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BEST HAPPY HOUR Lagniappe Weekly

From our commitment to sourcing the freshest, local ingredients to a nearly panoramic view of Mobile Bay, dining at Dauphin’s is a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy a weekday lunch, start your night on the town with dinner and drinks, or round out your Mobile Bay weekend with our Sunday Jazz Brunch – all 424 feet in the air!

34th FLOOR of the RSA TRUSTMARK BANK BUILDING 107 St. Francis St., Downtown Mobile • godauphins.com • (251) 444-0200 2 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020

Hosting the finest local, regional and national singer songwriters and storytellers in an intimate setting where the focus is on the artist and their music.

78 St. Francis Street Downtown Mobile 251.367.4599 thepeoplesroommobile.com


The draft starts here DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 3

Making coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast.



oastal 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who works from a grassroots elcome to the Discover Coastal Alabama magazine, a partnership between vel to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama Coastal Partnership andGulf Alabama Coasting. This is a unique oprtnership to make coastal Alabama the place toAlabama live, work and play along the oast. portunity that allows us to showcase the work of our partners and business-

es within Mobile and Baldwin counties to the entire state of Alabama.

oastal 150 was founded by the board of Coastal Alabama Partnership to re-engage th the leaders who led the efforts to Partnership rebuild the coast after with the Gulf Oil Spill, to in our region to enable and unify busiCoastal Alabama works organizations CONTACT: -ignite the energy built through the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council. ness and political leadership in pursuit of improving and ensuring our unparalleled quality of Wiley Blankenship

& President oastal 150 gives life. all regional leaders an to be involved in the for our region leveraging theCEO We function asopportunity both a force and a resource strength of every Coastal Alabama Partnership velopment of our coastal region’s bright future.


area of our two counties to focus on what is important for Coastal Alabama. Our vision is for Coastal Alabama to become a globally competitive designation recognized Mailing aroundAddress: the world Coastal Alabama Partnership as the place to work, live, and play. P.O. Box 881

oastal 150 is made up of the region's core leaders who support Coastal Alabama Mobile, AL 36601 we move into 2020 and the carnival season coastal rtnership as theAs catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and advocacy on in issues and Alabama, we encourage you to exallenges uniqueplore to Coastal Come Visitlearning Us: and Alabama. experience the culture, art and food of our region . We hope you enjoy 1 South Royal Street

more about the rich history of coastal Alabama - our special corner of the world. 2nd Floor



e Coastal 150 is made up of regional business leaders committed to supporting Wiley Blankenship CEO & President, oastal Alabama Partnership’s mission of-improving the quality ofCoastal life in theAlabama coastal Partnership abama region by collaborating on improving infrastructure, education and overnmental services.

oastal 150 was formed to broaden the influence and reach to ensure Coastal abama priorities are advanced at home, in Montgomery and around the state.


Mobile, AL 36602 (251) 436-8822 wiley@coastalalabama.org www.coastalalabama.org

Making coastal Alabama the place to live, Making coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast. Making coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast.

work coastal and play along the Coast. Making Alabama theGulf place to live, A CATALYST FOR work CHANGE and play along the Gulf Coast.

Coastal 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who work from a grassABOUT

ABOUT roots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Coastal 150 is an exclusive group of communityAlabama leaders who works from a grassroots Alabama Partnership to the place tofrom live, work and play Coastal 150 is an exclusivemake groupcoastal of community leaders who works a grassroots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama along the Gulf Coast. level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama ABOUT Partnership to maketocoastal Alabama the place to live, work andand play along Partnership make coastal Alabama the place to live, work play alongthe theGulf Gulf Coastal 150 was founded by the board of Coastal Alabama Partnership to engage Coast. Coastal Coast. 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who works from a grassroots with the leaders who led the efforts to rebuild the coast after the Gulf Oil Spill and level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama to 150 ignite the energy built Coastal Leadership Council. Partnership to make coastal Alabama the place toAlabama live, work and play to along the Gulf Coastal was founded by thethrough board ofthe Coastal Alabama Partnership Coastal 150 was founded by the board of Coastal Alabama Partnership tore-engage re-engage Coastal 150 gives all regional leaders an opportunity to be involved in to the Coast. the leaders who the efforts to rebuild the coast after Gulf Spill, to developwith the with leaders who led theled efforts to rebuild the coast after thethe Gulf OilOilSpill, ment of our coastal region’s bright future. re-ignite the energy built through the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council. re-ignite the energy built through the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council. Coastal 150 was founded by the board of Coastal Alabama Partnership to re-engage MISSION with the150 leaders who led the efforts toanrebuild the coast after the Gulf Oil Coastal all regional leaders opportunity to involved be involved theSpill, to Coastal 150 gives allgives regional an opportunity to be in in the Coastal 150 made upleaders of the region’s core leaders who support Coastal Alabama re-ignite theisenergy through the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council. development of our built coastal region’s bright future.

development of our region’s Partnership ascoastal the catalyst forbright plans,future. strategies, programs and advocacy on issues andCoastal challenges unique to Coastal 150 gives all regional leadersAlabama. an opportunity to be involved in the

MISSION development of our coastal region’s bright future.


Coastal 150 is made up of the region's core leaders who support Coastal Alabama

The Coastal 150 is made up of regional business leaders committed to supporting Coastal 150 is madeasup ofcatalyst the region's core leaders who support Coastal Alabama Partnership the for plans, strategies, programs and advocacy on issues and MISSION Coastal Alabama Partnership’s mission of improving the quality of life in the coastchallenges unique tofor Coastal Partnership as the catalyst plans,Alabama. strategies, programs and advocacy on issues and al Alabama region byup collaborating improving infrastructure, education Coastal 150 is made of the region'son core leaders who support Coastal Alabama and govchallenges unique to Coastal Alabama. ernmental services. Partnership as the catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and advocacy on issues and

BACKGROUND challenges unique to Coastal Alabama.

ADVOCACY BACKGROUND The Coastal 150 is made up of regional business leaders committed to supporting Coastal 150 is made up of the region’s core leaders who support Coastal Alabama Coastal Alabama Partnership’s mission of improving the quality of life in the coastal BACKGROUND The Coastal 150 is as made of regional business leaders programs committedand to supporting Partnership theup catalyst for plans, strategies, advocacy on issues Alabama region by collaborating on improving infrastructure, education and Coastal Alabama Partnership’s mission of improving the quality of life in coastal and challenges unique to Coastal Alabama. Together with a coalition of regional The Coastal 150services. is made up of regional business leaders committed to the supporting governmental Alabama regionAlabama by collaborating on mission improving infrastructure, education stakeholders we have developed our 2019 Legislative Agenda focusing on importCoastal Partnership’s of improving the quality of life inand the coastal governmental services. region collaborating onthe improving infrastructure, and antAlabama regional issues. Coastal 150 was by formed to broaden influence and reach toeducation ensure Coastal


Wiley Blankenship N TAC T: T: CONTAC CEO &COPresident Wiley Blankenship Wiley Blankenship

CEO & President CEO Levert & President Andrew CO N TACPartnership T: Coastal Alabama

Coastal Alabama Partnership Policy & Project Initiatives Wiley Blankenship CEO & President Mailing Address: Mailing Address: Partnership Coastal Alabama Mailing Address: Coastal Alabama P.O. Box 881Partnership Coastal Alabama Partnership Mobile, 36601 P.O.AL Box 881 Mailing Address:

AL 36601 P.O.Mobile, Box 2563 Coastal Alabama Partnership Come Visit Us: P.O.AL Box 881 Mobile, 36652 1 Mobile, South Royal Street Come Us: AL Visit 36601 2nd Floor 1 South Royal Street Come Visit Us: Mobile, AL 36602 Come Visit Us: 2nd Floor 450 1Saint Louis Street (251) 436-8822 South Royal Street Mobile, AL 36602 wiley@coastalalabama.org Mobile,2nd ALFloor 36602 (251) 436-8822

Mobile, AL 36602 (251) 436-8822 wiley@coastalalabama.org www.coastalalabama.org (251) 436-8822 wiley@coastalalabama.org wiley@coastalalabama.org


www.coastalalabama.org www.coastalalabama.org

governmental services. Alabama priorities are advanced at home, in Montgomery and around the state.

POLITICAL ACTION Coastal 150 was formed to broaden the influence and reach to ensure Coastal Coastal 150 members Coastal PAC,and whose purpose is to influence the 150are was formed support  to at broaden reach to ensurethe Coastal AlabamaCoastal priorities advanced home,the in influence Montgomery and around state. selection, election individuals to various public offices Alabamanomination priorities are or advanced at of home, in Montgomery and around the state.in Alabama that will support policies and programs that will enhance the quality of life, economic development and environment of Mobile and Baldwin counties.


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THE EASTERN SHORE.................................. 14

PLEIN ART PAINTING................................... 10


SOUTH MOBILE COUNTY............................ 18

Cover photo courtesy of Eastern Shore Arts Center.

MOBILE........................................................ 28

EASTERN SHORE 10 SCENIC SPOTS........................................ 17

FOLEY........................................................... 34 GULF SHORES/ORANGE BEACH .................38 NORTH BALDWIN COUNTY......................... 42

DAUPHIN ISLAND BIRD SANCTUARY ........ 20 MARDI GRAS 2020! .................................... 22 LENDINGTREE BOWL................................... 32 ALABAMA COASTING’S FOOD SPORT REPORT.................................. 46 ART ABOUNDS IN COASTAL ALABAMA............................... 52


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es, this IS the best time to be in COASTAL ALABAMA!

