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A Clear Vision Ahead

september 2013

In the Middle East September, more so than January, is often a time to put new strategies in place and to re-evaluate our plans for the rest of the year-kids are back in school, the summer heat is coming to an end and we’ve had time to reflect and pause over Ramadan and Eid so what better time to have a clear vision for your company’s projects?

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In this issue of Landscape, we’ve selected some of the most innovative and well executed projects that have been planned and developed in recent times. Starting with Vancouver’s Olympic Village green roof’s project, which is striving for 5 Categories of Excellence. The Olympic Village project was designed to last and indeed planned for longevity; it’s truly a shining example of well-executed architecture. See page 24 for the full project profile.

Architect Vincent Callebaut’s vision couldn’t be clearer for his ‘Solar Drop’ project in Abu Dhabi. The aquatic complex is implanted on an artificial island in Abu Dhabi, The purpose of the project ‘Solar Drop’ is to maximize the magnificence of this exceptional site thrown on the Sea of Oman. Read page 16 for more details of this fascinating project. Another significant project that defines one of Australia’s most popular coastlines along Bondi beach is the La Perouse Headland Coastal Walk & Loop Road Project in Sydney. Not only is the Headland of great environmental significance but it’s also of great historical importance to the Aboriginal people who have occupied the area for thousands of years, thus Randwick City Council decided to upgrade the area. (Page 42) We’ve also got interviews with EDSA Principal Joseph Lalli and much more inside. Enjoy the issue!

John Hampton

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September 2013 - Issue 75


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The Solar Drop panoramic majlis Vancouver olympic village green roof strives for 5 categories of excellence Plaza Euskadi Interview with Mr. Joe Lalli of EDSA La perouse headland coastal walk & loop road project, Sydney, Australia The Bkheir project The history of swimming pools Science museum

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News & Events

Palm Utilities honored as key Investor Partner by Dubai Quality Group Parties to mutually champion quality performance & business excellence

Marwan Al Naqi,

CEO, Palm Utilities


alm Utilities (PU), a Dubai World company, has recently entered into an agreement with Dubai Quality Group (DQG) by which PU will be an Investor Partner of DQG for the first time. The agreement was signed by Mr. Marwan Al Naqi, CEO of Palm Utilities and Dr. Yousef AlAkraf, Chairman of DQG, in the presence of Ms. Badriya Al Tamimi, Managing Director of DQG. Under the partnership, both parties will collaborate on promoting excellence and quality performance in business. PU will have access to the various workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences and other special events organized by DQG annually to provide networking, information exchange, workplace and professional development opportunities across all types of businesses. It will also be able to participate in various DQG-initiated benchmarking activities and site visits. DQG, on the other hand, will

benefit from PU’s invaluable joint support in organizing quality-focused initiatives and spreading a culture of business excellence in Dubai and across the UAE. Palm Utilities is an ideal addition to DQG’s membership. PU was founded to provide world-class solutions that address the cooling and water requirements of residential communities and business establishments in the region. Aside from being acknowledged as a technology innovator, PU is also acclaimed for adhering to the highest performance, safety and environmental sustainability standards in all of its services. Marwan Al Naqi, CEO of Palm Utilities, said: “Dubai Quality Group has proven time and again its exceptional ability to incorporate the highest levels of quality and excellence within an organization, regardless of size or nature. Being a DQG member will positively impact our operations and business by giving us access to dedicated resources and knowledge that will not only complement but improve further on our own qualityrelated programmes in critical areas such as innovation, sustainability and strategic planning. Our inclusion as an Investor Partner in DQG will enable us to sustain our achievements in setting quality standards and benchmarks within our organisation.”

“The Middle East has one of the most competitive business landscapes in the world. Our partnership with DQG will enable us to not only thrive and excel in this kind of environment but benefit as well from the various business opportunities it holds. We thank DQG for accepting us into its fold and assure them of a very fruitful collaboration with our organization,” he added. Dr. Yousef Al-Akraf, Chairman of DQG, said: “We look forward to maintaining a highly productive and mutually beneficial partnership with Palm Utilities. The various projects we shall jointly engage in will significantly impact our continuing efforts to promote quality and excellence in business. We are committed to expanding our cooperation and helping Palm Utilities achieve its own strategic objectives as a quality-driven business organisation.” Palm Utilities was founded in January 2007 as a subsidiary of Dubai World. It offers integrated services in the utility domain, with a base comprising 15,200 end users and 388 towers owned by 180 developers. It ranks among the world’s major private utility companies with an asset portfolio of 14 district cooling plants and an extensive suite of customers care services. Dubai Quality Group (DQG) is a non-profit business organisation established by the Dubai Department of Economic Development in 1993 under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Guided by the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, DQG develops and promotes Quality and Business Excellence practices throughout the UAE.

(Right to Left) Ms. Badriya Al Tamimi, Managing Director of DQG, Dr. Yousef Al-Akraf, Chairman of DQ, and Marwan Al Naqi, CEO of Palm Utilities

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

News & Events News & Events

Trees in Giant Flowerpots green the centre of Dijon


he classic ‘Place Darcy’ in Dijon, France, has undergone a major refurbishment. The Giant Flowerpots from the Streetlife Collection have been placed above the new underground parking garage, half submerged in the square’s paving. These large flowerpots have been manufactured using the new and extremely durable material: bio composite with natural fibres. French landscape architect, Alfred Peter, is responsible for the innovative design. The classic square has been given a green layer, which is pleasing to the eye. An arboretum of 55 different trees in a geometric pattern has been created, the shade of which offers a pleasant retreat on hot days. The rims of the pots are designed by Streetlife so as to form circular benches around the trees, offering the opportunity to sit down. The square’s urban dynamic has improved and is appealing. Even at the tram stops, the potted trees serve as furniture on which to sit and wait. The special Treetec® system, combined with the generous amount of substrate the tree tubs offer (3.5 m3), will allow the trees to fully develop in the urban climate. ‘Place Darcy’ has been redesigned as part of the largest Tramway project in France.

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Natural Fibres For several years now, the Giant Flowerpots, with a maximum diameter of 240 cm, have been a striking feature within the Streetlife Collection. In the 2012-2013 Collection, the tree tubs were expanded with a version in bio composite with natural fibres, in addition to steel and plastic. The material is a durable bio composite reinforced with hemp and fibreglass. Characteristic of its appearance is the visible surface structure of the natural fibres, which is both attractive and ideal for public spaces, as slight damage and grime are less noticeable. The pots are available in two natural colours. In Dijon, a special, warm burgundy colour has been used. Treetec® treecare system Streetlife has years of experience with the Treetec® systems, which are optional applied in Streetlife’s professional tree tubs. The system ensures adequate insulation, oxygen circulation, root ball fixing, irrigation and excess water drainage, providing the best care for the tree. The simple Treetec® Basic system has been applied in Dijon, in conjunction with an automatic watering system. Streetlife Streetlife offers a high-quality collection of street furniture, tree

products, bridges and decking materials for landscape architects. The company, which was founded by designer Peter Krouwel, has its headquarters in the Netherlands, but also operates from Studio Scandinavia, Dubai and Streetlife Studio America. Streetlife’s in-house design and engineering team supplies durable building blocks for rural and urban design plans. Projects have been carried out in Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and America. Streetlife also supplied hundreds of benches for Olympic Park as part of the London Olympic Games in 2012. Streetlife stands for quality and innovation in public spaces. With landscape as its central focus, it operates on the design principles of ‘sustainability’ and ‘longevity’. The complete 2012-2013 Collection can be found online (www.streetlife.nl) and is also captured in the publication titled ‘Streetlife Collection 2012-2013’. Streetlife Dubai by: WT Burden Middle East FZCO Jebel Ali Free Zoe / FZ S E07 Po Box 261378 Dubai – UAE streetfurniture@wtburden.ae T: +971 4 8860 700 F: +971 4 8860 701

