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Class Attendance

Albion College recognizes that participation in extra-classroom activities such as class trips, departmental trips, club field trips, workshops, and intercollegiate athletics can be of benefit to the students and to the institution. However, Albion College also recognizes that classroom work is at the heart of the student’s progress in courses. Therefore, no class trip will be permitted to remove a student from classes for more than two consecutive class days. No intercollegiate athletic trip will be permitted to remove a student from classes for more than one class day except by permission of the provost. Saturdays, rather than class days, will be used for College-sponsored, extra-classroom activities whenever possible. Limited College transportation is available, and inquiries should be directed to the Facilities Operations Office and to the Office of Campus Programs and Organizations. Students should inform their faculty members in advance of an upcoming class absence that is a result of participation in an official College event. Written notification of such absences is required and must be distributed by the supervising College official. The student thereby merits the opportunity to make up assignments missed.

Regular attendance in all classes is expected. Faculty members have the prerogative to drop from their course any student who is registered for the course and is not present during the first scheduled meeting. To maintain a place in the course, a student may make special arrangements with the faculty member prior to the start of classes. Each semester, all students must arrive on campus, complete the enrollment process, and attend classes no later than the last day to drop and add a course as listed on the College’s academic calendar. If circumstances prevent a student from arriving on campus for the first day of classes each semester, the student must notify the Student Affairs Office. Every absence from class is inevitably a loss — usually one which can never be made up. It is the prerogative of the individual faculty members to include attendance and class participation as criteria for evaluation of the final grade. Except as provided in “class absences” below, the decision to excuse an absence, as well as the decision to allow a student to make up assignments missed, rests solely with the faculty member. Students who are absent from class assume full responsibility for the loss.


Class Conduct

Students are expected to keep all academic and counseling appointments except in cases of illness or other compelling circumstances, in which case they should make reasonable attempts to inform the faculty member or administrative staff involved.

Students have the obligation to conduct themselves in class or in designated study areas in a manner that will not disrupt or infringe upon the rights of the faculty member or fellow students.

Class Absences

Petitions of Academic Regulations

A student has the responsibility to inform his/her faculty member, whenever possible in advance, of an absence that is caused by circumstances beyond his/her control. In the event of sudden serious illness or accident, students may contact Student Health Services. Notification of this emergency to faculty may be made on the student’s behalf with a signed release of information.

Students may be granted an exception to certain College regulations, if special circumstances exist. Such regulations include the deadlines for drop/add and course withdrawal, the rescheduling of final examinations, and the extension of incompletes. Should a student believe that extenuating circumstances merit special consideration, the forms to petition are available in the Registrar’s Office and also at the Registrar’s website. 18

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Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

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