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Clinical Practice Proposal Following are the planned clinical activities to be undertaken by Alissa M. Edwards during the WINTERTERM2012 of UM Flint. This clinical practice will be completed in the Croswell Lexington Community School District under the direction of Ms. Donna Barrier, Principal of Meyer Elementary School, who will serve as the cooperating administrator and provide on-site supervision for the experience.

Competency 1: Accountability Related Task 1.1 Ability to analyze and interpret the meaning of various student assessments to boards, teaching staff, and others. Specific Task 1.4.1 Ability to use assessment data to identify weaknessesand recommend strategies for improving student performance. Narrative description of specific task: Analyze the 2011 MEAPscores for third, fourth, and fifth graders from Meyer Elementary school in math. Identify weak areas of these students in specific areas, analyze lessons from the math series that addressthese weaknesses,and recommend different ways to teach the information to the students easier and in some cases,earlier, in the year so that the students are getting the information. Competency 4: Curriculum, Instruction, Supervision Related Task 4.1 Knowledge of alternative educational programs for a particular group of children. Specific Task 4.1.6 Review a special program in effect in another school or district that addressesthe needs of a particular group of students. Narrative Description of Specific Task: Evaluate a guided math program that is in place in Washtenaw ISDthat addressesthe specific needs of the low achieving students, average achieving students, and the above average achieving students. Review with my administrator the advantagesand disadvantagesof the program as well as how to put it in place for the students.

Competency 4: Curriculum, Instruction, Supervision Related Task 4.3 Knowledge of variety of instructional methods and skills. Specific Task 4.3.6 Conduct at least one clinical supervision cycle including observation in a typical live class. Narrative Description of Specific Task: Perform two clinical supervision cycles, which will consist of at least two in-class teacher evaluations and a post evaluation conference. These teacher evaluations will take place at Meyer Elementary School. The Croswell Lexington Community Schools evaluation instrument and the evaluation rubric developed by the school district will be used for this supervision cycle and the two compared in terms of utility in providing meaningful feedback to promote staff growth. Competency 6: Organizational Management Related Task 6.1 Ability to develop alternate patterns for space, time, and child-staff groupings. Specific Task 6.1.1 Develop a master schedule for a school. Narrative description of specific task: Work with my administrator on coming up with a master schedule for the 2012-2013 school year. We will work with hypothetical situations with staffing due to scheduling situations with other buildings. Assumptions will be made that two full-time special education teachers will be in the school and the gym, music, and writing teachers will be here at the same times as this current year.

Competency 11: Student Personnel Related Task 11.2 Knowledge of principles of discipline, student control, etc. Specific Task 11.2.4 Review and critique sample policies regarding student rights and discipline procedures from at least three different school districts Narrative Description of Specific Task: Email different school districts from Bay City, Lansing, and Freeland about particular behavior plans in an elementary school setting. Review these behavior plans with my administrator to evaluate which ones may be efficient in our elementary school setting that all

teachers and staff will follow. Compare what behavior plans using Character Counts that will be efficient to use in our elementary building. Competency XX: Job Shadowing Narrative description of specific task: Spend two days shadowing the principal of Meyer Elementary school. Assist administrator in daily activities where appropriate. Write a reflective summary of the day citing all activities and provide an analysis of the activities and people with whom the administrator interacted.

It is understood that this proposal, once approved by the Cooperating Administrator and University Faculty, represents the agreed plan of work for this clinical experience. Upon the satisfactory completion of this plan of work, a grade will be given and credit for the course granted, Submitted by: ________________________ Approved by: _____________________ Administrator Candidate Cooperating Administrator Approved by: ________________________ University Faculty

Date: _______________________

Clinical Practice Proposal  

Related Task 4.1 Knowledge of alternative educational programs for a particular group of children. Narrative Description of Specific Task: E...

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