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An Apple Turned into a Giant Once upon a time, a fruit called apple was living on a mountain. Someday apple got bored and she decided to get out. Then she care cross with her friend wizard cucumber -‘’Hello, cucumber.’’ said apple -‘’Hi, I see you got out of your home. What happend?’’ said cucumber -‘’I was bored’’ said apple -‘’Ok than let me show you some magic.’’ Said cucumber -‘’But how? Can you really do this?’’ -‘’Yes, yes I can’’ -‘’So what are you going to do?’’ -‘’What do you want to be?’’ -‘’Being like a giant… Yes! I want to be like giants?’’ said apple -‘’Then turn around’’ said cucumber. Apple turned around -‘’Now, first turn right and then left, finally turn to me’’ said cucumber Apple did what he said but she couldn’t see her friend. She started to walk. Apple looked everywhere but she looked down and she saw her friend. Then she started to cry. -‘’Why are you crying?’’ asked cucumber -‘’Because I’m too big. Now everyone ισ going to afraid of me” -‘’I think we should find my mom’’ said cucumber -‘’How!? Can she fix this?’’ asked apple -‘’Of course, she knows so much things more than I do. -‘’And let’s go and find her. -‘’We can’t. My mom lives behind the mountain. Maybe we can see her tomorrow. Tomorrow, giant apple and wizard cucumber found the mom-cucumber. -‘’What happend to you apple?’’ Said Mrs.Cucumber weard cucumber told her. Apple’s situation. -‘’I see. I think, I know how to do that‘’. -‘’Mrs.Cucumber please help me!’’ said apple -‘’Of course I will’’ and she turned to her son. Sweetie can you find me some earth and grass. Cucumber found those things quickly. -‘’I found them mom? May I give the potion to apple?‘’

-‘’Yes, my little clever cucumber, yes please’’ Cucumber did what she said when her gave the potion to apple, se started getting smaller. -‘’Mrs.cucumber thank you so much‘’. ‘’not a problem. But dont do much things like that‘’. -‘’I have no attention to be a giant again. Everyone went to their houses. THE END

Czech Republic

Otesánek Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman; they stayed at the end of the village in a hut. They were poor; the man worked as a navvy and the woman was a laundress; and they were even of this saying:” We just want a baby! “ “You should be happy that the God didn’t give you any yet, because you don’t have enough food nor for yourself, “said people. However, they still wanted a baby. Once in the morning the man was digging out some stumps and he dig out a stump, which looked like a baby. The man set up the stump so it looked like a real baby. He brought the stump home and he told his wife: “Here you have what you always longed for! It is a baby. We will call it Otesánek.” His wife took Otesánek, put him into duvets, and sang for him. Suddenly the baby started to cry and shouted: “Mother, I want to eat!” The woman was very happy. She let the baby in the bed and cooked some mush for him, but when Otesánek ate the mush, he started shout: “Mother I want to eat!” Moreover, she answered “Wait I will bring you some milk.” She was running to her neighbour to lend some milk from her. However, Otesánek still had not enough, so she was running to the village and brought him a loaf of bread. She let the bread on the table and went to cook a soup. When she left, the room Otesánek got to his feet and in a moment, he ate the whole loaf of bread. After few minutes, his mother came to the room where Otesánek was and as she could not see the bread, she asked Otesánek worriedly, “I can’t believe my eyes! Have you really eaten the bread?” “Of course I have and now I will eat you my mother,” and he Ate his mother. When his father came, he said: “I am hungry father!”“But where is mother?” “I ate her and now I will eat you my father!”

And he ate his father. Then he got out of the house. He walked and walked until he met a lessee with a barrow. He said, “I ate some mush, I drank some milk, I ate bread, I ate my mother, I ate my father and now I will eat you!” And he ate the lessee with a barrow. Then he walked and walked until he met a farmer with a carriage. The horses stopped. Otesánek said, “I ate some mush, I drank some milk, I ate bread, I ate my mother, I ate my father, I ate a lessee with a barrow and now I will eat you!” And he ate the farmer with the carriage and the horses. Then he walked and walked until he met a herder with pigs. Otesánek told the herder: “I ate some mush, I drank some milk, I ate bread, I ate my mother, I ate my father, I ate a lessee with a barrow, I ate a farmer with a carriage and horses and now I will eat you!” And he ate the herder with all the pigs. Then he walked on the swatch, with a huge stomach, until he met an old woman. Before Otesánek could say something, she said, “Why are you so evil, Otesánek?” And she took a hoe, which she hold and she ripped his stomach which was really big. And from this stomach came out: The herder with his pigs, the farmer with his horses and the carriage, the lessee, his father and finally his mother. Since then the man and the woman have never ever said again: “We just want a baby!”