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News & Events

Saudi Build confirms over 500 exhibitors 3 months ahead of 25th anniversary Doka Saudi Arabia, major construction players to showcase leading projects & solutions

Zeyad Al Rukban

Assistant General Manager, Riyadh Exhibitions Company


audi Build 2013, the latest edition of the region’s premier construction event, has confirmed over 500 exhibitors three months ahead of the show’s kickoff on November 4, 2013 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. Now on its 25th year, Saudi Build will reflect how, with around SAR 375 billion worth of projects on the pipeline, KSA continues to be a driving force for construction in the MENA region. So far, 28 countries have assured their participation in the Kingdom’s largest business to business construction fair this year. Saudi Build 2013, the 25th International Construction Technology and Building Materials Exhibition, will once again be a melting pot of contractors, real estate developers and building owners who will get to explore a full range of the best building solutions out in the international markets. Many of the leading names in KSA construction will showcase their key developments at the upcoming event; Doka Saudi Arabia, for one, will present its extensive formwork solutions. Doka has been involved in several of the Kingdom’s mega-projects, including King Abdullah Sport City, King Abdullah Financial District, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz project Third Saudi Expansion of Holy Haram Makkah and surrounding areas, and King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Doka and other key players will reveal the unique solutions they employ for various construction requirements and what strategies they use to energize the local markets.

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“This is an important year for Saudi Build given its 25th year of existence and its valuable contributions to the ongoing dynamism of the Saudi construction market. Companies that have played key roles in growing the local industry such as Doka will make this edition extraspecial by sharing the technologies, tools and best practices that have turned the Kingdom into the region’s top construction hub. This year’s edition will be an occasion to both look back at Saudi Arabia’s great accomplishments in the construction field and set better and brighter directions for industry,” said Zeyad Al Rukban, Assistant General Manager, Riyadh Exhibitions Company. Saudi Build 2013 will also offer trade visitors exciting displays of the latest and top-notch Building Materials and Equipment, Architectural Finishing Products, Stone, Marble and Granite Products, Construction Tools and Technology, Engineering Services, Infrastructure Materials, and Security and Safety Systems, among others. The show will serve as the main platform for building new business opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s construction sector through displays and presentations of the latest in technology, machinery and equipment. Last year’s edition welcomed 812 exhibitors from 34 countries and 22,649 visitors covering an exhibiting space of sqm 26,000; with exhibitor confirmations already in full swing, the 2013 edition is on track to achieve record figures. Full information on Saudi Build 2013, the 25th International Construction Technology and Building Materials Exhibition is available at http://www.saudibuild-expo.com.

imagination unlimited…

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Surface Finishes: •Shot Blasted •Curling •Antique •Honed •Exfoliated •Washed •Italian Colour Mix

Transgulf Cement Products LLC DUBAI: PO Box 25595, Jebel Ali Industrial Area No 1, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 8801020; Fax: +971 4 8801021 / 8801931 ABU DHABI: P O Box 131329, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel: +971 2 6797959 Fax: +971 2 6797960 Email: info@tgcp.ae; Website: www.tgcp.ae I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

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New regional landscape & urban greenery trade event GreenUrbanScape Asia will incorporate International Skyrise Greenery Conference & International Landscape Industry Association Summit


ingapore, 1 September 2012 – In a sign of Singapore’s growing importance as a hub for landscape and urban design solutions, Singapore will host GreenUrbanScape Asia, a new regional trade exhibition and conference at the Singapore Expo from 7 to 9 November 2013. Visitors can expect to see innovations and solutions in all aspects of landscape and urban greenery, including planning, design, construction, and management. GreenUrbanScape Asia will also incorporate the 2nd International Skyrise Greenery Conference and the 2nd International Landscape Industry Association Summit. Singapore - a City in a Garden Mr Teva Raj, Director of Industry and Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology (CUGE) at the National Parks Board (NParks), said, “Over the years, Singapore has developed a proven track record in greening urban spaces and balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. The landscape industry will continue to play a pivotal role in Singapore’s journey to transform itself into a City in a Garden. To enhance industry productivity, the Government has set aside $12 million for initiatives under NParks’ Landscape Industry Productivity Roadmap. With the industry expected to grow between


4% and 6% each year, GreenUrbanScape Asia will contribute to this projected growth by strengthening buyer-contractor partnerships, improving management know-how and promoting trade.” Strong industry support Mr John Tan, Chairman of Landscape Industry Association (Singapore) (LIAS), is confident that GreenUrbanScape Asia will be an ideal platform for both local and regional companies to showcase their products and services to international buyers. He said, “Landscape implementers will definitely be able to extend their business reach at GreenUrbanScape Asia. With Singapore as the springboard into Asia and beyond, GreenUrbanScape Asia will present vast opportunities for meaningful conversations between designers and implementers, government and industry, thereby propelling the landscape and urban design sector into a new growth opportunity for all.” The Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), which champions professional development, business

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

development as well as research and education for the landscape architecture profession in Singapore, also sees great potential in GreenUrbanScape Asia as a platform for trade and thought leadership. Said Mr Damian Tang, President of SILA, “We have partnered LIAS, NParks and Singex to launch GreenUrbanScape Asia to offer practitioners ample opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking in a global setting. At GreenUrbanScape Asia, landscape architects will not only be updated on best practices and environmental issues relating to landscape architecture, but also be able to interact with international policymakers, planners and landscape implementers to achieve synergy and growth for the Asian landscape industry.” Mr Aloysius Arlando, Chief Executive Officer of Singex Group, said, “Singex is committed to the development of events in emerging and specialised industries, and the landscape sector is one in which we see vast potential. As an environmental hub, Singapore has a key part to play in raising the region’s awareness of urban environmental issues and opportunities for change. Collaborating closely with NParks, LIAS and SILA, Singex will position GreenUrbanScape Asia as a preeminent exhibition and conference in the international landscape industry’s event calendar.” Jointly organised by NParks, LIAS, SILA and Singex, GreenUrbanScape Asia is launched at a time when the need for liveable and sustainable cities is intensifying. The congestion and pollution that have accompanied rapid urbanisation across Asia have made creating spaces conducive for life, work and play, a paramount issue. Currently, the event counts the Australian Institute of Horticulture, the Landscape Contractors Association of the Philippines, Orchid Society of South-East Asia, and Taiwan Floriculture Development Association as supporting organisations, and more industry bodies are expected to come onboard over the next few months. For more information, please visit www.greenurbanscape.asia.

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urban landscape

Blue Stream part of Palm Jumeirah’s Urban Landscape Enhancement Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago designed by Nakheel to be one of the wonders of modern Dubai. It is host to a variety of hotels and resorts of expansive grandeur and phenomenal luxury. It also houses a wide variety of world-class residential and commercial projects, which are closing completion. Its most popular feature is the 5 star aqua themed hotel Atlantis. 12

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

Man-Made Marvel

Around the world, the Palm Jumeirah has become a symbol of Dubai’s incredible innovation, luxury and ambition. The man-made island stretches into the Arabian Gulf in the shape of a palm tree and consists of a trunk, a crown with 16 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometer long breakwater. The island’s total area is estimated to be larger than 800 football pitches and is considered the world’s largest artificial island. In a recent Mastercard report it was stated that the emirate is set to become the world’s seventh most popular tourism destination, and at current growth rates is likely to be in the top three by 2017 – ahead of Singapore, New York and Paris.

