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How Trucking Business Owners Can Trim Down the Headaches of Trucking Bookkeeping? Smart Tips Here Every owner-operator trucking business needs to understand the importance of trucking bookkeeping for on-the-go drivers. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree in accounting to handle this aspect of the business. Trucking bookkeeping is one of the most important activities of successful owner-operators. The receipts and records you keep are used in some areas of your business – income tax reporting and minimization, warranty issues, maintenance information and monthly profitability, to name a few. The more organized and through you can be in your receipt gathering, the better, whether you hire a business services provider or not. You can simplify the trucking bookkeeping task by following six simple practices that translates to higher profit with less hassle.

Tips for Handling Trucking Bookkeeping Correctly: Use the Right Accounting Software: Most trucking businesses use either a cash-based or accrual-based system. With the cash-based system, you count income when you receive money and expenses when you pay them. This is usually the best trucking bookkeeping for truck drivers system. Maintain Your Books Daily:

This is essential to having an accurate picture of where your business is going money-wise. Once you’ve set up your system, keeping the books should only take a few minutes a day. Handle Checks with Care: This is important because business checks are almost as easy to use as cash, which sometimes invites fraud or misuse. Make sure you sign checks in a clear, legible way that discourages forgery. And, when you review canceled checks from your bank, make sure they’re authorized expenses. Of course, the vast majority of employees and business partners are completely trustworthy. But, as the old saying goes, it always pays to check twice. Use a Banking Account with a Month-End Cutoff: This is one of the most overlooked rules of trucking bookkeeping for truck drivers. Yet it’s also one of the most important, since coordinating your monthly records will prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. Keep Your Books Audit-Proof: This applies to both IRS and state fuel tax matters. Maintain separate checking accounts for your personal and business expenses. Save receipts for every business-related purchase. In fact, you may want to create digital copies of each receipt by scanning them into your computer. That way, if the tax collector does come a calling, you’ll have all your ducks in a row. Use the Right Trucking Bookkeeping for Drivers: Of all the tips here, this one is the most vital. It’s also why we highly recommend trucking bookkeeping software from Trucker’s Helper. The product is built by professionals for truckers. It offers important features that general-purpose programs just can’t match, ones that can make all the difference when it comes to your trucking business.

The Best Trucking Bookkeeping Software is Here with Trucker’s Helper The best trucking bookkeeping software provided by Truckers Helper LLC is the leading trucking and transportation business management solution. As we are a web-based solution provider, there are no more versions to buy and no updates to keep up with. Everything is preincluded to aid in trucking bookkeeping for on-the-go drivers. Imagine how the simplicity of our trucking bookkeeping software can cut cost, time and errors. All your billing, load management & tracking, dispatch, brokering, accounting, safety, compliance, maintenance, fuel tax tracking & reporting, routing & fuel optimization, payroll & tax reporting and a comprehensive reporting module can simplify your paperwork. And it is all

designed specifically for the trucking and transportation industry by truckers and fleet owners just like you. Being comprehensive about keeping records can help you get more tax deductions. So choose your trucking bookkeeping software wisely. Want to purchase the best trucking bookkeeping software? Call Trucker’s Helper LLC right away!

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Quality Dispatching and Load Management Tools at Wholesale Price  

The Truckers Helper LLC is committed to providing high-quality dispatching and load management tools at wholesale price so that you receive...

Quality Dispatching and Load Management Tools at Wholesale Price  

The Truckers Helper LLC is committed to providing high-quality dispatching and load management tools at wholesale price so that you receive...