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Ice packs and ice spray


Coach tapes, bandages and shin guard tapes

Plasters, wound cleaning and tape

KinesIology tape

Massage oil

Liniments and balms

Scissors, tweezers and nail pliers

WELCOME TO SPORTDOC Our vision is that all athletes at all times should be able to perform to their potential. Sport medical should not be about injuries; just as sports, it should be about performance. With this in mind we strive on a daily basis to reduce our athletes’ downtime by helping them to prevent and recover from injuries, enabling them to train smarter and harder. We have three big ideas that guide us in our pursuit of the perfect performance:

pulse We are all about Sport Medical, Sport Medical is our only focus and is where we perform SIMPLICITY We believe in making it simple; hence we deliver our knowledge and products in the simplest way possible FOCUS Our pulse symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the intense action in the sports we love, but above all the dedication in our people



SUPPORT Finally all the tapes and bandages you need in one place! Our high-quality coach tapes give mechanical support to protect ligaments and joints from sprains and other injuries. The variety in our range of bandages allows for flexible and simple usage in a wide range of sport injury applications.


MEDICAL PRO Non-elastic material makes for stable adhesion. Water-resistant and excellent strength. Serrated edge makes for easy removal. Zinc oxide adhesive for minimised skin irritation. Size: 25 mm x 10 m  ART.NO. 500103 Size: 38 mm x 10 m  ART.NO. 500113 

MEDICAL PRO deluxe Non-elastic material makes for stable adhesion. Water-resistant and excellent strength. Serrated edge makes for easy removal. Perforated material that allows the skin to breathe. Contains extra amounts of adhesive. Size: 25 mm x 13,7 m  ART.NO. 500203 Size: 40 mm x 13,7 m  ART.NO. 500213 


Medical Blue 2-pack Water-resistant high quality tape. Good adhesion qualities and easy to remove. Size: 38 mm x 9,1 m  ART.NO. 500001 


Extra rigid and strong tape specially developed for knee problems. Can also be used on the back, shoulders and feet. Serrated edge makes for easy removal and perforated material that allows the skin to breathe. Size: 25 mm x 13,7 m  ART.NO. 500303 Size: 38 mm x 13,7 m  ART.NO. 500313 

Cohesive Stretch Tape Elastic adhesive tape with good adhesion. Lets air and steam through. Size: 5 cm x 6,9 m  ART.NO. 503201  Size: 7,5 cm x 6,9 m  ART.NO. 503211

cohesive BANDAGE Adhesive Bandage Adhesive bandage with 60% elasticity. Used for compression, support and relief. Good adhesion. Gentle on the skin and lets air through. Size: 5 cm x 4,5 m  ART.NO. 503003 Size: 7,5 cm x 4,5 m ART.NO. 503013 

Self-adhesive bandage with 120% elasticity. Used for acute compression and support. Nonadhesive surface makes for easy use. Gentle on the skin and lets air through. Size: 5 cm x 4,5 m  ART.NO. 501203 Size: 7,5 cm x 4,5 m ART.NO. 501223 



Compressionpillow kidney

200% elastic. Easy to use. Lets air through. Quality and comfort.

Light and elastic compression pillow of the highest quality. Porous, breathable and allows air and steam through. Washable and boilable. For directional compression in the event of sports injuries.

Contents: 100% cotton Size: 6 cm x 7 m  ART.NO. 501001  Size: 8 cm x 7 m  ART.NO. 501011 Size: 10 cm x 7 m  ART.NO. 501021


Size: 9 cm x 5 cm  ART.NO. 502001

Shinguard Tape 10-pack Size: 19 mm x 20 m Colour: White  ART.NO. 506010  Colour: Black  ART.NO. 506020 Colour: Blue  ART.NO. 506030 Colour: Yellow  ART.NO. 506040 Colour: Green  ART.NO. 506050 Colour: Red  ART.NO. 506060 Colour: Transparent  ART.NO. 506070

Shinguard Tape 3-pack Size: 19 mm x 20 m Colour: White  ART.NO. 506011 

Colour: Black  ART.NO. 506021 Colour: Blue  ART.NO. 506031

Colour: Yellow  ART.NO. 506041 Colour: Green  ART.NO. 506051

Colour: Red  ART.NO. 506061 Colour: Transparent  ART.NO. 506071



PERFORMANCE As the name suggests these are the products that will enhance your performance in the sports you love. Currently the category includes our kinesiology tape that amongst its many benefits include increase of blood circulation and muscle activity.