Tourist Destination

Nakheel has realized Palm Jumeirah has now transcended into being a tourist destination on its own rather than just hosting tourists at its various resorts. Thus, the developers are keen to develop it into a more pedestrian friendly environment with beautiful landscaping.

Urban Design Projects

Blue Stream has collaborated with Nakheel in working with them to design the urban décor litter receptacles on the crescent of the palm. The crescent is one of the most visited locations on the palm and sees a heavy pedestrian traffic flow on a day to day basis which includes the local residents, tourists staying in hotels on the Palm as well as tourists staying in other parts of Dubai.

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urban landscape

The collaboration began with the idea of designing a litter receptacle that is not just aesthetically adhering to the standards of beautification on the palm but also integrating well into the existing urban landscape. The design of the bins was based on two major aspects. Aesthetics being one and the second is functionality.

Project Specific

The clear ambition here was to contain the drastic volume of waste being generated by these incoming visitors as well as ensuring that these litter receptacles are easy to use considering the high frequency of emptying by the facilities management personnel. This had to be coupled along with the fact that the bins had to be made vandal proof to ensure the waste was not tampered with by any means. The bin is also designed with a secure lock and

key access, to guarantee proper handling of waste. These bins were bolted and anchored to the ground making sure their position is not tinkered with by anybody.

Design Oriented

The design of the bin matches the appeal of the urban landscape. It is also provided with the standing ashtray since it is placed in an area where smoking is permitted. The receptacle positions were decided by Nakheel to ensure easy proximity to oncoming visitors and pedestrians and with appropriate distances between each other. The bins have also been labeled serially to keep an active inventory of the bins at any point of time. The most critical aspect of the


I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

design of the receptacle focused on making it very resistant to the highly corrosive environment on the crescent of the palm – with its moist and salty sea breeze air, which can play a major role in the degeneration and corrosion of metal products placed in the vicinity. To contest these challenges, Blue Stream worked on special coating protection and manufacturing processes to ensure that the material of the bin can withstand this kind of environment.


This is one of the few ways where an existing development has seen an enhancement of its public spaces by simple implementation of urban receptacles and street furnishings that can add phenomenal value to the project.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Confucius







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he aquatic complex is implanted on an artificial island in Abu Dhabi, a polder measuring 100 meters by 100 meters, at the end of a 500 meters long breakwater. The purpose of the project ‘Solar Drop’ is to maximize the magnificence of this exceptional site thrown on the Sea of Oman. To free the skyline from the carrier points of the construction, the project mainly bases on an enormous structural dome which spreads in the space as a flower taking root at the center of the island. This flower consists of two coupled spiral domes. Indeed, the convex superior dome is covered with 16 spirals of photovoltaic cells, whereas the concave lower is papered with 16 vegetable spirals. In the center of this spinning flower, made of laces of steal with Arabic patterns, lays the agora of Panoramic Majlis, which reaches every function. In the heart of the project, this mineral and aquatic agora is a haven of peace and freshness which welcomes visitors and guests in an exceptional setting. To better assume the profiles of the breakwater, these two central domes metamorphose in an immense droplet in sustentation. It becomes, from then on, a generous panoramic canopy cantilevered above steams. All the island is

protected from the sun to better develop the inter-connectivity between the internal and outer spaces and multiply the road way in this warm and dry country. To better take advantage of the marine ecosystem, the suites are designed as aquatic lodges built close to the water. They all align

themselves respectively with a radial plan bound by an arc of a circle 350 meters in diameter, floating in the sea. Inside this circle, a new coral reef will be cultivated by aquatic gardeners. Besides the fact of benefiting from a total symbiosis with marine fauna and flora, this off-centered establishment allows every suite to take advantage of a total calm, shielded from the noise pollution of the complex.


All around the heart of the flower, spread 3 thematic petals which group together the 3 main functions of the program : the Majlis and its reception hall, the spa and its thermal cure center, and finally the indoor / outdoor swimming pool of fresh water.

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013


a q u at i c c o m p l e x

These 3 petals are built in overhang on a base welcoming parking lots, logistic premises such as central kitchens and their reserves, technical premises of swimming pools as well as reservoirs of organic substrata necessary for gardens. This layout in balcony allows to strengthen the visual connection between


man and sea, and offers fields of sight diving into marine depths. North petal, the most shaded, is dedicated to the Majlis and its dining-room, overhanging the sea. It offers magnificent views in deep turquoise and emerald colors, towards the horizon.

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a q u at i c c o m p l e x

South-East petal shelters the big swimming-pool of fresh water in direct link with the white sand beach protected from prevailing sea currents coming from the North-West. Finally, South-West petal turns itself to the slept of the comforting sun, to implant there Turkish baths, sauna, hammam and other spaces for relaxation. Between these 3 petals of glass and steel, which are outlined under the concave dome, 3 tropical oasis come to create shaded atmospheres


I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

dedicated to stroll. Indeed, palm trees, banana trees, orange trees, and orchids free their aromas for the pleasure of senses. These 3 gardens will particularly allow to filter partially and naturally the water of the aquatic ponds by phyto-purification.


The sensual and dynamic dress of the project ‘Solar Drop’ symbolizes the integration of renewable energies to make of Majlis in Grain

The challenge to provide quality products to safe environment

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WT Burden Middle East FZCO Jebel Ali Free Zone, FZS1 AE07 P.O. Box 261378, Dubai UAE Tel.: +971 4 886 0700 Fax.:+971 4 886 0701 Email: jam@wtburden.ae I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013


aB qi oui at n sipci rc at o mi op lne x

Al Aish a new emblem of green architecture in Abu Dhabi. In this perspective, the solar roof is chiselled of more than 7500 m² of bluish single-crystal solar panels as well as of 2500 m² of plant pillows absorbing the humidity of the air and cooling the complex by evapotranspiration of plants. The Majlis is a building with positive energy; meaning it is producing more energy than it consumes.


I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

In the same overview, the access road in the complex is punctuated with twenty axial wind turbines of Darrieus type which will allow to illuminate in self-sufficiency this breakwater and its accesses, by taking advantage of the strength of prevailing winds. SOLAR DROP is thus a project ecoconceived from the renewable energies which glorifies the Arabic culture on this

bank of the Sea of Oman. It is an ode to the fluidity which militates for the protection of local marine ecosystem and for its development. It is a natural case, which has been hatched within a dry region to propose a unique aquatic experience. It is an oasis of peace and happiness to be shared ! Vincent Callebaut Architect


TYPE: Architectural and Engineering Consultancy by Invitation CONTRACT LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, Existing Breakwater CLIENT: Private Client, Abu Dhabi PROGRAM: Panoramic Majlis, Aquatic Center SURFACE AREA: 15 000 m² VCA’S TEAM: Emilie Diers, Frederique Beck, Benoit Patterlini, Marco Conti Sikic, Vincent Callebaut

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O ly m p i c V i l l a g e

Vancouver Olympic Village Green Roof Strives for 5 Categories of Excellence By Joy Schmidt, President, Vitaroofs International Inc.

The Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger� is a symbol of multipronged excellence. It is with this spirit and enthusiasm that the green roof design team approached the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village green roofs, targeting nothing less than excellence in five distinct categories:


I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013



urante Kreuk, landscape architects for the Olympic Village development, developed a playful design of figurine motifs of Olympic athletes playing hockey, curling and competing at luge across the roofscape. Inspired by this grand vision for the project, Joy Schmidt, green roof consultant, manufactured giant ‘cookie cutters’ to perform as a metal border and establish a clear outline of these shapes. In order to create a striking contrast with the otherwise green background, it was decided that the figures should be red. Sedum voodoo was combined with other red perennials and red lava to deliver a colour vibrant enough to deliver impact at a distance.


