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ALDA is constantly looking for new funding opportunities and in this respect, foundations represent an important source of funding, which we constantly monitor in order to identify new possibilities for funding our projects and activities. As far as foundations are concerned, a special personalized approach is needed when asking for a grant from them. The submission of a project proposal without prior contact is highly discouraged in most cases. That is why ALDA decided to develop a more strategic approach to foundations. In order to reach the foundations and assess the possibility to get granted, we would like to be presented to these foundations by our partners that have already worked successfully with them. We should decide about how to subdivide the contacts among the Governing Board Members. Please find below a list of foundations that we wish to focus on. They have been selected based on their objectives/ programmes and our needs.

German Marshall Fund 1744 R Street NW Washington, DC 20009 USA Board of Trustees: J. Robinson West (Co-Chair), Chairman of the Board, PFC Energy Washington, DC Marc Leland (Co-Chair), GMF Co-chairman J. Robinson West (Co-Chair), Chairman of the Board, PFC Energy Dr. Guido Goldman (Founder and Chairman Emeritus) Director of German Studies, Harvard University Center for European Studies Cambridge Michael Ahearn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, First Solar, Inc.

John Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Politico David Ignatius, Columnist, The Washington Post Nike Irvin Craig Kennedy, President, German Marshall Fund of the United States Roman Martinez IV, Private Investor Richard Powers, Private Investor Jim Quigley, Senior Partner, Deloitte LLP Anne Rondeau, President, National Defense University Washington Paul K. Stafford. Attorney & Counselor, Carter Stafford Arnett Hamada & Mockler,

Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg News Washington Gregory Craig, Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom LLP

The Honorable Robert Wexler, President, S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace Linda Gringo, President and CEO of Griego Enterprises, Inc

Balkan Trust for Democracy Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations Linienstr. 139/140 D-10115 Berlin Germany Zivik Funding Programme: Zivik programme staff: Mr Peter Mares, Programme Management;

Ms Sandra Cichos, Verification of Funds Ms Maria Gowans, Office Communication; Ms Nike Durczak, Application Assessment (Middle East); Ms Hildegard Weigert, Application Assessment and Verification of Funds Utilisation (Eastern Europe, Asia, West Africa);

Utilisation; Dr. Hannah Reich, Transformation Partnership, Project Funding; Mr Bela Allenberg, Application Assessment (Latin America, Southern Africa); Mr Valentin Wasilew, Application Assessment Central and East Africa)

Rockefeller Brothers Fund 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 900 New York, NY 10115 USA Board of Trustees: Joseph Pierson, Trustee, Vice Chair Anne Bartley, Trustee Nicholas Burns, Trustee Elizabeth Campbell, Vice President for Programs Wendy Gordon, Trustee Stephen Heintz, President Miranda Kaiser, Trustee Vali Nasr, Trustee Timothy O'Neill, Trustee Wendy O'Neill, Trustee

Kavita Ramdas, Trustee David Rockefeller, Advisory Trustee Richard Rockefeller, Trustee, Chair Steven Rockefeller, Trustee Arlene Shuler, Trustee Marsha Simms, Trustee Geraldine Watson, Vice President for Finance and Operation Valerie Rockefeller Wayne, Advisory Trustee

Ford Foundation 320 East 43rd Street New York, N.Y. 10017 USA Board of Trustees: Irene Hirano Inouye, Chair of the Board Luis A. Ubi単as, President Kofi Appenteng, Partner, The West Africa Fund Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Martin Eakes, Co-Founder and CEO Self-Help

Thurgood Marshall Jr., Partner, Bingham McCutchen, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus Infosys Limited Peter A. Nadosy, Managing Partner East End Advisors, LLC Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood

Juliet V. García, President, University of Texas J. Clifford Hudson, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Sonic Corp. Robert S. Kaplan, Professor Balkan Community Initiative Fund Majke Jevrosime 19/I 106502 Beograd – Stari Grad Serbia BCIF staff: Mia Vukojević, Executive Director Tanja Bjelanović, Program Director Snežana - Andreja Arambašić, Administrative and Finance Director Ivana Marković, Grant Program Manager Ksenija Graovac, Fundraising and Communications Manager; Vladimir Radojičić, Policy Program Manager; Marija Mitrović, Philanthropy Program Manager;

Federation of America

Natalija Simović, Grants Officer Jelena Mihailović, Grants Officer Kristina Išić, Fundraising Officer Marija Jovančićević, Office Manager Dejan Topalović, Finance Coordinator Bora Pilipović, Administrative Assistant Ljiljana Živković, Communication Assistant; Vjekoslav Vuković, Program Assistant

The OaK Foundation Headquarters in Geneva (no address available) Leadership: Kathleen Cravero-Kristoffersson: President Vinit Rishi: Director, Administration

Adrian Arena: Director, International Human Rights Programme

Florence Bruce: Director, Child Abuse Programme

Florence Tercier Holst-Roness: Programme Officer, Issues Affecting Women Programme

Leonardo Lacerda: Director, Environment Programme

Stacy Parker Fisher: Programme Officer, Learning Differences Programme Andrea Frey: Programme Officer, Special Interest Grants

Amanda Beswick: Director, Housing and Homelessness Programme

ERSTE Foundation Friedrichstrasse 10 1010 Vienna Austria ERSTE foundation staff: Andreas Treichl, Chairman of the Board Doraja Eberle, Member of the Board Richard Wolf, Member of the Board Christine Böhler, Director of Programme Culture

