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Portfolio 2013 presenting some of my personal, academic and professional works from 2009 to 2013. Be welcome and enjoy the flight!


Editorial project for the novel “Blindness” from José Saramago. Concept based on the “white blindness” the story describes. The typhographic aspects envolve the tactile perception in a unique way, making the reader wonder how suddenly getting blind might feel. Dashes of red make the opening pages so the chapters, which have no title, can be noticed in the same level of shocking state the all white book brings.

Academic project


Editorial project and posters for CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, RJ) exhibition “O Mundo Mágico de Escher”, based on M. C. Escher works. The layout choises were made after going to the exhibition itself. His works had such an strong tridimensional appeal that all layout was based on reconstructing his universe and its density. The posters have an experimental pop up collage and would be considered as special publicity piece.

Academic project

Illustration Editorial

Layout and illustrations for a small colelction about portuguese classic “cordel� from Gil Vicente and its tribute from Carlos Drummond de Andrade poetry works. The cordelist tradition comes from small and popular publications, usually poetry and short novels, reenforced here by typewriting like typography and woodprint like illustrations. All adapted for digital print format. The booklets are binded together by a string that make the reader comfortable to start from any of them and, if needed, they also work separately.

Academic project


Experimental project for Typography, working on type concept as theoretical basis and photography as grid and graphic elements guide. So this is Jodi, display typeface.

Academic project


Packaging projects involving research in new shapes and ways to use paper. Pack for halogen ou fluorescent lamp based on triangular grid, which gives paper a flexible yet strong structure. Paper box for Samsung Galaxy Y, a small touch screen phone.

Academic project


Sketchbook and fast drawings.

Academic and personal projects


Illustrations and works including drawing and painting. Watercolor, ink, graphite, charcoal.

Academic and personal projects

Illustration Collage

Illustrations and collages for short comic based on Yann Tiersen’s song “Monochrome”. On going project.

Academic project

Hand print

Silk screen experimental printing, combining hand painting under black print; hand painted prints and patterns.

Academic and personal projects


This is my first professional illustration work made when I was an intern at Sa Ribeiro. Carmen Pontes’ tells the story of a poor young girl who works hard at a coffee farm and discovers her true identity through a fairy godmother that takes her to Oniro, the dreamland she is princess of.

Professional project


Photography project discussing the idea of light travel in multiple spaces, and the illusion of real and impossible.

Academic project

Title King The labyrinth

Day Night Fin

Photography Animation

Stills from an animation based on the short story from Jorge Luis Borges “The two kings and the two labyrinths�. Compounding photographic textures, digital illustration, origami and virtual 3D space, the animation creates the illusion of a desert and brings a visual and poetic version for the story. Video can be seen here

Academic project


Profundidade & Intervalo

No acaso mora a chance Aos que esqueceram do real Agora que tudo é meio Não vê-se através E sim, sobre

Em nero suspenso Insiste em pulso Algum tempo passa Indistinguível Inspiro azul

No movimento mora a sorte Dos que se perdem Estar a caminho E inalcançável

Retorno Sem saber Onde estar

Videography Poetics

Stills from the video presented as studies made with the Photopoetics Research Group. Starting out of the idea of time and space distortion, using video and photography as a subjective medium of reading, the project was developed in three parts of interest, exploring visual and sound senses of what we see in everyday life in the city.

Reflexo & Construção Ponto, vista, Em cada plano Distorce-se a cidade Multiplicada Múltipla E limitada

I. Movement II. Depth & Interlude II. Reflex & Construction The video also yielded three poetry pieces to go along with each chapter. (in Portuguese) Video can be seen here

Academic project

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience Sá Ribeiro Multimedia 2010 - 2011 Graphic design intern

Angélica de Carvalho 2012 Photography and videography assistant

Hélio Motta 2011 - 2013 Photographer

Museu Nacional - UFRJ 2012 - 2013 Design assistant (Exhibiton Design) for Unidesign Rio

UFRJ 2012 - 2013 Undergraduate researcher Photopoetics Prof. Carlos Murad

Freelancer 2009 - 2013 Visual identity, pattern and textile print, illustration, stationery, website layout, illustration

Abilities and past work

Fields of Study

Photography. Digital and analog experiments with photo and video, photopoetics

Graphic Design Illustration Photography Philosophy Poetics

Animation. Frame by frame, photographic enviroment animation Pattern. Silk screening, stencil and hand paiting Editorial. Book and magazine design, stationary products, CD, LP and DVD covers

Published works

Packaging. Experimental paper work, labels

Cidade Espaço Matéria Tempo (City Space Matter Time)

Typography. Experimental type, simple caligraphy

Video, photography, poetry research project JIC UFRJ - Jornada de Iniciação Cientítica

Illustration. Painting: mostly watercolor and acrylic, or digital; Drawing: ink, vetorial; Rubber, wood, food stamps

Winnie, história de uma princesa

Sculpture. Ceramics and clay modeling Writing. Well, some say I write. Those things we don’t tell for ourselves.

Illustration works for children’s book

Participation + Angélica de Carvalho Piedade videography and production Opera with Orquestra Sinfônica Petrobrás Anjo Negro graphic design and photography assistance Opera . João Guilherme Ripper

Aline Mielli Design graduate student at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), currently attending to the 4th year of Ba graduation. I`ve arrived by the sea of Guanabara Bay from my small hometown adventures, looking for a plot twist for those poetic sights that simply couldn’t leave me. Graphic design made my shell wider, letting my fields of interest dialog; And feels like I am growing fast. Often this implies a need for change, work in a different field, find a new experience or project to rethink about this sea of fortune and hermit ways of problem solving.

For contact and more information

skype alinemielli +55 21 8717 6083 +55 22 8822 2763

Rua Francisco Sรก, 112/ap 201 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil CEP 22080 010

Thank you!

Portfolio 2013

Aline Mielli . Portfolio 2013  

In this portfolio I present some of the projects I've been involved in, from 2009 to 2013.