The vegetated roofing containing the colourful motifs of athletic figures across the Vancouver’s Olympic Village measures 56,000 square feet and spans over eight city blocks. Discounting impact, speed, longevity and climate considerations, for its feat in scale alone this project does justice to the pageantry and excitement of the Olympics.

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013


O ly m p i c V i l l a g e


The Olympics presents a hard deadline like no other. This deadline is well known around the globe and it is simply not negotiable. The combined challenge of scale, design complexity and a no-nonsense schedule rendered out of the box thinking


about logistics a necessity for this green roof design team: • Three independent landscape contractors were hired to generate a large enough workforce. • Operations were managed with the greatest of care in order to ensure constant productivity, despite the number of people working side-by-side on what was surely becoming a tight site space. • The design team also planned well ahead to ensure the pre-grown mats would be ready in time by having the foresight to secure and oversee an unusually long-term commitment (one and half years) from the landscape and general contractors.

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With over 161 rainy days per year and 1,154.7 mm of rain per year, nearly double the rainfall in London, England - a city known for rainy weather, Vancouver is Canada’s third most rainy city. Thus, reasonably, the official development plan for the Olympic Village included a design requirement to capture and use the rainwater that naturally falls on the site in order to avoid irrigation with potable water. By capturing and storing rainwater in their soils, the green roofs slow the rain down with soil percolation, minimizing wasted water on rainy days and avoiding the need for watering on dry days. This green roof stormwater system was also supplemented with basement cisterns that collect water for flushing and irrigation.


Still a sensation today, the Olympic Village

green roofs were designed to last with calculated selection of roofing membranes and sedums that not only met with design parameters but were also able to sustain extreme, local climate. The rooftops provide interest to neighbouring buildings and they continue to be enjoyed by the new residents of Southeast False Creek, a mixeduse community with approximately 1,100 residential units, area parks and a growing number of retail and service outlets. With its

Imagineering ad May'13 Final.pdf



careful planning for longevity, the Olympic Village has been positioned to continue to serve the city as a legacy to its prestigious moment as host of the Olympic Games. Beyond being a symbol of excellence, the Olympics is also a rare and noble symbol of unity. On this project, this ideology was mirrored by the number of people that managed to come together, operate as one and push the creative limits, until as a 9:46 AM

collective they managed to realize a single, grand vision, together. When all is said and done, is it really the sixth, unstated category, collaboration that took the Olympic Village green roofs to the finish line? Landscape architect: Durante Kreuk Green roof consultant: Joy Schmidt, President, Vitaroofs International Inc.

Imagineering is a dynamic and innovative company set up to meet the challenges of the modern market by providing clients with creative design and application solutions.

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p u b l i c pa r k



Plaza Euskadi connects the nineteenth century section of the city called El Ensanche, to the new Bilbao, Deusto university campus, the Guggenheim Museum and the Nervi贸n River. 30

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he Plaza emerges as a pivot point that unifies various built elements. Apart from the Museum of Fine Arts and historic residential buildings, the plaza is surrounded by contemporary buildings comprising of the university and library buildings, shopping mall, subway station, hotels, residential buildings, and office skyscraper designed by architects including Gehry, Moneo, Pelli, Siza, Krier, Legorreta, and Stern. A direct central path, which is the focus of the energy and urban movement that spreads to the whole area, sews all the

Plaza Euskadi Plan Balmori Associates

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p u b l i c pa r k

pieces together, while the tree-lined perimeter path of the oval form allows for circulation and more leisurely sitting. Three public park “pockets” hooked onto the side of the central path display playful seating of recycled rubber. Each pocket has a different character: a reflecting puddles-seating amphitheater section, an


ottoman seating section, and a “garden” section with a selection of flowering shrubs and a 100 year old Laegostremia tree at its entrance. A one-thousand-space underground car park lies underneath the northern half of the plaza. The plaza, referred to by the local media as “the plaza of the crisis” cost 1.37 million

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euros, a sixth of the original construction budget. In 2008 the construction of the Plaza was impacted by the economic downturn in Spain leading to a complete re-design which included the removal of the fountains, the cut down on planting and grading, and the change of materials.












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Balmori Associates, Inc. is a landscape and urban design firm founded by Dr. Diana Balmori in 1990. The practice is recognized worldwide for designing sustainable infrastructures that serve as the interface between landscape and architecture. The firm’s approach is rooted in the exploration of the boundaries between nature and structure through landscape. Inventive thinking, and analysis of hydrological, ecological and temporal dimension leads to an artistic and functional design aesthetic. This approach involves architects, engineers, ecologists and artists and has led to a portfolio of award winning projects for public and private clients in Europe, Asia and America. Located in New York since 2001, Balmori Associates is led by 3 Principals, Dr. Diana Balmori, Noémie Lafaurie-Debany, and Javier GonzálezCampaña, and Design Director Mark Thomann who are supported by a multidisciplinary, multi-lingual team.

LOCATION: Bilbao, Spain CLIENT: Sociedad Bilbao Ria 2000 SIZE: 10,000 m2 STATUS: Opened May 2011 DESIGN TEAM: Balmori Associates, Inc. Lantec PHOTO CREDIT: Sociedad Bilbao Ria 2000 Gonzalo Urgoiti Balmori Associates


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Modern lightweight planters with the identical look and feel of original Terrazzo. The wide range consists of ageless shapes and forms and creates a unique atmosphere in your garden or living. Available in small to XX-large suitable for garden and project business. Classic lightweight planters and ornaments are indistinguishable from the original weathered concrete. The combination of a unique finish with a romantic atmosphere is a special addition to every classical garden. The collections are innovative, with an emphasis on quality and durability. Our company name has changed from Capital Ornaments to Capi Europe.

w w w. c a p i - e u ro p e . c o m

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How has EDSA improved or reshaped the landscape in the UAE with one of their projects?

Interview with Mr. Joseph Lalli EDSA Principal 36

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It is difficult to say that only one project can reshape a country but what EDSA has demonstrated and accomplished is over a period of time, done several high profile projects that constantly raise the bar and serve as examples of excellence in design and execution. When did your company first set up business in the region? How many global offices do you have and have you any expansion plans within the MENA region?

We have been working in the region for more than 30 years. We have had several field offices and three years ago established a registered company in Abu Dhabi.

Main Entrance Arrival

Planning, landscape architecture, and urban design all come under EDSA’s remit. Which element contributes to the most revenue for the company?

In our case, we usually take a project from planning through all phases so it is hard to say; however, more revenue is earned through the detailed phases.

What were the major contributions of EDSA to the Al Ain Wild life Park and Resort?

One of our major contributions was to not only maintain the original vision but to be a key member of the team in holding the project together and getting it implemented during some very difficult economic times.

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Why is it one of the “World’s most ambitious wildlife projects?

I feel because of its size, complexity and number of animals we are dealing with. Although not officially opened to the public, many officials have remarked they have been amazed at what has been accomplished to date and say they have never seen anything that could compete with it. What are the main challenges of working on this project in the Middle East environment?

Like anything large scale, the main challenges are the number of people you must deal with and try to stay focused on the vision and a real commitment to finish and maintain a high level of quality. On site: Sheikh Zayed Panoramic 3


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interview On site: Sheikh Zayed Panoramic 2

EDSA obviously adheres to International standards when completing projects but how important is it for maintenance workers to be trained so they can carry on in these practices once you have left the site?

Training starts from the beginning and it is critical to have a management staff that is involved with the vision and implementation. Which regional projects have been most memorable or challenging for you as a company?

