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VOL 01 | October 2010

Russia Research MAGAZINE Modernization made in Russia

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Russian’s Best Innovators Became a Green Economy Getting Stronger through the Crisis

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The effects of the economic downturn are continuing to make themselves felt the world over – a sure sign that the crisis has not yet passed. Russia has nevertheless continued to quietly chalk up a number of impressive achievements. For the second year in succession, the Am Cham Business Barometer has singled out Russia as the best location in Europe for US investors. The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia is the most important representative of American companies in Russia. As such, the results of its survey of major US investors carry significant weight. American interview partners had particular praise for the “world-class performance” of Russia R&D divisions, as well as partnerships with Russian universities and research centers. Russian R&D excellence is held in such high esteem that a number of US companies have established their own research centers here – many of them with global reach. This backs up the recent findings of the “European Innovation Scoreboard.” The report confirms Russians position as one of the most dynamically innovative countries in Europe, being particularly strong in product and process innovation. Innovation is pivotal to Russia as a business and technology location. For that reason, this issue takes the “Modernization made in Russia” as its editorial focus. If it is at all possible to speak of a positive effect of the financial crisis, then it is that companies have been forced to seek innovative ways to develop their product portfolios in order to maintain turnover. This “Modernization made in Russia” has had particular effect in the solar industry: in this issue we report on the remarkable new solutions that the industry has developed as a result. Innovations of this nature are very much the light at the end of the economic crisis tunnel, showing that innovative spirit and entrepreneurial dynamism are prerequisites to modern business success. In Russia you will find plenty of both. I hope the magazine makes for entertaining and informative reading. Sincerely yours,

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Alexej Schmidt Chief Executive

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russia research magazin