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What Are The Different Types Of Epoxy Coating? Epoxy coating is a type of durable coating that is used for a large number of purposes. You can create strong adhesives and even highly durable floor paint coatings and metals using epoxy. This is actually created because of the chemical reaction between a polymine hardener and an epoxide resin. The resultant curing process of the combination of these two chemicals is what produces the results that make epoxy flooring and other products highly durable. The curing process turns the liquid epoxy floor coating to a very strong and durable solid surface. These resin flooring options are ideal for commercial and industrial flooring, retail outlets flooring and even for houses.

RES-GUARD is a great option if you're looking for epoxy floors. But flooring is not the only option that you can get from epoxy. Because of their inherent ability to create a highly durable as well as chemically resistant surface, epoxy coating compounds are used for a wide variety of purposes. You can find these coatings used dominantly in manufacturing plants, marine applications, electrical and automotive parts, as well as fiberglass and carbon fibre. It is the durability of epoxy materials that make it a highly coveted option for a wide variety of applications.

One of the most popular uses for this type of coating is in paints. The coatings are very popular because they try quickly, and become really tough. It can make a great protective coating for different types of materials including metals. An epoxy coating is really easy to apply, and very versatile so it can be used for multiple applications. The following are some of the primary uses of epoxy coating.

You can use an epoxy coating as a powder coating on different types of white goods such as washing machines, dryers, blenders etc. this will provide extra durability for these goods. Epoxy powder coatings are regularly used for preventing corrosion in steel pipes and fittings that are used in the oil and gas industry. They are also used in concrete reinforcing rebars as well as water transmission pipelines. It is the steel corrosion resistance of epoxy coating that makes it ideally suited for this purpose. Flooring is one of the most popular uses of epoxy coating. An epoxy floor paint can be used to dress up an ordinary concrete floor and convert it into a highly attractive, glossy, and durable surface. Epoxy coating has several different uses. Choose one that is ideally suited for your purpose.

What are the different types of epoxy coating  
What are the different types of epoxy coating