For me personally, it would have to be Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort. This project is all about sustainability, conservation, and protection of endangered animals, education and entertainment. Although the jury is still out, I feel it will be one of EDSA’s premier projects. Other wish projects are the One and Only Royal Mirage, Atlantis, Madinat Jumeirah and many others.


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Create a greener world

AUSDRAIN drainage cell products and modular tank systems provide innovative solutions that are assisting us in creating a greener world to live in. The AUSDRAIN EnviroModule2 tank is a cost-effective and low carbon footprint underground water storage system used to harvest rainwater or store desalinated water for irrigation and non-potable purposes. EnviroModule2 tanks are also used to create infiltration systems that effectively manage stormwater run-off. AUSDRAIN 30mm & 50mm drainage cell provides an efficient drainage layer for planter boxes, green roofs and podiums and has been extensively used throughout the UAE and GCC including iconic projects such as The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.


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c o a s ta l w a l k

La Perouse Headland Coastal Walk & Loop Road Project, Sydney, Australia


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A Located on the northern shore of Botany Bay, La Perouse Headland provides spectacular cliff-top views across the bay and out to sea. The Headland covers 10.4ha and is one of the most significant heritage sites in Australia. It is where French explorer La Perouse landed 6 days after the First Fleet from Britain. In addition the Headland is of great significance to Aboriginal people who have occupied the area for thousands of years.

combination of heavy use and inadequate infrastructure had left La Perouse Headland in poor condition, with uncontrolled parking along the Loop Road around the Headland. Randwick City Council decided to upgrade the area and engaged Corkery Consulting to prepare an initial concept. Detailed design and documentation of the agreed concept was then carried out by a multi-disciplinary team led by Corkery Consulting that included civil/structural engineers (Taylor Thomson Whitting), geotechnical engineers (Douglas Partners) and heritage consultants (AHMS). Key components of the project include: • Construction of a 700m section of 3m wide Coastal Walk that provides safe and enjoyable facility for pedestrians with spectacular cliff-top views; • Provision of pedestrian crossings from the Coastal Walk to the central area of National Park; • Development of a one-way section of road with roundabouts at each end and a 2-way section in front of the commercial centre;

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c o a s ta l w a l k • Creation of 220 new parking spaces ; • Installation of 245 pre-cast coloured concrete bollards to separate vehicles and pedestrians while providing seating and forming a unifying urban design element; • Replanting of indigenous vegetation of ground cover and low shrubs to provide wildlife habitat and a visually diverse and attractive coastal landscape. • Creation of outdoor dining areas for two cafes associated with the Headland. The design enhances the setting of heritage structures and sites on La Perouse Headland while avoiding visually competing with them.

Visitors to the Headland enjoy sightseeing, picnicking, walking, cycling, fishing, scuba diving and visiting the Museum. The new section of Coastal Walk forms a key component of the path system that will ultimately provide a continuous pedestrian connection between Bondi Beach and Botany Bay. It will also connect to the proposed Botany Bay Trail as part of the Sydney Metropolitan Regional Recreation Trails Framework. The design intent was to capture the distinctive colours of freshly exposed sandstone that occurs along the adjoining cliffs. This was achieved through the use of pre-cast concrete elements that allowed the control of form, dimensions, colour and texture to create an attractive and distinctive new visual character for the Headland. The highly corrosive coastal environment created by salt spray required careful selection


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PICS WALLCRETE is a very advanced lightweight render, designed and manufactured to recreate the natural products used in walling and construction. PICS WALLCRETE can be used to create stone walls, fireplace surrounds, sculptures, large rocks, water features or monuments and is an excellent choice for stone restoration projects. It gives the impression of beautifully hand carved stone, stacked sandstone, flint, slate or brick. PICS WALLCRETE takes decorative walling to new heights. Tanseeq LLC P.O. Box: 28665, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tel:+971 4 3415005 Fax:+971 4 3414909 Email: info@tanseeqllc.com Web: www.tanseeqllc.com

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c o a s ta l w a l k

the road surface of the Loop Road allows an increasing number of cyclists to travel safely around the Headland. From a sustainability stand point the use of plant species indigenous to the area combined with a system of planting beds with concrete kerb incorporating gaps that allow stormwater to flow from the road to irrigate the plants. This not only reuses stormwater but also produces water quality improvements and contributes to biodiversity of the Headland.

of materials. Concrete was selected because of its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Nearly 600 pre-cast concrete elements were used in the project to form a suite of urban elements that include bollards, wheel stops, separation blocks and sections of kerb. Pre-cast concrete bollards allowed the spectacular open views from the headland to be maintained while providing seating along the full length of the Coastal Walk. The bollards also provide safe separation between vehicles and pedestrians while allowing movement between parked cars and the Coastal Walk. Pedestrian crossing zones are clearly delineated by clusters of pre-cast bollards turned 450 to the path.

curving seating wall adjoining a portion of one of the roundabouts that is used for seating but also provides a crash barrier to protect an existing playground. The Coastal Walk is a significant new recreation facility that is heavily used for walking and jogging by local residents as well as visitors, which contributes to their health and sense of well-being. Upgrading

Coloured concrete was used on the Coastal Walk to provide a robust and low maintenance pavement. Exposed aggregate concrete defines a transition space between the row of bollards and wheel stops. Concrete was also used for a section of


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To avoid disturbing potential archaeological elements within the adjoining area of National Park, the works were contained within the road corridor. Detailed assessment identified potential locations of former structures and sites of cultural heritage significance to ensure they would not be disturbed by the proposed works. Specialist heritage consultants AHMS were engaged to obtain necessary approvals from Heritage NSW and to provide advice on procedures and to carry out periodic site inspections. Douglas Partners were engaged to carry out an assessment of potential soil

contamination along the proposed route of the Coastal Walkway to ensure workers and members of the public would not be exposed to risk during and after the works were completed. The design provides for future connections to the central area of National Park. The new section of Coastal Walk provides the opportunity for the National Parks Service to install an information and interpretation system in the future that relates to cultural heritage values of the Headland. By leading the multi-disciplinary design team responsible for this project, Corkery Consulting has demonstrated the key role that landscape architects can play in successfully applying creative design thinking to a major infrastructure project, which typically would be led by engineers, to achieve a distinctive and enjoyable urban design outcome with multiple benefits.

“The robust design solution created by Corkery Consulting not only met all the functional requirements of the project but has created a distinctive

and attractive public open space facility that has become a landmark of the Randwick City Council local government area.� Client: Randwick City Council Principal Consultant: Corkery Consulting Pty. Ltd. (landscape architecture & urban design) Principal Contractor: KK Civil Engineering Principal Engineer: Taylor Thomson Whitting (structural, civil and traffic) Specialist Concrete Subcontractor: Denliz, Hanson Precast Photographer: Noel Corkery, Denliz

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residential gardens



This diagram shows the concept I started from to get to the design. The curve which starts from one roof and continues on the next symbolizing the wood deck pedestrian path.










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BKHEIR ROOF TOP DESIGN 3D This roof top perspective shows the built in planters on the sides, the stepping stones in between the grass leading to the built in benches and the curved wood pathway cutting through.

BKHEIR STREETSCAPE DESIGN TOPVIEW This picture shows the 4 intervals with the tree grates, the flower beds, the benches and the concrete tiling all cut by a 5th element which is a curve made out of grass.

