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    Council to tackle issue at Monday’s meeting !  "# " #    !

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Edythe Boston, right, watches as pallbearers hold a flag over her son Col. Leo Boston’s casket during his funeral Friday at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Col. Boston’s remains recently were identified after his plane went missing April 29, 1966, in Vietnam.

At Last, At Peace Boston family buries soldier after missing for nearly 45 years

Planning and Zoning commissioners have a couple of substantial projects in the hopper, and the CaĂąon City Council is meeting Monday to discuss one — offstreet parking and loading. “We recognize that we have a lot of privately-owned parking for businesses that are largely unoccupied,â€? Associate Planner Mary Ann Nimmo said. “Also, the dimension requirements of our code exceed most other jurisdictions.â€? When people come from other cities to plan a project for CaĂąon City, some of the city’s requirements for parking spaces often take them aback, Nimmo said. An example is the 30-foot wide aisle between two rows of perpendicular parking spaces. Typically, the requirement is 24 to 26 feet. “That equates to additional asphalt, which means paving money and is more expensive,â€? Nimmo said. “The space sizes may not necessarily need to be as large as they are in our requirements.â€? Nimmo said city staff and planning and zoning commissioners studied numerous other codes from other jurisdictions. They also completed experiments in the City Hall parking lot, putting down blue tape for different space dimensions and driving different-sized vehicles in

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Up with People needs host families



AIR FORCE ACADEMY — When they heard the news, they were devastated. But they never gave up hope that they would someday know what happened to their loved one, Col. Leo S. Boston, who was reported missing during a search and rescue mission April 29, 1966. On Friday, Col. Boston’s family was greeted with Patriot Guard Riders carrying American flags as they were escorted into the cemetery at the Air Force Academy, where an American hero who was missing for more than 45 years was buried alongside his wife in the cemetery at the Air Force Academy. As part of a tradition, Gov. John Hickenlooper ordered the flags to be lowered to half-staff on public buildings statewide Friday to honor the memory of Col. Boston. “There were many times we never thought we’d see this day,� said his daughter, Stephanie Boston Danielson. “We’re so grateful to everybody that was involved in the identification of our father’s remains.� Her brother, John S. Boston, agreed. “It’s hard to keep up hope,� he said. “My sisters never gave up. They knew this day would come.� Col. Boston’s mother, Edythe Boston, felt the same. “I get spiritual messages, and I got them from him,� she said. “Whenever I was grieving, he would be coming up the hill where I was sitting and say, ‘mama, you’re not supposed to be sad. I’m OK’ and things like that. Nobody else knew that he was in heaven, but I did. He told me.� She said she was lucky to have had him for 30 years. “He was a blessing,� Edythe said. “He is such a hero, and I always think it was a terrible waste.� After the long wait, his daughter, Bethany Boston Johnson, said it was such a relief to know what finally happened to him. “We’re extremely lucky to know,� she said. “I’m terribly sad for all of us. As the first born, I’ve been missing my mother terribly. I’d like to think they are in heaven together, hopefully since my mom passed in 1988.� During the service, Capt. Joshua Kim, chaplain with the 10th Air Base Wing, said he was not only a national hero, but also a decorated veteran, an obedient son, a loving father, a faithful husband and a legacy that continues to live on in the lives who knew Col. Boston.

Group to perform Aug. 12-13 at CCHS   $       !

time in bringing Col. Boston home,� Kim prayed. “We’re thankful that we can finally unite Dorothy Deanna Boston with her husband here in this sacred place.� As a part of the service, he read Ecclesiastics 3:1-8, which reminds the reader there is a time for every-

The international cast of Up with People is gearing up for its 2011 world tour. Its first stop: CaĂąon City. Shows are 7:30 p.m. Aug. 12 and 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Aug. 13 at CaĂąon City High School, 1313 College Ave. The organization is looking for host families to keep one or more students and staff members from Cast B 2011 Aug. 8-15. The 100-member cast is made up of students and staff from 16 different countries, ages 17 to early 30s. “It is a great opportunity to experience other cultures while sharing your own,â€? Promotion Representative Andrea Thomas said. Up with People is an international program that takes a troupe of young performers across the world to conduct community service projects and uses the performing arts to deliver messages of hope and goodwill throughout the world. The opportunity to stay with local families during their stay in each community is a centerpiece of Up with People’s 22-week program, a press release said. While families share their traditions

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Jeff Shane/Daily Record

Pallbearers carry the casket of Col. Leo Boston’s remains Friday during his funeral at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. “As we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Col. Boston has made for our nation, we are grateful for his service and also mindful of those who are still left behind,� Kim said. During the prayer, he said the family and friends are thankful that this day has finally come. “It has been a very long

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We have a

   thing. “There is a time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot; ... a time for war and a time for peace,� Kim read. “For most of us, we are here to honor the ultimate sacrifice of a man, who gave his all to defend our nation for our country’s freedom,� he said. “Without a doubt, Col. Boston deserves every honor and every recognition.� But there is another story that the nation owes to Boston, which is his late wife, Dorothy Deanna Boston; his mother, Edythe; his children, Bethany, John, Stephanie; granddaughter, Sydney Danielson, other family members and close friends. “Our nation is grateful for your sacrifice, for your pain and for your grief,� Kim told the family. “We also remember the ones who become instant heroes for their acts of sacrifice, but you have been the silent heroes that have had to be strong, had to be brave ... For your loss and for your suffering, I am truly sorry.� Prior to the service, Boston’s children related stories of their father. “On Christmas day 1965, a few months before Col. Boston went missing over the jungles of Vietnam, Bethany told me a story that her father was trying to get all the kids into the car to go to a Christmas morning service,� Kim

