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(19) 23 Strasbourg, 1st of July 2012

Governing Board 6th of June 2012, Monfalcone, Hotel Europalace Minutes

Present: Per Vinther, President Roger Lawrence, Wolverhampton City Council Lucio Gregoretti and Silvia Altan, City of Monfalcone Alessandro Perelli, Region Friuli Venezia Giulia Dobrica Milovanovic, City of Kragujevac Oriano Otocan, Region Istria Mario De Donatis, Identità e Dialogo Dzenana Dedic, LDA Mostar Jean Paul Chauvet, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Council of Europe Secretariat : Antonella Valmorbida, Director of ALDA Welcome address of the Mayor of Monfalcone, Silvia Altan She welcomes warmly the Governing Board of ALDA and recalls the long standing commitment of Monfalcone towards ALDA’s activities and commits herself and the City to continuing future cooperation. Welcome address of the President of ALDA, Per Vinther He welcomes the ALDA Governing and thanks all members for the fruitful work carried out in these last four years.

Approval of the Minutes of the Governing Board on line of the 23rd of May 2012 for the approval of the Accounts 2011 Doc (19) 8 (minutes GB of Brussels) and (19) 13 (Governing Board on line for accounts) are approved. Items to be addressed by the General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly, Report of Activities 2011 The President goes, again, through the document of the proposed amendments for the Statute of ALDA (19) 3. The GB approves the document for submission to the General Assembly the next day. The Programme and budget for 2012 (document (19) 15) is introduced by Antonella Valmorbida. She focuses on some aspects like the development of the technical assistance and the need to support the existing LDAs. In the context of the Vision 2020 and proposals by members as to new ALDA activities the President expresses his doubts as for the possibility of ALDA to develop some valuable think tanks activities. He proposes, rather, to revisit the possibility of setting up a scientific committee, already provided for in our Statute. (19) 11 (Moral report of the President) and (19) 12 (Treasurer report) are also briefly presented by the President. The GB approves M. Vinther’s suggestion to propose Mrs. Chrissa Geraga, from Patras, Greece, as Chairperson of the General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly. Candidatures for the future Governing Board, exchanges of views M. Vinther reads the list of candidatures received for the Governing Board, to be elected the next day. 1. Per Vinther 2. Oriano Otocan, Region Istria 3. Dobrica Milovanovic, City of Kragujevac 4. Imislava Gorska, International School Bydgoszcz 5. Paula Rauzan, LDA Sisak 6. Valéry Deschamps, Maison de l’Europe de Caen 7. Mircea Cosma, Prahova County Council 8. Roger Lawrence, Wolverhampton city council 9. Alain Tourret, Region Basse Normandie 10. Mario De Donatis, Identità e Dialogo 11. Ruggiero Mennea, Region Puglia 12. Lucio Gregoretti, City of Monfalcone 13. Alessandro Perelli, Region Friuli Venezia Giulia 14. Mario Battello, Tecla He reminds the Governing Board that, if the Statute is amended by the Extraordinary General Assembly, the elected members will be 12 (out of 14). The Council of Europe will be represented by the President of the Congress, also member of the Bureau.

He asks if there are any proposals or comments as to the new Bureau members. There are no reactions from GB members. Discussion on the document ALDA 2020 and Multiannual programme Antonella Valmorbida presents the update of the document ALDA 2020 and the future steps to be undertaken for the Multiannual programme. It is decided to postpone the approval of the strategic multiannual programme, so to leave it open for input fromthe new Governing Board. LDAs’ update As for the LDA Albania, it is confirmed to attribute the label 2012 fully after appointment of the Delegate, which is due shortly. The final setting up of the LDA Armenia is delayed (in particular its registration), due to disagreement among the partners on some basic elements of the Charter for registration. M. Vinther highlights a difficult relationship with the Union of Municipalities of Armenia. M. Milovanovic and Mrs Dedic report briefly about their evaluation mission to Skhodra, Niksic and Mostar. The evaluation document is discussed and approved. The document presents the weakness of the LDA Montenegro as for staff, which is very limited. The mission reported positively about LDA Mostar and the good and productive work with the Municipality and the NGO sector. M. Vinther makes reference to his successful visit to LDACSS and LDA Montenegro in late March, which has i.a. lead to an application for ALDA membership by the Danish City of Aarhus, lead partner for LDACSS. Doc (19) 19 The issue of the transition period for the LDAs in Croatia is also addressed and it is requested to further study it, within the document for the strategic views of ALDA to be soon finalized. Mrs. Dedic reports to the GB the need for the LDAs to have soon training and capacity building as for the next EU programming periode and also further support as for the programme Europe for Citizens, which will be soon opened in Serbia, too. Doc (19) 18 and (19) 18 Membership of European Economic Interest Groups (19) 20 The Governing Board approves the document and gives its agreement for the setting up of an EEIG in Bulgaria, to be located in Varna, in cooperation with UBBSLA (Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities) and FPDL (Romania). The Governing Board also give its agreement to enter the EEIG called “I Teatini”, already constituted by the Municipalities of Lecce and Monfalcone (Italy), “Consorcio Via Verde” (Andalusia, Spain) and the Regional Association for Local Public Services “Confservizi Abruzzo” located in Lecce (Apulia Region, Italy).

19 (23) MinutesGB6th of June (2)rev PV  
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