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an you believe we are almost ½ way through 2015? Graduations, summer vacations and 6 months left of 2015. But you can look at this in two ways – “Oh no, only 6 months left!” or “Oh yes, I’ve got 6 months to rock the world in 2015!”

I’d like to challenge you to live by the latter. You have 6 months+ to reach your goals. That’s plenty of time if you FOCUS and COMMIT to them. And that’s where #YESICAN can help! While it’s a time of celebration of school graduations, I’ve had a graduation of sorts myself. I turn 50 on May 5th. Yes, 50. What a milestone – but it’s the new 30, right?! My mindset is young and my enthusiasm is high. And my body, after shedding 70 pounds over the last 1 ½ years, is feeling better than ever, is full of energy and is ready to conquer the world. I’m ready to do things, see things and be things I’ve never been. It’s time for the “bucket list”. But why did I have to wait until 50?

I hear it over and over again. I’m too busy, I have no time, I’m juggling too many things, I’m not a priority. STOP! Yes, our kids are a huge priority. Our families, our significant others, our parents, our friends. But when we give, give, give to everyone else and leave nothing for ourselves, we can’t possibly be good for anyone. Do you remember the flight attendant’s – “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting those around you”? We are now ½ way through 2015. Did you set “new year’s” resolutions and goals? How are those going for you? Are you burnt out, overwhelmed and frazzled to the core? It’s time to commit to YOU – to CHOOSE to be present in your life and not watch it flash before your eyes! Carve out some time – even if it’s a few minutes a day for a walk, or better yet, a weekend away. Join me and 100’s of others in the #YESICAN movement sweeping the nation. It’s about taking a stand – for YOU. It’s about making YOU a priority – so that you can be, do and see all that you want – before it’s too late. Joining the community is FREE! So hop on over to – and watch for special events to gather and support each other in your journey called life!

As far as this issue of Today’s Innovative Woman, it is packed full of great articles to help you grow – personally and business-wise. Nafissa and Candy have written about money and expenses! I encourage you to take a close look at your bottom line and how you are spending and saving your money! Meet-ups – Debbie S writes a great article about Twitter and Corner Bakery! Email rules from Bibi – please understand the SPAM laws! Debbie M talks about tracking your time – and finding your time wasters! Kathi is all about will power and why power. And Kim – consistency. All important topics to help you grow your business! Here’s to your SUCCESS!

4 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015




IN THIS ISSUE All About You 8 9 Game Changing Tips For 2015 - Part Two of Two

10 Use Twitter To Plan Your Next Meeting Place

26 7 Ways To Get Your Motivation Back After Getting Knocked Down

12 Great Marketing Plan But Low Conversion Rate?

28 168 Hours: What Are You Doing With Yours?

14 Make A Money Date

30 Struggling With Willpower? How To Win Every Time 32 Is Your Body on Your Success Team?

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All About Business 6 Conferences and Networking Events: The Time Wasters

16 Can-Spam But You Shouldn’t 20 Brand Trust: Does Your Audience Trust You? 22 Less Impersonal Promotion and More Personal Invitation 24 Mid-Year Bookkeeping Check-In 36 Google Update: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? 40 Lay Down The Law When It Comes To Knowing Your Personal Brand! 44 You Forgot to Teach Me How to Run A Business! 46 Why Podcasting Is a Great Marketing Strategy

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All About Business

Conferences and Networking Events: The Time Wasters by Tish Times


s a Networking Strategist, I would obviously never say that you are wasting your time networking. However, if you do not have a post-networking plan, you should save your money, save your time, and stay at home. Like many of the other 3000 attendees of the conference I attended this week, I am leaving pumped full of new ideas — my head swimming with action items — and a pocket (or rather, purse) full of business cards from new contacts. I’ve already put the follow-up wheels in motion and kicked off my system to develop relationships with these new contacts. Now, I know I’m not the norm when it comes to follow-up…but I easily could be! If you are one of the few extremely proficient networkers who not only follows up, but obtains multiple ideal clients from your networking efforts, you are free to carry on with your day. If you, however, are like the hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders I talk to on a weekly basis whose busy workdays win out over their follow up plans – you should keep reading. I am going to challenge you the same way one of the speakers from the event challenged his audience. He said, “when you hear a familiar concept and automatically think ‘I’m already doing that,’ ask yourself ‘How well am I doing that?’ ” Here are 3 tips to help you stop throwing money and time away on your networking: •

Find and follow the hashtag for the event. Reach out to those with whom you can connect on social media. Find out who they are looking to meet and try to help make the connection. After the event, continue connecting with your new contacts through social media.

6 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

Separate received cards into categories such as hot, warm, and cold. Immediately scan ‘hot’ cards into your contact management system for contact within 24 hours.

Be the most memorable contact they encountered at the event. Send an inexpensive, but, exceptional mailer or unique and personal handwritten card so that you will be top of mind.

These 3 strategies are quick and easy ways you can follow up with new contacts at events. Want more? Let’s chat! Jump over to and click the contact button to schedule a discovery session today! Tish Times, founder and CEO of HireTimes Career & Coaching Group, Tish uses a unique approach to networking in order to help companies increase employee engagement, improve camaraderie, minimize silos and create cross training programs in the workplace. Tish also coaches entrepreneurs to amplify their business and increase profits with unparalleled networking strategies. Please visit to get your complimentary report, The Impact of the Confident Team, 7 Habits for Sales and Marketing Staff to Easily, Powerfully, and Genuinely Engage with Your Ideal Clients”. For coaching or speaking engagements contact go to and click the schedule button.

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All About You

9 Game Changing Tips for 2015 Part Two of Two by Joy Chudacoff


ere are my final four timely tips for women entrepreneurs who are ready to catapult their business to new heights in 2015:

6. Get 8 Hours of Sleep – This one tip will be a game-changer if you really commit to it. I go to bed nearly every night at the same time (no matter how long my to-do list is). I truly believe this is what gives me the high energy I have each day for my business and family. Set a goal to head to bed at a reasonable hour and grab the extra sleep you need for success. 7. Commit to Your Big Vision – Make a decision (there’s that word again!) to accomplish your BIG unique vision in 2015. Grab some quiet time and create a plan to make it happen. This is truly the only way to make it a reality. Get an accountability partner, coach or consultant to help you accelerate the plan and course-correct along the way. 8. Commit to Your Feminine Energy – In my book, “What’s Next?: The 7 Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business,” I take a deep dive into this topic. Stop living your life in the shadow of someone else and let your light shine.

