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Back to earth' spirit collection

Alice Springs Jewelry Fall Winter 2012-13 & Wood/Plexi exclusive designs

Look twice for what is right. Do not look more than once to see the beautiful (Henry F. Amiel) ...

STYLE DIARIES 2012 Alice Springs - Jewelry Designs From The Heart

Describe the style of your Jewelry… Plexiglass was great for getting bright colors onto my designs. It is all upcycled plexi. I hand polish each piece and each one is unique. There are different sizes of necklaces and earrings as well. I love traveling and inspire myself for my designs with nature and traditional patterns, colors and geometry work from all over the world. I would say the work is futuristic, ethnic and fiercely feminine! I want people to turn their heads when they see one of the pieces! What we say… These are definite head turners and we love that these are upcycled, sustainable pieces that give a special finish touch to any outfit. We’ll be following Alice closely this year.

SUSTAINABLE CONTEMPORARY DESIGN All designs are made of Upcycled plexiglass, hand polished and hand assembled with care. Design that is made from the heart, honoring individuality and the beauty and elegance found in nature's geometry.

Wood/Plexi Exclusive Collection Winter 2012/2013 In this collection Alice Springs Jewelry combines it's classic plexiglass designs with all natural and specialy selected wood by designer Sidonie Panache, creating unique, one of a kind jewelry. Each piece shows how upcycled materials, natural elements and quality design can come together beautifuly and in perfect balance. Sidonie Panache and Alice Springs have worked together on this collection to bring you an exclusive eco friendly fashion original. Hand cut, polished and assemlbled with care. All organic oil treated wood.

For additional order inquires: ALICE SPRINGS JEWELRY COLLECTION 2012-13 Inspired by nature’s geometry. UpCycled plexiglass // Organic Wood. Hand-tinted brass & sterling silver chains. Carefully designed, polished and assembled by hand.








Alice Springs Jewelry Lookbook Ibiza  

An intimate view at Alice Springs Jewelry, with Islanders Ibiza, photoshoot on location in the perfect romantic country side of the island.....