Knut Neumayer, Director of Programme Europe Franz Karl Prüller, Director of Programme Social Development Silvia Bohrn, Head of General Funding

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust The Garden House Water End, York, YO30 6WQ USA Program Peace: section=000100040005&k=&from=&to=&p=p&r=&pp=30&go=Search+Grants+ %BB&o=dat&dir=desc Program Power and responsibility: section=000100040005&k=&from=&to=&p=pr&r=&pp=30&go=Search+Grants+ %BB&o=dat&dir=desc Board of trustees: Margaret Bryan, Chair Peter Coltman, Vice-Chair Christine Davis, Vice-Chair Helen Carmichael, Trustee Michael Eccles, Trustee Paul Henderson, Trustee Stan Lee, Trustee Fondazione Prosolidar Onlus Piazza del Gesu’ 49 00186 Roma Italy

Marion McNaughton, Trustee Emily Miles, Trustee Susan Seymour, Trustee Hannah Torkington, Trustee Imran Tyabji, Trustee Catriona Worrall, Trustee

Administration Council: Iozia Edgardo Maria, President (Segretario Nazionale UILC) Durante Giancarlo, Vide President (Direttore Centrale ABI) Councilors: Borello Wilma, Banca del Piemonte Megale Agostino, Segretario Generale FISAC/CGIL Bossola Mauro, Segretario Generale Aggiunto FABI Quinale Roberto, BNL-Paribas Spaggiari Alessandro, Segretario Nazionale FIBA/CISL Zemiti Giancarla, Relazioni Industriali Unicredit Group National Endowment for Democtacy 1025 F Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20004 USA Board of directors: Jogn Bohn, California Public Utilities Commission James Boland, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Norm Coleman, American Action Network Rita DiMartino Kenneth B. Duberstein, Duberstein Group Inc Michele Dunne, Atlantic Council Martin Frost, Polsinelli, Shughart PC Francis Fukuyama, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Dr. William A. Galston, The Brookings Institution Zalmay Khalilzad, CSIS, Khalilzad Associates Larry A. Liebenow

Will Marshall, Progressive Policy Institute Gregory W. Meeks, United States House of Representatives Azar Nafisi MoisĂŠs Naim, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Andrew J. Nathan, Columbia University Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Carlson Fred Redmond, United Steelworkers Ambassador Stephen Sestanovich, Council on Foreign Relations Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton University Vin Weber, Clark & Weinstock George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Charles Steward Mott Foundation Mott Foundation Building 503 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 1200 Flint, Michigan 48502-1851 USA Board of Trustees: William S. White, Chairman

John Morning

Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Vice-Chairman** A. Marshall Acuff Jr. Tiffany W. Lovett Webb F. Martin Olivia P. Maynard

Maryanne Mott Charlie Nelms William H. Piper Marise M.M. Stewart Claire M. White Douglas X. Patiño, Trustee Emeritus

FONDATION DE FRANCE 40 avenue Hoche 75008 Paris Administrative council: Philippe LAGAYETTE, President Claudie HAIGNERE, Présidente de Bertrand DUFOURCQ. Honorary president, Universcience Ambassadeur de France Michèle HANNOYER, Ministère de Olivier PHILIP, Honorary prsident, Préfet Honoraire l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche Yves SABOURET, Honorary president, Conseiller du Dominique HERIARD-DUBREUIL, Présidente groupe 3i France du Groupe Rémy-Cointreau Jean HUET, Tresurer François LEMARCHAND, Président de Nature Patrick AUDEBERT, Ministère de l’Intérieur et Découvertes Olivier BAILLY, Direction générale de la Jean-Pierre LIEB, Ministère de l’économie, de Caisse des Dépôts en charge des fondations l’Industrie et de l’Emploi Claire BAZY MALAURIE, Conseil François de LACOSTE-LAREYMONDIE, CIC constitutionnel Frédéric PEYRET, Banque de France Philippe PONTET, HSBC France Jean CLAMON, BNP Paribas Jean-Michel BLANQUER, Ministère de Marie-Claude PITANCE, Délégation Rhônel’Éducation nationale Alpes de la Fondation de France Bernard de MONTFERRAND, Ancien Michel PRADA, Président du Conseil de Ambassadeur – Consultant de Roland Berger normalisation des comptes publics Strategy Consultants Marie-Françoise SIMON-ROVETTO, Ministère Philippe DUPONT, BPCE de l’Écologie, du Développement durable, des Yann DYEVRE, Haut-commissariat aux Transports et du Logement solidarités actives contre la pauvreté, Michel TALY, Avocat associé du cabinet Arsène haut-commissariat à la jeunesse Taxand Robert FOHR, Ministère de la Culture et de la Marc TESSIER, Vidéo Futur Entertainment Communication Group Jean-Paul FOUCAULT, Caisse d’épargne Île-de- Louis-Charles VIOSSAT, Director Global France Government Affairs and Policy, Europe, Abbott Sabine FOURCADE, Ministère des Solidarités et de la Cohésion sociale

EURASIA PARTNERSHIP FOUNDATION 29/31/33 Chavchavadze Ave., 2nd floor 0179 Tbilisi Georgia Executive committee: • David Lee (Chair) • Mary Sheehan (Vice Chair) • Danielle del Marmol • Margaret Richardson (Treasurer) • Dan Matthews • Dieter Boden (Secretary) South Caucasus to Europe Dialogue programme:

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