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leading-edge insights for the global healthcare industry

We don’t always choose the obvious route. But we always know the best one to choose. We know, because we’re All Global

Keeping you ahead of the game All Global are international healthcare data specialists with offices in London, New York and Baltimore. We started over a decade ago as a family business based on the values of supporting innovation, building trust and developing long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders. We are now a company of around 100 people, owned by WPP, the global leader in advertising and marketing services. We provide high quality healthcare research services for top global research companies and agencies across Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific.

Higher response rates, more reliable data Our experience means we target the right people using the right channels to deliver global, regional, local and niche stakeholder insights that will make a tangible difference to your business. Over time, we have established great relationships with our stakeholders – payors, key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals and patients – which translate into higher response rates and stronger, more reliable data for you.

“I have always had an excellent experience with All Global. They provide good and swift service and delivery according to specs and on time.� Marketing Director, large pharma

Pioneering solutions for a competitive edge We have earned a reputation as pioneers. All Global was one of the earliest adopters of online research, both in the US and Europe, and we are known for our willingness to tackle complicated projects and use technologies and techniques outside the mainstream. We will partner with you to find the right combination of methodologies – qualitative and quantitative, online and traditional – to produce bold, considered, clear research that puts you and your clients ahead of the competition.

“The All Global team is responsive and friendly, they are very organised, their approach is always clear and considered and their technology is strong. Their brand goes from strength to strength.� Agency Account Director, top 100 research agency

A powerful healthcare panel Over the years, All Global has built up trusted relationships with thousands of carefully selected healthcare professionals across the globe. We now have one of the most powerful, far reaching and responsive panels in the industry, giving you unsurpassed access to the opinions of highly targeted, relevant professionals across the US, EU, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Our healthcare panels include: Payor/ KOL/influencers we offer exceptional access at global, national and niche levels Physician panels and communities connecting you with over 450,000 active GPs and specialists worldwide Palliative care panel we provide access to over 18,000 physicians, nurses and pharmacists working in palliative care in 40 countries Patients we specialise in panels in all major disease areas, including over 150,00 diabetic patients and over 100,000 cancer patients Other healthcare stakeholders including allied health professionals, devices/diagnostics decision-makers, specialist nurses, pharmacists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, social workers, occupational therapists, dentists and veterinary surgeons.

“All Global and their team have provided outstanding work within a very quick turnaround needed for this project. The results were great and the level of the stakeholders they had access to was impressive’. International Marketing Research Agency

Quantitative research methods As early adopters of online quantitative research methods, we can provide you with rich data that quickly delivers a return on investment. We specialise in making the complex simple, from designing user-friendly surveys to incorporating multimedia content and presenting research findings clearly and concisely – always with actionable outcomes. Our customised/ad hoc quantitative research includes: Discrete Choice Modelling (DCM) including maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff); Adaptive Conjoint Analysis; probability/random sampling; patient charts; pricing analysis; rotation; compliance checks; trade-off exercises; segmentation; global landscaping; awareness, trial and tracking usage; syndicated/omnibus; and 24 hour turnaround.

Sophisticated qualitative research methods We offer a full range of qualitative research services, ensuring that you reach your desired groups of stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way. We offer stakeholder access and moderation virtually using sophisticated online tools and in person using our local project management teams. All Global’s qualitative services include: traditional face-to-face and telephone methodologies, including tele-depth interviews; ethnographic studies; workshops; mock formulatory committees and advisory boards; patient x physician interaction; and online qualitative methodologies such as MROC’s (Market Research Online Communities), social listening, webcam and video diaries, blogs, message boards and voting/polls.

Gain better market insights through combined solutions Payor/KOL market access solutions Payor/KOL face-to-face and online Advisory Boards, teledepths, workshops and mock formulary committees – designed to help you gain invaluable insights into market trends, governmental and formulary decision-making process, pricing and reimbursement regulations, and the latest drug/ treatment information at the highest level. Payor/KOL Inside Track Europe and US – a complete support package to help get the best out of Payors and influencers. Includes our Global healthcare report, and our EU/US Payer book, access to BRIC Payor guide online and Payor and KOL ecosystem/mapping service.

Healthcare professional and patient community solutions All Global Social online communities (MROC) including blogs, video diaries, forums, message boards, personal diaries, voting, polls and social listening. All Global Clinical a unique means of capturing patient’s experiences and combining with physicians’ clinical data. All Global Snapshot general 24hour research of multiple stakeholders – particular expertise in understanding local nuances to get the most informative feedback. Combined with social listening and other social media techniques to give ‘the word on the street’ on upcoming medical events.

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We care passionately about getting great results for our clients. Have a look at how we have helped others at and please get in touch. Tell us about your upcoming research challenges and let’s talk about how we could work together. Headquarters New York 11 Madison Avenue 12th Floor New York, NY 10010 USA T +1 212 271 1200 F +1 212 414 1154 London The Tea Building 3rd Floor (3.02) 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ UK T +44 (0)207 729 1400 F +44 (0)207 749 1467

“All Global’s work is always outstanding.”

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All Global - About us  
All Global - About us  

leading-edge insights for the global healthcare industry