No matter the season, no matter the weather, life is grand in our part of the world and there are always so many tough choices to make. Festivals, Music, Food, Sports, or simply “chillin”. The challenge for locals and visitors is not what to do, but how to do it all! Since 2010, we’ve offered ALABAMA COASTING Magazine as your guide to help you get the most out of your visit with us. Throughout its pages, we’ve introduced you to some of our favorite places and the best choices for where you can DINE, SHOP, PLAY and EXPLORE. We are very excited to continue as your local guide with our new DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA Magazine. Our affiliation with Coastal Alabama Partnership expands our reach and our ability to serve our readers through linkage with six regional tourism organizations. In each issue of the magazine – print and digital – in addition to our feature stories, business profiles, and event highlights, our tourism partners will share the exciting happenings in each of their own communities. For help getting around, you’ll find area maps – and if you’re reading this on your mobile device, you’ll see that that we’ve included hyperlinks throughout the magazine. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure or both, we hope you’ll enjoy your time along our little slice of heaven on the Gulf Coast. Thanks again, for visiting and for reading DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA Magazine. We invite you to share your feelings and your experiences by sending us a note or joining us on Facebook Cheers, Danny Calametti CEO/Managing Partner

David Calametti President/Publisher

Photo above: Mardi Gras season in Mobile is truly a family event. There was no one who enjoyed our family Mardi Gras more than our patriarch, Christy Calametti, Sr. He’s been celebrating from above for a while now, but Grampa C’s spirit lives on. 8 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020







Managing Partner/CEO Danny Calametti President/Publisher David Calametti Art Director Randy Jennings Digital Services Whitney Calametti Heather Howard Content Contributors Eastern Shore Chamber North Baldwin Chamber South Mobile County Tourism Stacy Wellborn Visit Mobile Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Tourism Visit Foley Photo Contributors Tad Denson myshotz.com Paul Dovie myshotz.com Michelle Stancil, MCSpix Michael Thomas Denise Curtis, Eastern Shore Chamber

place to live, Gulf Coast.




From The Shoals to the shore Alabama Public Radio has you covered!


Wiley Blankenship

Published by CEO & President Discover CoastPartnership Alabama, LLC CoastalGulf Alabama Phone: 251-623-1751 Mailing Address: david@alabamacoasting.com Coastal Alabama Partnership 5758 Huffman P.O. Box Drive 881 North Mobile, AL Mobile, AL36601 36693 Come Visit Us:

©2019 Discover Coast Alabama, LLC. 1 SouthGulf Royal Street All 2nd rightsFloor reserved. Mobile, AL 36602 No part of this publication may be reproduced (251) 436-8822 withoutwiley@coastalalabama.org written permission from the publisher.

Tune in or stream from www.apr.org for the best local, regional, national and global news as well as classical music.



Nature’s Beauty in Plein Sight A Brief History of Plein Air Painting


n the mid 1800’s, institutions like the Hudson River School (New York) and the Barbizon School (France) enabled artists to hone their craft of capturing outdoor scenes. Leaving the studio behind, artists from France, Italy, and America began painting en plein air (outdoors). Scenes depicting various weather conditions, moments from morning to night, and the daily routines of urban life were captured by artists like Claude Monet, Thomas Renoir, Winslow Homer, and Mary Cassat. Before the advent of photography, it was plein air that allowed many individuals to envisage the corners of the world far from their own.


Plein air painting is an outdoor activity that celebrates the beauty of the natural world and natural light. When Thomas Cole took to the mountains with oil pigments and brushes, he was intent on capturing a world that was beginning to fade. His paintings depict a landscape that was soon to be overtaken by urban development and timber companies. Claude Monet abandoned the studio because he felt that to best obtain the closeness and likeness of the outdoors, one needed to be outdoors. Painting en plein air became even more popular with the invention of the Pochade box, also known as the field easel.

 At present day, plein air paint outs are held from coast to coast and many artists continue to celebrate the discipline. For some, plein air painting simply means painting outdoors. Other plein air enthusiasts are much more diligent in adhering to the plein air discipline, completing pieces in one sitting. The challenge of plein air painting is the capture of fugitive light and weather changes of the outdoors. A skilled plein air artist can produce spontaneous pieces that are breathtaking and multi dimensional. But behind the spontaneity there is an organized palette, well-stocked travel easel, and an understanding of composition.


Plein Air Fairhope:

Finding Inspiration on the Eastern Shore

Each day, the Eastern Shore Art Center welcomes tourists and newcomers reveling in the beauty of this “artsy, little Alabama town”. Locals appreciate the art in Fairhope’s eateries as much as the menus! From public sculptures to the city’s murals to the numerous galleries, one doesn’t have to look too hard to find color, texture, and creativity. But where are the artists…  In early March, the Eastern Shore Art Center staff began working with local artist and instructor, Cat Pope, to implement ESAC’s first plein air paint out. “Our goal was to encourage local and visiting artists to explore our fair city, seeking out idyllic locales and inspirational nooks and crannies,” says Academy Director Reanna Watson. The paint out began Nov 7th and ended on Nov 9th, giving locals and visitors a chance to see artists “in action en plein air”! Forty artists were set up from sunrise to sunset. The work produced throughout the event is currently displayed in the Courtyard Gallery at ESAC throughout December 21, 2019. Watson further comments, “Just as the plein air paintings of the mid 19th century allowed someone to experience a foggy morning in the Adirondack mountains, the Plein Air Fairhope Exhibit was full of art that will allowed individuals to experience the natural light of our city.” Written by: Adrienne Clow, Marketing Director, Eastern Shore Arts Center

For more info, visit www.esartcenter.org, Facebook, or Twitter for daily updates.



Thanks to the following Plein Air South members for sharing their art and making the exhibit possible: Gail Bramer • Joanne Brandt Carolyn Greene • Tamara Lindsay Melissa Root • Emily Sommers The plein air art will be on display and available for purchase during November and December at Dauphin Island Gallery 918 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin Island (the "Lighthouse Building").  Gallery Hours:  Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm Sunday 12:30 - 4:30 pm Closed Christmas Day Presented by Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council (DIHAC), a federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable organization, in cooperation with PleinAirSouth. Your donations to DIHAC, memberships and purchases at Dauphin Island Gallery help support free arts programs in local schools and other DIHAC projects in our community.Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council, P. O. Box 114, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

EASTERN SHORE ART CENTER 401 Oak Avenue, Fairhope

Free to the public and offers guided tours through five galleries. Artists from all over the country display at the Art Center in the annual Outdoor Art Show and changing exhibits. Activities include quarterly classes for adults and children, and monthly Art Walks. Open Tues-Saturday from 10am-4pm esartcenter.org


The Eastern Shore


ife is easy on the Eastern Shore! This sportsman’s paradise is bustling with vibrant communities, opportunities to flourish and a shared appreciation for the natural beauty found along Mobile Bay. There’s southern charm, blooming magnolias and fresh Gulf seafood to tempt every palette. Take a ride from the Delta in Spanish Fort, along Mobile Bay in Daphne to Fairhope and Point Clear. The Eastern Shore has it all. It’s not hard to see why the Eastern Shore is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.


One of the first things you’ll notice about the Eastern Shore is its sprawling coastal views; the perfect setting for some of the most magnificent and colorful sunsets you’ll ever find. Locals spend lazy Sunday afternoons propped up in an Adirondack chair soaking in the scenery or strolling down one of the Eastern Shore’s many public piers nestled right on Mobile Bay. Bring along your fishing pole and you might even catch supper or attract a friendly pelican or two. Lace up your walking shoes or grab your bike because you’ll want to enjoy the Eastern Shore Trail as it winds along Mobile Bay from Interstate 10 to Weeks

Bay. The path showcases a number of stunning views including the Fairhope Municipal Pier with its rose garden and giant fountain. Nature lovers will also want to check out the Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog, visible from an easy walk along the boardwalk. Watch closely and you may see one of the bog’s many carnivorous plants capture insects within its leaves. Feeling a little more adventurous? Go on a gator hunt along Daphne’s Gator Boardwalk. This free and accessible attraction is a favorite for children looking to spot some big teeth.

Hop on a boat tour at Blakely State Park or 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center and explore the area’s diverse wildlife in America’s Amazon, the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. The Delta is Alabama’s largest wetland ecosystem and the nation’s second largest river delta. While you’re at Blakeley State Park, get a history lesson as you explore the battlegrounds for the last major battle of the Civil War. It includes several miles of unspoiled Confederate and Union fortifications associated with the Battle of Fort Blakeley in 1865. The beauty of the Eastern Shore has become a haven for artists. You can explore beautiful works of art at several galleries dotted along Fairhope’s downtown streets. Be sure to stop in at the Eastern Shore Art Center where they have exhibits changing out each month in their five galleries. Try to plan your visit during the first of the month as Fairhope’s downtown streets come alive for First Friday Art Walk. The American Sports Art Museum and Archives in Daphne is dedicated to sports art, history and literature and includes more than 1,800 pieces, the largest collection of sports art in the world.


Visitors and residents are often spotted strolling from boutique to boutique in downtown Fairhope with shopping bags in tow. The small town’s flower-lined streets allow you to pop in a shop to buy a dress for the weekend, pick up a gift at the jewelry store, get lost in an antique shop and finish off your day with an ice cream cone. Downtown Daphne also offers great shopping opportunities as you head north on Scenic 98. Near the interstate in Daphne and Spanish Fort, several shopping centers offer some of your favorite national brands as well as local shops. The Eastern Shore adventure isn’t complete without enjoying fresh Gulf seafood. The Causeway between Mobile and Spanish Fort offers a variety of wonderful seafood restaurants right on the water. More tasty stops can be found throughout Daphne and Fairhope, often attracting national television attention. The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay leaves a lasting impression on visitors and a feeling of small-town warmth for those who call it home. The Eastern Shore welcomes visitors to stop and visit a while. Written by: Denise Curtis, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce

Eastern Shore Events DECEMBER 31, 2019 NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL DROP 8:30 PM, Downtown Fairhope


MARCH 20-22, 2020 FAIRHOPE ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL 10 AM – 5 PM, Downtown Fairhope

FEBRUARY 21, 2019 MAIDS OF JUBILEE 6:45 PM, Fairhope






10 Scenic Spots That Leave You Feeling Inspired

It’s not uncommon to go for a stroll along the Eastern Shore and spot an artist set up with an easel painting overlooking the bay, or a photographer posing a model along the flower-studded streets of Downtown Fairhope. Artists, writers and photographers from around the country travel to the area for inspiration. But you don’t have to have artistic talent to feel energized by the beauty found on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Below are 10 spots to visit if you’d like a breath of inspiration.


