processes and

from failover solutions for single physical and virtual servers, up to

collaboration among employees, customers and partners, and

protection against complete site failures.

through new offerings the ability to retain current customers and address new target groups while using their IT more efficiently than ever before. This can be achieved on the basis of a global homogeneous Infrastructure as a Service offering and the provisioning of services worldwide from standardized data centers according to the highest standards of quality.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service bundles the offerings for provisioning virtual and dedicated servers, storage capacities in various classes as well as workplace environments. This offer is well suited for small and medium sized enterprises which we serve via channel partners as resellers. With ServerView Resource Orchestrator, Fujitsu offers resource orchestration software that enables IT organizations to deliver IT infrastructure resources faster while at the same time lowering the barriers for users to gain access to IT resources. Automation of provisioning processes helps to streamline infrastructure administration workflows with a positive impact on operational data center costs. A logical server concept hides the complexity of the underlying physical infrastructure and provides

A Dynamic Infrastructure to build on Private and Enterprise Clouds

FlexFrame for SAP

When customers face restrictions putting certain applications and

FlexFrame Control Center

services into our cloud due to governance reasons or because they prefer a gradual approach to the cloud, our Dynamic Cloud Infrastructures are the solution. They are the predefined and tested combination of infrastructure, middleware and software helping customers to build their own cloud. These dedicated environments always include billing, provisioning and security functionalities that also bridge into our Dynamic Cloud Services


Server Pool with physical and virtual servers



Operating system / SAP apps & DB / Data

NetApp Storage Pool








to enable a Hybrid Cloud scenario based on our Trusted and Private Clouds. The build in interface for communicating with the Fujitsu cloud allow for quick disaster recovery and deliver peak loads. By using standardized infrastructure components

Dynamic IT Solution for SAP® Adaptive Computing

along with packaged installation and migration services, we

As an SAP Global Partner for technology, hosting and service and

ensure a high level of security plus the agility typical of the cloud.

an SAP-certified Cloud Services Provider Fujitsu provides customers

Dynamic Cloud Infrastructures are usually managed by Fujitsu

with solutions and services which helps them to set new standards

even though the infrastructure is hosted at the customer’s site in

for their SAP operations. FlexFrame for SAP is an end-to-end

a Private Cloud environment. If the customer assumes exclusive

operating concept for service-oriented SAP infrastructure that

responsibility for operating the cloud, we call this an Enterprise

enables the consolidation of SAP applications on industry standard

Cloud environment.

platforms delivering a high quality of service. It dynamically

additional capacity and storage on demand, for example during

assigns physical and virtual servers to SAP applications on demand. The pre-tested delivered solution dramatically reduces costs in all phases of operations such as planning and implementation, operation for one or several clients and change management. The high agility of the solution enables easy scalability of servers and applications during operation. Here’s how K + S Group implemented private cloud:

As an inhouse IT service provider K+S IT Services GmbH

Cloud Consulting

supports K+S Group companies wordwide. To meet the

How can enterprises benefit from the cloud? How complex is it

requirements as permanent availability of all SAP services,

and are the possible risks? Every enterprise must determine for


itself how much potential is in the cloud and the options available

performance and adequate capacity K+S decided to completely

to improve IT performance must be identified and included in

virtualize resources and build a private cloud infrastructure.

an overall concept. Fujitsu can fully support you in conducting

FlexFrame for SAP turned out to be the perfect infrastructure

this evaluation: Starting with the definition of objectives, the

base to meet demands of the K+S Group and at the same

clarification of IT asset ownership and ending with the definition

time allows significant TCO reduction. Today the FlexFrame

of the right sourcing strategy. If your enterprise would like to gain

for SAP implementation for K+S Group’s private cloud consists

some initial experience with Cloud Computing – for example in

of a two-site configuration where both configurations are

software development or for workplace systems – you can take

production environments. A total of 136 PRIMERGY blade and

advantage of the »Try & Buy« option. The consulting also covers

stand-alone servers, and NetApp FAS systems in a MetroCluster

the strategic aspects for optimizing internal or cross-enterprise

configuration are distributed over two physically separate

collaboration, business intelligence or even the fulfillment of

locations. This approach provides 100% protection against

compliance requirements. Cloud consulting is based on proven

outages and eliminates the cost of a standby environment.

methodologies and tools for analysis and planning which Fujitsu

Significant increase in the performance of SAP Business

has used successfully for many years in international projects. The

Warehouse environment was also achieved through the

consulting focuses especially on the integration of Dynamic Clouds

use of Fujitsu’s BW Accelerator Infrastructure solution that

in enterprise IT, SLAs as well as data privacy and data security.

incorporates a dedicated NetApp FAS3140 storage system. The recent integration of VMware into FlexFrame for SAP and the introduction of the latest version of SAP’s Adaptive Computing Controller enable virtualization both at the hardware and

application level, a first in the market. K+S Group’s SAP

About Fujitsu Fujitsu is a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 170,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$55 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. For more information, please see: All rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical data subject to modifications and delivery subject to availability. Any liability that the data and illustrations are complete,actual or correct is excluded. Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may infringe therights of such owner. For further information see

Cloud Solution Brief Fujitsu_EN  

Cloud Solution Brief Fujitsu

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