KinesIology tape The kinesiology tape increases blood circulation, muscle activity and performance. Increased oxygenation and removal of fluid provides for quicker rehabilitation. Reduced pressure on the pain receptors facilitates targeted pain relief. The tape’s unique properties are due to its elasticity and wave pattern. Gentle on the skin, waterresistant and with good adhesion. Size: 50 mm x 5 m Colour: Blue  ART.NO. 510010  Colour: Pink  ART.NO. 510020

Colour: Beige  ART.NO. 510030 Colour: Black  ART.NO. 510040



HEATING The products that help you before, during and after high-intensity training and events. Before training it’s used for warming-up and softening-up of muscles to prepare for physical activity. During training the warming effect helps against temporary pain and swelling of joints and muscles. Lastly after training the warmth helps the muscles to relax and recover.

Liniment PRO

Liniment heat

Fast-acting cream liniment with deep warming effect. For use before and after high-intensity training and events. It contains the active component Methyl salicylate.

Fast-acting liniment with strong warming effect. Effective relief of temporary pain and swelling of the joints and musculature. Use in thin layers and rub in carefully with circular movements.

Size: 250 ml  ART.NO. 520102  

Liniment Sport Oil-based liniment used for the warming-up and softening-up of musculature. It provides a warming barrier on the skin and contains the active component Methyl salicylate. Size: 250 ml  ART.NO. 520002 

Size: 250 ml  ART.NO. 520202  

china balm

china stick

Warming effect against temporary pain and swelling of the joints and musculature.

Strong warming effect against temporary pain and swelling of the joints and musculature. For relief of soreness after training, stiffness, strains and sprains.

Size: 50 g  ART.NO. 520302  

Size: 100 g  ART.NO. 520312  



COOLING The products in the Cooling category are used on minor injuries to ease pain, reduce swelling and speed up recovery. The products should be applied on the affected area instantly to maximize the effect of treatment. For flexible usage the range includes both ice sprays and ice packs.

hot/COLD PACK reusable Flexible & pliable at temperatures as low as -20°C. Suitable for both cold and hot therapy (microwavable). Size: 12 cm x 25 cm  ART. NO. 530100 

COLD PACK SINGLE USE Cold Pack for one-time only use. Rapid cooling of acute injuries. Size: 280 g  ART.NO. 530000 

ice spray Cooling spray for quick cooling of minor injuries. Size: 150 ml  ART.NO. 531002 



WOUND CARE The category Wound Care includes a wide variety of products for effective treatment. Products like plasters, compresses, skin wash, rapid bandages and surgical tape are a must in every medical bag when the accident occurs.


medipeed mix 12-pack Size: 5 st/42 x 68 mm 5 st/34 x 54 mm 2 st/17 x 59 mm ART.NO. 540023 

Medipeed is a hydrocolloid plaster designed for the effective treatment of blisters. Medipeed has been developed in accordance with modern skin healing techniques and creates an optimal healing environment with the help of the skin’s own moisture.


medipeed heel 5-pack

medipeed mix 6-pack

Size: 3 cm x 6 cm  ART.NO. 540003 

Size: 2 st/42 x 68 mm 2 st/34 x 54 mm 2 st/17 x 59 mm ART.NO. 540013 

Chafe plate 4-pack Self-adhesive chafe plate. Prevents and protects chafing and blisters Size: 4 st/85 x 105 mm ART.NO. 540101 

textile plaster 20 pcs Elastic textile plaster with good adhesion. Soft absorbent sore pad. Size: 2 cm x 7,2 cm ART.NO. 541001 

textile plaster Elastic textile plaster with good adhesion. Soft absorbent sore pad. Size: 6 cm x 1 m ART.NO. 541011 

surgical tape 2-pack SKIN WASH Cleaning and disinfection of the skin to prevent infection. Size: 100 ml ART.NO. 546002 

Microporous surgical tape with allergy-friendly adhesion. Size: 2,5 cm x 9,14 m ART.NO. 542111 



BODY CARE Taking care of your body is a good way to prevent injuries. Currently the category Body Care includes our qualitative Massage Oil that minimize friction against the skin for an effective massage. More products are under development within the Body Care category, stay tuned.

massage oil Massage oil for effective massage. Minimises friction against the skin. Gentle on the skin, with a slight scent of citrus. Size: 250 ml  ART.NO. 551002 



ACCESSORIES The category includes the accessories which are always good to have at hand. Use them to avoid chafings and uncomfort as well as a complement to our products in the other categories.


nail scissors


Tweezers in stainless steel

Nail scissors in stainless steel

Nail pliers in stainless steel

ART.NO. 562001 

ART.NO. 563001 

ART.NO. 563201 


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