8 Today’s Innovative Woman

9. Nurture Relationships – Get out of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you. For example, ride a roller coaster if you’re afraid of heights, take the stage and give a speech if you’d like to do more public speaking. If you make this a habit, you’ll begin to see yourself doing things that you never dreamed possible. It’s a mindset that you develop but it starts with doing that one thing that you know in your heart and mind that you need to do (and secretly want to do). Remember, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

May/June 2015

If you implement just one of these nine game-changing tips over the next 30 days, I can guarantee you positive change will begin to show up in your life. 2015 is going to be a banner year for women entrepreneurs who are armed and ready to accept the challenge. I’m ready. Are you? Joy Chudacoff is Heralded as “The Coach for Women” in the millennium, Joy Chudacoff has x-ray vision when it comes to helping women discover their Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals! Joy draws on both her personal life and entrepreneurial experiences to support women in achieving better ways of living. It’s her passion, her purpose and her business. She is a Professional Certified Coach, highly skilled group leader, motivational speaker and a gifted communicator. Visit Joy’s website,, where you’ll find more articles plus information about her Women’s Success Circles, Smart Women Smart Solutions Coach Certification Programs, Speaking engagements, teleclasses and upcoming events for women. Joy can be reached at 310-454-2005 or by email,

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All About Business

Use Twitter to Plan Your Next Meeting Place by Debbie Saviano

CORNER BAKERY – “Where friends and food gather together” is quickly becoming the trendiest place to meet with clients. Many entrepreneurs CHOOSE to not have offices. This works beautifully until you need to schedule an appointment with a client or prospect. Starbucks has been one of the most popular locations for meetings and yet, space is limited. This is not saying anything against Starbucks, it is just that having a place to meet which enables you to have a table to engage in conversation as well as options for drinks and food selections makes the meeting much more enjoyable. Corner Bakery actively engages on social media and will not only welcome you but will participate with you on social media; with TWITTER being the platform with the most engagement. Each Wednesday, @CornerBakery has a TWITTER CHAT at noon Central – 1:00 pm Eastern and 10:00 am Pacific. Join the #CraveChat and participate in the conversation. You will be amazed at the discussion – activity – new followers and Interaction all because everyone comes together with the Intention of “GATHERING at the CORNER”. Having a meeting - #CornerMeetUp at a Corner Bakery is an ideal way to combine friendly gatherings with social media. 1. Go to 2. LOGIN with either Facebook – Twitter or Email 3. CREATE a #CornerMeetUp by selecting Date / Location / Purpose 4. SHARE on Facebook & Twitter

10 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

5. Be sure to use #CornerMeetUp on Twitter and @CornerBakery will also promote the event helping spread the word. 6. You can also reach out to those who you are connected to via Facebook. 7. Search for friends who live in _____(specific area) 8. Send out a private message to those in that city/area. 9. Let them know, you are coming and are inviting a few “friends”. 10. It is important to keep it low key and to let them know there will be NO pitching or selling. Just meeting for coffee. So, take advantage of the Corner Bakery near you and schedule a #CornerMeetUp. Debbie Saviano is a solopreneur whose daily mantra is to “help professionals take action and create an online presence by developing, nurturing and maintaining relationships.” Debbie utilizes social media to connect, network and engage with others. She is an advocate for “continuing the conversations”. Thanks to the internet highway, borders are no more; people can interact and communicate around the globe. Professionals from across the country call Debbie for her unique skill set in designing LinkedIn profiles & Pinterest platforms aimed at engagement and retention toward a target market. Debbie also provides business solutions to small businesses who seek to utilize social media to enhance their brand, improve skills of their employees, expand social proof and establish an on-line presence.

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All About Business

Great Marketing Plan But Low Conversion Rate? by Linda Cotter


You have taken time and care to layout and implement a fabulous marketing plan. You are everywhere you should be in terms of online and offline marketing, but for some reason, it’s not converting customers. Why is it not converting? Try looking at your branding, website and collateral material. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you actually looked at your website and branding from a prospect’s point of view? If the answer is “I can’t remember”, then it’s time you took a look. It is so important to take time each month to test each link on your site and evaluate its effectiveness. Is the copy relevant? Is your freebie enticing? Is your image consistent? Is it fresh and contemporary, or does it look dated? Perhaps it’s time to do some spring cleaning. The first experience potential clients will have with your business will most likely be with your business card, then your website. Having good design for your branding communicates to them that you have taken a good deal of time and care in displaying and informing about your product or service. This will lead them to believe that you take the same care with the goods or services you provide. So, right from the beginning, they are not only interested by the visual presentation of your business, but they feel like they can trust its quality as well. By presenting good design in every unit of your branding, you show that you value professionalism, quality control, and attention to detail. This kind of statement is key to instilling trust in your target audience. It will also help you stand out and allow you to move beyond your competitors.

12 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

So, if you’re in the process of starting up your business, or have an established one, remember to pay plenty of attention to your branding. Take the time to find someone who will design with care and who is committed to showing the best your business has to offer. It could be the answer to your conversion problems. Linda Cotter is a graphic designer and web developer who is known for her fresh, simple and elegant designs. Linda’s goal is to help her clients produce better results through great design and creative solutions while using imaginative and innovative development methods. Whether it is a logo, business card, website or brand development, she incorporates each client’s unique personality and style into the design with an eye-catching flair and business sensibility. This creates the opportunity for them to attract the desired clients and results they are looking for. Visit Linda’s website at www. She can be reached at (310) 486-3108 or by email at

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All About Business

Make A

Money Date

by Nafissa Shireen


ntrepreneurs usually have ambitious financial goals, yet when I ask them about the financial results in their business, I find it’s the last thing they pay attention to! They know sales totals (which is a great start!) – but most have no idea how much profit they are making, what their expenses are, how much is owed to them, how much they owe, and how much interest they are paying. “I Just Don’t Want to Know” Believe me, I get it! It’s not fun, can be confusing, and sometimes you really DON’T want to know what you will find out. But you need to! A Re-frame What if I gave you a treasure map, with details, instructions and sometimes complicated clues that if you followed, even if it meant making difficult decisions along the way, taking some risks, and readjusting plans the deeper you got into it, would lead you to a big fat pot of gold! Would you follow it?

14 Today’s Innovative Woman

Of Course! Your financial reports are your treasure map! They are what will tell you what is working, what isn’t, and it will help you make business decisions that lead you to making more money and having more time. You don’t need to be a financial expert, you can hire one of those. As the CEO of your business, I recommend that you put some time aside every week to review that “treasure map” your bookkeeper gives you, and learn what isn’t working and what is, so that you can adjust as needed, and find your own pot of gold!

May/June 2015

Pick a day and time each week, (I do it Mondays at 1:00 pm) to set a “money date” with yourself and take ownership of this crucial part of being a business owner.