FAIRHOPE MUNICIPAL PIER You’ll find vista views of the bay, the beach, walking trails, a rose garden, fountain and fishing pier all in one spot at the Fairhope Municipal Pier. The pier is also a favorite for locals to take in the brilliant sunsets found here.


THE MOBILE-TENSAW DELTA The mouth of the Blakeley, Apalachee, Tensaw, Spanish and Mobile Rivers form the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Load a boat or paddle a kayak into North America’s Amazon where you’ll find the largest variety of plants and animals in the country


BAYSIDE ARCHITECTURE Drive through the beautiful, bayside streets down Scenic Highway 98, and on through Point Clear, where you will see long, live-oak and magnolia-lined driveways leading to magnificent bayside homes and southern cottages.


FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK On the First Friday of each month the Eastern Shore Art Center hosts Art Walk. They reveal their latest gallery exhibits and art lovers gather to stroll the streets of Downtown Fairhope with the sound of live music in the air.


SPORTING EVENTS From Polo at the Point, to 5K runs, and Friday night high school football games, it’s not hard to find a sporting event to get your energy pumping. The American Sport Art Museum and Archives shows this best with the largest collection of sports art in the world on display, free to the public.

6 7

FARMS Pick a County Road along the Eastern Shore and you’ll soon find rows of pecan trees or fields blanketed in cotton, framed by barns and farming equipment.

HISTORIC BLAKELEY STATE PARK Rich cultural heritage meets natural beauty. At the Historic Blakeley State Park you can explore the Civil War Battlefield, the early Alabama town of Blakeley and Native American settlements dating back thousands of years. Also enjoy more than 16 miles of walking, biking and horseback rid


WEEKS BAY ESTUARY RESEARCH CENTER The Weeks Bay Estuary Research Center is the perfect place to spot coastal birds, animals and plants. Take an adventure through the rare Pitcher Plant Bog where carnivorous plants blossom in the early Spring followed by orchids in late Spring and Summer and butterfly attracting wildflowers

9 10

VILLAGE POINT PARK PRESERVE Village Point Park Preserve is an estuary for wildlife. The park offers nature trails, the massive Jackson’s Oak, a colonial cemetery, beach and pier. ANTIQUE GALLERIES Throughout the Eastern Shore, you’ll find a number of antique galleries filled with rich history and treasured finds. String these stores together for a quaint shopping stroll.


South Mobile County

Where Adventure Happens Naturally


tranquil and welcoming community, SOMO (South Mobile County) is rich in wildlife, Southern culture, excitement and so much more. Get your pulse racing with the exhilaration of an international speedway, the thrill of the catch while deep sea fishing or at any of our acclaimed annual events involving music, the arts, coastal cuisine, outdoor activities and more! SOMO offers all the best of the Gulf Coast in one stunning and easily accessible location. From the sugar white sand beaches of Dauphin Island and the beauty of Bellingrath Gardens and Fowl River, to the charming atmosphere and unrivaled seafood of Bayou La Batre and Coden. Hop on your bikes and explore all that there is to do or spend your days finding adventure with the family.


South Mobile County Events JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2020 MARDI GRAS Come celebrate true revelry near the birthplace of Mardi Gras! Krewe De La Dauphine will kick off the entire Mardi Gras season on the Gulf Coast on January 25th, followed by the locals’ favorite, People’s Parade on February 1st, and ending with our furry friends of the Krewe of Salty Paws. Just don’t be shocked if you’re served moon pies for breakfast! JANUARY 25, 2020 CHILI & WINGS COOK-OFF Expect a finger-licking good time at this benefit at one of Dauphin Island’s staples, Pirate’s Bar and Grill. FEBRUARY 15, 2020 BATTLE OF MOBILE BAY 5K It is time to go to battle in this annual race hosted at the Historic Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island. MARCH 2020 AZALEA BLOOMOUT You are sure to see plenty of gorgeous sights in South Mobile County, but nothing says spring time quite like the blooms of more than 250,000 vibrant azaleas in an explosion of color throughout the 65 acres of Bellingrath Gardens.

MARCH 7, 2020 WORLD WAR II LIVING HISTORY Ten-Hut! Come and experience a day in the life of a WWII Soldier at Historic Fort Gaines. Soldiers will be going through their drills until they rest at their authentic campsite and the Blacksmith will be providing demonstrations in an original blacksmith shop. MARCH 7, 2020 ST. JUDE BIKE-A-THON Get on your bikes and ride! The annual Bikea-Thon benefitting St. Jude’s Children Hospital will be the perfect time to explore the island of Dauphin Island and for a great cause. APRIL 4, 2020 DISCOVERY DAY Want a better understanding of the ecological environment on Dauphin Island? Join the Dauphin Island Sea Lab for their annual Open House as they give the public a tour of their research facilities and talk about the island’s coastal environment and the research their team is working on. APRIL 4, 2020 CAMELIA CAR CLASSIC Check out these muscles as you enjoy the display of hundreds of vintage and classic automobiles as Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts the Mobile Bay Mustang Club’s 26th Annual Camellia Classic Open Car Show on their Great Lawn.

APRIL 4, 2020 TOWN EASTER EGG HUNT Find hidden treasures and get a special visit with the Easter Bunny at Dauphin Island’s Town Easter Egg hunt at Green park. APRIL 12, 2020 EASTER SUNRISE SERVICES Experience the beauty and serenity of both Dauphin Island and Bellingrath Gardens and Home at their annual Easter Sunrise Service beginning at 6:30 am. APRIL 18, 2020 DAUPHIN ISLAND GUMBO FESTIVAL Live music, cooking demonstrations and the best gumbo cook off on the Gulf Coast! at Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Headquarters. APRIL 25, 2020 DAUPHIN ISLAND REGATTA Sail on Sailors as the Mobile Yacht Club hosts their annual Regatta Sailboat races at Dauphin Island. APRIL 25-26, 2020 THUNDER ON THE BAY Cannons will roar at the 156th Battle of Mobile Bay hosted by the 6th Alabama Cavalry and the Alabama Division of Reenactors at the Historic Fort Gaines Site.


Dauphin Island – Bird Sanctuary

In 2016, the National Audubon Society recognized Dauphin Island as a Globally Significant Important Bird Area - officially putting it on the “birding map.” In addition to its location, the natural habitat of abundant trees, shrubs and flowers make the island an essential resource. Working to assure this habitat is protected is the Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries. Their mission, in addition to their dedication to the preservation of critical bird habitat, is to promote birding and other forms of ecotourism activities. For more information, visit coastalbirding.org

Photos: Kathy Hicks

Sunsets Presenting Glorious

All Year Long

along with historic sites, abundant natural beauty and fresh local seafood

townofdauphinisland.org 20 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020

What’s in a Name? et·y·mol·o·gy the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning.

“Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!”, “Throw me somethin’ mister”, and “So, Bubba was from Bayou La Batre, Alabama” are all phrases that are familiar with the locals of coastal Alabama. Behind these phrases are centuries of history that have shaped the names of some coastal Alabama cities.


panish explorer Admiral Alvarez de Pineda was the first to sail the waters of Mobile Bay in 1519. Twenty years later Hernando de Soto stepped foot onto ‘Mauvila’, a fortified Indian town where the word ‘Mobile’ derives from. This town served as a hiding spot for the Indian warriors during battle. In 1702, the French settled here and renamed the area “Fort Louis de la Mobile” and over time, eventually the town just known as Mobile. Locals today have nicknamed Mobile, Mobtown. Isla de San Feliz, or what we know today as Dauphin Island, was discovered in 1519 by Spanish explorers. In 1699, brothers Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville named it Île du Massacre (Massacre Island) after finding human skeletons gathered in mounds, thinking it was the site of a massacre. In early 1700’s, the French renamed the island, Île Dauphine after the future queen of France, Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie. Dauphine in French means “dolphin” and she had dolphins incorporated in her coat of arms. As more people began speaking English, Île Dauphine became Dauphin Island.

Vast forestlands covered Orange Beach in the mid 1860’s when it was first settled. Later into the 19th century, the forestlands became orange groves, and this is how the name Orange Beach came about. Oranges were a huge moneymaker for the locals, until the hard freezes ended it in 1926. Today, the only orange you will find in Orange Beach is when you forget to put on your sunscreen! Bayou La Batre, or “Riviere d’Erbane” was a Spanish territory. In 1786, the French took over and set up cannons (also known as a battery) on the area. “Riviere d’Erbane” became “Riviere la Batterie” and then Bayou La Batre. Don’t be surprised when traveling to the Bayou if locals invite you to go ‘shrimpin’! Spanish Fort gained its name during the American Revolution. Then Spanish governor, Bernardo de Gálvez constructed a blockhouse with two cannons right above the bay directly across Mobile. The fort was built in the town called Village of Mobile and was used to defend Mobile and Fort Charlotte. The name derived from literally being a Spanish Fort. Spanish Fort became the site of the last battles in the Civil War. Today, the Toro football team holds down the Fort on Friday nights. Written by: Emma Pitts, Spring Hill College, Communication Arts major DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 21

Mother of Mystics - Mardi Gras 2020


elcome to Mobile – the Mother of Mystics. Despite urban legends to the contrary, every Mobilian can tell you with impunity the truth about how Mardi Gras came to be celebrated in its

festive North American manner. Of course, Mobile is the Mother of Mardi Gras. Case closed, you’ll hear. Well, I’m not going to weigh in on that issue. Besides, we don’t really have a problem with our cousins’ version of our family celebration. We’re quite comfortable welcoming those who visit, sharing with all our Alabama Coasting hospitality. After all, Mardi Gras in Mobile is truly a family celebration. The kids will have a great time as they are showered with doubloons, stuffed animals, beads and – of course – MoonPies. Parents and “kids of all ages” will enjoy the pageantry of the parades, the enthusiasm of the marching bands and will likely become caught up in the “battle for beads.” Everyone becomes immersed in the cacophony of sights and sounds that never seem to end. Frankly, it’s just plain fun! You’ll also find that the spirit of Mardi Gras extends well beyond the parade routes. It’s deep in the hearts and souls of us all. Respect for tradition, for family, for our values is, to borrow a phrase, “the fabric of our lives” down here. During this season of frivolity, we shake off a bit of the stresses of everyday life. We remember to smile, to laugh, and to not take ourselves – or life – too seriously. We remember funny stories of past Mardi Gras, renew our personal family traditions and start new ones. You’ll find that we love Mardi Gras for reasons too simple and too complex to clearly explain. Most importantly, we love sharing Mardi Gras with you. Thank you for coming to play with us. Please make yourself at home because you’re family, too! Of course, we want you to be careful. A party this big can be a bit daunting at times. Keep an eye on the kids, pace yourselves and don’t forget to take a timeout from Mardi Gras to experience some of the rest of what Coastal Alabama has to offer. And as our favorite cousins to the west like to say, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

David Calametti - Publisher



Mardi Gras Lingo BAL MASQUE (pronounced ball mask´) (n.) the formal masked

ball of a mystic society featuring dramatic entertainment, music, dancing, food, and drinks. If the organization parades, the bal masque is usually held immediately after the annual parade, or if a day parade is held, later that evening.

