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POINTE TO POINT The Sixth Asia-Europe Dance Forum Lisbon, Portugal 12 to 27th June 2009


FACEBOOK tool for interaction with participants

CULTURE 360 BLOG main concepts, organizers, advisors and participants' biographies, updated information on the project development


1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT (go to page 13 if you already have an account)

2. SET UP YOUR PROFILE To edit your profile at any time, click on the 'Edit Information' link at the upper right corner of your Basic Info, or click on the 'Edit' icons at the upper right corner of each of your profile fields. Each profile information section represents what people will see when they arrive at your profile. Start by filling in the info that will help people identify you — Basic, Education, Work and Picture.

3. FILL “ABOUT ME” WITH YOUR BIO It’s important that all members of POINTE TO POINT GROUP fill “about me” item (personal information) with their personal biography.

4. UPLOAD YOUR PROFILE PICTURE All members should upload the digital photo (either a head shot, logo or performance photo) that will represent them in the POINTE TO POINT GROUP.

5. ADD APPLICATIONS You should add the facebook applications that allow you to publish photos, videos and music/sound and to participate in the POINTE TO POINT GROUP. Go to ‘settings menu’ and click on “application settings” Add “photos” and “video” applications. To publish music playlists you should add an application like “trackitdown”. Finally, you should also add “groups” application.

8. CREATING THE NETWORK First, you should add pointe to point as friend. Just use Facebook Search to find “pointe to point” and then click on the "Add to Friends" button on the right side of the page. Write “i want to join pointe to point group” in the personal message. A friend request will be sent. Once confirmed, “pointe to point” will show up on your Friends List. After, “pointe to point” will invite you to be a member of POINTE TO POINT GROUP.


7.1 PTP GROUP Type PTP is a closed group. Member must be invited or approved by admins. Anyone can see the group description, but only members can post and see the Wall, discussion board, photos, videos, links, etc.

7.2 PTP GROUP Membership ADMINS

[Admins have the power to invite more people to the group, appoint or remove other admins and edit group content]

pointe to point (creator) alkantara project coordinator (facebook account: alkantara lisboa) asef project coordinator (facebook account: Katelijn Verstraete / Sasiwimon Wongjarin) artistic facilitator europe – Jaime Conde-Salazar (facebook account: Jaime Conde-Salazar Pérez) artistic facilitator asia – Tang Fu Kuen (facebook account: Tang Fu Kuen)


[Officers’ names and position titles are displayed on the group page, but they remain regular participants.]

dramaturgist/documentarist europe – TBC (facebook account: ??) dramaturgist/documentarist asia – Lim How Ngean (facebook account: ??)

7.2 PTP GROUP Membership MEMBERS european participants

Ana Trinc達o (Portugal) Antonio Tagliarini (Italy) Cosmin Manolescu (Romania) Efrosini Protopapa (Greece) I-Chen Zuffelato (Italy) Jo達o Evangelista (Portugal) Paloma Calle (Spain) Sioned Huws (UK) Teresa Prima (Portugal)

asian participants

Abhilash Ningappa (India) Citra Pratiwi (Indonesia) Daniel K (Singapore) Dick Wong (Hong Kong) Fahmi Fadzil (Malaysia) Seon-ja Seo (Korea) Takao Kawaguchi (Japan) nunu kong (China)

TBC (Singapore)

7.3 PTP GROUP contents DISCUSSION BOARD Forum of conversation and discussion where concepts, ideas and questions are launched inicially by the artistic facilitators and then by all participants. This discussion board will also have a “Facebook Guide� topic where all members can find out more about facebook, ask questions and exchange knowledge about this platform and its applications.

WALL The Wall is an open forum where all participants can leave small comments, thoughts, and ideas. Here all participants can suggest ideas and concepts for discussion in the Discussion Board but these ideas must be evaluated and approved by facilitators and project coordinators.

7.3 PTP GROUP contents MUSIC PLAYLIST Unfortunately, it is now allowed to add music applications to the facebook group. So, to share music playlists only within PTP Group, members should: - create a PTP playlist on the “trackitdown music” application - go to “application settings” - edit settings of “trackitdown music playlist” - customize privacy “only me” - and write all members names in “except the people”

PHOTOS & VIDEOS LINKS And others that we will create till June

CULTURE 360 BLOG (not online yet)

similar to administrator, content and structure management (alexandra lib창nio - alkantara) content editor / documentation TBC - documentarist europe Lim How Ngean - documentarist asia

blog structure proposal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 5. 6. 7.

WELCOME TO THE BLOG ORGANIZERS/PARTNERS PROJECT OUTLINE (general info about the project and phases) PTP LISBON (mainly the calendar of the public presentation) FACILITATORS/ADVISORS (bio and photo of the 2 facilitators) PARTICIPANTS (bio and photo of all participants) DOCUMENTATION (edited by the dramaturgists with texts and documentation about the project development until the end of the 2nd phase) PRACTICAL INFO (about Lisbon and places where will happen the residencies) CONTACTS COMMENTS

COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS COORDINATORS ALKANTARA Alexandra Lib창nio: communication department []

ASEF Katelijn Verstraete: ASEF Cultural Exchange [] Sasiwimon Wongjarin: ASEF Project Coordinator []

POINTE TO POINT _ user guide [13.02.2009]  

In March, after the selection of the participants in the Pointe to Point project, the venture will enter its first stage, consisting of the...

POINTE TO POINT _ user guide [13.02.2009]  

In March, after the selection of the participants in the Pointe to Point project, the venture will enter its first stage, consisting of the...