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Johaina A Treat For News Of Your Choice A simple but effective idea of producing such an innovative monitoring service that enables it users to acquire Arabic news in English, we all know how language barriers can cause a restrain to information and limitations to stay focused on a particular issue of your interest, well not anymore. Yes, that is right as a professional Advance Language Experts, Sakhr Software is proud to offer their services es for a unique idea portal that explores you to acquire the desire results in form of Johaina that helps people to receive all the updates from Middle East region. With affiliation of more than 500 portals Johaina searches and compile those aspects of Arabic News that are not available in English, translating with 100% accuracy it delivers on your handheld device such as iPhone or iPad.. In addition, you can make use of this application to select the most wanted areas of your interest as an individual or a business, such as selecting select headlines to receive regular round the clock updates for politics, governmental reform or policies, sports and current event gallery. A simple step forward Johaina is a news service in English, visit to learn lea in more detail how Sakhr Software can help you achieve the best return on your investment.

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Johaina A Treat For News Of Your Choice