BEADS (n.) necklaces worn by revelers and maskers

alike. Beads vary widely in color, size, style, length, and quality. (n.) form of currency at a Carnival parade whose value mysteriously declines by Ash Wednesday.

CARNIVAL COLORS (n.) The official colors of Mobile’s Mardi

Gras are purple and gold representing justiceand power. Green (faith) is a New Orleans import.

MASKER (n.) a mystic society member in mask and costume on a parade float. Maskers are required by their organization bylaws to be masked when appearing in public.

MOONPIE (n.) The official throw of Mobile

COSTUME DE RIGUEUR (n.) Required attire at a formal bal masque. Slight variations exist, but typically involve full-length evening gowns and white tie with tails for invited guests and masked costumes for society members.

Mardi Gras since 1952. Marshmallow filling sandwiched between two chocolate covered cookies. These bear the trademark name MoonPie and are baked by the Chattanooga Bakery. All others should be called Mardi Gras pies.

DOUBLOON (n.) coin tossed by riding maskers. At one time,

MYSTIC SOCIETY (n.) a secret membership organization that

some were wooden, now they are aluminum. Most bear a Society’s emblem on one side and the parade theme on the other.

presents parades, bal masque, and other activities for the revelry of members, invited guests, and the public.

EMBLEM FLOAT (n.) typically the first float in a parade, de-

QUEEN (n.) Female sovereign

signed in the likeness of the society’s emblem. These one-of-akind floats often carry society board members and sometimes feature the costumed persona of the mystic society itself.

KING CAKE (n.) ring shaped pastry decorated with colored sugar, often with one or more fillings.


archs that rule over Mardi Gras in Mobile. King Felix was first crowned in 1872. King Felix III has been crowned every year by the Mobile Carnival Association (MCA) since 1927. King Elexis I has been chosen each year by the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association (MAMGA) since 1939.

LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER (pronounced lay-zay lay

bon ton role-ay) French for one of the most spoken phrases in the Cajun speak of the land. It’s almost risen to the level of a battle cry. Let the good times roll!

MARDI GRAS (n.) literally, “Fat Tuesday.” The last day of Carnival celebrated with numerous parades and balls. Though a misnomer, the term Mardi Gras is often used to describe the entire Carnival season. Shrove Tuesday falls the day before Ash Wednesday, when the 40-day penitential season of Lent begins.

who reigns over a parade, a bal masque, or both. Since 1893 a Queen has ruled over Mobile Mardi Gras beside King Felix III, while another Queen rules beside King Elexis I. The coronation of the queen is a highly anticipated annual event. Tickets may be purchased by the general public.

REVELER (n.) festive merrymaker who participates in a parade en masse.

TABLEAUX (n.) an elaborate production or a series of scenes,

skits, or dances linked by a theme. Often performed by mystic society members at bal masques.

THROWS (n.) Any item tossed from a float to the crowds of revelers below by maskers in the form of trinkets, candy, toys, novelties, doubloons or other souvenirs; beads of all styles, sizes, and colors; and of course, Moon Pies.

“THROW ME SOMETHING, MISTER!” The standard call for those on a parade route wanting to receive throws.



paobile history and lore recognize Joseph Stillwell Cain as the father of our modern Mardi Gras crediting him with jump-starting the celebration in the years after the Civil War. In 1967, local author and historian, Julian Lee Rayford, set out to honor Joe Cain for reviving Mardi Gras in Mobile. He engineered the disinterment of Joe and his wife from their resting place in Bayou La Batre and reburial in Church Street Graveyard in downtown Mobile. The next year, Rayford, dressed as Cain’s alter ego – Chief Slacabamarinico, led a jazz funeral procession through the streets of Mobile to Cain’s grave. Joe Cain Day became an annual event held on the Sunday before Mardi Gras. In the early years, the People’s Parade - as it was known because everyone was welcomed to join in – concluded in Church Street Cemetery. Eventually, the popularity of the event overwhelmed the cemetery and a more traditional parade route was instituted. For many folks, Joe Cain Sunday is the highlight of the Mardi Gras season. It is by far the largest parade


t e l t ’ n o

with a long waiting list to join in and thousands camping out along the route making it a day-long party. Ole’ Slac leads the parade along with Mobile’s famed Excelsior Band – which has been part of Mardi Gras since 1883. Since 1974, Cain’s Merry Widows have added their own brand of mirth to the day’s activities. Dressed all in black, the ladies start out the day with cries and lamentations at Joe’s gravesite alternating the wailing with arguing amongst themselves as to which one “Joe loved best.” Their signature throws of black roses, beads, and garters are the most sought after. Not to be outdone, the Mistresses of Joe Cain, have been a part of the procession since 2010. Handing out red roses, these ladies celebrate Joe’s life because they know “Joe loved them best.” As Joe Cain would say:

“Have a good time, but don’t be bad”

Shop at Turn to Toomey’s! Main Store: Mobile 755-A McRae Ave. 251-450-5012

Carnival Museum 355 Government St. 251-431-7666 Pop Up Shop Eastern Shore Centre Suite 600 30500 State Hwy 181 Spanish Fort, AL 36527

It’s Mardi Gras Laissez les bon temps rouler 24 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020

Mardi Gras Parade Schedule 2020! FOR A DETAILED MAP OF THE MOBILE PARADE ROUTES GO TO CITYOFMOBILE.ORG, CLICK ON CITY MAPS, THEN CLICK ON MARDIS GRAS Saturday, January 25 1:00PM | Dauphin Island - Krewe De La Dauphine Saturday, February 1 1:00PM | Dauphin Island - People’s Mardi Gras 2:00PM | St. Andrews Loop - Krewe of Riviere Du Chien Friday, February 7 6:30PM | Route A - Conde Cavaliers Saturday, February 8 2:00PM | Order of the Rolling River 2:30 PM | Route A - Bayport Parading Society Followed by | Mystic DJ Riders 6:30PM | Route A - Pharaohs’ Mystic Society Followed by | Conde Explorers Thursday, February 13 6:30PM | Route A - Order of Polka Dots Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day) 12:30 PM | Lanier Ave - Mystics of Ashland Plance 6:30PM | Route A - Order of Inca 6:30PM | Daphne - Apollo’s Mystic Ladies Saturday, February 15 10AM | Timberly Circle - Hickory Ridge Kids Krewe 2PM | Route A - Mobile Mystics Followed by | Mobile Mystical Revelers Followed by | Mobile Mystical Friends 2PM | Shan Dr. South - Crewe Of Crestview 6:30PM | Maids of Mirth Followed by | Order of the Butterfly Maidens Followed by | Krewe Of Marry Mates Followed by | Krewe de Secondline 6:30PM | Fairhope - Knights of Ecor Rouge Sunday, February 16 2PM | Rosswood Dr - Mystics of Children 6:30PM | Route A - Neptune’s Daughters Followed by | OOI Parade Monday, February 17 6:30PM | Route A - Order of Venus Followed by | Order of Many Faces Tuesday, February 18 6:30PM | Route A - Order of LaShe’s Thursday, February 20 6:30PM | Route A - Mystic Stripers Society Friday, February 21 10:30 AM | St. Ignatius Catholic School - Order of Impalas 6:00PM | Orange Beach - Mystical Order of Miriams 6:30PM | Route A - Crewe of Columbus 6:45PM | Fairhope - Maids of Jubilee 10AM | Prichard – Prichard Mardi Gras Association

Saturday, February 22 10AM | Prichard - Prichard Mardi Gras Association 11AM | Foley - Foley Parade 11AM | Prichard Route - Krewe of kids Followed by | Krewe of Goats Followed by | Prichard Carnival Association Noon | Route A - Floral Parade Followed by | Knights of Mobile Followed by | Joy of Life Followed by | Mobile Mystical Ladies Followed by | Order of Angels Noon | Saraland - Krewe of Sparta 2PM | Mullet Point - Krewe of Mullet Mates 6PM | Orange Beach - Mystics of Pleasure 6PM | Route A - Mystics of Time 6:45PM | Daphne - The Shadow Barons Sunday, February 23 (Joe Cain Day) 2PM | Route E - King Elexis I Motorcade 2:30PM | Daphne - Loyal Order of the Fire Truck 2:30PM | Route A - Joe Cain Procession 4PM | Foley, OWA - Krewe du Cirque 5PM | Route A - Le Krewe de Bienville

Monday, February 24 (Lundi Gras) 3PM | Route D - MLK Business and Civic Organization Followed by | Mlk Monday Mystics Followed by | Northside Merchants 6:45PM | Fairhope - Order of Mystic Magnolias 7PM | Mobile Route F - Infant Mystics Followed by | Order of Doves Tuesday, February 25 (Fat Tuesday) 10AM | Gulf Shores - Gulf Shores Parade 10:30AM | Route A - Order of Athena 12:30PM | Route A - Knights of Revelry Followed by | King Felix III Followed by | Comic Cowboys 2PM | Orange Beach - Orange Beach Parade 2PM | Route B - MAMGA Mammoth Parade 6PM | Route C - Order of Myths


Saturday, February 8, 2020 Government Plaza • Downtown Mobile

Bakeries, Professional Bakers and Home Chefs from all along the Gulf Coast are challenged to whip up their best King Cake or King Cake inspired treats to compete in the 2020 King Cake-off.

