Alex Kipman

Bellevue WA, United States

Alex Kipman's time at Microsoft is studded with beacons of innovation. His commitment to tailoring distinctive human-tech interactions propelled Kinect to be globally hailed as a consumer electronic phenomenon. Microsoft, recognizing his pioneering spirit, not only bestowed upon him the title of Technical Fellow but also celebrated his contributions in their revered Hall of Legends in 2011. Brazilian-born His intellectual foundation was laid at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was here, in 2001, that he honed his skills with a degree in Software Engineering. This educational journey played a pivotal role in molding the innovator he would become, leaving indelible marks on the tech world. The world has taken note of Kipman's prodigious ability to innovate. 2011 had TIME Magazine spotlighting him among their '100 People of the Year'. Fast forward to 2012, the Intellectual Property Foundation hailed him as that year's National Inventor. Furthermore, his pioneering strides in computer vision culminated in the Longuet-Higgins Prize in 2021 during the celebrated IEEE/CVF Conference. The Smithsonian's American Ingenuity Award in 2019 stands out among his other accolades. Microsoft, too, recognized his genius in 2012 with dual awards. FAST Company, in 2011, and Time Magazine, in 2010, have likewise featured him for his unparalleled creativity and intellect. Alex isn't merely a name in technology; he embodies a movement, steering the technological world to new, unexplored frontiers.