Red Strawberries There were two little children who were lost in the forest. At night they came to small shanty in which a small ugly and bad goblin was living. He had long hairy beard, green eyes and he used to eat people. Children asked him for place to sleep. The small goblin agreed and let children sleep on a kiln. When he thought that children were sleeping he said for himself: ‘’It will be good time for me tomorrow. I will eat the boy for the breakfast and the girl for the lunch“. Then he went sleeping. But the girl was not asleep and she had listened to everything what the small goblin had said. She woke her brother up and they ran from the shanty away as fast as they could. In the morning, the small goblin got up and he was rubbing his green eyes, brushing his hairy beard, getting ready the frying pans. And then what could he see? The children were gone. He grumbled, put his seven miles long boots on and ran quickly to follow the children. He crossed the forests and jumped over the gorges. Children heard him and started to run again. The sharp stones were hurting their barefooted legs but the children did not mind the pain. They were still running and running and they were asking the heaven for help. And then suddenly the bloody drops from the children´s legs were falling on the ground. On those places red strawberries were starting to grow. They were really delicious. When the small goblin had almost caught the children he noticed a small red strawberry. He was curious what it was so he dropped the strawberry and tasted it. He had never eaten something so delicious before. He started picking and eating more and more strawberries. And this helped children because they could run further and came to the village where the small goblin is not allowed to come.


The Two Kings Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away there were two kings. Before they sat on their thrones they used to be brave knights. They had wonderful lives. Their wives were beautiful, their food was tasty and their children great. The two kings lived peacefully. Only one thing was different... one of them was fat and lazy, he ate only pork and beef drank lots of wine and only stayed at his castle. The other ate apples, beans, fish, drank only water and rode his horse, played with his dog and fought in tournaments. One day the two kings heard of a fire-breathing dragon that had attacked a village near the sea. They had to become the knights they used to be long ago. The fit and healthy king Havel quickly put on his armor and took his great sword. The lazy fat king Gregor could not fit into his armor and could not lift his big axe. King Havel quickly rode on his mighty horse- Thunder. King Gregor' s horse could not stand on it' s four feet when he sat on it. King Havel was almost near the sea, he was as fast as the wind, while Gregor was still at his castle packing food. King Havel arrived at the sea shore only to witness the terror of the dragon. The monster was taller than any house and darker than the night with glowing red eyes and white razor sharp teeth. It's roar could scare even the bravest man, but mighty Havel was not afraid. He charged at the beast with his great sword and swung with all his power. The dragon was split in half and disappeared into thin air. King Havel had won, but the village was still on fire. He rushed to help everyone with his strength and agility he managed to lift 6 buckets of water in each hand together with all the villagers he put out the great fire and then finally the village was saved. Meanwhile, King Gregor was having his fourth lunch not very far away from his own castle. He got tired from riding, it might have been the horse that got tired... Seven days later King Havel returned from his quest. He was welcomed as a hero! Gregor was jealous and wanted people to love him too. He was filled with anger and his heart became evil. Gregor could not stand Havel so he wanted to defeat him in battle to prove he was stronger. He prepared a great feast of

food he liked: Fat Burgers, Soda, Chips and Pizzas. Gregor invited the whole kingdom even Havel the other king came. King Gregor's plan was to have King Havel eat so much he would fall asleep and become an easy opponent. But Havel was no fool, he didn't like the food Gregor had prepared and decided to eat something healthier. Gregor on the other hand ate so much there was nothing left for anyone else. He became even fatter than he was before... On the next morning King Gregor challenged King Havel to a duel! King Gregor was ready to fight as ready as he could be. But Havel came to the field without even his armor on, not even his sword. Everyone thought Havel was crazy and they laughed. The fight began and the big Gregor charged at Havel, who just began running in circles. Gregor tried to run after the fast king, but he could never catch up, he was too fat! Havel ran and ran and ran... for three days he ran until King Gregor could walk no longer and fell to his knees. Havel approached him and said: "A long time ago, when we were still knights, I told you to stop eating bad food and to be less lazy, but you didn't listen and became an old slow fat man who can barely stand on his feet. Stop this madness and let me teach you how to live and eat properly!" Then King Gregor looked up with tears in his eyes and smiled accepting his friend's good will. He decided to stop being lazy and eating unhealthy. He did... and he went on an adventure to another far away kingdom, but that is a whole new story, for now eat healthy and don't be lazy like King Gregor!


