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A virtual showroom on the iPad: with optimum product presentation in HD quality & 360° views + the possibility for direct ordering. The LOOKBOOK A digital product catalog, which responds to touch, shows every part from all sides and makes

the collection palpable: master collections available at all times that weigh little more than a paperback book. The ORDERBOOK A showroom that travels with you in your brief-

case. Product catalog, showroom and order pad in one – with an option to connect to existing ERP systems. Demonstrate, discover, try, order, confirm – all through intuitive touch, anywhere, anytime: the future is palpable


The Fashion Apps LOOKBOOK as a digital catalog and ORDERBOOK with additional showroom and order module put your showroom on the iPad. With the familiar, intuitive operation, each article can be „touched,“ zoomed back and forth, rotated, combined and recombined: the entire range of products is palpable. And everything is virtual, without expensive samples, without complicated logistics.


The innovative solution as a digital catalog on the iPad. Your whole product range in your hand. Palpable, touchable, rotatable by 360° and visible from all sides. Show your product from

all sides in HD quality with a zoom function and 360° technology. Impress your customers with your products at trade fairs, events, line openings and meetings. Reap the benefits of making your products available in seconds to your customers worldwide on their iPads. And always totally upto-date: new articles can be added immediately, unavailable ones are deactivated.

➤ digital product catalog ➤ easy operation ➤ article administration with the possibility of a

360° product view in HD quality and HD zoom

➤ always up-to-date – products that are no longer available are no longer displayed

➤ Secure System with remote shutdown option


The innovative B2B order solution for the textile industry. View the collections in HD quality with zoom and 360째 technology on the iPad. Take advantage of the enthusiasm and handle orders directly: choose articles from different categories and put together your selection, e.g. according to color in a virtual showroom. Just enter the desired quantities on the digital order pad and your customer has the option of using a signature on the iPad to confirm the order. The order optionally goes to the ERP system. The order confirmation can be printed directly on a WiFi printer and sent via email as a PDF. Quickly, safely encrypted, simple, straightaway.


➤ digital product catalog ➤ virtual showroom ➤ order module including a digital signature ➤ simple operation ➤ customer management ➤ field service management ➤ article management ➤ possibility of 360° product view in HD quality and HD zoom

➤ always up-to-date – products that are no longer available are no longer displayed

➤ possibility of collection-/ order planning appointments with clients

➤ support of special promotions such as stock

clearance, starter kits for new customers, etc.

➤ order confirmations in CSV / PDF format via email.

➤ Secure System with remote shutdown option ➤ optional connection to existing merchandise management system



Our fashion apps work with both traditional product photos as well as 360° presentations – or a combination of both. The 360° view is the best kind of product presentation you can possibly have. This new technology gives us the opportunity to showcase the best products in high resolution. The attractive presentation of the product not only increases buying interest but also reduces returns, since the customer sees 100% of what he buys.

Smartview360 hosts the presentations on specially developed Secure-/Highspeed servers. On request, Smartview360 can also handle the photo production.


➤ optimal product presentation in HD quality and 360° view

➤ significant cost savings in samples ➤ immediate return on investment ➤ flexible and effective sales force ➤ no media disruptions ➤ No more manual labor and duplication of effort ➤ immediate order confirmation with signature ➤ constant up-to-datedness of collection and inventory

➤ optimum product presentation ➤ virtual showroom




developed by marketing professionals from the fashion industry. We are well aware that showrooms and samples are wonderful, but also timeconsuming and expensive. Therefore, a virtual product catalog as an innovative alternative to real showrooms is a great option. It’s more flexible, more mobile and less expensive than a showroom. It is literally more versatile, more emotional and more moving than print. Actually, we could keep on describing the apps for quite a while. But it’s a lot more exciting to experience it yourself. Check in with us – we’ll show you the future!


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