Nafissa Shireen is an award winning Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Mentor She has a gift for empowering and propelling people to their highest potential. With 25 years’ experience leading 6-figure to 9-figure companies, she strategically partners with entrepreneurs to help them focus on sustainable & scalable business growth, so they can create a highly profitable and luxurious business and life. Passionate about helping women earn what they are worth and build their wealth, so that they can realize all of their dreams and desires. She brings together her vast business knowledge with the deep inner work needed to help entrepreneurs identify blocks, step out of fear and overwhelm, raise their wealth consciousness, and move forward towards their goals with measurable, tangible results.

Let me help you create a

Highly Profitable & Luxurious business and life. 1-844-5-THRIVE (584-7483)

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All About Business


But You Shouldn’t

by Bibi Goldstein


hat is CAN-SPAM? Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003. This law lays out the rules for the sending of “commercial email messages”, the ability for those individuals receiving messages to stop them and the consequences to those that violate the law.

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission can fine you up to $16,000.00 per every individual email that is not compliant with CAN-SPAM laws? What makes an email message compliant? •

An obvious way to unsubscribe on every email message, don’t make recipients search for a way to stop getting emails from you or require any information other than their email address in order to remove them.

A valid physical address on every email message.

A valid domain based “From” email address and name. Emails from @yahoo or @gmail should not be used to send emails for marketing purposes.

A subject line that is relevant to the content in the email.

A header in the email that matches the content in the email.

Email addresses were not obtained in any other way than directly from the owner, preferably with permission. This means stay away from marketing to purchased lists.

Whatever email delivery system you’re using for your marketing, from Mailchimp to Infusionsoft, should allow for you to set up your emails to maintain compliance of CAN-SPAM laws. Systems like Infusionsoft have Acceptable Use Policies, so be sure to read those and any Terms of Service to be certain that you understand what they define as spam and/or compliant. Lastly, there’s much debate over single opt in and double opt-in requirements when adding new contacts to your list. We explain to all of our clients that using double opt-in is the right option always because it protects them and the integrity of their list.


Bibi started Buying Time with a friend to give everyone the opportunity to have access to support and assistance with any task. With over 22 years in the transportation/ logistics industry Bibi has specific experience in space and time efficiencies through Six Sigma training for warehouses from 1,000 to 30,000+ square feet. This provided her the ability to visualize the final outcome even when the client cannot. Bibi recently co-authored “Get Organized Today” with other organizing experts hoping to reach out and help more people. Bibi can be reached at

16 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

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All About Success

The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink

Author & Entrepreneur

by Cathy Alessandra


It began in the car through her tears at every stoplight… a story sprouted from a seed of adversity. And the entire book was written during that drive home! Being bullied in the workplace by another woman helped lead Sheri to her surrender moment where she would do anything to change the situation. “At that moment, an idea came to me about a little rose who grew up in a weed bed and things she is the weed.” Sheri set a goal for herself that day – “I decided a year from that day, I would be working for another company, running my own company or would have atleast moved on.”

Sheri had worked in the corporate world for 12 years before realizing the corporate ladder she was climbing was up against the wrong wall. A year later to the day, she turned in her notice and began consulting. While very successful, she still wasn’t feeling fulfilled. She attended Jack Canfield’s “Breakthrough to Success” conference and started chatting with a woman. The question arose about writing and Sheri shared with her the story she had written, put in a drawer, and had not read since. She realized at that moment she needed to get the message out. “People need to believe in themselves no matter what. And if I could plant or nurture a seed within children to understand how precious they are… I knew I had to do it.”

Being your authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life. Sheri’s biggest challenge – fear! “Fear of failure, the unknown, what will people think. When the first book came out, I didn’t want to share the back story. But the inspiration and the story of why is what people want to connect with, being our authentic selves. My message – it’s OK to be who you are – and that’s the same fear I had to overcome.” Success – how does Sheri define it? “I define success as a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. I want to make a huge difference but I want to feel it’s coming from my heart, it’s authentic and in alignment. The rest is icing on the cake.” Sheri listens to her gut – and when a project starts to no longer leave her happy or fulfilled, she will re-evaluate it and ask herself what she would love to do on the project. And if there is nothing, she may no longer work on project. “It’s being strategic in the way we invest our energy.”

18 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

In looking back on what she wished she knew before she began, it would be that it’s harder than you think. “Being realistic about what it’s going to take to launch a business and build the momentum –it’s consuming in a great way if you love it!” A friend of hers once said, if people had any idea what it took to be successful, they wouldn’t want it. “It’s doing what it takes – but not being a slave to the business. Maybe I don’t like to do every facet – but I want the end result so I’m willing to do what it takes while cultivating a life of balance.” What makes Sheri an innovative woman? “I’ve always been rebellious – in a good way.” She is an independent published author of all of her books, which isn’t common in the industry. “For me, I wanted to own the rights to my work. I wanted my work to be mine, with 100% non-compromise.” She follows her inspiration to create something truly amazing, in her own way, on her own terms. “Don’t let others limitations limit you”, said Sheri. “Reach beyond what you think is possible. Let go of what other people say or think about what you’re doing – it’s wild and wonderful. Unless you risk it, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.”

Don’t let others’ limitations limit you. Sheri has expanded her inspirational brand with books, live experiences, beauty items, and music all designed to create magical experiences for her fans. She became a #1 best-selling recording artist with the 2014 release of her first inspirational album, Love Notes. CBS Los Angeles selected her as one of the top 3 authors in her local area, a distinction she shares with Dean Koontz. Her brand is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for the best in family friendly entertainment. Publisher’s Note: Sheri creates books, products, and experiences that inspire and delight kids of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem. All 5 of her children’s books are #1 best-sellers, including The Little Rose which was a #1 Amazon Best-seller for over 60 weeks. Sheri is one of the keynote speakers at the South Bay Business Women’s Conference. Her presentation is “How to Make Your Dreams Come True: The Magic of Authenticity and Inspired Action.” For more information about the conference, visit www.southbaywomensconference. com. For further details about Sheri and her books, visit her at

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All About Business

Brand Trust:

Does Your Audience Trust You? by Kimberly Pitts

Think about that one person you call your true friend; that person that is there for you no matter what. I would venture to guess that you built this trust over time by seeing how they interacted with you, by how they kept their word, how they treated you and how they added to your life. Next, I would venture to guess that if they made a mistake, you would forgive them because you know that mistake is not indicative of who they are. Now, think about your brand. Consistency: Like any relationship, trust is built over time. So ask yourself the following questions: •

How consistent am I being in my level of engagement? When I think about engagement I immediately think about ballroom dancing. You have to trust the person you are dancing with from start to finish. The same goes in with building trust. From the time you court your prospective client to the time their season with you is over, you should strive for consistency in how you engage with them. Typically in the beginning it is like a honeymoon where everything is exciting in that working relationship. However it is important that continue to engage your clients. That builds trust in you and it prompts them to share their level of trust in you with others.

