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responsible. This will result in common area damage charges and/or excessive cleaning charges assessed to each resident of the building, floor, or corridor. Every attempt will be made to identify individuals involved in damage situations. Please assist the staff members in your immediate residential area to identify responsible individuals or report damages when they occur.

inappropriate use of a window can result in disciplinary action and a minimum $100.00 fine. Keys—Students should exercise extreme caution in controlling access to their residences and rooms. Students must not loan or sell College keys distributed to them for access to their residences and rooms. Keys should be kept in students’ possession at all times. Leaving keys unattended or attaching student I.D.s to room or building keys jeopardizes residents’ safety and security, as well as the safety and security of the entire residential community. Lost keys may be replaced by obtaining a key request form from the residence director or the Office of Residential Life. There is a minimum charge of $90.00 for lost keys. Core replacement is automatic when keys are lost to ensure room security. The Albion 1Card is used to access exterior and individual room doors. See the section on “Albion 1Card” for further information including card replacement costs. Roofs—Students are not permitted on College roofs. Violations can result in disciplinary action and a minimum $100.00 fine. Bicycles—Any bicycle stored or locked in stairwells, lounges, or hallways can create a fire hazard and will be impounded. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks and properly locked up.

Safety and Security Students are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure living environment in cooperation with College staff and in compliance with College safety and security policies and procedures. Any student who jeopardizes the safety of the community will be subject to disciplinary action. Exterior Doors—To provide for the security of residents, all College-owned residences are locked 24 hours a day. Each and every member of a residential area is responsible for the safety and security of the residents and personal property in the residence. Exterior doors should remain closed and locked. Student and non-student visitors and guests must use the security phones at the main entrances of these buildings to obtain entry from their host/hostess. Students who prop doors open, allow unknown people into the building, or loan out their keys are jeopardizing the safety and security of the entire community. Doors and Locks—Students should always close and lock their doors whenever they are away from their rooms and while they are sleeping. This includes times such as going down the hall to the bathroom or visiting other rooms. Windows and Window Screens— Windows should be closed and locked while students are away from their rooms. Screens are not to be loosened or removed from the windows. No objects are allowed to be placed or stored on outside window ledges. Windows may not be used for entry to residences or other campus buildings. Using windows for access, sitting on window ledges, leaning out of window sills, throwing objects or substances out of windows, or other

Health, Safety and Maintenance Inspections These inspections will be conducted in all residential areas each semester. Residence directors, along with members of the Residential Life staff, will conduct the inspections. These inspections will be advertised a minimum of 48 hours in advance in the form of posters in common areas noting the date and time of such walk-through tours. You are encouraged to be present, if possible. Residents have 24 hours to correct deficiencies. Prohibited items will be confiscated and/or should be brought to the residence office by the owner and tagged and stored until they can be removed off-campus. Illegal pets must be 89

Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

The purpose of the Albion College Student Handbook is twofold. It informs students of opportunities for involvement—with people, special pro...