This family friendly event is open to the public on the first Saturday of Mardi Gras! Enjoy King Cake tastings, kids’ activities - including face painting and balloon animals, live music, a silent auction and adult beverages. Come for the King Cake and stay for the afternoon parades!

Adult General Admission EARLY BIRD BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2019 - $15 includes 10 tastings AFTER JANUARY 1, 2020 - $20 includes 10 tastings At the Door - $25 includes 10 tastings A portion of 26 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020

Child General Admission (12 and Under) - $5 includes 5 tastings At the Door - $7 includes 5 tastings Children 2 and Under - Free

proceeds will go to benefit Light of the Village.

Save the Date!

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020 ARTHUR OUTLAW CONVENTION CENTER 5 PM – VIP Reception with Drew Brees 6 PM – Dinner with Program begins “Now may the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you believe so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13 Hope for Healing is an evening where the power of hope and the strength of Victory’s partnerships and supporters join together to save, restore and transform the lives of our neighbors in need. Join us as we provide the healing for our patients’ broken bodies and the hope that restores their souls. Hope for Healing is an annual fundraiser for Victory Health Partners, a Christian-based medical practice serving over 19,500 uninsured adults along the Gulf Coast. Victory provides comprehensive, quality healthcare to its patients including primary/preventative care, optometry, urology clinic, neurology clinic, wound care, dental, women’s wellness (free PAPs/Mammograms), pulmonary care, minor surgical services and FREE mental health counseling and life-saving medications. Victory also collaborates with 150 specialty providers in the area. It has been Victory’s mission since opening its doors in 2003 to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the medically under-served by providing affordable, quality healthcare services.

For more information and to purchase tickets, go to victoryhealth.org/hope-for-healing/



Mobile, the Azalea City Charms in Every Season


ong known as the cultural center of the Gulf Coast, the City of Mobile is a melting pot of colorful characters, long-standing traditions and 300 years of history. With mouthwatering coastal cuisine, historic sites and unique festivals, Mobilians and its visitors were born to celebrate! As the home of America’s original Mardi


Gras, Mobile takes having fun seriously. Each year before Lent begins festive floats and bands roll through the streets of downtown Mobile while revelers toss trinkets and Moon Pies to thousands of spectators. When you’re ready for quieter times, visit historic neighborhoods lined with moss-draped oak trees or paddle away on the Mobile Delta

The South of every country is different, and the south of every South is even more so. I come from that stretch of Gulf Coast South which is another kingdom. Mobile is a Separate Kingdom. We are not North America; we are North Haiti. Because we are so different from the rest of the United States. The spirit is closer to the Caribe than it is even to Montgomery. You’ve got pirates and drama and Carnival and fishing fleets and smuggling and so many different skies and thunderstorms, like this constantly changing pageant in the background. It’s another country. And that’s where I come from. -Eugene Walter, Milking the Moon


Mobile Events

12th Annual Moon Pie Over Mobile Ring in the new year at one of the coolest parties of the year! Downtown Mobile welcomes more than 50,000 people each New Year’s Eve for the annual Moon Pie Over Mobile. It’s an evening of celebratory activities leading up to the giant 600 pound electric Moon Pie drop, laser light show and fireworks at midnight! 8:00 Food trucks around Bienville Square (weather permitting) Resolution Wall at the corner of St. Joseph and St. Francis streets (Leave your hopes and dreams for 2020!) Music in the Riverview Hotel Courtyard Roaring 20s Costume Contest – new event to usher in the 2020s with costumes from the 1920s 8:30  Cutting of the World’s Largest MoonPie in the courtyard of the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel. 9:00  Second Line Parade from the Riverview Courtyard to the main stage, led by the Port City Second Liners. The public is encouraged to join in! 9:25  Remarks from Mayor Stimpson, Councilman Fred Richardson, Sponsor 9:30  Opening Act: ISING 11:00  Headliner: Collective Soul Midnight  MoonPie Drops, Fireworks and Laser Light Show


SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 2020 GREER’S/AL.COM MARDI GRAS PARADE On Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 6:30 PM in Downtown Mobile doubloons, moon pies and beads will fill the air as the Greer’s Markets and Cash Savers/Al.com Mardi Gras parade marches through the streets of Downtown Mobile. Don’t miss Mobiles largest Mardi Gras themed parade with over 24 Mardi Gras floats, marching bands from both teams participating in the Mobile Alabama as well as high school squads from across the country. SUNDAY, JANUARY 5, 2020 AL.COM PEP RALLY January 5, 2020 at 6:30PM in the Mardi Gras Park. Don’t forget the pompoms and school spirit as each participating bowl team marching band and cheerleader’s fire up the players, alumni and fans the night before the LendingTree Bowl. SUNDAY, JANUARY 5, 2020 AL.COM STREET PARTY This is Alabama Street Party will begin at 7:00PM on Sunday, January 5, 2020. The party starts in downtown Mobile with team headquarters at Cedar Street Social Club and O’Daly’s Irish Pub. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit all the fabulous restaurants and local watering holes offering live entertainment and special promotions for fans of the LendingTree Bowl! MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2020 LENDINGTREE BOWL The LendingTree Bowl will pit the Sun Belt Conference’s Louisiana Lafayette vs.MAC Champion Miami of Ohio. A national television audience will tune in to ESPN on Monday, January 6 at 6:30 PM CST, for the 21st LendingTree Bowl.


Butch’s Brunch sun 11am-3PM







national television audience will tune in to ESPN on Monday, January 6 at 6:30 PM CST, for the 21st LendingTree Bowl. The LendingTree Bowl has built a reputation of fielding some of the most competitive and exciting games of the Bowl season. The game has featured incredible performances by future NFL standouts LaDanian Tomlinson, Byron Leftwich and Ben Roethlisberger among others. Don’t miss the chance to see a future NFL hall of Famer! In 2018, Sawyer Smith threw for 320 yards and four touchdowns, B.J. Smith and Sidney Davis ran for touchdowns and Troy beat Buffalo 42-32 in last year’s game. Troy coach Neal Brown said the victory was gratifying, even if the win was slightly bittersweet.

Buffalo quarterback-Tyree Jackson ABOUT THE LENDINGTREE BOWL The Mobile Alabama based bowl game was founded in 1999 and has built a reputation of fielding some of the most competitive and exciting games of the bowl season, including record-breaking performances by future NFL standouts. The LendingTree Bowl is committed to showcasing the city of Mobile, providing educational and athletic opportunities to the community, and providing a cultural and exceptional bowl experience to collegiate student-athletes, administrators and fans.


As we were going to press, The LendingTree Bowl announced it’s combatants for this year’s game. MAC Champ, Miami of Ohio Redhawks are making their third trip to the Gulf Coast and will take on the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette who are competing for the first time in the game’s 21-year history. Good luck to both schools! ABOUT LENDINGTREE, INC. LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE) is the nation’s leading online marketplace that connects consumers with the choices they need to be confident in their financial decisions. LendingTree empowers consumers to shop for financial services the same way they would shop for airline tickets or hotel stays, by comparing multiple offers from a nationwide network of over 500 partners in one simple search and choosing the option that best fits their

Troy quarterback -Sawyer Smith 32 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020

financial needs. LendingTree, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

For more information, please visit www.lendingtree.com.

LendingTree Bowl and the Mobile Community On January 6, Mobile plays host to teams from the Sun Belt and Mid-American conferences in the LendingTree Bowl. Since 1999, this game has produced fireworks on the field and a strong economic boost to the city’s hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions. More importantly, the folks who produce the LendingTree Bowl work to make an impact in our community all year long. Sponsored events include sailing regattas, football camps, the annual Mobile County Spelling Bee and studentathlete recognition programs. We’re pleased to recognize this year’s crop of winners: 92TH ANNUAL MOBILE COUNTY SPELLING BEE The Lending Tree Bowl sponsored the 92th Annual Mobile County Spelling Bee on Friday, Feb. 8, 2019. Elementary and middle school students from public, private, and parochial schools competed in the contest. Spelling Bee winner left to right: • Bob Grip-Fox 10 News • Jason Farmer of Dawes Intermediate School- 2nd place • Winner- Maya Abrahim from St. Paul’s Episcopal School • Jason Farmer of Dawes Intermediate School-3rd place  • Frank Modarelli- LendingTree Bowl- Senior Director of Operations

ART CONTEST Since 2007, winning artwork has been chosen for the front cover of the LendingTree Bowl Football Program, and all winners will be featured in the 2019 program. Since the contest’s inception, the LendingTree Bowl has awarded over $27,600 to local schools’ art program. Program Cover Winner • Catherine Chung

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM The LendingTree “Student of the Week” Scholarship Program has awarded over $500,000 in scholarship money to local students over the past 20 years! LendingTree Bowl Scholarship Program winners from left to right• Von Agee Team Focus “Gus Shopoff Memorial Scholarship Winner” • Chrystopher Moultrie • Heriberto Leal • Haley Vaughan • Conner Shepard • Anna Sweet • Scholarship winner not pictured - Z’Kia Campbell DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 33



oley loves Christmas. Here, the holidays begin early. The official start of the season begins in mid-November with TrimA-Tree, a local tradition since 1967. The event began as a fund-raiser for the local art community. Today it has morphed into an expansive, six-week pop-up store at the Tanger Outlet, showcasing delightful works from over 200 local artists. The


variety and craftsmanship of the merchandise offered is a lure that few holiday dĂŠcor collectors can resist. This is a special place for finding unique pieces that are treasured for a lifetime. The store is open daily through Dec. 23 each year. Foley loves to decorate. Some say it started with the graceful grapevine deer that line Hwy. 98. But that was just a start. Over the years, the lights in the parks and

along the major streets have grown to the point that Foley is on the list of decorated downtowns that people don’t want to miss at Christmas. An added bonus is the music from Foley’s Centennial Tower located in Heritage Park, with the bells playing holiday melodies each evening at 5, 6 and 7 p.m., Monday – Saturday from Nov. 22 – Dec. 28. Community events begin Dec. 6 with Christmas in the Park, a small-town tree lighting where the community comes out to enjoy the lights, sip hot cocoa and visit with Santa. It is our laid-back way of ushering in the season.