How consistent am I being in my messaging? Does what I say I do match up with what my audience reads on my website, in blogs, on my posts and in my business conversations? If your messaging is not aligned you will find that potential clients will have a hard time joining your programs, trusting your expertise, and they will normally not return to learn more about you.

20 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015


How consistent am I being in what I say? This is rooted in how you keep your word. For example, if you say that you publish a biweekly newsletter, then make sure it comes out every 2 weeks. Sounds simple, right? Yet, not being consistent in the integrity of what you say you will do, can cause mistrust.

So, consider how consistent you are and whether you are building brand trust. Kimberly Pitts, is a Branding & Marketing Strategist. She is also Founder of UImpact, LLC. Kimberly is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs all over the world learn how to use authentic business building tools, marketing and branding strategies to attract raving fans, attract more clients, and enjoy more income and freedom in their business. Kimberly helps women entrepreneurs through Thrive Academy, UImpact’s premier training based mastermind program. If you want to make an impact in the lives of others through business you can begin today. All you need to know is where to start. Kimberly can help you create the business you desire to have. Whether you are in the start-up stages of your business, ready to grow and up level your business or you are looking for coaching and strategy to really expand your reach...Kimberly is here to provide expert coaching and mentoring to up level your business. www.uimpact. net

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All About Business

Less Impersonal Promotion and


Personal Invitation

by Caterina Rando, MA, MCC


re you great at promotion, but still you are having difficulty getting clients or getting people to your events? If so you might be embracing a common misperception that too many women in business are following. Which is thinking that promotion is enough to fill your client base or your event. It is not.

someone has seen a lot of promotion for something, they will give it far more consideration when they have also received a personal invitation. I have heard many women become frustrated because they have been promoting a product, a group or an event all over and get little response. If that has happened, consider the following to get you much better results: Realize that people now receive hundreds of emails and see thousands of promotional messages each day. Use promotion to get the word out, however to get people to sign up in far greater numbers you have to extend a personal invitation to them.

Promotion is impersonal. Making invitations is personal. When you pick up the phone and call someone, inviting them to an event, or inviting them to have a conversation with you about working together, that is a personal relationship and business building activity. Posting on social media and sending event email blasts is not personal and it does not capture the attention of the person you are reaching out to the way something personal does. Even if

22 Today’s Innovative Woman

You do this through a personal phone call, a personal email or even a personal Facebook or LinkedinÂŽ message. Plus, a post card with a quick personal note will get you more action. To get personal, start with their first name and ideally reference something about that person or their business that lets them know it is a personal communication. Start inviting more and watch your great results soar. Are you someone that wants better results from your business efforts? If

May/June 2015

so, I’d love to speak to you! Join me at my next Business Breakthrough Summit. Learn more at http:// Here you will also find my free e-book on how to get started catapulting your business today. I would love to connect with you. I can be reached at cat@ and by phone at 415.668.4535. Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, shows women entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to massively monetize their mastery. Join her and other ambitious, positive and passionate women at one of her three two-day, live and in-person events: The Business Breakthrough Summit, www., The Sought After Speaker Summit www.soughtafterspeaker. com or Enliven: How to Plan, Produce and Profit From a Women’s Retreat www. For a deep discount use code TIWMAG and get started catapulting your business today. Caterina can also be reached at and by phone at 415.668.4535.

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All About Business

Mid-Year Bookkeeping Check-In by Candy Messer


e are well into the second quarter, so almost half of the year is complete. It’s time to review what is happening in your business and see if any alterations are needed to meet your goals. Based on what you find, you can make adjustments to prepare for a change in taxes due based on your profitability. If you set a goal for the business in terms of revenue, how are you doing in relationship to that figure? If you are at 50% or better, that’s great! How much over your goal are you? Is this going to impact your taxes? Do you need to alter your estimated tax payments (if you currently have to file) to avoid owing a large amount later? Do you need to make equipment purchases or invest in other larger expenses you’ve been postponing to offset your profits? Now may be the time to consider making those purchases. You hopefully have some cash available from the income and can make those investments which in turn will reduce your overall profit and taxes due. Of course, talk to your CPA before making this decision to see if now is the best time to spend those dollars. But maybe you’re finding that you aren’t on track to meet your goal. This can be due to sales lower than expected, costs higher than expected, or a combination of the two. Look at where you are spending money and see if there is a way to reduce some of these costs. There are expenses that are fixed (such as rent, insurance, payroll tax rates), but some costs can be affected by analyzing your spending to see where reductions can be put into place. Contact vendors to see if you can get a discount for paying more quickly, see if there is a way to run a process more efficiently (and therefore reduce the time or costs associated with the task) or see if the rates you are charging for your products and/or services are too low and need to be increased.

24 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

Based on how far off your goal you are, you may want to look at your estimated tax payments and see if those can be reduced to keep more cash on hand. Schedule an appointment with your CPA to review your financial statements and determine if any changes should be made. Candy Messer is President of Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services and energizes business owners by removing the burden of the bookkeeping and payroll processing from their shoulders. With 15 years of experience, Candy understands the stresses business owners face and offers customized services to meet their varying needs, including bookkeeping, payroll, Quickbooks consulting, and bill pay services. Candy works with service based business owners who are overwhelmed with the paperwork required to stay in compliance for filings and frees them to focus on what they love to grow their businesses. Visit her website at for more information.

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All About You

7 Ways to Get Your Motivation Back After Getting Knocked Down By Cynthia Bazin It happens to the best of us! At some points in our life, we are going to burn-out or totally get knocked down from something that we felt was going to work out but didn’t. I think we all can relate to feeling this way at one time or another. Know that it’s normal and that it happens to everyone from time-to-time. Get your motivation back with some smart tips! 1. Reduce Your Overwhelm -Stop doing things in your life that are draining you. 2. Focus On One Goal to Get You Kick-Started –When you focus, you have your full attention on it. 3. Fill Your Life With Inspiration –Read inspirational articles, listen to motivational videos and surround yourself with inspiring people. When you fill your life with positivity it will affect your life in an awesome way. 4. Commit to Progress Every Day – Make a commitment to take small steps forward every day. Remember that small steps forward lead to big achievements. 5. Understand That Every Day Will Not Be a Perfect Day –Don’t be too hard on yourself. When things get thrown off track, take a step back, re-strategize and move onward and forward. 6. Treat Yourself To Something Special – To get out of that initial slump, why not treat yourself to something special. Do something for yourself to make you feel good as you commit to moving ahead. 7. Design a Success Box – Put together a box where you put in memories of your ‘wins’ throughout the year.