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4:35:00 PM

‘ BKHEIR ‘ is a project of 34 residential buildings and a common club located in Nabay, Lebanon. As a landscape designer I had to design the streetscape of the road linking those buildings as well as each rooftop. Since the roof tops should represent the 5th façade of the project, I decided I had to create a sort of link in between these green roofs. Therefore, I designed a curved line which stops at one roof then continues on to the next, and at the same time it has

a function. This continuous curve is the wood deck path that links the elements on each roof. The same elements, but a design slightly different in order to have a kind of continuity that binds all the roofs together; borders of planters to create a sort of screen with the neighboring roofs, solid benches, stepping stones in between the grass and a pergola on each roof with solar panels to save electricity and for the project to be more sustainable and eco friendly.


real alternative to exotic hardwoods”

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residential gardens LEBAA PERSPECTIVE 1 & 2 These 2 perspectives show the different shaped paths for the park visitors, as well as the different types of seating such as the terraces with planters and the rectangular benches next to the water. The waterfall and the water course in the centre of the site which are the most important attractions of this park.

As for the road linking the buildings, since it is a private one for the residents and their visitors only, so many activities can be done there such as jogging, walking, nature contemplating cycling… therefore, I was determined to design the road in a way to offer these activities to the residents of this compound. So the 3 meters wide sidewalk was divided into 4 equal intervals each for a specific function; 2 lanes had benches, planters and street trees, 1 lane was free for walking, jogging and bicycles. And the last one was made with concrete tiling and street trees and grates. A curved line made out of grass cuts through the 4 other intervals, which is in synchronization with the curve on the roofs. ‘LEBAA PUBLIC PARK’ the municipality of Lebaa, a town located in the South of Lebanon, had the idea to create a public


park for its citizens and at the same time a meeting place for the whole town when occasions occur. As a landscape designer I worked on preserving the original function of the site which was the source of water for the whole town. So I worked on integrating the water course in my design by turning it into the main element and source of attraction. Through a waterfall, the water enters the site, gets collected by a pond, then goes into a water stream then finally gets collected again in another small pond. All along the water stream, I have created overlapped wood planks from one side for walking and or sitting, and a wood deck with benches and planters on the other side with a bridge linking both sides. Three small kiosks were designed to cater for the park visitors, and terraced benches with planters to accommodate for large groups when

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needed on occasions such as weddings, outdoor games, plays, celebrations… as for the softscape, I worked on integrating trees native to the site such as the weeping willow and the populous italic.

Challenging Projects

Turning a well-rendered design on the computer or plans on paper into a real garden is the most challenging task a landscape designer has to face. However, with the lessons I have gained from having onsite experience, I have learned to please my clients and reassure them that their garden will turn out to be just as they have imagined. Whilst all the time accumulating knowledge of what plants goes next to the another, what flower lives under which tree, and where the best place to have the water feature, the pool or the fire pit should be.

Welcome to trex transcend decking and railing. yes, it reaLLy is that Different. new Design. new CoLors. new insiDe anD out – with its high-teCh, Low-fuss surfaCe that resists faDing, staining, moLD anD time itseLf. so for DeCaDes, you’LL have a pLaCe to esCape from everything, inCLuDing maintenanCe. you Can aLso aDD Lighting anD CoorDinateD raiLing to finish the Look.

aLL this, anD transCenD is 95% reCyCLeD materiaL.

so piCk your DeCk, piCk your raiLing anD piCk your Dream at treX.Com.

oUtdoor liVing. eleVated. treX.Com | 1-800-buy-treX ©2011 Trex Company, Inc.

DistributeD by: tanseeq L.L.C. • Dubai, uae • +971 4 3415005 • info@tanseeqLLC.Com


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residential gardens

BKHEIR STREET PERSPECTIVE This picture shows the streetscape design in 3D.

PROFILE 26 year old landscape designer Myriam El Hajj graduated from the American university of Beirut (AUB), with a BA in landscape design and a diploma IN ‘Ingenieur agricole’. He works between Beirut and Dubai in an architecture and landscape design office. “After a period I decided to take bigger challenges by handling landscape projects from A to Z by myself. I started my own company which takes care of everything, from the concept, designing, working on softscape and hard landscape details, then executing, supervising and offering maintenance services if needed.


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ENGAGINGDESIGNS At Jonite, we understand that nothing compares to the feeling you get when you bring your vision to life, and Jonite is here to partner you in making that happen. Jonite architectural products like decorative grates, driveway drain covers, tree grilles, pool grates, floor traps and street furniture come in wide engaging collections or are fully customizable to bring a fresh vision to landscapes, interiors and driveways, transforming ordinary surroundings into a unique expression that celebrates creativity and passion.

www.jonite.com Represented by Tanseeq LLC, P.O.Box 28665, Dubai, UAE T +971 4 3415005

F +971 4 3414909

E info@tanseeqllc.com

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swimming pool

How to Build your own Swimming Pool

The History of Swimming Pools


he first swimming pool is believed to have been built in the 3rd century B.C. at Mohenjo-Daro which was located in the Larkana District of Sindt, which is in modern day Pakistan. It was a large and elaborate public bath, sometimes called the ‘Great Bath’. From a colonnaded courtyard, steps lead down to the brickbuilt pool, which was waterproofed by a lining of bitumen. The pool measured 12 metres (39 ft) long, 7 metres (23 ft) wide and 2.4 metres (7.9 ft) deep. It may have been used for religious purification or as a recreational facility. No records remain to confirm its exact purpose or level of society


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which would have been the most frequent users. Due to the scale it can be assumed that it would have been a central part of society’s rituals whatever they may have been. Later in 2500 B.C. records show that swimming became an organized activity in Egypt, and later in ancient Greece, Rome, and Assyria. In Rome and Greece, swimming became part of the education of elementary age boys and the Romans built the first swimming pools, which were also used as bathing pools. The first Jacuzzi style, heated custom pool was designed and ordered by Gaius Maecenas, one of Augustus Cesar’s political advisors and closest friends sometime around 8 BC. This pool was supposedly magnificent with waterfalls, lush gardens, overlooking terraces, libraries, villas and other incredible luxurious décor. Maecenas is also accredited with being one of the first patrons of the arts. However, swimming pools did not become widely popular until much later (mid 19th century). In 1837, six indoor pools with diving boards were built in London. When the modern Olympics began in Athens in 1896 swimming competitions were one of the original events, this led to the activity becoming popular with the wider population and this popularity has persisted. Today, many people have their own private pool in their garden haven. There are various systems of construction available along with multiple filtration techniques to ensure that the water quality is kept clean, clear and pristine thus preventing any negative health risks. The following is a description of some of the most popular and successful methods.

Shuttered Poured Concrete

This design and construction is considered to be the most ‘basic’ type of swimming pool construction using concrete. Once the excavation has been completed the contractor should place a compactable material over the area 20cm in depth and compact to approved solidity. The next stage is to install the base sump drainage point, then lay 5 cm ‘blinding concrete over the complete area of the swimming pool base. Once this layer has set concrete re-inforcing grid steel sheets

should be laid on spacers (chairs) which will keep the mesh raised 5cm ‘minimum’ from the previously laid concrete. This will allow the ‘floor slab’ concrete when poured to completely encompass the mesh to maximise strength and prevent erosion of the re-inforcing. ‘Starter bars’ should be placed and connected to the floor mesh where the vertical walls will be located to ensure both wall and floor are strongly connected. A ‘kicker’ or 10cm concrete up-stand should also be formed to aid the


st the Pa m o r ces F eferen be Our R r u O ure. Will he Fut T f o ncy Curre any Comp l a n o i fess cape A Pro Your Lands l For al uirements. Req

Concrete Swimming Pool Construction

Concrete swimming pools are considered to be the best and most durable of all swimming pools. Once you have decided to have a swimming pool installed, begin with figuring out the size, location, and which type of finished appearance you want. Mosaic tiles are one of the most practical options for lining your pool, so whatever your budget or taste, you will find something to inspire you in the choice of mosaics available.