The following day, the Foley Christmas Parade rolls through the downtown streets, led by the Foley High School marching band. This slice of Americana includes floats carrying groups from little league teams and non-profits to kindergarten classes and rock bands. Foley’s parade stands out because of the large number of antique tractors that are lovingly polished for parade participation each year. Foley is one of the few communities in our coastal area where there is guaranteed snow in the park on the day of the Christmas parade. This year, the forecast is for light, fluffy flurries that last throughout the afternoon.


that distinctly reflects the style and tastes of this area. Foley greets the New Year and newly arrived visitors with a Snowbird Coffee jointly hosted by the city and the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce on the second Tuesday of January at the civic center. This is our way of welcoming guests and providing important information about the area. Don’t miss the downtown treasure hunt offering a chance to learn the historic downtown and win nice prizes. Foley’s Mardi Gras parade is small but growing. And our newly minted krewe is also growing. OWA, Foley’s new family entertainment destination, offers nightly shows and a variety of restaurants situated around a beautiful 17-acre lake. There is always something to see or do. Many say that music is their favorite part of the holiday. Two distinctly different concerts are performed in Foley each year. The Mobile Symphony Youth Orchestra presents a holiday concert on Dec. 6 at the civic center. Talented music students from Mobile and Baldwin counties present a delightful concert formed with the lovely sounds of stringed instruments. On Dec. 8, The Baldwin Pops


Orchestra present an evening of holiday music with a totally different sound, as this group features primarily brass instruments. On Dec. 14, Arts at the Market returns to the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market. Local farmers and artisans join together for an afternoon of art and food ideas designed to help visitors create a memorable season

Foley Events



Come have a Cove Burger and Bushwacker!

6664 County Road 95 • Elberta, AL • 251-987-1224 piratescoveriffraff.com facebook.com/piratescove


Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

These Coastal Crafters Steal the Show on Alabama’s Beaches


rom bushwacker flavored coffee and beachy brews to sweet-smelling soaps and colorful pottery, Alabama’s coast is home to a plethora of local makers who use the sights, sounds and flavors of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach as inspiration for their creations. Whether you’re looking for a treat to commemorate your trip or a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or family member, our Coastal Crafters have something for everyone.


BITES & BREWS Food is an integral part of Southern culture. On Alabama’s beaches there are several locally-owned spots that take coastal-infused flavor to another level. For those with a sweet tooth, Chocolate Corner in Gulf Shores and Kayden’s Candy Factory in Orange Beach have just what you need. Chocolate Corner specializes in sweet butter fudge and pecan caramel paws as well as gourmet truffles that are crafted in-house every day. At Kayden’s, fondly named after the owner’s son, you will find homemade ice cream, truffles and candies. After all of those sweets, you’re sure to be quite thirsty. If you’re on the verge of a sugar coma, head on over to Southern Shores Coffee and grab a cup of their bushwacker flavored coffee. Roasted at the shop, their coffee can be purchased in bags of whole or ground beans. Then, of course, you can’t complete Bites & Brews without beer. Big Beach Brewing Company, located in Gulf Shores, is the destination’s only brewery. This local watering hole serves up 12 different brews that can be poured in a glass for immediate consumption or a growler to bring back to your accommodations for enjoyment.

FINE ARTS From a plethora of pottery to handcrafted jewelry and gorgeous glass art, there are artsy finds by our coastal crafters all over the island. If you want to browse through a variety of fine arts check out the Gulf Coasts Arts Alliance in Gulf Shores. The gallery features works from more than 50 local and regional artists, some of which teach classes and craft their pieces at the gallery. Pottery Central is home to the weird works of Steve Dark while Sea Oat Studio is where Steve and

Dee Burrows craft and sell their woodand electric-fired stoneware. At The Clay Studio, located at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach, resident artist Maya Blume-Cantrell creates beautiful pieces as well as teaches novice and advanced potters how to throw like a pro. Also, at the Coastal Arts Center is The Hot Shop, Alabama’s premier glass blowing studio. Nearly every day you can find Kerry Parks and her crew turning hot glass into sculptures, dinnerware and more.


OTHER SPECIALTY ITEMS And last, but certainly not least, are a group of crafters who are too unique to fit under a specific category. First, we have Blue Girl Beading in Gulf Shores where you can find all the bling. Offering an array of classes, coastal-inspired jewelry and custom pieces, this shop truly shines. In nearby Foley you’ll find Clara’s Loom and Coastal Textile Center. Home to various textiles and tools as well as a fee-based studio, this quaint shop is a perfect stop for the knitter in your life. Another popular spot is Harmony Creek at SanRoc Cay in Orange Beach. Here you can purchase handmade soaps or schedule a class and make your own. Our final coastal crafter is Rick Tino at Tino’s Fine Arts and Frames. Rick is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and at his shop you can find his paintings as well as art by other local and regional artists.

To learn more about our Coastal Crafters visit www.gulfshores.com/things-to-do/coastal-crafters

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Events JANUARY 25-27 BIG BEACH MARATHON, HALF MARATHON & 7K AT THE HANGOUT IN GULF SHORES www.gulfshores.com/events-calendar/leisuresports-event/2020-big-beach-marathon-halfmarathon-7k/

FEBRUARY 29 28TH ORANGE BEACH SEAFOOD FESTIVAL & CAR SHOW AT THE WHARF IN ORANGE BEACH www.gulfshores.com/events-calendar/annualevent/28th-orange-beach-seafood-festival-carshow/

MARCH 14 & 15 46TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF ART AT ORANGE BEACH WATERFRONT PARK www.gulfshores.com/events-calendar/annualevent/46th-annual-festival-of-art/



North Baldwin County


estled among the pine forests, live oaks and Tensaw River Delta you will find the City of Bay Minette along with several surrounding communities that are all full of southern charm. Our communities are steeped in tradition, history and culture with a landscape draped in natural beauty with fascinating wildlife, waterways, swamps and wetlands. North Baldwin County is a must visit destination for any outdoor enthusiast!


As the northern gateway to Baldwin County and all of Coastal Alabama, and the county seat, Bay Minette, Alabama is ideally situated within an hour’s drive of the city of Mobile, Alabama and just 45 miles north of the white sandy beaches in Gulf Shores, Alabama. With easy access to interstates 10 and 65, you are merely a stone’s throw away from anywhere you could want to be – Bayou? Bay? Beach? City?

The features of North Baldwin County extend far beyond the many historical sites to see and explore. Focusing more on the serenity and a growing outdoor adventure tourism trend, often reminding visitors of other places in a uniquely North Baldwin way. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta, mostly protected by the Forever Wild Land Trust and named a National Natural Landmark, is obviously a big part of who and what North Baldwin is. Deep in the Delta you will find Alabama’s Champion Cypress tree – our version of a big city Skyscraper, along with the Bottle Creek Indian Mounds – remnants of the area’s first settlers, along with floating camping platforms on the Bartram Canoe Trail that can take you to a whole other world! We have a blooming Artist community in and around Bay Minette, and miles of hiking, biking and paddling trails. The beauty that is found in world famous public gardens can be found in our endless fields of wildflowers that blossom throughout the delta; many of which are found in shallow bays and bayous that may only be accessed by canoe or kayak, keeping them protected from the world. Live Oaks dot our landscape, like monuments to another time. All of this is just moments from Downtown Bay Minette where you will find unique shopping and dining, lots of history to explore, and a community ready to welcome you to stay a while and Discover all that North Baldwin has to offer!


North Baldwin County Annual Events THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019 NORTH BALDWIN INFIRMARY CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING Join the North Baldwin Infirmary on campus in Bay Minette as they kick off the holiday season with a community tree lighting event. Beginning at 5pm doors will open and guests will receive a passport to explore vendors, while kids can join in on crafts and visit with santa. At 6:45pm the ceremonies begin with more entertainment, drawings for prizes and the grand finale of lighting the tree! Hosted by Infirmary Health, this community event will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit! For more information call (251) 580-175. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2019 37TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL The 37th Annual Christmas Fest is a timehonored holiday event that in 2019 will be returning to its original home on the Courthouse Square in Downtown Bay Minette. Join us on Saturday, December 14th from 9:00am - 8:00pm. This one day celebration will feature vendors, delicious food, Santa photos, the annual Christmas Parade, Ping Pong Prize Drop, live music, kids activities, entertainment and more! Sponsored by the North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce you can learn more at northbaldwinchamber.com. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2020 ANNUAL CHILLY 5K RUN AND CHILI COOK OFF Each year the Bay Minette Rotary Club teams up with the Heritage Women’s Club to host the Annual Chilly 5k & Fun Run and Chili Cook Off at the Bay Minette Kid’s Park. The 2019 Event will be held on Saturday, February 29th and the event promises to have you ‘leaping’ with laughter as you join in the family friendly event, all for a great cause. All proceeds from this event benefit the North Baldwin Coalition for Excellence in Education (NBCEE), an education foundation formed to support the 8 schools in the Baldwin County High School feeder pattern. The foundation provides teacher grants, summer enrichment programs, teacher inservice/workshops and financial support for other education-based endeavors. Join the fun for a great cause, get your run on and enjoy some chili as we leap into spring in Bay Minette.