‘Fit or fat?’ Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived in a small village. Their names were Fit and Fat. Fit was a slim and cheerful boy. He ate only healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables. Fat was different from his brother. He ate loads of sweets, fast food and he never played any sports, so he was chubby. Fat was very stubborn and he didn’t want to change his diet and lifestyle, because he had found being fit pointless. ‘’I prefer eating fast food rather than vegetables and fruit. I don’t mind being plump. I see no reason to be fit‘’, Fat kept saying. One day Fit and Fat went to the forest. They were walking slowly, when suddenly a bad witch appeared! Both of them were very frightened, so at first they were just standing and shaking in fear. Then they started running away. Fit was faster and he quickly disappeared among the trees. Fat was plump and he wasn’t as fast as his brother. Unfortunately, the bad witch caught Fat and she imprisoned him. Poor Fat was trapped in a cage and he had to tidy up the witch’s hut, which was in a terrible mess. One day, when the bad witch was out, Fit came with his godmother - a good fairy. Fat was in seventh heaven! ‘’You will be set free if you promise to eat only healthy food to be fit enough‘’, said the good fairy. Fat agreed at the drop of a hat, so the good fairy released him. They left the bad witch’s hut and came back to the village. After this adventure Fat realized how important eating healthy food was. He understood that leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping a healthy diet could help everyone to avoid many problems.


Sweet Porridge There was a poor but good little girl who lived alone with her mother, and they no longer had anything to eat. So the child went into the forest, and there an aged woman met her who was aware of her sorrow, and presented her with a little pot, which when she said, "Cook, little pot, cook," would cook good, sweet porridge, and when she said, "Stop, little pot," it ceased to cook. The girl took the pot home to her mother, and now they were freed from their poverty and hunger, and ate sweet porridge as often as they chose. Once on a time when the girl had gone out, her mother said, "Cook, little pot, cook." And it did cook and she ate till she was satisfied, and then she wanted the pot to stop cooking, but did not know the word. So it went on cooking and the porridge rose over the edge, and still it cooked on until the kitchen and whole house were full, and then the next house, and then the whole street, just as if it wanted to satisfy the hunger of the whole world, and there was the greatest distress, but no one knew how to stop it. At last when only one single house remained, the child came home and just said, "Stop, little pot," and it stopped and gave up cooking, and whosoever wished to return to the town had to eat his way back. Moral of the story: Know how to finish something before you start it; you can have too much of a good thing.


Miracle of the Roses Isabel of Portugal, born July 4th, 1271, was the daughter of Pedro III of Aragon. At 17, she became the wife of Dom Dinis, Portugal's poet king. Isabel was very beautiful and kind. She quietly pursued the regular religious practices of her maidenhood, and was always devoted to the poor and the sick. She later also became known as the Queen of Peace, for her role in reconciling her husband and son, who were in emminent danger of war. Of all her good works, she is probably best loved for the legendary miracle of the roses. Dom Dinis was unsympathetic to his wife's frequent errands of mercy for the poor and afflicted. Convinced that she was spending too much money on charities, the King forbade her from doing so. Not sure his wife would obey him, he started following her every time she went out to help people in need. On a cold January morning, Queen Isabel left the castle with her maids. They were all carrying bread and money for the poor people, including Isabel, who carried bread in her lap. She didn't know that the King was following her... Suddenly the King appeared and shouted at her angrily, "My Lady! What are you carrying in your lap?!!" Isabel felt fearful but answered "I'm carrying roses, My Lord!!" D. Dinis quickly replied "Roses? In January?!! I demand to see!!" As the Queen lowered her lap, beautiful roses cascaded down... Soon, all the people learned of the miracle of the roses, and the Queen became their saint... After the King died, Queen Isabel retired to a convent, making a wish to devote the rest of her life to the poor and sick in obscurity. Miracles were said to have followed upon her death, and in 1625 she was canonized by Pope Urban VIII and became Holy Queen Isabel.