P.O. Box 186617 Citadel Tower, Business Bay; Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE Tel: 04-4478800 www.landscape-me.com I September 2013 55 Fax: 04-4227028 Email: daniel.mcnamara@grenablelandscapes.com

swimming pool stabilization of wall shutters during wall construction. Timber shuttering (plywood) is used to form the walls and steps. Competent carpentry skills are required to form a perfect swimming pool shape. Specific pipe works and pool fittings are installed prior to concrete pouring and will be connected up to the filtration system later. Once the concrete floor slab and vertical walls have been poured it is normal practice to allow one week for the concrete to cure before other works are actioned. After the concrete has set sheets of ply (shuttering) are removed to expose a neatly formed shell. The walls can be ‘topped’ using coping stones. Varied finish options are available. Walls can be rendered using waterproof sand/cement and painted using emulsifying pool paint. Although a basic finish, a painted pool can


last many years between coats.

Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite or shot concrete (shotcreting) is a type of swimming pool construction that uses compacted concrete shot from a high pressure gun hose straight onto the reinforcing steel. This technique relies on high pressure to compact the concrete walls and floor. This is a highly approved method as there are no joints in the completed structure which reduces potential for leaks. However problems can occur if the contractor does not remove ‘bounced’ material from the floor and ‘re-shoot it instead of just tamping the rebounded concrete smooth. This could result in the concrete being weaker and possibly cracking or flaking which may facilitate ‘leaks’.

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The first principal in any filtration system is to remove suspended matter from water and make the pool a safe environment. Filtration is achieved by passing water through a suitable medium contained in a vessel. It is generally accepted that there are two types of filters associated with swimming pools, A. Disposable Cartridge and B. Graded Aggregate (Sand or other suitable material, in conjunction with or without layered Shingles, anthracite etc). Particle removal from 10 to 5 microns can be achieved with these systems and has long been established as acceptable in swimming pools. The efficiency of filtration is affected by the speed of the water through the filter medium





I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013


swimming pool and this is expressed as the volumetric flow through a square metre of medium per hour (m³/m²/hr). The number of bathers in any swimming pool will also affect the design and selection of the filter therefore it is essential that this is discussed and specified at the pool design stage and allow for ‘extra’ filtration capacity. Consequently there is a marked difference between the design of a commercial and domestic pool. The Filtration system, the Circulation system and Treatment system form an integral part of the swimming pool and without one the others cannot function correctly.


The cartridge filter is a formed folded roll of dense porous material which is inserted into a vessel. As with the D.E. filter the water flow is engineered so that the water enters the vessel surrounds the cartridge


and in order to leave the vessel must pass through the material. Once the material has been saturated with both water and debris the cartridge is removed from the vessel, cleaned and replaced. Once the cartridge has become worn with use it is replaced. Again particulate removal to 5 Microns can be achieved. While these filters are efficient and light their use is limited to small or specialised pools due to cartridge cleaning difficulties.

GRADED AGGREGATE (Sand or equivalent filtration)

The sand filter vessel contains a bed of graded sand through which water is pumped. The pressure of the water compresses the sand and makes the microscopic gaps between each grain of sand even smaller and therefore effecting the removal of the suspended matter. At the bottom of the

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013

container there is a collection of outlet pipes (under drains) which allow the passage of water but not sand. The top influent pipes (spreader) should be above the surface of the sand bed to allow expansion of the bed when the water flow is reversed through it for cleansing purposes. The bed of sand can be supported by a secondary bed of shingle or even layers of graded shingle depending on the design of the filter. It is important that the filter designer stipulates the depth of sand bed to be used.


As sand bed depths are greater, from 1 metre in commercial filters, it is necessary to ensure that the backwashing flow rate at least 30m³/ m²/hr. Some systems use a layer of coarse grade shingle at the base of the sand so that the water flow around the under drains is less restricted and a better flow can be

I www.landscape-me.com I September 2013


swimming pool

should be incorporated when designing a system as a routine. The disposal of any used sand should also be in accordance with local regulations.


achieved. However it is sometimes difficult to level this layer. It is also common to pump air through the filter during backwashing in order to assist the fluidisation of the sand bed. Any backwash water must be discharged into an appropriate drain close to the filter and the water disposed according to local regulations. Backwash pipework should be fitted with a viewing glass to allow the operator to properly gauge the length of the backwash.


All filter vessels should be designed and manufactured according to approved national and international standards. In general they should be designed to work at a pressure equivalent to 1.5 times the shut off pressure of the pump employed, they should be fitted with a pressure gauge and if necessary influent and effluent gauges, air relief valve, and in the case of manual valve backwashing have a manifold comprising of five valves to allow for rinsing


Membrane filtration for water treatment is still in the development stage. However initial tests appear to confirm the efficiency of membrane filters compared to sand filters or multiplayer filters is higher. Various types of membrane filters are used i.e. Reverse Osmoses, Ultra filtration or Microfiltration depending on the size of particles which should be removed. Sand filters can remove particles down to 10 microns, Ultra filtration down to 0.01 micron. Zeolites are an active filtration medium and can remove ammonia and some heavy metals. It is essential that the material is free from dust as this can block the flow of water. Additionally zeolites have to be regenerated by soaking in sodium hypochlorite.


All filters and filter media must be inspected regularly to ensure there is not a build-up of detritus thus preventing good filtration. The design should incorporate a satisfactory means of removing sand and where necessary this should include access hatches to allow full entry into the filter. Care should be taken to ensure safety of the operatives and the regulations regarding working in confined spaces. Ventilation of these spaces

The design of the filtration system will depend entirely on the correct selection of filter pump. Its size and performance should be matched to the size of filter and filtration rate required. The pipework sizing to account for the head loss in the system will have been carefully calculated however a balancing valve on the immediate pressure side of the pump should be fitted so that the correct flow rate can be achieved either by using the in-line flow meter or the published pump performance curve. Pumps should be fitted with a pre-filter or coarse strainer, it is not an integral part of the pump, but its implementation would prevent objects from fouling the impellor. Where practical they should be fitted below water level and mounted on a plinth and/or anti-vibration mounting. All pumps must have the electrical rating IP55 and be electrically connected according to local r egulations by a competent electrician.


The selection of the correct filtration system by the designer will depend on many factors. However the over-riding consideration is that of water quality as defined by local regulations. Domestic pools invariably use high rate filtration. However it is the duty of the pool designer to select the correct filtration rate depending on the use of the pool, volume of water, the design bathing load and the chemical treatment design. Once the initial cost of the pool construction has been absorbed there should then be many years of benefits with minimal expense.

Daniel McNamra Greenable Landscapes Tel No. 04-4478800, Fax No. 04-4227028 Email: daniel.mcnamara@grenablelandscapes.com


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T r a n s f o r m at i o n

A former iron smelting furnace, icon of the city, is transformed into a science museum. Inspired by the industrial character of the site, the landscape uses mostly recycled materials (steel and concrete) and native grasses and sedums. It features the largest green roof built over a corten steel structure.

The landscape design has these objectives: 1. Connect the building with the landscape in a big scale, both inside and outside the park through axes and lines of vision that exit the building or enter it. 2. Reconnect the building through axes that make reference to the history of the furnace. 3. Achieve a balance between the old and the new. 4. Seek the recycling of materials. 5. Conceive the landscape as a process of spatial and knowledge experience. SPATIAL DIAGRAM_ The project presents a spatial diagram based on three levels of the building’s lecture that sustains the architecture design:


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T r a n s f o r m at i o n

Structure (trees, walls, soil volumes) Objects (places, plazas, roofs) Watermark (channel, paths, materials, textures) GREEN ROOF_ Two types of green roofs integrate the building and its underground galleries with the surrounding landscape. Conceptual aspect: 1. Green Roof (Intensive) It is part of the volumes in the spatial diagram. The vegetal selection represents and transmits the feeling of the place in its natural state, a field of native grasses.