The official 37th Annual Christmas Fest Ornament created by local artist Nanci Nottingham of Coastal Wood Art. Her ornaments (and all of her creations) are one of a kind, wood-burned and hand painted. Nanci will donate profits from the ornament sales to benefit the Bay Minette Fire Department’s Fire Safety Programs. Available for preorders and at Christmas Fest.

APRIL 2020 ANNUAL CRAWFISH COOK OFF This annual event will leave you craving more! Join in the family friendly, fun filled, food eating, beverage drinking good time in downtown Bay Minette at the Annual Crawfish Cook Off as four person teams compete for the 10 different awards and the chance to take home the Golden Crawfish. The event includes kid’s activities, live music, great food, local brew and more! Stay tuned to northbaldwinchamber.com for more information.

JUNE 20 2020 RIDEYELLOW 2020 RIDEYELLOW is an Infirmary Health charity bike ride held annually on the Saturday before Father’s Day. The ride begins at Halliday Park in Bay Minette, Alabama, with a 6-mile tribute ride. Individuals can choose to participate in only the tribute ride or continue by pedaling the 10, 20, 37 or 62 mile route at their leisure. Rest stops are available along the way and food, beverages and vendor booths are available when riders return to the park. RIDEYELLOW was founded in 2007 by Ann White-Spunner and Mary Trufant to raise awareness of cancer and to draft grassroots support for their mission of inspiring and empowering people affected by cancer. Since its inception, RIDEYELLOW has donated more than $538,000 to various cancer charities! For more information visit www.RIDEYELLOW.org.


Stockton Heritage Museum – A Walk Through Time


he Stockton Heritage Museum is located in the earliest remaining mercantile store in Stockton and North Baldwin County and was built in 1894 by Fredrick S. Bryars. It also served as the Stockton post office from 1894 until late in 1918 with three different post-masters: Fred Bryars; his wife, Lucy (McMillan) Bryars; and their nephew, Dugald Crosby, Sr., who purchased the business in 1912; and served as postmaster from 1913 to 1918. Crosby changed the name of the store from “The Fred Bryars Place”, to the name of “D. Crosby Mercantile Co.”! In 1918, Y. A. Cox, Sr. and P. A. Bryant assumed operation of the business with Dugald Crosby, Sr. retaining ownership of the building and the property. Another new sign went up on the store front, “Bryant and Cox Mercantile”, and a new post office building was built across

the road from the store. Bryant later left the business. Y. A. “Joby” Cox operated the store for 52 years, closing its doors in 1971. The building remained vacant until 1975 when the Stockton Five Arts Club obtained permission from the Crosby family to refurbish the old structure. It then assumed the name of the “Stockton Town Hall.” It was used by the Stockton Double H. Club for several years, and later by the Stockton Civic Club until they built a new civic building in 2009. In October 2011, the family of John Dugald Crosby graciously deeded ownership of the building and the land to the Stockton Heritage Association, Inc. for use as the Stockton Heritage Museum. The association started “Stockton Sawmill Days” in 2013 to raise funds to restore the building for a museum. Today the Museum showcases the history of the

community, from timber and logging to first settlers to the story of Fort Mims. The Stockton Heritage Museum exists to showcase the relationship of the people, past, present, and future, to the land and events that shaped the course of Stockton’s unique history, heritage, and culture. The Stockton Heritage Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and promote the historical and cultural artifacts from this North Baldwin community. They are committed to exhibitions and programs that will strengthen our community, honor the generations of the past, and connect present and future generations to their heritage. The Stockton Heritage Museum is open by appointment and each Wednesday (11:00-2:00) and Sunday (12:30-2:00). For more information call 251-937-4633.


Food Sport Report Alabama Coasting’s WFC Team Alabama competing under the banner of “This Ain’t Our First Rodeo” crushed it at the 2019 World Food Championships in Dallas Texas. World Champion Morgan and Vanna Cheek of Team Sweet Cheeks took home the gold in Burger, while World Champion Matthew Statham’s Team Statham with Dan and D3 Navarro captured top honors in Chef. It was indeed a banner year for our Alabama culinary warriors as nineteen cook teams reported for duty in Dallas for the greatest food sport event on the planet. Competing against some 450 teams from 42 states and a dozen foreign countries, nine of our teams advanced past the grueling first round into the top ten competition. In addition to our two world champions, Team Alabama made a statement across the board: Suzanne Burton finished fifth in Burger and Tim Van Doren hit the same mark in Steak; Clementine De Roode took sixth in Chef; Darren Harbison claimed the eighth spot in Seafood; Paul Kerr and Roy Seewer

Team Statham winning dish - WFC Chef.


finished ninth and tenth respectively in Sandwich while Tim Bentley was tenth in BBQ. We wrapped up the winning with Chad Worthington and Team Maggie’s Farm taking second place in the Super Qualifier while Dan Navarro III (D3) was recognized as the WFC Jr. Sous Chef of the year. Our two Champions will now travel to Indianapolis in May to compete at the WFC Top Ten Final Table where one competitor will take home the title of WFC Grand Champion and $100,000. In addition to supporting our Team Alabama competitors, Alabama Coasting served as ambassador to our home

state – spreading the word about Sweet Home Alabama! Shout out to our partners for WFC Dallas – the Caribbean Food Championships, Dauphin Island, Hall’s Sausage, Visit Gadsden, BAMA-Q TV, Spoony Radio, and especially Jaima Schiffer of the Innovative Group. Planning as begun in earnest for WFC Team Alabama 2020 – and more. We’ve got some exciting new events and concepts to introduce the world to Alabama’s culinary culture and food sport warriors. Go to www.wfcteamalabama.com and subscribe to our newsletter to insure you don’t miss out on any of the foodie fun.

WFC 2019 - Team Sweet Cheeks - Grand Chmpion Burger.

Cheeks World Burger group photo.

Members of WFC Team Puerto Rico plus one.

World Chef Champions - Team Statham

D3 wins WFC Junrior Sous Chef of 2019.

Two great Team Alabama partners - BamaQ TV’s Lisa Blackwell and Caribbean Food Champs head honcho, Michael Compton DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 47

Food Sport Report SWEET SUCCESS



ooking up award winning barbecue takes skills, practice, planning and execution. For Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ it’s also about being competitive…setting goals and achieving them…even beating them. It’s a part of their recipe for sweet success. Morgan and Vannah Cheek first met while competing…at the gym. They both were amateur body builders and are only children. It was a competition then and it’s been a competition ever since. The Cheeks started competing in backyard barbecue in 2016 after a friend suggested they give it a try. They started with a couple of competitions close to home. Then they caught the BBQ bug. So far, they’ve racked up 11 Grand Champions and 5 Reserve Grand Champion wins. Koa, the couple’s red Doberman Pincer, is their Quality Assurance Inspector. If he cleans the bone, they know their BBQ is good. Vannah says, “Koa tastes the BBQ just like a judge would.” He’s also guardian of the smoker. He makes sure there’s no shiggin’ going on at their cook site. This husband and wife team attributes their success to teamwork. They divide tasks and work well together, but in the end, Morgan says, “he does whatever Vannah says to do.” The Cheeks also credit their success to setting goals. For 2019 they set a goal of winning more Grand Champions than before and they did that. They wanted to compete at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue and they did that. They wanted to win the Alabama Barbecue Association’s Backyard Team of the Year and they did that. Morgan also wanted to sweep a contest (win a first place in everything) and the Cheeks achieved that twice this past year. One sweep was at Riverfest in Decatur, AL. The other was at Mission Q in Tuscumbia, AL, where they got 1st in chicken with a perfect score of 180, 1st in ribs with a 179.5 and won Backyard Grand Champion. Then the Cheeks moved on to the ultimate food fight. They won a golden ticket this last summer to qualify them for a spot


on Team Alabama and a trip to The World Food Championships in Dallas, Texas. They blew everyone away with a first-place finish in the opening round of Burger, including a perfect score on their signature dish. The Cheeks maintained their dominance, winning the final round by half a point and taking the title of World Burger Champion. Sweet Cheeks will now move on to the WFC Final Table Competition in Indianapolis in May 2020 where they have a chance to win $100,000. “World Food has surpassed anything we could have ever imagined. Went in with zero expectations and came out astonished,” said Vannah. You may ask yourself, if the Cheeks are so good at cooking chicken and ribs, how did they get so good at grilling burgers? Well, if you stopped by their house at dinnertime, you would probably catch them eating burgers. Vannah says, “we cook burgers a lot because they’re easy.” All that practice just might have helped them get a best burger win. By the way, if they’re eating BBQ outside of competition, Morgan’s favorite is BBQ Pizza and Vannah’s favorite is BBQ wings, just for the record. Many of the BBQ competitions hold ancillary contests and one of them is desserts. Vannah really enjoys cooking and competing in desserts because she can be more creative. Cheesecake is her specialty. The very first cheesecake she made she had Morgan try and he told her she should take a backup dessert, but she won a 180 top score on that cheesecake. Sweet Cheeks recently chose lime green for their team color. It’s Morgan’s favorite color and no one else had it so it helps them stand out. What does a backyard team do when they’ve achieved their goals? They go pro. The Cheeks will be making the switch from a Backyard team to Pro in 2020. With that change they’ll be taking on the challenge of cooking two additional meats, pork butt and brisket, and taking on some pretty tough competition. Judging from their past experience I’d say ‘you got this’.

Written by: Lisa Blackwell, the host of BamaQ TV.

Food network star, Jay Ducote, interviews Team Sweet Cheeks after their big win in Dallas.

The Cheeks with Quality Assurance Inspector, Koa.

A Champion smile.

The Cheeks are two of the stars on the popular reality TV show Bama-Q. The show follows competition BBQ teams as they compete throughout the southeastern U.S. The Cheeks were filmed at WFC for two episodes of Bama-Q Season 3 which will air in December. Bama-Q Season 3 airs Saturdays on the Destination America Channel at 8 a.m. eastern time. Bama-Q Seasons 1 and 2 are available online at Amazon Prime and Pride Outdoor Network.