Junk-Food Land vs Healthy-Food Land Once upon a time, in a magic world, there were two societies. The first one was called Junk-Food Land and the second one Healthy-Food Land. So let's meet our heroes... Fried-Potato : He was the mayor of the Junk-Food Land and he was very strict. Also he was fat and he had big red eyes. Mr. Cake : He was the most athletic resident of the Junk-Food Land. He used to practiced 10 minutes a day and to eat only sugar. Baby-Chocolate : She was tall, overweight and she always held various food in her hand. She consumed 500 pounds of sugar daily. Sweet Ice-Cream : Perhaps he was the most isolated of all. He used to spend a lot of hours alone near the fridge. Mr. Carrot-Carrot : He was friendly, full of fun and energy. He was the mayor of the Healthy-Food Land. He was thin and tall and he has tender leaves. Baby-Bean : He used to practice 5 hours a day. He was healthy, full of energy and he has very toned body. Juicy Strawberry : She was juicy and everybody wanted to be her friend. She ate only healthy food and detests sugar. Mr. Cucumber : He was tall, jaunty and maybe the next mayor of the HealthyFood Land. Tender-Spinach : He was the energy king and the tenderest of all. This diversity among residents created a controversy and people lived in discord and hatred. A sunny morning, the two mayors decided to organize a road race, in order to be proved which of the two societies had better athletes and to make the arguments stop. So they sent a letter to the general organiser to let them hold this race in which there was written the following conversations: Juicy Strawberry : Hahaha, look at you Mr. Cake, hahaha Mr. Cake : Why are you laughing at me? I'm big and sweet. Mr. Cucumber : We are better than you! We practice every day and we are always the winners! Mr. Cake : We' ll see that big, fat and ugly cucumber!

So, two days later at 10 in the morning the race started. At first, the Sweet Ice-Cream was first, the Baby-Chocolate second and the other residents of the Junk-Food Land were following them. It was sure that they would be the winners. Mr. Cake : Losers! Tender-Spinach : Hahaha, never in your wildest dreams sweety! Look at us! And suddenly everything changed! The energy of the unhealthy foods was over and they felt very tired. Fruits were running fast and they were at the first places. After 9 minutes and 59 seconds the Tender-Spinach ran first, then the BabyBean and all the residents of the Healthy-Food Land did too. The athletes of the other society were exhausted. The lolipops had lost their color and the Sweet Ice-Cream started melting, while Baby-Chocolate was crying and eating candies. At the ceremony that followed, Mr. Carrot-Carrot read the following speech: “We have to announce you that the best athletes of our country beat the athletes of the other Land. So, everybody understands that we, fruits and vegetables are the only that can leave behind everything unhealthy, since we have more advantages. Mr. Fried-Potato do you want to say something? Fried-Potato : I absolutely agree with you on behalf of all, I suggest you join our Land and teach us how to eat healthy in order to be more energetic. Mr. Carrot-Carrot : We will accept you in our society only if you promise that you will try hard! Fried-Potato : Of course we promise! Mr. Carrot-Carrot : So, welcome in our new society! After that, a new huge country was created. It was full of people who use to eat healthy and they were happy! They lived happily, ever after.....


Without salt, the feast is spoilt Once upon a time there was a king. He had three daughters and becoming a windower, he had to raise them himself. One day he was curious and he wanted to find out how much his daughters loved him. Firstly, he asked the eldest daughter and she answered that she loved him like honey. And that was all she could say. He, then, asked the second one, and she answered that she loved him like sugar. That was all she could say. Both were flattering and they knew how to show their father the love for him. Finally, he approached the youngest one and asked her how much she loved him. She said that she loved him like salt in food. The king got very angry and banished her from the palace. She walked a long way till she got to another palace where she found a job working as a housekeeper`s helper. She was very industrious and very smart. She was around the queen all the time and soon she started to be loved by the queen, as if she was her own child. The emperor himself was astonished with the great love the queen had for the girl.The emperor had a son. Once, the emperor took his son to a war to teach him how to fight and became a brave warrior. Unfortunately, he got badly wounded, and his mother kept trying desperately to heal him. She would watch him day and night and when she was too tired, she would ask the girl to look after him. One afternoon, when the son got better he told his mom that he loved the girl and wanted to marry her . His parents were against it at first but after a while they made up their minds and allowed them to marry. The girl wanted to invite a certain emperor at the wedding but she didn`t tell anyone that he was her father. She prepared the food for her father herself and added sugar and honey. She ordered that the food be given only to her father and nobody else. On the wedding day, when her father arrived at the palace, he kept staring at the bride as she resembled incredibly well with someone he used to