26 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

Which of my 7 ways to get your motivation back most resonate with you? Do you have a story to share or other ways to get back motivated in your life?

I would love to hear from you! Cynthia Bazin is passionate about helping successful, smart women get out of feeling stuck and/or overwhelmed by using laser-focused strategies to gain clarity about their true mission. She gets women pumped up, inspired and focused on their life strategy plan moving ahead. Cynthia has over 20 years of experience working in the corporate world. She ran investigation units for large corporations, was a Private Investigator and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Cynthia is President of SmartChic. She works one-on-one mentoring women, does group programs, conducts workshops and is a motivational speaker. Learn more at

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All About You

168 Hours: What Are You Doing With Yours? by Debbie Mrazek

When it comes to business and sales, time is money; which is why it is important to make the most of the time that you have each day. While the majority of us believe that we are using our time wisely each and every day that is sadly not true. There are times when we may become distracted or spend a little too much time on social media, even though we promised ourselves we’d only check our pages for a few minutes. How many times have you been sitting at your desk and glance at the clock on your computer? It’s always shocking to see how much time has passed without us truly knowing what we accomplished in the last few hours. If you’ve ever thought about what you’ve accomplished in a typical day, but do not recall being as productive as you had set out to be that morning; then it may be time for you to begin using some of the tools that are available. These tools are designed to help you understand where your time went, and how you can make adjustments that will allow you to become more productive. These tools run discreetly in the background on both your computer and mobile devices. As they run throughout the day, they track how much time you have spent using different apps on your mobile devices and how much time you have spent on various websites that you visit on a regular day. After the program has completed gathering the information it needs, it will then provide you with a detailed report on how you spend a typical day. The tool that is my personal favorite is The information provided in this report will allow you to see how you spend your time and how productive you actually are each day. With this information in hand, you will then be able to make the necessary changes to

28 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

ensure that you are as productive as possible. If you have ever wanted a thorough look at the way that you spend time when you are supposed to be working, these tools can be extremely helpful. Debbie Mrazek is founder and president of The Sales Company, a Texasbased firm that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporations better assess, understand and engage in practical purposeful selling. With “Mrazek Energy” (believed to be from another world since it is a constant flow of happiness and enthusiasm). Debbie Mrazek teaches the tools, techniques, and talents every individual possesses, and how to transform those into S-A-L-E-S. Mrazek has counseled, constructed, and completed sales programs, workshops, and individual and team coaching across the nation. She’s also a speaker, author of Field Guide To Sales and conference facilitator. Connect with Debbie at

The Sales Company will make you the competition. Call us. We’ll help you with sales that will blow the bottom line away. T H E



Be the competition. Contact Debbie Mrazek

972 618 1880

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All About You

Struggling With Willpower? How to Win Every Time! by Kathi Laughman


id you know that each of us struggles with self-discipline in some area of our lives? You aren’t alone in facing the mystery of mastering willpower. We may be great at staying on track with our health but reaching our financial goals is a struggle. We may be able to take on new habits in our work but find that in our personal lives it is a challenge to create sustainable change. Why is that? The answer is simpler than we realize. When we struggle, we depend on willpower as our fuel to maintain. Our willpower has to do two things: it has to incite us to take action, and it has to restrain us from giving in to impulses that aren’t in line with the goal. That’s a significant undertaking when you think about it. The answer lies within the power element of the equation. Will is simply the desire or the want. The magic is in the power source. And the power needs focus to be optimal. Think about when you have faced a significant challenge or crisis. The power that fueled you was born from the pressing need to address the issue. You were able to tap into reserves of fortitude and resourcefulness you didn’t even know you had. Why? Because you found your “why power”. Jim Rohn is noted for this insight: “When the promise is clear, the price is easy.” Even more on point is this thought from the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche: “He who has a why can endure any how.” The next time you find your power waning, let go of will and grab on to why. When you apply your “why power” you will find everything you need to get and stay motivated, even when things get bumpy along the way. Kathi Laughman is a life and business strategist, inspirational speaker and best-selling author. Referred to by her clients as the “Plan B to Z expert”, Kathi Laughman serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance. Her philosophy and body of work demonstrates that there is more value in the “rest of the story” than we ever dreamed possible. After a successful 25+ year career as an executive working with business intelligence, Kathi founded The Mackenzie Circle, a life coaching and personal leadership company in order to champion entrepreneurs as their possibility partner, coach and mentor. Her personal mission is to inspire, facilitate and invest in the success of others.

30 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

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All About You San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Is Your Body on Your Success Team? by Jean Kathryn Carlson


n one level, it’s a silly question. Of course your body is on your success team. After all, you couldn’t get very far without it. The real question is, what relationship do you have with your body? Do you continue to push yourself when you know you are tired? Do you eat on the go because there’s just no time in the day to have a relaxing meal? Do you push the pause button throughout the day and take a moment to breathe? In the old paradigm of doing business, working 24/7 got you a badge of courage. The cost on the body for that model was high. Stress and overwork go together like salt and pepper. Google the words stress and overwork and you’ll get a whopping 38,600,000 hits. In the March/April edition of Today’s Innovative Woman I spoke of night time dreams as being like our best friend who always tells us the truth. The body is the same. It never lies. We can tell ourselves that we are not tired and push through, but eventually the body will have its way. What I know for sure is that when we don’t care for our bodies, they let us know. And if we don’t pay attention to the little symptoms we might get a big correction! As a tapping practitioner and essential oils advocate, I know that even little steps taken to honor the body can

32 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

lower stress and make a huge difference. Choose one of the following ways to honor your body. 1. Enjoy a body scan every day. This takes as little as three to five minutes and you can do it before getting out of bed! A body scan is simply a form of mindfulness. Begin with sensing your feet. Breathe. Relax. Then move up your body, sensing each part of your body and inviting deep relaxation as you prepare for your day. 2. Take time to enjoy your food. Try setting the timer for as little as 7 minutes and appreciate the flavors and textures of your food while doing absolutely nothing else. Our digestion systems work better when we give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy our food. 3. Experiment with a morning and evening essential oils routine. Quality essential oils like those from doTERRA can support our emotional and physical health as we go about our day. Choose a citrus oil, like lemon, lime or wild orange to uplift and energize in the morning. Use it aromatically or put a few drops on the back of the neck, or the inside of the wrists. Try putting a couple of drops of lavender oil on the bottom of your feet at night to enjoy a good night’s sleep. When you give your body a stronger voice on your success team, everybody wins. Jean Kathryn Carlson is a Dream Alchemist, speaker and co-author of Catch Your Star and On the Wings of Faith. Her unique alchemical blend of dreamwork and tapping sets the stage for a powerful and transformational experience. Dream Circles in Fairfax, 415-721-7300,, www.