2. Green Roof (Extensive) It is one of the places or objects in the spatial diagram. It’s a built but alive landscape object. The sedum’s selection responds to the low height requirements in order to maintain an impeccable and clean aspect. It resembles a live mat with color and texture changes, which emphasizes the diamond and geometric shapes of the polyhedral roof. The vegetal species selection is based on the low water consumptions, the high resistance to the local temperature and the minimum maintenance.

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BORDERS_ The borders offer opportunities for recycling materials that were found on the site and give a unique visual interest, color and texture that are almost sculptural forms. At the same time, they provide privacy and create spaces or green exteriors that can hold different expositions.

The Irrigation Innovators


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T r a n s f o r m at i o n The rail wall forms based on panels from railroad tracks join by the heat and the molten slag; and that were found buried in the site. They hold on the ground together with steel plates anchored in a concrete strip footing. Inside these walls there are the green rooms for art expositions. The grid-based steel tube of circular section, winds and bends irregularly shaped to confine the exhibits field located at the northeast of the museum.


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ŽĖįěēijĔʼnŨĚĹĸČŨĺżĐijŽĖįŽŘŽŬİũŤēūēĴżʼnŤēĚđżűĺżĐijŧŵĝšŨţćİżőĸŮĖİũĨĉĮżĽŤēŵũĸĚŻĔŐijĞĩĜ Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman of Dubai Airports



International Plants Expo Middle East



17 – 19 November

Dubai World Trade Centre


www.ipm-dubai.com An event organized by:

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T r a n s f o r m at i o n FOUNTAINS_ Furthermore the sustainable aspect of recycling and reusing water in the building, the presence of water in the landscape of the Horno 3 relates to the cooling process of the hot material and it manifests with low water consumption fountains with evaporation in its operation. The dimensions and modulation of the access esplanade and fountain’s pavements responds to the modulation of the building’s structure. VAPOR FOUNTAIN_ It’s the focal point of the access esplanade and symbolizes the raw material that starts the process of the steel production. It is also the start of the museum tour. Its oxide steel edges suggest and incision in the esplanade’s pavement that appears to open a window to the past, towards the

gravel substrates formed from iron ore that are ready to be brought to the oven interior. CANAL FOUNTAIN_ It’s the south border accompanying visitors between the main concourse and the elevator’s access to the top of the museum. Within a linear style, it is an axis that connects the museum with its natural environment and leads the perspective towards the landscape. Based on inverted steel and concrete steps that follow the pavement’s modulation, it recalls the flow channels of the liquid iron. Its water sheet of about half centimeter of thickness minimizes the water consumption and the evaporation. And it is enough to give the feeling of water traveling from east to west until it vanishes in a depressed area surrounding the museum.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY: HARARI LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE HLA is a landscape design atelier based in northern Mexico, in the city of Monterrey. It is one of the best-known Mexican practices for contemporary landscape design. It has been published widely and works on both, national and international projects. It is composed by a team of architects, landscape architects and industrial designers who work in collaboration. Working at different scales from residential to urban metropolitan scales, their focus is to deliver visually and aesthetically compelling projects that combine the artistic quality with the required programmatic, ecological, economic and contextual needs. Because of the urban-industrial context in which the office has grown, HLA is a pioneer in industrial and recycled landscapes, large parks, Green roofs, and landscapes found away from ground level in tall buildings and urban areas. The founding partners have master degrees in Harvard GSD and Texas A&M universities.

horno 3 steel museum

Project: Museo del Acero Horno 3 Horno 3 Steel Museum YEAR: 2008 LOCATION: Fundidora Park, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. TEAM: Silverio Sierra Diego Rodríguez Lucía Narro Paulina Cueva CREDITS: James Lord LEADER: Claudia Harari ARCHITECTURE: Grimshaw Architects, N.Y


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DIVE IN FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Enter and discover the news on ForumPiscine 2014, not only a great expo for the operators of pools and spas, but also the first appointment in the year among international fairs within its sector. The exposition showcases products, services, and technologies for private and public pools and spas and is enriched by an international congress with the participation of prominent Italian and overseas experts.Together with the 6th edition of ForumPiscine, will be held the 15th edition of ForumClub, the international expo and congress dedicated to the world of fitness and wellness. It is a unique event with all the right ingredients to help you remain leaders in an ever changing world. Jump in and discover more.

February 20-21-22 2014

Bologna Exhibition Centre (Italy)

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Community Centre Project - International City Development

Construction of a community centre covering an area of 11,000 square metres.

Nakheel PJSC (Dubai)


Arif & Bintoak Consulting Architects & Engineers (Dubai)



Domestic Solid Waste Transfer Station Project - Al Khor Area Bay

Construction of a domestic solid waste management facility.






Hotel Complex Project – Mecca

Saadiyat Rotana Resort Project

Dubai Frame Tower Project - Zabeel Park

New Cargo Terminal Project - Al Maktoum International Airport

Hilton Double Tree Sinyar Tower Project - West Bay

Abraj Kudai Mixeduse Towers Project


Public Works Authority ASHGHAL (Qatar)



Construction of a hotel complex comprising seven towers, each consisting of 1,000 rooms.

Wijaya Karya (Indonesia)

Saudi Arabia

Construction of 5-star Saadiyat Rotana Resort comprising (354) rooms and (13) beach villas.

Rotana Hotels, Suites & Resorts (Abu Dhabi)


EC Harris International Limited (Abu Dhabi)



Construction of Dubai Frame (Al Berwaz) Tower, a window-shaped, 150-metre by 105-metre complete glass, transparent structure resembling a huge window frame.

Dubai Municipality


Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd. (Dubai)

Bin Ladin Contracting Group L.L.C. (Dubai)



Amana Steel Buildings Contracting Company L.L.C (Dubai)


Diwan Al Emara Architects, Engineers & Planners (Qatar)

Derwind Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L (Qatar)


Dar Al Handasah (Shair & Partners) - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Binladin Group (Saudi Arabia)


Construction of a new cargo terminal at an international airport.

Construction of Hilton Double Tree Sinyar Tower comprising 2 basement levels, a ground floor and 52 additional floors offering (340) serviced apartments.

Construction of Abraj Kudai mixeduse towers comprising a total of (12) buildings ranging in height from 30-45 storeys.

Dubai World Central (DWC)


Al-Jazi Real Estate Investment Company (Qatar)


Ministry of Finance

Saudi Arabia

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The Ultimate Moisture Retaining Soil additive Used over 70 years in all Horticultural applications worldwide

Exceptional Advantages: 100% Natural volcanic mineral Sterile & Permanent Roots aeration & insulation Water Holding Capacity up to 800% as per official lab reports Non-decayable and Non-decomposable Cost effective - Saving minimum 50% on irrigation water, electricity & nutrients Tested and approved by Dubai Central Laboratories – U.A.E.

Manufactured locally in U.A.E with immediate delivery across the GCC

Member of Perlite institute in U.S.A

P.O.Box: 263275, Techno Park, Jebel Ali, Dubai- U.A.E. Mobile: +971 56 123 52 48, E-mail: info@uaeperlite.com, website: www.uaeperlite.com

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• Landscaping development the hard and soft scape • Irrigation • Horticultural supplies, lawns and specimen plants • email: info@zaidg.com • PO Box 4756 Riyadh 11412, KSA • email: dubai@zaidg.com • PO Box 181581 Dubai, UAE • website: www.zaidg.com

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