know, but he couldn`t believe his eyes his daughter was going to marry an emperor`s son. Nevertheless, he didn`t say a word. When food was brought in all guests started eating with great apetite. He obviously wanted to taste the delicious food. He took a bite, then a second one and then he stopped. He was astonished how the others could eat with such a pleasure when food was not good at all. He, then, tasted the other guests’ food and realized that only his was sweet. He, immediately, asked why. The youngest daughter admitted her deed and told everybody what had happened years ago. The emperor realized what mistake he had done and apologized. The girl apologized also for having upset him. Then they continued the party and lived happily ever after. The story teaches us that each human expresses his love in his own way and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on assumptions, but judge people and facts only after we have known them well.


It’s not my destiny! By Ludovica Castelli

Inadequacy, diversity, inferiority complex. Features that make us invisible to the world, but visible to ourselves. The key word is acceptance. We have to take care of ourselves, eating habits, do physical activity, look in the mirror and smile. It's not some extra kilos that hurts us, obesity does. It makes us prisoners of a body which is not ours, unaware of the possibility to change. However this is not our destiny.

It was supposed to be a simple party: balloons, neckties, fruit cocktails and ... huge desserts. Emilia had seen much of the United States, lights and shadows, but she had not paid attention to them. This situation proved decisive. She loved listening to stories in which she could identify herself, dramatic or comic, stories which could leave a mark and which could vent to her imagination. The meeting with Grace was pure fate. They understood themselves at a glance, almost wondering "tell me your story", as if among them there was a hairline. No talk was ever so intense. "My story is like so many others" started Grace while Emilia nodded a smile as if she already knew how it was going to end. "My mother was a cold woman, with huge emotional incapacity. The memories I have of her are just my attempts to appeal to her or simply to be noticed by her, changing my personality so that she could notice me, love me. And since I was a little girl it seemed clear that the only way was to become evident to the world. Gaining Weight." Emilia sighed. Grace's words were like pages of a book already started but never finished. Grace continued:

"I did not understand then. I was just a little girl who stabbed herself unconsciously to gain attention. I was 17 years old and only three kilos overweight. Three awful kilos which separated me from her. Then I started to lose the control of situation and the kilos became many, too many, boundless. My mother's disesteem grew with them, the rejection of myself and my hiding to eat, continuously, everywhere. I hated it, I disliked me, I neglected me. I was invisible in my hiding and my dark dressing." Emilia lowered her eyes. "I cried for help in my deep silence and nobody, nobody was able to understand me. The years passed but my anger didn't. I was cheerful and smiling off but I was dying inside. It is the classic and nervous "content yourself" with a thousand of compromises with yourself not to feel alone. My mum's lack of love towards me unleashed an unstoppable mechanism, the extreme need to give more, to be present, to lay aside to bring out a "not me". The food eased my pain, it was my medicine. It looks controversial, doesn't it?" Emilia nodded. "When my mother died I began to attend a forum on my illness. I began to think "I am not wrong." I didn't look for invasive surgeries, or bandages and whatever. I wanted to make it. Alone. I was my own strength but I was not conscious of it. I realized that the real problem was just in my head, in what brought me to be obese." Emilia at the sound of those words felt lighter, realized how reality was different from what she thought and her face brightened. "No more dark clothes, I began to dress of what I had inside. I was satisfied. Happy.

With the help of the forum and many other people I lost 40 kilos. Food has still a great power over me but has no longer the control. Every day that passes by it becomes a little weaker and I become a little stronger. Like I have always been. It's all here." She said, pointing to her head. "You have to repeat to yourself that you can do it, that is not your fate, that you are worth. Much more than you think" Emilia felt a shiver in her stomach. She wanted to say so many things, tell her story, but she didn't care. She felt free, lighter. Aware. And while the glasses were up for the toast, she waved and ran away from the party. She knew that Grace would have understood. And that going away was just the beginning of their next meeting.