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All About Success North San Joaquin Valley, CA

Kathy SingInnovative Woman

North San Joaquin Valley, CA

How/Why did you begin your business? As a little girl it was tradition for my mom and I to make baked Christmas gifts, so my love of being in the kitchen started at an early age. A good friend and I always talked about opening up a candy store. With the passing of the Cottage Food Law several years ago, my friend was able to start a candy business and I was able to start what is now Kathy’s Kernels. The instigator was my youngest son, Kevin, asking me if there was anything I could viably make and sell. Several years ago, I made 300 caramel corn wedding favors and thought, why not caramel corn? The idea of Kathy’s Kernels became a reality in February of 2014 due to the vision of my son Kevin, and the business smarts and design of my oldest son, Kenny. For several years I was afraid to take that leap of faith, not knowing what the future held. My youngest son was going through hard times and my life was consumed with worry at the time. His motivation to find change and pushing me to finally take that leap of faith was God’s way of telling me it was time to move forward. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? My biggest challenge has been ‘time’ and finding the best means of production. Experimenting with different methods and ingredients, I have learned how to do things more efficiently. Other than time, learning to feel confident about my product is a constant obstacle for me. Being my own worst critic is sometimes a curse, but I believe it’s what continues to drive the quality of my product.

34 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

How do you define SUCCESS? Success is finding what makes you the most happy. Being in the kitchen has always made me happy and knowing that I’ve created a business around that, although stressful at times, makes me feel successful every single day. As a plus, if you can find what you love and surround yourself with others who are equally as passionate, you’ve found the golden ticket. Building new relationships and learning with other women in business has been priceless. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? I wish I would have known more about pricing my product. This is something that needs to happen very early in the process of selling, and was something I knew very little about. I also wish I would have known how fun it would be! I was wondering if I was too old to be starting up a business, but timing can be everything. What makes you an Innovative Woman? Taking something as nostalgic as caramel corn, then redefining how people expect caramel corn to taste, has been a truly innovative adventure for me. Experimenting with different flavorings, cooking times and temperatures, using high-quality ingredients, and using non-traditional caramel corn kernels, are innovations that have allowed me to make a name for myself. I believe Kathy’s Kernels continues to surprise people because I am always expanding upon what already works in the way I do things. To find out more about Kathy go to

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All About Business San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Google Update:

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? by Christine Miura,

Hey, did you hear? Google recently made a HUGE announcement, “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” Scary. It’s been said that this update will be more disruptive than the Panda and Penguin updates combined. Over 40% of mobile search queries will be affected. Literally over night after the Panda and Penguin updates many people lost their business presence. Some businesses that had owned the first page for years were GONE. So, if you’ve invested money into SEO to get found in organic search (category of business, your city), you might lose out if you haven’t already updated to a friendly mobile-ready website. If you’re not currently ranked, then you just might not be found on mobile platforms in the future. Why is this so important? Mobile usage is GROWING each and every year. • In early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage for the first time in history. This means the landscape in which businesses operate has changed forever. • World wide total smart phone usage has reached 1.75 billion users last year. • Projected mobile internet usage will rise to 69.4% by 2017. • Nearly two-fifths of all mobile phone users—close to one-quarter of the worldwide population—used a smartphone at least monthly in 2014. World wide useage 36 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

Many non mobile friendly sites will be penalized by Google if your customer can’t read your site on their smartphone or tablet. Important. Check this out…

Ease of navigation, readability and use is required. On the left side its too small to read or use. On the right, mobile buttons make usage easy. If your website does not pass the Google update it could affect you in two ways: 1. Your website may fall in Google rankings for both desktop and mobile. 2. Your traffic and sales conversions may decrease online. If you missed the update deadline, it may still be okay. Google often takes time to rollout these huge updates. But you may want to get your website checked out before too long. Don’t risk it and lose all the money you’ve invested to get your site seen! Get a clean website bill of health and make the update today. We can check your website for FREE to see if it passes the Google mobile requirement test. Contact me today (925) 683-7714 and I can personally help you. Tell us you are a Today’s Innovative Woman reader to receive our VIP package. For building mobile websites, apps or to answer any questions, please contact Christine Miura at (925) 683-7714. Visit her mobile site from your smart phone:

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All About Success Rochester, NY

Susan Giralico

Innovative Woman

Rochester, NY

How/why did you begin your business? My business began with my addiction to high end and very expensive body butters and sugar scrubs. If I was having a bad day, or needed a pick-me-up, you would find me at the boutique buying what I would like to say was “a little jar of heaven.” Like many people, we started facing some financial challenges. When I realized how much I was actually spending on my “habit,” I knew a change was in order. In to the kitchen I went. My scientific background, along with my love for high quality body care products, allowed me the opportunity to really dig deep and come up with a formulation that I fell in love with. I then started sharing it with family, friends and colleagues, and they loved it too. I was thrilled to think that I had created something that others found valuable. Soon after, I was asked to provide samples for golfing events and the orders started coming in. I also shared with a new local grocery store that was opening up and was chosen as a vendor for their wellness department. That’s when Simply Sue’s was officially launched. Now I’m surrounded with body butters and sugar scrubs on a daily basis. The most gratifying part is when I get to see the reactions of people when they first try my creations. It is such an incredible feeling to know that I’ve made something from my heart that is actually making other people happy as well. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? My product formulation came relatively easy for me, but moving my business forward has been a challenge. I realized how much I didn’t know about being a business owner and growing my business. Thankfully, I had some talented friends and family members that were willing to show me the way. Also, networking was,

38 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

and still is, hard for me. I’ve had to really stretch out of my comfort zone, but the results have been wonderful. I have met so many people that have enriched my life. I don’t ever want to go back. How do you define SUCCESS? My definition of success has changed throughout my life. Today, my answer to that question would be to wake up each day excited about what my day brings and when I’m done for the day, I know that everything I have done has been true to what I believe and is in alignment with my core values. Also being able to enrich other’s lives contributes to my feeling successful. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? To ask for help when needed. I have learned that it is worth the investment to have a professional coach at your side. It has given me the opportunity to see things from many different perspectives. I also learned to celebrate all my accomplishments and to value everything that I have done and all that I have to offer. What makes you an Innovative Woman? My willingness to adapt to change and the desire to continue growing, both professionally and personally. Learning the ins and outs of owning a business, along with the other time and energy constraints, has really allowed me to be creative in places other than product formulation. Of course, my first demonstration of being innovative would be creating my own line of quality skin care products from scratch that are composed of all natural ingredients. I didn’t settle for products already on the shelf. Instead, I created a line of products that make your skin feel great. These products are an extension of myself and are an extremely important part of self-care. Everyone deserves great quality products that are reasonably priced to help them take better care of themselves. The love that goes into each product is what makes Simply Sue’s a stand-out-from-the-rest kind of product. Not all skin care products can boast that kind of innovation. For further details about Susan go to