Team Alabama Victory Cigars DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 49

Food Sport Report WFC 2019 is in the books… Thanks to all who helped make it happen!

Andy Imhof of Pardon My Fork cooking demo with Hall’s Sausage

Danny and Chef Patrick Mosher of Spoony Radio - taste testing Top Ten desserts with with wine compliments of Haistone Vineyards’ Chris Zazo.

We’re #! - Celebrating our victory with our Media Savant and partnerin-crime, Jaima Schiffer.

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“We live a pretty incredible life.” The HAW5 Foundation was formed to keep alive the energetic fun-loving spirit of Henry A Wise V. Henry was a fine young man who was very genuine and had a great attitude towards life. He was always smiling and singing, in a great mood, and never wasted a minute of the day. Henry was known as someone who included everyone. He was a popular and talented athlete with a strong inner faith and connection to Christ which allowed him to live with such a free spirit. He once said while out fishing with friends on Mobile Bay that “We live a pretty Incredible life”. This life included 16 years at Bayside Academy and attending camps like JH Ranch and Young Life - just a few of the important, impactful places that shaped Henry’s spirit during his short life.  The HAW5 Foundation funds scholarships to all of the above organizations. 100% of the donations are gifted back to people in need. The HAW5 board consist of parents, siblings, friends, and a student who received the HAW5 scholarship. The scholarship allows that same student to match the contribution and make his or her own donation to a cause of their choice.  The foundation will also always continue to support emergency and first response teams who in Henry’s case went over and beyond expectations in their search. We will forever be grateful to those men and women.  We promise as advocates for HAW5 to help others however we can to live an incredible life as Henry did. For more information and how to make a contribution please go to



ART ABOUNDS IN COASTAL ALABAMA... A FEW SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR PERSONAL GALLERY HOP! ALABAMA CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER is a nonprofit located at 301 Conti Street. Their exhibitions and programs investigate themes and topics relevant to the Gulf Coast while creating a national model for community building through the arts. 301 Conti Street, Mobile. Open Wed-Sun 11am-5pm alabamacontemporary.org

MOBILE CARNIVAL MUSEUM reveals the history of Mardi Gras and displays the intricate costume designs, float construction, and more in a historical home. 355 Government Street, Mobile. Open Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., 9am-4pm mobilecarnivalmuseum.com



The mission of the gallery is to provide the Eastern Shore with a clean, professionally organized and managed fine arts gallery that focuses on emerging artists from along the Gulf Coast - Biloxi, Mississippi to Tallahassee, Florida, and offer growth opportunities for non-local artists. 30500 Hwy 181 Suite 713, Spanish Fort stewartheathgallery.com

SOPHIELLA GALLERY, a fine art gallery in downtown Mobile, brings the region’s contemporary fine art and collectors together. Representing established as well as emerging artists from the area, the gallery dedicates space to solo exhibitions throughout the year. 111 Dauphin Street, Mobile Open Tue-Fri. 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-2pm. sophiellagallery.com


Photo: Chris Bryant

The MAC exhibition series, , is free to the public and showcases different local artists monthly. MAC now includes among its activities monthly exhibits, quarterly member workshops, monthly ArtWalks, their annual Throwdown competition, educational programming, art markets and more. Exhibits displayed in Room 1927 at 6 Joachim Street, Mobile. mobilearts.org DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2020 53

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Discover Coastal Alabama is available in print and digital form … with appropriate partner and advertiser hyperlinks. So, if you’re reading the print version it might not mean that much to you, but if you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop – link away! ALABAMA PUBLIC RADIO From the Shoals to the shore APR has you covered! www.apr.org ALCHEMY TAVERN In the Heart of Old Mobile, featuring top shelf spirits, craft beers on tap & live local music. www.alchemytavernmobile.com BAUMHOWER’S VICTORY GRILLE Daphne and Mobile. Always fresh, always friendly, always fun on the Alabama Coast. www.baumhowers.com BIENVILLE BITES FOOD TOUR Enjoy Mobile’s award-winning food scene while experiencing the rich history and culture of our Gulf Coast city. Bienvillebitesfoodtour.com THE BLIND MULE RESTAURANT & BAR Downtown Mobile. Made-fromscratch dishes and live music by local artists. www.theblindmule.net BUTCH CASSIDY’S CAFE Midtown Mobile. Robbing a train takes time and preparation and so do our Famous Butch Burgers. You’ll see it’s worth the wait. All our food is cooked to order to assure you the best quality & freshness. www.butchcassidys.com CALLAGHAN’S IRISH SOCIAL CLUB Mobile. Burger, sandwiches, salads, live music, and more. Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. www.callaghansirishsocialclub


COWBELL ROLLED ICE CREAM Foley. Homemade everyday Rolled Ice Cream with all kinds of combinations and flavors. We will create the perfect Roll for you! www.ShopFoleyFirst.com/ CowbellRolledIceCream DAUPHIN ISLAND SEA LAB Discover an authentic Gulf Coast experience. Our 5 unique venues combine on-point technology and amenities to keep you focused. www.disl.org DAUPHINS RESTAURANT Downtown Mobile. Contemporary “Classic Coastal” dishes with hints of Creole and Caribbean flavors godauphins.com DOC HOLLIDAY’S Foley. A locally owned business that offers a wide range of quality beverages specifically designed to delight everyone. We have various wines on hand, and great cocktails. ShopFoleyFirst.com/DocHollidays DOWNTOWN MOBILE ALLIANCE Whether you’re looking for a fine meal, great live music or inspiring art exhibitions, you’ll find it in Downtown Mobile. www.downtownmobile.org DROWSY POET @ THE FOLEY STATION Foley. Espresso Drinks, Signature and Local Drinks including Poetchinos. Assorted Gourmet Baked Goods, NY Style Bagels (Plain, Asiago, Everything, Blueberry, French Toast) www.ShopFoleyFirst.com/ DrowsyPoetCoffee

GINNY LANE at The WHARF Orange Beach. Fun, family-friendly atmosphere with a great selection of fresh, local seafood and Certified Black Angus Beef. www.ginnylanebargrill.com GROOVY GOAT Foley. Groovy Goat is OWA’s centerpiece for the Greatest of All Time in food, drinks, sports and games. www.ShopFoleyFirst.com/GroovyGoat GULFQUEST NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM Mobile. Experience an array of maritime topics from early settlements, trade routes, marine archeology, shipwrecks, Gulf marine life, weather and hurricanes, marine and coastal environments, and much more! www.gulfquest.org JUBILEE HEALING ARTS Doctors’ Choice for Therapeutic Massage. Daphne. JubileeHealingArts.com LET’S GET GRILLIN MEATS Foley. Our beef has NO added growth hormones, NO steroids, NO antibiotics, and NO animal byproducts. Looking for exotic meats, Bison, Ostrich, cheese, sausages, come check us out! www.ShopFoleyFirst.com/ LetsGetGrillinmeats MALAGA INN A boutique hotel in the Downtown Mobile Historic District, the Malaga Inn speaks both of the grand tradition in genteel Southern Living and also meets travelers’ business and personal needs. malagainn.com

MANNING JEWELRY Foley. Renowned for its selection of quality fine jewelry, unique fashion jewelry, exquisite gifts, and our award winning custom designs. www.ShopFoleyFirst.com/ ManningJewelry

THREE GEORGES CANDY & THE NUTHOUSE Celebrating over a century serving Mobile! Three Georges offers many varieties of candy, ice cream and milkshakes plus daily lunch specials. www.3georges.com

NAMAN’S CATERING The Gulf Coast Premier Caterer for over 25 years. Specializing in full service catering and event management for corporate events, galas, fundraisers, and weddings. expansion, while keeping to the exceptional standards that have always distinguished Naman’s Catering since we began. namanscatering.co/

TOWN OF DAUPHIN ISLAND A quaint, small southern town with an eclectic mix of locally owned shops and galleries, and laid-back restaurants. You’ll also find miles of uncrowded, pristine beaches, excellent fishing and a historic, storied past. townofdauphinisland.org

PIRATE’S COVE Arr ye lookin’ for the best cheeseburgers in these here waters? Ye won’t find better grub than that at Pirates Cove Marina & Restaurant in Orange Beach. www.piratescoveriffraff.com

WISMAR JEWELRY Fairhope. Bringing together the diverse works of jewelry designers and other artists for a fun and unique shopping experience. wismarjewelry.com YOHO RUM & TACOS at The WHARF Orange Beach. A premium casual taco concept featuring chef-inspired taco varieties, entrees, delicious desserts, and custom cocktails. www.yohorumandtacos.com

VILLAGIO GRILL at The WHARF Orange Beach. Italian Fusion has never tasted so good! Our talented chefs and pristine ingredients create a dining experience so enjoyable you won’t want it to end. www.villaggiogrille.com

SOUTH MOBILE COUNTY (SOMO) SOMO is rich in wildlife, Southern culture, and so much more. You can find everything from the sugar white sand beaches of Dauphin Island and the beauty of Bellingrath Gardens and Fowl River, to the charming atmosphere and unrivaled seafood of Bayou La Batre and Coden. www.dauphinislandtourism.com THE PEOPLES ROOM OF MOBILE Connecting the finest local, regional and national singer, songwriters and storytellers with our audience. Outside distractions not allowed! thepeoplesroommobile.com THE LODGE AT GULF STATE PARK Where doing nothing is really something! The Lodge at Gulf State Park, A Hilton Hotel is a unique destination on the Alabama Gulf Coast where nature is at your doorstep. lodgeatgulfstatepark.com




Celebrating Alabama’s Food and Musical Heritage FALL 2019

Celebrating Alabama’s Food and Musical Heritage

Local Mus ic Scenes

From Huntsv

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Alabama Fo


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Alabama Notes Magazine (Coming early 2020) www.alabamacoasting.com


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• Dauphin Island Art Trail • Renaissance Festival • Cascading Mums • Alabama Pecan Festival • Magic Christmas in Lights Learn more about these events at www.visitsomo.com



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