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Col. Leo Boston’s granddaughter, Sydney Danielson, right; mother, Edythe Boston; daughter, Stephanie Danielson; daughter, Bethany Johnson; and son, John Boston, sit at his graveside during the funeral Friday at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. said. But the children wanted to stay home to play with their new presents. “Col. Boston scooped up his daughter in his arms and said Bethany, you have to be brave,� Kim related the story. “That is one of the last things that Bethany remembers before her father was deployed to Vietnam.� After the short service, he was honored with a 21gun salute, a flag folding ceremony with each of the children and his mother receiving an American flag, followed by a bugler playing “Taps� and a bagpiper performing “Amazing Grace.� Boston was flying on the mission when an enemy aircraft forced Boston and another A-1E Skyraider pilot to divert their holding

pattern over Son La Province until the area was clear, a release said. However, when the lead air craft pilot returned to the base, Boston’s aircraft was not following him. Because of bad weather and enemy activity in the area, military personnel were not able to search for Boston or the aircraft, a press release said. From that time on until about two months ago, no one knew what had happened to him. In spite of several trips to Washington D.C., Deanna, prior to her death, and Edythe were never able to find out where Boston had disappeared to until recently when the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory matched Boston’s DNA with his mother’s and brother’s DNA.


Local host families are asked to provide a bed, local transportation at the beginning and end of each day, as well as and local attractions, the cast members share their experiences and cultures. 2010 breakfast and most dinners. Thomas said that while gone during the day particiCCHS graduate Sydnee Gould joined Up pating in regional learning, community with People last year. service and show preparation, most “I can honestly say that the dozens of families who have opened their homes to evenings cast members will be home with the family to participate in their acme during my time with Up with People is one of the most meaningful and memo- tivities and interests. Each host family will receive two comrable experiences I have had,â€? she said in plimentary tickets to an Up with People a release. “I still stay in contact with performance. many of them and I believe they will reUp with People’s visit to CaĂąon City is main lifelong friends.â€? sponsored by Black Hills Energy, Royal Gould is on a different team, and will George Bridge and Park, CaĂąon City not be part of the August performances. “Those with smaller children or young Schools and the CaĂąon City Daily teens in their home often find that the Up Record. Those interested in hosting a cast with People cast members are wonderful member can contact Thomas at athrole models and provide a glimpse into or (303) 408other countries, cultures and traditions they might not often experience in CaĂąon 4143. For more information on the organization, visit City,â€? she said.


credit for any of that. Now, we’ve figured out a way to actually grant credit for some of those parking spaces in the puband out of the parking slots. lic right-of-way.� “That was a real eye-opener for some Other changes include motorcycle of the planning commissioners,� Nimmo parking since four motorcycles can fill a said. “Based on that feedback and fursingle car space, and credit is being givther discussion with the commission, en to businesses that buy and install bike we’ve come up with some recommendaracks. tions.� The planning and zoning commission“We’re looking at other alternative ers and city staff also looked at how means of transportation, too,� Nimmo many spaces each type of land use resaid. quires, to help them understand how Dotson said the commissioners and those spaces are being utilized. They staff tried to come up with proposed stanconducted occupancy surveys of catedards that are reasonable, as well as gories of uses, such as fast food restaumore efficient for business owners and rants, retails stores, medical complexes patrons. and convenience stores, among others. Though the proposals primarily are for “We went out at different times of the day and counted how many of the spaces new structures, Nimmo said existing were occupied,� Nimmo said. “That business owners might be able to rehelped us understand we are requiring design their parking or even remove asquite a bit more spaces than what phalt to take advantage of more landseemed to be generally necessary.� scaping prospects. Redesigning existing Community Development Director parking also could give business owners Doug Dotson said they also looked at the the opportunity to add additional builddifferent types of vehicles. ing space to the property. “What we found was that large vehiCurrent regulations state the parking cles; large trucks, for example, only 7 has to be asphalt or concrete. With new percent of cars being parked were larger stormwater regulations, the proposed than normal,� Dotson said. “Do you dechanges include allowing parking lots to sign the parking lot for the biggest vehibe surfaced with alternative treatments cles or do you design it for the normal vethat allow infiltrations of stormwater, folhicles and the others are accommodated lowing approval of the city engineer. in some fashion? So we tried to take all Other proposed changes include the those things into account, as well.� The recommendation going before City parking requirements for businesses that do most of their commerce via the InterCouncil on Monday is to reduce most net but have an occasional walk-in cusstandard perpendicular spaces from 9 tomer; and, the ability of two neighborfeet to 8 feet wide. These changes will take place as new structures are erected, ing businesses to share parking. an existing structure is enlarged or there “We are trying to create enough flexiis a change in use of an existing structure bility, enough reasonableness in this regor property that does not meet the 4.12 ulation that it still will provide adequate Site Plan Review exemption criteria. parking,� Dotson said. In addition, Dotson said, city staff now Proposed changes can be found at is including spaces used in a, under the departments through business as part of the allotted link. City Council meets at 7 p.m. Monparking requirements. Another proposed day at City Hall at 128 Main St. Nimmo change is off-street parking. and Dotson encourage the public to at“In the past, all the parking had to go on the site,� Dotson said. “If you were on tend with questions or comments. For more information, call Nimmo at a public street, and there is public park269-9011. ing next to your use, you wouldn’t get

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