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All About Business Chicago, IL

Lay Down The Law When It Comes To Knowing Your Personal Brand! by Shauna Weatherspoon


fter participating on a panel discussion recently, one of the questions that came out of the group discussion was, what is your personal brand? Can you define it for yourself? Can others? My response relating to the subject matter at hand was, “No. She could not define her personal brand because she could not identify her own to begin with so how could others?” Know the Benefits of Having the “3 C’s”… The benefits of being a strong brand are tremendous. As a strong brand, you can command a higher pay or fees for your product or service. You can pick and choose more selectively who your clients are, which assignments you involve yourself in or the positions you want. If you are in transition with your business or career, it will be a smoother process if you are clear on what you have to offer and the direction you are going in. In addition, strong brands all have something in common, they all exhibit the “3 C’s” of branding. 1. There is CLARITY in their message. 2. The message and brand is CONSISTENT. 3. The message, image and brand is CONSTANT. Think of any brand you consider to be strong, any of them. Do they possess the qualities listed above? Does yours? (I ask myself this as well on a regular basis!) Can others recognize & identify with it on their own, or outside of your presence? Keep working at it until it becomes “crystal clear” to you and others. 40 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

I wanted to share 8 Laws of Personal Branding by Peter Montoya that I found helpful to me in business and area of expertise; I hope you find it useful as well as you think about yours… 1. The Law of Specialization: You can specialize in one of many ways: ability, behavior, lifestyle, mission, product, profession or service. 2. The Law of Leadership: Your leadership will stem from excellence, position or recognition. 3. The Law of Personality: Be your own authentic self! It is a law that removes some of the pressure laid on by the Law of Leadership: you’ve got to be good, but you don’t have to be perfect! 4. The Law of Distinctiveness: You must separate yourself from the competition. An effective Personal brand needs to be expressed in a way that’s different from the competition. 5. The Law of Visibility: Visibility creates the presumption of quality. People will assume because they see you all the time, that you must be superior to others offering the same product or service. 6. The Law of Unity: Your personal life, your private conduct must mirror the public brand. 7. The Law of Persistence: Stick with your personal brand without changing it; be unwavering and be patient. 8. The Law of Good will: You must be associated with a value or idea that is recognized universally as positive & worthwhile. How are you separating yourself from the pack? What tips would you share with us who are working on our own 3 C’s in our business? We would love to hear from you! Email me your personal testimonies at Shaunaw@today’ This SISCEO, Shauna Weatherspoon, has a passion for helping people especially women, live their best lives. Her passion is showing people the power and possibilities of their dreams and helping them develop strategic plan to reach them. She believes that people have everything within them they need to realize that in order to win & be successful both professionally & personally. Shauna has authored two books, “Self Esteem & Empowerment for Women” & PURE WEALTH 26 Ways of Crazy Profitability” which address women and professionals with real challenges and provides real solutions. Each book is full of insightful tips on ways to follow your passion on purpose to create the life you want, build a business to create wealth… and be fabulous while doing all of the above.. Shauna is also a certified speaker, trainer and facilitator who hosts several empowerment seminars, industry conferences and professional networking events locally and nationally. Learn more at

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All About Success Sacramento, CA

Dortha HiseInnovative Woman

Sacramento, CA

How/why did you begin your business? I started my business in 2004 after attending an event and being approached by someone looking for a research assistant. I had a background as a paralegal and I loved doing research. As that client relationship grew, I began taking on more tasks and responsibilities with her and learning more and more. I loved the independence and flexibility having my own business afforded me – in particular, that I could travel with my husband when he needed to travel for work and I could take my business with me. I’m a person who is always looking to grow and challenge myself and take my business to the next level – in addition to offering social media support, blogging, ghostwriting, shopping cart integration, etc., I took some classes at the community college to learn more in depth about web design, to expand my service offerings. In 2007, I began building my business out into a team model, having independent contractors who supported me and my clients in the tasks we handled for them. In 2014, I started a mentor program to train others how to create their own business as a virtual assistant, working from home. And after completing the 6-week program, participants have the opportunity to interview with me and stay on as a part of our team. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? I lost my Mom in July 2012, and over the course of the two years that followed, I lost 27 more friends, family, acquaintances, and associates. Along the way, in February 2013, I woke up with what I thought was severe laryngitis. Over the course of the next few months, several visits to my doctor, specialists and speech therapists, I was diagnosed with a vocal disorder called abductor spasmodic dysphonia. My voice sounds like a cross between a very low whisper and horrible laryngitis. I’m barely audible in many situations. For example, I’m unable to use the phone, as the speaker isn’t sensitive enough to pick up my

42 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

speech. I’m unable to go through a drive-through. I have great difficulty in eating alone, as people often mistake my condition that I might be hearing impaired, which creates a whole different set of challenges. I’m unable to yell for help in situations where that may be necessary. Most days I have to repeat myself multiple times to be heard – which is honestly, very exhausting. This condition has completely changed my life as well as the way that I run my business, and I have been adamant that I will not let it limit me in what I do. I transitioned from doing phone meetings with clients and my team to meeting via Skype or Google Hangout and typing my response while the other person talks. I had known I wanted to write a book about the experience of losing my Mom, and initially I thought the book would be about grieving the loss of a difficult relationship (my mom and I weren’t very close)…After other various losses, and then that of my voice, I felt like there was a bigger message in what the book would become. In September 2014, I joined a write your book in 10-week program with a colleague and friend. We met weekly, and at the end of the 10 weeks, I was finishing up my book and publishing it. It released in December and it’s called Rising Above the Ashes: Reigniting Your Joy After Any Loss. The direction that the book took was really around supporting people to find their joy by working through their loss or grief – whether that of a loved one, a beloved family pet, a business partnership or a big client. How do you define SUCCESS? I define SUCCESS as doing what you want, when you want and with whom you want to do it. Having the ability and the means to do those things as well – not necessarily relating to money, perhaps it’s the ability to spend time, etc. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? That not everyone works from integrity – there are, unfortunately some bad apples out there…and not to let those bad apples ruin it for the rest of the good ones. What makes you an Innovative Woman? My ability to roll with the punches and continue to persevere no matter the circumstances. For further details about Dortha at

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All About Business Phoenix, AZ

You Forgot to Teach Me How to Run a Business! by Lisa Rehurek


ou started a business because you have a passion and a message that inspired you to action. That’s likely what you want to concentrate on and where you want to spend most of your time. But the surprise that you got is that you have to know how to run a business. It’s the part of being an entrepreneur that most people like the least. I’m sharing my key strategies with you below for how to build a strong and sustainable business so you can lead from a place of passion and purpose. These key strategies will help you realize success more quickly, and your business will be much more rewarding and fun! Key #1: Know Where You Want To Go Start with developing a vision so that you know where you want to go, and what success will look like in the short-term and in the long-term. Key #2: Know the Why, Who, What, and How – Get Clear Once you know where you want to go, you need to get crystal clear on the Why, Who, What and How. WHY do you do what you do? WHO are the people that need and crave what you have to offer? WHAT do you provide as a solution to their problem? And lastly, HOW will you provide that solution?

44 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

Key #3: Take Consistent, Sustained Action with a Solid Plan Just like you can’t build a house without a blueprint, you can’t build a business without a game plan. Build a plan, and then take consistent, forward action daily towards your goals. Key #4: Leverage and Systematize As you grow, you need to learn how to get more done without gaining more time, since that isn’t possible. Look in your business to see where you can systematize, implement processes, leverage resources, and repurpose content. Key #5: Follow the Money At the end of the day, you are in business to make money. It’s what keeps the doors open. So outside of tending to clients, 80% of your time should be spent on money-making activities. It’s time to step into your role as the leader of your business. Being a proactive leader will keep you in a constant state of progression. Need some extra help figuring this all out? Book a Clarity Cocktail Hour with me to get you on the road to success! Lisa Rehurek is a Business Mentor, Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author. After 20 years in a very successful corporate career, she joined the entrepreneurial ranks. Since then, she has started five businesses that led to her current 6-figure business. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs find a better way to run their business through structure and leverage. She has been featured as a Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network, has shared the virtual stage with the likes of Ali Brown, Roger Love, and Margaret Lynch, and has been interviewed by Lisa Sasevich for her How to Sell to Women program. Learn more at

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All About Success Witchita, KS

Why Podcasting Is A Great Marketing Strategy by Gail Foley


had reached a point of feeling like I was stuck in quicksand with my business, nothing was happening. I had exhausted my warm market, my networking events were not bringing me new prospects, and I was completely stalled. In 8 years I had tried all the strategies and spent tons of money on seminars and training. And then I learned about podcasting. Here’s just a few reasons why you might want to add this piece of marketing to your marketing strategy. •

First of all, are you tired of wasting your energy with a shotgun approach and want to get your marketing message in front of your niche market? Then you’ll want to check out these demographics.

If you do an audio show you will have an audience that has an average 27 minute daily commute time. They also listen while doing other activities, workouts, shopping, etc. on their mobile devices.

These listeners have a median income of $75,000 per year. There are over 575 million active subscribers to iTunes and 315 million are mobile device users. Podcasting is so new, only 1 out of 2 people even know what a podcast is…but it’s quickly gaining momentum.

Do your research. Go to the iTunes Store Podcast Directory and find a podcast show in your field of expertise. Everything is in categories, if you have a special niche, check to see who’s doing what in podcasts. DO NOT wait to get into this market place.

And talk about being in the right place at the right time. Ladies, men out podcast us 3500 to 1!

46 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

I do weekly interviews on my show and share the recording with my guests giving them a “FOREVER piece of marketing”. Once published, the interview segment can be found on ITunes, Stitcher Radio, social media, your website, business cards, and more. This is great exposure without more time and energy on your part. And if you’ve got a good email/subscriber list you can spread the word even faster! Let’s ignite the world with inspiration, motivation, and success…because together we can do so much more. And next month I’ll give you a ‘brainstorming’ work sheet to decide how you would create your own show. By the way, did I mention, it’s AWESOME fun! Passing On A Smile!

Gail Foley is a Podcast Talk Show host of – energizing, educating and connecting women entrepreneurs. She launched her first show in January 2014, ‘Gabbin With Gail, The Gail Foley Show’, to add this marketing piece to her business strategy and soon realized it was more about helping others succeed. Today she has listeners worldwide. You can subscribe on her site to receive the episodes daily or through iTunes. Gail has spent the last 20 years in sales, marketing, publishing, speaking, network marketing and more. She’s created and published her own magazine, appeared in ‘Success from Home’ magazine, is an author in ‘A Journey Within: Self-Discovery for Women’, and she’s most proud of being the recipient of the ‘Best Attitude Award’ at the timeshare resort she worked at in Williamsburg, Virginia. And all that has to do with her podcast talk show – listen in to hear all the stories she shares about her ‘life lessons’ that might shed some light on you not making the same misstep, or giving you the encouragement to take that big leap!

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All About Success San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sydni Craig-Hart

Innovative Woman

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

How/why did you begin your business? I loved my corporate job, but I had taken my corporate career as far as I could. My husband, Wil, decided to move us back (to my) home to California from Washington, DC and I didn’t want to start over working for a new company, a new boss, etc. I’m a 4th generation entrepreneur, so that move was just the impetus I need to take the leap into entrepreneurship and create more freedom in my life. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? Prioritizing and finding the time to implement all of my great ideas. It’s an ongoing struggle, but I am light years away from my mindset when I first started. I now consider ideas based on how they fit into my overall vision of success for my business. And I prioritize based on what will generate results most quickly and help me to reach my 90-day goals. I get a little scattered sometimes, but reflecting on this “system” always snatches be back to reality.partnership or a big client. 48 Today’s Innovative Woman

May/June 2015

How do you define SUCCESS? FREEDOM. The freedom work when I want, where I want with who I want. I now work about 3 full days each week, which leaves me 2 days each week to focus on volunteer work that I LOVE. Wil and I really enjoy traveling, especially internationally, so a big part of our success is the ability to work from anywhere in the world we so choose. Since we’ve had our business we’ve been to Isreal, Egypt, Jordan, Germany, Italy, Mexico, St. Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and all over the US. We’re currently planning a two-week trip to France. Success to me has nothing to do with money. It’s about freedom, spending my time how I choose and creating memories. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? That I will never be “done” with my todo list… so get over it! What makes you an Innovative Woman? I’m always quick to embrace something new and I have no fear. I’ll try anything once and that spirit has opened doors for me that I could never have imagined. For further details about Sydni

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